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This is gonna seem weird but I just wanted to say I found you on youtube by accident and I'm so glad I did. <3 Your OCs are delightful and yeah, consider this a little message of positivity for you. <3

Thank you so much, aaa! ; O ; Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy your stay! <3 <3

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How welcoming is the walking dead fandom to ocs?

                        Hello Nonnie, well I mean so far I have been welcomed. I mean, it has it’s up and downs. But I can’t speak for every Muse inside this Fandom. But I have came across some VERY AMAZING & ACCEPTING CANON’S. Course, I will admit, I have sent some Messages to a few Canon’s and haven’t heard anything back from them. But I can’t literally fault them for that. Cause they just may be busy, haven’t seen my Message Yet. Or, they just don’t have the time. TBH, I haven’t been in a more accepting fandom toward OC’s, other then the Jurassic World Fandom. Which, I loved. But sadly that fandom died, long ago. So if you are considering making an OC for TWD. I say do it, and Hell. I will even tag some of the Canon’s who I think are the Fucking Best. And are 100% truly accepting toward us OC’s.    @ruggedasfuck    @stillgoodpeople     @oncesang  @ballparkmassacre       But I mean, there are always those Canon’s who look down on OC’s, that think we are not even worth the time. But, I haven’t come across any, yet.


Some photos of my kenku costume at Anthrocon 2016, taken by @adammillerstudio! Oh boy did I ever have a lot of fun! The other raven in these photos is @qawstume and the snowy owl we are mobbing is @crystumes, who made both of the blanks that we used for our masks.

If you have any questions about this costume please check out my FAQ!

“The warm scent of wind and earth tickled my senses, intoxicating me. It was Rhyse; it was home.”

SHE’S DONE IT AGAIN!! Thank you so much @zenwisterias / @taylordraws for this beautiful commission of my OCs, Rhyse and Eleanor!

Check out my OC blog to learn more about them

bl/ind and trans ppl

i figure that BLI is pretty tolerant when it comes to binary trans people. the issue comes up when someone doesn’t want to identify as either male or female. it has nothing to do with religion, of course, nor with ““biology””– chromosomes or genitals or whatever– it’s just that BLI believes that it’s too confusing for citizens to have more than two set genders floating around. bad for productivity. BLI already divides everything into a binary, all black-and-white, so gender has to be as well. 

gender EXPRESSION isn’t really policed or anything, if you’re dmab and you wanna wear a dress BLI doesn’t care. they only get involved once it’s a question of gender IDENTITY, of pronouns and legal names and markers on documents.

if you get cleared by your BLI physician, the company is more than happy to provide you with hormone therapy through their Gender Reassignment Program. it’s just another set of pills, after all. any surgeries are optional, but still covered if wanted. but to get access to any of these, you have to identify as either male or female, and you have to exhibit “strong enough” dysphoria (evaluated by an appointed professional). 

anyone trying to assert that they don’t want either of the two gender markers to be used is obviously misguided. that’s a problem. that’s inconvenient. they get assessed, and if they are found to exhibit dysphoria, then they are prescribed a mandatory transition to the opposite gender. if they are not found to exhibit enough dysphoria, then they are sent away and continue to be marked as their assigned gender. 

in contrast, gender’s seen as a lot more fluid once you get out of BLI’s clutches. some joys get out there knowing they’re trans, but some, it never occurs to them until they’ve spent some time in the desert. they’re able to explore themselves more once they’re out of that cage, and settle on what they think suits them best. overall, though, labels and such aren’t so important. lots of joys don’t settle things any further than a set of pronouns.


I was looking through old art and it reminded me that I never uploaded any art from the visual novel I made so I thought why not post the CGs since it’s free anyways. (it’s been so long XP) 

I made the game starting like September and then finished late November last year and looking back is so freaking wild. The plot was pretty boring cause I just wanted to make a game with two girls falling in love w/ each other lol

Making a visual novel was definitely an interesting experience~ It was pretty tough figuring everything out and even then there was still so much I could learn. 

If there’s any aspiring visual novel people out there Renpy is definitely a program I would recommend as it’s free and fairly easy to use~ 

(I made an older post about the game so I’m not gonna link it here since this is basically all the important art lol) 


“You love me. Admit it.

“You love me. Admit it.” 

“You love me. Admit it.” 

“You love me. Admit it.” 

[*screams at computer*: WE’RE MARRIED!]

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Omg so I was wondering if you've written anything about how you think Nico and Will got together in canon, after what we now know from TOA? If not it would be amazing if you could because you characterisation is just!!! phenomenal!! And ty so much for all of your beautiful OCs that I now also consider to be canon haha x

I haven’t done any official fic or anything (although if you want to read a great getting together fic for them I HIGHLY RECOMMEND COURTING DEATH BY MSMAY IT’S MY FAVORITE FIC IN THE WORLD IM SO OBSESSED) 

But I have plenty of headcanons. so many. 

- it happens slowly

- very, very slowly. 

- like okay, Nico has come to terms with himself (as we see at the end of blood of olympus) but he still has a long way to go

- and we, as readers, assume that Will and Nico are at least friends now 

- i 10000% think Nico showed up in the infirmary 5x a week, complained and rolled his eyes the entire time, occasionally snapped at a few demigods, but always showed up on time and did the tasks Will asked of him

- they always get a meal or buy a few contraband snacks off the Stolls after Will’s shift and eat it on the Hades cabin’s front steps

- Nico drags Will away from his too-long shifts to eat or nap when he needs it the most

-  Will drags Nico off to the beach or hiking or rock climbing when Nico gets in the worst of his moods (vitamin D and exercise??? it’s a win-win) 

- Will totally had to initiate all and every romantic aspect of their early friendship 

- “I’ve asked him out four times Lou and he still thinks we’re just bros hanging out” “try sucking his dick he’ll get the message” “cecil where the fuck did you come from” 

- i know this isn’t within the TOA timeline but idc?? only a few months have passed since the end of the BOO before TOA right? Anyways, I see there being A LOT more build up/friendship involved. I see at least a year of mutual pining/friendship building in order before they’re the adorable couple we know 

- they totally got together during the fourth of july fireworks

- will asked nico to go, was fully intending on making it clear that it was a date and maybe, hopefully get to hold Nico’s hand or something. 

- lol as soon as Will clarified that it was a date and that he liked Nico, Nico jumped on him and their first kiss had an audience of Will’s siblings, Lou Ellen, a few Hermes kids, and a handful of sobbing Aphrodite kids taking selfies with the sight in the background. 

  • Ash Ketchum (34) , gym leader, former champion.
  • Serena Zay (35), actress, TV hostess, designer.
  • Lara Ketchum (12), pokemon trainer, stager.
  • Ivan Ketchum (7), Oak’s Elementary School student.


By popular request through asks and to celebrate the end of my finals period, I introduce the Ketchum family to you ♥

Further questions about them are welcome!