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SSS: untitled

idk if anyone does these without being asked anymore but eh, whatever. from a one-shot I’m working on for wheneverdeen, who requested kindergarten teacher!everlark, so I’m not just doing some gratuitous self-insert lol. my fingers are crossed to get this done by next monday!

He rolls it up neatly for her, grinning again as he hands it to her. “Anything else, Ms. Everdeen?”

“No, this is—you’ve um, done enough.” Her lips curl up in a smile. “Just…you can call me Katniss,” she tells him, and the bright smile he gives her is enough to make the uncomfortable feeling in her stomach settle.

“Katniss,” he repeats, like he’s rolling it around in his mouth to get the feel of it. Another teacher comes into the supply room, Haymitch Abernathy, the cranky fifth grade teacher that all the kids inexplicably love. He takes one look at them, a pink faced Katniss stepping quickly away from Peeta, and snorts.

“This should be interesting,” he says with a scoff.

Peeta just grins quizzically. “Is that a hip flask?” Katniss snorts, and Mr. Abernathy narrows his eyes at the pair of them. “Let me know if you need any more help, Katniss,” he says, quietly enough that she feels like it’s just for her.

“Thanks, Peeta.” He smiles at her one more time then heads out, leaving them to stare after him. Haymitch gives her a sly look once the door swings closed.

“How sweet,” he jibes, sitting in an empty chair and leaning back, crossing his arms over his chest. “It’s like watching Bambi learn how to walk.”