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Some Reasons

Why I love Pixelberry’s employees and customer service. @playchoices

I think I’ve been far too negative recently? And I have been reminded that oh, yes, there are so many reasons why I’ve played these games for years and have been happy to spend my money to support them. 

-The fandom, back when the games were High School Story and Hollywood U, had some drama with cyberbullies and the like. (ironic, given that high school story was all about how awful cyberbullying is?) Pixelberry wrote a response that said we don’t approve of this behavior, please be kind to each other, if you need help you can reach out to these resources.

-They’re a small company but they handle bug crashes and the like quickly. And they usually offer apologies with it. High School Story wasn’t porting well for android? Android players got some rings and a bonus outfit. Weekly goals were down in High School Story and Hollywood U? Free tickets. The very bad glitch for Choices? Fans were told “sorry, we figured out the problem, but it’ll take awhile for us to fix it. We’ll let you know.” And the affected players were compensated. 

-A fan once wrote to them talking about how much High School Story meant to him, because they’d play it while they were in the hospital. The fan then asked if it would be possible to put in a quest about the disease he had so people could be educated on it. The developers published the letter (with permission), and talked about how heartwarming it was to receive that letter. And then, a bit later, we got that special quest, and that fan was given a cameo in the game to talk about it. 

(I am completely blanking on the name of the fan and the other details about this quest, I am so sorry!!)

-The collaborations they’ve done with organizations in general to talk about issues, and even the issues that they talk about on their own. The company’s goal is to educate us as well as entertain us, and it shows. We’ve had quests dealing with grief, sexism, politics, harassment. All are researched and presented with love and care.

-Personal story time, but awhile ago (a few years now, probably?) I sent them an email saying hey, I really love Hollywood U. But I feel as though it’s so heteronormative that I just can’t exist in it and I feel a bit bad playing it as a result. You have non straight characters in High School Story, would it be possible to add someone like Mia to Hollywood U? And the response I got back was great. It said hey, don’t worry about sending us a text wall, we know it’s because you care. Sorry if this quest made you feel bad. We’ll forward it to our writers for consideration.

-And holy moly. How much better have the games gotten about diverse sexualities!! And now we have a canonically trans character? Past me would’ve been psyched if they’d known this was coming!

-And I think the best one was when Hollywood U introduced their in game chat option. I made a post saying hey I want to make a profile, but I have to pick my gender to do so, and there’s only male and female.
A game developer responded and showed us how to make a profile without having to select a gender for it. And it felt great because it was acknowledging me and that I existed, and acknowledging that other nonbinary and trans players like myself existed.

Pixelberry is full of wonderful people and while I may not personally like everything that happens with them, I know they care and that they try their hardest to show that.

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Wrex, I need your help! I am getting back into writing after a years long dry spell and am participating in a big bang. I am supposed to write a 25k word story. It is my first time writing at that length. I know what I want to do, have notes and an outline but I keep procrastinating on the draft because I am scared. I do not have much time left. I know I should write a shitty first draft but I am scared because there are loads of great writers in this fandom and I’ll never be that good :o(

Okay, so. First of all, I know the feeling. It kept me from writing for years. Still does, on bad days. The difference between us is, I didn’t know I was scared. I couldn’t face the fear because I didn’t even realize it was there!

So, you know you are scared. That’s the first step.

When we are scared to do something, it’s usually because we believe we can control the outcome, but we don’t know how, and so we wait, hoping the answer will come to us. “If I just knew more, I could keep this story from being bad,” one thinks.

The first thing to accept is: you can’t control the outcome. You will write the story you’re going to write.

And that’s good. It’s yours, it’s a unique creation, even if you think it can be measured against other people’s, which it can’t. You have your own, inimitable voice. Nobody else writes like you, and nobody could write your story better than you can.

Sometimes I think of my stories as though they already exist. If that’s true, then the actual writing is just me trudging toward the story that was always going to be what it is. It’s already in me, I just have to unspool it onto the page. In that case, there’s no use fearing what that story will be, or how good it will be - because it’s not up to you to control what it becomes. As much as it feels like it.

Try to let go of that belief that only your iron grip on this story stands between you and disaster.

This is hard. It feels like you’re hanging from the edge of a cliff and you’re being asked to let go, not to hold on tighter.

So here’s your assignment: write one paragraph. Don’t think about it, just type until you have something roughly of paragraph-length. Also, don’t make it the story’s first paragraph. Choose instead the scene that is most vivid in your mind, the dearest to your heart, and the one you’re most afraid of. Put on some music (or whatever else works) to give part of your conscious mind a rabbit to chase, and then start right in. Don’t think. Just unspool that one little paragraph. Remember, you can always throw it away and write it again, if you want. There are no consequences here.

Once you’ve done it, let me know how it went.

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What is the worst Class/Aspect combination. Like, one that just assures everyone on the session is going to have a bad time.

I mean a Bard of Life, or Space, or Time can wreck EVERYTHING easily and while a Prince could do the same Bards are way harder to figure out, thus, to pacify. But like any uncontrolled berserk bard can make everything go to shit in like 2 seconds so you better have some skilled advisors with you

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do you think that every human is bad or something makes them like that?

I think humans by default have good in them, but they also have evil. No one is wholly good or bad by nature, but what makes a “good” or “bad” human is the actions they choose to take.

 For example: a human rights activist is no better than someone else, inherently. However, what makes them a good person is their choice to sacrifice time, sometimes money and safety, to the cause of helping their fellow human. On the reverse, my abusers were no less good or bad inherently as me, but they made the active and ongoing choice to harm. In this way, everyone can be reformed into a “good person” and everyone can decide to be a “bad person” as well.

Being bad, making bad choices, it’s easy. And humans, like water, tend to take the path of least resistance. And so on the surface, “bad” humans outweigh the “good”, and they do quite a lot of damage.

But to answer your question- no, I don’t think every human is bad, I think just many humans make bad choices, and do it often.

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me and my friend actually discussed this but have u also noticed that a lot of writers portray Y/n as a hating ass hoe? like the author describes yn judging girls who wear lots of make up and revealing clothes nd shit and its just ?????? this is the whole ''im better nd different from other girls who dont wear makeup i have a personality'' or when for once yn likes makeup shes a hoe? but portrayed in a really bad way??? 1/2

I didn’t get part two of your ask, but I’m one of those people who believe in the “live and let others live” things. I don’t think (not) wearing makeup defines you as a person, especially when it comes to your sexual activity, so I understand that can be annoying to read about in fanfics. I guess people believe in stereotypes and they’re hard to get rid of 🤷🏼‍♀️

I was busy thinking ‘bout girls

Girls, girls

I was busy dreaming 'bout girls

Girls, girls (XCX)

Head is spinning thinking 'bout girls

I need that bad girl to do me right on a Friday

And I need that good one to wake me up on a Sunday

That one from work can come over on Monday night

I want 'em all

I want 'em all

And when they finally leave me I’m all alone, but

I’m looking down and my girls are blowing my phone up

Them twenty questions, they asking me where I’m at

Didn’t hit 'em back

I’m sorry that I missed your party

I wish I had a better excuse like

“I had to trash the hotel lobby”

But I was busy thinking 'bout girls

Girls, girls

I was busy dreaming 'bout girls

Girls, girls

Head is spinning thinking 'bout girls

In every city I got one with different ringtones

Flying from LA all the way to Puerto Rico

My girls are calling me asking me where I’m at

Didn’t hit 'em back

I’m sorry that I missed your party

I wish I had a better excuse like

But I can’t even lie, you got me

I was busy thinking 'bout girls

Girls, girls

I was busy dreaming 'bout girls

Girls, girls

Head is spinning thinking 'bout girls

Don’t be mad, don’t be mad at me (no, no, no, no)

Darling, I can’t stop it

Even if I wanted

Don’t be mad, don’t be mad at me (no, no, no, no)

Missed what you were saying

I was miles away, yeah

Don’t be mad, don’t be mad, not like I had a choice

I was busy thinking 'bout girls

Girls, girls

I was busy dreaming 'bout girls

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I was busy thinking 'bout girls (girls)

Girls (girls), girls (girls)

I was busy dreaming 'bout girls (dreaming 'bout girls)

Girls, girls (oh)

Head is spinning thinking 'bout girls

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This Town doesn't die and I love that about it. People who said "It's so boring" six months ago will come back and say it has grown on them and now they really like it. People at a concert who still don't like it will find themselves singing "everything comes back to you" anyway. It even made the Billboard dance charts! LOL

it’s SURPRISINGLY catchy! and i think it’s aging well, too; it doesn’t sound so 2016 that that’s how you have to remember it, but the older it gets, the better it seems to suit its own stripped-back sound. it’ll never be my favorite of his songs but it’s certainly not a bad one! 


To further capitalize on today’s pleasant weather and to help us lose weight (dietbet motivation!) Kevin and I went on a 3.5 mile walk today.  On this walk we found a hidden dock behind a park and this creepy sign that I don’t know what it means.  

For dinner, I had the most disappointing meal I’ve made in ages.  Two weeks ago I went to Kroger for the first time to see if it could become a cheaper grocery store that I frequent and I picked up some turkey burgers like I always do.  I like to eat them over regular burgers because I can generally eat two patties instead of one beef burger due to their lower calorie count.  These are 220 calories each and 11 grams of fat.  Given how much fat is in them they should taste SO much better than they do.  Even with bacon, an egg, fresh mozzarella, copious amounts of mayo, sriracha and salt it still tasted like dog food.  Ugh.  So so bad.  I was physically enraged after eating because I wasted all my calories on this bs.  I didn’t even finish all of my second patty in protest (okay, I left one bite). After dinner I went into the kitchen to clean up and angrily ate a stalk of green onion and a mint leaf to help cleanse my palate.  Surprisingly it did a really good job!  

At least my carbs are super low for the day.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

legit no one asked but skincare by me

so i’ve been doing this for like a bit over a month and my skin has gotten so much better (i have combination skin and p bad acne)

face wash

  • drunk elephant beste jelly cleanser (twice a day)
  • skin script glycolic cleanser (once a week)


  • the body shop tea tree skin clearing toner
  • belief bergamot herbal extract toner


  • peter thomas roth aha/bha acne clearing gel
  • peter thomas roth acne spot and area treatment


  • jack black double duty face moisturizer (daytime spf 20)
  • belief the true cream moisture bomb (night)
  • belief moisturizing anf firming eye cream (night)


  • glam glow super mud (once a week)
  • sheet masks (whenever i buy one like every two weeks?)
  • hey honey i peel good exfoliating cream (idk not a mask but once a week)

other notes

  • seriosuly drink water m so bad about it but it helps like bring a cup to bed or smthn
  • dont overuse product like doing a mask every day will fuck up your skin more than skipping them completely
  • clean off all your makeup off as soon as you are done for the day don’t sit around in it
  • use a mineral cleansing water or oil to get off your makeup rather than makeup wipes
  • always wash your hands before washing your face
  • if you do want to pick at blackheads use a tissue around your fingers to stop all the germs from under your nails getting into the pore

and yea thats that but really just stick to a routine and wash your face twice a day and expect it to take a bit of time to clear up this wont happen overnight

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I agree with you about Alicia but she might be embarrassed by her shirt. It's horrible. Also what did you mean by the lacey Evans post? I feel like im stalking your blog now 😂

tbh i don’t blame her because it is hella bad. but i mean, im not gonna put too much rap on it because it’s her first one. but that shit is no bueno. but still, gotta try and rep yourself. unless you really bad at the company like neville and when he basically said the shirt they made for him was shitty. which is was because it was so plaaaaain. but now-a-days they’re really fucking up so maybe plain is the better result lol.

also this is what i meant:

Dear Taylor, I’m nearly 20 years old now and you still manage to give me that same feeling that most children get when their parents tell them that they’re going to Disney World. For 7 years your music has given me an outlet to plug my bad thoughts into and turn them into something better. There is so many things I admire about you babe, listing them would take a lifetime and I know you see the impact you have on us. But I hope one day you take a second to read what you did for me, and what you do for me every single day of my life. Growing up I always felt different, and like I had to work 10x as hard as everyone else just to keep up. I was always reading and creating fantasies in my mind of a magical place where I would always belong. When I was 12 I found God and that will always give me the utmost protection I could ever ask for in this life because I know he has my soul forever. However, a few months after I got the greatest gift of salvation I lost half of my heart, my Dad. Losing a parent is an indescribable feeling and although it is part of the inevitable cycle of life, I would not wish it on anyone. I think God lead me to you Taylor because he knew I needed someone that saw the light in the deepest darkest tunnels. Ever since you became a part of my life in 2010 you have been taking my hand and leading me away from the unthinkable thoughts, shame filled moments, and complete helplessness that I have endured. My dad and I used to tell stories all the time, that’s one of my few memories from him that isn’t foggy, oddly enough. I would get so excited to go riding with him and hear his voice and the slow rumble of the car on the old backroads, the smell of honeysuckles still makes me think of him. But it’s the way you tell stories with nothing but the most brutal honesty in your music that reminds me of him too. I wrote my dad notes after he passed away and I haven’t stopped writing since then, you taught me that putting words on paper heals all wounds. For many years you were my only friend, which sounds so silly because you don’t even know me, but I’d like to believe I know your heart will enough to conclude that we would be the best of friends if you weren’t the biggest global superstar in the fucking world lol Nevertheless, you’ll always be my big sister that I never had, with the best advice, and coolest clothes that I wish I could borrow but was always too afraid to ask. Because of you I also know the difference in people that need me, and people that only want me when it’s convenient. That’s been one of the hardest lessons to learn, but every day it gets a little clearer. My best friend in the entire world, her name is Samantha and it is also thanks to you that we have the pleasure of knowing each other. During the Nashville Secret Sessions Samantha @staystaystay89 and I were two very bummed out teens because we were sure that was the last chance either one of us had of meeting our Queen aka you. Instead though, we found each other on Twitter, and we haven’t stopped laughing, growing together since that day I will never know how to repay you for that gift. I try to remember that nothing is impossible and that my wildest dreams (pun intended) are valid, you taught me that too sis. One day let’s get together and hug for a ridiculous amount of time because my 12-year-old self has needed that hug for way too long. I love you endlessly Taylor Alison Swift. – one of your future best friends, Jarraca Holder @taylorswift

If your argument against gun control goes like this “what if a bad guy has a gun I need one to defend myself” then you’re already stating that a gun is a threat to the safety of those nearby. You’re tickling your ego by thinking you with your gun will be faster and smarter than the bad guy and frankly my life is not worth testing out your bullshit attitude. You already know guns are bad, you just think you with a gun is better. If they shoot you or you shoot them that’s the same number of people killed. You still believe guns are dangerous you just wanna feel cool idk what to tell you champ just stop sniffing the glue.

honestly keith is in a super bad mental place right now yet i haven’t really seen that many people… care?

now i hate to say this, but if it was lance going through all of what keith’s going through right now? you know the fandom would be going CRAZY.

…but it’s not. it’s keith.

his teammates all keep dying around him left and right, he keeps nearly escaping death (like when he was stuck in space in e1), and he’s being given a bad mindset just being with the blade altogether. but that’s not even all of it.

we all know keith pushes people away before they reject him, but how do you think he felt when the team, the only family and friends he hasdid reject him?

as someone super similar to keith, i can tell you that does not feel good at all.

and i know they ended it all with a hug saying they’ll always be there for him, but don’t tell me it didn’t hurt keith when not a single one of them actually said they wanted him to stay.

especially when shiro knows the blade of marmora way. victory/knowledge or death. and he knows how keith is.

(which shows this shiro… isn’t s2 shiro. that shiro would’ve stopped keith from staying with the blade, like how he tried stopping him from doing the trials.)

now there are really only two reasons keith stays with the blade in the first place.

now that shiro can pilot black again, keith doesn’t feel as if he has a place on the team (similarly to lance). now we do know part of the reason he’s been with the blade so much is because he didn’t like being the leader. he didn’t want that position. he was forced into it, then always criticized for being bad at it. now he did get somewhat better near the end with the help of lance, but i don’t think he realized it. (lance is the only one on the team who ever acknowledged him as leader besides shiro, after all.)

keith tried staying off the team since s3e6, after lance opened up to him. he tried to give black to shiro (which we all know didn’t work) and he let lance have red. so he truly feels he doesn’t belong on the team anymore. the team not stopping him from just straight up leaving cemented that.

the other reason keith stays with the blade is to get a sense of identity. he’s had his knife all his life, it’s his only real connection to who he is. but he’s learning the blade way, the galra way, and it’s not good for him. they keep telling him “the mission is more important than the individual”, which shows why so many bom members we’ve seen (thace, ulaz, etc) have sacrificed themself for the greater good.

keith tried sacrificing himself not only for the mission, but because he believed the team would benefit more having him dead than alive. he didn’t say goodbye to anyone before he did it, not even matt, who he was already talking to. he doesn’t think he matters. he’s just another casualty that (would’ve) died for the cause.

in conclusion keith’s mental state right now is bad. he’s not selfish for leaving the team. he did it because he doesn’t think they need him anymore. he doesn’t think he matters.

and it’s the blade that’s really cementing this in his mind.

haven’t drawn a night sky in a while so now the boys are stargazing

both choi twins were requested in the “calm down” palette so i put them both in one…
idk how to feel about this, this is my first time using a color palette T__T also didn’t spend much time on this because my arm hurts..