is it chica or chika

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Hey Myebi im be thinking alot and im decide to say this to you can you tell the whole story of your fnaf au and i know you left the fandom and im respect that im really do im just want to know about it and also you can tell me why you left and im promise it's the last time im gonna talk about your fnaf au if you dont want to it im fine with this your dear amon Ps Love you and Enjoy you life as you can

I remember you, and I know you as the person who spammed me with questions about FNAF many many MANY times when I clearly stated it bothered me. But it’s nicely asked, so I’ll answer. :)

I still really like FNAF and its universe, but the fandom is… Well, I simply can’t post anything about FNAF because I will get yelled at to make more content of it, that’s a problem I don’t have with Undertale for the time being, so yeah. You know why no more FNAF content. Still like to browse its content from time to time though.

Well, 5 Lullabies FNAF AU plot under the cut!

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