is it erikar

Imagine your OTP

Person 1: *walks up to person 2* Dude, give me your hand.

Person 2: What, why?

Person 1: Would you just give me your hand already?

Person 2: *sighs* Fine. *sticks out hand*

Person 1: *takes sharpie and draws ring on run finger.*

Person 2: You drew a ring. Why’d you draw a ring?

Person 1: We’re married, [insert person 2 name here]. Now and forever.

Person 2: *internally screaming in horror*

I imagine Eridan and Karkat meeting either because they’re both friends with Terezi or because they’re both friends with Kanaya. Eridan has never really talked with a lowblood before and imagines them as being like the propaganda movies but Karkat isn’t like that at all. Plus he’s using gray text and Eridan is mildly offended. He insists on Karkat telling him what his lusus is at least, and it’s a GODDAMN CRAB and he is SO OFFENDED because Cancer is a water sign and Aquarius is an air sign and I BET YOU’VE NEVER EVEN BEEN IN THE WATER YOU DON’T KNOW FUCK ABOUT REAL CRABS and Karkat’s like WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW ABOUT CRABS and Eridan’s like MORE THAN YOU ASSBLOOD

and he shares all sorts of Crab Facts™ and Karkat’s super interested because his lusus is a crustacean and also crabs are just super interesting. Eridan’s encouraged to tell him everything he knows about crabs, but that includes that they are one of the few creatures that eat seahorses so

Karkat’s all MY LUSUS WOULD EAT YOUR LUSUS and Eridan’s all MY LUSUS WOULD KICK YOUR LUSUS’S CRUSTY ASS and they have a baby fight and then Karkat makes Eridan watch a rom com and they’re friends.

if matespriteship is primarily hit off by a mutual feeling of non-threatening, there’s a lot of interesting ways to apply that, but most especially Karkat himself is probably like the flushed GOLDMINE 

he is small, he is adorable, he is about as intimidating as a hedgehog made of yarn. Every word oozes pitch hatred but the instant you actually meet him in person he will probably melt into you and cry about how nice your sweater is. it will be grumpy but the red seeps through the gray

he is flushed to the core and it’s hard to maintain any feelings for him that aren’t, in some way, linked to primal feelings of ‘you precious squishie’


did any of you suckers think i cared about what hot trending pairings were the new happening thing in the homestuck fandom??? no i am still erikar trash.

pictured above: karkat takes up residence inside a cape, eridan wonders frantically how people USUALLY console others, and I completely ignore the 180 degrees rule.


I saw animexion‘s compilation with Pearl and all so I wanna do it too!!
But I was thinking “hmmm…who should I do? How about Peridot or maybe I should do Pearl instead! Then an idea  struck me…what if I’d do Max from Paranatural!” and BAM! DONE!
Plus I wanted to celebrate my baby’s comeback..Sorry for the delay though
(Welp! this would be the last drawing for this semester!)
I’ll be back so don’t worry!
(Nusa, ur ship is showing)
//credit for animexion for letting me use their art as reference! you guys should follow them! their art is just….SQUEEEEE//