is it because they reblog homestuck


earth c

this was supposed to be a valentine’s drawing but i immediately hated it about an hour in so uh

i finished it before i could no longer bear to look at it

+ close up because i spent time on drawing that grass just to blur it

the signs as blog types
  • Aries: geologist, college student, amateur photographer. Always shows up in "recommended blogs" even if you have no interest in admittedly cool rocks. Science Side of Tumblr©
  • Taurus: pokémon blog, has 2 followers, used to be a personal blog but descended into fandom shitposting. #Has #no #idea #how #to #use #the #tagging #system
  • Gemini: theme designer, is never active but has 5,000 followers somehow, probably part of xkit staff. Has caused the website to crash at least twice
  • Cancer: ask blog, frequent personal vent posts, has no idea how to censor stuff so the post doesn't show up in the tags. Gives brilliant advice that nobody listens to
  • Leo: animal blog that sometimes will accidentally reblog furry art but nobody calls them out because they're too pure. Roleplays disney characters. Fantastic mutual.
  • Virgo: photojournalist, fashion, the occasional thinkpiece. Has never made a typo in their life. The only one to use tags properly as a categorization system
  • Libra: really just here for the shitposts. Has started at least 12 memes in the past 3 months. Reblogs the occasional teal stimboard, has a ridiculously unreadable theme
  • Scorpio: feeds off The Discourse™, has been doxxed 7 times, all for completely different things. Somehow still has thousands of followers despite being #confirmed Problematic
  • Sagittarius: animal blog that intentionally reblogs furry art. Alternatively, cyberpunk aesthetic and robotics projects. Mutuals with Leo, nobody knows why
  • Capricorn: one of those deep-tumblr memeing blogs that only posts original content. it's dadaist meta-level shitposting down there. follow them and you never recover
  • Aquarius: Obviously Fake Tumblr Stories, vagueing, comments on positivity posts with "but dont forget [x other unrelated group]!! uwu". posts too many selfies
  • Peixes: bad liberal discourse, a lot of pink aesthetics, flower crowns, reblogs Fake Tumblr Stories with "its true i was there! XD". Thinks they're next level social justice because they said racism was bad that one time
Dead Dash

I need more people to follow, because my dash is dead. Please like or reblog this post if you post any of the following:

• Art in general
• General Shitposting (Dear god, I need memes)
• Yuuri!!! On Ice
• Voltron
• Panic! At the Disco
• tøp
• Art
• Pokemon
• musicals
• Animals (I love puppy pictures)
• Fan art
• Cosplay
• Did I say art? ‘Cause I meant to
• Comics
• Funny shit
• Steven Universe
• Cool stuff that you made
• Youtubers (Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Dan and Phil, etc.)
• Just want to be friends???

So yeah, I’ll keep adding to this. Please tag what you reblogged this for! (Mostly if you just want to be friends.) Thanks for reading!

*Warning* I will not follow you if you post Homestuck or Hetalia, because I’m not going back to my middle school obsessions. I’m not dissing either of them; you do you boo boo.

never let someone make you feel bad for wanting to learn something because of a form of media you like! 

you want to learn piano so you can play ‘his theme’ from undertale? 


you want to learn to swim because of free! Iwatobi swim club? 


you want to learn to knit so you can make sweaters like mabel from gravity falls? 


you want to learn how to garden so you can be like jade from homestuck?


you want to learn how to write books  so you can inspire others like your favorite author inspired you?


you want to learn how to draw so you can inspire others like your favorite artist inspired you?


you want to learn how to make games so you can inspire others like your favorite producer inspired you?


you want to learn this activity because something that makes you happy relates to it? 

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(feel free to reblog and add something that inspired you to do a thing!)

shit man my dash is dead!

smack that like button if you reblog/post:

  • Harry Potter
  • Sailor Moon
  • anything book related (anything. TMI, SoC, TRC, TLC, ToG, etc etc just fuck me up because I LOVE BOOKS) anything
  • Voltron
  • whatup still Homosuck here sry not sry
  • Stranger Things
  • Yuri on Ice (I love)
  • Disney
  • Teen Wolf
  • Video Games (HM, LoZ, Elder Scrolls … I like a lot of video games just give it a try)
  • Cats
  • also anything space-related? I like space
  • hell like this even if you don’t match any of these because maybe I’m forgetting things (I’m forgetting a lot of things)

and I’ll check you out. pls and thx.

If you see a system that is physically 26 y/o, with a ghost themed system name...

PLEASE, proceed with caution.

The Phantom Brigade (aka dissolveus/ghostlydust, aka spectresector, aka voicelessvoid/astralchromatic) is likely going to be remaking their blogs again in order to form a new face to hide behind.  They have done this numerous times after they abandon a victim in order to groom a replacement, or whenever a victim of theirs escapes.  This is in part to be able to continue to stalk their previous victims, while having a secret space to garner attention where they paint their victims (who can’t defend themselves) as the abusers.

The Phantom Brigade, especially their host (who typically goes by Cecil, Cee, or gh0st) are incredibly manipulative and abusive individuals.  While we hoped we would be their last victims, we were informed that they’ve abused at least one system after us, in nearly identical ways to how we and their two partners before us were abused, so we highly advise for you to avoid them or proceed with extreme caution.  More information on our abuse is in our phantom brigade saga tag, including this call out post, and this post with links to various receipts. (tws are listed above the posts).

They tend to target people who are autistic (so that they can infantilize you when you do not do what they want) and/or have bpd (so that they can manipulate you into melting down, using the ableist ‘people with bpd are abusive’ stereotypes as a way to try to free themselves of blame or responsibility).  They also have a tendency toward people who are younger (18-21), as systems/kin in that demographic are less likely to question them.

If you, your friends, or your partners, fit in to their victim demographic, please keep an eye out for each other.  We’re placing these in these tags because they are larger communities, which makes it easier for them to hide in, and they already have at least one fictive from them.

Feel free to reblog this or otherwise spread it around, to help keep people safe!

Hey everyone! I recently remade my blog and I’ve decided that this is a good opportunity to no longer be ashamed of my interests and just enjoy them. I can handle some dash deadness, but I’d like to have a dash more tailored to my interests. Please like or reblog this if you reblog a lot of any of the following!

I don’t mind if you only like, but if you reblog it, please put in the tags what you post from this list, it makes it easier for me. Also, if you reblog it, yours followers will be able to see it and that’ll be nice.

• Kaijus and other monsters

• twenty one pilots, My Chemical Romance, or Fall Out Boy

• Andrew McMahon

• Bands like The Antlers, the Mountain Goats, Neutral Milk Hotel/the Music Tapes, and AJJ

• Legos, especially the Lego Movie and Lego Batman

• Steven Universe (preferably shying away from constantly criticising the show just because I don’t want to deal with all the negativity, although I definitely agree the show has gotten a lot worse)

• Homestuck

• Other cartoons, especially We Bare Bears and Gravity Falls
• Any version of Animal Crossing or Pokemon

• Mental health blog, especially with a focus on BPD, PTSD, and autism

• Animals, either cute posts or scientific posts

• 1776, I Made America, and Hamilton

• Welcome to Night Vale or The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air)

• The Simpsons

• Witchcraft that is trans/nonbinary and curse friendly

• Aro/ace resources/positivity

• Vulture culture

• Stim blogs

• Kidcore and age regression (I’m not in any communities, but please don’t follow if C.G.L or CG.L/R.E., or if you bully others)

• Aesthetics like lovecore, rainbowcore, and other bright things

• Glow blogs and pale blogs

• Plant and art blogs

• Creepy, weird aesthetic blogs that have a surrealist undertone (IE hospital aesthetic, graves, fields, stuff like that)

I’m okay if you’re a kin blog. Also, feel free to message me if you know any blogs I might like

I so do love trying to reblog a post and getting that lovely message “This post cannot be reblogged” because someone ive never interacted with has blocked me. 

So I screenshotted and reuploaded it. 

You can literally say this about any ship, in fact most gay ships are pretty much this premise alone, two guys or two girls exist in a medium and the shipper likes these two characters together. 

Hussie is all over the place when it comes to shipping. On the one hand, he seems to hate it, on the other, hes declared all ships canon, which isnt really clear if hes trolling or not, on the third hand, he made davekat and rosemary canon, on the fourth hand, theres canonically millions of offshoot timelines and millions of ghost selves, so any pairing is possible. 

Also Id like to add that Hussie stoked the shipping ovens when he had karkat made the shipping chart of JohnRose and DaveJade, and during “Seer:Descend” Rose comments that she and john would make a cute couple. 

So yeah, Hussie is all over the fucking place when it comes to shipping, and I genuinely cannot tell if he hates it, is indifferent, or likes it. 

Anyways, this quote seems to be a “Gotcha” to those that ship JohnRose which, in bird culture is considered a dick move. I dont know if the original poster of this quote intended to be such a condescending cunt, but thats what it seems like it was 

“Andrew fucking obliterating JohnRose” seems to indicate they WERE in fact being a cunt. 

Reblog if you are a Homestuck or were ever at one point a Homestuck. I want you guys to hold each others hands. And never let go...

      Wow, so this is it. Homestuck has finally ended. It has been a good seven years. It really has! This fandom might have pissed me off at times, we’ve had our ups and downs but, I really do love you guys. We are like a large, dysfunctional but loving family.

      Even though the thing that brought us together has come to a close, I still want to laugh and create with you all. There probably won’t be anymore regular updates, no more regular update art, things like that, but I don’t want this fandom to die. Even if you aren’t really into Homestuck anymore, please try to remember it fondly. Once a fan, always a fan I like to say! I don’t want the cosplay, art, music, and the creativity with this fandom to stop. The roleplays, ships, even the arguing!

      You guys are the best fandom I have ever been a part of. Because of Homestuck, I’ve met so many amazing people, made so many creative arts, and made so many amazing relationships. I’ve made amazing memories! This fandom made me feel like I belonged here, even if I did get into silly arguments from time to time or shed a couple tears. To be honest, looking back I think that enhanced my great experience with you all! This fandom is amazing, you’re all amazing. You don’t have to reblog this, but I’d really appreciated if you did.

      I’d appreciate if you reblogged for yourself and your fellow homestucks, young and old. I want this post to be important, to mean something. Homestuck has done so many wonderful things for people. It’s even saved lives! Andrew Hussie is an amazing writer and though some of us didn’t want Homestuck to end, all things must come to a close. Please, reblog. Help pull our family in with a great big hug. Lets see how many notes this can get. Let’s see how proud, how loud, loving, and how LOYAL OUR FAMILY IS! I want this to be the post, THE POST, that pulls us all together, to support each other, to show Hussie how much he’s done for us, and to show our appreciation. To honor the fandom that has been following the comic for YEARS. Whether you joined April 13, 2009 or yesterday. You deserve a round of applause! We deserve a STANDING OVATION! HUSSIE DESERVES TO KNOW HOW MUCH WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE HIM. HOW MUCH WE APPRECIATE EACH OTHER! This is it, THIS IS IT. Let’s go out with a SHOUT! Make it count, guys. I’m proud of you.  I love you! <3 

I’m like half an hour late in my country
He’s 21 now GEEZE
Also, a new style?? I had a version of this for Jane but I couldn’t finish it in time (even though I’m already late). Hopefully I can still get it done :{U

Characters © Andrew Hussie

most likely reason to die

aries: unintentionally hurt by someone you love

taurus: gravity

gemini: a part of u dies, but only on the inside

cancer: trying to save someone you love

leo: being too good for this world

virgo: i  n c i n e r a t i o n

libra: you only die by your own terms

scorpio: because u a dangerous bitch

sagittarius: authority took advantage of u

capricorn: not completely sure if you can even die

aquarius: by being a piss lord

pisces: u didnt deserve it
{anything within these brackets will be removed for the final product, and serve as reminders for me to do something} {i will do the spacing editing after all the sections are in an edited, no point in putting sections at the start of pages when ill just have to do it again when i add more stu...

Progress! here is the link to the google doc of the start of the whole shebang. comment on what you think, ill respond as to why i agree/disagree, or just correct the endless amounts of grammatical errors i make. ill also reblog this every time i add a larger new section to it, because there is obviously a lot left to go!

vedinamel  asked:

Hi there! Since it's 413 I've been sending asks to everybody I met and followed because of Homestuck, so I'm passing by to tell you that your cosplays are some of my favorites, I think you're a pretty great person and I hope good things always come your way. Happy 4/13!

AAAAHH HOMESTUCK AAAAHHH!!! thank you so much!! you know…just to get in the spirit of the day, i think I’m gonna reblog some of my old homestuck cosplays :y I’m happy I’m finally out of my “EWWW HOMESTUCK” phase, like it was a great comic, and it had wonderful characters. theres a reason i liked it so long, like i can casually enjoy it again now! :^0 

@spatialdecay reblogged your post:Joke Classes because I think I’m funny/clever#homestuck#one flaw: syllable law#it has 2 syllables (and while seer arguably is 2 I’ve disregarded it cus seer can also be one kinda)

i see those tags lol and yes it does break the 2 syllables pattern

but, in favor of it being a fanthing ive done and also it being a terrible pun on par with the Waste, I’m willing to ignore that lol

also Kids names always only had one syllable in them as well but then Roxy happened, so I think syllable patterns for words are more just happenstance patterns than hardline rules (and I do also pronounce Seer like Sear so theres that lol)

as stated in the stylistic suck banner, I just got to 413 followers on this blog, which is a pretty big number :)

So how do we celebrate? MORE SPRITES

I don’t know if anyone would be interested but The First twelve people to reblog this will get a pair of sprites of anything they want.

fantroll? fankid? trickster? based on their blog? Themselves?


and when I say a pair of sprites I mean that one of them will look like this


and the other will look like this

so yeah, basically, it’s really one thing, with two versions

Close to homestuck canon and stylistic :)

Just one thing though

I can’t sprite gore, and not for lack of trying. I tried my best and sucked, so you can cross that one off the list.

Thanks everyone!