is it hakuoki or hakuouki


Hakuouki Sengoku Chibis ~ Final Official Version! 

[Image is 1200 x 581] [2nd Image is Twitter #4, 2017-03-25]

Hijikata Toshizō ~ Oda Nobunaga (Military Unification of Japan)

Okita Sōji ~ Tokugawa Ieyasu (First Tokugawa Shogun)

Saitō Hajime ~ Date Mazamune (The One-Eyed Dragon; Lord of Sendai)

Tōdō Heisuke ~ Toyotomi Hideyosi (Military/Political Unification of Japan)

Harada Sanosuke ~  Uesugi Kenshin (The Dragon of Ichigo)

Kazama Chikage ~  Takeda Shingen (The Tiger of Kai )

Nagakura Shinpachi ~  Ishida  Mitsunari 

Sannan Keisuke ~  Sanada Yukimura [Nobushige]

Yamazaki Susumu ~ Maeda Keijirō [Toshimasu]

Iba Hachirō ~  Imagawa Yoshimoto

Sakomoto Ryoma ~ Mori Motonari 

Sōma Kazue ~  Naoe Kanetsugu

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New From Otomate ~ Sengoku Period Hakuōki Chibis!

Concept: Each character draws himself as a famous samurai.

Hijikata Toshizō as Oda Nobunaga (great general; led the way to unification) 
“ Nobunaga (Oda) pounds the national rice cake, Hideyoshi (Toyotomi) kneads it, and in the end Ieyasu (Tokugawa) sits down and eats it ” (Japanese idiom)

Kazama Chikage as Takeda Shingen (The Tiger of Kai )
~ A poet & general at age 15; greatest opponent of Tokugawa rise to power

Sōma Kazue as Naoe Kanetsugu (famed for honour and judgment)
~ Served Uesugi Kenshin & his adopted son (see Harada/Uesugi)

Harada Sanosuke as Uesugi Kenshin (The Dragon of Ichigo)
~ Respected/greatest opponent/rival of Takeda Shingen

Tōdō Heisuke as Toyotomi Hideyoshi (powerful warlord, united Japan)
~ See under Hijikata/Oda; created rule that the samurai class was fixed and peasants could not carry swords (even though he came from peasant class)

Sannan Keisuke as Sanada Yukimura [Nobushige] (famed general & samurai)
“The Last Sengoku Hero”, a samurai caught between loyalty to the Toyotomi and loyalty to the Tokugawa; chose wrong and died defending Osaka Castle 


Similar to the Amnesia Memories one I did but not really???

I have played all the routes in Hakuouki this time around; and this is basically me spewing shit about these characters who I am attached to.

Personally I prefer the Amnesia one I did (I actually kinda really like this one tbh) but these are fucking fun to do mahn. Also don’t kill me; this is just for fun and it’s been awhile since I’ve played all the routes