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i want a full vision of your bootyful oc ...... (▰˘◡˘▰") um plz (▰˘◡˘▰""""") ( (´・ω・`') i-if you want to ) (⊙ω⊙) <s>heavy breathing</s>

Haha, thanks u very much!!
Do you mean Virginia? Because the rest of my OC’s have full-length drawings. I don’t particularly show her and don’t talk about her because she’s the project of my life and the time of its history hasn’t yet come.
(In December she will be 5 years old!)
I recently sketched the reference-comparison of me and my OC, and here is it/
(Mainly due to the fact that people constantly confuse us)
((Yeah, yeah, it’s all the one OC))

Sorry, I’ll probably never shut up about this photo but I just noticed something that looks like the poncho and the staff she was carrying around in previous photos! 

I guess, it’s safe to assume that after rain stops she decides to drop her staff and poncho here and fight Kylo… on the cliff… 

(although it seems in this footage that she wears something else, so who knows - maybe they dressed her up in this version of her outfit just for a photoshoot)

But anyway, that cliff fight is going to be even more intense than I thought!


Mads Mikkelsen about his favorite places in Copenhagen.

Mads Mikkelsen is currently galavanting around different universes in Doctor Strange and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. He is most at home, however, in Copenhagen. Here are his favorite hangouts.
1. Frederik’s Church
“Inspired by St Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Just see it now because they’re building a metro station right next to it.”
2. Kiin Kiin
“A Thai restaurant with one Michelin star that I can genuinely recommend. It’s a major experience. They have a set menu and you should book well in advance. I’ve been there many times and it’s always been good.”
3. A boat trip
“Yes, really touristy, but Copenhagen is an incredibly beautiful city seen from the water. You get to see loads of buildings you otherwise wouldn’t be able to see.”
4. Dyrehaven
“A natural area north of Copenhagen, close to Bakken Amusement Park. Dyrehaven is a fun place.”
5. The Harbour
“I love to walk around here. It’s where the old boats are moored, the ones that haven’t been scrapped yet.”

[from the ‘Scandinavian Traveler’, December 2016]

I was tagged by the lovely @mega-aulover to post the coolest line of something I’m working on…this was really difficult since I feel like everything I’ve got so far is kind of spoilery? The price of writing something out of chronological order. Anyhow, here it is, from my @mores2sl contribution, Spiral & Collision:

“You don’t trust me, I get it,” Peeta says and shoves himself off the table. His left leg falters for a second but he keeps moving towards her. “But I’m here right now for one reason and one reason alone.”

“You’re here to drag me off to be a breeding vessel,” she bites out and again his lips quirk in that infuriating manner.

“Eventually, yes, I’ll have to take you back to Meridia. That’s kind of what you signed up for. But before I do that, I intend to get Snow’s forces off this planet so that it’s firmly in your father’s control. I can’t do that without you, Katniss.”

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Sorry I’m a corny schmoopy dork. Also I gotta get better at drawing Finn. Also I know I messed up The Jacket™ I promise to try harder next time.