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((who the heck is terry?))


“Uhhh, let’s not talk about him and don’t speak his name out loud like that” 


“A good for nothing idiot from the future” 


“I don’t know, I don’t care” 


“Bruce’s son/clon is not very clear to me yet”

“Andrea Pirlo will return to Turin as Juventus brand ambassador after he hangs up his boots at New York City FC, it’s reported. Sunday’s edition of Tuttosport has the Bianconeri comeback as its front page story. It’s not yet clear when this will be, but the moment Pirlo decides to end his playing career in Major League Soccer, he’ll be heading to Turin. Juventus believe that Pirlo best represents the brand both in Italy and abroad, bringing prestige to the club’s reputation.”

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Warning selfies for Freddie and warning feet for Elouno, if he's really doin it, I SWEAR LouiSBB 👀

No idea if that’s what it is yet, but we have a clear connection to start with if we see it happen a few more times.

I love him so much!

Valentine’s Day Special #31

(Not stated) Modern AU 💙  Crush on Kid requested by Anon

It was adorable, really. The two of you were complete opposites yet the chemistry was as clear as day. You were the cute, shy girl that embodied perfectly the expectations of the girl next door. Kid was that punk that everyone, except his friends, avoided. His little gang always found trouble and he never said ‘no’ to a fight when provoked. 

You had taken a part time job at a small restaurant that the locals loved and it paid well. It also helped you overcome some of your shyness and quietness. You were grateful to the locals for being patient on your end and finding your shy nature very adorable. You were behind the counter when you saw Kid and his small posse come in. You felt your whole body shiver at the intimidating men in front of you, the one in front was almost a foot taller than you, but you realized that you would hate being judged if you were in their position. With some deep breaths and mental prep talk, you welcomed them and told them your special which was curry udon. He made a disgusted face at the mention of it and you couldn’t help but find it cute, hiding your smile by looking at the counter. You mentioned your other specials and after a bit of back and forth, the group finally ordered a meal the size of a feast. 

You brought the food over and put the bowls of food down on the table. You were about to head back to your spot behind the counter when the voice of the man behind the mask spoke up and stopped you.

“You’re new here, right?” You looked back at them and nodded, noticing that the man with the red hair was already eating the cabbage rolls that you placed down.

“I just started very recently and I’m still getting used to it.” The man nodded and pointed to the red head next to him. 

“Kid and I are regular around here so I guess we’ll see you more often.” You smiled and nodded.

“My name is (Y/N) and I’d be happy to serve you when you guys come in.” The masked man pointed to himself while the red head grunted, acknowledging what you said.

“Killer,” which made you raise your eyebrow at the odd name but didn’t dwell on it too long, “and this is Kid.”

That’s how it all started, Kid and his group would come in and order while also chatting with you. It became a thing where it would be Kid and his posse or just with Killer but lately it’s just been Kid coming by himself. He usually picked up food to go and leave but it’s been a regular thing that he stays and talks with you. The two of you chatting and being friendly with each other surprised a lot of people, including his friends. His friends noticed the happy expression on the man’s face and took every chance they got to poke fun at the both of you (one of the reasons why he showed up alone nowadays). He wouldn’t admit it but he basically memorized your schedule due to him coming in so much. Your coworkers even told you that he wouldn’t show up when you weren’t there.

He was a grump but there was something about the way that he talked with you and the underlying kindness behind his actions. As the days went on, you wanted to see him more than just at the restaurant but, due to your shyness, you told yourself that you were content with just the daily visits. What you didn’t know was that, he was having the same issue but he was becoming more anxious. 

He walked into the restaurant and immediately went over to the counter where you were, ignoring the heat that wanted to come up to his cheeks when you smiled up at him.

“Hey, Kid! What can I get for you today?” He rested his hands on the counter and leaned forward, making you blush at how close he was getting to you. 

“When do you get off?” You cleared your throat, his eyes were staring into yours and it took all you could to not lose focus.

“Um… I-In three hours?” He groaned and looked at your boss that came over to check up on everything.

“I’m taking (Y/N) for the day.” You blinked and eyes widened at how your boss easily agreed as the day wasn’t that busy so far and another coworker was coming in anyway. He went behind the counter and tugged you out. You struggled to keep up with him and your other hand came up to grasp the hand that was pulling you, using all your strength to at least pause him in his tracks.

“Wait, Kid! W-What’s wrong?” He looked at anywhere but you.

“There’s nothing wrong.” You raised an eyebrow, waiting for him to say something else. “Just… Just wanted to take you on a date, alright?” You blinked and a dark blush filled your cheeks.

“A-A date?” He groaned under his breath.

“I’m taking you on a date today.” You had just realized that you were still holding your hand in both of his but even if you were embarrassed, you didn’t want to let go just yet. A shy smile lifted your lips as you sheepishly looked up at him. 

“Surprisingly romantic of you. Wanting a date on Valentine’s day?” He blinked and his free hand covered his face, groaning and making you giggle at his flustered expression.

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I've been on tumblr for 3 years, dealt with numerous sjws, and they still have yet to give me a clear answer of what "checking your privilege" consists of

1. Self hate: How can you be a true ally and properly check that privilege if you don’t acknowledge what a steaming pile of white shit you are?

2. Kiss black ass: Treat black people as if they are walking talking cures for cancer. Worship the ground they walk on, kiss their feet, etc. You need to actively counter any pain any black person has ever felt ever, so unrelenting praise for black people, as if they’re the sideshow of humanity, is a great starting point to the path of reparations.*

*This includes mindlessly echoing everything woke black people say and never stopping to ask questions, do research, or think critically about the words you are repeating.

3. Give back: Speaking of reparations, you know all that shit you have that you worked hard for and the success you’ve acquired through disipline and determination? Well, since you’re white, you don’t actually deserve any of that. Give it all to a black person**. All of it, you get a cardboard box in the back and old dog food to eat. It’s so you can learn what it was like for my ancestors to be treated how they were.

**The black person has to be approved by the Woke Patrol, as giving anything to coons and Uncle Tom’s is just you passive aggressively trying to perpetuate and therefore continue to benefit from White Supremacy.

4. Advocate white genocide and then kill yourself. Get as many of your family and friends as possible to take yourselves out, and make sure you put it on social media with the hashtag #BLMTribute in hopes of getting it trending. After all, if there are no white people left then there’s no more white privilege to check, it’s a win win situation for all involved. Equality will have been achieved.

If you have any more questions, head on over to for more tips and tricks on how to be a good ally and always keep your privilege checked. Hope this helped! ❤

The fifth level.

Remembering just remembering, myself from long ago before what I am now, was or will be. All is dark except a clear bright light so warming and comforting and yet just so empty of myself.

alright so 

Kubo-sensei has, in my eyes, now confirmed that Viktor and Yuuri are indeed lovers/significant others


but I know that some people still had doubts or wanted an official confirmation so wELL HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY EVERYONE I GUESS IT’S AS CANON AS IT GETS NOW

If you need me I’ll be over here screaming into my pillow over these two 

their love is too good to be true I owe Kubo-sensei my life


GOP is happy to spend billions on Trump’s wall. Here’s what they wouldn’t pay for.

  • Trump is seeking billions of federal dollars to pay for his border wall between the United States and Mexico — an $8 to $14-billion price tag.
  • Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday he’s happy to foot the bill, even without a clear revenue source.
  • Yet for the past eight years, Republicans railed against bills that had hefty price tags and no clear source of funding
  • Including:
    • Health care for 9/11 first responders
    • Hurricane Sandy aid
    • The Flint water crisis
    • Zika virus funding
  • Only 37% of Americans support the border wall. Read more

Don’t you think it ever crossed my mind to want to know other men? That I wanted to lay up there and forget about my responsibilities? That I wanted someone to make me laugh so I could feel good?

Fences (2016) dir. Denzel Washington

How to Say “No” to Others

.1. Firstly, listen to that nagging voice inside your head. Your intuition often knows when something is wrong – or when you’re saying “yes” to something that you’re going to regret - even though we can’t articulate the reason yet.

2. Be clear about what you want out of life – otherwise you’ll spend your time being used by other people.

3. Count the cost. Be clear about the implications of saying “yes” – on your time, energy, exam success, friendships, reputation, and so on.

4. Understand that it’s OK to say “no”. You have a right to take control of your own life, and to schedule your time and priorities (and the same is true for other people, as well.)

5. Say “no” using the medium you’re most comfortable with is. For some people, that’s face to face; for others, it’s a text or email; and for others, a phone call.

6. Keep it simple and to the point. Often, a reason or excuse is not necessary. You need to be respectful and polite – but don’t over-excuse yourself. (If necessary, write down what you are going to say in advance, and practise saying it.)

7. Sometimes being “uncontactable” is a deterrent in itself – as people can’t reach you, to try and pin you down! That may mean switching off your phone, and any forms of social media.

8. Delay your response as by that time the person is half expecting you to decline, anyway.


Fly high…


For No. 179, who said “kagehina + tire swing“… You knew what you were getting into :’D I casted some spells and it’s actually before midnight! Sorry for the rushed drawings! Merry Christmas and Happy birthday Kageyama ;w;


9 dead, more injured at Berlin Christmas Market after truck reportedly mows into crowd

  • A truck reportedly crashed into a Berlin Christmas market on Monday, according to a report from Germany’s Berliner Zeitung, leaving at least nine people dead and others wounded.
  • The Berliner Zeitung reported that a truck drove into the Breitscheidplatz Christmas market, in the Berlin neighborhood of Charlottenburg. 
  • It is not yet clear whether the crash was an accident or an intentional attack.
  • A tweet allegedly from a bystander purported that “there is no road nearby” the scene of the incident. This is a developing story.

Here is an artist who claims on twitter
To hate on his show is nothing but bitter
Steven says, “darling best go read the stories”
While Gatiss continues to hate on the tories

And yet you ignore the real final problem
That you’ve left many fans with a feeling quite solemn
Many who believed that Johnlock were gay
Have woken to grave disappointment this day

Moreover we think that the episode’s cheap
That Sherlock’s smart sister was really a leap
What happened to “wish fulfillment” of which you had spoken?
After all of your hints we are feeling quite broken.

“We’re not a couple” said John and yet
You never said outright that they were all het
In fact Sherlock himself always seemed rather queer
Yet you slept last night with your conscience all clear

It’s a mystery to us how you think it’s okay
To go on for years baiting people this way
It seemed cruel to us so we didn’t believe
But after deception we all need to grieve

Thanks for the memories, Mark, Steven, Sue
The shit that you’ve done has made me quite blue
You’ve baited us so, congrats, let me clap
I hope you’re all proud of your stupid gay trap

—  should i tweet this @mark