is it bad that i had to google 'multiples of 5'

1. Take a clipboard to school.
You have to be prepared to do homework ANYWHERE at ANYTIME. Carry it in your hand with some paper and your homework clipped onto it and get work done whenever you can. Don’t keep the clipboard in your bag.

Keeping track of assignments and important dates helps clear your mind. You don’t have to worry about remembering everything because all of it is written down. If you have a lot going on at once, start a bullet journal. If you can, divide your planner into sections based on different activities. For example, my bullet journal has 4 major sections: school work, extracurricular activities, community service, and general life issues. This creates order in the midst of chaos and also enforces the idea of taking everything one at a time. Your planner shouldn’t overwhelm you.

3. Get the biggest calendar you can find and hang it on the wall.
The purpose of the calendar is to allow you to establish a general time frame for everything you need to do. PLAN AHEAD. Make sure EVERYTHING is on that calendar. Being overwhelmed by your planner is bad because it leads to a stressful day; your calendar takes on the role of allowing you to see the big picture. Having everything written down on a calendar creates a sense of urgency that’ll decrease the likelihood or duration of procrastination.

4. If you’re taking multiple AP classes, dedicate at least one day of the week to each subject.
I had 7 AP’s so I studied a different subject each day. For example, every Monday was Macroeconomics day. I took my econ review book to school on Mondays and studied whenever I had some extra time. Start doing this 3 or 4 months before the exams in May to avoid cramming and excessive stress.

5. Sleep whenever you can but avoid sleeping on the way home from school.
If you enter your home feeling sleepy the bed is going to be extra enticing.

6. If you NEED to pull an all-nighter (try to avoid them), drink a cup of straight up black coffee (no sugar) and take a 20 minute nap.
It takes some time for the caffeine to kick in so you might as well get some sleep. You’ll eventually get used to the bitterness.

7. Sometimes you need to skip school but don’t skip unless you absolutely have to.
If you do, you better not sleep in! Wake up normally and get to work ASAP. Do the makeup work and turn it in the next day, even if you don’t have to.

8. Study smarter, not harder.
Figure out which study methods work for you. Note-taking is time-consuming so try to find alternatives. You don’t have to make everything aesthetically pleasing to post it on tumblr. In fact, if you’re compelled to take pretty notes just to post it on tumblr, LEAVE NOW. DO NOT WASTE TIME.

9. Do homework for the learning experience instead of the grade.
Don’t copy work from your friends. If you use homework as a study resource, you won’t have to worry about long review sessions before a test. I have never studied for a Spanish test but the lowest score I’ve ever gotten on one is a 93. How? I did my homework.  

Perfection = waste of time. Don’t spend 10 hours writing an essay if you know you can get the same grade by only spending 2. I used to believe that the most important thing was being proud of everything you put your name on but none of that matters when you haven’t slept in 48 hours.

11. Complete the difficult tasks first.
One of the many reasons people procrastinate is to avoid difficult tasks. If you save the hardest assignment for last, you’re more vulnerable to wasting time.

12. This one is very bad because it involves lying but it saved my grade a couple of times: ALWAYS turn in your homework.
Why? Rarely missing an assignment gives you a good reputation and teachers tend to trust hardworking students. If you ever forget to do an assignment and you’re known to be a good student, your teacher is more likely to believe your excuse. Or, if you really left it at home, he/she/they might give you an extra day.

Can’t turn in your essay because you told yourself you’d print it in the morning and forgot? No worries! It’s in google drive! Need a past assignment for reference but have the copy at home? No worries! It’s in google drive!

14. Your study space significantly impacts productivity. Organize your room/space to maximize concentration/productivity.

15. MOST IMPORTANTLY, give yourself some time off.
If you don’t, you’ll eventually burn out and nothing will be able to motivate you again. I like to go watch a movie alone once in a while because it clears my mind for 2 hours. Being constantly bombarded with due dates can lead to massive anxiety issues. And guess what? You can’t get anything done if you’re having multiple panic attacks or if you’re in bed all day because you’re depressed. Take care of yourself. School can wait but your physical and mental health can’t.

Moments I have witnessed intense KnB fans in Japan

Upon request here’s my post of personal experiences I’ve seen or been in that show how Japanese KnB (mainly Akashi) fans are that you probably won’t see too often back in your home country. 
*If you are one of these fans, I’m not saying stop doing it or you shouldn’t do it, but just be responsible and don’t neglect other priorities and don’t inconvenience others…and be reasonable. Also these are things I’m not used to seeing so for me it’s quite eyebrow-raising. Thanks. 

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These are tips for future Nicole fr past Nicole who made a lot of mistakes this school year ┗(•̀へ •́ ╮ ) so I hope at least some of you can relate to this stash of tips I have kept for myself in my notes for incoming Senior High levels!

& keep your papers organized (please)

Write tiny notes on the given activity sheets instead of putting them in your binder notebook (ok my own preference tho!!) bc one paper = topic is better than multiple messy papers = one huge topic!

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Sense8 Headcanon #5 - High school AU

• Nomi: aces math exam even though she spent the night before texting and googling conspiracy theories, but then tells the teacher how Don Quixote actually married Dulcinea. Some fucker tried to bully her girlfriend, a day later the fucker’s most embarrassing messages were printed all around the high school. Uploads videos of the class doing weird shit, sometimes the teacher joins them. Known for failing the driving exam. Multiple times. She owes her girlfriend and Capheus so many beers for helping her not to be late. Rants to Lito about her dramas.

• Lito: fucks up math exam because of a negative symbol but will quote entire chapters of Macbeth and basically knows Cien años de soledad by heart. As the president of the debate (and theater) club, once he’s done with you, you doubt about your own existence. Cheerleaders love him, gets elected Prom King, leaves her “girlfriend” at the stage to go smooch the president of the art club and then punches his “girlfriend”s exboyfriend. Goes on double dates with Nomi and her girlfriend and they become couple goals.

• Sun: she’s that one student that becomes a monk during the school year. Studies, sleeps, walks her dog and will sweep the floor with your marks. Learned the first hundred digits of the pi number because of a bet. The boxing team fears her and the philosophy teacher loves her. The teacher always forgets she’s there because she’s so quiet that when she actually speaks people are surprised. If you mess with Capheus, Sun fucks you up.

• Capheus: uncanny memory for historical events, can and will tell you the exact date when a war started or when those three popes excommunicated each other. That one kid that takes home the class pet and sneaked a cat into the high school. Can and will make you arrive on time to class, although you may receive a fine. Biggest shipper of the Prom King and Art Club President, known human puppy, somebody tried to fight him and Sun fucked them up.

• Kala: that sweet little girl that then turns out to fucking own biology and destroys everybody at chemistry but can’t keep up her grades in P.E to save her life. Can and will recite the Krebs cycle. Banned from the lab because of that one time when she co-managed to make a flask full of ammonia burst and got half of the class high off it. The one who gets excited dissecting organs while half of the class trows up. Cheerleaders hate her since she started dating the ‘bad boy’.

• Wolfgang: supposed bad boy. Never seems to pass but he’s somehow still there. Turns out that he actually keeps good grades (except for chemistry. Also banned from the lab because “You were the one supposed to watch the ammonia now we both are going to fail”). Seems to be a fuck boy, actually the biggest dork and sweetheart, will cuddle you when drunk and lord help the poor soul who messes with his friends because somebody’s locker is going to get wrecked. Saved Lito’s ass when Daniela’s exboyfriend punched him back and the two of them became bros.

• Will: embodiment of the good student. Turns in his papers on time, keeps good grades, part of some team. The mom friend™ that makes sure you don’t get lost during school trips. The one who tries to stop others from stealing other high school’s pets, gets called teacher’s pet but everybody defends him because he is one of those few genuinely nice people at high school. Prevents his girlfriend from turning into a smol menace by giving her coffee.

• Riley: stays up the whole night in order to study, actually does it quite well although half of the questions were answered after a “Fuck it” or “Fuck this”, then fights her boyfriend for coffee and convinces the music teacher of letting her sleep during the class. Got dressed coded, appeared at class for the next week with a T-shirt that said “Fuck dress codes” on the back and had boobs drawn on the front.

Full House pt 5

It’s been three months. You’ve been here for three months, and you’ve learned quite a lot since that first day. Like how Darks room is filled books and he’ll sit there and read when he’s not running the house,  Or how Wilford sings while cooking, sometimes he will grab you when you’re walking past and swing you around while singing obnoxiously. Host seems to have grown fond of you and will let you sit is his room while he broadcasts, sometimes letting you join in (Something that shocked everyone else in the house), Bing is still very kind to you and makes sure you eat properly, Google has come around since the first time you two met, and likes to ask you questions about how you perceive the world around you. Light will take you out of a room if he feels like a fight is about to occur so you don’t get hurt.  Anti will force you into the living room to watch some movie that he’d chosen and leaves you out of his pranks ever since you convinced Wilford not to shoot him when Anti ruined his favourite tie.

All the members of the house have seemed to grown fond of you, some of them namely Dark and Anti, get increasingly jealous when you spend too much time with someone else. Both have dragged you away from Light because, “The damned feather duster is gonna turn you against the rest of us” Or “I need you to help me, mortal, be grateful I acknowledge you at all”. Everyone takes a different approach to get your attention, Light will tap your shoulder and wait politely, Wilford asks you to help him polish his guns or knifes, Bing and Google will ask for help on a “Human problem”, and the Host will send you into a story and narrate you through it.

Currently, you were lying on a couch, you couldn’t be sure which room you were in, Wilford likes to changes them around on you. In your hands you held a book from Darks room, it was about some backwards romance. Wuthering heights or something. To be honest you weren’t surprised that Dark enjoyed this book. You were finally getting to a good part when there was a loud crash from upstairs and multiple people yelling, Sighing you stood up and made your way towards the noise.

Upon reaching the commotion you were greeted with almost the entire household yelling at each other in what you assumed was the dining room. When you entered the room everyone went a deadly silent, You glanced around the room at all the men staring at you and you sighed, “What is going on? One second i’m peacefully reading, the next all of you are getting into a massive fight” You asked, your eyes going from person to person. Wilford, being he was the closest to you, got your attention first, “Willy, explain please” You addressed him, he smiled, “Nothing my dear, just a simple debate among us friends” He said, elbowing Anti (a bit too harshly), Who nodded franticly. You sighed and turned to Bing, “Bing, will you tell me what you guys are doing?” You asked, Bing froze as everyone turned to look at him, all of them knew he had the worst time lying to you, You put your hands on your hips and gave him what the guys call your “mom look”. he looked away, “N-nothing, like Wilford said, Just a friendly debate” He stammered, You huffed and turned to face Dark, “why do I feel like you have something to do with this?” You asked, he raised his hands innocently, “I have no idea what you’re talking about, Y/N” He said calmly.

You frowned, “You’re all up to something. And now every one in this room cannot be trusted until I figure out what it is” You said crossing your arms, everyone’s faces dropped suddenly, Bing looked crushed, Wilford and Anti froze, Google looked like he had to reboot, Dark was forced into stony silence, and Hosts mouth hung open mid narration. You turned on your heel and spotted Light in the corner, no doubt trying to hide from your view, you looked at him for a moment and sighed, “Even you Light” You said  walking out from the room to go back to your book.


The next morning you were in the kitchen making breakfast when the doorbell rang. You grinned and ran to the door, swinging it open and hugging the man on the other side, “Mare! Ive missed you, you freak of nature you!” You screeched, he chuckled and hugged you back, “What’s up, buttercup! Hows life with the so called secretive ass holes?” He asked, You laughed And dragged him inside where a group of The guys had gathered to see who the unexpected visitor was. You pushed  past them holding Mares hand, leading him into the kitchen. “Is this the pancake recipe I taught you? You still use it!” He exclaimed excitedly, you laughed, “Of course, you nerd. These are the best Pancakes ever. I know Nate loves them” you laughed.

Wilford was the first to brave the kitchen, sticking his head in to look at the two of you, “So…whos the guy” he asked coldly looking Mare up and down. You frowned and glared at the pink haired man, “His Name is Natemare and he’s my best friend. We used to do everything together, and after last night I thought I’d invite him over.” You replied coldly, You left the room for a moment and Mare let out a low whistle, “What did you do to set her off this bad?” He laughed, Wilford glared at the entity, “We won’t tell her what we were talking about last night…stupid reason honestly” He grumbled, Mare laughed. “You’re lying?! To Y/N! Oh god, no wonder she’s so pissed! Last time someone lied to her she basically shunned him for months.” he explained leaning against the counter, Wilford opened his mouth to say something but shut it as you walked in.

Wilford walked out after a few minutes of your glaring and Mare laughed. You smiled and started on the pancakes, “So Mare, how’s Nate doing?” you asked glancing at the entity, he shrugged, “Fine I guess. Stubborn as always. He misses you” he said, you smiled sadly at him. “I had to leave, you know that” you said he nodded, “Yeah. I know”.  You piled the finished pancakes on to 9 plates and had Mare help set them at the table, when the table was set you went to the doorway to call the guys down, “FOODS READY YOU ANIMALS!” You exclaimed, you sat down as the guys began filing in and sitting down, you sat at one side of the table and Mare next to you, Dark and Wilford sat at either head of the table as usual and everyone else sat wherever.

You could feel the entire table staring at the two of you, when you looked up everyone looked away. You frowned and looked back to Mare who looked amused by the entire situation. Breakfast went on silently until Google finally broke it, “How do you know our human?” he asked bluntly, you stared at him as Mare answered, “Your human? “ he questioned, you shook your head “It’s fine, he doesn’t understand the concept of possession” you muttered, Mare nodded. “I’ve known Y/N since I was created, she was Dating my counterpart Nate at the time” he said, the entire table went silent. “She was dating him?” Light spoke up, Mare nodded, “Yeah, after they split she spent more and more time with me, we fooled around a bit and- OW!” he was cut off by you slamming your foot on his. The guys were all glaring daggers at Mare. You sighed and rolled your eyes before standing and taking your plate to the sink.

Mare followed you into the kitchen, snatching your wrist pulling you to him, “Hey, what’s up?” he asked wrapping his arms around your waist, you huffed “You know I don’t like that being brought up. And with all of them in there, I’m surprised Wilford hasn’t killed anyone. And no doubt Dark is Furious” you sighed, Mare rolled his eyes, “Who cares? Come on, I know you remember how much…. /Fun/ we had when Nate was gone. Hmm? I certainly remember how much you liked this…” he trailed off, head ducking as he nipped below your ear, you sucked in a breath and put your hands on his chest pushing him off, “Mare. We can’t. I can’t do that anymore. We had our run and we didn’t fit…” you said Mare sighed, and hugged you burying his face in your neck you smiled and hugged him back, “Mare, you’re my best friend, and I know you could make me love you with only your voice, so thanks for you know, not doing that” You smiled  and pulled away from him, he grinned, “You’re very welcome, now, how about we play some Mario kart?” he asked, you laughed, “you’re on pretty boy” you said leading him to the game room.

And that’s another chapter done! Natemare dropped by, hope you like that little tidbit! Anyway I’m working on 6 right now and don’t forget, criticism and requests are welcome!

How I Studied for Step 1/COMLEX: A Horror Story

Many of you who have been following me for a while probably remember when I posted my Step study schedule at the beginning of my dedicated period. It was jam packed, with studying from 8:00 AM til 9:00 PM with breaks for eating and nothing else with one day off a week. I will admit now that I fell off of the wagon when it came to that schedule. There are many reasons as to why that happened, but mainly it wasn’t sustainable for the type of studier I am. One week into dedicated my boyfriend at the time broke up with me. 5 weeks into dedicated I began dating again (LOL because I’m a moron BUT the relationship that began during Step is the best one I’ve ever been in.) 

I would like to break down the resources I used and how I utilized them so my advice might be useful instead of talking about how dramatic my study period was. So, here it goes. 

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Author’s Note:
 Happy Birthday @rudeboywonho. Although you bring me such pain, I love you dearly. I’m kicking off the week for ya. #LongLiveChaoticEvil
Pairing: Kim Seokjin x OC
Genre: Pure Fluff
Word Count: 2.4K+

Red neon signs and purple flashing lights beamed at you when you entered the room. It was noisy with various sounds – music, people chattering, clicking, smashing. There was so much stimulation encompassing you that you weren’t sure where to look. There were numerous machines practically stacked on top of each other. Hoards of people scrambling around with buckets of tickets in their arms while their pockets rattled from their coins.

Beep. Beep. Pew. Pew.

You glanced over at the towering frame close to you. He was wearing a yellow and navy baggy rugby jersey with red track pants. You were never sure of his thought process when it came to his fashion style. However, you had to give it to him because he made any weird combination of clothing look good. Donned across his beautiful bronzed face flashed a look of utter delight and excitement. He looked like a kid who woke up on Christmas morning. His eyes were bouncing back and forth to take in the busy scene that surrounded you two.

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20 Questions with Dr Ferox #6

It’s barely been half a week and we’ve got enough questions for another round. You folks just keep ‘em coming don’t you?

Anonymous said: You don’t have to answer this, but I love your twenty questions posts. They’re such a variety and everything is so short and digestible. Kind of a fun way to start my day :)             

I’m glad you like them, and now you get to feature in one! Honestly they’re the only way I have any hope of keeping up with all your questions.

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Thank you so much for the tag @artistic-frc-9! It was great to get to know you better too, and I love doing these (p.s. we have heaps in common! 😊 ) 

Name: Priyanka but everyone calls me Pri 
Gender: Female
Sign: Gemini
Height: 5’4”
Sexuality: Straight
Favorite Animal: Isn’t it obvious? 🐢 🐢 🐢  
Dream Trip: New York City for like 3 months! I have also been there like 3 times in the past but I just love love love it. 
Dream Job: Masterchef Judge/Celebrity food critic 😆
When and Why I made my blog: July 17 - I needed the emotional support after Livvy.
Followers: hmmm 
Reasons for my url name: fandoms are my little hidey nook and I love turtles…lame but thats the truth of it
Favorite music band: changes constantly, and I have a very wide music tastes, but my favourite songwriter is the Lin Manuel Miranda - everything he touches is gold. 
Tattoos: Nope, I can’t decide on anything I feel that strongly about yet  
Favorite emoji: 😁

1. Would you rather be exceedingly rich but unhappy, famous but somehow with little money, or happy and wealthy but in ill health? Oh geez with this question, there are so many variables, am I rich and unhappy but able to get happy by like, you know, checking my tumblr? Do I have little money but am just about to inherit a giant fortune or win a game show? I am in ill health for like a week with a cold? 😁 
2. Do you have any piercings that are not in your ear lobes? I had a belly button piercing…it didn’t go well 😑
3. What kind of exercise do you do/sports do you play? I play netball and swim 
4. Can you sing well enough that you wouldn’t be booed off a karaoke stage? I think I can! But i’m pretty sure no one with their hearing intact will agree.
5. Can you cook any meal from scratch? Yes I love cooking! It’s my stress release. Whenever anything bad happens in my life, I find myself at home baking as a release. 
6. Describe in 5 words the last person you had a serious crush on (even if it’s your partner!). Strong, Gentle, Kind, Selfless, Painter. (I’m pretty sure everyone knows exactly who I’m describing) 
7. Android or iPhone? My bastard iPhone died (with all my photos 😭) so using Google Pixel now
8. Have you ever broken a bone? No surprisingly 
9. What’s that one song you can listen to an embarrassing number of times in a row? Why do you listen to it on repeat (does it pump you up, mellow you out, make you smile, remind you of someone, you just effing love it, etc etc)? Hahaha. There is always a song I have on repeat so much that my family and friends end up hating me and it. At the moment its still Despacito (i have multiple versions). 
10. What is the last book you read that wasn’t TSC? I am currently reading Court of Mist and Fury 

I’m passing the tags along to people I’d like to know about. Pick and choose whichever questions. Sorry if you’ve already been tagged in this - @alexandraherondaleblackthorn, @sugarcookieclaire, @mermaid1354, @wondurr-one, @mostawesomepineapple, @howtobesatan101, @sania0810, @graciesamosblackthorn, @basically-a-trashcan, @fandom-life-is-for-me15

Writers’ Weaknesses

I’ve been running this blog for a while and I’ve seen thousands of questions go through my inbox. Because of this, I’ve been able to discern the biggest weaknesses I see among writers. It’s important to work on these weaknesses because all of these can hinder your ability to write successfully.


I’ve talked about this before.


If you want to write a character belonging to a religion you don’t belong to, you can’t just Google beliefs of that religion. That’s not enough. You have to read books on the subject. You have to talk to people from that religion. If you want to write a character who is the child of immigrants, you have to do the same thing.

And it’s not even heavy-research topics that many of you are lazy about. I’ve had people ask me super simple questions like: “What type of underwear exists for men?”

Do the research. Don’t half-ass it. Read more than one person’s life story.


So many of you are afraid of creating characters who do bad things. Some of you have even asked me if it’s okay for characters to do bad things.

Of course it’s okay. People do bad things. Your character doing bad things doesn’t mean that you support those bad things.


You can’t just read whatever book is most popular this year. I can tell when you’re not reading as much as you should be. If you want to write, you have to read widely. Reading is how you develop your style. It’s how you learn about what’s out there.

I’ve had multiple people ask questions like if they’re allowed to create fictional towns or if they can write multiple perspectives. Both of these are common in fiction (and the later is common in all forms of media, not just books). If you have to ask me that, then you are not reading enough.

However, I must acknowledge that there are some writers who are new to the whole reading and writing thing.


And now, the biggest weakness I see in writers: thinking your readers are far less intelligent than you are.

Writers often give me a common and simple occurrence in fiction (e.g. “Will it confuse my readers if my character is referred to as “Katherine” in one scene and “Kathy” in another?) and ask if it will be confusing or too complex for their readers to comprehend.


Have faith in your readers! Your readers are smarter than you think they are. If you think something will be confusing, then rewrite it in a clear way or get beta readers to give feedback.

inspired by this au with a line based on this. there’s mentions of alcohol/drinking, a girlfriend (who may or may not be based on a real person, but hey, this is fiction so they could be anyone), the concept of throwing up/vomiting/barfing (and a momentary mention of the actual act), so if any of that makes you uncomfortable, just be aware if you continue or avoid this altogether. i can’t pretend this wasn’t partly fueled by frustration, but if you looked at the au this is inspired by, all i ask is that you have some faith in me.

word count: 5152

The harsh sunlight streaming into the room shook you from your slumber.

Reluctantly, you cracked opened an eye and then opened the other to survey your surroundings, not looking for long before you decided that it was too bright and you were too hungover. You closed your eyes again, squeezing them tightly as if that would help you get back to sleep faster.

About a second passed before what you saw in the room registered in your brain, your eyes immediately opening again, widened in alarm. Slowly, you took a deep breath. Afterwards, you mouthed an incoherent jumble of words that was meant to be a prayer to any higher power that existed and was listening and could help you out. Finally, when you mustered up the courage to do so, you chanced a peek to your left, hoping – praying – that you wouldn’t see what you were expecting to see.

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modertheresa  asked:

I don't know if you've answered this before but I saw some of your posts on insta about your weight loss journey and was wondering what your best tips are and what changes in diet and exercising you've made? Would really like some tips as I want to really start for real myself :)

I always find it hard to get all this out in a neat little way so I’m gonna try my best and get as much out as I can! I’m sorry if this ends up so long (edit: I’m rereading this and some of it is coming off as if I’m lecturing I’m sorry if my tone seems like that I definitely didn’t mean for that!)

- drink as much water as possible. don’t try and drink whatever amounts people say, those expensive bottles are cute but a normal water bottle works fine. just try as often as possible, two glasses a day is better than no glasses a day and 3 sodas. if it feels like a chore at first you’re not alone and it does get easier - as a Brit I was utter shit at drinking water at first but now I can down a pint in no time (I know right, such a party animal) try and replace all the drinks you have with water if you can. diet sodas are not good, if you’re a soda drinker though try diet first and then try and drink less and less of them. if plain water is boring to you, buy one of those flavoured squeeze bottles that you can carry with you! there are so many flavours

- you don’t need fancy gym gear or a gym membership or expensive organic food, honestly, you can YouTube so many exercises you can do in your own bedroom in your own clothes for nothing. it’s all there!! and there is so much variety you can never get bored. try yoga or Pilates or google just dance videos (they’re ripped from the games, but still so fun)

- same with food, tinned fruits and veggies and frozen fruits they’re all just as good. I had a lot of ready meals. I had ramen for lunch. yes they’re full of rubbish but I had to do what I had to do. I didn’t have time to make smoothies or beautiful salads every day. do what you can do.

- do not get bogged down by everyone’s rules. did I eat carbs? yes. did I eat take away? yes!! not every day! but I did. if you’re anything like me, when I kept trying to lose weight and kept listening to everyone’s rules I always ended up failing because it’s too restrictive. I couldn’t handle it, so would give up.

- speaking of giving up, once I cracked this specific thing I was unstoppable. (that sounds like such a clickbait article headline I love it) if I accidentally ate badly one night, due to bad mental health or being out with friends or whatever - I would draw a line under it and start fresh the next day. before, I would beat myself up, binge more, think ‘fuck it I’ve already ruined it’ but that isn’t true. eating unhealthy things sometimes is okay! restricting yourself 100% achieves nothing! you aren’t a naughty child. don’t scold yourself too harshly. don’t let it make you give up. if you’ve lost 3lbs and you eat a XL burger with fries, you aren’t going to put those 3lbs back on straight away. just breathe and start again. when this finally clicked for me, I knew I was doing well. if this is happening multiple times a week though, you might have to have a look at yourself and try and think why - is it because you’re letting yourself get too hungry? do you need to prep food for yourself more? are your friends not listening to you saying you’re eating better and tempting you with too much bad stuff? be honest with yourself and treat yourself like a friend who needs help. don’t shout at yourself it will just make you sad and dejected, honestly

- exercise whenever you can, even if it’s just a little, it’s more than nothing. have some spare time? instead of spending it inside go for a walk, even if it’s just 5 minutes. I can’t stress enough that yes, you can jog for 50 minutes and you will benefit, but walking for 10 minutes helps too. yes you will lose weight faster if you do more, but if you’re moving, you’re doing more than nothing, and you’re going forward even if it’s slow.

- be good to yourself and love yourself because it’s not a quick thing it’s not a fad, you need to have a honest talk with yourself about things. what fruits and veggies do you love? even if it’s only 3 different types. stock up on them!! don’t try and force yourself to eat salads if you hate salads you’ll just end up miserable. and starving.

- and lastly, (this is already so long kick my ass) IT GETS EASIER. it’s gonna feel hard at fuck as first and like nothing is happening. but like I said, if you’re moving more, eating better, drinking water, even if it’s just a little, you WILL start seeing results. be patient with your body it loves you and does so much for you, feed it well and dust out the cobwebs a little sometimes. you’ll feel better for it. go as hard as you think you can, but don’t beat yourself up if you’re not losing super fast. it gets easier, you will get there.

Quick rant about the 5sos groupie shit

If you don’t know what I’m talking about you can probably Google it or just go in the tag 5sos groupies. So basically there’s proof that 5sos have groupies in basically every city that they sleep with, sometimes in return for free tickets. They’ve been caught multiple times and never speak on it. I’m honestly just disappointed in them and I feel so hurt and betrayed.Them recreating the picture of Michael with the two groupies was the worst. Like they got busted and instead of owning up to it like any mature person would they joked about it in a completely tasteless way and use their looks and lies about how much they love their fans to cover it up because they know their fans will fall for their little act and it’s just gross. They’re lying to thousands of people for what? sex. Which they could get from girlfriends if they had them. But they probably don’t because they “don’t wanna be tied down” And they don’t even care. They keep at it almost as if they don’t care if people find out because they know if they pull another “you’re beautiful we love you” on twitter, everyone will forgive and forget because they’re cute and young girls are naive. I know I shouldn’t wish bad things of them but I really hope everyone in the fandom finds out about this. They deserve to know that the boys they’ve idolize have let fame go to their heads and have been lying to all of us. They don’t love you they love fucking and fame which they’ve let go to their heads and allowed to alter their brains or some shit so they think they can blatantly disrespect women and it’ll be okay because They’re “rockstars” or whatever. I personally feel so stupid for ever falling for their bullshit and thinking hey maybe they’re actually different maybe they’re genuinely sweet guys. I wish I could say that I can’t believe that I was so wrong but honestly would any of us expect anything different of a few teenage boys with more power than they can handle? And I bet there’s fans still standing up for them with this “boys will be boys” bullshit because these boys have got girls so hypnotized that they put them up on a lil pedastal and think that they can do wrong. There’s probably fans that wish they were groupies too. I want so bad for all this to be a lie and for them to really be the sweet little boys we always thought they were, and maybe might have actually been a while ago before they let their fame get to them. But the proofs all there. I feel so hurt and betrayed and I’m sure everyone else who knows about all this groupie bullshit does too, and the fact that they probably don’t care, because they only care about sex, just makes it hurt that much more. I’m so disappointed in these boys. And I should feel bad they’re forming bad habits that are gonna be hard to get rid of when they’re trying to settle down and get married but then again they kinda deserve it for the way they’ve been treating not only the groupies and the fans but women in general.

Under the cut you will find a MASSIVE MASTERLIST of potential post/gif starters (and also some comebacks that could be used in an already pending conversation) in case you’re in need of some. They were all found around the Internet, so I don’t have a direct link where I found them. So the credit goes to whoever came up with them. None of these are sorted out by gender, and they’re neither carved out for any specific characters, just so you know, but feel free to use or edit them as you like.

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So What if it Looks Like This...

So what if it looks like this:

Taylor and Karlie met back in 2011, but both were taken; Taylor with Dianna, and Karlie with Toni.  They knew they had chemistry, but they also knew that they had prior obligations and refused to hurt the people they were with and loved right then.  Instead, they agreed that when they were both single, they would make sure that on some occasion, their paths would cross again.  Enter the 2013 VSFS.  Toni has now switched to dating/bearding for/maybe both Leo, and I am not 100% sure of that timeline.  Taylor and Dianna are over.  We reach a point where they both would have been free, and their paths would have crossed.  Neither one would be hurting anyone, because their hearts were free, so they decided end of 2013 that 2014 was going to be their year.  They would have known Taylor would have been touring in 2015 - 2016, and would have planned everything.  

Josh and Karlie met in 2012 from everything I have been able to find, and they have been “together” since.  But why?  Well we have another series of connections.  Ivanka Trump bearded for Topher Grace who dated a series of closet lesbians, but one in particular that Maria Sharapova brought to our attention, her name being Camilla Belle, and she dated Joe Jonas who dated Taylor Swift.  With all these connections, I would bet Taylor got wind of Ivanka’s husbands gay bro who needed a beard, suggested Karlie, and that situation paid off for everyone.  Josh is a businessman, he is very smart, wealthy, etc., and he needs to have a certain image.  For him to be out isn’t okay.  There are a billion different reasons why.  His family, his religion, his position (a lot of men would still mock him and look down to him, even in the nowadays, sadly), multiple reasons he needs to stay in the closet.  Meanwhile, Taylor knows she has chemistry with KK, but KK isn’t going to come out for similar reasons to Josh.  She is going to be working with brands like Nike and various cosmetic companies, many of which appeal to a predominately “straight” audience.  So what do they do?  They beard for each other and build a good friendship.  Why?  Well, she is an entrepreneur as well, she has dreams, like Karlie’s Kookies, housing investments (I read she purchased a place down by her relatives in St. Louis) etc.  All of which will benefit her greatly both now and in the future.  For him, no one questions if he is gay or straight, they just think he is a geek that is dating a super model, prob because he is a rich geek.  It works out for everyone.  

The next step was giving Taylor a break.  She had “dated” guys for a good chunk of the 2000s, and she hadn’t “had any luck”, so she needed to redefine her image.  Being a “single lady” right after Harry was not a bad option, and what it did was give her the appearance of someone that was free.  For the people that felt a need for her to appear straight, it gave them that feeling of “she is embracing her single-hood”.  For those of us that have always noticed that Tay was a bit different, we were suddenly given more than enough evidence that Taylor liked girls, whether as a gay or bi woman.  Here she was stepping out with Karlie Kloss on a regular basis, hand in hand, proud look on her face, no fear at all what-so-ever.  It must have been like a dream come true.  Here they were, chemistry from the moment they met, and they were finally at a point where they could hang out in public together, and everyone would just think “two straight friends, whatever!” Then, Kissgate!  Everyone suddenly starts putting the pieces of the puzzle together.  Where they had taken ten steps forward, they were suddenly ten steps back!  What could they do?  Were they okay to continue as they had been?  Here they were, after years of waiting, a Vogue magazine shoot all completed and ready for the Valentine’s Day February cover, their big coming out, and nope!  They no longer have any control, because the public is going crazy over it.  If Taylor Swift, superstar, is gay/bi, then there are going to be girls who really don’t have any interest coming out left and right.  Not okay!  Not only that, but Karlie hasn’t stopped growing as her own brand; she is getting tons of recognition, all on her own, because she really is that smart and that beautiful and that great of an entrepreneur.  I think the girls together decided that they can’t just come out.  My guess is that in January, they made a very conscious decision to pull back the Vogue cover to a just friends article, and for Tay to find a beard, because Joshlie can’t be the only couple in the situation.  So Taylor and Calvin come to a contract agreement for promotion of each other.  They can act civil around each other, even give the cameras some smiles over the course of a few months, and it feeds the masses that dislike the thoughts of Tay being gay.  For CH, it gives him promotion in the USA, since he is already very well promoted in Europe.  The goal is to make it look like Tay had a grown up relationship with a man that lasted longer than 4-5 months.  Perfect!  Done!  For him, he just needed the promotion, and who better to give it than America’s Sweetheart.  As Calvin starts battles with Zayn online, and Rita begins to talk about her rs with him, Taylor decides he is too much of a liability, and she begins the break up process.  Meanwhile, magazines begin to do what they do when a couple is winding down: start marriage rumors.  OK! Magazine is the biggest magazine to do this.  It was done to Sean Penn and Charlize Theron, and it is happening now with TS and CH.  Thus begins the beginning of the end for the bearding situation.  For KK and JK, the rumors of her making more than him have been reported, see my earlier post or google them, setting the stage for an October break up for them.  Right on schedule for Kaylor to be able to “comfort one another through their breakups” and glass closet once more.  

Episode Review

Aysia: I’m gonna need you to stop being shoved so far up Jonica’s annoying ass and not fight her battles. You can do better and it’s time you realize that. If she wants to flirt with another girl in your face, she’s not for you. And you should have realized that when she messed with you while she had diamond. 

Dalila: I really don’t take anything Dalila says seriously. She doesn’t offend me at all, she’s clearly mental. I don’t know why these girls let her get to them. If you don’t like her, don’t acknowledge her. There isn’t a better way to shove someone out of the house than to completely isolate them.

Loren: I don’t have much to say other than she’s Jonica’s puppet next to Aysia. Girl told her to jump and she basically said, “how high???” I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but if I know my friend is being extra, i’m not gonna entertain their bullshit.

Jonica: Did you not spend the entire first couple of episodes defending Aysia from the house because you hated how you were such a bully in school to others and wanted to change that? Funny how that only applies if you wanna lick a girl’s pussy.

Brittany: She’s so weak in my eyes. She loves to be in everybody’s business. You had multiple opportunities to fight in that house and you fought the new girl not even 24 hours into her stay because she “stepped into your space.” LOL. And then when you are told to pack your shit you wanna cry and talk about how you would have never hit her then but then say you had no regrets. BITCH, THAT’S A REGRET. Glad you’re gone, won’t be missed.

Alex: Where did things go so wrong? Probably when she couldn’t keep her mouth closed for 5 seconds. I over looked her being the one to google Jada and I over looked her pulling that weak mess and trying to gang up on her for her name. But I am DONE. She is finished in my eyes. She is the definition of a flip flop bitch, it’s actually embarrassing to watch unfold. You wanna call her a basic bitch but then smile in her face and lie like a rat? You wanna yell at the new girl because she’s an easy target but not call out those bitches that mentally fucked with your head for weeks? I can’t rock with that fake shit.

Jada: Flawless and has proven so time and time again. I’ve been questionable about Jada since day 1 but now that I see her character I love her. She speaks her mind no matter who she offends and I respect her. She hasn’t been fake to anyone and I honestly can’t wait to see how she is next season as well. She might be one of my favorite bad girls if she proves herself stan worthy in season 13.