is it december already

It’s getting closer to December, which means I have already heard at least 3 different people talk about the non-existent “war on Christmas.” If you care that much about the fact that a minimum wage store clerk said “happy holidays” to you rather than “merry Christmas,” it is very clear that Christianity is just a tool for you to tunnel your cultural outrage and not an actual spiritual path. Christmas is supposed to be the time where you contemplate the absolute joy of the Incarnation of God in a stable, in a manger, a symbol of God’s solidarity with the oppressed. If that doesn’t manifest in you being kind and considerate to non-Christians, then you don’t actually give a shit about Christmas at all. You think saying “happy holidays” is going to kill Christmas, but you already killed it whenever you decided to make it part of right-wing reactionary outrage culture rather than a symbol of joy, love, and solidarity with the oppressed.


That’s right, Pan Week is coming.

Not every pan person feels included in the Bi Week festivities, even though the “bi+” umbrella has been sporadically used. And that’s valid. Pan people do not have to force ourselves to feel represented by a label we haven’t chosen for ourselves, and let’s be real, a label we are often invisible under.

So, Pan Week.

December 3rd - 9th, 2017.

Including the already established Pan Pride Day on December 8th.

On December 8th, there will be a Pan Chat, more info on that to come.

Use the hashtag “#PanWeek” on Twitter.

Use the tag “Pan Week” on Tumblr.

The objective of Pan Week is to spread awareness and positivity for the pan identity and show support and acceptance for pan people. During Pan Week, pan people, and hopefully non-pan people as well, will take part to share and learn about pan topics and issues; such as history, media representation, inclusivity in LGBT+ spaces, treatment from fellow queer people, hate, erasure, etc.

Share your stories, selfies, and art.

Celebrate characters, public figures, and each other.

Be proud. Raise your voice. Let everyone know that you’re here and won’t be silenced or forgotten.


Jimin on VLive [171013] | 생일 축하합니다! 🎂
↳ #HappyJiminDay • #박지민 ♡ #PJM ˚࿐ ˘͈ ૢᵕ ˘͈

I would like to thank this particular Redditor’s post for serving as a checklist of why I loathe ReySky and its fanboy adherents’ totally transparent motive of using it to subsume Rey’s narrative within Luke’s because he’s the only character they actually care about.

Like, yeah, Rey not being a Skywalker is just a ploy to spite you and your fanboy self-inser… I mean, Luke. Sure.

every day6 january: these are the best songs I’ve ever heard

every day6 february: these are the best songs I’ve ever heard

every day6 march: these are the best songs I’ve ever heard

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