is it gonna be like this every year

i really hate how a lot of people are so quick to judge animated movies when they’re announced like

first of all boss baby is gonna be a fucking riot alec baldwin as a baby has funny written all over it

the smurfs is all animated this time no live action im interested to see where they take it

there’s a bunch of animated movies coming out this year that show some real promise and no one wants to see them because?? actually o don’t know why people are just against them

i don’t think it’s fair to automatically shut down every animated movie especially since we’re living in a time where the whole animated movie industry is dominated by disney and disney only

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Mom, I have one week time to decide where I'm going to go to study and I dONT KNOW WHAT TO DO IM JUST A CHILD I CANT DECIDE THIS STUFF??? Send help pls

hEY I recognize this a LOT. I actually started to cry in school multiple times because I was so stressed out by thinking I had to choose a school instantly after graduating. 

You could try to work a year after you graduate from high school. Like at Mcdonalds or another part time job while you still live with your parents. It helped me learning a lot about myself and Im gonna apply for a 1 year long art education afterwards to see if it’s something I’m willing to pursue for real.

I know every country isn’t like Sweden so this might not help you at all.

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I'm just imagining all those famous people falling in love with Harry at the Oscars next year :') so many people loving him like we do (sorry I'm emotional)

dkdjdjdjdnfnfkd everyone is gonna talk about how amazing and kind and talented he is at every single award event he goes to and he’s gonna be everyone’s favorite to win and ahHHHH I WANT HIM TO BE SURROUNDED BY PRAISE AND ADORATION ALWAGS


Tsunayoshi is the 10th boss of the Vongola famiglia and is also known as “No Good Tsuna”. Tsuna develops from a weak individual who easily gives up to a leader who is dedicated and willing to fight for the protection of his friends, family and famiglia. 

Happy Birthday you amazing dork! ♡(º̩̩́⌣º̩̩̀ʃƪ) [10.14]

GTA V - Deadline 2: Thin Dead Line
  • *Michael and Gavin discussing Gavin's visa*
  • Michael: How many times have you brought this up? Every year or two you're like 'Oh, I'm leaving'
  • Gavin: Funny enough, when you get one year visas, you have to do it every year!
  • Michael: Then just do it every year!
  • Gavin: I'M DOING IT
  • Michael: Then you're not gonna get deported!
  • Gavin: I mean, I don't have the decision yet...
  • Ryan: Gavin... let's fix this problem right now
  • Ryan: Will you marry me?
  • Gavin:
  • Gavin: ...what
  • Michael: You can't, Ryan.
  • Ryan: I mean, can we not in this state? I don't know
  • Michael: It's not so much the gay marriage, more that you're already married
  • me: i have diagnosed myself with several mental illnesses in the past, every single one i've researched for about a year before being diagnosed with the same exact mental illnesses i thought i had. i did extensive research before labeling myself with these illnesses, and even then i never stopped looking into them to double-check that i'm still experiencing the symptoms. self-diagnosing greatly helped me as it gave me a support system and a group of people i was able to relate to and talk to about my feelings. it helped me realize i wasn't alone and it really helped me cope with my problems until i was able to get professional help.
  • Neurotypicals: umm sweaty i think you just have a good 'ol case of psych student syndrome :) you really shouldn't just label yourself with these very Real and Bad problems just because you heard about it once uwu self-diagnosing is Evil it stole my wife and burned down my house you shouldn't do it Ever it'll only hurt you uwuwuwuwu

I’m gonna be honest: I’ve always hated New Year’s resolutions.

I feel like resolutions are about setting yourself up for shame and failure. For instance, ‘I will adhere to a new diet’ or ‘I will mediate every morning.’ Then one morning, because you’re a human person, you forget to meditate or you don’t have time to meditate or you can’t be bothered to meditate. And then your resolution is broken, and you have failed.

How about this year we start thinking in terms of quests? A quest is completely different from a resolution. For instance, ‘I will take the Ring to Mordor’ or ‘I will find the Arc of the Covenant’ or ‘I will figure out what kind of work makes me happy’ or ‘I will learn how to become open and trusting in my relationships.’

No shame involved. If you’re on your way to Mordor and you take a wrong turn and accidentally end up in Isengard, you haven’t failed. You’ve just gotten a little off course.

A quest is about the intention.

A quest is about the journey.

A quest is of indefinite length and uncertain duration.

A quest allows for unforeseen circumstances and unexpected turns.

A quest cannot be accidentally broken, only voluntarily abandoned.

Sometimes, if the plot changes, you (the hero) might choose to abandon your quest for a different quest, and this is not failure.

This year, I’ve decided to stop thinking about what I should be doing and start thinking about where I’d like to be going.

And then begin by taking a single step.

I think my biggest fake science pet peeve is when tv/movies/fiction etc. uses the speed with which one got a PhD and the number of PhDs one holds as a signifier of genius, because like, science takes time, and even the smartest people take four to five years to do a (STEM) PhD, because your experiments aren’t gonna go any faster just because you have a high IQ.

And like, no one does multiple PhDs because the whole point is to train you in how to think, and how to independently become proficient in a field, so like, you could completely switch fields as a postdoc but no one’s gonna give you another degree. and doing a second phd is a waste of literally everyone’s time and money. 

So like sorry every tv show ever, no one has three PhDs by the time their 23. because no one does that. we all have one by the time we’re 27 if we’re lucky and damn productive. Please stop. 


He’s gonna die

Happy New Year! 2017 is the Year of the Rooster~🐓

It’s the return of Yukata!Robin! It’s becoming a tradition to draw him for every season haha. Also I’m glad 2017 enabled me to draw Rooster!Chrom. He’d be like “WAKE UP, ROBIN” “THERE ARE BETTER PLACES TO SLEEP THAN ON THE GROUND, ROBIN”



Ok, 2016 was sucks tbh, but I’m really glad I met Steven Universe and get to know all of you.

Every like, reblog, and comment you guys gave me means a lot to me.
I’m so   thankful to have you all in my life, really.  OwQ
And I’m gonna draw more and more lapidot this year, so you’d better get ready!!XDD

Happy New Year again and wish you have a great year ahead!!

okay so hear me out, ML fandom: 

a) the Turtle’s users live a really long time, apparently, presumably either by aging really slowly or just stopping aging altogether once they reach a certain point (presumably the former, but who knows at this point. DEFINITELY NOT THIS GUY, WHO STILL HASN’T SEEN ANY OF THE MASTER FU EPISODES YET. >>;;) 

b) it is generally accepted fanon (canon?) that the Turtle user is responsible for holding onto the Miraculouses even if they’re no longer an active user themselves, which makes sense really; if you are gonna live like for the entirety of human history, it’s probably a lot less annoying swapping curators every two or three hundred years as opposed to, like, every TWENTY 

c) it is ALSO generally accepted fanon that Nino is gonna get the Turtle Miraculous at some point because I don’t care I could give you twenty good and/or logical show-based reasons but really I just need it okay, I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED 


d) Alya Césaire and Nino Lahiffe and their very long, strange relationship as Nino very slowly starts aging slower and slower and Alya outpaces him without either of them really noticing at first, even though Fu was SUPER CLEAR on the subject SEVERAL TIMES and objectively they’re both aware it’s a thing that’ll come up one day. Which it does, one day, when they’re both crammed into their shared bathroom getting ready together, looking into their mirror at the same time and playfully jockeying for space like always and then they both just–notice

“Ah,” Nino says, staring at one face that doesn’t look a day over nineteen and another that’s pushing thirty, a painful clench going through his heart. 

“Ah,” Alya agrees slowly, not looking away from the mirror. 

6 types of game fans

The 6 types of gamer fans and reaction to new info and characters:

1.AHHHH!! This is SO GREAT! Can’t wait to play! They worked so hard! How the fuck did they make this look so good! So appreciative of game creators!! Every year they improve gaming systems and graphics! It’s an art form!

2. FEMinazi’s Are ruining the gaming industry!! I’m gonna buy the game but I’m gonna complain the whole time!! Where are my titties! What am I gonna FAP TO!! THESe Females look like human beings and it makes me uncomfortable!! Short haired WOMEN!! FEMINISM IS GOING TOO FAR!!

3. Cheap jokes, whiny and worried for no reason. Sort of rude and unappreciative to game creators. Still going to love the game the good and the bad, but still, insists that tiny inconsequential thing is gonna ruin the whole game for them. I can’t let myself enjoy things!!

4. That character creator better deliver on those fucking eyebrows or I will jog to Canada and SHIT ON the CEO of Bioware’s DESK!!


6. *Brings out beauteous rendering of new character barely released 2 seconds ago* a quick sketch (lol) of my new wife/son/hubby *uwu*

i’m gonna paste this thing i wrote a few weeks ago from my instagram. it might seem melodramatic or like it’s coming from out of the blue, but i’m getting really tired of being shat on by people who don’t understand the motivation behind my actions. 

I’ve been struggling (pretty obviously) with how to deal with this subject for a few years, but recently it’s gotten way out of hand.

I have spent a lot of time and energy trying to find my own artistic voice. Every little aspect of what I draw and the way that I draw it, (however unimpressive or mundane) stems from years of struggling, experimenting and taking little fragments of the world around me and internalizing them. Things that I love, things that I hate, things that mean a lot to me for my own personal reasons. So when someone appropriates my style, not only are they doing themselves a huge injustice by skipping the steps it took to get there and the chance to develop their own style and voice, they’re bastardizing my own. They’re telling me that they want what I have, and don’t care how they get it, or how long it took for me to create it for myself, or how uncomfortable it makes me to see it twisted and abused.

It isn’t a sign of admiration, and it’s not at all flattering. It just feels greedy.
I’ve made efforts in the past to ignore it, or to let it go, have tried very hard not to step on anyone’s toes. 

But pretending that I don’t care seems to only make things worse. The more passive I am and the more I quietly reassure everyone that things are fine and that I’m not angry or upset with them when they steal from me, too afraid of hurting someone to firmly speak out, the more I get taken advantage of, and the more I let myself be hurt. 

I don’t want to attack people, and I don’t want to have to police people. I don’t want to make my friends or followers feel like they have to defend me, but I have to make it abundantly clear: I am NOT okay with mimicry. I am not okay with people latching onto my work and my style, building a name for themselves around it, profiting from it, and never letting it go.

Don’t send me apologies if you don’t mean them, and don’t promise me you’ll change if you have no plans to change anything. I’m done trying to empathize and pat people on the back for doing something that’s hurting me.

Note: This happend a few years ago, so I’m not sure about which classes we were and don’t remember any names involved with this campaign the dialogue was somewhat like how I’m gonna note it down. It was also one of my first campaigns and we didn’t really do a in and out of character thing outside of conversations with NPC’s back then.

a friend and I were in a tower which was next to a mud swamp, in the swamp we previously aquired some mud-worm as a pet (which needed to be covered with mud every few hundred steps or sth).

It all started in front of a door.

Me(ooc): I’m taking a look at the door.

DM: It is a sturdy door with no keyhole.

Me(ooc): hmm… alright. I go through it and take a look at the room on the other side.

*Friend follows with his character*

DM: *places around 10-12 small enemies in the room* They have noticed you.

Me: Uhm, hello. It seems we’ve gotten lost can you tell us the way to (different building which was near the tower)?  [sidenote: we were already in the second or third floor of the tower]

one of the enemies: You shoudn’t be here. Now you’re going to be our prisoners.

DM: They draw their weapons.

Me(ooc): I leave the room.

DM: *moving only my figure out of the room* The door closes behind you. It is now locked.

Me(ooc): I… meant together with (friend’s name)…

*Friend proceeds to look at me angrily*

Me(ooc): Do I still have an action?

DM: yes.

I decided to roll strength against the door, failing, and then proceeded to throw my body against the door, which opened it.

DM: Your character is now in a knocked down state, he will get up again in 3 turns.

Me(ooc): Shit.

Friend(ooc): I call for the mudworm.

*ground shaking*

*mudworm appears out of the ground* [which means it must have dug through at least two floors and the empty space between, because we left him outside in order to not have to use too much mud]

Friend: Alright wormy it’s lunchtime!

and then the worm proceeded to eat all the enemies. We didn’t get any exp but at least we lived.

you know that one ending where sans and papyrus move in with toriel in the ruins and papyrus says he’s gonna be a great mom to all the humans that’ll fall

that one’s my aesthetic

imagine toriel giving papyrus mom-lessons. she teaches him how to feed a human, how to put a human to sleep, how to heal a human, how to play with a human,,,

imagine him and sans wearing robes with the delta rune just like toriel does

imagine falling into the underground and being greeted by papyrus. he’s been waiting next to the flowerbed every day for 3 years bc he wants to see another human

imagine papyrus freaking out because toriel and sans don’t seem to have the ability to shut up with their stupid puns. i mean, papyrus likes puns too, but his are actually clever!!!

imagine toriel and papyrus yelling at sans because he leaves his socks everywhere

imagine getting lost in the ruins, and then you see a trail of socks leading back to toriel’s house. like the breadcrumbs in hansel and gretel. 

imagine papyrus teaching toriel how to karate chop the vegetables when they cook, because that’s what undyne taught him how to do it. toriel rolls up her sleeves and punches the carrots so hard that the counter breaks. papyrus is impressed and goat mom is strong 

imagine sans teleporting back to snowdin from time to time even if he knows he’s not supposed to, bc he just has to go to grillby’s. i mean, what are the dogs going to do without him? they need to be pet and play fetch and someone has to feed them food from the table. it’s basically his duty to make sure they keep being “good boys”

SMH gang and when they start celebrating Christmas

Jack: December 1st. But he does all his holiday shopping throughout the year; if he sees something he thinks someone (Bitty) will like, he buys it and keeps it on the top closet shelf. Things are starting to fall off the shelf. 

Bitty: After Thanksgiving weekend. He’s honestly irritated that Thanksgiving doesn’t get the respect it deserves. “It’s called THANKSgiving and you’re gonna give Thanks for this lovely autumnal centerpiece that complements the menu I’ve planned!” Also the Bittles have a tradition of putting up the tree on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. 

Shitty: Honestly this kid is all over the place with every single holiday. He has a “Fourth of July Garland” and saves cherry-bombs for Thanksgiving and puts up ghosts around the house over Christmas and justifies it by saying it’s from A Christmas Carol. 

Lardo: Holidays happen, Lardo isn’t that fussed about them tbh. She goes along with everyone’s shenanigans but she doesn’t really have any strong feelings about Christmas. 

Chowder: Approximately mid-November. Not *right* after Halloween but he can’t help getting excited about Christmas before Thanksgiving is over. Especially because it gets cold in MA. Hot Cocoa season = Christmas for Chowder. He loves all the snuggly parts of the Christmas season best. 

Ransom: Black Friday. Dude is all about making a day of Black Friday and getting all the best deals. Once he’s done his holiday shopping he’s fully in the Christmas mood. He likes Thanksgiving but it’s not a priority. 

Holster: The very second Halloween is over it’s time for Christmas. Bitty is taking down the Halloween decorations and Holster is putting up paper snowflakes and wearing a reindeer antlers. (sidenote: yes, Holster & his mom are Jewish, and yes Holster celebrates Hannukah. But he also loves secular Christmas.) 

Nursey: Whenever he hears a song from Mariah Carey’s Christmas album on the radio. Playing in a store doesn’t count, it has to be on the radio. It’s like the first snow for him. Holster finds out and calls in to every radio station requesting “All I Want for Christmas is You” on November 3rd. He doesn’t actually get a station to agree until November 10th. 

Dex: The first snow after Thanksgiving. It can’t really be Christmas until it snows, and preferably that snow should stick. If that means no carols until December 15th, so be it. He also likes to remind everyone that it’s the twelve days of Christmas, and that the first day of Christmas is December 25th and it extends *after* that, not before. Before Christmas is Advent, which is supposed to be a time of preparation and reflection. “And I can’t reflect with you singing ‘All I want for Christmas is You’, Nursey!!!” 

Bonus HC: Lardo films a video of Chowder, Nursey, Holster, Ransom, and Bitty lip-synching to “All I Want for Christmas is You” wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. It’s interspersed with pictures of various NHL butts, including Jack’s. And maybe Dex’s as well. Shitty cries.