is it even still his birthday bye

Mother's Day

Alternate title: Rae can’t write long fanfiction to save her life
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Without his family around weeks felt like years, no, days felt like years. Lance made his way over to his make ship calendar, even though there weren’t days and nights in space he still tried his best to track the days. He sort of regretted doing that when seasons came up, his families birthdays and finally..Mothers day. The day he knew would crush him, he stared at his calendar and tried to think to himself.

“She thinks I’m dead,” he whispered to himself,”I just left, I left, her son left,.I didn’t even give her a bye, a proper bye, I was suppose to go visit her by now, I-I!” He takes a shaky breath and glances around the room trying to find something to calm himself down,

“It’s my fault, I should’ve told her, I should’ve called her, I should’ve never of piloted the blue lion! What if she’s dead! Oh god!” He cries out as he feels his voice shake even more,

Every year on Mother’s Day his family would go out to his uncle’s house. They would have a feast, everyone would be there, his mom, his dad, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles his entire family who all now probably thought he was..dead.

She let himself fall backwards onto his bed and he sniffed loudly,

“Lance?” He barely heard his name get called, he glanced over to his door, Shiro was standing there, already fully dressed clearly already ready for the day,

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Lance muttered as he grabbed his jacket and pulled it around his body,

“You’re crying, something is obviously wrong, please tell me,” Shiro took a seat by lance, and set his hand on top of the smaller boys hand,”You know you can trust me,”

Lance did a small shrug then he looked at Shiro,”It’s Mother’s Day Shiro, we’ve been gone for months! I’m a horrible son! My mother thinks I’m dead! My grandmother everyone! Every-“

Shiro wrapped his arms around lance and softly shushed him,”it’ll be okay, shell be so proud of you when you get home,” Shiro spoke gently, using his thumb to gently wipe the tears away,


“Lance, I promise you you’re the most important part of voltron.”


The Seirin boys decide to surprise their dad on his birthday, and he’s overjoyed by it

Hyuuga spilled the beans himself, because he’s a dork

Kiyoshi deserves all the nice things~! (❁´‿`❁)*✲゚*

150720 Baekhyun fan chat [full trans]

- hello this is EXO’s Baekhyun!!!!!!

- it was supposed to start at 7:30pm but because i wanted to talk to you a little longer so i tried my best to start as early as i can!!

- i am really working out very hard!! 

- da jia hao! [’hello’ in chinese]

- hi!

- konnichiwa! [’hello’ in japanese]

- my room is still the living room

- everybody, there is still nutella (tummy) left!

- my roommate..? i am sleeping alone in the living room..

- sawadeekap! >< [hello’ in thai]

- i didn’t take any mongryeongie’s picture…

- i have a secret. i too started liking EXO-L ever since debut ^^ hahahahaahahahaha

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Larry was checking my titties y'all!

Can I start off by saying thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday. I did indeed turn up, I spent far more money then necessary.

On to the shit you actually care about. The journey there was disgusting. Why is when ever I’m going to see these lanky negros I have some hard time getting there? I was cussing on the bus, which we waited 15 minutes for, after it was meant to come in 2. Bouncing in my seat, getting vex when the driver slowed down, telling man to run people over, jump lights all that shit. I has places to be and people to grope goddamn it!

But we made it, got slightly lost walking to the studio. And then this boy couldn’t find the email with the tickets….can I tell you about the side eye I was throwing his way. Mans opening up all kinda of emails, saying “this is the one.” Then a pause and “ah.” So while he’s looking, this guy came in tapped the girl on the desk and said “this is regi.” So I look up like the nosey bitch I am, and regi walks past, dreads up on his head looking all cute and shit. I died. Swear I fucking died!

Eventually I had to open the email he forwarded to me to prove we actually had tickets. Got us some wrists bands and were told to wait, meet and greet would start at about 9. Bare in mind it’s 8:30, so we settle down to wait. There was a wifi password all set out so obviously I jumped on the wifi and jumped on tumblr. What I need to know is, who was the fast person, who got a video of the work shop up while it was still going on? Badman.

I would like to dedicate this little section to all the girls in heels. I know your foot was burning you, it’s ok girl, I’m here for you, in my flats. And a special mention to the chick with no ass, in see through leggings, a crop top and heels. You black thong was showing, you distressed my bae…

And another shout out to the boy who tried so hard to be them, with your neck warmer, Afro (dusty) and knee pads round your ankles, no boo boo. It was a good attempt but just no.

So we eventually got tired of standing in a small room with loads of other people waiting for shit to start, so we moved to the hall to stand there with loads of people and wait for shit to start. Progress people, that’s the name of the game. So we standing around, I have to say I was on fine form, no one was safe from the shade I was throwing. I reckon turning 26 unleashed my true powers, I have reached my final form. But yea, there were these two girls there with their mum, well one of them was her daughter, the other must have been a friend. But they were about 13 maybe, and so excited. I was attempting to hold it down, I’m sure I failed. But it was awesome to know that lt ladies start young. So the organiser come out, at like 9:30 and tell us to just go in, the workshop ran over. Apparently they got carried away… So everyone is filing in all cool and collected, until she says that they are doing some free style. Stampede! Well, no I’m exaggerating, but there was a definite increase of speed on my part, I nearly ran down a little girl.

Enter the studio, music so loud I felt it in my bones, and then I see this crowd, walk over and I see Larry’s head over everyone. I freeze, the bae pushed me forward, and I join the back of the crowd. I couldn’t actually see much, I had to watch on the screens of phones in front of me, and then I remembered my own phone. Wacked that shit out and started to film. Now I have videos that I will put up, I’m waiting on the bae to send me his, cos he is taller and his videos will be better.

I’m freaking out, cos they so fine and so close. Like super close! Closer then close. And they so DAMN FINE. Tears y’all, like with the strong jaws, Larry with his little scruff of hair on his chin, both of them sweaty…let me stop. But yea! Dancing and shit, I could barely see any of it, I mostly concentrated on Larry and Lau and their faces while they watched people dance. Lau kept going round the circle and tell people to move back. It wasn’t working. I would have moved, nigga was all intense and scary and sexy and shit. *sigh* Regi danced too, and when he was done they all threw up their criminalz c’s it was so cute.

Music cuts off, organiser says that since it ran so long, there’s no time for the full meet and greet, pics only. Now I was slyly pissed, big money was spent, I wanted to get them to sign shit, and talk to them…and climb them. But that’s beside the point. So we line up for pictures, and I’m having a bit of a fit, cos these two fine bitches are all huddled up in the corner, by the door…bitch if they left without me getting my pic. Death and destruction. But it was cool, Lau came striding up. Pausing to check the mirror, take of his hat (batman btw) shake out THE TWISTS and make sure he was looking right. Then he gave this little speech about how we had to move fast so every one could get a pic. Larry comes after, I got my head right and tried to take a pic. Came out all blurred cos he was moving so fast.

Pictures start, and they ain’t messing. Say hi, click, flash, get the hell on. Larry kept leaving, so Lau had to call him back. One girl had her own Patro, I think Lau was slyly pissed cos he grabbed it off her and wouldn’t give it back, so Larry tried to get it off him. They cussing and fighting, and somehow Larry drops the phone. This chick looks so sad, and slightly scared, Larry was looking everywhere but at her and Lau was looking all smug like he wanted that shit to happen. She got moved on quick. Then someone gave Lau a gift but not Larry, swear he was gone cry. He looked so damn heart broken! And Lau again all smug dangling the bag from his hand, grinning like a fool.

There’s only one person in front of us now, and both the twins have gone off somewhere, so the people in front went to have pics taken by themselves, lord knows why. Larry came back when they were taking it and just stepped in drinking his water like he was wanted there. Rude.

Then it’s my turn, I get called up, bae pushed me again, I stumble up, hands all twisted together. And I can’t breath. All my shit talking, out the damn window, none of this I want y’all to sing to me. Nope, I could barely tell them it was my birthday. And when I did I sounded all of fucking 5. Eyes all wide “It’s my birthday.”

Side note, now, all girls have that one bra. The bra that lifts and shoves together and makes the breasts look delicious. Today I wore that bra. And the boobies were up and on show. It was part of my plan. I will admit. So the way I was holding my hands, I was pushing them up more. (Tactics, Even when I ain’t thinking, I always know my plus points.) Laurent smiled at me and said “aww happy birthday.” DEATH, why is his voice so sexy?! Tell me why? I need to know! *ugly tears* so I look at Larry all stunned and shit and he smiled and made me come over to take the pic. I’m grinning like an idiot. Then I ask if bae can have one with us too. They say yea, he comes over all cool, says hi in French. Wish I thought of that. We take a pic and it’s over. I’m all flustered stuttering bye and we out that bitch.

How is it that even after maybe 3 hours of straight dancing, they still smelt good?! Sweaty, but still good. And it don’t give two fucks what anyone says! Larry was looking at the girls! They called to him, they craved him….too much?

Oh, crazy bitch moment. I keep my phone in my bra. And when Lau said happy birthday, I got a text. I was so out of it I thought it was a sign from god. Like “bitch, you feel that? That vibration. Its cos this is your soulmate.” I snapped out of that real quick, so close to making a fool of myself right there.

All in all, amazing birthday. Thank you so much to my boo for getting me tickets. This officially makes marriage a given. 😁


I would just like to take a couple minutes here to talk about this beautiful man named Harry Styles who has completely changed my life and he doesn’t even know it, he has saved me from myself with his voice, his beauty, his kindness his love for us and the list goes on. My dear angel I wish you the happiest birthday ever and I seriously think as I am writing this and crying that you are the reason I am still here thank you for all these years, I love you sunshine Harry Styles

February 10th - Birthday/Flower

Pairing: Eren/Mikasa, Shingeki no Kyojin

Setting: Modern AU, same world as Frost

Rating: T (For sexual situations and implications)

Words: 2959

Notes: This story is so random I don’t even know. I wanted to do a modern AU for her birthday for a bit of a change but I didn’t have much planned out for it. And this is what happened lol


Eren supposed he should open his backpack and do some kinda homework, especially the kind due for tomorrow morning’s class but instead he laid on his bed, holding his phone over his head as his fingers pressed at the keypad.

Just make sure ur here on time.

He hit send before dropping it onto the bed. Only to pick it back up again.

And don’t forget the cupcakes either.

He dropped his phone once more. Another thought crossed his mind and he reached for his phone but it was already vibrating. His picked it up to see Armin making some goofy face before putting the phone to his ear.

“Will you stop texting me already,” Armin said before Eren could even say hello. He didn’t sound angry, no, it was the opposite; he was laughing. “Relax. I’ll be there on time, and I’ll bring the cupcakes, and the presents, and the flowers, and whatever else you made me store in my room despite the fact you have a house to hide everything in.”

“Shut up, Armin,” Eren grunted, rolling over on his bed. “You know I couldn’t hide it here. Mikasa would find it all in an instant and so would my parents. I have a funny feeling they’d think I was in love with her or something with all that stuff for her birthday.”

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