is it coz s2 is coming soon

ONCE Upon A Magazine, A Doctor and A Snapchat Filter.

This is so far the best filming experience I’ve had for Season 6.

They had 3 sets to film for the day. Around 1:30pm, they start their 1st set. We saw Ginny, Lana, and Hank getting golf-carted (I don’t even know if there’s such a word) to set. They film and then after couple of takes, we see another golfcart coming, from afar I couldn’t tell and then as soon as it got closer I saw the blonde hair and literally, me and @captainswanouat freaked out! LIKE OMG! I’ve been waiting since s2 to get a chance to meet David Anders!!!

So they film and at one point Ginny walks over with security, everyone was like OMG is she going to come out? She just had to go back to her trailer I assume. Someone had asked if she can do autographs, and she said i’ll come back later. It didn’t happen obviously but it was alright coz we got to meet David Anders.

Nyways, this is where we get to climax of this post. A friend of mine messaged me around 2:30pm saying Josh just arrived and that an hour after, Josh signed for him. I was joking around saying “Can you bring him over to where I was”. My friend said too late….Around almost 4pm I get a text:

I literally FREAKED OUT!!! I was a mess. You guys can ask @captainswanouat
how crazy I looked reading through this text message. I told my friend I need details…so he told me how Josh was looking and pointing at him. He didn’t know why, but my friend thought “What did I do wrong?” couple seconds after Josh walks to him and says: “Is Kat here?” to which my friend says: She’s on the other side of the park. Josh then said: “Can you give this to her?”

I still can’t believe it!!!! Literally a DYING moment.

When they finished filming first set, they immediately move on to the 2nd set (blimp). We waited outside the park since we weren’t allowed too close to set. Couple minutes after waiting I hear a golf cart approaching and then comes Josh in the front seat and Ginny & Lana in the back. Josh sees me and I immediately say “THANK YOU” and he said: “YOU’RE VERY WELCOME”

At the end of the day (as in dayshoot), we had the chance to meet Ginny and I had the opportunity of telling her about the bunny and pig snapchat filter and showed her a filter of a photo of her and Josh with that filter. She was so excited and was like OHHH NICE!!!

Well that was basically my GOSH moment of the day.

That was the end of dayshoot and then we hear they were going til 3am, we decided to head to the last set and found out it was Jessy Schram filming. We obviously had to stay for that. We were pretty close to set, just sitting. As the night progressed, we were getting pretty loopy. I was bored and started joking, OMG! I didn’t actualy check the envelope with the magazine, I told Ashley, “What if Josh left a note?” and we started laughing. I go open the envelope and found something else:

This day has totally been unexpected and I can’t thank Josh enough for being so kind. Forever grateful to be supporting an actor like him and I will forever will :):):)