is it bad that i teared at the end


I know you probably don’t want this but I give zero fucks and I’ve got zero chill in me :) 

I want to publicly wish you a HAPPY GLORIOUS GLITTERY BIRTHDAY, may this day when you had to wake up at 4am to go to work and will probably never end be the happiest and joyful and full of pictures of Diego Luna and Louis Tomlinson. 

So here’s to you getting older baby and i’ve been thinking about it lately does it ever drive you crazy just how fast the night changeeeeees, here’s to the bad decisions and the good decisions of this life i am glad to share with you, here’s to the tears and the laughter and the pain and the excitement and the tiredness and the discourses™ and the endless nights trying to sleep with that damn baby crying all the fucking time on the other side of the wall. I love you and I can’t believe it’s already the third birthday of yours we spend together. For the occasion, I am going to leave you a picture of your cake:

And this is two of our latest selfie we took that time, remember? How GOOD we looked !!!!


All the love for youuuu,


  • MC: I'm really in love with you, Seven!
  • Seven: Good luck with that.

I’ve been thinking a lot about compassion in Judaism, and being kind. In that light, I would like everyone to know that my current favorite Jewish supernatural headcanon is that, instead of driving vampires away with crosses or stakes through the heart, we say the Mourner’s Kaddish for them. I mean, that’s just so adorable. You see this threatening undead creature, and instead of yelling murder, you feel bad for them, and you mourn for them. Imagine being a vampire at the receiving end of that, having been chased away for years and years and told you’re a monster when you come across someone who sees you and your existence and accepts that you’re in a pretty bad place and offers help in the best way they can. I’m actually tearing up about this a little. If someone adds to this post I’ll love them forever.

hayley kiyoko is such a fucking gift, ok? she tackled violence against trans women (it’s very triggering but holy shit she addresses it) in her new video, that she directed, while actually featuring a trans woman (erin armstrong) in it, who gets saved by a young black boy THE LITERAL HERO of the story and they end up becoming friends? it’s so stunning and i l o v e her she’s so inclusive and important and she’s truly a gift to our generation and i’m crying tears of happiness. ♡♡ our ultimate wlw icon.

BTS Reaction to you flinching during a fight

Jungkook: It all happened so quickly. It seemed as if right when Jungkook stepped foot in the dorm the tension between you two was there. Sensing something was the matter you urged him to tell you. After constant nagging and Jungkook not being in the mood his hand raised up motioning for you to leave him alone. It wasn’t until your eyes squeezed shut and you froze in place stopping any talking that you were once doing for Jungkook to know what had just happened. “Jagi no…I would never.” Jungkook stepped back away from you scared that any touch from him would only make it worse. 

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V: You never fought with Tae but when you did someone was usually in tears by the end of it. It’s never been this bad before so when Tae quickly whipped his body around and started walking up to you, you couldn’t help but back yourself up against the wall distancing yourself away from him. Your breath had hitched to the back of your throat while tears were slowly falling down your face. “No…” Taehyung dropped to his knees in front of you looking up at you with pleading eyes. He had gently grabbed one of your hands with both of his while shaking his head. “I would never hurt you (Y/N), I want you to know that, I need you to know that..”

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Jimin: “I just need you to listen for once!” Jimin yelled, slamming his hand down onto the kitchen counter beside you. That’s all it took for you to cower to the corner of the kitchen repeatedly mumbling ‘I’m sorry’ while keeping your head down. You heard him walk to you, his footsteps quiet but you still heard him. You felt his warm hand under your chin, you had squeezed your eyes tight scared of what might come. “Jagi…jagi please look at me.” Jimin’s voice cracked. Your eyes shot open in shot of what you had just heard. Your eyes were wet, tears slipping from them as you saw the look on your boyfriends face. “I would never harm you, I’d never think about that. Okay? Please never be scared of me again jagi, I love you.”

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J-Hope: He really honestly tried to calm the situation down before it got too intense. He doesn’t like getting mad at you or getting in fights with you but everything was piling up on him and you giving him attitude once he got back from dance practice put the icing on the cake. You two had been at each others throat yelling at each other, nit picking every little detail of what he had done wrong that day. He had enough, he threw his arm up simply letting it fall to his side when he saw you flinch, your arms raised to block your face. Once he saw that you actually thought he was going to hit you he pulled you in a tight embrace not letting go until you relaxed in his arms. “Why would you think that I would hit you jagi? I wouldn’t think about doing that..not in a million years.” He pressed a kiss to your head once he felt your arms slowly slip behind his back returning the embrace.

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Rap Monster: Namjoon was scary when yelling at you. His voice managed to get deeper once the irritation really hit him. He had been pacing back and forth in your shared bedroom when he suddenly began making way towards you. He stopped immediately at the foot of the bed when he saw you back away instantly, back hitting the headboard of the bed. “Did you just-”

“You-you were going to..I thought-”

“I’d never.” Namjoon quickly shook his head, eyes widened a bit as he slowly made his way towards you, sitting on the edge of the bed. “I want you to feel safe when you’re with me. Even when we’re fighting like that, I need you to know I would never hurt you in any way.”

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Suga: It was a simple action, if it happened in any other situation you probably wouldn’t have flinched but do to the circumstances and the close proximity you were with Yoongi you couldn’t help but jolt back letting yourself hit the hard wall behind you. His eyes widened with shock when he heard the impact of your back hitting the wall and with his first instinct to rush over to you and see if you were okay you snapped your eyes shut, throat closing, getting ready for whatever impact was about to happen. Refusing to open your eyes and the longer the anticipation for what you thought was going to happen you breathed out a shaky, broken voice. “Don’t hurt me.” Hearing those words absolutely broke Yoongi, his eyes widened once again, scared to touch you as if you’d break at any touch. He slowly placed a hand on your shoulder, squeezing gently and pulling you into his arms. Only then did you open your eyes and allow your eyes to now fill with tears. “I’m sorry..I didn’t mean to scare you. I’d never hurt you. I love you, God I love you (Y/N).”

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Jin: He was absolutely heartbroken. He couldn’t believe that you could be this terrified of him, he was the man that you loved, he was the one that you talked about marrying one day to your friends. But he’s also the one that has you crying in his arms because of him brushing his bangs out of his eyes during a fight that neither of you remember how it started or why you were both so mad, all you felt was a horrible feeling in your stomach and not being able to breath until the tears came rolling down your face and you being pulled into Jin’s arms. “Please stop crying jagi..I didn’t mean to scare you like that I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. I don’t want you thinking that I’d ever do that..hit you, hurt you, harm you. Please know that jagi.”

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fragile ones

on ao3

title taken from 10am gare du nord by keaton henson. i love his music so much its just so….open and raw? it felt fitting for a fic like this, it just really works for late nights and emotional talks idk

i started this fic back at the end of august on a bad night and there isnt much plot to it just…speculation i guess. a character study of alya? but in this au?? im not sure. theres not much to it at all and its a little all over, but it was a fic i felt like i had to write


Alya wakes up with her heart in her throat and her hands tearing at her hair. She groans and rests her forehead on her knees.

If only he’d shut up.

She checks the time. It’s only three, because of course it’s unreasonable to ask for a full night’s sleep. She stays where she is for a little while longer, curled up in a ball and hugging a pillow, letting her heart rate level out and her head slow its spin. When she stops feeling like she’ll throw up if she moves, she slides out of bed and pads into the bathroom.

Alya avoids the floorboards that creak and is careful to close the door softly, but it doesn’t really matter. After a few months, her family got used to her getting up at strange hours and wandering around the house. Once she stopped screaming, it was easier for them to sleep through her nightmares.

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Wake me up when you’re back in my arms, although the time spent away have multiplied into years– missing you is the only confirmation of your existence. I haven’t heard my name since the wind uncovered your eyes yet I still manage to open up more and more everyday– you’re the only thing growing inside of me, breathing with bad lungs always meant more gardens than droughts with you around. More open lips strolling through marketed smiles–more open wounds when they should be closed, you used to keep your feet out of the blanket, was it colder when we slept together or when we were sleeping alone? were the tears louder when I was holding your hand? did the sun rise every time I didn’t answer? The hours speak us into existence and we may be apart from one another, but we’ll always be a part of one another– some stories begin with you, but they’ll always end with me. No matter how deep these scars run, I’ll always find another reason to love. maybe we divided time into a pill we couldn’t swallow, but your silence is apology enough–we used to tell stories about wanting to do things right the first time, but when we chose to walk away, when we chose to live alone… the conversation between bones and bone marrow sounds like the one between tears and your eyes. I still think that we were too young to throw the words I love you around, but as time continues to pass us by. I have learned to forgive myself. I have learned to forgive you. If you ever hear my apology when the moon is behind clouds and the sun is fighting sleep– if you ever hear my apology when we’re too old and we no longer remember us– if you ever hear my apology and it doesn’t sound like another I’m sorry… just know that somewhere in the vague details of every poem I meant every word.
—  The Ate & The Bunso

That episode was nowhere near as bad as people mad it out to be. Sure, there were some loose ends and some bad CGI but that’s just nitpicking. In my opinion, the episode was intense and I never lost focus. It wasn’t boring or in any way horrible.

Nothing is ever going to please everyone in the audience but I think the creators have done a great job.

(Also what amazing acting! Had me in tears at a couple of points)

Jihun Appreciation Post

well, Jihun…where do I start?

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I usually cringe so bad but somehow he changes that

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His smile is the most precious thing that I have ever seen

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and him and Seungjun lord save my soul

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they’re so adorable and when he sneaks into Seungjuns room so he can scratch is back becuase it reminds him of his mother BOI IM NOT CRYING THESE ARE TEARS OF SWEAT

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then theres him and Youjin

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this performance was the reason my life ended. hani is so hot i dont care what anyone says

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He works so hard and puts his all into everything he does

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his laugh is the reason i wake up in the morning

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But yeah stan KNK as well as Jihun. They’re such an incredible group with their outstanding music but also their diverse personalities that makes everything they do funny and interesting. they’re one of the few groups i will genuinely chekck everything that they do and every single V app that they make.

KNK Masterlist ~ Masterlist

Although this winter managed to break your lungs and I’m never there like you’d like me to be, I’m still counting the minutes until you’re okay and those crystallized tears just won’t melt every time you need to cry… I still think that you’re more than important and yes, your heart isn’t tended to as of late… but you’re still my favorite bed time story even if I don’t read you every night and we’re all looking for something that’s bad for us at the end of the night, but it does help– to look. It does help. Don’t stop looking. You’ll find it one of these days, even if it’s not with him.

You were thinking it. I’ll just say it.

Hello December!

At last, 2016 is coming to a close! But I can honestly say, I am not ready for this year to end. As bad as this year was for me, I’m grateful for everything this year has brought. The tears, the life lessons, the new opportunities all aided in my growth today. 

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Sooooooooo December, I pray that you continue to grant me growth, blessings, and new opportunities. I also pray that God continues to allow my crush and I continue to grow together. 

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When you lay my body down 
When you throw me in the ground
Don’t be sorry.

A tribute to the real Percival Graves, should he have died at the ends of Grindelwald. This is his song

an anon asks:

Why do you make Trill so handsome?

well, probably because most of the time i’m drawing him a bit more put-together than he actually is in the campaign. oh sure, he’s not that bad, and at least he’s been able to wash like, the blood off himself after a particular owlbear encounter but also you don’t just pick stupid fights without ending up a bit disheveled, yknow, tears and patches and whatnot. and he’s been traveling for years, and doing stupid shit for all his life probably. anyway this is prob a bit more accurate to how he’s actually dressed.

i realize this is a rhetorical question but w/e that’s an answer anyway lmao. i’m glad u think trill is handsome. in the campaign, he’s got a history of a number of partners, and i’m amused to say that the messages i get on this blog sort of support that aspect of his history.

The next girl you’ll love will have nectar lips that taste better 
she will sleep with you like sunset with stronger arms that don’t have secrets in her skin 
another writer type but better, she will kiss you like dawn and touch you like healing she’ll smell better and be outgoing, I hope she loves you well

You’re going to love her until I fade away I will be another ghost you’ll grow out of. i’ll just be gone; a memory of a memory. A bag full of bad poems. A forgotten smell. some word on your tongue you cant remember but sure you used to know.

You won’t remember that I used to twist words just to make you smile. You’ll remember the nights I came crashing down whispering ‘I don’t want to be here’. You won’t remember the way I danced to that song. You’ll remember the tears and the shortage of breath I always had. In the end I will remember everything about you; and you’ll remember only the dark side of my moon.

—  luna
We spoke on the phone for the first time in a month last night, and I knew it was a bad idea. The last time we spoke ended with me yelling at you and you slamming the phone down. You don’t even sound like you anymore. It was almost 3 in the morning and I was on the verge of tears because it felt so good to hear your voice again. I was too tired of putting up a facade of being fine without you, pretending that I don’t miss you is so exhausting. I know that we can’t save us now, we’re both way too stubborn to admit that we need Eachother. But I remember exactly 8 months ago you told me you needed me, so please remember that tonight.
—  I miss you, but we can’t save us now
Make Me

<p><i>-Based on the song “Make Me (cry)” by Noah Cyrus ft Labrinth. I was listening to it and go this idea so I just started writing and got this. Hope you enjoy!<p><i>


//I never needed you like I do right now//

She quickly sucked her lower lip between her teeth harshly, as she felt tears weal up in her eyes. Her small hands rest in her lap, her long legs crossed as she sat near the top of the messy bed.

//I never needed you like I do right now//

His bare back and shoulders moved as he let out a heavy breath; hands clenching the end of the bad. The bandage around his face could barely be seen as he hung his head slightly, his dark locks falling as a curtain around him.

//I never hated you like I do right now//

An old flannel fell around her as it was much too big; too many days gone by of no meals. Food was a constant battle between the two of them, as well as everything else that comes with a now damned world.

He stood from the bed, stepping into his dirty jeans, pulling them up his slender legs. The tears freely fled from her green eyes as she sat still, knowing nothing would make him stay with her.

Ever since the saviors started taking “half” of everything they had, he shut himself out. Most people in the group were used to it by now, everyone except her. She knew the saviors had effected everyone, but it seemed to get to him the most. All love and affection from him vanished, instead she got cold shouldered and pushed as far away as he could hender. Everyday it broke the already broken girl more. Her bright eyes and happy smile no longer existed, everyone could see it happening. The once young happy couple they all picked on was drifting apart. They no longer held hands and laughter together walking down the streets. They no longer snuck out late at night to go over the gates and escape everything. They no longer sat together at breakfast or dinner, instead she never even would show up.

Their once shared room was now cold and lonely. They both only would occupy it in times like this, when she would be sitting there waiting for him to get out of the shower, hoping and almost pleading that he would lay and stay with her; he never would.

//So I’ll see you in the mornin’, I can’t watch you walk out//

Her small body shrunk into the thin sheets, eyes clamped closed as he finally stood and walked out. The door was softly shut behind him, but not even that could keep everyone from hearing her cries through out the house, not even him.

He slumped down the stairs, plopping down on the small, cold couch once he entered the living room. Whimpers of his name fell from her swollen lips.

//Cause all you ever do is make me..//

Apology | Mingyu Angst | Oneshot

Request: hi! can i request a hella angsty seungcheol/mingyu (whichever one you feel most comfortable writing about) scenario based off the song “i’m not sorry” by dean (he’s the bad guy, not you)? i’d prefer a fluff ending but that’s okay if not. thank u sm ! i love ur writing so much shahsha uwu

Based off of this song

Word Count: 3,662

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You opened your eyes and stared at the ceiling you used to think was white. Upon closer inspection it looked a lot more grey. The room that used to always feel perfectly warm now felt cold. Sometimes it felt too hot, but it was never just right–it was never the way it used to be.

“When is the last time you’ve even kissed me?” You shouted through tears, you wished you could just talk it out with him but that never seemed to work.  Perhaps this was the only way you could get through to him. 

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