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Lily Sunders Gives Me Hope. Or, How Supernatural Has Upped Its Gender Game Beyond Vigilante Villainesses & Single Man Tears.

@elizabethrobertajones, I think I get a medal for the longest titles to my meta. I imagine something where the name of the medal doesn’t fit on it.

I have to admit, initially, I was at a loss for this week’s challenge of The Great Meta Scavenger Hunt, which asked to draw parallels between “Folsom Prison Blues” and “Love Hurts.” But then, 12x10. The gift that keeps on giving. Now, I could talk about Cas’s female vessel, but then this meta would rival War and Peace in word count. Because I have a lot of feelings about that.

No, I have to say, outside of all the Destiel things in that episode, which I enjoyed (ha - enjoyed. Try “was so deeply in the thrall of I literally couldn’t sleep Thursday night,”) I am just a little bit in love with Lily Sunders.

Not just because I have a thing for redheads with eyepatches (I do), but because she is such a refreshing female MoTW. In that - let’s be honest - she’s not much of a monster at all. Continuing season 12′s impressive track record of being able to cultivate compelling villains (I will soon write about how the BMoL are the most interesting thing to happen to Supernatural in years), she is not wholly innocent nor wholly evil.

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I say that this is refreshing because - in the past - the evil female has all too often been one note. Sure, we have recurring characters like Meg and Ruby and Abaddon and Rowena who defy that - but there has never been quite so much character development in a single episode for a villainess … potentially ever?

Rewatching “Folsom Prison Blues” and “Love Hurts” solidified those feelings. Because Nurse Glockner and Sonja are the sort of MoTW that I hate. One-dimensional women with their own agendas who need to be stopped. Ones with a penchant for punishing men. Ones who can be mocked for their motives being “practically feminist” and offed by the Winchesters without any protest.

(I’m not even going to touch any of the Amara stuff in “Love Hurts,” because blegh - I really didn’t like the Dean “pining” for Amara stuff).

What excites me about Supernatural as we wade through the middle of its twelfth season is how much it has grown up as a show. How it has continuously matured, alongside the Winchesters. 

OKAY, so back to the episodes at hand. I’m hinting at the fact that women both occupy pretty boring positions within these episodes. We have cold-hearted bitches like Nurse Glockner and Sonja. We have victims like Melissa and Staci. We have ill-advised cameos from characters like Amara. But we also have a nearly nine year gap in the life of Dean Winchester.

Because the guy that does this in “Folsom Prison Blues”…

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is literally pulling into the Too Tired Motel in “Love Hurts.”

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So the question is: what is Dean too tired of?

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This entire post-blowjob scene in 3x09 kills me.  Never mind Justin’s smug face, the cute banter, the smiles, and the hair play.  Let’s talk about the parts after, “That’s my eleven o’clock.”

The nose-bump kiss.

The face Brian makes right after, the kind of like “Why did I schedule this, I’m sorry you have to leave, I don’t want you to leave, I am disappointing us both right now” secret eye roll huff.

The not so excited look on his face when he welcomes his trick into the loft.

The only smile he can muster is at his own joke.  Then it’s back to the disinterested, “Well, I guess we’re doing this” look of resignation.

The wistful little smile and heart eyes when Justin approaches.

Oh god, the heart eyes.  

His face, like the kiss ended too soon.  And his arm slipping off Justin’s back, a hint of remorse.

And he can’t help but watch him leave.

His body language, like, “Well now that you showed up and made my boyfriend leave, get in the bedroom.” 

And his slow walk, barely mustering enough enthusiasm to drag his feet up the stairs. 

Has random sex ever felt so hollow?  Brian Kinney is more fucked than ever, and I suspect he knows it.

Favorite character - Dean Winchester x Reader - Part 1 (French Mistake AU)

Title: Favorite character

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt: Hey could you please write a fanfic where the doorbell rings and as soon as the reader opens up there stands dean from an alternate universe telling her that shes his fave movie character and that he knows how the movie ends and wants to change it. Also he is in turn her fave character of her fave show. Hope the idea isn’t too unclear or to specific. <3

“Coming! I’m coming!” you shouted, letting out a huff. Sometimes people had the worst timing ever. Just when you were watching, alright rewatching, your favorite episode from Supernatural they had to the ring the doorbell. You most probably guessed it was your neighbor who had the kindness – note the sarcasm – to come knocking on your door pretty much every day asking for something different every time. You didn’t know what she did with it but never asked either, boring old-lad-y stuff you weren’t interested in for sure.

Sometimes you just wished this wasn’t your life. That by some crazy chance, maybe a miracle most likely, you would get swept away and find yourself in a different place. Preferably one where monsters existed, although it didn’t sound all that ideal, and hunters as well. Even more preferably two hunters in specific. Wishing to be a part of your favorite TV show, for real, when your life seemed to be so boring didn’t sound all that crazy right?

“Coming, gosh!” you groaned, almost running down the stairs; surprised how after untangling yourself from all those blankets you didn’t find yourself face-first with the floor.

Maybe you should have checked first, maybe at least asked for a name considering it was practically pitch black outside but blame Dean Winchester for leaving no room for any other thoughts but about him. So of course without checking in the least bit in case it was some serial killer on the loose (which strangely enough was the disturbing case these days) you merely swung open the door… and that certainly surprised you more than a serial killer polite enough to ring the doorbell.

“Holy shit.” you both breathed out at the sight in front of you and the third person looked between the two of you with a frown on his face.

“Uh we’re sorry to bother at this time, but we were a little lost and wondering if you-” he started speaking in a polite and collected voice as you only stared at the sight in front of you with wide eyes.

“Am I dreaming?” you cut him off and he blinked, frowning. He looked at the person next to him who couldn’t take his eyes off you.

“Best dream ever then.” the shorter one breathed out and you gave him a sheepish smile. You blinked, forcing your emotions down as you looked between the two of them, suddenly the sane part of your mind (the small one that hadn’t been taken over by the fangirl one) made fear rise inside your chest.

“Wh-who are you?” you took a small step back, closing the door a little bit and you noticed… Dean look at you with sadness.

“No” he breathed out a little disappointed and your eyes immediately locked with his.

“No, please don’t be scared.” the taller one… Sam(?) rushed to reassure you “We- we are no serial killers or something-” at the mere word you cringed and Dean was fast to glare at his brother.

“Not helping Sam. Just shut it.” he growled at his… brother as it seemed.

“I’m Dean, Dean Winchester.” he introduced himself, giving you a fost smile “And this is my brother Sam. We’re not-” he paused for a moment “-We are not going to hurt you, I swear. We just- we got lost that’s all.”

You took in a deep breath, silence falling for a moment as you looked between the two of them. Sure they looked exactly like Jensen and Jared but there was something, other than the clothes, in the way they moved and spoke that just seemed real. It wasn’t just Jensen and Jared acting but Dean and Sam… for real.

“Ho-how are you here?” you breathed out, blinking.

Of course you wished you could meet them, more than anything else but this- this was far from just your imagination or what you read on fanfiction. They were standing right in front of you, in flesh and bone, and that only meant that they’d been real all this time. And so were monsters and everything else that went along with that, from the Apocalypse to Chuck and Amara. And you- just a few moments ago you had wished you could meet them, be part of their lives. This could not be just a coincidence right?

“We- we don’t really know either.” Dean breathed out, being the one to do the talking instead of his brother… because he knew more than the younger Winchester did “We got lost as I said. We don’t know where we are… although I’m beginning to get a grasp of it.”

“I-” seemed to be the only word you could utter “You’re Sam and Dean” you looked between the two of them “Not… Jared and Jensen.” you whispered again and they shared a look, rolling their eyes.

“Great, this place again.” Dean grumbled “No, not those douches. We- we are more fun.” he gave you a soft charming grin, mostly to lighten the mood and you felt a chuckle leave your lips.

“I’m sorry.” you mumbled, running a hand through your hair “I’m sorry it’s just- you’re real. You! And… you.” you looked from Sam to Dean who you were sure had the same sparkle as you in his eyes.

“Most people don’t react to us this way.” he breathed out a chuckle and you shook your head.

“Sorry it’s just- I’d have a fangirling moment but I am too shocked. You’re… real. It’s… too much to take in.” you breathed out a nervous chuckle and Dean nodded his head.

“It’s alright we- understand. It’s a lot to take in, can we come in?” he asked and you nodded your head.

“Oh gosh yes yes of course. Sorry, I’m a little- stunned.” you laughed “Not every day you get to meet your favorite TV show character- characters.” you corrected yourself and they walked in as you opened the door even more.

“You tell me” Dean breathed out a chuckled and you gave him an awkward smile.

“(Y/n) by the way!” you said and Dean smiled.

“You already know our names.” he chuckled and you did the same, although more shyly.

“So uhm I’m guessing you are trying to find a way back home huh?” you asked and they nodded their heads.

“Yeah and for that we won’t bother you for long. We just- we need some instructions around town and we’ll be gone straight away.” Sam said as politely as he could and your eyes widened.

“No!” you rushed to say almost a little too fast “I mean no guys, it’s alright. I know you are no danger, to humans at least and last time I checked I am 100% human.” you chuckled “You could- you could crash here I mean… if you want to?”

‘Great! Great job (Y/n), not sounding creepy at all!’

“Really?” a smile spread on Dean’s face like you had never seen before and it almost made you blush.

“I’ve got a guest room and it has two beds. It should do right?” you shrugged “But I guess that is only up to you. I will give you instructions to the main town and from there you… do your thing.”

“Well, I mean the offer sounds too-” Dean started speaking with a smile only to be cut off by his brother.

“Good, but we can’t (Y/n). It is really kind of you, and thank you for that, but we don’t want to bother you. We could find a motel and just roll from there.” Sam shook his head with a soft smile that made yours vanish in disappointment.

“Yeah of course, as you wish. I am not going to pressure you.” you shrugged, your eyes falling on Dean who looked just asdisappointed but was glaring at his brother.

“Yeah but what a bad luck we have no money!” Dean exclaimed “So really no other choice. Either an old rusty warehouseor a beautiful house with an even more beautiful hostess! I don’t know about you Sammy but the second sounds a lot more appealing to me.” he grinned at him and Sam rolled his eyes.

He huffed “There is no need to bother (Y/n) though Dean and-”

“You are not bothering!” you rushed to say, an unspoken agreement going on between you and Dean “On the contrary, it has gotten a little dangerous lately and me living on my own doesn’t help. There have been people-”

“Going missing and then found dead in the most gruesome ways.” Dean completed your sentence and with a frown you nodded your head.

“Y-yeah that.” you sighed “It just gets a little scary in the neighborhood at night and yeah…”

“Don’t worry (Y/n) we are here now, no psycho on the loose is getting ya tonight.” he grinned and you nodded your head.

“I hope so.” you cleared your throat “Uhm I’m gonna get you something to drink and I’ll be right back.” you practically rushed to the kitchen because quiet honestly if you stared at Dean for longer from so close and have him gaze at you the way he did… you’d most probably blush all shades of red possible.

“(Y/n)” Sam whispered as his brother only stared at the way you went “Psycho on the loose and you fanboying. Sounds familiar.” he mumbled and Dean sighed, looking up at him.

“It’s her Sam.” he breathed out “(Y/n). Can you believe that? She’s there.” a boyish grin was on his face and Sam tried to not smile, but failed for some part.

“Yeah she is. Talking about you meeting your dream girl.” he shrugged as Dean breathed out a chuckle.

“Isn’t she even better from up close? Man I swear I could stare at her for hours. Did you see that smile?” he breathed out “She’s real, Sam. Real.

“And bound to die, Dean. Don’t forget that.” Sam tried to say as firmly as possible, seeing how excited his brother was getting over this and because he didn’t want him to get disappointed in the end.

He sighed, running a hand through his hair and clenching his jaw “Not if I stop it first.”

“Dean you know you can’t. If something changes in a universe then who knows what that might cause.” Sam clenched his jaw and Dean shook his head.

“Maybe she needs to die, go to heaven or another world as some say but-” he sighed “What if it is more literal?”

“As in?” Sam already knew what his brother wanted to say.

“Another universe”


@badwolf-nine​ you had requested for this long ago and although requests were not open at that time I kept this and wrote it now. Not that much and stuff but I could always do something if people want more to it!

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Can I just say that your dgm comic is the most beautiful thing I've seen ever, in my life? Recently, I've felt like the fandom is fading a bit with the hiatus, but your comics are still great. Take your time finishing the next one! 😊

!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!  (/ღღ///) I thought that!! maybe with the anime!! it would revive but it didn’t…. Or maybe it’s too small… I need more fics… I need to rewatch more of the anime to read more of the manga to draw more…!!!!!!!!!! 

I hope some people jump in the bandwagon drawing D.gray-man soon..!!!!!! 


Emma’s Smile in 5x02

Maybe I’m not really saying anything new here, but I haven’t seen anyone talking about this so I’ll take my chance.

I was rewatching the 5x02 scene in Emma’s house and I remember how we were all wondering why Emma smiled as soon as Killian rejected her advances and walked out the door.

Now it’s quite clear: this was the first time Emma and Killian were alone after Killian crushed Merlin’s heart and Emma erased his Dark One memories. In the beginning of the scene, Emma tells Killian “I was looking for you too”, which suggests that she was probably keeping a close eye on him ever since they got back to Storybrooke, so that she could see if the darkness was having any effect on him. However, watching him from a distance wasn’t enough: Emma needed to spend some one on one time with him to truly know whether the Dark One inside of him was awake or not. She had to test him somehow. And that’s why she seduces him. We know from the events in “Broken Heart” that Dark Hook isn’t opposed to some making out while they should be doing more important things (ahem, finding ways to get rid of the darkness).

So if the Dark One is still messing with his mind, Killian will certainly say yes to some sexy times (just like he did in Camelot), right? Wrong.

“This may be who you think you are, but it’s not who I am”

Oh, the irony. Killian shows no signs of being under the influence of the Dark One and acts as the honorable man Emma loves by refusing to be with her when she’s not herself. He passes the test and she now has the answer she was looking for: her plan to erase his memories and make him forget he is a Dark One worked.

That was her real Killian. Mission accomplished.