is it dead inception

middleagedmomma replied to your text post

I found your blog through ao3 I was reading your WPF verse and came here to read your drabbles. I can’t remember when exactly I hit the follow button and quit being a creeper lol. I relatively new to the inception fandom only a couple years. So basically I came for inception and stayed because you have an awesome blog.

inspire-me-to-breathe replied to your text post

omg you were 1 of the first I followed back in 2013 when I was highkey obsessed with Inception, around 2015 I forgot the password for this account and only this year remembered (altho now its a hamilton blog lol) and I’ve unfollowed quite a few inception accounts bcos most are dead now anyway ;’( but it still holds a special place in my heart and that’s why I can’t bring myself to unfollow you!

I think it’s so cool you inception bbs still follow me ^.^ thank you for sticking with me during my various obsessions