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A/N : For my first ever Harry one shot, I hope this is good and does ‘From The Dining Table’ justice.

Word Count : 1700+

Summary : Harry sees a picture of Y/N on her new boyfriends Instagram, and it breaks his heart.

                                                       * * *

Light cascades through the half turned blinds, torching the room inside and revealing tiny dust particles dancing around Harry’s head. Behind his translucent eyelids he stirs as a disgruntled huff escapes his chapped, raw lips and the sour taste and smell of alcohol and cheap, sweaty sex floods Harry’s nostrils before he’s taken his first breath. 

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Before the katydids did what they do,
serenading nightly their lady loves
& leaving my ears ringing like a buzz-saw,
or, later, the crickets began ticking off

the seconds to the end of summer, the air
fell quiet as the calm between breaths held
while listening for an oriole, the early
evening as cool & sweet as orange sherbet.

The lawn lay at my feet, as flat & brownish
green as the nearby Atlantic at low tide,
in what should have been my fiftieth summer
passed swimming in the incomparable

Aegean & translating into English
the ancient world there, but at this late hour
I must get used to loving summer here
where I will spend forever, starting now.

Randy Blasing, “Summer Evening in New England,” Yale Review (July 2017)

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So this idea I have can be a one-shot. It's based on something I saw on pinterest. "It's midnight when Emma hears someone playing the piano in the apartment above her. They're playing the song from Titanic 'My heart will go on'. She opens her door and yells 'Jack'. The music stops and she hears someone running down the hall above her shouting 'Rose'." Something like that... Just let me know if this sounds too boring for you.. :P You don't have to write it if you don't want to. Have a nice day

A/N: @eagleeyes460​ sorry it took so long for me to write this but here it is. I hope you don’t mind I reversed their roles. Hope you enjoy!

Every Night 

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Jackson Wang’s “Papillon” Reaction

Nobody asked for this, but you getting it.

- Admin Dayna

First and foremost; I am a Jackson Wang - uhh… umm… I am for… Jackson Wang just like… doing what he does you know… Wanging about -

I can’t call myself a “stan” or a “fan” because I dead be catching myself giving Jackson whole ass stank looks because homie be trippin’ and sippin’ on some fuck shit that I’m PRETTY DAMN SURE Ben Baller is pouring for him, but you know…

Originally posted by joselinehernandezgifs

But anty-whoo, I heardth upon the skreets that Jackson dropped a lil MV and I was like “iight lemme Diddy Bop over on to YouTube and see what’s on and poppin’.” And I was so thoroughly overwhelmed by the uhh… the antics that he has bestowed upon me and I thought “mmmmmigottatellmypeoplesboutthis” (y’all being my peoples wassup)

So let me just tell y’all what’s in my mental in like, a short little sentence and just get into the depths further into the post so y’all don’t have to read the whole post if you don’t want to.

The shit was weak and so is his peoples. And you’ve either been deprived of rap music or blinded by Jackson’s cute ass smile to realize it.

But hear me out.

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The Dan and Phil Sexuality Post

UGHHHH here we go. 

The Dan and Phil Sexuality Post:

Before I begin, I would just like to state that everything that is about to be explained is my own opinion of the events that have taken place. My knowledge of things comes from my studies at university as well as my own life experiences. Anyone who reads this is welcome to disagree with me. I really have no desire to write posts like this as I feel it causes drama and drama makes me want to vomit and leave the phandom forever – so oh well fuck it – LETS GO.  (please keep an open mind while reading this)

First, I’m going to start with sexuality itself – aside from Dan and Phil. Sexuality is fluid. Meaning it can take many shapes, and can change. Does this mean that someone can change their sexuality? No. It just means that it has the possibility of change – especially during periods of adolescence into adulthood. And that is because, as we discover the world and the people in it, those life experiences not only have an effect on our emotional development, but on our sexual nature.

Adolescence, especially between the ages of 12 – 18, discover sexuality for the first time, and explore that sexuality. Do I like girls? Do I like boys? Do I like both? Do I like neither? Do I like only specific people? How often do I find that I like someone? And how? What is the pattern?

It is not uncommon for people to believe one thing true about themselves while in adolescence while another thing in later their 20’s. This is because the brain is typically fully developed by the age of 25, with the prefrontal cortex (which is responsible for reasoning and decision-making) being the last part of the brain to finish developing.

With this in mind, I proceed on to my second part – which is to bring in Dan and Phil.

Back before Dan started making youtube videos, Phil was the one man show. Back in the day, British youtube Culture was prominently gay or bisexual guys (Or at least those claiming to be such). It was the cool thing, it was the in thing – although people at that time didn’t call it shipping (as it was seen as more of an underground type thing (oh my god…those Harry Potter fan fictions…..) the idea of two men (especially effeminate ones) was highly appealing. On youtube, however, many of the british youtubers were all about the LGBTQ scene. Dan, from what we know of his life before youtube, was not. He was just a regular guy with a girlfriend who mainly watched American youtubers who played Rockband. (As evident if you were around to capture his twitter history before he deleted it. Counterphan has part of the timeline that most people seem to miss and also has it captured how many times he tweeted Phil, the context, everything. She was very through with the pre-youtube context of the situation that K took bits and pieces of to make the PhanDirectory aka: the phan bible).

It was only when Dan broke into you youtube scene and became friends with phil that the flirtiness and claims to bisexuality were made. Before Dan, there was Charlieskies. They too, were full of the cute pictures and the flirting – so much so that people thought (and still think) they were dating. To which Charlie has clarified that they never did and that phil wouldn’t do that .

Back then, when the claims to Bisexuality were made, you can see in the comments that people went along with the idea that Dan and Phil were sort of “made for each other”. Friends of theirs promoted the ship and the idea of bisexualness (mainly because that was the in thing to do – these can be seen in most of comments of the Daily booths.)

It’s possible Dan went along with this just to fit into that community and was also doing it for the attention (after all, he was rewarding people with naked Dailybooths every time he hit a follower milestone – what makes you think he wouldn’t also stoop to changing his sexuality for attention too?) This does seem to fit the claim he made in a live show that all of the answers on his formspring (which is where this claim was made) were “full of lies”. Likewise, he has also stated that he was “immature and attention seeking” when it came to Formspring.

But Ren! Why would Dan want attention that badly?? Don’t you think it’s sort of insulting towards the LGBTQ community to pretend to be something you’re not? Yes- yes I do. It’s not cool. And it’s not right. But when you’re young, and not really thinking about the long term consequences of your actions especially when there is no foresight, those thoughts might not come into effect. I don’t really think Dan had any idea that this would bite him in the ass later on. Additionally, as evident by his DML video, he had no idea that his channel would grow at the rate – or to the size that it did. He’s pretty much become the most popular British youtuber to date. How could he know this back then? The things he was telling people were getting positive attention – why would he not continue?

Even though people say that there was no shipping back then, and that Dan and Phil did not have that many subscribers, this is actually extremely false.

Because some of their friends were already shipping them, poking at it for fun, and the fans seemed to enjoy it – why not make a prank video? YISSS. That must be the answer. (I’m not even going to go into detail about the voldy video. That would make this post too long for my taste and none of you want to be sitting here for days reading it).

The spiral of lies everyone refers to – which Dan has gotten himself stuck up in several times – always seems to be the spiral to cover up phan. However, I am under the impression that the actual spiral of lies that was made comes right down to pretending to be into Phil, and being into guys. If he went back against this – I believe the backlash would be astronomically horrible, which is why it continued for a bit, until 2012 where his channel exploded with subscribers.

Everyone calls 2012 Dan’s Anti-phan phase – mainly because he was so against the idea of phan, and denied it so many times (sometimes in aggressive ways) that it really caused a slight backlash from the fans.

However, this is how I look at it:

By this point, the v-day video had made its return and was spreading throughout the phandom. Because Dan’s audience had grown exponentially by this point, many new people were hearing about it (without context) and harassing Dan about an apparent relationship with Phil. I think at first Dan tried to ignore it, or address it subtley in youtube comments, or liveshows, (as seen in my screenshots and Cori’s videos) but when that didn’t work – the customer service blog was made – which was Dan’s super aggressive way of putting down Phan since he felt people weren’t listening to him.

But Ren – he didn’t have to be so mean! Why would he be so defensive unless it was true???

(RETURN OF THE LEMON SIMILE!) <— Ok ok. Soooooo. If you’ve been following me for a while, you should know that I have a simile to describe this situation at hand. Gather around, *here have a cookie!*, sit and Ren will tell you the simile.

Imagine for moment that you dislike the taste of lemons. You don’t mind if other people like them – it’s just not for you. But image for a split second that people thought you did. At first, it might not seem to bother you. Oh, haha. That’s funny. People think I like lemons. Your friends think this is funny too. So between you and your friends it becomes a slightly inside joke. Sometimes they call you “lemonhead”, sometimes you pretend to almost put a lemon in your ice tea, sometimes you joke that lemons are your favorite fruit. It’s all in good fun. But then, one day, someone comes up to you and asks you if you like lemons. Casually, you just answer “nah.” But the people keep coming. They keep asking you. Over and over again. 3 times a week this happens till it’s almost every day you have at least 1 person coming up to you asking you if you like lemons. By this point, it’s getting frustrating. How can so many people think I might like lemons?? I should stop with the lemon jokes. So you do. But that doesn’t help anything. Eventually, a rumor starts spreading that someone actually SAW you drink lemonade. Now more people than ever are convinced that you love lemons. Out of sheer frustration for the lies you feel are spreading about you (even though in the context of this simile, lemons are NOT that big of a deal) you lash out at people when they ask you about Lemons, thinking this might finally put an end to it. But it doesn’t. People take your hostility towards lemons and say that it’s just you protecting yourself. After all….you would never get so defensive if you didn’t like lemons.

However, what people fail to realize is that when lies are spread – it’s extremely harmful, emotionally, for the person they are about. I don’t blame Dan for getting angry. Nor do I call it his “anti-phan phase”. I just see it as someone being backed into a corner by thousands of people who won’t let shit go.

I think eventually it calmed down a bit though. I think his new step was to ignore it, and pretend like it wasn’t a thing. Which was pretty much most of 2013.

Now that the phandom is fucking ginormous, I think his new tactic has been to appear as relatable as possible. And that relatability extends to joking about guys being attractive that potential people in his audience might find attractive. Do I think he is legit? Absolutely not. Danisnotonfire has turned into an internet persona. We are not looking at the actual Dan Howell – in my opinion. I have strong, STRONG feelings regarding this matter, but for the most part, imo, whatever we see on camera has been carefully calculated for teenage consumption. Which is why I put 0 weight into anything that Dan says now.

Think about this – management has to know that D&P’s sexuality is a big selling point. There’s no way they would let that be revealed – nor the exact status of their relationship. Because either way, there is going to be horrible backlash. If Dan or Phil were to come out and say they were openly Gay or Bisexual (they aren’t gay – they have said this many times. See the videos), or they were to come out and say Phan is real – they would lose thousands of subscribers that are determined to marry them. People would feel betrayed and lied to, and I personally would have lost so much respect for them for lying this entire time.

If they were to come out and say they were heterosexual, or say they have girlfriends, or move apart, or do something that would prove the non-existence of Phan, it would alienate all of the shippers (which takes up a large portion of their audience, and are the most loyal). Many people in the LGBTQ would feel betrayed and people would be very upset and angry.

It’s a rock and a hard place. They dug themselves into a ditch which I don’t think they can get out of for a long time.

Long story short – and I’m so glad this is all over – Do I believe Dan is bisexual? Maybe. I’m not going to discount the theories that people have put into place. They have really thought about those theories and I have no problem admitting that I could be entirely wrong. But I tend to lean more on the side of the heterosexual boat – personally, just based on my own opinions stated in the post above. As far as Phil - I have no idea. I’m going to go with Hetero just based on the things that I have seen thus far. 

This post is not meant to cause drama. It’s merely a place where I can express an opinion. If you agree with me, great! If not, that’s ok too. btw, you guys should really check out the counterphan timeline. 


Using the Unusual; Metaphors and Similes in Creative Writing

while i was getting my bachelor’s in fiction writing, one of the most useful classes i ever took was a poetry class taught by a woman named Mary Leader because she really taught me to examine my prose. poetry, at least in her class, was an excellent way to fully capture the visuals, sounds, and setting of a particular moment in time, which is a skill (i believe) that prose writers can use as well.

but today I’m gonna focus on my particular favorite thing in writing, which is the Unexpected Metaphor or Simile.  (long post, and some really personal takes/analytical perspectives, but i hope this helps some people who want to get more creative with their analogies!)

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i thought id try to get this down before i go to sleep. everything about IT was spectacular and easily one of my favorite movies. not without its flaws like the hyperfocus on childhood sexuality, the reliance on jump scares, and continually dwindling fright-level of basic clown makeup. but its flaws disnt matter to me because it encompassed all of my trauma related interests and created a perfect metaphor for my abuse without being too literal. i cant get enough of movies with innocent boyhood themes, nightmarish imagery, and depictions of parents as careless and inherently abusive. and this thing combined all 3. i saw myself in nearly every aspect of these charachters: the emotional bill, the jewish stan, the joket richie, the outcast mike, ofc the abused beverly, and even as the psychotic pennywise. but the most easily explainable simile to my life was the infamous scene with georgie in the beginning. i related so much to the innocent kid who tried to live a decent childhood, but was groomed and tricked by a demonic predator, only to be viciously mauled and thereafter murdered. in conclusion, a 4/5 star movie in general, but one that had everything i look for in a movie, and a stunningly artistic depiction of the non ficitonal horrors ive experienced.

honestly i think there should b like, an autistic recipe blog. not in the “easy to make” sense, but in the “easy to understand” sense. like w pictures, statements that don’t rely on similes, even additional videos if possible. 

like i just say this bc so many recipe sites have the vaguest instructions, and i spend a longer time trying to figure out what they’re saying as opposed to actually cooking the damn thing

like, and if they organized recipes by cooking time and how easy it is to make, that be so nice.

like, yeah, not all recipes are vague. but finding a good one for what you need that is understandable and to the point is a lot more difficult than you think it’d be

also, bulleted instructions instead of paragraph instructions

A Sirius Black (Young) Imagine

Plot: Sirius is your best friend, but unfortunatly he is a heartbreaker and isn’t aware that you are in love with him. But everything changes overnight. Warnings: None Characters: Sirius, reader, Remus Lupin, James Potter. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ December 1976 It was a cold winter day, everyone was either warming themselves by the fireplace or played outside in the snow. You however sat in the Great Hall, eating your breakfast. Remus, one of your best friends sat beside you, studying, obivously. All you had on your mind was one of your closest friends - Sirius. You haven’t seen him yesterday, since he had plans with some Slytherin girl. You couldn’t help but sigh in despair, how could Sirius be such an idiot? “What’s going on in your head (y/n)?” He asked all of a sudden. You looked at him, you didn’t think he was paying attention to you. “Huh? What do you mean?” Remus closed his book and turned his face to you. A smile appeared on his face, like he had known some secret of yours. “You have changed, you do realise that, don’t you (y/n)?” You gave him a weird look. What was he talking about? “I don’t understand what you’re trying to say Remus.” He sighed and smiled even more. “I mean, last week Sirius brought a girl, what was her name again-” “Sabrina.” You interrupted. “Yes, her. I see you remember her.” How couldn’t you, she was all over Sirius and he couldn’t keep his hands off her. You weren’t that type of girl who would get jealous, but when it came to Sirius, every single kiss he gave to some random girl, got you mad. Yes, you were angry at Sirius, why did he have to be such a fuck boy? He was funny, gorgeous, kind, loving and sweet, but when it came to girls he was a total idiot. You avoided that kind of Sirius, as much as you could. “…are you even listening to me (y/n)?” Remus waved to you. “What? What were you saying?” Remus laughed. “What?” You asked. “I knew it. I knew it all along!” He clapped his hands. “You knew what?” “That you’re in love with Sirius.” He whispered. Your cheeks turned red, how could he know that? You never told anyone about your feelings, you even acted mean towards Sirius, so it wouldn’t be obvious you have a huge crush on him. “That’s rubbish.” You tried to deny it. “Come on, (y/n), don’t lie to me. I know you too well.” You turned around and hid your face in your hands. “I’m sorry (y/n). I swear I won’t tell anyone.” “Please forget about this Remus, I don’t want to ruin my friendship with Sirius.” Remus nodded and gave you a smile. As you two walked towards the Gryffindor common room, the notorious James Potter joined you. “Hey you two geeks, it’s Saturday, perfect day for studying, eh?” He tried to make a joke. Yes, you and Remus put a lot of effort in your education, but not as much as Sirius and James had to, when the two almost failed the History of Magic. James put his arms around you and Remus and laughed. “You know I’m joking right, (y/l/n)?” You nodded. “Sure, Potter.” The three of you sat at the table in the common room as you and James played chess. He challenged you even tho Remus warned him you’re a much better player than him. James ignored his words, he was too proud of his Qudditch achievements and so, he thought he could nail every other game. “What? I can’t believe this! You beated me!” James cried in surprise. You and Remus laughed, amused by James’s anger. All of a sudden you felt a hand on your shoulder. You knew it was him, you recognized his touch, his smell, his walk and you didn’t even have to turn around. It was Sirius. He sat next to you and when you turned to him, he had the biggest grin on his face. He then turned to James who was still mad that he lost. “What Potter? You mad that a girl beated you, or you’re just angry due to a bitter realization that you can’t win at every game?” Sirius said to his best friend. “Shut up Black, she’s pretty darn good .” Sirius chuckled, squeezed your shoulder and said quietly “I know.” James then finally sat down, but you couldn’t help to not look at Remus. He gave you a look like ‘look who’s here’. “Why are you two looking at each other like this?” Sirius asked. He was still smiling, guess he had a great day. “Why are you smiling like that?” You asked in return, ignoring his question. “Can’t I be happy?” He replied, his arm was still around your shoulders. “And what’s the reason of your happiness?” Remus asked him. “Hm, let’s see. I finally passed the test at Slughorn’s, I just had the best dinner ever and oh, how could I forget, Kay Oliver asked me out.” Sirius blurred out, similing like and idiot. Not even one said a thing. James would probably say something, if he wouldn’t be in the middle of processing the game you just beated him at. Kay Oliver was a Hufflepuff dumbass. She was anything but nice and decent person. You couldn’t believe that Sirius liked an idiot like that. Sure she was always in the center of attention, but for Godric’s sake everyone got annoyed by her. Even Lily, who rarely said anything mean, disliked her. “And what did you say?” Remus asked. Before Sirius could reply, you stood up and excused yourself. You couldn’t listen to how happy he was about that stupid dimbo. You stormed out of the common room. The way led you to an empty room where you sat down. What a great day, you thought to yourself. How could you be so stupid to think he was actually going to change? And how could you think that he would actually like you? You sat there, a few tears coming down your face and you whiped them off when you heard someone coming. “There you are.” The person said and you recognized by voice it was Sirius. He sat down next to you and you looked down. Neither of you said anything, you just sat there in silent, the only thing you heard was your heart beating faster. “You have been acting weird around me lately (y/n), have you noticed that?” He said in his calm voice. He looked at you and when you didn’t look at him, he put his hand under your chin and lifted your head up. “What’s bothering your pretty head?” “It’s nothing. I’m just a little sentimental.” You said, trying to hide sadness in your voice. “Nah, I don’t think that’s it. You know you can tell me anything.” Sirius assured you. “Well, it’s completly stupid, you know,” you began, Sirius smiled and nodded. “I think I have feelings…for someone.” Sirius smile grew bigger as he said “for who?” He gave you that look, that damn look that made you nervous and stopped you from telling him what you truly felt. “For…Remus.” You lied. Sirius’s smile faded in the same second you said the other boy’s name. “Oh..” he said and looked away. “Yeah.” You added and he nodded. After a few minutes in silence you spoke again. “I hope you have fun on s date with Kay. I didn’t knew you like her.” You said carefully. “What?” Sirius asked. “ said she asked you out.” Your voice was quiet, sad and it felt like you’re going to break anytime. “I turned her down.” Sirius replied in annoyed voice. You thought you misheared him or you heard that because you just wanted to hear those words. “You what?” You asked again. “You heard me, I turned her down.” “I can see why. She’s all high and mighty-” “I didn’t turn her down for that.” He interrupted you quickly. He still didn’t look at you. He looked annoyed and angry. And he seemed broken, his mood changed from the happiest Sirius you have seen to the grumpiest one. “Then why did you turn her down?” “Because I’m in love with someone else.” You could actually feel being stabbed in the back by a knife - he was in love with someone? That was even worse than him being a fuck boy. You didn’t even know he met someone and when did he fell in love with some girl? Who was that girl? “Oh..” you said and looked away. Suddenly he turned around and looked at you with his sad and slightly angry eyes. “Yes, but you see that girl I’m in love with, she’s in love with someone else.” He added. “ she blind? You’re perfect.” You said to yourself, but Sirius heard you. He gave you a weird look. Your cheeks grew red as you looked down. How could you say that? But come on, whoever this girl was, she was probably blind and deaf, because Sirius was like a movie to see and a song to hear, to you and probably to the rest of female population at Hogwarts. “I love you, (y/n).” Sirius said, “but, you love Remus. So please, make it a little easier for me and don’t tell me I’m perfect.” You couldn’t believe your ears. What was he saying? You were confused. “Can you repeat that again?” You asked. Sirius rolled his grey eyes, before he looked at you. He was heartbroken, his eyes were so dull and empty. “Which part? That you are in love with Remus?” Sirius said, raising his voice a little. “No, the first one. When you said that..” “That I love you.” Your lips curled up in a smile, your (y/e/c) eyes brightened up and it felt like the time stopped for a second when he said those words again. “I love you too. So much it hurts.” You said and you put a hand on his. “But, you said you’re in love with Remus.” You chuckled and nodded your head in no. “I said that, because I didn’t want you to know that I’m in love with you.” Sirius smiled and his eye shined again. He grabbed your waist and pulled you closer to him. “(Y/n), you scared the hell out of me! You know how it felt when you said you love my best friend?” “Do you know how it felt when you said Kay Oliver asked you out?” You both chuckled at what idiots you two have been. “I love you.” Sirius said again, before he kissed your lips.

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someday or some night
in the maybe not so distant future
a stranger will hand me a poem on a platter,
give it to me from his mouth to mine

i can’t wait to turn him into a feeling,
a lasting impression on a page,
masses of abstract ideas
to tell the world about his smell

my mind won’t stop moving
even once he has me in his arms,
i will paint similes on the insides of my eyelids
privately, and save them for later

Dan and Phil are like the Q and U of YouTube. Even though they are separate and can stand alone, you never see one without another. Also, even in a group of others, you can always find them right next to each other.

anonymous asked:

where do you usually start in writing a song? like, I know I can;t sing but i wanna try my hand at lyric writing. I have a a decent chrous line for an undertale fan song, but i've never done this sort of thing before so I'm not sure what the fuck i'm dong????

ok well, just relax first of all just like, have fun is the most important thing. if songwriting’s stressful don’t bother with it imo

If you’d already got a line that’s awesome that’s a good place to start because you can build the song around it :) Especially if it already has a perspective or themes in it! (see point 2) 

These are some basic things I do when writing lyrics that might help you. 

1. Rhyming dictionaries are your friend, use them. Same with metaphors and similes. You can even build a line from a rhyme, backwards! Like this:

Let’s just say I wrote the line, If you like making love at midnight, in the dunes of the cape.” But I didn’t know what should come next, I could go to RhymeZone. Type in the last word “Cape”. And find a word that matches my theme. Since the song is about finding someone for a romantic liaison, “Escape” is fitting.

Then just match the Syllables and fill in the blanks “I’m the love that you’ve looked for, write to me and escape.“ Done and done.

2. Have a central theme/themes and a perspective for your song. 

For instance, I’ll take my song You Only Know. I knew going in I wanted the perspective to be from a combination of Josh’s conscience AKA the voices in his head, and I kept that in mind while writing so it was consistent. And then the themes I wanted to focus on were hatred, fear and guilt, and so that gave me guidelines for what I wanted to say and it kept the lyrics focused.

3. Avoid cliches. Basically, try to say what you mean in a way you’ve never heard anyone say it. If a line feels like you’ve heard it in a hundred songs before, try rewording it, ideally in a way that matches your themes and perspective.

4. Most importantly, write however feels the best and most natural to you. Don’t feel like you have to write things in a certain order or obey any hard or fast rules. Even the above ones.

Have fun! :)

Making My Way into Your Heart One Sticky Note at A Time (YoonMin) 1/4

[Ch 1] [Ch 2]

Pairing: Yoonmin (Min Yoong/Suga x Park Jimin)
Rating: T
Genre: Fluff/Humor

Words: 2,289

Summary: Yoongi sits at a table in the library that nobody knows about except Jin, Namjoon…and now Jimin. 

Jimin wants to get closer to Yoongi, but is too scared to confront him, so therefore…he starts leaving sticky notes on Yoongi’s table. That’ll definitely work…right?

A/N: I found this idea in my drafts and thought it was cute, so I decided to make it my next project! Because Yoonmin is life, ngl. Anyway, if you couldn’t tell from the title, this is chapter 1 of 4! I hope if you like it that you’ll decide to keep an eye out for the other 3 :) Likes/Reblogs/Comments always appreciated! <3

It’s a cool fall day when Jimin spots him. He’s padding along the cracked pavement across the courtyard, bleach blonde hair tucked beneath a black beanie and dark eyes sternly set on his phone. Despite that he’s not watching where he’s going, he treads the path successfully, oversized black sweater billowing out behind him thanks to the chilling fall wind. He’s short, and skinny, and…breathtaking.


A sharp weight crushing against his ribs snaps Jimin out of his hungry staring, and he groans loudly, kicking his legs out at his assailant. Jeon Jeongguk, of course, dodges his jab easily and rolls away across the leaf ridden grass, a few getting caught in his sleek black hair. At that, Jimin laughs.

“That’s what you get for addressing me so informally, you brat,” he grins and Jeongguk pouts. The maknae puffs out his cheeks in concentration as he lifts his hand and tries to pick the crumbling leaves from his previously perfect hair. He only succeeds at making the dry leaves crumble more and Jimin huffs, scooting forward to help him.

“You’re lucky you’re cute or I would’ve kicked your ass,” Jimin mumbles, half joking, and Jeongguk rolls his eyes.

“Is that the only reason you’re friends with me, hyung? Because I’m cute?”

This time it’s Jimin’s turn to roll his eyes. “I take it back. You’re not cute.”

Jeongguk scoffs. “Oh please. The first time I saw you in dance class last semester you were practically eye-fucking me.”

“Doesn’t mean you’re cute.”

“But it does mean you thought I was hot enough to fuck.”

“That was before I realized that you were a snarky asshole, maknae,” Jimin scowls, shoving Jeongguk’s head roughly. The younger grunts, but remains still when Jimin ends up reeling him back in again, hands returning on their hunt to dislodge the fall leaves from his scalp. It takes a few minutes longer, but finally Jimin declares Jeongguk leaf-free and the younger sighs gratefully.

“Anyway, hyung, you’re like…super gay,” Jeongguk says as he pushes himself to his feet, and Jimin shoots him an unimpressed look.

“Thank you for reminding me of my sexuality, Jeon—,”

“No, I’m being serious. I saw you staring at that dude on the other end of the courtyard a few minutes ago. If you were a dog you would’ve run over and been dry humping his leg for ages.”

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The Infection of Melodrama

Melodrama is typically defined as something sensational, over-the-top and unrealistic in emotional depictions, and it unfortunately infects the works of many new writers. You’ve probably seen examples of this, even if they were low-key. Ever seen a character react to something and immediately thought, “Why are you acting so ridiculous?” So how do you avoid readers saying that to you?

Symptom: Invariable Tone

Melodrama can infect the whole of the work as well as the sentences themselves. When it’s working on the entirety of the piece, this is one of the most common symptoms. Invariable tone means that your work and characters hold the same emotion for the entirety, rarely to never changing. Not only is this plain boring to read, but it means that the emotion itself is continually exacerbated to a ludicrous extreme.


Add more emotional and tonal variety into the piece. Even if it’s a dark work, there can still be lighter emotions or even some grim comedy.

Symptom: Purple Prose

When sentences are supersaturated with metaphors and similes, along with modifiers like adjectives and adverbs, you get what is commonly referred to as “purple prose.” These descriptions are over the top and seem to have a loose hold on reality, trying to make the author look smart and sophisticated more than anything else. However, it fails in its goal, and often comes off as pretentious or melodramatic, ultimately trivializing the piece.


Cut adjectives and adverbs like the weeds they are. Stand on strong verb-usage. You don’t need to cut every single modifier, but you should cut most of them. Also, delete your metaphors and similes as well. The more you use, the less impactful they’ll be, so find the handful that is most important and slash the rest.

It can take your work from “meaningful” to “trashy” in a sentence, so don’t let your piece fall victim to melodrama.

anonymous asked:

(RE 1/2) (i cant believe tumblr deleted that lol) there is something i recently found really sweet about jikook..when 2 ppl hang out together a lot or being in each other presence a lot, they start to become really similer, in their movment, style,personality and even laugh. i dont know if you noticed but jungkook had v v v similer poses like jimin in the wings photoshoot (WE KNOW YOU WATCH HIM JUNGKOOK) also recently jungkook started wearing wrings, and he did not wear any before...

firstly, thank you so much for sending your ask again :))

and yes yes yes! this reminds me of jimin’s “i was born in busan first” lol.. what i especially noticed was the jewelry thing. kook usually doesn’t (didnt used to) wear any

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

you KNOW i would bring this up. .jimin was also wearing a ring similar to the one kookie is wearing in that gif im not coherent enought to find it rn

and you’re absolutely right about kookie watching jimin, i mean….kookie exposes himself.

Originally posted by yoonmin

like he pays so much attention to jimin. not just with all the imitations and stuff like, when he was doing this he looked over to see jimins reaction. and when he saw that jimin was laughing he became EVEN MORE extra….no offense but jungkook loves making jimin laugh and he does anything to get that laugh out of him. its beautiful. 

Originally posted by apgujeon

he’s so extra when it comes to jimin…also, i think jungkook LOVES and THRIVES on the attention jimin gives him. poor baby bun just wants his jiminie-hyung to pay attention. 

ill stop being trashy now but come on jungkook is literally notice me senpai with jimin.

Not Coffee

 The prompt is: Tim who’s undercover and he is at this caffe and sees the reader who’s the waiter and also the best looking person he has ever seen before. Basically Tim trying and failing miserably at flirting but the reader thinks he’s cute and give them their number. Thanks😁

This is for anon and @imaginethebatboys. Y/F/N= Your friend’s name.

You’ve noticed him a the caffe at least everyday, even your coworkers noticed. And he always sat in the same booth, one of your booths. The booth that over looked one of the many streets in Star City and wasn’t to far from the door. You always gave him a smile and small talk about weather or sports, what your job required you too do. Nothing more, nothing less.

One day your friend got off work early from the sports store she worked at. Your friend noticed the guy in the booth that was there all day and couldn’t keep his eyes off you. He caught your friends gaze once and hid behind a book about bats.

She looked at you and asked, “What is the cute guys deal over there in the corner?” She asked while pointing at the poor man. “And why has he been here since noon? Which was four hours ago by the way,” she said glancing at her phone.

“I don’t know,” you answered “maybe he just likes coffee. We are at a cafe, where coffee is Y/F/N,”

She rolled her eyes, “Yeah I know that Y/N, I graduated with you remember. He could be hanging around for the coffee or… for you,” she said to you while wiggling her eyebrows.

“Pf-ft as if, I bet he just likes coffee,”

“Yeah but then why does he keep looking over here?” She said. You looked over too him and saw him looking back at you. Unlike with your friend he didn’t look away, he held your gaze until you looked away. With blush on your cheeks you turned to your friend.

“Okay if that didn’t show sexual tension between you too, then I am a four-hundred foot tall purple platypus bear with pink horns and silver wings!” You looked at her lividly, she sipped on her coffee.

You looked at the stranger in the corner. How could someone that looks like he just came from a magazine cover be interested in you. You were just a nobody, twenty something living in a new city with your best friend and cat, thinking you could take on the world.

He is gorgeous he has stark blue eyes and jet black hair. He is wearing a red sweater like most people because it’s fall, expect you, you have to wear this stupid green uniform, which you hate.

You glare at your friend, who was smiling at you basically reading your thoughts of what you want to do with him. You grab the coffee pot and walk over to him to fill up his cup, you tell your friend, all she does is wink.

“Hey need a refill?” You ask him gesturing at the now empty cup.

“Yeah sure, that would be great, thank you.” He tells you watching you pour the brown liquid in the container.

“Yeah but I don’t know if I should give this too you. This is like your tenth coffee in an hour. We’ve been keeping track,” you point at your friend who waves and holds up a paper with tally marks on it. “I don’t want to supply an addict,” you say with in a joking way and a wink and smile. 

He looks at you in a aw struck look, he gives you a simile of his own to match yours, “I guess I just like coffee and seeing you,” he winks at you. “You are so beautiful,” he looked at your name tag on your uniform, “Y/N, that it makes it worth coming here and the wonderful coffee, of course.”

 You hear your friend in the background shout something out along the lines of come on! Your face goes red and you give him the mug. You freeze not knowing what to do, you rush over to the safety of the isolated back. In there you try to find your phone which your annoying manger doesn’t allow on her employees. 

Outside the door you hear you friend talking to someone, most likely that guy. You don’t know why you freaked maybe it was because you just got out of a major relationship. It was three years of your life wasted, you found out your ex was cheating on you with his boss, you got them both fired from there law firm. You forgot what it felt like to get flirted with and complemented nicely. You find your phone, you check the time you have tin minutes until you close and your shift is over. You change out of your work clothes into ones that will make you look like functioning member of society. You compose yourself and walk out to where you friend is explaining or asking him what happened. 

You walk over to them, he meets your eyes, “Oh, I’m sorry Y/N if that came out strong or you weren’t comfortable, I’m truly sorry,”

“Oh no don’t worry about it. It was..nice.,” you smile at him, truly embarrassed from your over reaction.

“It okay. My name is Alvin (A/N this is still Tim Drake it’s just he’s undercover and using an alias) Draper.”

“I’m Y/N Y/L/N, nice to meet you, Alvin.”

“You too Y/N. Hey I was thinking maybe you want to get a drink sometime. Not coffee of course, unless you want to get coffee but I would think that hanging around coffee all day would make you sick of it. But coffee would be fine,”

You simile at his clumsy words, “Why don’t we just get a drink tomorrow night. I have classes in the morning so after work around six?”

“Yeah that sounds awesome” he similes this wide simile that would want to make even the grumpiest of souls simile back.

You reach in your pocket and pull out a paper with your number on it, “Call me so we can get that not coffee,” you wink at him. You grab your bag so you can meet your friend outside.

“Sorry but you have too leave, Alvin, I got to close up. I finally have to cut you off” you say to him he doesn’t automatically look up at you, it takes him a second to look back at you.

“Yeah good night,Y/N, text you later” he says back, stepping out the door smiling. You go over to the register to count the money. You close up shop and lock up. You meet up with your friend who was waiting by your car.

Your finding your keys when your friend says, “You know he kind of looks like your ex.” You snort at that.

“Well hopefully he will turn out different,” you get in your car, your friend quickly follows you in.

“Oh so you are actually that into this guy?”

“Yeah he seems nice and he is cute,”

“Yeah I have eyes, Y/N, he looks like he is straight out of a magazine. What are you guys going to do anyway?”

“Getting not coffee,” you smile at him and pull out of the parking lot.

A/N: I hope you like it @imaginethebatboys and anon I hope I did the prompt justice. And who ever gets the one of the two secret reference or both gets a reward😀. @batlog @dove-among-bats