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My fault || merlin

Request: Merlin x agent!reader, where Harry knows Merlin has feelings for the reader and continually reminds Merlin he can’t act on them as Kingsman agent. Also absolutely love all of your writings!

Word count: 2079

Warnings: swearing, alcohol, blood

(a/n: this got so so angsty, I got out of hand, sorry!!)

Everyday was a struggle for Merlin; he would watch you and everything that you did and would fall even harder for you. But he couldn’t tell you, he wasn’t allowed to.

He was reminded of that everyday by Harry. He could tell by the way Merlin stared at you that the scotsman had feelings for you but Harry needed to remind Merlin of the rules and so everyday, he did.

You had noticed that Merlin had started to act strange towards you; he would be rather blunt with you sometimes or not even talk to you at all and it genuinely upset you. You liked Merlin, maybe a little more than just friends but you would never tell him, you just couldn’t imagine Merlin reciprocating those feelings back.

You walked down the corridor and formally greeted everyone who walked past you before entering the meeting room where Eggsy, Harry and Merlin were. You gave a quick apology for being late before you sat down and listened to what Merlin was explaining, you noticed he was avoiding eye contact with you.

Once the meeting was over and the other two had left you walked over to Merlin.

“Everything okay?” you asked, he nodded, typing something on his clipboard and looking at the wall. You crossed your arms over your chest, before sighing a little and walking out the room and to where you needed to go.

Merlin watched you walk out the room, his heart feeling heavy; he hated to see you upset because of him, but he knew he couldn’t explain why. Harry watched you walk out the room, he knew you were upset but he knew that this was better for you and Merlin.

“You alright, y/n?” Harry asked softly, stopping you.

“Urm-, yeah” you replied, flashing him a small smile before walking off.

Weeks went by and Merlin still hadn’t spoken to you and the both of you hated it. You believed you had done something or said something without realising to Merlin that upset him but you didn’t know what but you obviously couldn’t ask him because he wasn’t talking to you. Merlin wanted to talk to you but he didn’t in fear he’d tell you what he wanted to, he didn’t want to make himself fall for you even more.

Harry could see everything that was going on and he honestly felt terrible about it but after all, he was only telling Merlin the rules of being a Kingsman but then again, who listens to rules nowadays, anyway?

You needed to talk to Merlin, you didn’t care if he didn’t want to talk to you, you just needed to talk to him. So, one day after a meeting, after everyone had walked out, you shut the door just leaving you and Merlin alone.

“Merlin, we need to talk” you said, Merlin didn’t respond, he just carried on typing. “Look, I don’t know what’s happened between us but can you just tell me what’s wrong?”

“There’s nothing wrong” Merlin replied, not looking at you.

“Well there is something obviously because you never talk to me anymore” you said, sounding a little harsh. Tears began to gloss your eyes but you didn’t want to cry; you didn’t want to make a bigger scene.

“I’ve been busy” Merlin said quietly.

“Merlin, why are you not talking to me? If there’s something I’ve done just tell me” you said, fighting back the tears, “If you hate me, then just tell me to leave because I will”

Merlin didn’t respond. He shifted his gaze from his laptop to you, frowning a little as he saw the tears in your eyes before looking back at the device in front of him.

“So that’s it?” you asked, feeling the tears roll down your cheek, “All you’re going to do is just look at me and not talk? Do you expect me to know what’s going on? I’m not a mind reader Merlin! Just talk to me! It’s not that hard to open your mouth and say something?”

“Y/n-” Merlin started.

“Don’t ‘y/n’ me! Merlin, just tell me whats going on with you!” you said, getting angry.

“Y/n, you don’t understand..” Merlin said quietly as he looked at you, pushing his glasses back up his nose.

“You don’t know that!” you said, “Merlin it’s been weeks since you and I have spoken and all you tell me is that I ‘wouldn’t understand’? Maybe if you told me I would”

Merlin didn’t respond. The room went quiet for a couple seconds.

“So you’re not going to say anything?” you asked, crossing your arms over your chest.

You were met with silence.

You sighed angrily before opening the door and storming out; you passed Eggsy and your way out and they tried to talk to you but you stormed away from them.

“Y/n!” Eggsy tried to call out but you kept walking away, wiping away your tears.

You walked out the tailor shop, and down the quiet streets of London; you vigorously wiped away your tears and tried to stop crying, getting looks from the various people around you.

The hours went on and you found yourself sitting in a pub, drinking. You felt kind of stupid for storming away and you felt bad for yelling at Merlin but it wasn’t your fault.

“‘Ello, love” you heard a voice next to you say. You looked up at the man, he was big and looked quite drunk, he sat opposite you - his friends followed suite. You sighed, rolling your eyes - you just knew this was going to end in a fight.

“Can I help you?” you asked looking at the group of boys who sat in front of you.

“We just thought you looked a little lonely. So me and the boys decided to join you” the man said, chugging back his larger.

“I’m alright, actually” you said, giving him a fake smile, “but thanks anyway” you got out of your seat and walked out the pub, walking down the streets of london.

“And where d’you think you’re going?” The same man shouted as he stepped out the pub, followed by his friends.

“Away from you” you shouted back; the many drinks you had, had were taking an effect on you. Normal, sober you wouldn’t say anything back, instead you’d usually beat them up but drunk you had other plans.

The sound of people running started to get loud and you knew the men were coming for you. You ran off, running through parts of London that you never even knew existed - just like the alleyway that you found yourself in surrounded by the group of drunk blokes.

One of the men came forward to you, you ran up to him and kicked him multiple times in the stomach and flipped yourself over his shoulders; you punched and kicked the men around you, seeing as you didn’t have a weapon on you at all. You wrapped your legs around a man’s neck, suffocating him as you beat up his friend, smashing him against the wall, knocking him out cold. The man under your legs pushed you off and on to the floor, where you hissed in pain - you had definitely broke your wrist.

You stood back up, using your legs to kick the man unconscious as more of his friends came for you; you knocked most of them out even with a broken wrist and being very drunk.

Breathing heavily, you look around at all the bleeding men laying on the floor with a small smile on your face. You went to turn around but you felt a strong hand cover your mouth up, stopping you from turning around. You went to yell out as you felt something very very sharp stabbing you multiple times in the back; the man ran away leaving you bleeding.

Your back burned in agony as you felt blood seep through your shirt and some on your stomach - that’s when you realised whatever the guy had stabbed you with had made its way through your back and out your stomach.

Dropping to the ground, you let out a strangled yell of pain, your glasses smashing on the concrete floor. Your eyes drooped shut, the pain becoming unbearable.

                                                 - - -  - - - -

Merlin sat typing away at his computers, blinking back the tears that threaten to fall; Merlin rarely cried, only you had seen him cry once - that is a long, long story.

The doors of his room burst open, a panting Eggsy gripping the door handle.

“Merlin, it’s y/n, she’s been fucking stabbed” Eggsy said.

“W-what?” Merlin asked in disbelief; surely someone with your amazing fighting skills wouldn’t get hurt.

“Y/n. Harry found out where she was and he went to find her. He found her bleeding to fucking death in an alleyway and n-now she’s in the infirmary and she’s still bleeding” Eggsy rushed out. Merlin abruptly stood up and practically, ran down the corridor to the infirmary, Eggsy following behind.

The room was full of many doctors and nurses, most of them yelling; Merlin saw you laying on the bed, unconscious, your body shaking, wires coming out of you and two blood soaked bandages on your stomach and upper thigh. Merlin tried to go over to you but was blocked off by a nurse who told him that no one could see you right now and that you were being rushed to have an emergency operation.

Harry, Eggsy and Merlin stood, watching as you were wheeled off in the hospital bed to theatre.

                                                  - - - -   - - - -

Merlin’s hand gripped yours tightly as you slept for days on end; he couldn’t leave you alone.

The doctors had said that there was a chance that you would never walk again due to where the knife had stabbed you and that tore Merlin apart. He just wanted you to be happy; he blamed himself for everything.

“You’re going to be okay” Merlin whispered, stroking your hair back with his other hand, “I’m not going to leave you, y/n, I promise”  He placed a kiss on your hand, trying to hold back his emotions.  

Merlin sighed, watching you as you laid unconscious, your chest rising up and down; it was too silent. He hated to see you like this, he knew that it was all his fault. If he had just straight up told you why he was ignoring you then you wouldn’t have run off and you wouldn’t have been nearly stabbed to death.

“I wish I just told you” he said, “you’re so beautiful, you know that? I was an idiot not to tell you how much I love you. Stuff the rules, I love you, y/n, don’t leave me”

He heard a loud breath from you and looked up from your hand, to your face; he saw a distinctive, small smile on your lips.

“I love you too, you idiot” you chuckled, your voice sounding very hoarse and croaky. You opened your eyes, looking at him and squeezing his hand with the small amount of strength you had. “If I hear you blame yourself again, Hamish, I will hit you…”

Merlin chuckled a little bit but a single tear droplet rolled down his cheek, you lifted your hand up to his cheek and wiped it away with your thumb.

“I love you” you whispered, holding his hand as tight as you could.

“I love you, y/n” Merlin whispered back, kissing the back of your hand, “God, I love you so bloody much”

Weeks passed before you could get out of bed. It was a struggle for you to walk at the start but Merlin was always there holding your hand, feeling so proud of you as you began to walk. Merlin still blamed himself for everything but you reminded him that it wasn’t his fault; he also still cried but you were always there to hold him.

Many kisses and embraces were shared everyday between you and Merlin; and everyday you grew stronger. I mean, yes you still couldn’t walk properly and you couldn’t go missions but you had Merlin and he was everything you needed. It was just a shame of the circumstances when the truth came out.

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(Yo, what up people! I have a very big obsession with Spiderman and I gotta soothe that obsession through fanfic. So enjoy. If, for whatever reason you people want more of these then put it in the comment thingy at the bottom. Hope yah enjoy!)

Tony Stark was prepared for a lot of things.

He was prepared for the alien race who’s name had so many vowels in it, it looked like someone had dropped the scrabble letters.

He was prepared for Steve’s infamous tantrums because yes, Captain America did pout and as funny as it was to watch, Tony had plenty of expensive but easily broken equipment just within arms reach.

Tony was prepared if his suit malfunctioned. If his backup suit malfunctioned. Even if his backup backup suits malfunctioned.

Tony was everything but prepared for Peter Parker.

The kid, he just wormed his way into Tony’s life, his bubbly bursting personality completely picking away at the wall Tony had spent so much time putting up. God damnit, that shit took time.

And Peter was loud. Tony was willing to bet Peter would talk to himself in the mirror if no one else was listening. But he also adored Tony. Clung onto every word that Tony said and filed it away for later.

Peter was also excited about everything. Once Tony caught Peter’s drink before it fell and the kid all but did a backflip.

So when Peter sluggishly dragged his feet against Tony’s fancy new carpet and walked straight into a glass window, Tony knew something was up.

And when Peter refused to come down for dinner and to instead catch an early night, Tony felt an unfamiliar pang of worry in his chest.

Tony had long forgotten what an “early” night was. He spent far too long in his lab concentrating on some very important gadget to look out out the window and see the rising sun.

“Sir,” FRIDAY interrupted and totally did not scare Tony what are you talking about, “Would you like a nightly check on Mister Parker?” FRIDAY asked.

Tony frowned, fingers itching to pick his technology backup but nodded nonetheless.

“Mister Parker has a fever of 33 degrees and seems to be suffering quite a high level of distress in his sleep.”

A large wave of complex worry surged through Tony and he was halfway out the room without even remembering to deactivate FRIDAY.

Tony was quick into Peter’s room, not even bothering to knock as loud cries were forcing their way through the door.

Peter was thrashing around in his bed, fighting against his covers as he screamed loudly. His lamp was on the floor and some of the bedside crap the kid had brought over was also over the floor. Peter gave another high shriek and his hand whipped out and smashed against the corner of the bedside table with a harsh whack.

“Peter! Kid, wake up!” Tony sat on the bed, hesitant to shake Peter awake as he seemed in so much distress. But listening to his crying was even harder.

“Peter!” Tony shook Peter’s shoulder’s and his eyes instantly snapped open at the contact, a harsh sob leaving his mouth.

Before Tony could properly calm Peter down, or even process what was going on, Peter’s eyes widened and he shot up like a rocket and pushed Tony out the way before heaving over the edge of the bed.

His shoulders jumped forward and with a loud splat, Peter lost his dinner. With another violent hitch of his shoulders, another copious amount of sick poured from Peter’s mouth.

Tony was not prepared for this. Aliens, death, pouty superheroes, Tony was prepared. This was more out of his world than any form of a comfort zone.

But Tony could hear the soft sobs between heaves and a harsh tug on his heartstrings made his hand reach out and rub up and down Peter’s back in what he hoped was a soothing motion.

“You’re okay.” He muttered, feeling an alarming heat through Peter’s top. Keeping one hand on Peter’s back, his other snaked around and cupped Peter’s forehead. It was absolutely burning.

“Oh, kid.” Tony sighed, wincing sympathetically as Peter now seemed to have exported everything he’d ate, possibly in his lifetime and was now painfully dry heaving instead.

“-Sorry-” Peter gasped any chance he could draw breath. “God- ‘m so- sorry.”

Finally, the heaving seemed to taper off, but any of Peter’s energy had completely left and he slumped forward, exhausted.

“Okay, easy, easy.” Tony soothed, pulling Peter back until he rested against his chest. Tony began brushing Peter’s sweaty hair back. He didn’t know why he did it but it seemed to soothe Peter even slightly.

“I’m so sorry.” Peter wept, his voice raw with emotion. It sounded painful.

“Shh, don’t even start, kid.” Tony hushed him but Peter shook his head, adamant.

“Bein’ such- a bother.”

“No,” Tony said firmly. “Never. I don’t want you to ever say that again.”

Another sob hitched in Peter’s chest and Tony’s heart hurt so bad he ended up pulling the kid up and hugged him against his chest.

“You’re okay. I’m gonna make sure you’ll be just fine.” Tony reassured once again. Hot tears soaked into shirt and Tony resumed rubbing Peter’s back.

He felt Peter’s fingers grip the back of his shirt in response and Tony knew there was no way he was gonna finish his tech tonight. It could wait.


SWORD-AND-SHEITH WASSUP! I love seeing you on my dash! And duuude, I’m in the same boat. I’m like, why build up Keith’s confidence only to tear him down like this? Like, I want Shiro to stay in the Black Lion as much as Keith does. But…was that really the end to Keith’s leadership arc? Like…all right. I wish the team had acknowledged him and his accomplishments more. I wish he hadn’t had to step down in the way that he did, with Shiro yelling in his ear and everyone siding against him. It left a bad taste in my mouth, but…what can the writers do? Push Shiro aside, like I mentioned before? AAAAA!

That said, I’ll come clean: I’m one of those folks who want Keith to go back to Red. I know how much Keith learned as Voltron’s leader. I know that role taught him to work as a team player, and to reach out to his friends. But like…why. 

We spent a lot of time on Shiro and Black’s bond, but we also spent a lot of time on Keith and Red’s. Red slingshotted herself through space to save Keith. She nearly destroyed the Malmora base on his behalf. And I’m like………why. Why would you emphasize that connection only to discard it like this? 

I don’t feel like Keith ever bonded with Black like he did with Red. He piloted Black for Shiro; for the good of the team. And that worked, because the Black Lion favors those who value love, trust, and duty. But I don’t think he melded with Black like Shiro did. He flew Black because he had to, not because they shared a deep bond.

I came out of this season feeling down in the dumps. And I’ll acknowledge that most of that feeling comes down to this season’s lack of Keith—or, more specifically, the lack of scenes between Shiro and Keith. I know their dynamic can’t steal the spotlight all the time, and this season was very short. It hurt my heart, though, from a personal perspective, to watch Keith leave the team. 

“Home” is a big theme in this story’s universe (think Allura and Coran’s relationship with Altea; the fact that the war started over the destruction of the Galran home planet; the Balmerans, who were willing to die with their planet; the Paladins’ connection with Earth). Keith doesn’t have a “home” on Earth like the other Paladins, so his friends are his home. They’re his family. As the Red Paladin—and the Black Paladin as well—Keith belonged somewhere. 


He went off on his own again to work as a member of an undercover group with a “you’re on your own” mentality.

SO YEAHHHH that’s why this season made me super sad. You could tell Keith left the team out of a sense of duty rather than because he wanted to—and I guess that’s demonstrative of his development. He didn’t make that decision selfishly, like earlier on when he would act out on his own, or charge ahead of his teammates. Keith left with the Blade because he believes the team doesn’t want or need him anymore; that Shiro makes a better leader than he does; that Lance deserves his seat in the Red Lion; that Allura’s better off in Blue. 

Keith found that sense of belonging—his teammates reached him through that wall he built around himself—and now IT’S ALL GONE. POOF!

Like, LOOK. I KNOW they hugged Keith. I know Shiro said his teammates were there for him, and I know Keith said he believed him. But like, it’s the same thing as it was with Shiro. What can Keith even do on the ship anymore, if not fly the Black Lion? Putter around behind Coran on the main deck? I think you could tell by the look on Keith’s face as he left the Castle; Keith doesn’t feel like he belongs on the team anymore. We traded Shiro’s sense of belonging for Keith’s and…like……..I don’t know what to say. The writers REALLY wrote themselves into a corner on that one. What else could they have done? Until the clone plot comes to fruition, or some giant event shuffles up the Lions again, they’re stuck like this, with either Keith or Shiro on the sidelines. They’ll have to approach this stuff very, very carefully. 

This reply has gotten really long—sorry—but I GUESS I prefer this to watching Shiro backseat drive the Castle, or run off with Matt and the rebel fighters. I was totally not expecting the writers to go in this direction. It may feel like a major step backwards for Keith’s development, but he WILL emerge from this arc with a newfound understanding of his place on the team. I have to believe that or else I’ll go crazy.

(Shiro…..sOMEBODY…for god’s sake…tell this boy to come back. Remind him that he’d want Shiro on the team even if he couldn’t pilot a lion. Sometimes you just want people in your friggin’ LIFE, dammit. Jeeeeeesus.)

I’ve been thinking a lot about compassion in Judaism, and being kind. In that light, I would like everyone to know that my current favorite Jewish supernatural headcanon is that, instead of driving vampires away with crosses or stakes through the heart, we say the Mourner’s Kaddish for them. I mean, that’s just so adorable. You see this threatening undead creature, and instead of yelling murder, you feel bad for them, and you mourn for them. Imagine being a vampire at the receiving end of that, having been chased away for years and years and told you’re a monster when you come across someone who sees you and your existence and accepts that you’re in a pretty bad place and offers help in the best way they can. I’m actually tearing up about this a little. If someone adds to this post I’ll love them forever.

a long list of my fave lightning thief musical moments
  • before the play started they had fog in the air and the sound of thunder and crows playing over the speakers, it was so spooky, i walked into the theater and immediately fell in love (also they were selling orange chb t-shirts at the merch table!)
  • you’ve probably already seen pics of the set design but ancient greek columns sprayed w graffiti and covered in nyc scaffolding is the Ultimate PJO Aesthetic
  • sally calling percy “baby” :’) carrie compere’s sally was so good overall i loved her so much
  • mr. d’s song was so funny, george salazar really nailed him
  • luke going past percy while sword training and stopping to watch him go by when they met eyes uhhh…..
  • percy and grover’s hug when they see each other again, percy just ran to him and held him so tight i love them
  • luke annabeth and grover sitting together and joking in the background!! there were a lot of little interactions between characters when the focus wasnt on them that were so cute <3
  • percy making lightsaber noises with his sword when he first gets it before capture the flag
  • silena hyping clarisse up during “put you in your place”
  • grover crying about pan but trying to keep dancing during his part of the campfire song
  • percy at the campfire saying he can’t sing after he’s spent the entire first act singing, i love him
  • also the entire campfire song being abt how much everyone hates their parents and then percy standing up and being like “hi everyone, i love my mom”
  • percy climbing the scaffolding during “good kid” and hanging like he’s going to jump when he sings “all you get are bad grades and a bum rap and a bad rep and a good smack and no friends and no hope and no mom” chris made me cry real tears here oof
  • grover telling percy he’s coming w him on his quest and percy immediately going into Angry Protective Mode and grover jumping in before he can say anything w/ “don’t get mad!”
  • act 1 ending with this big triumphant song abt leaving on their quest but then the lights go dark and monster calls echo and groups of red eyes peak from the back of the stage and percy grabs for grover’s hand before the blackout 😭
  • “i don’t wanna die in the garden state!”
  • grover staring percy down for a good silent five seconds after percy responded to him talking to a squirrel w “this is nuts”
  • annabeth telling percy her mom turned medusa into a monster and chugging water halfway through her sentence so she doesn’t have to finish it
  • “that little squirrel came back and gave me these!” “three amtrak tickets?”
  • girl in braids and a floppy hat at the lotus hotel: why, my brother and i arrived just yesterday, may 1st, 1939!
  • thalia singing softly on the second level while luke and annabeth stand behind her with their hands held out, lit w green light, turning her into a tree while grover tells percy about being afraid he failed her, he was crying, i was crying
  • “it’s charon with an “a” as in AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • creators of this musical, apparently: well we dont have time to focus on them facing cerberus so now he’s a dj for a sequined charon who rocks the entire theater
  • “i think this pit is tartarus” “(gasping) YOU MEAN LIKE………..THE FISH SAUCE
  • the toilet paper guns used for percy’s water powers being shot over the audience until the entire orchestra was completely covered in toilet paper
  • “well the gods aren’t always fair but we’re not total dicks”
  • jonathan raviv’s quick change from poseidon to chiron was really quick so he came out as chiron with his shirt unbuttoned in the deepest v saying “I GALLOPED HERE AS FAST AS I COULD” which was ridiculous and yet completely in character
  • percy and luke’s handshake! and luke telling percy what he thinks of the gods and going for the handshake and percy hesitantly doing it w him bc he agrees w/ the way luke feels before realizing that luke’s the lightning thief
  • luke has a dark reprise of “good kid” when he betrays percy and i !!!! SCREAMED!!!!
  • also the creators of this musical, apparently: well we cant have a poison scorpion on stage so how about luke just fuckin stabs percy in the back? hm?
  • the stage was a huge mess of confetti and toilet paper by the end which is truly the only way a percy jackson musical should end
  • please go see this if you have the chance it’s so funny and so good, it’s really an amazing adaption that gets the tone of the book so well and every actor captures their character(s) perfectly, they all clearly know the material and seem like they’re having so much fun onstage, i loved it so much!!!!


I’ve only just been able to tear myself away from these beautiful cards in order to make this post. They arrived this morning and ever since, I’ve just been handling them and taking endless photos. I swear, it’s impossible to take a bad picture of this deck! 

Some thoughts and first impressions bellow the cut! 

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Fighting with Peter Parker would include..

- cue dramatic af peter LMAO

- anyways

- the angel just wants you to be happy 24/7

- but sometimes arguments just happen, ya know?

- it started out very simple with slight banter

- and then it escalated to you two yelling at each other in his apartment

- arguing about the littlest of things

- ‘peter did you eat my piece of toast’

- ‘asdfghjkl pls don’t kill me’


- trying to give each other the silent treatment

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You hurt me. You broke me. You made me bleed more than anyone ever has. It’s funny though. When I met you it felt like our souls knew each other. It felt like they had intertwined and we were supposed to meet. It felt like I knew you from when I was little. I thought that we’d be friends forever. No matter how far apart we were, somehow I thought that we’d always know each other. I always believed in us. No matter how bad the argument or how terrible the fight got. I had hope that we’d grow old as friends and be there for each other through all the upside downs.

I told you that no matter what, I’d be there for you. You promised me the same. I told you that if you were laying awake at three a.m and you couldn’t stop thinking to call me and I’d listen to you ramble for hours and hours on end. I promised you that if you were crying I’d wipe away your tears. I promised that even if I were miles away from you I’d come back if you were hurting and needed me. I promised that nothing would ever change my mind and make me hate you, because I can’t hate you. My soul and heart won’t let me.

To me you were always going to be there. To me I thought that our promises would never die. I thought that, as long as we were both alive our promises to each other would live. You made me believe that. Actually, I made myself believe that. I didn’t want to listen to my brain or my parents. When they told me to watch out I didn’t listen. When they said that we became friends too quickly I didn’t believe them.

—  quotes-134 , you.
It's not just the food that's revolting.

(long story)

Back in my college days, I lived on campus and ate the 20-meals-a-week meal plan at the cafeteria. It was… terrible. Seriously. I know people complain about their college cafeteria all the time, but they still gain their “freshman 15”. I lost mine. The food was disgusting. Sunday spaghetti was made from tomato sauce and Saturday’s cheap hamburgers. One week they didn’t bother ripping up the hamburgers: watery, sauce-tinted, overcooked noodles garnished with dry, leathery, two-day-old hamburger patties. It was still better than the other options. At first, they had a “make your own pizza” line, but removed it because everyone was using it, and “bread isn’t cheap.” I remember seeing a real salad in their “healthy eats” line and getting excited, because it’s hard to screw up salads, only to realize that it was literally floating in oil. The salad on the actual salad bar was not an option; it was changed out every morning, whether it needed it or not. Oh, sorry, I meant the ice in the salad bar. Not the salad, no. A student wrote his initials in the tuna and it remained for a solid week. Sometimes the salad would grow its own salad.

They had a big board set up for student complaints, and they would write responses back. Oddly enough, the board rarely had bad things to say; the manager, may he be haunted by a thousand bedbugs, confessed that he didn’t have time to answer every complaint, but he did read every one, and took the complaints into consideration. And, as far as we could tell, threw away all the ones he didn’t like.

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Originally posted by magiccastles

Summary: You’re the student body president. Your boyfriend is the school’s notorious bad boy and an underground performer. There’s no way the two of you do anything sexual… right?

Warnings: language, fingering, penetration (idk man it’s smut and it’s not as wild as some I’ve written)

Word Count: 2133

“You’re watching me perform tonight, right baby?” Jaebum asked, snaking his arms around your waist as his chest pressed against your back.

He placed a small kiss on the back of your neck then one behind your ear. You leaned back against him, temporarily stopping what you were doing.

“Help me finish taping this poster up and I’ll consider it,” you replied.

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Guys, the more I read this second statement, the more it really gets me mad. From start to finish, It is regurgitated bullshit. The time periods of discussion don’t even match and the language is scripted and manufactured. And you know what I’m still not over this Camila/Dinah situation. On December 14th, we had Dinah’s completely random dedication to Camila, clearly foreshadowing something major would happen in regards to Camila’s future in the group, but establishing and reiterating her friendship and love for C. Then two days later, on December 16th, we’ve got Dinah’s snapchat stories beside the stage while Camila was performing ‘Bad Things’. Now just look how fucking proud she is, she’s practically in tears. When Camila came off stage from performing, she went straight into Dinah’s arms. Thats the most genuine thing between any of the girls I think I have ever seen. Then 3 days later, we get this fabricated statement riddled with lies. So now, were into September 2017 and we haven’t yet publicly seen any interaction between Dinah or Camila. So I’d love for someone to tell me exactly what happened during December 17,18,19 for the girls to end up as they are now in our current situation.

How fucking blind do their team think we are?

hayley kiyoko is such a fucking gift, ok? she tackled violence against trans women (it’s very triggering but holy shit she addresses it) in her new video, that she directed, while actually featuring a trans woman (erin armstrong) in it, who gets saved by a young black boy THE LITERAL HERO of the story and they end up becoming friends? it’s so stunning and i l o v e her she’s so inclusive and important and she’s truly a gift to our generation and i’m crying tears of happiness. ♡♡ our ultimate wlw icon.


I just gotta say that the Big Ghost Christmas Truce is probably the most happiest thing for me in the show. Especially since this is an episode where the whole town and his friends+families blame him for their holidays being ruined, it’s just … *gets a tissue and to dry tears*.. so satisfying to see that yeah, Danny ends up having people by his side to help him after all, people you wouldn’t expect.

i love that cartoon trope where hero fights alongside enemies together to defeat one thing. when skulker says “but all ghosts share the truce, even half ghosts like you”, i am so WEAK. *wipes tears from eye* it always makes me overjoyed whenever danny is like, “included” as one of the ghosts. im so emotional

ohH MY GOD tHEY ALL look SO SAD AND feeL SO BAD FOR HIM. they do all secretly care about that lil fucker 


and then they all use their special powers to fix christmas for him and the whole town! he’s so happy!!!


thE BOX gHOST WaVES GOODBYE TO HIM!!! jesus how cute

this is the closest canon thing to all of my Danny’s Ghost Friends Squad headcanons and ill always hold it close to my heart.  you know how emotional i get over those cartoon ghosts

What experience changed your perspective on life?

I was about 11 years old and I got into a horrible fight at school with my brother who was barely more than a year older than me so we were close growing up, but with a lot of tension. We had a lot of mutual friends and I don’t remember the specifics, but I felt as if he had embarrassed me in front of everyone or diminished me into being some sort of child even though our age difference was small. After school I went to my Grandmother’s as I usually did after school at that time, while my brother went to wrestling practice.

My Grandmother had a thick French accent and lived in an enormous, overgrown looking house that was filled from head to toe with books and I LOVED it. My brother was more sporty than me and that got a lot of attention and appreciation from our father who I was more alienated from for being bookish. My Grandmother was my only kindred spirit in the family and for much of my childhood really.

Anyways I kind of tried to conceal my anger from my Grandmother at first and I was helping her clean (which I enjoyed doing because we would listen to great jazz and blues artists which she loved and she would tell me about the lives of jazz musicians and such, it was all very cool to me). At one point though she said something or other about my brother and I just couldn’t help it, I hadn’t cried in front of my grandmother in years but I was just so angry and frustrated that it all came out. I was so embarrassed, but I just told her everything right then about how overshadowed I felt by him, how my father didn’t love me the way he loved him, feelings I was super ashamed of even having.

She kind of let my emotions hang in the air and just quietly comforted me by rubbing my back, but then she told me to come upstairs with her to her bedroom. Her bedroom had a lot of character like a lot of the house and it was filled with photos and books and albums she loved and especially had a lot of Jewish art on the walls.

She fumbled around in her desk pulling out random papers and odds and ends until she pulled out a dusty photo album that I had never seen before which was in itself remarkable because my grandmother loved to show me photos of when she first came to America and my mother and uncles as children, all that.
We sat down on the bed and she opened it and there were all of these black and white photos of my great-grandparents when they were alive. It started with very small children and my great-grandparents looking very finely dressed and happy and page by page there was just this horrible transformation of the children getting older and my great grandparents looking like they had aged 20 years when their children had only aged a few years. I had some understanding of what was going on of course, I knew about WW2, the holocaust etc. Which is to say, I knew an age appropriate version of all that, but I was beginning to get old enough that something darker was lurking, a more visceral reality to what I knew factually to be true.

We got to the exact center of the album with my Grandmother saying very little except people’s names, when the photos were taken, etc. Then right there, over a photo, pressed between the pages, was a patch, a patch of a yellow star with the word “Juif” on it. And my grandmother, pressed the star to her chest, as if holding it to where it would have been sewn an age ago and gave me a small nod and said in her soft-breazy accent “This one was not mine, I don’t think, but Claudette’s” and she pointed down at the picture that the star had been covering.

It was of two teenage girls, young, perhaps 13 or 14, smiling in front of some sort of railing overlooking a river, stars visible in their clothing. One, I immediately recognized to be my grandmother, who… while a wonderful human being had sort of a crooked smile and a big nose that was altogether too interesting looking to be mainstream beautiful. The girl next to her in the photo looked in many ways like her, but definitely had more classic good looks and a certain radiance that really came off the page.

“This is her. Claudette, my sister. We were very close in age, closer even than you and your brother.” she kept punctuating her sentences with a sort of bitter, humorless laugh and would pause, look away and then look back at the photo.
“She was my best friend, but I was very jealous of her, very. She was beautiful, funny. It hurt to even be jealous of her, she was so likable.” She sighed and I caught sight of the numbers tattooed on her arm, my earliest memory was and is of my grandmother giving me my first hair cut in front of the mirror and her guest room and my eyes catching those numbers in the reflection as if for the first time and the sudden curiosity they inspired. I felt a morbid echo of that curiosity then.

Then she said to me “I never would have thought then. That I would have been the lucky one. Your granmere has gotten old. Claudette will be 15 forever.” and her voice broke on that last word, not quite finishing it.
“Try not to fight with your brother Ezra, or else, do not let the fight go on for too long. You’re young, but you’re smart enough to know that most of us are not young forever. Trust me, the older you get, the more desperately you will need those who knew you when you were young.”

And then just like that the moment was over, she replaced the star, shut the album and shut it all away. Then she went back to cleaning, as if her own heart hadn’t broken all those years ago, as if she hadn’t just blown my own fucking young mind.

My Grandmother died when I was 16, but wrote me a card for my high school graduation in advance knowing that she probably wasn’t going to make it. On the day I graduated I opened and read her advice, her hopes for me, all good stuff. It ended with her recalling that day and what it had meant for her and how she hoped I could find balance in life between being true to myself and not sacrificing happiness. The last line was “We all have a responsibility to remember the bad times, even when it hurts to admit that they happened; just as we have a responsibility to remember the good times, even when it hurts to admit that they’re gone. Congratulations on your graduation, I love you with all of my heart.”

I bawled then, I’m tearing up now just thinking about it. Never has another human being had more of an impact on another than my grandmother had on me.

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In that blood sweat and tears run do you know what was wrong with Jimin? He looked pretty bad...

This ask is about this post HERE

Jimin was very stressed because he got to the first part of Blood Sweat & tears. He says “I was nervous from the recording stage. Bang Shihyuk PD-nim told me ‘You’re fine, do well’ but it became a burden too since the first impression of the song is on me. I worked on it thinking ‘I have to pull it off somehow" 

Originally posted by jungkookpd

He was also going through a harsh diet so he ended up being tired during practice and recording.He opened up about it in Wings concept book: ”I worked out for about 2 years, but I lost about 7kg after dieting this time. I was pretty sensitive during my diet. When we practiced the choreography together, I was the only one knocked over, not because I was hungry but because I had no strength(laughs) It was inevitable so the members could only feel sorry for me. Jin-hyung told me ‘Eat with me. Why do you have to do that?’, but I just told him “No, I need to do it” and continued to diet.”

Find the full interview at @ktaebwi HERE

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Hi!! Just wanna say I loved all the fics you recommended about hurt/comfort- they're my fave. If you have more time, is it possible for you to recommend more? Thanks in advance!!

Thanks for all these requests! I have a whole section of hurt/comfort fics on my fic rec master list page where you can also find a sickfic list!

Originally posted by sawumura

Yuuri/Victor Gets Injured 

Fall hard (on your head) by I_hate_usernames, Gen, 10k
Takes place in episode five. Instead of getting a bloody nose after attempting the triple flip, Yuuri hits his head and gets a concussion. Love confessions, delusional Yuuri, and mutual comfort. Thumbs up!

Praise Please by surveycorpsjean Explicit, 5.3k
Yuuri gets distracted by Victor’s praise on the rink and hurts his ankle. Victor knows a few ways to make him feel better. Fluff and smut. Love!

Embrace by CherikThilbo, Teen, 1.4k
After his crash in the ring Yuri is a little worse for wear. CUDDLES!

Quadruple Flip by haganenoheichou (bondageluvr), Mature, 17k
After he injures his knee, Victor has no other option but to quit skating. Yuuri can’t know his coach is injured, though, so Victor tries to keep it a secret. A little angsty, the epitome of hurt/comfort, and a happy ending.

Saudade by AdvisedPanic, Teen, 6.6k
After an injury at the GPS that prevents his 5th consecutive win, Victor vows to return to skating to reclaim his title. Katsuki Yuuri is a ballet danseur who suffered a similar injury years before and made a successful comeback. Yuuri choreographs and coaches Victor through his toughest competitive season yet, but as it will always be, they fall in love along the way. LOVE!

Insult to Injury by glim, Gen, 8k
Almost a whole week alone with Viktor might not be worth one of them made victim to a sprained ankle and both of them to a winter head cold, but maybe it is worth all that, at least in some small way. Snuggles, a head cold, and a sprained ankle!

Enough by youaremarvelous, Teen, 3.7k
While training for the Hot Springs on Ice skate-off, Yuuri tries to outrun his anxiety and ends up with an injury. Happy ending, don’t worry!

Stretch by cosmonaut_field, Teen, 19k (WIP)
Competitive figure skater Viktor Nikiforov injures himself on vacation right after winning another gold medal and is in need of a physical therapist. Enter the quiet Dr. Katsuki. SO GOOD!

Broken Skates by realityfallsapart, Not Rated (Smut in last chapter), 9.7k
Viktor saw what was going to happen a split second before it did, and judging from the sharp intake of breath next to him, so did Yuri.

Benched by apollosoyuz, Gen, 2.1k
One bad landing was all it took to break Yuuri’s leg and now he’s benched for the season, but the person taking Yuuri’s time off the hardest is Viktor; afraid that the injury could be enough to force Yuuri to leave skating – and leave his side. Thumbs up!

the minor fall, the major lift by melonbug, Teen, 29k (WIP)
Victor Nikiforov knows first hand the tragedy of a rising skater breaking too soon. He’d retired early, due to an accident of his own, and he steps in to be Yuuri’s coach in the wake of his injury, determined to guide him better than he himself had been guided. Great fic, so many feels!

Old Wounds by Piike, Gen, 985 words
It’s when Viktor takes off his shirt to change when Yuuri notices a small scar he’s never seen before on his upper back. He reaches a hand forward, his fingers lightly brushing the shiny pink skin, and he blushes when Viktor turns to acknowledge him. “Would you like to see more?” VERY sweet and quick! (No one gets injured, they just reminisce on past injuries!)

Naturally Yours by chellethewriter, Teen, 7.3k
Viktor’s smiles are fluid, passionate, overpowering – worth more than money, worth more than anything that Yuuri could possibly offer. They’re worth all the stars in the sky and everything beyond. SO MANY EMOTIONS

On My Love by Phoenix_Trite, Gen, 2.4k
Yuuri has been practicing harder than ever for the upcoming competition and Victor could not be prouder of him. But tensions rise between the two when Yuuri takes a bad hit. Tears will be shed!!! (Happy ending!)

Don’t Stop Me Now by Iggysassou, Gen, 2.6k
An accident occurs during the warm up session preceding the Rosetelecom Cup’s free skate program, leaving him slightly injured. Viktor is determined to compete though, even if his decision goes against his coach and his fiancé’s wishes. Post-canon fic! Yuuri is sassy in this at the end and I love it!

I Got You On My Mind [Part 6]

Jungkook Soulmate AU (Angst)

[Part OnePrevious Part | Part Six | Next Part

Summary: After regaining some of your memories, you and Jungkook finally face the truth.

Word count: 1.9k words

Originally posted by jungxook

When Jieun came home, she found you sitting on the floor. Your eyes were red, but your tears had dried long ago. Jieun regarded your blank expression with concern, immediately dropping to the ground to check on you.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” Jieun asked frantically, looking at your body for injuries. “Did you hurt your leg again? Why are you crying?”

You sighed and closed your eyes, feeling more tired than upset. Jieun’s flittering hands stilled, as if she sensed that something was off.


“I remember now, Jieun,” you said. “I remember what happen that night, and what happened after. I know that you and Jungkook were a thing, and that he rejected me right away.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner,” Jieun whispered, her own eyes watering. “I didn’t want to upset you or confuse you. It hurt you so much the first time, I didn’t want to see you go through it again.”

“I just don’t understand,” you replied, your voice strained with frustration. “Did you like him? Do you still like him? Is that why you tried to hide your relationship with him from me?”

“What? No! No, of course not,” Jieun exclaimed, her eyes widening with surprise. “I mean, I did have a bit of a crush on him, but our relationship was just physical. It ended as soon as you two figured out that you’re…you know, soulmates.”

“But I’m still confused,” you said, trying to hold off another wave of tears. “Jungkook said he wanted nothing to do me. But now he’s so sweet. He’s like two different people, and I don’t know which one is the real him.”

“Just talk to him,” Jieun smiled, rubbing your back gently. “He’s not as bad as you remember. I’m sure the person Jungkook is with you now is the person he wishes he was when you first met.”

“Still, why was he so cruel in the beginning?” you asked helplessly. “I don’t know if I can forgive that.”

“Only Jungkook can answer that,” Jieun replied softly. “Promise me you’ll talk to him, okay?”

You nodded, realizing that Jieun knew much more than she let on. She helped you to your feet and led you back to the couch. You decided you wouldn’t press her for more information, because in the end, you would need to talk to Jungkook eventually.

Even though you had decided to talk to Jungkook, you hadn’t been able to muster enough courage to confront him. He had no idea that you had regained your memories, so he was contacting you like usual. But when you picked up your phone to reply, the events of your first encounter flashed before your eyes. Every time that happened, you put your phone down and tried to ignore your heavy heart.

So, to put it simply, you had been ignoring Jungkook for the past week.

You had several unread messages in your inbox from Jungkook. Surely Jungkook was so popular, he wasn’t used to be ignored. The texts started coming less frequently, and you wondered if they would eventually stop all together. You figured–albeit guiltily–that if Jungkook really wanted company, he could find another girl.

One Thursday afternoon, you were reading through some notes sent to you by a classmate when you heard Jungkook’s thoughts whispering in the back of your head. You jumped, growing unaccustomed to your soulmate’s presence after such a long period of silence.

“Why isn’t she talking to me?” Jungkook thought, and although it was quiet in your mind, you could hear the worry in your voice. Your heart panged, and you felt bad for assuming the worst of Jungkook. Clearly, he was still thinking of you. “Did I do something wrong again?”


No, not again. The first mistake was hurtful enough. But of course, Jungkook had no idea that you remembered what he had done. You wanted to scream at him–make him hurt as much as he had hurt you. But you also just wanted to see him again, because you had grown to love the caring side of Jungkook that he had shown you.

“Maybe her condition got worse,” came Jungkook’s next thought, which sounded even more alarmed than the last. “I should stop by. Yeah–I’ll go after class.”

You jumped to your feet, wavering as you tried to catch your balance. Reaching out for your crutches, you hobbled out of your room and into the living room, where Jieun was playing guitar.

“Jieun!” you screeched, making her jump.

“Oh my god!” Jieun squealed, placing a hand over her heart dramatically. “Why are you screaming at me?”

“Jungkook’s coming here after his class is over,” you hurried to explain, your words overlapping in your haste. Still, Jieun understood what you were trying to say.

“Oh, so do you need me to leave?” Jieun asked, setting aside her guitar. “I can disappear for an hour or two.”

“No, no! Definitely do not leave,” you squeaked desperately. “I’m not ready to see him! I need you to cover for me. Tell him that I’m not home and that I forgot my phone here.”

“What? Y/N, are you avoiding him?” Jieun demanded, her face growing dark. “You promised me that you would talk to him! Ignoring your problems won’t make them go away.”

“I know, I know!” you replied. “And I will talk to him, but I’m just not ready yet. I need time to process everything so that I can face him properly. I don’t want to get upset and ruin things forever.”

Jieun’s face softened at your obvious fear, and she sighed. “I understand why you’re scared, but you should trust Jungkook a little bit too,” she argued. “He’s shown you that he’s a good guy, right? I get why you’re so hesitant, believe me. But I’m also seeing this from Jungkook’s perspective, too.”

“You’re my friend, be on my side!” you whined. Jieun rolled her eyes at you.

“Okay, don’t do that. I’m doing what’s best for you,” Jieun said. “Even though you don’t want to talk to him now, in the long run, you’ll be thanking me for making you two work out your problems.”

“I’ll thank you even more if you cover for me this one time,” you said, on the borderline of begging. “I swear I’ll talk to him after, Jieun! I just need a little more time. I’m really not ready to see Jungkook.”

“Fine,” Jieun sighed, falling back onto the couch in frustration. “I’ll cover for you this one time. You can go hide in your room or whatever.”

“Thank you so much, Jieun!” you cried. “I love you so much! You’re the best.”

“I know,” Jieun laughed. “And I’m assuming you ignored all of Jungkook’s attempts to contact you up until now?”

You looked away guiltily.

When Jungkook knocked on the door, you were hiding in your room. Your bedroom door was left slightly ajar, so if you peeked through, you could see the foyer. Jieun approached it, glaring at you as she did. You sent her a thankful smile.

Jieun opened the door, but you couldn’t see Jungkook.

“Oh, Jieun,” Jungkook said. You missed the sound of his sweet voice–you could admit that. “Is Y/N around? I haven’t heard from her since I saw her last week.”

“No, she’s not around,” Jieun replied easily. “Y/N had to spend the week with her grandparents, because they got really worried when they heard about the accident. And she was dumb enough to leave her phone at home.”

“Oh,” Jungkook said, sounding surprised. It sounded like a valid excuse, and you were a little shocked that Jieun was so good at lying. “I’m surprised she didn’t tell me earlier.”

“It’s because she didn’t know that she would be leaving until her grandparents showed up,” Jieun answered. She continued a bit sheepishly, “Actually, I was supposed to tell you that she would be out of town. I guess I forgot.”

“Yeah, guess you did,” Jungkook replied dryly. Jieun just shrugged and sent him a carefree smile. “When will she be back?”

“Sometime next week,” Jieun said. You gulped, realizing that she was giving you a deadline.

“Alright,” Jungkook said slowly. He sounded like he was getting ready to leave. “Thanks, I guess.”

Jieun began to close the door slowly. You exhaled in relief, feeling your body deflate. I can’t believe that worked, you thought. Jieun should have been an actress.

“What the fuck?” Jungkook’s voice suddenly thundered. Jieun jumped, backing away from the door. Jungkook burst through the foyer. “Why are you lying to me?”

“W-what are you talking about?” Jieun stammered.

“Y/N, where are you?” Jungkook called out, ignoring Jieun completely. “I know you’re here. I can hear you thinking right now.”

Oh shit.

“Yeah, oh shit is right,” Jungkook snorted. He scanned the apartment, finally settling on your bedroom door. He saw your face peeking through, and he smiled slightly and began to approach you.

Accepting your fate, you pulled yourself to your feet and opened the door, clutching the doorframe for support.

“Why are you avoiding me?” Jungkook asked once he stood in front of you, the hurt clear in his downtrodden expression. “Did I do something to upset you?”

“Yeah, you did,” you replied tiredly.

“What was it?” Jungkook questioned, confused. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you, if I did. I thought you had a good time with me last week.”

“I did,” you smiled. “You’ve been really great since the hospital. You helped me a lot, and you’re fun to be around.”

“Then what’s the problem?” Jungkook asked, cocking his head adorably in confusion.

“It’s what happened before then,” you said simply.

Jungkook paled, his mouth opening slightly. His eyes lowered, and you could see his jaw clenching. He stood there quietly for a few moments, but eventually, he tentatively lifted his gaze to meet yours.

“You remember everything,” Jungkook said quietly. It wasn’t a question. He was biting his lip nervously, and you wondered why he was the nervous one when it was you who had been deceived all along.

“Not everything, but I remember enough,” you responded. You broke your eye contact with Jungkook, feeling overwhelmed. “I don’t understand you at all, Jungkook. Why are being so nice now?”

“It’s…it’s a really long story,” Jungkook sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. “I can’t justify what I did, but if it means anything to you, I regret everything that happened that night. I didn’t mean a word I said.”

“Then why did you say what you did?”

“Like I said, it’s a long story,” Jungkook replied. “I can explain it to you if you’re willing to listen. I’ll tell you everything, I promise. And if you don’t want to see me after this, I won’t bother you ever again.”

“How do I know that what you’re saying is the truth?” you asked, looking at Jungkook for any signs of deceit.

“You’ll just have to trust me.”

You almost laughed–how could you trust him so easily again? But you remembered the boy who  had slept by your bedside in the hospital, and the boy who acted like you were the most interesting thing in the world. The boy who had promised to sing to you.

“Fine, I’ll listen,” you breathed.

- Girl in Luv

Ok…this took to long. I kind of lost inspiration for this series, but it’s back now! You can expect more regular updates. The story’s drawing to a close…so what do think is going to happen? Also heads up: no posts tomorrow night. We’re going to prom!!! Thanks for reading guys! Ya girl’s gonna get turnt!