is it bright enough tbh idk

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17, 21

17. Whose fashion style do you like the most? Yoongi’s!!

look at this

and this

leather jacket again

look at this too

this is how he went to jungkook’s entrance ceremony in hs like??


I had some other ten pics to put here, but this is long enough already

21. Name the feature you like the most about each member!

  • jungkook: his laugh and also when he smiles and his nose scrunches up ;^; and personality wise I like how considerate he is
  • tae: his intelligence? like, idk how to explain, he has a way of looking at things that’s really interesting and captivating 
  • jimin: patience?? calmness?? (tbh he’s quite savage sometimes, but let’s leave that aside)
  • namjoon: leadership skills and thoughtfulness
  • hobi: balance, in the sense that he can be extremely bright and cheer everyone up and also be really serious and focused
  • yoongi: is ‘everything’ a feature? because yeah…
  • jin: altruism and optimism