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“Thank god, I‘m not the only crazy one“

Request: “Yeah, and they both have these weird memories about wearing mid 20’s clothes and having conversations that they actually never had before… 🌌 I think that would be nice :3“ 

(A/N): I apologise for deleting the first part of the request, it‘s basically about their paths crossing once again after meeting each other in their past life. Thank you for submitting, I tried my best x 

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Tyler and Josh are constantly trying to add new things to their live act, so that the whole audience leaves with the best experience they could offer. On this tour, besides the tuxes, special effects and etc., they‘ve come up with the idea, to bring a fan, at each show, on stage and he or she will have the honour to do the famous handshake, from the ‘Stressed Out‘ video, with Josh. 

Of course literally everyone who‘s attending the concert knows that, therefore, just a second after they‘ve finished performing ‘Ride‘ everybody around you in the pit starts to do anything they could to get Tyler‘s attention, even if that meant climbing onto someone else‘s shoulder or scream their lungs out, like they haven‘t been doing that enough during the concert. You on the other hand, take a step back and hide behind the group in front of you, trying to make yourself invisible. Those kind of situations are one of the things that unleashes your anxiety the fastest. Obviously, you‘d love the opportunity to talk to them and touch those manly pair of hand‘s that belong to Joshua Dun, but also risking the possibly to humiliate and embarrass yourself in front of thousands of people and most importantly two of your idols at the same time? Not about that life. 

“You! The (Y/H/C) haired girl with the Twenty One Pilots shirt“ a voice rings through the microphone. 

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Masamune requests the future Lady Katakura to assist him in preparing an important banquet. Kojuro feels conflicted about it.

She was so near, yet so far.

He had her within his eyesight, her eyes were alight and lips curved into a smile. A smile that he longed to kiss. Yet, the rest of her were obscured by throngs of other people. Rather important people. Rather important people who happened to want to talk to him, to greet, to express their appreciation of the enchanting piece of music he had just played for them.

It was impossible to take a step towards her without someone stopping him to say something. His feet were tapping the ground, impatient. Yet, his smile never faltered, his eyes never strayed from those who engaged him in a conversation. One or two were satisfied with a polite smile and a reverential nod. But most demanded a dialogue of sorts. And he had been doing this for the Date clan for too long and he was far too good at it to be able to rudely brush them off.  

But discreetly, through the corner of his eyes, he was watching her. She waited there, on the spot where she had watched him perform. She watched him, smiling, while now and then people stopped to talk to her.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly and he thought he could curb his impatience for a little while more. Then came his liege lord. Not to his side. But to her side. To whisper something in her ear. Something that made her smile and nod.

“So, what do you think of it, Kojuro-dono?”

For the first time in a long while, he found himself losing track of the conversation he was having with one of these rather important people.

He opened his mouth uselessly. He couldn’t remember what it was they were talking about. Much less care to form an opinion. Worse, he searched his mind for one of his vague diplomatic responses – he’ll have to confirm it to Masamune-sama, it remains to be seen, time will tell – but he found none – he had no headspace for those. His head was filled with the ringing urgency to go there, to her side.  

Then he felt a familiar weight settle on his shoulder.

“Now, now, dear Uncle, we mustn’t be careless in this matter,” said a cheerful voice he knew all too well. “We will discuss with Masamune, first, of course. You have my word that we’ll make it our priority. Right, Kojuro?”

The hand on his shoulder gave a squeeze.

“Yes, of course,” he heard himself say, and felt his own lips curve into a smile. Yet, yet, his thoughts were there.

“Now if you’ll excuse us, Uncle. We’ll actually go over there and relay what you just said to our dear Masamune,” Shigezane said. His arm over Kojuro’s shoulders gave him a light shove, steering him in another direction.

“You looked utterly lost in there, Old Man,” he grinned. “Good thing that uncle of ours is too ancient to notice. You owe me one, you know that, right?”

For a split second he thought to deny that but then changed his mind. But before he could thank him properly, another weight slammed into him just below his knees.


His confusion turned into a smile. He heard Shigezane chuckle.

“You’re as popular as ever,” he said to him under his breath.


“Yes, Daitoshimaru-botchan, it’s been a long time, hasn’t it?”

“I have missed you!” said the four-year-old, looking up from where he was hugging his knees.

“And I you,” he said, gently untangling the boy’s arms from his hakama, and lowering himself to his knees.

Daitoshimaru took the silent invitation and climbed on to Kojuro’s open arms. Feigning a grunt, he lifted him off the ground and onto his shoulder then stood up.

The boy squealed, delighted to be taken to such height.

“You’ve gotten so big and heavy now!” Kojuro said, adding another grunt.

“Hear that, Toshi? Keep that up and you’ll break this old man’s back,” Shigezane snickered.

“I ate a lot!” the boy said proudly.

“Did you?”

“Yes! Neechan’s food is taaaaastyyyyyy…!”



“Yep, she’s neechan now to him, Kojuro. They’re inseparable now,” Shigezane said. “You should be worried, Toshi here is a formidable rival for her affection.”

“Neechaaaaaan…!” Daitoshimaru cried to the crowd. His clear voice pierced through the low buzz of the floating conversations happening around them.

Then the crowd parted just enough to reveal her.

He should use Daitoshimaru to find her all the time. The boy could get away with actually doing what he had wanted to do since he arrived at Yonezawa – ignore everyone and bellow her name out, calling her to his side and keep her there.

She was beaming. He was sure his own face mimicked hers, too.

God, she was beautiful.

Her hair, still short from her time as that scum Satake Yoshishige’s hostage, were adorned with a silk scarf tied into a ribbon at the nape of her neck. A single, blooming peony in the colour of the softest pink decorated the knot. It should be a crime to display her neck like that…

Then as she approached, the flutter of anticipation in his chest grow into beating wings of anxiety.

The furisode she was wearing, he didn’t recognise it. He had never seen it on her before.

It fitted her beautifully. It was exquisitely painted and embroidered. It was a garden in full bloom at the hem and a bright sky at the collar and the sleeves. And perching on the flowering branches and flying about in the bright blue were sparrows.

Date’s sparrows.

They were styled in the same manner with the pair of Date crests that were embroidered on either side of her collars. Kojuro knew without seeing, that on the back of the furisode would be three more exquisitely embroidered crests. He knew because he had seen it before.

He didn’t recognise the furisode. But he recognised the fabric it had been.

It had been a yuzen fabric gifted by Oda Nobunaga himself. A fabric whose delicate colours and motifs flaunted its superb craftsmanship. A fabric so exquisite Masamune had no idea what to do with that it had been kept in the treasury for some time.

And now it’s here, tailored to a perfection for a woman. His woman.    

Dun Dun Dun!!!

D A D D Y is J E A L O U S

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There will be smut!

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A Kind of Tutorial

faultyoptics and other people recently asked me how do I do my art… Well, I think it’s time to do a kind of tutorial and explain that shit! Let’s get started! :D


I usually work on A4/A3 sized file - I avoid the smaller one just because it’s harder to work on the details later. A big sized file is very appropriate for extremely detailed paintings like portraits, indeed.

Make sure that your file resolution is 300px/inch or higher. Sometimes I work on 400px/inch but I noticed that decreases the performance of the software - it freezes and even shuts the software down (obviously the fault is only in my crappy PC and RAM)… But it’s really helpful if you want to print your work at the end.
Colour mode: RGB - in second time you’d change it in CMYK which is commonly appropriate for printing but if you keep your art work only on your PC or you put it onto Internet, the RGB mode is the right choice.

Once done, create different layers: I initially did 5 layers for 5 different parts of the painting - background, face, hair, t-shirt, line work. If you are at the beginning of your digital trip, I suggest you to create as many layers as possible - it’d keep safe other parts of your painting just in case of errors.

And open your reference pic in another window, of course :)


 The key of a good realistic drawing/painting is a good sketch and… a lot of patience! Yes, before you start sketching anything, take your time to observe your model/object you’re about to draw. Try to pinpoint its characteristics, pay attention to the edges, angles, diagonals, shapes… It’s very useful thinking about that as if it were a cold geometric composition, not a walking human flesh mass. 

Months ago I posted a short demonstration of how I sketch portraits - you can check it out HERE. Anyway, there are many ways of sketching tbh… You just have to try and choose the method you feel comfortable to work with.
Important: line work layer! Make sure you’re not working on the background!
Hack: use the Ruler Tool to find the right diagonal inclines.

Once done, I’ve created another line work layer: I just cleared out all the construction lines and kept the correct sketch.


It’s extremely hard to find the exact shades of the reference pic using the Colour Picker. Also we have to drop them out with Eyedropper Tool and create our own palette.

As you can see, I did that directly on the reference pic window - it’s more comfy, imo. I dropped the most significant shades and classified them in 4 groups. Obviously it was not the only colour palette I’ve used for that painting - I’m pretty devoted to the basic one too :D


DUN DUN DUN! The most insidious part ever! Don’t discourage yourself if you can’t do it at the first attempt - I nearly cried while doing my first digital paintings, so… Be patient and determined! Rome wasn’t built in a day :’)

So, I’ve started my painting with a Basic Brushes set - it is not important what set are you going to use to… you have to mix all the shades with the Mixer Brush Tool as well.

Must admit it: that tool is freaking amazing! You can modify its presets: wet, load, mix, float and create different effects and enjoy them like a freaking pro!

Also you must know that mixing shades is a very long procedure… Sometimes it takes me 3-4 (or more) hours to find the exact volumes and the chiaroscuro thing. The horror, I’d say. But I love it :D

Step by step, I do the same with other parts of the painting: glasses and t-shirt.


First of all, put the colour on the Hair layer and start to mix it with the Mixer Brush Tool. This time use the settings indicated above: 50-90% wet and 4-9px Soft Mechanical brush (Basic Brushes set).

Once done, merge the Hair and the Face layer (keep visible only these two and go to Layer -> Merge Visible). Now you can work on the hair attachment - same method: Mixer Brush Tool, 20-40% wet and 4-6px sized brush. And then repeat one more time: merge the current layer with the background and smooth furthermore (top-bottom-bottom-top movement).


Meanwhile I added some casual white/green/azure strokes and started to enrich the background on a new layer. Once satisfied, I flattened all the layers and added more paint strokes.

Important: download some new brushes sets!

Random tips:
- play with layers/brushes opacity!
- be positive!
- don’t give up!

NB. This is not a professional guide! I learned to use Photoshop by myself and I really don’t feel like a pretentious master of everything - I just described how I usually work on my digitals step by step :)

Final version of this painting: HERE

His Benefit: “Nice to see you again“

Request: “Can you do an imagine where Josh’s high school girlfriend gets pregnant before he goes on his first tour and she doesn’t tell him anything cause se didn’t want to ruin his dream of being a drummer? And then they run into each other years later and stuff. That was kinda specific lol (I love your writing so much ❤)“

(A/N): I had some serious difficulties but I was determined to finish this thing, so I hope you like it. Thank you for requesting x

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“Mommy!“ an agonising voice cries, as you walk through the door.

“What‘s wrong, buttercup?“ you panic, wrapping your arms around the little 6-year-old and pull her close, gently rubbing her back. She tries to speak, but the words coming out of her mouth are barely understandable by the sobbing sound. She sobs into your chest unceasingly, hands clutching at your jacket. You hold her, rocking slowly as the tears soak your chest. After a while she pulls away, blinking lashes heavy with tears, that make tracks down her face and drip from her trembling chin, while clear watery snot streak from her nostrils down to her slightly open quivering lips.

“Do you wanna tell mommy why you‘re crying, Lia?“ you ask softly, voice filled with concern while wiping away her tears with both of your thumbs.

“L-lucas made f-fun of me b-because I don‘t have a d-dad. I told him I do, b-but he called me a l-liar!“ 

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