is it even reall

… so i just saw linnea’s @linneaxskam post about how many times her and kristina have said ‘isak’ in their chat which was 731 times!!!!
so i was like wow i wonder how many  times me and ashley @hemrikholm have said isak… and….

we definitely love isak a lot

so me and my friends walked a bit after seeing WW and I said “I wish Steve hadn’t died, I wish this hadn’t been Steve and Peggy all over again” and my friend replied “well he died as a hero” and it just made me think of a tw quote (i don’t even watch it??? i just like the quote??)

(okay the reall quote is ‘normal’ but who cares)

“I don’t want you to be a hero. I want you to be alive”

and that

that’s exactly what i felt when he said “i can save the day”

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Translation: “Owari no Seraph: Glen Ichinose, the Fall at 16″ Chapter 01 - Translation Summary [Part 2 of 2] (Spoilers!!)

Continued from Part 01:

Glen realizes that the seal is the former technique of the excommunicated Hina family and thinks “The one who would still inherit something like this is…” as he bites his thumb and attempts to write over the seal with his blood.  Just then, the body (with a demon face) comes alive and grabs him around the throat.  It starts screaming “Stop it!  Don’t touch me! If you touch me, you’ll suffer divine punishment!”  The police start freaking out that the corpse is talking as it tries to kill Glen, but he then grabs it by the mask and smashes it against the wall.  He asks if it’s a god, and it replies that it is a god of vengeance.   It says that it gives prideful humans divine punishment just as a large gross hand comes out of its mouth.  For a moment it looks as if it has grabbed Glen, but suddenly he’s behind it.  He says “ugly technique” and rips the hand thing out of the god’s mouth.  It screams and returns to normal.  The police wonder what that was, and the reply is “This is the Onmyouji, the crafter of the “Mikado no Tsuki”…”  Shigure asks him if he knows who the crafter is and he replies that there were clues, but that for now, he will destroy the barrier that the person is trying to make around the city.  He rubs his thumb across and tells the curse to return back to the crafter and go to the grave.  In a house, we see a black stream enter the eye of a girl wearing a fox mask.  She screams “Stop!” and grabs her head.

Glen is looking at the eye of the dead girl, and says “It must have been terrible to die by a curse.  My religion doesn’t believe in an afterlife, but if there is one, rest in peace” and everyone pays their respects.  He then says “let’s go” to the girls.  Meanwhile, Aoyama is walking angrily down the street and complains that the Mikado no Tsuki is a false religion that was eating the town.  But then he realizes that the strange things in town didn’t just start, which is why he left home 10 years ago.  We see him as a kid being thrown into a wall by his dad.  His dad says that “brats should listen to what their parents say!”  His little sister holds him and cries “Big Brother Daigo” and he says “This is strange, dad, why did you start drinking so much after mom died…”  He then says that his dad has been deceived by that strange religion and was ripped off by it.  His dad tells him to shut up, that Mikado no Tsuki will bring his wife back, and Daigo begs his dad to open his eyes.  His dad swings at him.  Time passes, and we see Daigo telling Misuna (his little sister) that he’s going.  She begs him not to leave her there and he says he’ll return so he can take care of her and save her.  We see her crying in the distance as he thinks “I said that and ran away.  I left my little sister.”

We see him looking at the Aoyama house as he opens the door and says “I’m home!”.  A young lady peeks around the corner and asks who’s there so late.  When she recognizes him, she embraces him excitedly (she even says she remembers his smell).  She says “You reall came back” but he says “…no” and that he was just running away after fighting with their dad.  She says she’s happy he came back and he says he’s sorry.  He asks where their father is, and she say’s he’s out.  Daigo asks if he’s still with the Mikado no Tsuki religion and she says she doesn’t talk much with father anymore.  He looks around the house and asks if it’s always so dark, and she says that since she’s always alone, it became a habit.  He asks her why she’s stayling so close to him and she says that it’s been so long (anyone getting weird vibes by now?).  He tells her that when their dad gets home, he’s going to tell him that he is taking her with him and he bought a house in order to do so.  She says “you remembered your promise”.

Later on they are sleeping and she climbs on top of him and says “Hug me, big brother” (with her clothes coming off, btw).  He says “What the hell are you saying?” and she says “people who love each other hug, right?  I guess I’m not attractive enough” and he replies “love each other…we’re siblings!”  She says “And?  Are you unable to hug me because I’m unclean?”  He asks her what she means by that, and what their father did to her.  She says he was too late coming back, and we see a flashback.  Her father comes in with someone and says that the crafter of the Mikado no Tsuki is finally bringing back her mother.  She tries to say that such a thing can’t happen, and asks who it is.  The dad says his name is Tenkon, and that “You and I can birth your mother, Hina-san will help us.”  He grabs her and tells her to get undressed and birth mom.  She resists but he rips her clothes.  She runs away but he says “If your mom comes back, everything will be alright, that’s what Hina-san said!”  She says “No, no!”  He grabs her from behind and she says “Brother, hel-“  We see her swing around and she cuts his throat.  Tenkon just says “oh my” and asks her what she’s going to do (as she sits there in shock and covered in blood).  He says “if you obey me, I can do something.  Even bring back your parents and give you back your former happiness.  But how far would you go for that?”  He gives her a fox’s mask and says “Without sacrifice, there can be no value.  Will you present value in order to obtain happiness?”  She takes the mask and says “So that I can live with my big brother again…” and puts it on “I’ll do anything.”

Back in the present, she asks him to hold her, and that everything will be okay if he sleeps with her.  “Tenkon said we can give birth to father and mother.”  He tells her to get a grip, and wants to know who told her such a thing.  “Was it Mikado no Tsuki, that damned cult…” but he’s cut off as she passionately kisses him. He cries and says that it’s his fault for running away.  She says it’s okay, because he came back.  “Comfort me, unclean as I am”.  Just then Glen opens the door and says “Sorry if your aroused right now, but it’s over.”  He then says “Sorcery of a corrupted relative…it’s prohibited to invoke that here.”  Glen pulls his sword and Daigo shields Misuna.  Glen knocks Daigo against the wall and says “I’ve come, just as I promised.  To end you.”  But once again, Daigo grabs Glen and tells Misuna to run, saying “This time I’ll be the one to stay, so you…”  Then he sees that she has put on the mask and is changing into a monster.  She says “you’re in my way…” and Glen kicks Daigo away and they start to fight.  Daigo says “Misuna, that’s…” and she says “Don’t look at me, brother…at this terrible form…”  She says “I want to die, I want to die already.  That’s why” but then the demon takes over and says “I’ll kill youuuu!”  Glen fends it off with his sword and asks Daigo “hey, civilian, is this your little sister?”  He replies yes, and Glen asks “do you want to save her?” and he asks “You can save her!?”  Glen says it’s impossible for him, that he can only kill her at this point…but he if he can use Daigo, he can do it.  He tells him to “Curse her to live”.  That no matter how corrupt or how ugly, curse her to live.  Daigo asks if that will bring her back to normal, and he replies that he’s not a god, he’s only a sorceror, and that the only thing he can do is curse.  Glen tells him to decide to curse her or kill her.  Daigo says “I want her with me!” and Glen says “I’ll accept that curse” and throws a seal on Daigo.  Glen’s sword crackles and he says “I’ll curse you with real magic” and cuts the ogre away from Misuna.  There’s a rain of blood and Daigo frantically looks for Misuna, who gently floats into Glen’s arms as he stares at a bloody mask on the floor.

Several days later, Daigo finds Glent practicing his sword out next to a river.  They talk a bit about the monster, then Glen asks about his sister.  Daigo says she’s in a Mikado no Tsuki-run hospital and that she awoke from her coma today.  He says that he heard that the person who cursed his sister wasn’t Mikado no Tsuki, that he had been excommunicated decades ago.  Daigo apologizes for accusing Glen and that he came to give his thanks for saving his sister, but Glen says “I didn’t do it for your sake.  The curses in this area are my jurisdiction.  The person who cursed your sister is captured and the incident is over.  Get lost, you’re interrupting my training.”  Daigo asks “for someone like you with status, prestige and power, what do you want from getting stronger?”

Then there’s voiceover over some flashback scenes of Glen’s youth: “That’s what I asked Glen Ichinose on that day.  The world still wasn’t destroyed yet.  On that day.  No matter what it seemed like he had.  But that kind of person wasn’t supposed to exist.  Everyone grasps onto weakness, everyone is frustrated by something, cries and screams.  Despite that, they believe in the future and continue forward.  Even still, it’s not good…and they curse someone-

It is said that a person carries as much burden as they have strength, the stronger we become the larger the reaction, He who hurts another hurts himself.  This is a tale of destruction.

The tale of Glen Ichinose, whose sadness and deep despair caused the downfall of the world, and his own destruction

That’s all for this month.  I will try to continue doing these summaries since Noragami is on hiatus.  As usual, sorry for any typos or mistakes.  Thanks!

Fanboy [Chapter 2]

Summary:  After discovering the wonders of Ladynoir fanfiction, Adrien sets out to start his own with his classmate Marinette helping him along the way. But when does fiction start becoming reality?

This story is also beta’d by the wonderful @serendipitousReckonings here on archive, @dickerdoodlez on tumblr.

Ao3 Link

Chapter 1 Tumblr post

Adrien’s yawns filled the dark spaces of his room, his eyes stinging from exhaustion with his fingers still typing rapidly. He was frustrated, so frustrated, and constantly found himself ignoring Plagg’s constant complaints about how late it was.

He always hated how his father regarded him as someone impatient and ill-tempered. He always did what he was told with a forced smile – always following along with Chloe’s plans even when he preferred to stay home and play video games; always trying to maintain that image of perfection that his father enforced. So, he was honestly confused and annoyed with his father’s view of him.

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anonymous asked:

I'm the anon that asked earlier about what abiliy only sakura possesses. I wasn't hating on her and yet you decided to insult me. I'm actually pro sakura (and before you call me out for lying, i'm pretty sure no hater would even pretend to love her even anonymously). That being said, you didn't exactly answer my question. Tsunade has the monster strenght too so your response is not convincing. I am only curious about what could make sakura different from others apart from the super strength

I didn’t reall insult you but ok. I didn’t even care to answer seriously since I though it was the same anon trolling.

Well the fact that only tsuande coud match to her strength, considering she wa the strongest kunoichi in the naruto universe is more than enough for me but ookei.

What’s the thing Sakura can do that no one else in the series is capable of ?

  • The high chakra control
  • Her resistence to genjutsus
  • Summon Katsuyu ( which once again only tsuande was capable)
  • She can also cure those who have been poisoned by extracting the poison from their bodies, while simultaneously repairing the damage something which even poison-experts like Chiyo cannot do
  •   Sakura can create an effective antidote after analysing the poison’s contents, even for poisons that Sasori did not believe anyone but himself could make antidotes for.
End of a Journey

Aka I can’t shut up about the Crusaders so have a brief analysis of the ending arc b/c i love to die

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i don’t even know anymore i reall y love this musical i don’t get to talk about it that much because i feel like i’m bragging but seeing it was literally the best day of my fuckign life and i love when other people see it and come tell me because it’s so good i love sharing experiences i love talking about it i love deh !!!

this is really important

i just need you guys to know that when Jared snatched up the present i brought him, the face he makes at the end of this gif is the face he made at me: