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It was one of the girls’ birthdays so what did the boys decide to do other than have a giant sleepover at the Lee household. With all their mothers away for the night, the children looked forward to enjoying time together. It wasn’t often that they got to spend time as a large group, though the older kids hung out together almost everyday. The dads had exhausted their group chat, having been organising details all week. They had decided that Caspar’s house would be the best place to get together, it being the largest.

After eating the many pizzas ordered, Mikey went to put his little baby to sleep. Both Pearce boys were tired but Mikey was determined to get some down time with his friends before settling down for the night, proper. The three oldest children (Joe’s son, Caspar’s daughter and Josh’s son, all first borns) had decided that they would set up a tent on the back decking, where they would sleep for the night. Though they could have simply just bunked together in Caspar’s daughter’s own room, she had lent it to the younger kids for the night. She felt they needed a soft bed more than she did and besides, what better way to hang out with her two best friends than in a tent!

Jack and Conor had agreed to let their young daughters have a few extra hours of fun after their usual bedtime, seeing as it was a special event. They, along with Oli’s little boy and Joe’s daughter were working on baking cookies. It was the perfect means of distraction and entertainment for the three young toddlers, whilst also being quite enjoyable for the youngest Sugg (who was eleven). The three little kids laughed with delight as they twisted dough into crazy and wonderful shapes, studded with chocolate chips.

The remaining children, Josh’s youngest son and Caspar’s two boys, had commandeered the TV. Much like their fathers had many years prior, they were battling each other in the most intense video game of all, FIFA. They had each and every version, currently playing the old but well made 2019 version. There wasn’t much fumbling for the controls, each taking turns. What there was, though, was loud sighs of defeat or yellings of encouragement to football players who couldn’t hear them.

“I’m so glad the kids all get along well,” Josh sighed with content as he drank from his beer.

The other five nodded in agreement, before giving a slight cheer as Mikey made it back down to join them. He opened a beer for himself and sat with the group at the dining table.

“I’m glad we still get along so well,” Conor said, mockingly before laughing.

They all laughed at his joke, knowing full well that he meant it. Fatherhood had changed them all but what hadn’t changed was their friendship and constant banter. Conor still sang and he, Oli and Josh, still uploaded videos to YouTube. The other four had found themselves growing out of what had been their entire lives. Joe and Caspar were still best friends, only now, they didn’t see each other much more than once or twice a week. Jack was still the fashion advisor of the group and yet, the children were starting to overtake him in that role. Mikey was still Mikey, though. His face was still filtered and stretched in every group photo taken. He was still the cool and fun uncle, until only a month or so ago, when he became a dad. The boys guessed that either Mikey had matured before they met him or fatherhood had still yet to hit him.

“We did well tonight, gentlemen,” Jack said. “The ladies would be proud.”

The boys sat in a relaxed and comfortable situation, talking about everything and nothing at the same time. It had been a while since each of them had felt such a sense of ease. But being a dad, somewhat sadly, meant that ease wasn’t something that really happened often or was long lasting. It couldn’t have been more than ten minutes when the children started to need their fathers.





Almost as if at once, they were all called for. The baby cried and the toddlers were tiring out. The FIFA game crashed and the Sugg girl had no idea how to use the oven here and the older children needed advice.

“I’ll take the tent,” Joe sighed.

“I’ve got FIFA, boys,” Caspar added.

The boys all went in separate directions; going to calm and comfort their children. Their kids needed them and so they went. Beer bottles and wine glasses were left at the table. Conversations were cut short but they wouldn’t have had it any other way. They were in this together; as friends, as brothers and most importantly, as dads.

The end of the DAD series.

How We Met: Brian Selznick & Harry Lloyd

The American author and the British actor met in 2009 when Lloyd was starring in A View from the Bridge, at the Duke of York’s Theatre in London.

Brian Selznick, 49

Selznick (left in picture) is the award-winning American author and illustrator of bestselling books including ‘Wonderstruck’ and 'The Invention of Hugo Cabret’, which was adapted into Martin Scorsese’s Oscar-winning film 'Hugo’. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, and San Diego, California, with his husband

Harry and I met in 2009 when he was in A View from the Bridge, at the Duke of York’s Theatre in London. I was able to go backstage because I’m friends with his mother, Marion Lloyd, who was an editor at my publisher, Scholastic UK. I remember drinking champagne and laughing and feeling very glamorous. Harry and I hit it off right away.

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Fashion week Runway/Outfit Photos: Day Seven.

Today was definitely my most favorite day out of all of fashion week. I was going to post a few photos of the Jeremy Scott/Miley Cyrus event runway show that happened (I love Jeremy Scotts show, I am sure if you search you will see how it was a mix between a hippie movement/a five-year-old who is very good at coloring and making arts and crafts) but The Blonds literally murdered everything for me this whole entire week. In the most amazing way possible!

The detail that went into this runway show took my breath away. Which is why I decided just to make this post about them. I have gone to The Blond shows for about 5 to 6 years and this one was the most inspired runway show I’ve seen yet. New York City fashion week has a tendency of being a little bit slow with the creative side of things. As you probably can tell I am a very visual person and love creativity. This show fed every inch of my creative side. I can go on and on talking about this show but just look at the detail!! I can’t get over it.

It was the best end of my fashion week that a girl can ask for. 

(Special shout out to Yuui for helping me take these photos because I was about to faint during this runway of excitement)

My Outfit for Fashion Week: Day Seven:

Red and gold sequins  Dress: Marialia

Makeup: Yuui


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Maybe it was just a symptom of growing up in the ‘90s, but I was obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as a pre-teen. I watched Full House and So Little Time religiously and owned every single one of their movies on VHS. (I actually watched Passport to Paris so many times that I wore the tape out. Am I ashamed? Nope.) I played their video games, used their lip gloss, read their cheesy yet strangely addictive books, and even subscribed to their very short-lived magazine. In other words, I’ve pretty much always wanted to be an Olsen twin.

Obviously that isn’t going to happen, but I figure if I can’t actually be an Olsen twin, then I can at least dress like one, right? That’s where The Row comes in. Although the Olsen twins have been designing under this label for over seven years now—and despite the fact that they are two of the most recognizable Hollywood starlets-turned-designers—I still feel as though The Row does not get the praise and attention it deserves. While everyone else is fawning over Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang, I am sitting here in awe and quiet admiration of the stunning and utterly refined collection the Olsen twins put forth for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2014 season.

The show opened with what I can only describe as the embodiment of all of my ultimate winter outfit goals: an enormous sweater-and-skirt combo in matching “fur cashmere” that would swallow my small frame—which is the whole point. This look alone meets all the criteria for a Perfect Winter Look: It’s comfortable, it’s stylish, and it is undoubtedly very, very warm. The chunky knits were followed by voluminous coats with no discernible fastenings; flowing, fringed scarves draped across the shoulders; elegantly flared skirts; and surprising nods to men’s tailoring, including gleaming oxfords paired with slouchy trouser socks, a pinstriped suit, and gorgeous crocodile handbags that will no doubt fly off the shelves.

While the Olsen twins’ particular take on minimalism might not be for everyone, there is no denying the thoughtful attention put into the design of each piece in this carefully-curated collection. New York Fashion Week might not be over yet, but The Row’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection—for me, at least—is going to be pretty difficult to beat.

Paris Fashion Week Favs!

While NY fashion week hasnʼt started yet, Paris is well underway and has already shown some of the most amazing looks. While gearing up for my trip to NY for what is one of my favorite times of year, I took a minute to look into what is happening over in beautiful Paris! Check out some of my favorite looks and shows!

Saint Laurent is by far one of my favorite designers. In their mens Fall 2015 show they pleasantly surprised everyone when female models graced the runway as well in what I think are some of the coolest looks yet.

Giambattista Valli Spring 2015 Couture was all about lady looks this year. Iʼm in love with all of the full skirts and dresses that walked and itʼs no secret Iʼm head over heels for these amazing veiled headbands.

I tried my hand at that look back in 2010. I didnʼt quite nail it like the king of fashion but I had a vision! LOL

Chanel Spring 2015 Couture is everything I love and then some. Ladies who lunch with edge. Fancy and sassy at the same time!

Which look is your favorite?


Fashion Week’s Natural Hair Moments That Made Us Shout For Joy

New York Fashion Week

is not over yet but it’s time to take a moment and applaud all the natural hairstyles that have appeared at the Spring 2016 shows. Black and biracial models with different hair types and textures, including curly, wavy and kinky, were turning heads as they hit the runways with their magnificent manes. 

A change is gonna come.


Channel Your Inner Chanel

As a fellow East Coast-er to many of you, it’s growing ever so difficult to tell from week to week if spring is around the corner or if another snowstorm is on the rise. This means an ever-changing wardrobe that involves planning and the headache of whether or not you should unpack your sunny-day clothes quite yet. Thank god there are the recent fashion week looks to guide us, right? Take some notes from the Chanel Spring 2014 line to keep a neat, fashionable balance between chilly and chic.

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Aussies in Paris

What better place than Paris Fashion week to test myself and explore new shapes and styles yet  still maintain my own personal taste and essence?
The day before paris I popped into one of my favourite stores, my beloved friend Kristie’s boutique - FOR ARTISTS ONLY in Rose Bay for my usual shoot for their social media platforms. I left with plenty of parisian street style outfits and a big challenge ahead of me- or so i thought.
I had mastered the amalgam of my own bohemian style accessories and style with beautiful Ellery and Dion Lee garmets. After playing around with these pieces I am head over heels for Ellery Raglan tees and tops. I wear them to death, they are the perfect basic - such a great shape and feel head to FOA on New South Head road in Rose Bay and grab one!

I had excitement pouring out my ears when the time came to go along with the girls from FOA to the Ellery show at FAUST. It was so exciting to be there with Kristie, Kate, Ryan and i even ran into my dear friend and inspiration - Amanda Shadforth from Oracle Fox Blog. Aussies in Paris supporting a breathtaking Australian Label.

The show was strikingly enchanting. As ambient music reverberated around the concrete space the girls drifted by in billowing swirls and flickering feathers of white, pink, blue and deep forest green fabric. The Whimsical flow of each garment was spellbinding. The organic shapes reminded me of the lichen and moss that grows deep in the damp forests of Currumbin Valley and Springbrook in Northern NSW, where i based my Art Major for HSC. So inspiring.