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Everybody needs an Ignis, Ignis needs a Gladio.

Mob Psycho 100 Episodes 4-8 as narrated by an 11-year old

So I wish I’d had this idea when I first introduced my lil sis to MP100 because her reactions to anime she loves are fuckin hilarious and she’s jumped on the MP100 bandwagon as hard as I have lmao she customized a Littlest Pet Shop toy for me to look like Mob and she’s gonna try making Reigen because she knows he’s like one of my favourites (she’s too pure omg). So we watched episodes 4-7 last night and episode 8 just a little while ago but here’re her reactions to what happened in episodes 4-8. My dialogue is marked with an H and hers is indicated with a B.

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Mikayuu haul in the Tokyo event!
No wonder why my wallet was so thin when I left the hall, bought 26 doujinshis and many goods to last me a while ^.^

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You: Im sick and tired of being called disgusting! For my abusive ship! Ughhhhhhhhhh I can't belive me shipping abusive gets people with common sense mad!1!1... you shipping reylo is very bad :^)

yeah i mean i guess we all have our own opinions but as i’ve said before i have my reasons for shipping it (like i want to see dark rey coming to life because kylo pulls her to the dark side or ben coming back to the light because rey pulls him to the light or maybe they could be grey together i don’t know i love my ships angsty etc.)

but i do understand where you’re coming from and why you hate it (they might be related, he slammed her against a tree, she sliced his face in half, he mind-raped her, she mind-raped him, she hates him, he hurt her friends and her newly-found father figure, he’s evil to the core (yeah sure he is lol), she already has finn, she deserves better, etc.

we literally just have different opinions but i don’t go overboard and bash you for it

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I'm disappointed that Marco and Jackie did not interact a single time since Bon Bon the Birthday Clown. They made it a big deal then, and now it's like it didn't even happen and they're not even important to each other. My main ship may be Starco, but I can't deny that Marco was in love with her since the beginning and now that he's with her suddenly all that is gone? I wanted some development. But now they're going to be all couple-y for the plot in Just Friends when they weren't all season?

While I honestly have no idea what’s in store for Jarco (after Bon Bon I believed that it would have been over with season 2, but now it looks like it might be newborn in the season finale), but the problem is that, right now, Jackie is extremely important to the plot and to the show, and any interaction with Marco is inevitably going to change things big time. So having her interact with him in random, unimportant scenes in the background might have felt weird, I guess. Still a debatable choice, they might have used her for background gags in episodes like Collateral Damage, without even needing her to talk with Marco, or reference them talking off screen, like the phone call in Raid the Cave. Hopefully Just Friends is going to give us some sort of explanation (like, I don’t know, the concert actually being the first time they hang out after Bon Bon), and that Jackie is going to get some more development tomorrow and in the season finale, finally going from “SUPER IMPORTANT PLOT DEVICE CHARACTER” to “Normal Support Cast” in season 3, allowing the writers to use them as they use Janna or Pony Head.

@nooowestayandgetcaught Rie has dragged me so deep into Riverdale hell it’s not even funny. THEY ARE PURE EVIL I SWEAR THEY ENJOY MY SUFFERING :’) AND MY SCREAMING LMAO ILYSM RIE <3333333333

For real tho, I absolutely adore Cheryl Blossom, to the point of sheer ridiculousness; she is the true epitome of the Problematic Fav bc let’s be real, she is problematic AF.


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Someone in response to your ask said: "Even if it’s a crack ship at the end of the day, the fact that Daisy/Lucasfilm/Disney are open to talk about it means that it’s not a ship that stimulates abuse/rape/racism as some people love to claim. It’s perfectly valid as entertainment and shippers can enjoy themselves without being called names." I AGREE WITH THEIR POINT. If it were as bad as antis claim then LF, Daisy & cast would not be showing any support of it.

Yes, this is a great and very true observation. Daisy has shown nothing but affection and consideration for Reylo shippers in her interactions with them, and I only wish some people (cough: antis :cough) would learn from her example.
Baby It's Easy To Fake A Smile When You've Been Doing It For A While - Chapter 1 - JohnEgbertPretendingToBeDaveStrider - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
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Hey hey hey, yo, guys, you should go read this thing. It’s GOOD. 

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I don't even get why people are freaking out over Ka//ura.. I wasn't even aware of that ship being in s2 before someone pointed it out. When Keith catched Allura (which he had to, or else she'd FALL) he didn't even react. He was blank. That moment did absolutely NOTHING and I interpreted Allura's blushing as her being embarrassed. Soooo.. For me, there's no reason to be worried. They don't really fit together in that way and there isn't really a reason in the show that would make them a pair :3

i wish i was this positive

I’m so fucking tired of seeing Anti-Karamel/Anti Mon-El in the Karamel tag, I can’t even enjoy MY ship without seeing people spit on them left and right on this site. I get that you don’t like them, but that’s your business - please PLEASE respect other people’s ships and not tag your hate in the Karamel tag cause there are MANY of us who can’t even enjoy our ship anymore