is it good for you


Your baking is as good as your dancing

The Orionids meteor shower is happening this weekend, but it’s cloudy…. so my boys are watching it in my place


Tweek: I am pissed and angry but I don’t to like. Hurt him, hurt him. Just a little bit. To make a point of it.


Share your story for Asexual Awareness week!

I was thinking it would be fun to all share our stories on how we discovered we are ace-spec!

You can send me asks,a submission, or even tag me in your story if you want!

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Hi Kaito. You remember that Kaito Aprreciation? Well, i decided that i will not continue it. Life is a little bitch right now, and i can never write it on time. I'm sorry..

So it finally comes to an end. Thank you for all your appreciation, don’t think I didn’t treasure it even tho I didn’t post it. I’m saving every single one of them, I was thinking about posting them all together once the month ended.

I’m sorry life is hard for you at the moment, but I want you to know that you’re an awesome person that did your besf to compliment me in different ways for almost 22 days. You’re amazing. I hope your life gets better soon, I’m cheering on you.

Frisk also sends you kisses, kind anon ♥


October’s bonus video is a speedpaint of Jonathan Byers, from Stranger Things!! Along with my Gay Opinions on Why He Should Be Gay!!!

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I'm just gonna say that I love your comic, The Property Of Hate!!!! It makes me really happy!!!! :D (Also, after the kickstarter will the volume 2 of TPOH be something you can purchase??? I'd back it if I could but, I can't. But I mean... The concept of a physical book of TPOH?? that sounds so awesome.)

thank you, and yes! even if you don’t get the book-as-a-reward tier, if we make the goal the books will be made and any that don’t go out as rewards will be sold on Make That Thing/Topataco as buyable goods: I still get my cut, and you still get the reading, but we gotta make that goal first!

1839: The Treaty of Belgium
  • Belgium: big brother... please! My people can't deal with your kingdom anymore! It's better this way than being so awkward with each other!
  • Netherlands: I... I just can't accept myself to sign this. If I do, then you'll never be with me again...
  • Belgium: I'll be right next to you, brother. I'll be here; neutral and not too far away. Right, England?
  • England: yes. Um, Netherlands, it's important to recognise the needs for your sister to be independent... e-even though it's hard...
  • Netherlands: I don't need your boyfriend to tell me things he couldn't handle himself a century ago.
  • Belgium: e-either way, d-don't talk to him like that! He's only here trying to help, brother!
  • Netherlands: fine, then tell me what it is that I have to do to change?
  • Belgium: France, Protestantism, and Wiliam I.
  • Netherlands: well... that's impossible.
  • France: w-what??? What do you have against me???
  • Luxembourg: may I speak now...?