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headcanon: the raven queen knows about and absolutely loves taako. she loves her sons boyfriend very much, and ever since kravitz mentioned taako and how they were dating, she immediately started planning for taako to become a reaper when he died so he could stay with kravitz. she tried to keep this a secret from kravitz tho, to surprise him, but shes very bad at keeping secrets and would literally just be like

“krav not to pry or anything but would taako like a silk cloak or a velvet cloak better? and if its velvet would it have patterns in it???” and kravitz is just like “why are you making my bf a reaper cloak????” and shes just like “no no thats not it im just…. very curious!!!!! thats all. very curious about your lovely boyfriend.” 

kravitz is not buying it and totally sees through it but acts like he doesnt know so that when it actually happens, he can act surprised and see how happy the raven queen gets because her surprise ‘worked’. 

So what Toyotarō is trying to tell me… that this cute man right here….

this cute man holding a baby and being proud that this baby came from him. didn’t know Chichi was pregnant or gave birth to him…….So when he had sex with Chichi he left her out to train and when he came back 9 months later she said “oh hi dis your son” and goku was like “????????????!” 

or that Goku was there when Chichi was pregnant but didn’t bother to ask about her swollen tummy and thought that she was probably eating too much…..

Am having a staggeringly Shitty Brain Day, Softe and Goode Headcanons appreciated

I’ll start:

In that nixie AU I wrote, I headcanon that sid is half human and that because of that he ages fairly normally. He and Geno have a long and wonderful life together and there’s no “supernatural partner lives longer and grieves for hundreds of years alone” nonsense.

Autumn farmers market AU, because I can’t freaking wait for fall. Sid in a worn red buffalo check plaid shirt, sleeves rolled to his elbows, looking soft and strong. Baseball cap with the mesh in the back which for some reason is the Official Farmer Hat in my brain. It’s a free one he got from the local co-op or a feed company or something. I have a very specific image in my head. What does he sell though???? I can’t decide!!!

He’s got a beat up pickup and a very sweet dog (breed???? Mutt??? A stray who got dumped in Sid’s remote county road and showed up starving at his door) who sprawls under the market table and comes out to lick the hands of especially nice people and a bunch of other pens sell at the market too and–

I think Geno is a tired and disillusioned Srys Bsns Man, who stops by on a whim and falls desperately in love with Sid and finds solace in his peaceful life. Geno quits his job that he hates and marries Sid and they have a lovely house in the country with flowers and animals and babies and all of the pens as great neighbors and it’s wonderful.

In honor of the recent schedule change, I made another “ideal” schedule version for Cartoon Network.

Most of the elements from the recent schedule change stays. (Weekday afternoons and most of Sunday) And again, every Cartoon Network show is fairly distributed equally so everyone gets a piece of the pie. (Even the shows that have recently ended are syndicated as reruns)

[This idea was inspired by @cnschedulearchive and @whatsnewcartoons]

hi guys i miss seventeen a lot and it’s only been a few hours since i got to see them live and meet them. i am having such a time i just put minghao on my ults list (which contains boo seungkwan, jung hoseok, chwe hansol, son chaeyoung, & lee jooheon). i’m fucked man. if you want my full concert experience aka videos and a thread talking about my hitouch experience you can check it out on my twitter!!!


so @realitybanana made THIS post and I laughed at it so much I had to doodle it quickly before bed hahaha. 
I like to think Peter would still be rlly sweet to his spiders

Normally I wait until Sunday to post this stuff, that way CN’s backdoor is all up to date for the week and everything… but this schedule is so… interesting, that I just HAD to post it early. If there’s anything wrong about Saturday and Sunday I’ll fix it. Anyways:

Here’s the Cartoon Network schedule for Monday, July 31 to Sunday, August 6.


I did not expect this. Nor do I want this.

When I found out TTG had a marathon on the 31st, I was not real surprised. It’s a way to hype up the miniseries. I’m used to day long TTG marathons anyway, nothing surprised me anymore. Or so I thought.

Then I saw August 1st. Once again, I kinda expected a TTG marathon leading up to the Night Begins to Shine miniseries (looks rad) and OK K.O. (is rad) premieres. And of course, Island Adventures would be aired right before, as with any other special CN airs anymore.

Then August 2nd’s schedule came out. I started to get concerned. “Is the entire weekday schedule gonna be just TTG and K.O. for this week?”, I thought.

I was proven right, with the 3rd and 4th’s schedules. “Oh god, will the entire WEEK BE JUST TEEN TITANS GO AND OK K.O.?!”, I worried.

I was wrong. Sorta.

I mean, look, there’s Megamind. Back from a brief run on Discovery Family. There’s that. I guess.

But look at the rest of the weekend. Nothing but Teen Titans Go and OK K.O.. They even pulled new episodes of Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Justice League Action, and The Powerpuff Girls just so they could air an hour more of nothing but TTG, OK K.O., and Megamind. That’s your variety this week.

Now, I want to know, WHO AT CN THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA? I’ve never seen any network’s schedule stoop this low. At least when other networks dominate their schedule with only one show for days on end (like FXX with Simpsons marathons or VH1 Classic with 47 days straight of Saturday Night Live) they ADVERTISE it. This is just a regular schedule to CN. That makes it 1000x worse.

Whatever. Reruns of Gumball, We Bare Bears, Ben 10, and most likely Steven Universe return the week after this. So do new episodes of Transformers, Justice League Action, and The Powerpuff Girls. We Bare Bears returns from hiatus, too.

Here’s what’s new new new new next week:

  • Teen Titans Go! The Night Begins to Shine - SPECIAL MINISERIES - Tues-Fri at 6:00p
  • OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes - SERIES PREMIERE - FOUR episodes Tuesday at 6:10p, two episodes a day Wed-Fri at 6:10p

Top 3… oops I mean 2 shows:

  1. Teen Titans Go! - 300 - 81%
  2. OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes - 67 - 18%
so yeah don’t reblog any art from tumblr user poehav-shy

she’s a terf who drew her oc drinking the blood of trans kids and she believes that violence against terfs is comparable to violence against trans people. letting you know since she’s a dragon age and mass effect artist and i’d rather not see her shit on my dash.