is it bad that i think he's the prettiest when he cries

Good Morning, Jamaica

A little part two of my other fic ‘Jamaica’, thanks again to @sing-me-a-song-harry for helping me out with it! Enjoy!! xx B



You were so hot, and no matter how you twisted or turned, you couldn’t escape the heat. It radiated off of the solid body behind you and off of the heavy arm slung over your waist as puffs of breath huffed against your neck. Your eyes widened. Who could you have possibly…? Then it all came rushing back. The wine, a ringed hand slipping further up your thigh with each second and the sloppy, wonderful fuck against the dining room wall. It was Harry’s taste on your tongue. Harry’s moans in your memory. Harry’s body heat at your back. Trembling slightly, you rolled away from the man sleeping behind you, taking the bedsheets with you to cover your nakedness as you did. Harry didn’t stir as the bed shifted, and you cursed under your breath as you remembered your clothes being discarded on the dining room floor in your haste to undress each other. Hopefully anyone who actually made it back to the house after a night of drinks was too tired or too tipsy to notice the clothes scattered around.
Just as your hand grasped the doorknob, the bed creaked, a soft grunt reaching your ears. You froze in anticipation.
“Y/N?” His voice was soft and gravelly from sleep, his knuckles coming to rub at his eyes as he sat up. Harry took you in, your pretty form clutching the silk sheets around you like a second skin. “What’re yeh doin’?” He asked.
You swallowed, heart racing. “I’m…I’m going back to my room before anyone realizes I’m in here, without clothes on,” you said shakily, glancing over your shoulder at him. His hair was ruffled from sleep and the multiple times you’d tugged on his roots the night before, and his lips were swollen and pink. You wanted nothing more than to crawl back into bed with him. You didn’t leave the door, though.
“Love,“ he said quietly, eyes darting over you as he slowly rose from the bed with his hand extended toward you as he approached, like he was trying to calm a wild animal that would run the instant he got too close. “Yeh avoidin’ me? Tryin’ t’ leave before I woke up?” Your eyes squeezed shut, his hand landing on your wrist as flashes of those hands running along your skin went through your mind. You swallowed.
“I’m..I’m not avoiding you. Just…need to do some shopping, s'all.” Harry let out a low chuckle, green eyes understanding as he came to stand in front of you. The rest of the house was still silent and you were thankful for the alcohol that had provided the peace.
“’M sorry, love, I am. We were both just in t'moment, and a lit’le drunk, we don’ have t'make it into more than that.” His words had the opposite effect than he intended and he knew it immediately by the way hurt flashed in your eyes.
“You…you didn’t want it?” Your voice cracked, eyes looking anywhere but at Harry as tears welled in them. For so long, you’d secretly had feelings for him, wanted to feel his lips on yours and his skin against your body, and now that you had, he was acting as if it didn’t mean anything to him at all. You turned away from him, sniffling as Harry made an affronted grunt.
“No, no, angel, tha’s not wha’ I meant. O'course I wanted it, wanted yeh. O'course I did, still do.” You paused, wiping at one of your eyes and angling your head to glance back at him. “’Ve always wanted yeh, sweetheart. If y'don’ feel th’ same, tha’s fine, but don’ yeh dare think I didn’t want yeh, or I just wanted a quick fuck. Don’.”
Sincerity and concern shown in his dark eyes, and before you could over think yourself, your hands were cupping his jaw and your lips were against his, the sheet falling to the floor without your hands there to hold it. Harry took in a shocked breath through his nose, but his hands fell to your hips and he pulled you closer, molding your body to his. Now that you were both completely sober and not locked in a lust-driven race to get to your orgasms, the kiss was slow and hot, your heads tilting and lips smacking softly. Your hands slid to his chest and Harry’s came to your jaw, thumb rubbing softly over it as he urged you towards the bed. His lips moved down your cheek to your neck, sucking gently on the skin there as your head lolled back, eyes fluttering shut.
“Harry,” you whined, “I need you.“ A low growl left his throat as his fingers trailed down your body. "Yeh wan’ it, pet? No runnin’ away this time?” A cheeky smile pulled at his mouth as he raised his head to meet your gaze and you nodded seriously, tugging on his necklace to connect your lips again.
“No running.” You agreed. Your bare back met the mattress again, and you whimpered as you dragged your mouth along his throat, tongue darting out every now and then to taste him. Harry moaned above you, his arms trembling as he rubbed his hardening length against your center. He was all slow, warm hands as they ran down your sides, his body sliding down to rest at the foot of the bed. His soft lips began to sponge kisses from your ankle up to your thighs, his fingers digging into your flesh. You whined impatiently when Harry returned to hover over you, still slow and wild eyed. After a few more needy kisses, you trailed your eyes over him in the morning light. He was gorgeous; from his bedroom eyes to his flushed, weepy cock, he was the prettiest thing you’d ever seen.
“S'pretty.” Harry laughed and sweetly kissed you before his mouth returned to the hollow of your throat, moving down to your breasts. Desire flooded through you, your body humming at the notion of having him buried inside of you again, your belly tingling in anticipation.
“‘M gonna fuck yeh nice ‘n slow, sweetheart, show yeh how bad ‘ve wanted yeh. Yeh feel tha’?” His hard cock pressed into your thigh and you whimpered, mouth falling open. “S’what y’do t’ me.” He slowly trailed his fingertips down your body until he reached your center, immediately finding your clit and circling it with fervor. A strangled moan fell from your lips.
“Please, Harry!” The words were all you could manage, head so filled with the haze of lust you could barely see. Harry smiled against the skin of your chest, hips shifting as he lined himself up.
“Yeh need me, angel? Hm?” Your fingernails clawed at his back as he entered you, stretching you in the most delicious way. Harry’s words trailed off into deep, drawn out moans as your walls clenched around him, warm and wet. “Pet, yeh feel s’good fo’ me.” You pulled him down for a kiss, tongues tangling and breath mingling. Harry’s teeth sank into your lip with a grunt, his hips thrusting forward at a steady pace. His cock dragged slowly in and out of you, and his eyes squeezed shut, the feeling indescribable.
“Wanted you for so long,” you wheezed, wrapping a leg around his waist to pull him deeper into you. “So, so long.” Harry groaned, head falling to rest on your collar bone.
“‘Here! ‘M here, angel, ‘m righ’ here,” Harry bit out, teeth clenching when the headboard knocked into the wall. “Christ!” The heat was stifling, the sounds of your pants and dirty moans filling the air, and you couldn’t find it in you to care that anyone in the house could probably hear the noises. Let them hear how well Harry fucked you, how good he was to you. A ringed hand slipped down to rub your clit, eliciting sharp cries from you as Harry’s hips thrust deeper. Each stroke was long and measured, making sure to fill you to the brim and push you to the limit faster. A light sheen of sweat covered yours and Harry’s skin, making him difficult to grab onto, but as you sank your nails into his back for leverage, a hoarse cry of pleasure left his throat.
“Do tha’ again, pet, c’mon, be good fo’ me.” You raked your nails down his skin, sure to leave scratches, but you didn’t think twice about it when you felt his cock twitch inside of you. “Fuck, love, y’feel s’good.” You were taut underneath him, barely able to catch a breath, and you found your hands pushing at his shoulders roughly.
“Wanna ride you, please.” Harry’s eyes rolled with pleasure, his length barely leaving you as he rolled to his back and you moved to straddle him and sink down onto his cock. The new angle pushed him even deeper, and Harry was quick to start pushing up into you, not wanting to wait a minute more. “You feel so good, Harry. Oh my God, please don’t stop!” His hands cupped your breasts, tweaking your nipples as his eyes roamed over your body as you moved above him. Heat curled in your belly, coiling tightly like a spring as you slipped a hand down your body to rub at your clit.
“C’mon, angel, look s’good fo’ me, ridin’ m’so well. Need yeh t’ cum all ov’ m’cock.” You moaned at his words, grinding down on him as he thrusted upwards. Your walls clenched around him, squeezing his cock so tightly you could feel the vein that ran along his length pulse inside of you. It didn’t take much longer for you to throw your head back as your orgasm rolled over you, your mouth falling open in a loud cry. Harry was quick to follow, teeth gritting and neck veins on display as he climaxed. With him still buried inside you, you slouched forward, breathing hard against his chest. Chaste kisses were pressed to your sweaty forehead and Harry tenderly rubbed your back, eyes fluttering shut.
“Still no running?” He managed to wheeze, a small smile curving his lips. You let out a shaky laugh, nipping at his throat playfully.
“After that, I’m not even sure I can walk. I’m not going anywhere.” A rumbling laugh was Harry’s only reply.

Lacrosse Practice

A/N: I didn’t proof read this, so I’m so, so sorry if there are any mistakes, if there are, please tell me and I will fix them right away and enjoy this imagine. I love you guys xxx

You were so nervous yet so excited, you were getting ready for the Lacrosse try outs and you were on the field watching all the guys clumsily put on their jersey’s. You picked up your stick and picked up a ball and flung it across the pitch and perfectly into the net. You heard someone cheering and applauding you in the background, shouting your name, you turned your head and saw your best friend, Y/B/F/N, standing on the bleachers.You waved and placed your focus back on the ball. You picked up another ball and threw the ball into the net again.

“Woah, who the hell is that?” Stiles asked Scott as he watched you throw every ball straight into the net. “That’s Y/N.” Scott replied. “What? Are you sure? I’ve loved her since the first time I saw her, I think I would recognise that goddess. Maybe your werewolf superpowers aren’t working properly today.” Stiles insisted. “Trust me, that’s Y/N. And when do my wolf senses not work?” Scott snapped as he narrowed his eyes at Stiles. “Like that time when we were in that gay club a couple years ago.” Stiles smirked. “Right, sure, ‘cos my powers are meant to be used to sense all gay people, real mature, Stiles.” Scott playfully rolled his eyes at Stiles. “Everybody get on the field! Come on, my grandma can run faster than you, and she’s dead!” Coach shouted and blew his whistle.

You dropped your ball on the ground and ran to the centre of the field where Finstock and all the other players were. “Oooo wow, a girl. Are you sure you’re in the right place, you could get seriously injured by us men.” teased another Lacrosse player. “I can take care of myself, and as for you, get ready for any humiliation and broken bones. I heard for a guy, it’s kinda embarrassing to get beaten up by a girl.” you insulted back. Seriously, a girl can do whatever she freaking wants, don’t be a sexist pig and get a life. “This is the most important time of your lives, these are Lacrosse try outs! Now go! Move it!” yelled Coach. You grabbed your stick again and got into one of the lines, next to Greenberg.

“Come on Greenberg, get the hell up and get to the back of the line. Greenberg, you suck,” your eyes widened. “God, I hate that kid.” Finstock whispered the last sentence but it was loud enough that you heard it. “Careful, Stilinski and McCall are dangerous animals, take it easy, Y/L/N.” you rolled your eyes at him and put the ball in the net of your Lacrosse stick. Stiles and Scott got in position and glanced at each other, both of them tightening their grip to their Lacrosse sticks. You charge at the two boys and they did the same. You pushed your shoulder into Scott and pressed your stick against his back hard and he fell to the ground. That was pretty easy, not gonna lie. Stiles ran towards you and you quickly dodged him while hitting his shins with your stick, causing him to trip up and fall to the grass, immediately joining Scott. You threw the ball towards the net and the guy in goal missed the ball, letting the ball hit the back of the net.

You turned round and everyone’s jaws had dropped, even Coach’s. “There’s no point looking at you losers now, Stilinski, McCall, you disgust me. What the hell was that?!” Finstock yelled and you snorted and tried to cover your mouth. “I guess, you should congratulate your new Lacrosse captain…?” Coach continued. “Applaud her, you lazy slugs!” A roar of cheering and whistling deafened you and you smiled. You turned your head and you saw Stiles still on the floor as he watched Scott lift himself up. You barged through your disgusting classmates and made your way to Stiles.You offered your hand to him and he gladly took it, you lifted him up and he brushed off all the grass off his uniform.

“That was pretty amazing, you even beat poor McCall here.” Stiles pointed at Scott. “You probably scarred him for life, poor Scottie boy.” Stiles continued sarcastically and you laughed at his humour. Scott placed his hand on your shoulder and you looked over at him. “That was incredible, congrats on being Captain, you deserve it and it’s about time a girl proves everyone wrong. Well done. Stiles, I’ll meet you in the changing rooms, bye Y/N.” Stiles winked at Scott. “Thanks Scott, trust me, you did great with the other players.” you finished and he left, leaving you and Stiles alone again. “Sorry if I really hurt you, Stiles.” Stiles shook his head, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. It would be kinda funny if you left a mark, then I could be reminded everyday that I got my ass kicked by a beautiful and talented girl.” Stiles immediately stopped when he realised what you said and his a soft red coated his cheeks.

“Oh god, I just meant that…” Stiles paused and froze for a second. “There’s literally no way of me saving myself here, is there?” you shook your head and smiled. “Sorry Stiles, now, what were you saying?” you taunted. “Oh fuck it. Y/F/N, you are the most prettiest girl I ever laid my eyes on and I’ve liked you for so long, so, so long, trust me, it’s been long and Scott thinks it’s pathetic since I never confessed my love to you and I talk about you literally everyday and it’s been long, you can even ask him. Actually, don’t, that would be pretty embarrassing for me when you find out how long I’ve liked you, and I’m rambling, oh shit, this is hard. Okay, how would you like to go on a date with me, this Friday at 6?” You pretended to think even though you knew what your answer was gonna be but you just wanted to taunt Stiles just a tiny bit longer. “Look, Stiles, you’re a great guy and i’m sure any girl would be lucky enough to have you but i’m not one of them…” Stiles looked down and grabbed his Lacrosse stick and was about to say something until you quickly continued. “Of course I will, I’ve liked you for so long too but maybe not as long as you, the way you described it, it was liked you’ve liked me since I was literally born.”

Stiles wrapped his arms around your waist and picked you up, twirling you around. He stopped after a few seconds of you both laughing and you squealing. “Don’t do that to me ever again. A guy like me can only handle a lot of rejection and I swear I could hear my heart breaking, I don’t think I could ever love anyone again if you carried on.” you laughed and smiled at him since he really did love you and you could feel yourself falling deeper and deeper for him. “We should probably go. You know, before Finstock screams at us and makes you cry.” you playfully insulted Stiles. “Yeah, I cry really easily, you know I cried when I first watched the ending of the last Star Wars movie, that shit hit me hard.” you laughed so much, you could feel yourself tearing up. You knew you were going to fall hard for Stiles and you had no idea how you were going to pick yourself up if anything bad happened. It was going to be impossible.

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Among The Beasts: Prologue

Reader x Kol Mikaelson



Synopsis: You and Kol Mikaelson have known each other since you were both kids. Now, being almost a teenager and also a Hale, you have to struggle with the fact you turning into a werewolf without having any clue about what to do. Kol comes up as a sweet best friend and helps you through it. 

A/N: HELLO! I know I’ve sort of disappeared. However, last monday was my high school graduation prom, so I didn’t have any time to update the blog and I am deeply, DEEPLY, sorry. Anyways, back to the story I’m publishing now. I have been requested awhile ago to do a long fiction about Kol and Reader. I thought it was a great idea and I decided to do it. So, it will be kind of a crossover between teen wolf and the originals. I truly hope you like it. This is just a introductory part. And I know I talk too much. hahaha :)

Word Count: 1637

[11th century]

“Kol, where are you? Please, don’t leave me all alone here!” A girl cried, running around in the woods. “I mean it!”

The twelve year old, knowing she would not get a solid answer, just sat against a tall and strong tree. Warm tears rolled down her face as she hugged her own knees, providing the realisation of how cold her own hands were; aside the obvious shaking.

Playing hide and seek was a bad idea, she thought, feeling helpless. Kol was the girl’s best friend and was perfectly aware over the extension of her loathing towards the merely concept of being alone. Especially in the woods, where her father warned her she should be extra careful. It was the burden of being a Hale: to always live hidden and to always be careful.

“Can’t you be nice to me?” Once more her high pitched voice yelled. “You are supposed to be my friend. Best friend. Answer me!”

“You’re no fun, Elizabeth.” A voice came out from between two other trees, making she jump, scared. “We come here everyday to play and you’re still scared I’m going to leave you.“

“That’s because you always hide so well. I never find you!” The girl shook her head. “Also, one of these days you will, once I become…”

“A wolf?“

Mary Elizabeth nodded her head, lowering her eyesight. Kol chuckled and walked towards her, cupping one of her cheeks and lifting her chin in order for the girl to look at him. She had puffy and red eyes from the crying. At that sight, he felt something inside him break. It was awful to look at her like that. Knowing she was hurt and scared. The young Mikaelson wanted to keep her safe and far way from her family problems. Like a best friend should do.

“Listen to me, please.” The boy said, firmly. “I don’t care about your past or what you will become in the future.”

“It’s not that and you know it. Honestly, I’m only scared that one day I might feel the urge to hurt you.”

Kol sighed, pulling Elizabeth into a tight hug. She instantaneously wrapped her arms around his waist, feeling the boy’s soft squeeze. He rested his head on hers, her scent invading his nostrils. Even though it was awkward, as boys and girls usually tend to not get along when young, they loved every minute they spent together.

That moment, especially, felt endless. Both of them under the sunset, feeling their skin’s warmth… Perhaps it was right that second they had fallen in love with each other for good.

“You won’t.” He said, his voice muffled by her hair.

“Excuse me?”

"Hurt me.”

“You can’t possibly know that…”

Kol placed two of his fingers on her mouth, not allowing the girl to finish the sentence. Mary Elizabeth could be very pessimistic when she wanted to be and he hated that. A smug grin curved his lips until, suddenly, he felt the tip of her tongue against his skin. A disgusted glare showed up on his eyes, while she laughed out loud.

“Better now?”

“All better. It’s always amusing to see you like that.”

“I’m glad you’re happy.” Kol said, sarcastically.

Eventually, he caved in and joined her, chuckling.

“It’s getting dark. How about we go home, Lizzie?”

“Yes!” She placed a hand on her stomach. “Oh, Lord, I’m starving.”

“Me too! I feel like I could eat a horse.”

“And, since you’re my best friend, we could share this horse.”

“No way! It’s my food.”

“Alright, Mr. ‘It’s my food’.”

They giggled and started to walk home.

Since the village they lived was bit far from where they were, night fell before Elizabeth and Kol got home. The sky was beautifully clear, which allowed them to appreciate the pale light coming from the moon. Definitely a moment they would remember for the rest of their lives, as they would perceive later on.

“Kol, can I ask you a question?”


“Why did you become friends with me?”

“You were the prettiest little four year old I had ever seen.” She giggled, looking away. “I mean it!”

“Don’t play dumb with me. I am a Hale, sure your parents did not want their son hanging out with my kind.”

“I’m pretty sure they don’t know. But again, I don’t give a shit. Soon we’re old enough… I don’t know. Maybe we could leave this place.”

“Of course!” She said undoubtedly. “And don’t you dare leave me behind.”

“I don’t think I made myself clear: you’re stuck with me.”

“Don’t make those kind of promises. You’re thirteen. I bet when you’re older, you get yourself a girlfriend and forget all about me.”

Kol frowned and then stopped walking.

“Why are you saying that?”

“Well… It’s true that you’ll probably get a girlfriend. But I was joking about the part where you leave me. It doesn’t have to be like that.”

“I wouldn’t… Never… I mean… Damn it. I just want you to know I like you. And no other girl will ever take your place.”

Mary Elizabeth narrowed her eyes and gave him a small nod. She got confused by his words, but, somehow, it made her heart warmer. It was good to know he liked her just as much as she liked him.

“Promise you will be with me? No matter what?”

“Yes, Kol. I promise.”

“What if you find a boyfriend?”

“I guess I feel the same way you do.” Her voice was unsure, for they never had such type of talk. “Let’s no worry about this now, okay?”

“Right. We don’t have time, anyway. Your mum is already waiting by the door.”

“Wait… Correct me if I’m wrong, but it isn’t you mum there as well?”

“Huh? What is she doing here?”

Kol furrowed his eyebrows as she pulled him to a bush, in order to hide and listen to what the women were talking. The girl had so many unresolved questions about what she was and her parents would not say anything. All she knew was that her older brothers became wolves and she would be one herself, in the future.

“What are you doing?”

“Well, remember what I said about being fully aware of what I am?”

“Yes.” He mumbled, trying to keep himself hidden.

“Well, I lied.”


“Shut up, I’ll explain later.”

Kol’s complaints were muffled by her hand, which gave her an opening to concentrate. A few months earlier Elizabeth started to change. Sounds became louder and her sight improved so much she could see miles and miles away from where she stood. Also her reflexes were faster. The healing quickly was a thing as well. According to her brothers, that was normal. First those stuff, then, on the full moon after her thirteenth birthday, she would turn.

Are you sure Kol is not here?

Yes, I am. But Mary Elizabeth isn’t here too. They’re probably playing in the woods.”

Oh, well then. If he comes here, send him home immediately.

Are you afraid my family will do your son any harm?

Not your family, your daughter. Do you even know what she is? What she’ll become?”

You don’t have to worry about that. My Elizabeth is a sweet girl, she could never do anything to anyone. No matter what you say she’ll become.”

If you believe so…

I do.

Very well. I must leave now. Send him home.

Then the Mikaelson matriarch left and Mary Elizabeth sighed, frustrated. She desperately wanted to understand, go deep within her origins. Knowing she had failed one more time to figure out made an urge to hit something come up, which induced the girl to close her eyes and take a relaxing breath. Only to keep it together.

“Care to let me know what the hell just happened?”

“It’s complicated.” She shook her head. “I mean… These things are all new to me. And I so don’t understand it. Yet, nobody is able to explain what  is going on with me.”

“I don’t get it.”

“The wolf part of me is surfacing. I’m pretty sure my change will occur soon.”

Kol looked confused.

“Why didn’t you tell me that?”

“I was scared. So much was happening… Also, I didn’t want to be worry you.”

He stood up, cleaning the dust on his trousers and started to move towards the village again, obviously mad. She huffed, rolling her eyes and running to catch up with him. Even though Kol understood why she had hidden that, he still wished she would have told him. After all, they were best friends.

“Wait up!”

“You don’t trust me.” The boy said, almost snarling.

“I do. I do! But I didn’t want to bother you before I was sure… Before I freaking know what I am.” Elizabeth grasped his arm and captured his eyesight with hers. “That’s why I was so preoccupied with you. I don’t even know what is going to happen after I turn thirteen.”

“Well, you have to be damn sure I’ll be with you. I told you I don’t care.”

“Then let’s forget about this and go home.”

Hale used the five minutes left to arrive their homes to explain her subtle changes. Her friend looked stunned by it. Kol saw himself wishing to be like her. Perhaps not a wolf, but definitely something just as powerful.

“I guess this is where I stay.” The girl stated, biting her lower lip.

“Will we see each other again tomorrow?”

“Like we do it every day.”

“OK, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“You will.”

Kol, then, leant in and kissed her right cheek, which made the girl blush, embarrassed. He whispered goodbye and left, a cocky smile shining on his face. This time more confident than ever about his future.

Harley Quinn's dreams

(A/N): I thought of this and yeah

Summary: Harley still deals with the horror of her relationship with the joker

Warnings: mentions of abuse, angst

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   Harley had gotten away from the joker- from that evil Bastard she despised with a fiery passion. She couldn’t believe she had loved him at one point, especially with the way he treated her- as though she were nothing more than some play toy for him to manipulate. But now she had (Y/N); sweet, caring, SANE (Y/N). 

   Harley had met them at a hospital, they had been a nurse there, someone who took care of others, just like she once used to do. Harley didn’t have (Y/N) as a nurse, unfortunately, so she only got to see them during breaks or when they did their daily rounds. 

    “Heya cutie,” Harley had winked at them as they walked by, bound and determined to catch their attention. “Did anyone ever tell ya you’ve got the prettiest eyes?" 

    "Hmm, I think that title goes to you Miss Harleen quinzel," 

    "Please,” Harley stuck her hand out. “Call me Harley,”

    It hadn’t taken long for something to blossom between the two, after all Harley was a helpless romantic and (Y/N) was just so damn empathetic that it was really no surprise when Harley checked out one day (Courtesy of Bruce Wayne) only to come back, then proceed to kiss a certain nurse on the cheek and call them cute pet names. 

    Harley’s state of mind had improved greatly but she still kept a piece if her sassy, psychotic self behind; After all Harley Quinn had been a fun character to play. But for now she was Harleen Quinzel, recovering mental patient. But she was also Harleen Quinzel, an independent woman who just so happened to be living with a certain nurse. But for now she was asleep but that certain nurse was laying beside her, absolutely naked. 

    (Y/N) throws an arm around Harley’s pale waist, bringing her a bit closer to their own body. The woman whimpered in her sleep, stopping (Y/N) dead in their tracks. Perhaps she was in a bit of pain? (Helping Batman wasn’t the easiest task) Or perhaps she was having a different kind of dream? Maybe one that involved (Y/N)’s tongue dragging along her pale neck, stopping just above her- 

    “Please- please no,” she whimpered softly, curling in on herself unconsciously. “Please don’t hurt me,” (Y/N)’s eyebrows furrow in confusion, well- if Harley wasn’t having a sex dream then perhaps she was having a nightmare instead. "I promise I’ll be good- please- no,“ Her voice would slip into a mumble here and there until it would come out in a less than pleasant whimper. And then suddenly she was crying in her sleep, huge tears gliding down those unnaturally milky cheeks. "I’m so sorry Mr. J, I didn’t mean to-” (Y/N)’s brain officially stops functioning at the name Mr. J, one they hasn’t heard in years.

    During Harley’s recovery she opened up about the Joker, about how awful he was to her, the horrible things he made her do, many of the nurses had figured it was part of the reason Harley was so- crazy- to out it lightly. The joker had been horrible to sweet Harley, it had taken her years to finally get away from him and his torture but even now- nearly two years after she left him- he was still haunting her.

    “Harles,” (Y/N) whispers as they gently attempt to wake Harley up. It also turned out that Harley could be violent in her sleep, (Y/N) ha scars to Prove that, so it was always a good idea to stay on the safe side when trying to wake her up. “Harles wake up, please,” (Y/N) gently shakes her shoulder, biting their lip as they do. “Harley, my love, wake up, it’s just a dream,” Harley mumbles incoherently again squirming in (Y/N)’s grasp. “Harleen, wake up.” (Y/N)’s change in tone must have reached Harley subconsciously for suddenly she jolts awake, her eyes widening in fear as she looks around the room she was in. It wasn’t a hospital room, it wasn’t a cage, it wasn’t by…his…side, but it was Harley’s apartment, her apartment with (Y/N). 

   "Harley,“ (Y/N) looks at her with their own wide eyes. "Are you okay?” Harley looks up at their face, at the concern etched into their features. Mr. J had never looked at Harley like that- 

    “N-No,” Harley cries as she turns on her side to bury her face in (Y/N)’s chest. “It was awful (Y/N), h-he had tied me up a-and he was beatin’ me a-and,” (Y/N) pressed a soothing kiss to Harley’s browbone, soothing her nerves somewhat. 

   "It’s okay Harles, it was just a dream, you’re safe and sound with me,“ Harley sighs shakily as she tucks her head under (Y/N)’s chin, willing her tears to go away. "It’s okay,” (Y/N) continues to murmur words of comfort and almost praise. “It’s okay Harles, I got you, I got love,” Even with the nightmare still fresh in her mind, with (Y/N)’s words Harley really did believe them. She was safe and sound, (Y/N) had her, they weren’t going to let anything bad happen to her. For once Harley was safe and loved.

vernon; get lost in the rhythm of me

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Summary: She had less than a month to finish a project she should’ve finished ages ago, and on a whim decides to interview the campus radio show. Little did she know she’d get locked into the Thursday Night Lockdown with a certain campus cutie. Wow I’m sorry I suck at summaries please send help.

Characters: fratboy!Vernon/Original Female + various

Genre: Fluffity fluff (and if you count student stress a lil wittle angst)

Word Count: 5896

01 | 02(?) | 03 (m)(?)

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Request: Can you do a teenage modern day Salazar x Helga one shot?? This is kinda specific and random but okay - anon

Warnings: Muggle AU

Pairings: Helga x Salazar, Rowena x Godric

A/N: So I’ve done it in a sort of Muggle AU style, I don’t know if that’s what you were after but this is the idea I had for the pairing. Basically background is they’re like 19 and in Uni (College in America) so they’re only just teens. Anyway I had fun writing this, never done this pairing before but I hope I did them justice! Enjoy :)

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Second Time Around - Part 3

Description: Six months after your divorce, Jongin finds out you’re dating once again. It would’ve been okay with him until his son, Taeoh, chooses spending time with you and your new boyfriend instead of him.

Word Count: 1,862

Part One Part Two Part Four

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Characters: Sam Winchester, Reader, mentions of Dean and Castiel

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: SMUT (Oral on female, reference to Oral on male), drinking, a tiny bit of Dom!Sam

Words: 1,001

Author’s Note: So I wrote this thing after taking a real shot of Fireball, or three, then waited a day and corrected errors. So whatever happens in this, it what I wrote while a little more than slightly buzzed! This is for @winchester-writes Birthday Drinking Challenge! So congrats on being legal!! :D My prompts were Fireball Whiskey and “He did it! This time, I swear, it wasn’t me!”

“He did it! I swear, this time, it wasn’t me!!” I call out as the bunker door opens, revealing the younger Winchester. A look of confusion crosses his features before his hazel eye land on the bottle of Fireball Whiskey on the table. My outcry was an attempt at defending myself against Dean leaving a bottle of Fireball with me as he left for a hunt with Cas.

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caring for you ||  j.jk

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Summary: As you get greeted with a fainted Jungkook you try your best to make sure he knows how perfect he already was.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Words: 511

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Like She’s Mine (part fifteen) - Stiles Stilinski

here it is, you’ve all been waiting and I’m proud to present… fifteen.  the wedding.  the blowout.  boom.  here she is, the final part! i love how into this story you guys were and you were so sweet and i know i had your hearts in my hands and i just shattered them repeatedly.  but i’m honored to have had the chance to do so.  thanks @dumbass-stilinski @writing-obrien and @sincerelystiles for all the support and telling me my angst was hurting you, it means a lot.  and HUGE THX AND HUGS AND KISSES FOR LIL MADI ( @celestial-writing​ ) for playing the part as the adorable little girl featured in this series.  u rock girly i love you so so much <3 enjoy guys and happy easter if that’s your thing

warnings: mentions of sex, asshole theo, angsty asf, heartbreaking tbh, swearing, super long, slightly abusive theo

word count: 8601 (YES!)

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(the day of the wedding)

“Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god” Allison was running frantically around as I sat on a stool in the small bridal area.  A whole room just for the bride and her bridesmaids.  Lydia was applying a finishing clear coat of nail polish over my french manicure as Allison was losing her shit.  I could tell that she wanted to run her fingers through her hair, but didn’t want to ruin the beautiful braid that was pinned over the top of her head.

“Would you stop freaking out?” The girl I had briefly known, Malia, said.  She walked up to the brunette and rubbed her shoulders awkwardly.

“No! I’m getting married! What if I mess up? What if I forget my vows? Oh my god what if I fall-”

“Alli, calm, you’re so graceful” Kira’s sweet voice rang.“Yeah, and the last night you were reciting your vows in your sleep.  Trust me I think you’ll do great” I assured.

“Don’t move” Lydia scolded.

“And what about him? What if he messes up? What if he- oh my god guys what if he doesn’t want to-”

“He wants to” Malia stated bluntly, not letting Allison finish.  She looked over at me, and I smiled with raised brows.  She smiled at me too, rolling her eyes slightly and I chuckled.

“Don’t move” Lydia muttered again.  There were three knocks on the door, which Kira happily skipped to answer it.  She cracked it open just a peek, so no one would see the beautiful bride.

“No, no Stiles you can’t come in-” I looked over upon hearing his name.  I could hear his voice, but not whatever he was saying.  “No you can’t-”

“What does he want?” Allison asked, walking over to the door.

“NO HE CAN’T SEE YOUR DRESS!” Kira flipped, a side I haven’t seen of the petite girl.  Allison just laughed and raised a dismissive hand.  But she walked away from the door anyways.  “He wants to talk to y/n” My eyes widened and my lips parted at what she said.

“He does?” I stood up, and Lydia mumbled a string of curses.  I looked over to Allison, who gave me a beautiful smile.

“Go on, we’ve got ten minutes before the ceremony” She said softly.  I nodded shakily, clenching my fingers against my palms.

“Thanks Alli” i whispered, barely brushing my lips against her cheek as I went to the door.“Oh, young love” I heard her say to the other girls, which just made them laugh.  I put my hand on the closed doorknob.  I took in a deep breath, and opened it.  Swiftly stepping out and closing it behind me.


“Stiles” I didn’t know what to do, or say.  It’s been so long, too long really.

“I wanted to check on you, make sure everything was alright” I sucked in my bottom lip and nodded my head.  “You sure?” I didn’t answer the second time.

“Are you?” I whispered.  He shrugged his shoulders.

“I’m alright.  How’s Madi?” She’s good.

“She misses you” What? Mouth! That is not what brain told you to say!

“She does?” Oh no, no I knew what this was.  He was trying to prod me into telling him that I missed him.  But I wasn’t going to play that game.

“Yeah she does.  To be honest I don’t think she likes Theo as much” I said.  Stiles’ jaw set and his eyes hardened.


‘I think she likes you better than hi-”

“He’s here? With her? W-with you?”

“With her” I said softly.  “Not me, simply platonic so she can have a father figure in her life-”

“How long?”

“About three days” He nodded, and put his hands into his trousers.

“Well… well good she has that” I nodded, biting my cheek hard to keep a straight face.  I distracted myself by fixing Stiles’ crooked bow tie, being carefully of my still drying fingernails.

“Yes it is” I replied.  Silence washed over the small hallway and I stared at the now fixed tie.  I smoothed out the nonexistent wrinkles on his shoulders.

“y/n I still love you” I smiled sadly at him, and he gave me a defeated look, slightly slumping.

“I still love you too” I said quietly.  “But I can’t focus on that right now, today is about Allison and Scott” Stiles barely nodded his head.

“But we’ll talk?” He asked hopefully.

“Of course” I replied in a hushed tone.  “I have to get back to my bride now.  She’s going crazy in there” Stiles chuckled and I stepped back slightly.  “Scott holding up though?”

“Oh no, he cried a few times.  He was still crying when I left” I laughed and he smiled crookedly.

“Well tell him his bride is waiting to see him at the alter” Stiles nodded and pretended to tip his hat.

“Of course madam” I smiled and reached for the door, but before he could move away I stepped forward and hesitantly stood in front of him.  I looked in his eyes before leaning forward and pressing a small kiss on the corner of his mouth.

“See you in a bit” I said, and he nodded, staying silent as I opened the door.  When I walked in and closed the door, everyone was just staring at me with knowing smiles.

“Did you all eavesdrop?” I shook my head, wondering just who could be behind that… just kidding it was definitely Allison.

(Stiles’ pov)

“She said she still loved me though, and she kissed me” I finished telling Scott about my encounter with y/n/.

“Did you see Allison? What’d she look like? Was she beautfu- dumb question of course she was” He smiled to himself, and I gave him a bewildered look.  I spun to see Danny.

“Can you believe him? I don’t think he listened to a word I just said” I shook my head.

“Don’t feel bad.  I wasn’t listening either” He replied and I groaned.

“I listened-”

“Butt out Liam.  Didn’t your parents ever teach you it was rude to listen to other people’s conversations?” I said.  He walked away.

“I was listening to you” Mason said, messing with the buttons on his jacket.

“When can we get drinks?” Isaac asked.  I rolled my eyes as he plopped down into a chair.

“At the reception” I said monotone.“

But that’s not until seven!” He groaned.  I ignored him this time.

“Do you want my advice?” Mason asked me, and I nodded eagerly.  Finally, real girl advice.

“Ever have a girlfriend who likes to do things her way and all you want to do is help but she doesn’t trust you?”

“Dude.  I’m gay”

“O-oh” I stumbled.  Oops.  “Well has he ever..?” I asked again.

“No, we’re usually pretty open and know when and how to ask for help” He said.  “But I don’t think she doesn’t trust you”

“How can you say that? Have you even met her?” I asked.

“You’re the one asking for my advice” He said, putting his hands up.  “And no, I haven’t met her, only heard about her from you guys.  And from what it sounds like, she’s got a lot going on.  I’m sure she’ll come to you when she’s ready, and from what it sounds like, she just did”

“No, she’s with Theo now” I mumbled down to my hands.

“Damnit Stiles that’s not what she said” Scott groaned.  He looked irritated, definitely fed up with all of the drama I’m giving him.  “This is what you do, you overthink things before things can even be definite.  This is why you have all these problems, you act before you finish whatever’s even happening” I just stood in silence as Scott went off on me.  I didn’t know what to say.He was right though.

“So… so have I already ruined it with y/n?” Scott shrugged, palms up and brows raised.  Meaning he didn’t know, and he didn’t care.  At the moment anyways.  I know he cared for y/n too, and me of course.  I was the runner up bride if Allison had said no.  At least I think it was…

“Scoot?” All the heads in the room turned to where the flower girl was standing in the doorway.  I grinned and Madi ran over to me, a few petals falling out of her basket.

“Well aren’t you the prettiest girl here?” I said, kneeling down to hug her.  y/n and Allison really did a good job.  She had on this sky blue dress that poofed at the waist line, a darker colored ribbon tied in a bow on her back.  Her hair was brushed, but nothing was done to it.  It was adorable, I had to say.

“I came to say goo- good luck!” I grinned at her and ruffled up her hair.

“Good luck to you too little girl” I respond.

“Mama said after we can dance!” She said, jumping with excitement.

“Yeah? You excited to dance?” I asked, and she nodded eagerly.  “Alright so if you’re really good today, and I mean exceptionally make your mother proud good, then I will save you a very special dance” Her eyes rounded with amusement.

“A-a special dance?” I nodded, and her smile only grew further.  “Okay! I’ll be extra good! I promise daddy!” The room was silent for a few moments before she giggled and threw her arms around my neck.

“Alright alright, you go back to where you were, we have a wedding to get to soon” She nodded, and I watched out the door as she walked back across the hall, knocking on the door to the girls’ room.  It opened, and Kira gave Madi a delighted smile before stooping over to lift her up.  When she was safely back inside I closed the door and turned.  Only to find four pairs of eyes on me.  “What?”

“She’s still calling you daddy” Scott said.  I felt my face get hot and instantly I was fiddling with my fingers.

“Ye-yeah I guess I dunno” I mumbled again.

“Dude” Scott grinned at me.  “That means things with you and y/n are totally fixable” My head shot up as I stared at him with nothing but hope.  “If she’s preferring you over Theo, how long do you think it’ll be before y/n just cuts off Madi and his’ relationship? Not long.  She’ll see, y/n’s a smart girl she’ll see where Madi’s loyalty and love lies”

“A-are you serious?”

“Don’t you think y/n will want what’s best for Madi?”

“Of course, we all do” I responded easily.

“And who do you think’s the better man?” Scott questioned.

“Hell, even I’m better” Isaac said.  He pulled a flask out of the inside pocket of his suit jacket, taking a long swig.  I snorted and rolled my eyes.

“Just think about the logic here Stiles” Scott said.  “But don’t even try to ruin my wedding” I was smiling so much I could barely even hear what he was saying.There was still a chance.  I still had a chance.  With y/n, with Madi.  I can fix all of this.

When we left the room, Scott walking into the large room, all the way up to stand at the altar, I bounced on my feet a little.  y/n came out, and she took my hand immediately.

“Nervous?” She asked, and I glanced all over.  Behind us, Lydia and Mason.  Then Kira and Liam, then Malia and Isaac, who seemed to be sharing his flask.  Please don’t go wrong, please don’t go wrong…

“Maybe a little” I admitted to her, and she squeezed my hand.

“Mama!” Madi bounced up to us, holding her basket and her once messy hair seemed to have been combed through since last  saw her.

“You remember what you have to do?” y/n asked her, and she nodded her head.

“Behind Mali” She said.  I chuckled at how she couldn’t say Malia’s name properly.

“That’s right” y/n said with an award winning smile.

“Here, you can come stand with me” Malia said, shoving the alcohol containing vessel to Isaac.  Madi happily skipped over to the short haired girl and too her hand.  Everyone smiled at Malia, who seemed to have no idea what to do.  She didn’t seem like the type to have a lot of experience with kids.

“How was Scott doing?”

“Ship wreck.  Allison?”

“Car crash”

“Good, they’ll do great” I said and she laughed, carefully tucking her hair behind her ear.

“OH MY GOD THE BOUQUETS!” We all watched as Lydia sprinted, in her designer heels, back into the room, and came out with her arms full of white roses tied at their stems with blue ribbon.  “Here… here… for you… here…” She handed them out, making sure all the bridesmaids carefully held them, then went back to her spot behind us.

“That was a close one.  What would we have done without flowers” Liam said sarcastically.  Lydia whipped around, nearly hitting people with her flaming hair.

“Listen you little snot” She spat sassily.  “If we were unprepared for Alli’s big day, if you even get your shoe untied Liam, I will personally see to it that you are removed from the premises with sheer and brute force.  You will not be attending the reception, you will not even put up a fight.  You will go home, in your spiderman underpants seeing that we rented the tux for you, and you will tell your mother all about how you ruined my best girlfriend, my sister’s wedding.  Do.  You.  Under.  Stand?” 

Liam looked petrified.  But he nodded his head vigorously.

“Good” Lydia said cheerfully with a sweet smile.  When she turned back to face forward, y/n and I quickly looked away.  She squeezed my hand tightly when we heard the music begin to play.  Soft piano keys echoing throughout the building.

“Don’t do anything stupid and get kicked out” She whispered to me, and I cast a glance toward her as she stared ahead at the closed double doors.  Just behind those doors, my brother stood at the end of the aisle, waiting to see his bride to be.  I stared at y/n, how long her lashes looked and how bright the makeup made her eyes appear.  Her lips were a rosy pink, as were her cheeks.  She must’ve felt me staring because they darkened slightly as she looked over to me.  “Cause if you get kicked out and I’m left here by myself, I might go insane” I smiled at her genuinely and she smiled back.  I squeezed her hand and she squeezed back.  I took it as a silent promise to stick together today.

The doors opened.

(your pov again)

The doors opened.

There was Scott, way down there, he seemed miles away, but really he was just a good twelve steps.  I looked over the crowd , seeing a few familiar faces.  A few of Allison’s family members, Mason’s boyfriend Corey, Danny and Ethan who I remember briefly from high school, a few of Scott’s family members on the other side, and Theo, who smirked at me as I caught his eye.  They were all standing, staring at us.  I swallowed thickly, and Stiles squeezed my hand again.

“You’re good” He whispered, and then the music lifted, and it was our time to walk.  My arm hooked into Stiles’ and I gripped my bouquet tightly.  We slowly made our way down the white aisle, and I did my best to ignore the stares from everyone around us.  When I glanced down, the flowers were trembling.  A few moments later, we’d arrived.  Stiles gave me a reassuring look, patting my hand softly as we parted, and each stood on opposite sides of the alter.  Scott smiled to each of us.  I watched anxiously as Lydia walked up with Mason, taking a spot next to me.  Then Kira, and then Malia.

Madi bounced out next, smiling so big as she swung her little basket around eagerly.  She grabbed a handful, handing it to Corey who was stood on the end seat of an aisle.  He chuckled and took it, thanking her quietly.  She did this again to the woman across the aisle a little ways.  She continued to hand a bunch of bundles of petals handing them out to people standing at the ends of the pews.  Until she reached us.  SHe smiled big and waved at me.

“Hi mommy!” She whispered.

“Hi Madi” I whispered back, waving gently as well.  She reached in, grabbing a few petals and handing them to Scott.

“Get her Scoot” She said, earning more delighted laughter from the audience.  Scott took the petals and tucked them into his pants pocket.

“Thank you Madi” She nodded and pranced over to her spot right in front of me.

That’s when Allison came up to the door.  I looked over at Scott, who was smiling and tearing up.  He whispered something to Stiles, who smiled and nodded his head.  I watched as Chris walked Allison, as he walked my best friend, down the aisle.  When she’d arrived, I had tears in my eyes.

Her dress was just stunning, which I already knew but somehow this hit me harder.  It was a sweetheart neckline.  The silky material fell down to her feet, and trailed back behind her.

Don’t cry, Lydia will be mad if you ruin your makeup.  She mouthed to me, and I wiped away the few tears that had fallen onto my cheeks.

It was difficult to not cry as they promised to love each other in sickness and in health, and so on.  Madi had scooted over towards me, wrapping her arms around my shin, her fingers every once in awhile reaching up to play with the hem of my dress.

“Your vows?” The priest said, and Scott nodded.  He took both of Allison’s hands and smiled at her.  She gave him a watery smile back.

“Allison Celeste Argent” He said softly.  “I have loved you since the moment I first saw you.  Yes, I was the loser who fell in love with the new girl in school” A small chuckled erupted from that.  “And since I grew the courage to talk to you- God knows how that happened you made me a nervous wreck- but since then, this is all I wanted.  To be together, to stay together.  You accepted me, and my weird friends” He gave a look to Stiles.  “And every time I kiss you, and hold your hand, and talk to you, and tell you how much I love, because it’s so much, it feels like the first time.  Every time I look at you, my heart still races, whether you’re here, standing in front of me, as my bride, or in the mornings when you’re half asleep at the table in old sweatpants and drinking the most bitter coffee, and Allison, you are just as beautiful, no matter what you do, no matter what you wear.  And you’re smart, you always beat me at monopoly! EVen though I’m still convinced you cheat somehow” More chuckles from the people.  “But I’m still going to love you the same, even if you do cheat.  I want to spend my whole life, with you”

I went against my better judgement and let a few tears slip.

“I love you too” Allison whispered back, wiping her eyes with her fingertips as not to ruin her makeup.  

“Do you have vows, ms Argent?” She nodded, sniffling quietly and cupping her hands around his face for a moment before holding onto his hands again.

“Scott McCall, I have so many things to tell you that none of these people want to hear.  You’re caring, I’ve never seen someone so committed to helping people, even when it goes against your better judgement, even when it keeps you up all night, even when it gives you headaches, but I find you still working.  It’s so noble of you.  I love how sweet you are, even to the most jack- even to the people who don’t deserve it.  I love how great you are with my crazy friends..” She looked at me, and I winked.  “I love how it took you a few tries to pass my father’s crazy test so you could date me, and I love how great you are with Madi…” Allison bit her lips for a moment.  “And I hope that someday we’ll have a Madi of our own a-and I hope she’s just like you” I could see tears in her eyes again, and quite frankly I was holding back my own sobs.  “I have never been prouder than I am today to call myself your wife” Good god, at this point, of you weren’t crying, you didn’t have a heart.  I could even feel tears in Madi’s eyes run onto my leg… but she was probably bored of standing here for so long.

“The rings?” The priest asked.  Stiles stepped forward, and handed the small pillow where the wedding bands sat, down to Madi.  She held it excitedly, and handed the pretty one to Allison (probably because it’s pretty rather it was the one designed for her).

“Thank you dear” She said sweetly, and passed it to Scott.

“You’re welcome Alli!” She yelled, the excitement getting to her.  But Allison giggled as Madi handed the other ring to Allison as well.  I bit back my laugh in a smile as I realized Madi had handed both of the rings to Allison.  “Ha-happy true loves day Alli and Scoot” She said, making the room fill with laughter and ‘awes’ again.  

“Come here baby” I said softly, as not to be heard by everyone.  Madi gave the pillow back to Stiles, and waddled back to hold onto my leg.

Scott slid the ring onto Allison’s finger, and she did the same for him, both of them bearing big, sappy and sweet grins.

“Congratulations, Mr and Mrs McCall, you may now kiss the bride!”

And with that, everyone was cheering as Allison tugged him in placing her lips happily on his.  Their first kiss as a married couple.  I clapped, and pulled Madi up on my hip, letting her hold my bouquet of flowers.  Everyone was up and standing, clapping and cheering louder as their kiss turned into five.  I grinned over at Stiles, who looked just as proud as I felt.  He was walking over to me, past the happy couple, and reaching out for Madi.  But I felt arms wrap around my waist.  I turned, my eyes landing on Theo.

“Th-Theo wow you surprised m-”

I was cut off when his lips covered mine.

“What the- what are you doing?” I shrieked, pulling away and instantly setting Madi back down on the ground.

“What? We’re celebrating!” Theo grinned.  I looked around, seeing most people filing out of the room, backs turned to the alter. At least not everyone saw this outburst.  Thankfully they couldn’t have heard it, too much cheering as Allison and Scott ran out of the church hand in hand.

“Come on Madi” I spun around to see Lydia lifting up Madi with the basket full of miniature bubble wands.

“I’m going to go help my daughter” I said, getting away from Theo as fast as I could.  But as soon as I’d turned, I saw Stiles.  He was a few feet away, people moving around him to leave the building, but he didn’t bother to move.  Just stood there staring at me.  He seemed… disappointed.  “Stiles-” I held out my hand and began to walk down towards him, but he shook his head, and stepped back.

Then turned, and walked away.

“Lydia!” I called, racing down to her.  She was near the doorway, just behind Stiles but he didn’t bother to stick around.  The strawberry blonde turned and grinned at me, and Madi clapped upon seeing me.  “Hi sweetie” I said in the tone only saved for her.  “Come on, let’s go blow some bubbles” I said, putting my hand on Lydia’s back and guiding her quickly out of the door.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Lydia asked me quietly.

“Mama what about Da- him?” Madi pointed back to where I could see a familiar head of gelled blonde hair, and I rolled my eyes.

“He’s going to meet us there” I said, trying not to grit my teeth.  Madi seemed content with that answer, if she really understood what I’d even said.  Luckily Lydia seemed to read my mind, and distracted Madi quickly with the bubbles.

“Look you just put it up to your lips and blow!” I zoned out as she taught her the proper way to blow bubbles.  All that I could see was Stiles’ heartbroken look from earlier.  It was permanently engraved into my mind.  I tried to focus, I tried to smile as Madi had successfully, and finally blew a bunch of bubbles, but I was too deep on my own head.  I didn’t know I was staring down at the sidewalk until I felt a tug on my arm and looked up to see Lydia pulling on me gently.  “You ready to go?” She asked in a gentle tone. I wondered if she could tell o wasn’t okay.  I answered in a shaky nod, unable to speak.

“Mama?” Madi reached out to me, and I slowly took her into my arms, letting her rest on my hip.

“Come on, why don’t we go” Lydia spoke again, and I nodded, hesitantly following her out into the parking lot.  Allison and Scott were long gone, wherever they were going to spend those few hours of peace and being newlyweds.  I figured Stiles had left already too, I didn’t see his jeep anywhere.

“Did Stiles leave?” I asked Lydia.  Her brows knit together, and I knew that she’d pieced together the events of the past ten minutes.

“Yeah, a little bit ago” She told me quietly.

I don’t know why I wasn’t having fun, it was a party, you’re supposed to have fun.  Its natural instinct.  But I also didn’t feel the need to try to have fun.  The reception hall was decorated beautifully, streamers, white tablecloths with fake candles set in the middle of them, only a few lights were on.  Allison was currently dancing with her father, a tradition for the bride.  Madi was playing with Malia Kira and Danny a few tables away but perfectly in my view.  Scott was sitting a few people away from me, and Stiles right next to him.  Only one person sat between the two of us, Lydia.  Given I asked her to sit here.  I was quiet, a plate of half eaten food in front of me.  Scott Lydia and Isaac were having an animated discussion about the honeymoon the newlyweds were having.  London, they were going to London.  I envied them so much.

But Stiles and, we were the only silent ones.  It made me sick to the stomach.  How did I manage to mess this up already? Three months, I waited three months for our small interaction earlier, and not two hours later, we were back to giving each other the silent treatment.  I hadn’t had the chance to talk to anyone about it, I’d barely spoken three words to Allison since I got here.  My eyes were stuck to my glass of champagne.  I couldn’t remember if I drank it of it or not, it looked somewhat full, but perhaps I had taken a sip? Didn’t matter anyways.  The yellow colored liquid made me want to throw up.

In fact, everything my eyes landed on made me want to puke.  The dry piece of steak sitting on my plate, a faw pieces of it missing from where I’d eaten a mere three bites.  The empty plates of my friends’ meals, just some sauce and scraps left on it.  I wanted to go home, I wanted to put on an old tee shirt, crawl under the covers, and stay there.  Forever.  But that would make me a terrible friend, and just about the worst maid of honor ever.  So I continued to let myself feel flushed and nauseous.  Time passed as did bodies, and soon other people were dancing to a more upbeat song.  I think ALlison came back to our table, I think that’s why Scott got up and left but I couldn’t register anything very well.  That’s when shapes and colors began to all blur together.

“y/n, hey y/n?” I lifted my head and looked over to see Lydia shaking my shoulder as gently as she could.  “Honey you look sick did you eat too much?” Her eyes landed on my plate, that had my food on it for nearly half an hour.  “Come on, come with me” Her arms wrapped around my shoulders and she helped me stand.  “Do you feel sick?” I shrugged, looking around the busy room.  Yes, yes I did.  But I wasn’t going to say that to her.  If she made me leave, Allison would be heartbroken.  I felt a third hand on my arm, and looked over to see Stiles, still sitting in his seat, gently grasping my wrist.  He was staring up at me with eyes that made me want to cry.

Great, on top of wanting to puke, now I was gonna have a breakdown.

He said something to Lydia, and she gave me an uneasy look but nodded her head, and Stiles’ arms replaced hers.

“Come on” He spoke softly, and I let him walk me to the door.  The cool night air felt good when we went outside.  I was instantly able to let out a long breath I didn’t know I’d been holding in.  I wandered over to the wall, leaning my back against it and closing my eyes, trying to keep my breathing steady.  I could hear Stiles stand next to me, but I stayed silent.  Once my eyes finally opened, and I wasn’t feeling sick from my surroundings, he spoke.  “What happened?” I looked at Stiles, my expression blank.

“So now we’re talking? I almost puke and we talk again?” His gentle look fell slightly.

“y/n I was worried I thought you were going to have an anxiety attack or something-”

“No, no I’m going inside I don’t want to do this” I said, walking towards the door but Stiles stepped in front of me.

“But you said we’d talk” He said brokenly.  I avoided his eyes, looking absolutely anywhere else.  “y/n come on-”

“No” I said as monotone as I could manage.


“No” I reached around him towards the door handle and surprisingly he didn’t push me away.

“Just tell me- just-” I waited as he stumbled over all of his words.  Stiles let out a defeated sigh, and stepped out of my way.  I waited a few more moments, but when he didn’t do anything, I turned the handle.  “Just tell me that you and Theo aren’t together now…” His voice was merely a whisper behind me, but I caught it.  Oh how my blood boiled.  I whipped around.

“Not that it’s any of your business Stiles, seeing that you told me you loved me then dropped out of my life for three months, but the second that another guy kisses me, or shows a mere interest, you’re all over it like the fucking alpha male you’ve been acting like!”

“y/n that’s not fair-”

“And it’s fair to ditch me when I needed you?” SIlence fell over us, and my chest was heaving.  Anger, disappointment, all brewing in my head.  But there was still that small spark of hope.  Please Stiles, please say the right thing, please don’t make me walk away.

“So it’s true? You’re with Theo now?”

God I wished I had a glass of something to splash it on his face.  This seemed like the proper time to do something like that.

“Sometimes Stiles, you’re a fucking idiot” I said slowly, shaking my head and turning around to go back inside.  When the door shut, I turned again, watching, and again hoping he’d burst in, tell me not to be with Theo (although i wasn’t), tell me he loves me and wants better for me, that he’d be better for me.  It sounded so romantically cliche in my head.

But after a minute of waiting, I felt I’d waited one minute too long.  Three months, three days, and one minute, and I had officially waited too long for Stiles Stilinski.  Is this the part where I try to move on?

It sounded dreadful.

I’d successfully sat at the table by myself looking like a loner for a whole hour.  This was a new record.  I mentally high fived myself and missed.  Yeah, my head was messed up like this for an entire sixty minutes.  While Scott and Allison were slow dancing to a fast song that made everyone else jump around in beautiful gowns and bare feet, I was sulking in my own self pity.  I amused myself by seeing if I could count all the bubbled in my glass of champagne.  I was currently at seventy six, but I think I counted the big one twice.

But I perked up when I heard a familiar burst of giggles.  I even smiled genuinely when I saw Madi blowing bubbles with Malia Kira Danny and Ethan.  They were all clapping and grinning, laughing with her as she proudly blew more bubbles.  My heart lifted from where it had sunk low in my chest.  At least someone was enjoying themselves.  And Madi was always capable of making a bad situation better in a  matter of seconds.  I watched for a few more minutes as she skipped and danced a little to the music, making the group of people light up with joy.

Theo caught my eye, making my smile falter a little as he walked towards my daughter and her new friends.  He almost walked past them, but I saw him stumble a little as his shoe slipped across the floor.  As much as I hoped he would, he didn’t fall.  I stifled a chuckle behind my hand, finding pure joy in his minor trip.  He spun on his heel, glaring at Madi and the others.  His eyes landed on her bubbles in her hand.  He grimaced and snatched it out of her hands.


“Stop making a mess!” He yelled, he actually screamed at her over practically nothing.  Even from where I was sitting a few tables away, I could still hear Madi’s whimpers.  I shot up and marched over angrily to the scene.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I asked angrily, trying not to yell, but I still got the attention of other people around us.

“Discipline” Theo gritted out, and tried to maneuver around me to grab Madi.  I shoved his shoulder, forcing him away from my daughter.  “What? Dad’s teach lessons” He maliciously shot his hand out towards Madi, and I slapped him across the face.  To me, the echo of the impact echoed in the room.  But only twenty people would have noticed what just happened.

“You are no father to my little girl” I spat out.  He growled at me, and Malia stood up abruptly, walking next to me.

“Turn around before you do something dumb” She warned.  But he pushed her and me, again trying to get at Madi.

“Hey!” Next thing I knew Theo was shoved to the ground on his ass.  I looked wildly over to where Stiles tood in front of Madi, eyes narrowed down towards Theo.

“Stilinski damnit, how many times am I gonna have to kick your ass?”

“You won’t, get out” Stiles muttered.  SOmehow I felt terrified and safe at the same time.

“What makes you think-” Stiles stepped forward.

“You’ve now messed with both of my girls, and if you say another word, you’ll regret me not personally dragging your sorry ass to hell” I swallowed thickly.

“You can’t make me leave Stilinski, Madi’s mine”

“You’re not my daddy!” My eyes widened and I jolted as she raced forward, wrapping her arms around Stiles’ leg.  “He’s my daddy!” Theo scowled, and pushed himself to stand.

“Listen here-”

“Is there a problem?” ANd now Scott was here.  The second Theo saw him, he had to have known he was beat.  But no, he went on like the jackass he was.

“Don’t you have a wife to be fucking?’ Theo spat.

“So there is a problem?” Allison asked, stepping up with her arms crossed.  Even Kira Malia and Danny had circled around him.  I was sure that Theo was either gonna start throwing punches, or make a run for it.  It was silent, people mostly just staring angrily at him.  He almost stepped to run out of the circle of people, but a hand gripped his shoulder.

“How about I take you outside?” Everyone was now staring with wide and curious eyes to where Isaac was gripping onto Theo.

“I can manage on my own-”


We watched still in silence as Isaac pushed Theo away, and out of the door.  Most of the people left, but Allison Scott Stiles and Madi were still standing around with me.

Stiles was the first to do something, scooping up Madi and rushing forward to me all in the same motion.  One arm was around her back as she sat on his waist, the other reached out towards me and I held it in both of mine tightly.  Tears sprung in my eyes and he seemed to notice because he yanked me in close but gently and held onto me tightly.  I looked over at his shoulder to see everyone was in their own little worlds, not noticing what had just happened here.  I held tightly onto him, one arm around him the other around Madi.

“Thank you daddy for protecting me and mommy” She whispered, causing a few tears to leak onto my cheeks.

“Come on, why don’t you go practice your dancing skills, seeing you still owe me a dance” Madi nodded as he set her down on the ground.

“See you soon!” She exclaimed, and scampered off to dance.  I watched for a moment as Scott and Lydia gladly let her jump around by them.

“I’ll go help them teach her to dance properly” Allison said with a soft giggle.  She squeezed my shoulder as I nodded, and walked off.  I turned to Stiles, and I’d barely even even faced him completely when he stepped forward again, and hugged me tightly.  I buried my nose down into the crook of his neck, breathing in deeply and just letting my emotions flood over me.

“I’m not with Theo, I was never with Theo Stiles I love you, you, and just you-” I sucked in a deep breath as I pulled back from him.  “I don’t wanna be with Theo” I whispered, and shook my head.  My hands latched behind his neck as he stared at me, lips parted slightly.  “Not even if it was what’s best for Madi, but I know it isn’t, I know he’s he- he doesn’t make her eyes light up like you, he doesn’t make her laugh, he’s nothing to her, he’s nothing to me besides a piece of shit” Again, I took more breaths.  “And I want that for her, all those good things…” My voice cracked but i kept going anyways.  “You’re the only one for her Stiles, you’re the only one for me”

His hands reached up and cupped my face, pulling me in for a long and passionate kiss.  Stiles tugged me closer and my arms wound around his neck, holding myself against him.

“I love you, god I love you so much” He breathed out, forehead resting against mine.  “y/n I’ve been in love with you since we met and that’s not gonna go away, ever, seriously I’ve tried.  Do you know how hard I’ve tried? To try and move on and find someone better than you? It’s impossible y/n.  Because there is no one better.  But I was the nerd who was stuck loving his best friend” i smiled gently.

“So was I”

“And I was jealous of Theo, of all people, I was.  Because I wasn’t him.  I wasn’t with you that night at Lydia’s party, maybe not doing what he did… but I still wasn’t with you.  I didn’t get… Madi… I wanted to be that guy, not the dick part but the father, I wanted to be the one to be there for you and help you raise her and love her, love her like she’s mine, because y/n all I’ve ever wanted with you is a future, no matter what it holds”

Tears were streaming down my cheeks and he tried to brush them away with the pads of his thumbs but I couldn’t stop crying.

“y/n I love you, I love Madi, and I want you both”

“I love you too” I whispered so quietly it was almost inaudible.  But by the way he smiled I knew he heard it.  “And I’m sorry for what I’ve put you through, especially today” He shook his head, brushing strands of hair behind my ear.

“Don’t be sorry, Theo’s getting the life beat out of him by Isaac.  That makes everything okay”

“And you got the girl Stilinski” I said as he was still brushing a hand through my hair.

“Yeah I got both of them, didn’t I?” He smiled, and I nodded my head.

“You did” I murmured.  He pulled me towards him again, softly placing his lips on mine.

“Took me long enough too” I giggled, holding him tightly as I kissed him between smiles and small bursts of laughter.

(third pov)

“Look at them” Allison whispered to Scott as they danced.  His arms wound around her waist, hers around his neck.  Scott looked over to where her head nodded to, seeing Stiles and y/n holding on to each other and kissing gently.  “Only they could make out without looking like they’re making out” Scott chuckled at that, and looked back down to her.

“This day couldn’t be more perfect” He mused, and she nodded.

“I do agree Mr McCall” Allison said with a small but cheeky smile.

“Wonderful, Mrs McCall” Scott replied, his nose rubbing against hers gently.

(your pov)

“Look at them” Stiles said with a small scoff.  I looked over to Scott and Allison, finding them eskimo kissing.

“Ew” I said, laughing a little.  “They’re already married, just get a room” Stiles laughed with me.

“Come on, come dance with me” He prompted, pulling on my hands.  I nodded, and followed him over to the dance floor.  A few feet away from our married friends.  His arm snaked around my waist, but he still held my one hand.  I left him lead, just spinning slowly around and smiling at each other cause neither of us really knew what we were doing.  I giggled when he stepped on my foot, but he looked mortified.  “I’m sorry- I’m so sorry” His face flushed pink and I just shook my head, then kicked off my heels and stepped up onto his shoes in my bare feet.  I wrapped both of my arms around his neck and his hands fell to my waist.

“There” I said, pecking his lips quickly.  “Much easier, yes?” Stiles nodded and gave me a sheepish smile.  I closed my eyes, pressing my forehead gently against his and then resting my head on his shoulder as we swayed around slowly.  He held me close and it was just a nice silence.  I’ve never felt so calm, so at peace.  Especially when ten minutes ago, I was sure that my life was shattered into pieces that could never be glued back together.

But here I was.  And Stiles was putting the last piece back into the puzzle.  I pulled back from him for a second, looking him in the eye, then raising my hands from where they were draped behind his neck, tangling them softly into his hair on the back of his head.  I tilted forward, softly pressing my lips into his, and closing my eyes tightly.  His hands tightened slightly on my hips as he kissed me back, and I smiled against his lips before he pulled away from me.

“What was that for?” He whispered, and I shrugged a shoulder and shook my head.

“I just don’t want to forget what that feels like” I murmured back.  A short smile pulled on his lips for a moment.

“Yeah well you don’t ever have to” He said, pecking my lips then cheek before pulling me against him again, almost in an embrace.

Our moment was cut short when Madi waddled up, tugging on Stiles’ pant leg and telling him that he owed her a dance.

“It’s- it’s enough true loves with mommy” She said, crossing her arms sassily.  I giggled and released Stiles, slipping back into my heels.  I waved them off to go dance.  I watched as he pulled her up to stand on his feet, just as I had been previously held, and he held her hands.  She was giggling as he danced all around wildly.  I just laughed and walked over to our table for a drink of water.  Surprisingly Allison was standing there as well, looking over the crowd of people.  When she caught me, she grinned and waved me over, so I picked up my pace and went up to her.

“Hiya” SHe said, raising her eyebrows a few times in a suggestive manner.  I blushed instantly as I grabbed my glass.

“Hey” I responded before taking a few drinks.  “How’s your reception going, Mrs McCall?” The brunette chuckled.

“It’s going wonderful, and if my assumptions are correct, you and Stiles are going steady?” I nodded with an uncontainable grin.

“Why yes, yes we are”

“Everything’s sorted out, correct?”

“Correct” I confirmed, smiling even wider.  Allison smiled too, and held her arms out for me to hug her.

“Let’s collectively be proud of each other” I laughed and pulled away, smiling over at where Madi was up in Stiles’ arms, being spun all around.  Allison looked between my line of sight, and she smiled just as I was.  “Hey, I’ve got a little surprise for you” SHe said softly, but the grin that grew on her lips told me it was something huge.

“What is it?” I asked, quirking an eyebrow in curiosity.

I unzipped the back of my dress as I entered my room.  Stiles came right in behind me a few moments later, already in a more comfortable set of clothes.

“Madi go to sleep?” I asked as the dress slipped onto the floor.  Stiles grinned and nodded his head.  I had grabbed a tee shirt from the dresser and turned to face him again.  “Did you have to sing to-” I froze, I didn’t expect him to be standing right there.  “Well hi there” I said with a small smile as his arms circled around my bare waist.

“Mm she’s sleeping” He hummed, dropping his head to plant his lips just below my ear.  I felt myself blush immediately and ran my hands up his chest to grip onto his shoulders.  Stiles seemed to like that because he began to suck gently on that sweet spot that makes me grin.

“You’re sure… she’s asleep?” I asked between breaths.  He bit gently and as soon as I whimpered his tongue ran over the red area, already back to sucking and making it better.

“Mhm” He answered.  I pushed him back and in seconds he’d lifted me up, my legs on either side of his waist and our lips already locking.  

When I fell back onto the bed he pulled his shirt up over his head and settled between my legs, propping himself up slightly on the bed with his elbows.  My hands tangled in his hair and he kissed down from my chin and throat, planting wet kisses down further.  Through the valley of my breasts all the way to just below my belly button and above the hem of my panties.  But I yanked him back up to me for another fast and sloppy wet kiss.  His tongue ran over the seam of my lips and I gladly allowed him entrance, parting my lips and letting our tongues mesh.  It wasn’t so much a fight for dominance, rather exploring each other’s mouths.  He leaned up, and I did as well, both of us sitting on our knees on the mattress.  His arms raised so he could cup my cheeks, then slid down my neck into my shoulders, traveling again down my arms and settling in a comfortable spot on my waist.  I had my hands clasped around the back of his neck, softly brushing into the ends of his hair here and there.

I let go of him, reaching my hands back behind me and Stiles pulled his lips off of mine, watching as I unclasped my bra and let it fall slowly down my arms.  I tossed it to the floor by the bed before looking back up at him.

He hastily shoved me back down to the bed, scattering hickeys in my body once again.

To say I was out of breath would be an understatement.  To say Stiles fucked the daylights out of me would be an understatement as well.  Now I get why some people say you won’t be able to walk properly the next day.

I was currently on my side, curled up against him in nothing but his tee shirt.  Stiles was lying on his back, an arm around me as I snuggled into his chest.  His other arm was across his stomach, our fingers linked on his toned skin.  We’d been laying like this for the past few minutes, just resting under a soft blanket.

“So I have some news from Alli” I hummed, tracing patterns in the slight trail of hair on his chest.

“Hm what?”

“She’s having twins” Stiles’ eyes widened as he looked at me, a big smile on his mouth.

“Wow… really?” I nodded, and he fist pumped the air.  I giggled at his excitement.

“I didn’t think you’d be that thrilled” I said, rolling over slightly but enough to look down at him.

“Well it means I’ll have to be Madi’s favorite now!” I raised my eyebrows in surprise.  “She’ll be so busy with her own little Scotts or Allisons running around the house, that Madi will have to spend the leftover time with me, and like me more!”

“Stiles…” I sighed, and shook my head.  “You’re crazy you know that?” He smiled sheepishly.

“At least I own it” He responded, and craned his neck up to place his lips on mine.  I smiled when we pulled away, and gave him one more quick kiss.

“I love you, you crazy” I said, and he smiled softly, caressing my cheek.

“I love you too” He responded.  I snuggled back into his chest and closed my eyes.  I fell asleep to his hand running up and down my back.

And finally, I’d found that state of mind, the one most people spent their entire lives looking for.  Luckily mine just came in the form of a family.

Originally posted by morgenroete

so i wrote this on a car ride back home for the holidays, and i legit cried when i finished and my family was just kinda awkwardly going ‘it’s ok… it’s… it’s ok..’ but it’s not, so many good things happened in here.  Theo got his ass kicked, Scallison got married, madi and y/n got the family they rightfully deserved, it all made a full circle and everyone (minus that lying ass bitch manipulative abusive theo) and I just want you all to know i love you all so much

and that is why i will be making you an epilogue :)

tagged: @morganschiebel @celestial-writing @bunnyboo10154 @imissyoualittlemoreeveryday @almondmilkislove @kindfloweroflove @taegdcl1018 @peter-andhislostgirls

love you ~ jordie

such great heights — part two

“C’mon, live a little. Do something different and let your hair down, H.” Kimber sighed, but then realised what she said and let out a chuckle. “Or not. Since, y’know, you’ve got none left.”

Harry frowned, holding his arms over his head in a poor attempt to hide his short hair. “Hey, be nice,” he grumbled. “It’s still new and…weird.”

read on 1dff when it returns // read on tumblr below // story page

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Haikyuu LATE NIGHT Airport Headcanons

I was people watching at the airport at like 1 AM and decided to make this for fun! Sorry they’re so random.


•If he has a coffee in his hands at all times, he will stay awake and alert

•If he doesn’t have his coffee he will be a hot (and annoying, according to Iwa chan) mess

Must be the prettiest person in the entire airport

•Does not grasp the concept of waiting in line.

•Loves flying at night because he feels closer to space

•Lets Iwa chan sleep on his shoulder and pretends like its no big deal

•It’s a big deal


•The Sprinter™

•Ends up on the opposite side of the airport for layovers and does crazy stunts to avoid running into people

•Is awake when he has to be, but is otherwise completely tuned out staring at the floor

•Always ends up carrying all of Oikawa’s luggage but never knowing why or how

•Can still beat Makki at arm wrestling even when he’s half asleep

•Is clingy when he’s tired


•Will fight everyone

•Angry and tired

•Is always late to everything no matter how early he leaves

•Will not hesitate to throw tantrums

•As soon as 2 AM hits he turns into that one person un-ironically singing 2010 pop songs in public


•Craves silence

•Doesn’t speak

•Seems awake and normal but is actually contemplating the inevitability of death in his head

•Once tied his and Makki’s wrists together so they wouldn’t get lose each other (the plan backfired when they both got lost and couldn’t find their gate)


•Emotionally distressed

•Cries when he has to wait in line

•Everything bad somehow always happens to him (ex: How the second his flight gets in all of the airport stores decide to close at the same time)

•Has lost his suitcase 8/10 times

•Uses Kenma as a pillow

•Seriously he always hangs on him all the time if Kenma isn’t near him he gets panicky

•"What do you mean it’s not socially acceptable to sleep on the airport floor where else am I gonna sleep?!“

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anonymous asked:

I don't know if you're doing requests at the moment or not, but if you are you mentioned/reblogged something about Omegaverse RusAme and knotting. If you ever get the chance, could you do a drabble or something with that please? I would love it so much.

((THANK YOU I reaaally needed a break from that fucking spamano fic I’m doing rn))

Alfred rubbed his thighs together as he sat on Ivan’s lap, flushed a bright red and much much more squirmy than he’d been during the beginning of the movie, when he’d decided to get off the couch cushions and into his husband’s lap, where he felt more comfortable. But Ivan’s scent gland had been right near his nose as Alfred had cuddled up with his lover, and now a thick layer of slick coated his thighs, and was slowly soaking through the denim of his jeans, soon to be felt by the big Russian Alpha, who was only wearing his boxer shorts and an old t-shirt, as he usually did on movie night. He could just picture Ivan’s cock, big thick and pleasurable inside of him, pounding against all those special little spots inside of him before knotting and linking the two together, pumping hot cum into him for hours afterward until his stomach bulged and he whined from how fucking full he felt. It was only when Ivan gave a gentle kiss to Alfred’s cheek did he snap out of it, feeling the hand rubbing his thigh.

“What are you thinking about, Fredka?~”

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And If You Have Nightmares

Hello my lovelies!! I just wrote this last night (in pajamas at 4 am eating gummy snakes and listening to Disney music) and I wanted to share it with you!!

Tags: Fluff, angst, Dancing, nightmares, kisses, Watford oneshot

Word Count: 2k +

Summary: This was inspired by the line “And if you have night mares we’ll dance on the bed” from my favorite song Guillotine by Jon Bellion.  AKA Simon wakes up from a nightmare and Baz has an interesting way of helping him. 

Enjoy :D


I was returning from the Catacombs that night. I had gotten too careless and too hungry. Deciding to ignore the craving of his blood and instead stare at him while he slept was idiotic, I know. But it was the only time his eyes were closed long enough for me to watch him.

I loved to stare at Simon like a disturbed creature and convince myself that I was thinking of ways to end his life, when in reality I was counting all the moles that caught in the moonlight. I wanted to make sure he still had three on his right cheek, two below his left ear, and one over his left eye. Maybe Simon got older, fell in love with a perfect girl, and decided that he really was going to kill his vampire roommate. But his moles never changed. Three on his right cheek, two below his left ear, one over his left eye. WIth a dusting of freckles on his shoulders. It’s like someone threw cinnamon at him and it just never washed off.

It’s a great way to spend my nights, except when pushing away the sharp pains of want gets to be too much. I was so close to killing Simon earlier, so close to sinking my fangs into his neck, that I ran away. I couldn’t kill my worst enemy because I couldn’t kill the love of my life. Funny how it works like that.

I fed on at least a dozen rats, and I could feel the blood sloshing around inside my stomach as I climb the winding staircase. My cheeks are warm and my hands feel human. It’s nice. My hair is tangled with cobwebs and my trousers are dirty. I just want to shower, then waste the rest of my night dreaming about the one thing I could never have while that one thing obliviously slumbers on a few feet away from me. But when did I ever get my way.

I don’t even make it to the bathroom. Simon’s having a nightmare again. He thrashes violently on his bed, his long limbs getting wrapped up in the blankets. His curls are matted to his forehead with sweat and his face is bright red. His eyes aren’t open; he doesn’t notice the crackling magick that’s pouring out of him in waves. The room smells like a raging bonfire and I can’t think straight because of his dizzying magick. (Then again, when can I ever think straight?) It’s like Simon is being struck by lightening over and over until he can’t handle it anymore. And how can he? He’s just a boy. Everyone forgets that, at some point or another. He’s just a boy.

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YOU’RE MY EVERYTHING~{Taehyung x chubby reader}

warnings:fluff ,angst, reader cries

“Y/N!” Taehyung yelled as he ran towards you with his arms wide open. He quickly swept you up in his arms and hugged you as if there was no tomorrow. A few years ago, you wouldn’t have cared about Taehyung randomly coming up to you and picking you up or hugging you but things had changed now. You both had grown up. He had become a famous Idol now while you, you were just a normal girl. A chubby one at that which absolutely did not help your case. Being chubby while you were always surrounded by girls almost half your size was something that had damaged your self esteem over the years. Fortunately, this had not affected your friendship with Taehyung. He was always by your side.

Feeling self conscious you quickly pushed yourself away from Taehyung and smacked his arm lightly. “Yah! Taehyung oppa! I told you not to pick me up like that, you know I get scared easily.”

To this he only replied with one of his cheeky and signature box smiles which instantly made your annoyance go away and your insides churn.

“Soorryy Y/N . I was just really excited to see you. We haven’t spoken to each other since a long time, “he said as he pulled your cheeks gently and smiled wider than before. This action of his caused your face to flush as you looked away from him and tried to avoid his gaze.

“But we just met four days ago, yahh.. oppa are you not feeling well? You’re talking as if we’re meeting each other after months. "you replied while raising one of your eyebrows up and staring at him. ” This guy really… “ you mumbled to yourself as you started walking away. In the midst of this short meeting you had forgotten about the task at hand which was to go to the bookstore you always visited once a week.

"N/N wait for me… I’m going to spend the rest of the day with you. I have so much to tell you.” Taehyung whined as he trailed behind you while holding onto your hand. You figured that he was going to be sticking around for quiet a while so you didn’t mind. You just lead the way and occasionally nodded or gave a wordless reply to one of his questions. You couldn’t stop thinking about the bookstore. You felt excitement run through your veins as you thought of the book you were going to buy this time. In fact, you were so lost in thought that you didn’t even feel Taehyung’s hands playing with the ends your hair as the other wrapped itself around you wrist.


On reaching the bookstore you let go of his hand and headed towards the section your book was in. All this while Taehyung couldn’t stop thinking about the way your hand felt in his. He kept on glancing at you when he got the chance to and saw how you scrunched up your your nose when you couldn’t find your book or the way you smiled when you did mange to find it. He felt the end of his lips turn up as you skipped towards the cashier . He placed his hands in the pockets of his coat after he had adjusted his scarf and let out a deep sigh. He stared at you with a warm feeling that made his head go fuzzy and his heart beat at an erratic rate.

His eyes immediately scrunched up in confusion when he saw you walk towards him with your head down and hugging your book tightly towards your chest. It was as if someone had pressed a button that caused your cheerful self to behave like someone who didn’t know what happiness was. It made his heart ache.

At once he took your hands in his and lead you outside the shop. Once he had made sure that you guys were a bit secluded from the crowd he quietly asked you what happened.“What is it, N/N? Tell me..You know you can tell me anything.”

You couldn’t reply. You didn’t want to. You knew that if you tried speaking right now you would end up crying. The fact that everyone judged people according to their appearance disgusted you. All you wanted was your book not those dirty looks or rude comments that the girls in the line whispered behind your back,pretending as if you couldn’t hear anything. But it did make you realise something ,that they were right, weren’t they? It’s all about a persons visuals in this world now. This thought… it made you weak. It hit the nerve. It broke you.

You couldn’t make out what Taehyung was saying. You just leaned against the wall and cried till you felt like your lungs would explode. You felt his hands slip into yours and pull you into his chest. He let you cry against his coat and gently rubbed your back. He soothed you by whispering sweet words.He felt his heart break a little as you cried harder and grabbed his coat in your hand.

A few minutes passed. You weren’t crying too much now. Your head was lying on Taehyung’s chest as you sniffled softly. He patted your head gently as he leaned back and looked down at you. You looked so vulnerable, so fragile. He wanted to take care of you, he didn’t want you to feel like this ever again.

“Will you tell me what happened ? Y/N ,you need to talk to me if you want me to help. Just please.. Say something.. ” He pleaded, he didn’t want to see you this way anymore.

“I-is it… real-really a sin to be like me? Do-do I not get.. th-the right to live my life with-without being judged about the way I look? Am I really that hideous to look at? ” You rambled while pausing in between as you let out more sniffles.

Taehyung understood what had happened. He realized what was going on and why you were crying. He never truly understood the fact that just because someone weighed more, they would automatically be classified as “ugly”. He never even thought about Y/N’s appearance. All he could focus on was her personality and even if he ever thought about it, he always thought that she was one of the prettiest girls he had seen. Sure there were people who weighed less than her but he never saw that as a bad thing. He always thought that she felt the same way as well. Being upset over a few extra pounds wasn’t something that should ever affect someone from enjoying their life. No one can be perfect. There will always be someone thinner. He didn’t care about that. He loved you for you. Not for your body or your face. Wait. He loved you.

Did he really love you? What else could explain such feelings and emotions he felt when he was around you. Taehyung was sure of it. He loved you. He felt his cheeks blush as he realised the fact and turned his gaze away from you.

“Who told you that you can’t enjoy your life? Who told you that you need to be perfect in order to live in this world? Who told you that you are hideous?” Taehyung whispered in his deep voice which sent shivers down your back. He had never sounded so serious before. “Why would you fill your head with such disgusting and stupid thoughts? Just because someone commented something about your looks? You shouldn’t have the right to live your life if you want to spend it while pleasing other people. It’s not your life then. You shouldn’t care what others whisper about you. It’s just meaningless gossip. People need something to talk about everyday. Today it might be you, tomorrow someone else. There’s no pleasing them. You have the right to do what you want and to ignore such idiotic talks. Use it. Never for one second think that you are hideous or ugly or not worth anything. You are here for a reason. You mean so much to the people around you. Don’t you ever forget that. Y/N… you know the effect you have on people? When I feel nervous before my concerts I think about you.. I think of your calming smile and I think about how brave you are. ” You felt your eyes widen in shock as he spoke. He couldn’t possibly mean it. Right?

“I am able to face my haters.. because of you. You made me realize that it doesn’t matter if people talk about you. And now you’re the one behaving like this? Y/N-ah you are stronger than this.You are brave, kind and courageous.
You are my hope. You are my strength. You’re my everything. ” Taehyung’s voice diminished into a soft whisper by the end. He did it. He told you how he felt. He wrapped his hands around your waist and brought you closer to his body. Burrying his face in your neck, he breathed heavily and sighed in content.

He looked back at you and softly kissed your forehead. And without waiting for your reply he leaned in and connected his lips to yours.



Part 7: A/N: I have no clue how one would regain memories in a situation like this. I’m doing my best.

After learning the man she feared was her actual, lawful husband, Y/N had a meltdown, begging that Dr. Wasser tell her more about her old life, a life she couldn’t recall - but the Doctor wouldn’t do it. Y/N had begged and pleaded and cried for her to tell her more, to give her some semblance of reality in the horror that had become her life, but Dr. Wasser insisted, informing her that telling her everything would do more harm than good, and in the case of a trial, she had to come some conclusions herself or it would be considered leading a witness. 

“We have to take this slowly,” she’d said. “You need time to process the information you’ve already gotten. The wounds you have are too fresh. Telling you anything else right now, or even working to try and make you better would be like adding an infection to your open wound.” But Y/N didn’t want to hear that; she wanted to know who she was. Was she Rebekah, the woman Abel had met in church, fallen in love with and fathered a child? Or was she Y/N, married to the man she couldn’t look at without glancing down under half-lidded eyes? Or was she someone else entirely? Floating in this limbo of uncertainty was the worst thing she could ever possibly imagine.

As she returned home to the state-run apartment complex she’d been put up in while this case got sorted out, she stared at the little girl in her arms. Ilaria was her certainty; even if she was nobody, Ilaria was her daughter, of that much she was sure. “You okay, Mama?” she asked sweetly, playing with a leaf that Y/N had picked up off the ground for her. “You look sad.”

Kids could always see through the horror to the truth underneath. “Mama is confused.”

“Why? Does it have to do with Papa?”

Hearing her precious child call Abel Papa hurt so much; her heart clenched. Just days earlier, Y/N had been in love with him - mother and father to a beautiful baby girl, but now he was the monster that invaded her dreams. He’d killed people. Maybe he’d even hurt her and that’s how Ilaria had been born. The possibilities were endless, and she had no idea where to start herself, so how was she supposed to explain it to a two and a half year old. “Yes, baby. It has to do with him. I found out that Papa is a bad man.”

“Did he hurt you?”

“I think so,” she said softly, pointing to her head, “But I don’t know everything yet. My brain won’t let me remember.”

At first, Y/N thought that Abel’s true self would surprise or upset her daughter, but she just looked down at her mother’s chest and then hugged her. “I saw Papa yelling at Mama Catherine. Has he yelled at you?”

“I can’t remember, sweetheart. But I promise you that no matter what, I love you more than anything else in the world, and I will never let anyone hurt you, okay?”

The beautiful wide-eyed child stared up at her through slight tears. “I know. I love you too, Mama. Is the lady with the pretty dress going to help you get better?”

Y/N tried to figure out who she was talking about, and then it clicked. “Penelope Garcia? Yes, she’s one of them.” She thought back to the man who was apparently her husband, the one she was scared of, telling her that he’d never let anyone take her child away; she’d believed him, but she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to remember him, and she wanted to. She wanted, no needed, to know who she was. “There will be a lot of people helping me. Dr. Wasser is one of them. That’s who I just went to see. Ms. Costas, my lawyer, is another one, and the people at the police department too.”

“What about Spencer? The tall man with brown hair?” She asked, the smile evident in her eyes, as well as her face.

“What makes you ask about Spencer?” Y/N noticed the familiarity of the name on her tongue, giving credence to the fact that she knew him at one point, but when the name fell from her lips, a picture of him popped into her mind and made her flinch. 

Ilaria ran across the room once she’d been set down in the apartment and grabbed the elephant toy she’d had the night they first walked into the BAU. “Spencer said that he knew you. That you were the prettiest woman he’d ever met and he wanted to help you. I could tell he was telling the truth. Spencer is a nice man, not like Papa.”

If Ilaria trusted him, maybe Y/N could one day too?


Nearly a month passed with Y/N and Ilaria getting used to a daily routine. Apparently, Y/N’s living situation had been taken care of for the foreseeable future, but she wasn’t sure by who or how. All she cared about was making sure her daughter was safe and happy.

When she wasn’t taking care of Ilaria, she was learning to take care of herself, meeting with Dr. Wasser a couple times a week, and occasionally meeting with her lawyer as well. “How are you dealing with what Abel has done?” Dr. Wasser asked.

Her heart skipped a beat, but she took a deep breath and steadied her voice. “It still feels foreign. Like I can’t believe it. But I’m not in denial about it.”

“That’s good,” she replied. “How do you feel about trying to uncover what happened to you?”

Y/N shuffled in her seat uncomfortably. “I’m scared, but I need to know. For myself and my daughter.”

“Well, we’d be using a combination of EMDR, or eye movement desensitization and reprocessing and general therapy. That combined with the love of your friends will hopefully help you to heal over time.”

“Will I be able to remember my husband? You said I was married to Spencer. That I still am. I want to remember. I don’t want to be afraid of him.”

Dr. Wasser smiled softly; even that was a step in the right direction. “In time, yes. You are more willing to work and help yourself in the healing process. That puts you in a better position than many others. We’ll start next time we see each other, okay?”

“Thank you, Dr. Wasser.”

With that, she left, picking up Ilaria from the desk outside where she’d been staying with the receptionist. The next stop was meeting with the lawyer. Abel was taking forever finding the perfect lawyer, but Ms. Costas had convinced her that that was better, because that gave her more time to prepare. “Hello Ms. Costas,” Y/N said, giving Ilaria a kiss on the head, telling her to say hello. 

“Hi, Ms. Costas!” Again, Ilaria stayed outside with the lawyer’s assistant, leaving Y/N and her lawyer to discuss what they needed to discuss without fear of scarring the toddler.

As the lawyer sat down, Y/N could feel a sense of dread about her. Difficult as this had all been so far, it was about to get even worse. “Okay, Y/N, we are getting closer to going to trial. Abel has picked his lawyer - Grant Matherson. He’s one of the best in his field, but I’ve gone up against him before and won. But I do need to prepare you. When it comes to cross-examination, he is going to try and discredit you at every turn. He’s going to bring up your sexual past. If you can’t remember, he’d going to use that as a way to try and discredit your ability to take care of Ilaria. When we get a little bit closer, hopefully you’ll have pieced some things together, and I will prepare you for the line of questioning you’ll undergo. It won’t be easy.”

“I know,” she replied, fidgeting her fingers at the table. “But I need to protect my daughter. She’s all that matters to me right now.”

Nikita seemed to be satisfied with that, telling Y/N to focus on her daughter while she focused on the rest of it. “Ms. Costas, I know we’ve met a few times now, but I still don’t know how I’m paying for this.”

“I took this case pro-bono,” she said. “Someone sought me out. I’m also confident that I can win this case, so that also contributed to my taking on the case.”

“Who sought you out?”

“Spencer Reid.”

“My husband?” That word still felt foreign on her lips. The more she heard and said his name, the more she realized she knew him, but she still couldn’t recall their relationship. 

Nikita’s normally hard eyes softened as she recalled the phone call she’d had with her client’s lawful husband. “Yes, he called me because he knows my track record. He said he’d sell whatever he needed to sell and do whatever he needed to do to pay me, but I told him I would take it pro-bono, so if you’re able to talk to him again soon, you can thank him. I’m really rooting for you.”

Y/N gave her a wordless thank you and returned outside to grab Ilaria and go home. She didn’t even notice she’d been crying until her daughter pointed it out. “Are these happy tears, Mama? They look different.”

“Well, I’m still a little uncomfortable around Spencer, but I think you might be right about him.”

“Yea?” She looked happy to hear her mother say as much. Spencer and Penelope were Ilaria’s favorite people at the BAU. 

Y/N nuzzled her daughter’s forehead as they walked back toward the apartment. She had a hell of a fight ahead of her, but the little girl in her arms was all she needed to keep her determined. Over her dead body would she allow Abel to lay his hands on her. “Yea, baby. Apparently, Spencer is the one who got me a lawyer.”

“The lawyer that’s helping you? Ms. Nikita?” When Y/N nodded, Ilaria smiled wide. “I told you he was a good person, Mama.”

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RFA + V and Saeran reaction to MC telling them that they’re pregnant

idk I got this idea randomly last night and I’m writing this in class cause I have nothing better to do lmao


-stunned silence. then, slowly, it registers



-cries and hugs MC he’s so happy omfg he’s a ball of energy and excitement

-but also, as most soon to be parents are, he’s a bit scared 


- shocked silence

- but once it registers, he goes full puppy and pretty much tackles MC

-he’s crying and smiling so much his face hurts

-kisses and hugs and “oh my god oh my GOD”

-hes so ready omg this is gonna be the prettiest child ever he’s sure of it

lmao I’m gonna have to skip Baehee because how would that happen


-stunned, frozen, agahst.

-then he starts crying

-holy shit Jumin Han is crying. he hugs MC in like the warmest happiest hug ever, he’s smiling really big, but MC can tell he’s a little scared

- MC assures him that he’ll be an incredible father, he cries more at that

-this man is so happy ya’ll have no idea. he vows to be the absolute best father he humanly can.



-when it fully hits him, he pretty much tackles MC, he’s crying and laughing, his face hurts from smiling, oh my god.

-but he’s also really scared, he’s dangerous (groan, here he goes) he doesn’t know how to properly emote, he never had a near proper parent learn from, he thinks of his mother and gets even more scared, how is he going to be with a baby? he’s stressed from his job, babies are even more stressful, what about his bad days? what will those be like with a baby? oh god..

-before the panic attack hits in full, MC assures him he’s going to be an incredible father,  he’s great wth kids. he’s basically a kid himself. he’s still super nervous, but he feels slightly better..

-immediately gets ready and buys stuff. and MC probably thinks its ridiculous cause they’re probably like a barely month preggos but just lets him do his thing



-silent, then he smiles, then he laughs, then he cries. grabs MC and hugs them tight, he’s happy, but MC can feel he’s afraid

-Mc talks him down, he’d be a great dad, he’s sweet and loving and kind and gentle, he’s good with kids too.

-he’s beyond nervous, but he can’t wait!

-he probably gets more protective and nervous with MC, its kind of annoying, but understandable considering everything.


-w h a t 

-he doesn’t know what to say, how to react. he’s happy, he’s scared, he’s shocked. he doesn’t even realize he’s crying until MC says something.

-he doesn’t say anything, just hugs them. but he’s smiling, genuinely smiling and even giggling.

-but he’s terrified, he’s damaged, he’s dangerous, he’s bad at emoting, he doesn’t know how to parent, he never had a proper parent to learn from..he panics, he remembers his mother..

- MC has to talk to him, he never voiced anything but they can tell. it’s insanely emotional but ends really happy

DAY6 reaction: you bringing home an animal they’ve specifically told you not to bring

♡ GIFs are not mine ♡

Park Jaehyung

One day you were on a walk with Jae and you saw a really cute puppy in front of your house. But it wasn’t just a cute puppy. It was the cutest puppy you could ever imagine. 
“Jae, look at him! Isn’t he the cutest? Can we get one?” 
“No no, absolutely no, i had a puppy once and it got lost after three days, i cried for another week, don’t wanna get through this again.”
You just pouted and followed him into your apartment.

But obviously you didn’t listen to him. A couple of days later you got the cutest puppy you could find at the local shelter and brought him home. When Jae returned from work at night he was welcomed by you and a tiny, fluffy pomeranian. 
He only sighed and said:
“He’s not sleeping with us. I hope you bought food for him”

Park Sungjin

You were talking to your childhood friend on Skype when she showed you her little parrot. It was so colorful and funny, she even sang a song for you. When Sungjin entered the room, you quickly called him to see the animal. 
“Look, isn’t it cute?”
“Yeah, it is. But i know what you wanna do, we’re not getting a bird.”
He told you later that he didn’t want to get a bird because they are loud and untidy. 
But that wasn’t stopping you. When he was away, you acutally got a parrot. And it was the prettiest parrot you’ve ever seen. You somehow managed to teach the bird a simple “Hello” and “Sungjin”. When Sungjin got home from work you were sitting on your sofa with a parrot on your hand. 
“No, no, no, where did you get this from? You should return it to the shop, i told you we’re not getting one!”
You only smiled and looked at the parrot and a second after it said:
“Hello Sungjin”
“Aw man… It’s too darn cute. Just make sure it won’t stink.”

Kang Younghyun/Young-K

You always liked small animals, so when you saw one at the party, you’ve fallen in love. The pet at the party was a small turtle and without hesitation you asked Younghyun if you could get one. His answer was simple.
“No, honey. Turtles may me tiny, cute and all but some of them live for too long, some of them bite, and also all they do is lay down, swim and sleep.”

You just didn’t know what to say but you weren’t giving up.
He was away from home for a few days, and that’s when you bought a little turtle and all the equipment. When Younghyun finally returned home, you didn’t say a word about your new roommate. He found him an hour later, and when you didn’t hear anything from him, you started to worry. You entered the room where your turtle was placed and you saw Younghyun playing with your new buddy and making faces at him.
“He’s the cutest.” He whispered. 
“I guess that’s a yes.“

Kim Wonpil

“Don’t even think about it Y/N. We’re not getting a cat. They are mean!” He said after you stared at some cat you found on twitter. 
“They aren’t! Look how fluffy he is! Look at the paws man. The paws.”
“The claws baby. The claws.”
You argued like this for another 5 minutes and then you got angry and left the house. To your surprise, you were followed by a big, fluffy ball. Of course, you picked him up and returned home with him. It didn’t matter that it was childish, you had to prove your point. When Wonpil saw the cat in your hands, he went completely silent for a minute. 
“Well…This particular cat is actually not that bad.”
“Can we keep him?”
“If he doesn’t have an owner then you’re cleaning up after him, just saying”

Yoon Dowoon

*this one didn’t turn out as i wanted but i hope you’ll still enjoy!*

You always knew that Dowoon was afraid of big animals, especially dogs. He always told you to not bring any big dog near him, and you never did. One day you went to the animal shelter with him to get a small dog. You two got a medium sized puppy.
As we all know, Dowoon has to travel with his band and this time he was leaving for 10 days. Little did he know that dogs tend to grow really fast. When he finally returned home, he saw you and the big beast by your side. You could see the fear in his eyes as your dog ran in his direction, but it was soon replaced by a smile. 
“They could’ve told us that he will be that big, i was ready to run for my life.”

look at you; peter parker

pairing: peter parker x ‘plus’ sized/ chubby!reader
word count: 993
summary: someone fat shames you and peter makes sure you’re okay

warning: I know this is a topic people will get offended by. But I am chubby so I think I have the right to make this, don’t come complaining. (well, I mean everyone is welcome to express opinions). I am not trying to portrait Flash Thompson as a disrespectful prick, I just thought he would be the best fit, because he’s already a dick at times. Also lots of swearing. 
my other work

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Jughead x Reader:Soulmate AU Tattoo-wise.

Theme: Angst

Warnings:None really?

Summary: The reader is not really keen on finding her soulmate, until one summer day.

A/N: This a pretty crappy, grammar mistake filled fanfic. I wrote this one night and really liked it, I just didn’t want to fully edit it all out. Not to mention my apologies on the very stretched out story. Enjoy though!


Jughead’s Perspective

I’ve known Y/N for 7 years now.

I’ve seen her through everything that has crossed into her world. From her parents divorce, to that one time when Reggie pranked her by asking her out.

I’ve seen almost everything.

However I have never seen her tattoo.

Everyone has one, one that imprints itself on your body when you are born, the tattoo somehow finds duplicates on their soulmate.

My tattoo was of a crown, a tiny grayish blackish crown. It sits resting upon the heel of my left foot. Everyone’s tattoo is in a different spot, except your soulmate has the same one in the same spot as yours.

Deep down I know that I probably will never meet my soulmate, but I do know that she will be the prettiest girl that I have ever met.

Except here’s the issue, I like Y/N a lot and I don’t know what to do.

Your Perspective

“So what does your tattoo look like?” One day Jughead had questioned while getting into an iconic booth at Pops with me.

I gave him a smirk, I swear that kid could care about nothing else except for his novel, food and my tattoo. My tattoo that I have clearly kept hidden.

My tattoo isn’t in plain sight so it’s not important for me to share it with everyone. It’s not like every time someone asks me what it is, that I’ll take off my shoe and socks and show them a tiny gray crown on my left heel.

It’s unnecessary.

“None of your business Juggie,” I replied not looking up at his eager eyes.

“Ughhhhhh, come on Y/N!” He whined pouting at me with his best puppy dog eyes.

Giggling I shook my head and left it at that, and so did he for the most part.

3 weeks later  

Jughead’s Perspective

Summer has officially begun in Riverdale which was clearly my least favorite time of the year.

It was Y/N’s most hated season too.

If anything, I have always felt more comfortable around Y/N and Archie, so it wasn’t so bad when Archie invited us to his house to swim.

Y/N protested but with some very skilled persuasion she came.

Archie promised me that it’d just be us so I was less inclined to want to sit at a booth at Pop’s.

Now, you’d think that Y/N would have seen my tattoo already but I don’t think she has. Or has tried to find it at least.

Y/N has always been… against this whole soulmate thing.

5 years ago

Y/N aren’t you excited to meet your soulmate one day?” I smirked one evening while we were sitting on her bedside.

Y/N groaned while shaking her head in disgust.

“No Juggie of course not! It’s so freaking cliche, besides no ones going to see my tattoo so why should I bother looking for others? The possibility of me meeting my ‘true love’ is so unlikely.” Y/N had retorted back.

My jaw dropped only nodding at her response.

Even at age twelve, Y/N knew what she wanted and believed, and most likely those declarations of her always stuck.

Present Time: Your Perspective

Everyone knew that I didn’t swim so I usually sat on the side. Since bathing suit don’t usually cover your heels.

I watched as the only exception walked into the pool that lay glistening in front of us.

Jughead Jones.

Now I would never admit that out loud but I did kinda have feelings towards him. I don’t know how the soulmate thing worked and if this was cheating or not, but it was nice to have a crush. Despite the fact that I have told him that I would never check for people’s tattoos, it was moments like these where that rule didn’t seem to apply.

Archie ran out into the clearing in his trousers before shoving a very handsome Juggie into the waters deep.

Giggling I watched the feud develop between the two as they playfully fought each other in the crystal abyss.

“Nice tat Jug!” I heard Archie cheer as he reached the surface.

I felt every bone in my body tense up as I tried not to look up.

“Oh it’s nothing special,” Jughead had blushed deeply as I had snuck a peak at his face.

We made eye contact for a quick second before I looked away.

Later on while the boys went indoors to play video games, I set down the book I was reading and decided to go in for a quick swim.

Stroking and gliding throughout the pool waters I let my body loosen up. After awhile I decided to get out of the water and sat by the edge of the pool letting my mind swim in my thoughts.

I don’t know how long it was that I sat there but it clearly was long enough to not realize the opening and closing of the sliding door behind me.

Jughead’s Perspective

Going outside to grab two soda bottles I couldn’t help but notice Y/N, and she clearly didn’t notice my peering eyes.

She was completely open, except for her two piece so not that open.

I couldn’t help but let my eyes wander looking for any signs of a tattoo.

Defeated in finding nothing I was about to turn around when her left leg shifted so that her foot was visible. Squinting my eyes I trailed down her foot and up to her heel, and that was when I saw it, a gray crown.

“ARCHIE!"I cried as soon as I had made it inside and far from Y/N’s depicted hearing range.

"Did you get the- what?” Archie paused as he turned to face me.

“She’s the one….I saw it on her….foot,” Panting I slowed down to catch my breath.

Confusion spread across Archie’s face to soon be met with glee.

“Oh my gosh Jug,” He grinned while grabbing my arm to head out to pool area.

Your Perspective

I could practically hear the two heading over so I got back into my socks and pretended to read my book.

“Hey Y/N! How was the pool?” Jughead called out as he sorted himself into the cold waters again.

“It was refreshing,” I smiled at him before catching Archie staring down at my socks.

“It’s the middle of the summer take them off Y/N,” Archie teased walking over to me to sit down next to me, I made room.

“No thanks Archie, I don’t want to get hot feet on the pavement,” I replied looking down at my book again.

Archie got up and started to dive off the diving board while Jughead followed suit.

Watching my eyes wandered and met his as he teased while turning around to face the water clearly  about to do a dive. Gracefully he leaped in feet stretched out and that’s when I saw it.

Gasping I dropped my book and started to pack up my things.

“You okay Y/N?” Archie questioned clearly concerned as he hung on the side of the pool while Jug came up for air.

This couldn’t be happening, it was Jughead all along. The man I love, the man that I’ve had a crush on for years was supposedly mine.

That was when I ran, I ran to the car that I came in fiddling with my keys.

“Y/N wait!” I heard Jughead plead when I felt a hand grab mine, a hand that was slightly wet.

“I can’t Juggie,” I whined while opening my door.

“I know that you have one too, I saw it outside, Y/N we are mean’t to be, please?” His eyes watered up while mine did the same.

Flickering my eyes between him and Archie who stood watching us from the top of the driveway I grabbed his face and leaned in, introducing my lips to his.

It was in that moment where I believed that my knight in shining armor that I had desperately tried to ignore, had been protecting me this whole time.

So I didn’t mind being a princess for once.