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The Fallen and the Guardian (Pt.2)

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female!Reader - Steve Rogers x female!Reader (Fallen Angel AU)

Summary: Your life has been pretty normal up until a mysterious, unfamiliar face comes into your life. From that point on, everything tumbles into a downward spiral of love, heartbreak, and destruction.

Warnings: Language - Angst

Word Count: 2.1K

A/N: I move in my college dorm in a few days and I’m horrified, plus I’m trying to adjust to new meds on top of that, so, uh, things are just great right now. But here’s part two. Part Three will be up hopefully sometime soon!

Read PART ONE here!

For the next two weeks, it felt like everywhere you went, Bucky was there. He was almost like a shadow. The store, especially at the bar, even at the library - anywhere you went besides your house, he just so happened to be at the same place at the same time. You made small talk a few times, but at the bar, you had more time to talk, especially during the weeknights when fewer people came in. Bucky was even kind enough to help you fix your car and get it back to your apartment safe and sound.

You discovered that he had just moved into town the day you first met him. He moved after a rough break up and decided it was best to completely start over, yet for some ungodly reason, he thought it would be good to restart in this run-down, small town that people never seem to leave. You even found out he has a soft spot for animals, especially cats. There’s still a lot you didn’t know about him, but you could feel some sort of friendship budding between you two.

While you initially wanted to tell Steve about how weird you thought the run-ins were, you decided to keep it to yourself. He hasn’t texted or even called you since your little fight, and you weren’t about to cave-in and apologize first.

Even on your first night off in a few weeks, you still find yourself at the bar, but this time, you’re the one ordering the drinks, not serving them. When you pushed through the doors, you were surprised to spot him in one of the booths with a mysterious new girl. He had met your gaze for a brief moment before you shrugged it off and sauntered up to the bar, which was basically empty. You chose the seat near the corner and shrug off your jacket.

“Just can’t stay away, huh?” Jared jokes from behind the bar as you drape your jacket over your seat.

“Ha-ha, very funny,” you mock, sliding onto the stool. “Just a Bud, please.” Jared nods and taps the counter, then disappears to get your beer.

“Well, well, well…What’s a girl like you doin’ in a place like this?”

You quickly turn your head to find Bucky striding over to where you’re sitting. He slides onto the stool to your right in the corner. He’s wearing a lot of darks again, his hair hanging freely, and you can smell his cologne as he walks near you. While a lot of his past was still unknown, his dark, rough demeanor instills a cautious curiosity in you. And with Steve momentarily out of the picture, you really don’t mind the newfound company in your life.

“Hey, Bucky,” you mutter, fiddling with your beer bottle.

“You look fantastic tonight,” he leans towards you. “What’s the occasion?”

“Just getting some drinks, I guess. Figured I would rather be around other people than alone with my thoughts,” you sigh. Seeing Steve didn’t put you in the best of moods, and your mind starts to wage a war between going to speak to him and not speaking to him.

“Trust me, I know how that is,” he turns in his stool to face you, using the wall behind him as a backrest. “Ya know, I feel like you know a lot more about me than I do about you. I also feel like everywhere I go, there you are,” his voice drops, becoming smoother than silk. A muscle in your jaw twitches involuntarily.

“It’s called living in a small town,” you mutter, shifting your focus to the shelves of alcohol behind the bar ahead of you. You could feel someone staring at you without even looking around, and you try to blur out your surroundings by focusing on one thing.

“Have you been stalking me, doll? Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing your beautiful face, but it almost seems too coincidental,” A sly smirk tugs at the corner of his mouth as his tone becomes more comical.

“Why do you call me that?” You snap back, shooting him a hard look from the corner of your eye.

“What? ‘Doll’?” Bucky tilts his head, a sneaky, shit-eating grin spreading across his face. “You’ve been fine with ‘em until now. What changed?”

“Just not a fan of pet-names from strangers,” you counter quickly. You take a big swig of your drink, the alcohol lightly burning your throat on its way down. Your mood was continuing to worsen as the feeling of someone watching starts to really bother you.

“Strangers?” He dramatically clutches his chest, his face twisting into a forced, pained expression. “C’mon, doll. You know we’re more than just strangers.”

“Sorry, my bad…acquaintances,” you turn your head towards him, carefully watching his face.

“Take a picture, it’d last longer.”

Did he just…You blink at Bucky. His mouth didn’t even move, and his voice was clear as day.

“I-I gotta go,” you grumble as you slide off your stool and swing on your jacket, making a move to leave.

“Why such a hurry?”

You stop in your tracks and whip back around to face him.

“Did you just…say something…in my head?” Your voice was low and darker than you intended, but you wanted answers, and you want them now.

“Let’s go for a ride,” Bucky stands from his stool, pulling on his jacket.

“I’m not going anywhere with you until you can tell me why I hear your voice inside my fucking head,” you hiss as you watch Bucky dig out some crumpled bills and put them on the counter.

“Calm down, darlin’,” Bucky chuckles, stepping closer to you. “We’ll go for a quick ride, then I’ll start givin’ you some answers.”

“W-Wait…You’re not denying that I can hear your voice in my head.”

“I can do more than you think, doll,” his voice drops to a low whisper. “Let’s go talk over some food.”

You couldn’t decide on whether you thought he was insane or if you are. And while the fact that he isn’t even denying that it’s happening scares you, your need for an explanation outweighs the price of not knowing what’s happening.

You glance over Bucky’s shoulder to find Steve staring at you from the booth. The girl next to him was talking, but it was blatantly obvious that his attention was solely on you. You take a deep breath and lick your dry lips, then look back at Bucky. His blue eyes shine brightly even in the dimly light bar, and they’re glittering with anticipation.

“Fine,” you huff. “But you have to promise that you won’t just give me some bullshit lies.”

“Deal,” he beams. “But could you do me a favor and tell your little guard dog over there to back down?”

“What are you -”

“Y/N, can I talk to you for a second?” Steve appears from behind Bucky and walks towards you, grabbing your elbow and pulling you a few feet away from Bucky.

“You need to stay away from him,” Steve warns, pulling you closer to his side.

“You can’t tell me who I can and can’t be around, Steve,” you hiss, then yank your arm from his hold. “You’re not my fucking guardian angel.”

A quick flash of hurt darts through his gaze. He drops his eyes to the ground, slowly nodding.

“Bucky,” you call over the crowd. He looks up at you, meeting your gaze. You not towards the door and hastily saunter towards the exit, leaving Steve behind.

Bucky pulls the bike up to a small ma-and-pa diner. You could see through the windows that it was mostly empty. Bucky holds the door for you, and you’re seated in a booth by an older waitress who smells like cigarettes and cheap perfume. She walks behind the counter and grabs a pot of coffee and two glasses of water.

“Coffee?” Her voice is carefree, but you can understand why she smells like cigarettes now.

“Yeah, I’ll take some,” you nod.

“I think I’ll just stick with water. But we’ll take two shakes and an order of fries. Thanks, love,” Bucky winks at the waitress as she turns to leave. “So,” he continues when she’s out of earshot. “Shoot.”

“What?” You raise an eyebrow.

“Don’t you have questions? You can still back out if you want, doll.” Bucky’s eyes shift from their usual lightness to something much darker.

“I’m probably just overreacting,” you sigh, rubbing the side of your coffee mug with your thumb. “I’ll sound like I’m fucking insane.”

“Ask me anyway.”

You eye him for a second. He’s completely serious.

“Were you…Were you speaking to my mind?”

He chews on his lip for a few seconds before leaning back into the booth, throwing his arm up and across the edge.


You can’t find the words to say next as your mind tries to process his simple, yet horribly complex answer. Instead of saying anything, you just laugh.

“Y-You were…speaking…in my head!” You manage in between uncontrollable laughter.

“Doll, I need you to listen,” Bucky says calmly. “This is serious business.”

“I have to be dreaming right now, right?” You wipe a tear from your eye, calming down from your laughing fit.

“You’re in trouble,” his jaw clenches. “Someone wants to kill you, and I know that sounds fucking weird, but you gotta -”

The door to the diner flies open, and Steve urgently scans the room. Then his eyes lock in on you.

“Y/N,” he breathes, “Get away from him.”

“Steve? What the fuck are you - Hey! Let go of me!” He grabs you by the arm, dragging you out of the booth and out the door. “Steve! What…the…fuck!” You hiss between struggles. He releases his grip and you spin around to face him, backing up a few feet to put more distance between you. “You had no right to do that. What in the hell were you -”

“He’s dangerous. You need to go home,” he demands, his face completely expressionless.

“Okay…One: he was my ride here. And two: you’re being an asshole,” you move to storm past him and back into the diner, but Steve quickly sticks out an arm, nearly choking you. “What the fuck is your issue, Steve?” You turn to him, inches away. His face was so close that you could feel his breath lightly fanning over your cheeks.

“I can give you a ride home. I just…,” he looks away, a muscle in his jaw clenching. “I love you, Y/N…And you have no idea what he’s capable of.”

“Steve, I love you, too, but you need to seriously -”

“I don’t think you get it,” his voice is just barely a whisper. “I love you.”

You step back.

“You…No…You can’t just do that, Steve,” you shake your head, voice beginning to tremble. “What has been going on with you lately?”

“There’s so much that you don’t know, Y/N. But you can’t get involved with this.”

Bucky appears behind him.

“You know, he’s actually right for once.”

“What do you mean?” You question Bucky over Steve’s shoulder. Steve turns around and nearly snarls at him.

“You need to leave,” Steve hisses through his teeth.

“She wants some answers, Stevie,” Bucky coos. “I’m just here to help.” A smirk slowly crawls up his face.

Now,” Steve takes a step towards him and you jump in between them.

“Woah there, Sweet Cheeks. Maybe you should tell her what’s really going on, yeah?”

“Okay, this is enough,” you turn your back to Bucky and drop your voice to an intimate whisper. “Steve, what the hell is going on?”

Steve snaps his attention from Bucky to you, breathing out through his nose heavily as he tries to conceal his anger.

“You wouldn’t understand,” he mumbles. “It’s out of your power.”

“You know, you’re not doing a very good job as a Guardian, Stevie,” Bucky hums behind you.

“As a what?” You whip your head over your shoulder and shoot him a confused look.

“Don’t start this,” Steve warns. You back away from both Steve and Bucky as they start to bicker between each other.

“Or what? You’re gonna cast me out again?”

“You know I didn’t mean to have you cast -”

“Don’t you fucking dare say you didn’t -”

“How was I supposed to know what would happen when you -”

That’s enough!” Your scream cuts through the heavy tension in the air around you. Both Bucky and Steve look like they’re ready to kill one another, a piercing hatred boiling in their stares. “Both of you…my place…now.”

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