is it becoming canon

i’ve thought about it a lot and 1. giving Lena a male ex in the first place was ugly, as it disrespects the great majority of fans who believe she’s a lesbian 2. casting a moc only to have him be seen as a creepy villain (for most of the ep) until literally DYING was peak ugliness 3. the series is changing direction and getting dark, aka they’re just choosing to torture their female leads which is again UGLY 4. supercorp becoming canon is the only thing that can save these writers from the trainwreck they’ve created… they better hop to it

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i'm your last anon about 5y time jump,yes i saw the @abazethe100 post,i'm agree with her,but for this reason how you said that bedroom scene is suspicious i think they need to give them everything a total canon thing,cause 5y its so much time and usually in tv shows,films... when this things happen "the couple" (bellarke) had sex before that,i read days ago rosymamacita blog and she is with that theory too that if we have the 5y they mighy give us sex,kiss,confession,its not crazy and it fits.

Hello again, dear nonny! :D

Good to know that you saw that post too (and that you let me know you did because sometimes, I don’t know if people notice that I answered them).

abazethe100 had some good points on the 5 year jump topic as well, some that I totally forgot to mention in my answer, and I thought that my reblog would maybe catch your attention and shed aditional light on your ask.

It’s a pet peeve of mine to give as many aspects and povs I can think of, so bear with me. :)

Back to the main topic:

You’re right that TV and film industry tends to build the tension to a point where a turning point HAS to occur (….also known as climax…*wink wink*).

Bad puns and sexual jokes aside:  Bellarke will have a major development in the next few episodes. Looking at the ongoing development of their personal relationship and/or the narrative and text, it has become inevitable at this point. To drag out the “Will they, won’t they” aspect any further would be boring and frustrating for the viewers and I believe that the writers know that.

And for that reason as rosymamacita (the most fierce advocate for and captain of #teamfuckingkissalready) as well as many others said before, no matter if we get a time jump or not, we will see canon evidence on screen.

To what extent is still up for debate though.

(*whispers* A kiss for sure. The cherry on top would be to have them kissing 44 minutes straight in the finale on this comfy bed….just saying…)  

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Again, thank you for sending the ask before as well as this one, nonny. :)

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. For all the bullshit that goes on with TWD, they refuse to downplay Richonne just to satisfy a very ignorant, entitled faction of the audience. People are already mad more and more interracial relationships are becoming canon but even madder that they can’t easily overlook them anymore. Your white favs love black women so Jot. That. Down.

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Hello! Do u think Obi and Shirayuki have any chance of being the endgame pairing? I just finished read the manga and I'm so into them, but I feel like their chances are so low ;-; btw I love your fics <3

I’ve answered this a few times over the last year, but the gist of my answer is: yes, I think there’s a chance. Do I think it’s more likely than the main pairing? Not at this point. There’s plenty of hints to point the mangaka might go that way, but there’s honestly no way to tell.

Does that have any impact on the way I ship? No. Ultimately it doesn’t matter what ends up being canon, I still like Obi and Shirayuki as pair better than Zen and Shirayuki.

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Would you change moonstones name if a different Moonstone becomes canon?

Nah because she’s a fusion and I’m pretty doubtful that a fusion gem will look like it’s single gem counterpart. It’d be a different story for Alb and Orth but I don’t see those being in the show anytime soon

It’s the same for me if say, an Aquamarine and a Pearl fuse and make a Moonstone, I wouldn’t expect them to look like my Moonstone because they have different components even if they’re a fusion as well. I think fusions are unique. A single gem Garnet, I can’t see them looking like our Garnet

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My favorite shipping terms are Disney-Ship and Viking Funeral. The first one is when you ship something but ONLY if pair don't do anything that can't be shown in a Disney Movie. The second is when a pairing becomes canon only to immediately get destroyed because REAL TALK I totally feel like a murderous viking when I have to watch my ship set sail only to be lit on fire.

I’d heard the first term but not the second. And yeah, I can totally understand the murderous Viking part there, ouch. o.o

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Us: having a fun time shipping kl@nce and getting exited about the kl@nce cameo Sh@ladins: look at these idiots, thinking their crack ship will ever become canon PSSH. Stupid little 13 year olds get off the internet!! Wow, I'm sorry I'm just really confused why that sh@ladin couldn't stay in their lane about something that wasn't even anti related... yet when snosh sneaton says anything about she//ith they celebrate thinking it's canon? Lol it's just kinda sad really

shaladins: i was born with glass bones and paper skin. every morning i break my legs, and every afternoon i break my arms. at night, i lie awake in ago-

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I feel like Antis actually lowkey hate Voltron? They want to change SO MANY things about the show itself, it's like... hey, why are you even watching? The show is clearly not what they want it to be?? I'm so confused?

I don’t understand why most antis watch voltron tbh bc they’re legit like “If kl@nce doesn’t become canon I’m not watching the show” or “the writers need to improve the show by making kl@nce canon” and it’s like well you might as well stop watching now bc I can tell you right now kl@nce isn’t gonna become canon that’s blatantly obvious and neither are 99% of the other ships so why tf are you still here if your whole enjoyment of the show rides on literally one fanon ship that isn’t even and won’t ever be canon becoming canon

Come Home Yesterday


Author: customrolex

Rating: Mostly Teen, some Adult

Status: Four works complete, (fifth and) final is a WIP

Length: +238 000 words, five works.


the ‘come home yesterday’ series, described by readers as a “tour de force”, “refreshing”, and “VASTLY amazing”.

In a twist of fate, Philips has Steve removed from Project: Rebirth and sent to train as a medic. When his ship out is delayed, Bucky Barnes is given the opportunity to become a better man and a super soldier. MCU canon is reinterpreted in an epic as Bucky becomes a superserumed intelligence worker under Peggy Carter, then Captain America, and as Steve joins the Commandos, then becomes the Winter Soldier.

[Thanks for the submission! I forgot to subscribe after reading the first excellent installment, and I can’t wait to read the rest! –S]

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This is less salty and more a generally sad and disappointing thing I just noticed. I was about the search the Sh/eith tag when I noticed second most popular auto fill was "anti She/ith". Out of curiosity I decided to check the other Sh/iro pairs. I wish I hadn't. "Anti _" was the next most popular for every single search. Same thing for Ka/llura. The only ships to escape this treatment are Hu/nk and Pid/ge pairs (rare pairs generally) and, you guessed it, Kla/nce. Why does everyone hate Shi/ro?

bc he’s closer to K/eith than L/ance will ever be. anything remotely popular that involves L/ance or K/eith, say Ka//ura or Sh/ance, is perceived as a threat. antis know that K/ance is fragile and has very poor chances of becoming canon in comparison to other ships, so they gotta make themselves look “better” by bashing others

that’s it

I can’t believe that there are people out there who genuinely think that Genji didn’t become a living weapon, and that he wanted to become one.

Not all of the lines in the game are canon, including Heroes of The Storm.

And besides, if you guys had any semblance of intelligence, then you’d realize that most of the lines Genji made from HoTS were pop culture references, including from Star Wars (”higher ground”) and the part about the “high tech prosthesis” is a reference to the Six Million Dollar Man.

Seriously, these lines should be taken with a grain of salt. 

Do you honestly think that Genji wasn’t angry and upset over what happened to him? If so, then why did he hate himself for several years and wander the world searching for meaning, only to find it with Genyatta (and not Mercy)?

The fact still remains that Angela only saved Genji because she was under orders from Overwatch to do so, and he hated himself, and Overwatch too, for what they did to him.

It’s just you Gency fans trying your hardest to make your precious Gency less nasty, and you are still failing on so many levels. 

Nothing will change what’s in his biography, and nothing you do will make Gency less gross and awful than it already is.

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Okay... If you had to choose between a) your favourite deceased character coming back from the dead, but being terribly written/badly characterised/poorly utilised forever and ever... or b) your least favourite character being killed off with no hope of returning, but your NOTP becomes canon... which would it be?

Hmmm.  WELLLLLL, given that my favorite deceased character IS in the MCU, and the likelihood of him being poorly written and utilized and badly characterized is pretty much 100% likely to happen, I’ll go with  A, simply because I’m would have to make my peace with it in order for him to come back.    

( credit to @undinaes who originally wrote this for me. bless her. )

Rose/Vanilla. Chibiusa’s primary scent is identical to her mother’s—she smells of Roses, which is universally accepted to represent unconditional love. Chibiusa has many facets to her personality, much more than we’re shown in canon that become more prominent as she grows, and I believe that she encompasses many different hues of roses and their meanings as well. White roses represent innocence and wistfulness, a nod to how she must feel every time she goes back home and thinks of her travels back through time, Yellow for friendship, light pink for joy of life, burgundy for unconscious beauty, and pink for grace. All of these traits are fully embraced by the time she grows into her role as Small lady Serenity, heir to Crystal Tokyo. 

Unlike Usagi, however, Chibiusa’s aroma isn’t strictly floral. She’s surrounded by the relaxing bouquet of vanilla, a nice complimentary scent of the rose perfume of her skin. Smelling of vanilla is symbolic for having a revitalising presence, as if simply speaking to Chibiusa makes one feel a bit lighter on their feet, putting a little more spring in their step. It also brings joyful memories out in those around her, reminding them of happy recollections of good times that bring dreamy smiles to their faces. Vanilla inspires the bringing of good fortune, which brings a little pun of her name to the table: lucky little rabbit indeed, eh?

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OKAY for real in "Charlie and Dee find love" is the video of Mac and that guy "wrestling" supposed to ACTUALLY be wresting? Because after watching that episode I couldn't tell if Mac being gay had become canon or not. Like, I couldn't tell if they meant it to actually be a sex tape, or if it was just supposed to look like a sex tape. (Didn't look like wrestling to me...?) Maybe this is a dumb question idk

ok i’m super unfamiliar with wrestling in general, but i’m 95% certain that they weren’t actually wrestling. mac insisting that they were was just him being in deep-seated denial about himself, which is pretty in-character for him. (also didn’t dennis plant the camcorder? so technically they were “““wrestling””” without being aware that it was being filmed… even more reason for it to not have been actual wrestling tbh)