is it chica or chika

My Thoughts On March Comes In Like A Lion

The first season of March Comes In Like A Lion ended on 18th March. I wished I could continue reading the manga, but I am not a fan reading in this medium. I would miss the colourfulness that what the anime shows me. To me, the environment feels more distinct and realistic when I look at visuals in colours. 

Other than that, I did not realize how a fiction story could portray a realistic internal monologue of a character. Most noticeably, Rei Kiriyama. I thought after all this time, it was only me in this world who reacted to my environment too deeply and too poetically. And because of the existence of March Comes In Like A Lion, I appreciate how Chika (or Chica??) Umino creates such important character that aim viewers and readers to relate to him. The other characters of the show even have internal monologues that are similar to ours in a different situation of our lives.

I can also add that Sangatsu No Lion is my favourite story’s aesthetic. It is lightweight, atmospheric, innocent and welcoming. There is no such fuss about shipping characters, fanservice, physically attractive characters that act as a bait to increase viewership. And it was such a relief to find that anime, refreshing of its kind, to glide along with Rei’s journey as a main character. The tone that it gives is reminiscent of The Little Prince and Studio Ghibli’s movies, at least from what I think this show gives.