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morgshine: idk who i am anykmore but reunited with this cokehead!!! 😫😫 (Cleveland, 24 July 2016)

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I sooo agree with your tags in your last post... The fan didn't mean to offend anyone and he acted a little bit exaggerated in my opinion

yeah im super annoyed at him right now. he and caspar have built jaspar as a brand, they call each other things like ‘my boy’ all the time. it was only a couple months ago that joe called caspar honey on their fake date. and just a week ago he uploaded a jaspar vlog called “worst date ever”, so for him to get angry at that girl for tweeting him something jaspary and saying caspar is his boy, was really out of line. the fan was joking. i doubt she thought joe would even see it. and the thought of her getting excited that her idol, her hero as she described him on twitter, just tweeted her, only to find out that his tweet was really rude/mean, really makes me upset. he shouldve just ignored the tweet. 

so idk. im really mad at him and in a bad mood bc of this whole thing. i just feel so so so sorry for that poor fan.  

yandere simulator: *has a main character who cold-blooded stabs people, burn them alive, drowns them, kidnaps and torture to the point they lose the ability of understanding and willing, brings people to suicide through bullying, blackmails, all for her love interest who she stalks on daily basis*
yandere dev: btw she’s a bad guy ok remember you’re playing as a freakin murderer
people: WHOC ARES I LOVE HER *7*
last update: *happens*
people: this game is bad yandere dev is bad i hope yall get killed until you die


Mascara for Jinyoung.


tell me more about how we all love hunk so much!!! look at keef swoon for him!!! hanceome is real fight me