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  • Natasha: I substituted all my social skills with physical violence.

“[Her mother] was dead, as it happened, but her daughter saw to me. 

Cleaned my wounds, sewed me up, 

and fed me porridge and potions

until I was strong enough to ride again. 

And she sewed up the rents in my cloak as well,  

It was the greatest treasure she had, and her gift to me.” 

Mance Rayder - ASOS 

Jon and Mance - Treasuring cloaks made by women they love who changed their lives. 

Inspired by Qboo78′s post about cloaks in Jon’s storyline



anonymous asked:

So for your Final Fantasy/Crystal Gems fan art what brushes did you use? I have been trying to do my own Yoshitaka fan art but I don't know what does it justice.

For the lines, something like this:

The lines should look kinda rough and sketchy, since they’re pencil. Also, draw it big and size it down for posting–that hides some of the artificialness of the digital lines.

For the color, something like this:

You want a watercolor effect, which means the most important parts of making that look genuine are the layer effects and the fuzzy brush shape. Play around with density and size as you fill it in to do detail… remember that watercolor can be both really light and blurry or very vivid and Amano uses both to make all that amazing detail work.

Some other tips:

  • The most opaque/vivid colors he would use were usually bright red, black, and sometimes dark blue. I often use a brush that’s 90%+ density for those.
  • He also uses colors in a very specific way. I always had 3+ images open as reference while I colored my style emulations.
  • You can find really high res images of his work online–great for examining the underlying pencil lines.
  • Keep in mind the limitations of the watercolor medium–you can’t place a light color directly on top of a dark color. Look closely at the rosettes and other little details against the opaque red in this image. Instead of drawing details on top with a separate layer like you would with digital art, color around the edges and erase things out by hand. If the edge looks kinda wobbly or weird or has spots of white visible–great! It’s more authentic.
  • If you’re emulating Amano, you’ll probably be thinking “ugh, this looks like crap” right up until you put the finishing touches on. Everything looks MUCH more authentic after you add the vivid red/black and all the stripes and rosettes. Even if the final product isn’t totally style-authentic, it’s probably still gonna be cool as hell. So hang in there if you’re not happy with how the drawing looks!
  • For Pokemon fans, the water color + pencil effect is also good for style emulating Ken Sugimori’s older work. Here’s an (old as balls) Sugimori emulation I did. Very similar brush settings, but used a little differently.