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Civil War

Summary: You and Dean don’t see eye to eye when it comes to comic book universes. 

Word Count: 1377

Warnings: None

Pairing: Dean x Reader

This is my entry for @jaredpadasexyy ‘s Easter Challenge. This was beta-ed by @avasmommy224.

Prompt: 20. “Marvel is better than DC”

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You were sitting in your room watching a movie. Which movie? Only the best cinematic masterpiece of all time: “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. You had just gotten to the highway scene. Cap and the Winter Soldier were going hand to hand, blow for blow. Even though you had seen this movie a million times, you still found yourself on the edge of your seat.

Cap had just ripped the Winter Soldier’s mask off and revealed his face.


“Who the hell is Bucky?”

You couldn’t help but say the line in sync with Bucky and let out a little squeal as it was one of your favorite lines in the movie. And as luck would have it, Dean happened to be walking by at that exact moment.

“What are you squealin’ at?”

Your finger hit the pause button on the remote. “Oh, it’s nothing.”

Dean gave you a suspicious look as he took at seat on the other side of your bed. “If it’s nothing, then why’d you pause it?”

You turned to him with an irritated look on your face. How dare he intrude on your quality time with your two husbands? “Because I would like to watch it alone.”

“Why? Is there a dirty scene coming up?” Dean said raising his eyebrows.

“God no! I just enjoy the movie more on my own, that’s all.”

Dean gave you another suspicious look, this one more teasing.

“Yeah, sure” he said doubtfully “I believe that.”

“It’s true!”

He put his hands up in surrender, “I believe you, I swear! Cross my heart and everything.”

You rolled your eyes as you unpaused your movie and turned back to it. Dean moved closer as he started to watch the movie as well. After a few minutes into the resumed movie, you turned to him only to see a confused look etched on his face.

You looked back at the television, trying to decipher what could’ve caused his confusion and came up with nothing.

“So what’s so special about him?”


“Captain America. All he has is the power of ultimate frisbee.”

You feigned a gasp, touching a hand to your heart, “How dare you!”

“I’m just saying,” he shrugged, “ He doesn’t have any powers and the only weapon he has is that stupid shield. He’s just another buff dude punching bad guys.”

“Oh and your precious Batman is so much better? He’s a vigilante with abandonment issues.”

“So what?”, his voice getting louder, “He kicks ass, point blank period. How can you like Captain America over Batman?”

“Because Marvel is better than DC.” You said this as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Bullshit!”, he said standing up abruptly.

“It’s not bullshit,” you said standing up as well, “It’s a fact!”

This continued for 10 minutes until Sam walked by and heard the screaming match.

“What the hell is going on in here?”

You both took a breath then directed your screaming at Sam, trying to explain your point and throwing jabs at each other.


You and Dean both went silent glancing at each other, then looking down at your shoes like children that have been reprimanded for being too loud.

“Now,” Sam started after a long pause “What is the problem?”

Before either of you could speak and start screaming again, he held up his hand. “ Y/N, you first.”

“Aww, come on!”

Sam gave Dean his bitch face at his outburst before looking at you for you to speak.

“Well,” you started, “I was just in here minding my own business and watching my movie, when someone” you said pointedly “Decided to interrupt me. And I can feel you rolling your eyes Dean.”

“That’s because you’re being ridiculous.”

“How am I being ridiculous?”

“We are not starting this again” Sam said wiping a hand down his face.

“She’s not telling the whole story.”

“Then what is the whole story?”

Dean crossed his arms. “She said, and I quote, ‘Marvel is better than DC’.”

Sam looked at him with a confused face. “So?”

“So?!”, Dean asked incredulously, “What do you mean so?! DC has Batman and Superman. You know, real superheroes. Unlike Marvel where everyone has to go through an experiment gone wrong to be a hero.”

“At least our films are better!”

“In what universe?”

“In all of 15 of Marvel’s!”

“Whatever.” Dean said waving you off, “Our movies are amazing.”



You turned to him fully now, looking him dead in the eye, “Batman Vs. Superman.“

“It was great!”

“It was trash!”

“Says who?”

“Says ‘Rotten Tomatoes’.”

“Oh and Marvel’s so much better according to them, huh?”

“Don’t make me pull out receipts! I will pull up their website so quick-”

“THAT’S IT! Conversation over!” Sam grabbed Dean by the collar of his flannel and hauled him out the room.

“I’m not done!” Dean yelled.

“Well I am!” Sam responded, not breaking his stride out of the room.

You stood there after the door closed for a moment, wondering what the hell just happened. You didn’t dwell for long, anxious to get back to your movie without interruption.

After your movie had finished, you decided to walk around the bunker to stretch your legs. As you rounded the corner to the library, you saw Dean sitting at them table reading lore. You sat down across him, knowing that it was stupid to ignore him.



“So…we good?”

“Yeah, we’re good.”

“Good.” You looked around the room, not sure of what to do or say.

“Can I ask one thing?”

“Is it going to start another argument?”

Dean shook his head, “No, I’m just curious about something.”

You leaned back in your chair as you braced for his question, “Shoot.”

“What makes you like Marvel more than DC?”

“Dean…”, you sighed.

“No, I really want to know! I’m not going to judge, just tell me.”

You began to pick at the bottom of your shirt, getting ready to go into detail about how your love for these superheroes came to be.

“Well, when I was younger I was kind of an outcast. I was one of five black kids in my entire school, but I could never really connect with them because I wasn’t ‘black enough’.” You said the last part with air quotes and looked up to Dean, expecting the normal look of pity you usually got. To your surprise, that’s not what you got. Instead you saw a look of interest in Dean’s eyes, him waiting for you to continue. So you did.

“I found friends in comic books. Marvel to be exact. Then high school came around, and my mom wanted me to be more social. There was a comic book club and I decided to join. I was a little nervous because not only was I the only black kid in the club, but I was the only girl. I thought I was setting myself up to be another outcast, but I was wrong.”

A smile graced your face as the memories came flooding back.

“It was then that I realised that nerds are one of the most accepting people in the world,” you said with a slight chuckle. Dean had a smile on his face as you continued to talk about all the good times you had in the club and all the friends you made. Seeing your face light up did something to him.

Once you realised you had been rambling, you became embarrassed. Dean didn’t need to know all of that, and he probably didn’t care. Oh how wrong you were. Dean could listen to you talk for hours and never tire of it.

“Well maybe I should give Marvel a chance.”

“Really?”, you said with hope. Having Dean possibly share your love of Marvel made you unbelievably excited.


“Well I have all of the Marvel movies here if you want to have a marathon or something?”

Dean looked at you with a large smile, “That sounds like a good idea.”

You both stood up from the table and began to walk towards your room.

“I think you’ll like ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. Oh, and and ‘Deadpool’! Definitely ‘Deadpool’. I see a little ‘Wade’ in you.”

“Who’s Wade?”

“You’ll see.”

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Strangers Like Me Part 2

Fandom: Avengers (MCU)
Warnings: None
Bucky x Reader
Request:  Anonymous said: Can I request one where the reader is an avenger and comes back from a solo mission but nobody thought to mention that Bucky moved in, so he’s just kind of there? Fluff pls, nothing sad or angsty!

Author’s Notes: By request, here’s a part two. Hope y'all enjoy! My requests are open!


Part One

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pietromcximoff  asked:

18 &/or 32 with aou pietro? Have you seen the movie yet by the way? Otherwise you must be a bit baffled with the sudden influx of pietro requests you're getting haha. I love your fics by the way! So well written, I've read Showing Off at least 15 times by now!

i haven’t seen aou but i’m pretty hyped about it (+ hahah yeah that would explain the …. 8+? pietro requests i have on hand rn) and thank you so much for the compliments!!! i was p worried about Showing Off bc i hadn’t seen the movie and didn’t want to flub it !

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A Refreshing Start (Part 11)

Description: Bucky x Reader. The reader, a trained assassin, decides that she no longer wants to be a killer and that a new start is in order with help from the most unlikely places.
Words: 2,027 (OOPS)
Warnings: A couple instances of swearing…
Author’s Note: I was a fool to think I could “squidge it down” into one final part. Unless I’d made that part the length of five. This part is nearly three length of two as it is. I’ve actually had to put a keep reading break in this time.

Catch up here: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4 Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10

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You’d walked into rooms of Hydra bosses, you’d walked into rooms that you knew were traps before even crossing the threshold, but this? A board room containing the Avengers - it was like nothing else you’d experienced.

Maybe it was the fact you knew that as a group they could snap you in half without so much as breaking a sweat; maybe it was the fact you’d come toe to toe with a couple of them individually now… And hell, this was before mentioning the fact you were pretty much walking in on the arm of the Avenger who had toed the line the most himself.

“After you,” Bucky said, pushing the glass door open for you to lead the way. With a deep breath, you stepped in. You could put on a calm and collected act even if inside you were terrified - it was how you’d succeeded in the past. And for now, you had a feeling the old you was going to need to surface to get through this in one piece.

They turned around as you entered, the talking that’d been going on dying down within seconds. Steve was a friendly face, giving you an encouraging smile and “The Falcon”, aka Sam, seemed to have the same look. The jury was still out on Tony, he didn’t seem like a problem but he was reactive and therefore an unknown quantity. Then there was the infamous Black Widow, aka Natalia Romanova, though she’d adopted a more American tilt to the name in recent years. She had encountered you once of old and there was some history there that you’d assume she hasn’t told the others - you were willing to play ball there. She gave you a polite nod, nothing more, nothing less, pure professionalism. You could respect that.

Then there was Hawkeye, Vision, Scarlet Witch and even War Machine - you knew nothing more than basic files and news reports on them. You knew skill sets, aliases and affiliations but that was about it. There didn’t seem to be any hostility coming off of them so for now, you liked them.

If it weren’t so intimidating, you’d be honoured for the full turnout.

“Nice to meet you,” you said as you stepped in fully, protecting your voice so as not to sound shy.

“Nice of you to join us,” Tony said, clapping his hands together. You saw Steve throw an amused look past you to Bucky out of the corner of your eye. You guessed gossip traveled fast among the team, no doubt Tony had mentioned why you were a few minutes later to the party. “If you two want to take a seat, we’ll fill you in.”

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