is it hakuoki or hakuouki


Some Hakuouki faces!
This is a Disney art style study that I enjoyed a lot. I tried to give each character special features to emphasize their personalities, so I hope it turned out well. At least I’m quite glad with the result :D

Finaly my exams are over and I’m able to breathe again! Don’t have a lot of time for art now, but still my favourite guys kept me company through this rough couple of weeks c:

Also I’m super inspired about Hakuouki fandom, so if you want to chat and discuss something don’t hesitate to use messages and ask, I really want to make some new friends *_*

wagakki band -  senbonzakura
wagakki band - kishikaisei
hans zimmer – the attack


So apparently these are from “the 2015 version of Hakuōki Zuisouroku”??? I didn’t even know that was a thing, and I’ve never seen these before, so I’m putting them up here in case you haven’t seen them either!! (special thanks to @soujiswife​ for leading me down this rabbit hole with her icon~)