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Feathers Fantasy XV

Today we have a peep Ardyn joining ze party. Yes, he’s an owl and he sure is amused by Noct and Promp angrily tweeting at him. Gladdy and Iggy not sure if they should interfered or not, lol.

(Peep Ardyn undercut)

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Lance having a rough day and isolating himself for a while to not break down, so when Keith finds him, he doesn't talk and just sits with him and let's him to whatever. Lance ends up hugging keith from behind and running his hands through his hair because the feeling of it gets his mind off things (don't know if this is fluffy enough, I apologize)

This is so soft and innocent I love it so much. Thank you sm, nonnie. ♥

VIXX as Macarons


Some strong language!!!

N- Oh our sweet sexy leader N. him and his beautiful voice and powerful dancing skills he is just filled with too much grace for one person. Therefor he will take the image of a classic macaron BUT WAIT! He wont just be your average classic macaron NO SIR! This boy is a chocolate macaroon. WHY? Because this boy delivers as comfort and warmth as hot chocolate when it is below freezing and you can’t find a blanket fluffy enough to keep you warm THAT’S WHY!

Leo- Leo’s got that cool vibe. You know with the cool stare, the cool voice, the cool personality. He is just cool…like peppermint. That’s right this boy is a straight up candy cane macaron. He is cool and sexy as fuck. See image below.

Ken- Ken is an energetic ball of color. He is the mood maker of Vixx and can brighten anyone’s day. I swear the day this boy was born the gods just poured a bucket of pure talent of him because not only can he sing but he is also very talented when it comes to art. Therefor the macaron below are best suited for fluffy boy Ken.

Ravi- W all know Ravi is fluffy and cute but recently he has just been plain RUDE and turned into this sexy motherfucker and just damn! This boy is too good and too fancy for me just like the macarons below.

Hongbin- Now Hongbin is a classy work of art and I think we can all agree with that. We also all know that boy belongs in an art gallery. And here’s the other thing Hongbin LOVES FRUIT! I mean I consider myself a little fruit bat but this boy is THE ULTIMATE LITTLE FRUIT BAT! Therefore if he were represented by a macaron it would like the picture below.

Hyuk- We know that Hyuk is a giant beefy ass boy so his macaron representation need to fit that and what fits beefy better than a hamburger. Yep that right Hyuk is a hamburger macaron. Picture below!

BTS FC 170309

Hello this is BTS’ Suga
Haha it is finally my 25th birthday?
I feel kind of weird
I feel like just yesterday I was 20 years old
Since debut, it’s both my 4th Spring and birthday
Me, a person who has always been impatient and constantly worrying about the future
Me, a person who always feels 21 years old performs in front of countless of ARMYs
And now that others call me sunbae (senior), I get to perform at concerts all around the world,
I am constantly living a busy life that gives me the opportunity to meet you all which is a dream and I’m so happy about it.
After debuting, it’s always so exciting to see so many ARMYs take care of me and wish a happy birthday
To be honest, I never cared much for birthdays
Thinking how ARMYs prepare special gifts and are happy doing it make my birthday feel special
Thank you to every single ARMY for making me a special person
I may look like a person who is living just because they were born, but I am trying very hard and my best to become a better person
So please continue to watch over me for a very long time
Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday
As I grow older, I promise to repay you guys with better music and performances

P.S. Now I want to stop growing old… ㅠㅠ

trans: jhope-shi


Tsunayoshi is the 10th boss of the Vongola famiglia and is also known as “No Good Tsuna”. Tsuna develops from a weak individual who easily gives up to a leader who is dedicated and willing to fight for the protection of his friends, family and famiglia. 

Happy Birthday you amazing dork! ♡(º̩̩́⌣º̩̩̀ʃƪ) [10.14]

sherlock is the most ridiculous man?? in an endearing way?? i could think of so many things he could plausibly do like:

-attempting to make pasta for john then getting frustrated and dumping the entire pot in the trash when its not perfect
-shopping for fuzzy socks in the store and john trying to help but “no john, they arent FLUFFY enough!!”
-a bee lands on his shoulder bc hes wearing a purple shirt and he starts to tear up and whispers to john “he thinks im a flower”
-wrapping his entire body around john to try to prevent him from leaving for work
-buying like 50 bouquets of flowers for their anniversary and johns like “this is lovely but i have nowhere to sit”
- immediately dropping to his knees to pet any dog he sees
-“i require cuddling” “okay love” “right NOW” “heh heh okay okay stop pouting” “im not pouting….. but you could kiss it away”

Batbros at the amusement park 2

-Eventually they compromise and create a sort of list of the order they’ll go on rides
-Dick does get first pick because they decided that it was his idea in the first place and it’s a silent test of whether they’d enjoy this whole experience
-they start on the Tilt-a-whirl (basically a spinny car thing. It’s probs my favourite and the most amazing) and they are immediately regretting this decision.
-the carts they sit in are barely, just barely, big enough for the four of them to squeeze into but they manage to fit
-the order is Dick on one end, Damian next to him, Tim on Damian’s right, and Jason on the other end
-luckily for Tim they’re squeezed together so tight that Damian can’t make an attempt to hurt him
-with their combined weight this cart is spinning faster than imaginable. They’re a blur and are literally plastered to the back of the seats with the sheer force
-they get off and nearly fall over because everything is spinning until Jason starts dragging them off to the next ride-his pick-a towering ride that spun upside down and left you hanging in the sky
-Dick and Damian sit across from one another and Dick makes faces at Damian while trying not to accidentally kick him because his legs are too long for the gap between them
-Jason and Tim sit across from one another and Jason keeps joking (maybe) that he’ll spit at Tim as they’re spinning (“you won’t even be able to tell. It’s like a raindrop” “Jason it’s 85 degrees and sunny. There’s no rain and if you spit on me I swear to all things holy”)
-Jason did not spit on Tim but Dick did accidentally kick Damian
-Damian picks a calming ride that’s basically a giant swing set. It offers a scenic view of the fairgrounds and is overall enjoyable (“now we know the escape routes if necessary.” “Dami it’s a day off we don’t need escape routes” “that’s what you think Grayson”)
-Tim keeps reapplying sunscreen and cursing the others for being naturally more resilient to the sun
-for lunch they stop at a pizza stand and sit at a rickety picnic table that Damian insists is not sanitary at all (Tim agrees)
-Jason buys a massive fried dough that’s so covered in sugar it could give an elephant diabetes
-he shares it (mostly). Dick gets powdered sugar everywhere and when the boys laugh at him he pulls them into a bear hug that ends up getting them covered in sugar too
-when they go on the teacups Jason warns Tim and Damian to go in a different cup and takes Dick with him
-if they were going fast on the Tilt-a-whirl, they rivalled Wally on speed right now
-Dick legitimately needed five minutes to breathe and not puke. Jason needed five minutes to catch his breath from laughing too hard
-Dick and Tim realise that the coloured lights are amazing for selfies and getting so many amazing photos
-adorable batbro selfies where they’re all grinning or half smiling (Damian is trying to maintain his reputation and Jason is 2 Cool 4 Smiling but does the typical ‘I have to smile to be polite and not hurt people’s feelings’ smile)
-basically just all of them being happy and brotherly and everyone is getting along and being a family

okay ive seen a lot of posts about Vriska being afraid of spiders bc of spidermom but i love the idea of her looking little earth spiders and daddy long legs and thinking theyre the best things ever. because they are, theyre so small and cute and whenever someone wants to kill one she’d be the one going “NOOOOOOOO DON’T!” and bring it outside in a paper towel or something

just imagine vriska squeeing over a baby spider and try and tell me thats not a pure image

Have some Drarry fluff - Every Bloody Morning

Every Morning (also on AO3)

“Draco? Wake up,” Harry said gently, giving him a nudge.

Draco made a mumbling sound and nuzzled Harry’s neck, clinging to him tighter.

Harry sighed.

“Every morning, Draco,” he said.

“Five more minutes,” came the mumbled reply.

Harry rolled his eyes. He was lying on his back with the former Slytherin half sprawled over him, half curled into his side, somehow, his face buried in Harry’s neck. Every morning.

“I have to go to work,” he said, running his fingers through Draco’s hair.

Draco muttered something unintelligible, but sounding like curse words, and clung tighter.

“I know you’re wide awake, you snuck away for a piss ten minutes ago, you’re not fooling me.”

Draco huffed into Harry’s neck, but didn’t relinquish his grip. Harry sighed, but smiled. It was annoying, yet also very endearing.

Every morning, Draco couldn’t stand him getting out of bed to prepare for work. He always pretended to be asleep and not let go. It was adorable, but it had stopped fooling Harry a while ago.

“Let me up, love,” Harry said softly, playing with the hair at the nape of Draco’s neck.

“Five more minutes,” Draco mumbled.

“You’re incorrigible.”

“Oooh, big word, Potter.” 

Draco snickered into his neck.

“Sod off,” Harry snapped lightly.

“You love me,” Draco said, and Harry could feel his lips curve into a smile against his neck.

Harry sighed. “Only five minutes, and then I really have to get up!”

Draco chuckled and planted a kiss to his neck before holding him just a little tighter.

Harry sighed and went back to playing with his hair. Every bloody morning.


I need a real and long interview with Alycia. Like, just her talking about her and what she likes to do. I really need to hear her talking about her drumming and singing and clexa so bad!