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Request: Hey! Congrats on your writing anniversary! I was wondering if you could write a Dean x reader, where reader ran off not knowing she was pregnant, and Sam brings her back with their 2 year old. Dean should be mad, but really he’s just glad she’s back. Smut please? 

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,600ish

Warnings: minor language, smut

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With All My Heart - Part 2

Word Count: 2225

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Slight panic attack

A/N: Again, there will be no tags for this series other than my Jensen tags which are closed. All new fics and only new fics will be reblogged over on my writing blog @torn-and-frayed-writes for easier access. Please do not ask to be tagged. 

Thanks to @impalaimagining for beta-ing this for me super fast at 1:30am! 

With All My Heart Masterlist

Running out on Jensen was one of the dumbest things you’d done in your life. You didn’t quite know why you did it and you’d spent almost every waking moment over the last week curled up on your couch trying to figure it out. He’d been nothing but kind to you, staying with you, driving you home, offering to get your car. You’d stared at his number in your phone a few times, debating whether or not you should call and apologize, but you’d chickened out every single time.

“Well, don’t you look like shit?” You drew your eyes up from your coffee cup and glared at Emma, your best friend who had agreed to meet you for coffee before your doctor’s appointment. You’d asked her to meet you at a smaller, hole in the wall coffee shop for fear of running into Jensen at Starbucks again, although you didn’t exactly tell her that.

“Fuck you too, Emz.” She laughed and sat down across from you, taking a sip of her coffee before looking you over one more time.

“You really do look like hell. Are you feeling any better?”

“Yeah, kinda.” You shrugged. “I have that appointment in like an hour and then I guess I need to go beg Don for my job back.”

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sirvinter  asked:

hello !! i love your art a lot and i was wondering if you have any advice on character design? ive never done it seriously but i have a hard time starting. do you have any tips for an absolute beginner? thank you and have a nice day !!!

Hello! Firstly, thanks so much! I love character design but I’m trying to get much better at it, especially with painting. I can try to give some advice on what teachers/professional artists have said and that I definitely know to be true:

1. Every single physical trait a character has should show their backstory/who they are. For example, don’t just add a cool looking scar to a character because you think it’s cool. Add one if it adds more depth to their backstory! Everything on the character should be there for a reason.

2. Silhouette concepts are my favorite part in the design because it allows you to quickly explore a lot of clothing, armor, body shapes, etc. Having a pose makes the character have more of an exciting silhouette to look at as well (this is something I need to do better on because I love neutral poses hahaha).

3. Alright I’m gonna go on a rant about the importance of using reference here: make sure you have a TON references to draw from before you start a character! Many of my teachers require that students come in with pages filled with photo refs before they start any drawing. The better researched your costuming/props/etc. is the better your drawing will be! This was one of the many reference pages I created for my sci-fi Chinese mafia project, for example:

For some reason a lot of people think that pasting photo refs onto your PS canvas and referencing them is “cheating.” That is just SILLY. Obviously people shouldn’t trace an image nor should they copy the photo pixel by pixel when making original work (that just makes the learning process slower). But the more stuff you look at while drawing the better your stuff gets. And as you get more confident with drawing, you can deviate more and more from the reference (ex. combining more than one pose together, changing the colors, lighting, etc.). Here are the references I used for a hitchhiker character:

A lot of my character stuff is referenced from movie screenshots, and this is because the characters in films move so the reference gets a bit more… elusive/hard to notice? My final cover art was referenced from a scene in Scarface, because no way am I wasting precious time and energy to try to guess how to draw complex clothing folds and etc. when I can pump out a better piece in half the time by looking at reference:

Make sure to draw from life as well! Drawing people everywhere you go gives you a broader sense of the endless possibilities of characters you can make.

Anyways, I hope this helped and that I didn’t rant on for too long! ^o^ Have fun!

The Issues with Steven Universe

This might be a two parter. I had a lot to talk about.

1.  Pacing: This might be a personal thing but it seems like the pacing in SU is a bit all over the place at some points. Like after Jailbreak, I was hoping we’d get more backstory and while we did, we had to wait. Why? What’s the point in delaying the story? is so many questions left unanswered. And at the same time, they’ll rush through story arcs without giving us a good ending. The Cluster is still under the Earth guys. Shouldn’t you try to do something about it? You also haven’t talked about Rose Quartz KILLING HER DIAMOND!

2.   Pearl: Okay, I adore Pearl but let’s face it, she’s a mess. And this wouldn’t be a problem if the writers admitted this. Pearl is manipulative and she can be controlling. There is also her whole ‘obsession’ with Rose even after her death. Yes, there is nothing wrong with a character being flawed but a good character realizes they are flawed and does something about it. And there have been many times where Pearl was called out for her terrible behavior but she learned nothing. I’m still pissed about the Sardonyx arc ended

3.  Garnet and Amethyst’s Lack of Development: In over one hundred episodes, we still don’t know that much about them.  Unlike Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst’s development gets pushed to the side. And that sucks because they are extremely interesting characters in their own right. We know Garnet is a fusion but we don’t know anything else and we barely get to see her have her own episodes that focus on her. Same with Amethyst and out of all the characters, I probably relate to her the most so it’s equally frustrating.

4.   What is Lapis’ Personality: I feel like the writers don’t even know how to write their own character because sometimes, Lapis comes off as aloof and sometimes she comes off as a jerk. Make up your mind! And at the same time, she feels so hollow at points.

5.   Peridot and Lapis’ ‘Romance’: Okay, I wanted Peridot and Lapis to get along but their relationship should still be a bit awkward and uncomfortable.  After all, Peridot used Lapis. Now there are times where someone who was abusive can learn from the error of their ways but it still feels like their whole relationship was rushed. And it doesn’t feel earned. Them having a ‘romance’ doesn’t make sense and it feels like the writers just wanted some kudos instead of thinking the whole thing through.

6.   Lack of Explanation: Alright, one of the reasons I love SU is because of the Gems and how they have their own culture and ideals. And SU seems to sometimes just forget that. We still don’t know a lot about the diamonds, we still don’t know anything about Pink Diamond, we barely understand why Home World is the way it is and we don’t even know what their end goal is. EXPLAIN WRITERS! EXPLAIN!!!

7.  Bismuth Got Screwed Over: So we have been waiting for Bismuth for like literal years, she finally comes around AND THE WRITERS HAVE HER BUBBLED AGAIN!? Are you kidding me!? Lapis and Peridot get to come back and be a part of the show but you can’t extend the same to Bismuth? Why couldn’t Steven just have a nice, long, heartfelt talk with Bismuth like he did Lapis and Peridot? Are you kidding me?

8.   Treatment of Black Coded Characters: Garnet and Bismuth are black coded. I could also argue that Jasper is since she has a black voice actor. And it’s obvious that Pearl is the favorite among the writers. Now this wouldn’t bother me but the black coded characters get screwed over. Like a lot. I talked about Bismuth and Garnet just doesn’t get the same amount of love and attention Pearl does. Why? What’s the point?

9.  Jasper’s Treatment: Alright, now I know she’s a villain. I realize that. But Peridot was a villain and so was Lapis. I think it’s unfair that Rebecca created this character that has some history and just keeps on pushing her away. I want to see more of her and if Peridot and Lapis can both get redemption arcs, why can’t Jasper? There is zero reason why she can’t be saved and again, she’s been ignored. She’s the one who dropped the huge truth bomb! WHY AREN’T YOU TALKING ABOUT JASPER!?

10.  The Art Style: I honestly didn’t think I would notice this but as many artist friends have been pointing out, the art style seems to be suffering. Like proportions, color and so many other things look wacky. Guys, what are you even doing?

Prove To Me

Can you write a fic where the reader is Tony’s twin sister and either Jeff or Zach really likes her but Tony is super protective. Who ever you choose has to get Tony’s approval or like tries to be super nice to him to get his respect. And yeah you can add more or change it if you want but I will be super grateful if you make it a series.😂 (but it’s fine if you don’t make it a series I just really want a Tonyxsister!reader fic)♥️♥️

All your life you had grown up to your brother Tony being overprotective. He would always tell you that you could never have any boyfriends and he would always pretend he was way older than you when in reality he was 2 minutes older! 2 damn minutes, but he made it seem like he was 2 years older. The only guy who he would really let you hangout with was, Clay. He was nice, but you kind of had a crush on of his friends, Jeff Atkins. He was cute and he seemed super nice, but Tony would never allow it.

“Hey Y/N!” Clay said cheerily walking over to you,

“Why are you so happy, no ones happy on Monday’s?” You asked,

“Well maybe because Hannah said yes to being my girlfriend!” You congratulated Clay, you had been telling him for ages to ask her out.

“Why so happy Jensen?” Jeff asked walking towards you guys, act natural you told yourself. Clay told him the news,

“I’ve been telling you for ages to ask her out!” Jeff told him,

“So have I, it took him so long,” you joined the conversation between them. Jeff smiled at you,

“See even Y/N knows!” Jeff said pointing at you,

“So what’s gonna happen now? Are you gonna stop hanging out with us and only her now?” You asked Clay, You and Jeff looking over at him,

“No, but if that does happen, you guys have each other,” Clay simply stated,

“I don’t even know anything about him,” you stated looking at Jeff, him agreeing.

“Hangout after school or something I don’t know, I have a feeling you two will end up being good friends.” Clay said waving goodbye and heading to his first period. Jeff looked at you,

“Want to hang out after school at Monet’s?” He asked, you nodded smiling. You two said your goodbyes and headed to your guys’ classes. All of school was you not paying attention and thinking about Jeff. Finally school was over and as soon as you walked out of the doors you looked around to try and find Jeff. You found him with Clay and Hannah,

“Heyyyyyy,” you joined the group of people, as soon as Jeff saw you his face lit up with joy. Just seeing his smile gave you butterflies.

“Well me and Hannah have to get going, bye you guys.” Clay and Hannah waved goodbye, which left you and Jeff alone. You smiled at him,

“Are we still up for Monet’s?” He asked, you nodded while smiling. You two walked over to his car,

“Y/N!” You turned to see Tony walking over to you, you sighed.

“What are you doing?” He said shooting a glare at Jeff,

“Um I’m going to Monet’s with Jeff,” you looked down, ready for what Tony was about to say.

“Who allowed you?” He asked,

“You can’t always baby me Tony!” You said annoyed,

“Boys will be boys, they will hurt you, I don’t want you to get hurt.” Tony said, Jeff just stood there awkwardly.

“I won’t try anything on her, I promise. I’ll bring her home at 5.” Jeff said with hopeful eyes. You looked over to Tony hoping he would say yes. Tony sighed he nodded,

“Try anything I’ll beat your ass Atkins.” He said while walking towards him, he height difference totally noticeable. You could tell Jeff was nervous, so you told Tony to leave him alone. Jeff opened the door for you, and from the corner of your eye you could see Tony still eyeing him up and down.

“Sorry about him,” you apologized to Jeff,

“It’s fine,” he looked over at you and gave you a small smile.

“It annoyed me how he pretends to be much older than me when in reality he’s 2 minutes older! 120 seconds!” You exclaimed, he kept reassuring you that it was fine. You two soon arrived at Monet’s. You guys sat down at a table near a window, you both ordered hot chocolate,

“So tell me about you Y/N,” Jeff said,

“Well what do you want to know?” You asked taking a sip of your hot chocolate.

“Interests, love life, favorite colors, subjects whatever. Tell me your whole life story if you want.” He said while looking at you the whole time,

“Umm well I’m really into *enter your hobbies bc idk* my love life is horrible. I’ve never had a boyfriend because of Tony. He always scares the guys away or never allows me to see them again.” You ranted, him paying close attention to everything you said.

“So your tu—you’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” You said annoyed, Jeff had a worried expression,

“Why? What’s wrong? Did I do something?” Jeff frantically asked, you shook your head,

“No, it’s not you. It’s Tony, he’s here.” You pointed out the window to him coming out of his car. Jeff tensed up,

“Dont worry I’ll tell him off if he says anything rude.” You reassured him. He just simply nodded. Tony came in and saw you guys, he walked over.

“You look annoyed. Is he annoying you?” Tony said pointing at Jeff,

“No it’s not him, it’s you.” You looked at him annoyed,

“I’m just looking out for you,” he said looking out the window.

“Well sometimes it gets annoying.” He apologized and went to go sit down at a table further away.

“Again sorry,” You apologized to Jeff,

“It’s understandable, if I had a beautiful sister like him of course I would be overprotective.” Did he just call you beautiful. Oh my gosh, your stomach filled with butterflies. You just smiled and finished your hot chocolate.

“It’s 4:45 we should get going.” Jeff said while getting up and taking out his wallet,

“It’s fine I can pay for mine,”

“No, a gentleman always pays for his girl.” He smirked, you just playfully rolled your eyes. Again, from the corner of your eyes you could see Tony staring at you guys.
You guys walked out and got in Jeff’s car, a couple minutes later you noticed Tony also walking out and getting into his car.

“He’s following us, I’m actually getting so irritated.” You told Jeff,

“It’s fine he’s just looking out for you, he doesn’t want you to get hurt.” He smiled at you sympathetically. The drive to your house was filled with you guys just saying dumb jokes and laughing all the way. He made you really happy, hopefully you did the same to him. You two arrived at your house, he opened the car door for you and walked you to your door.

“I had a nice time with you, sorry my brother kept bothering us.” You said with a small laugh.

“It’s fine, I had a great time. Hey um can I have your number? So we can you know plan another time to hang out.” The thought of him wanting to hangout with you made you extremely happy. You nodded, him handing you his phone and you typing your number. You gave him your phone and he typed in his number, soon enough Tony parked and started walking towards you guys. You sighed,

“I should get inside before he suspects anything,” you frowned,

“Bye, had lots of fun with you.” He smiled giving you a hug.

“Alright let her go, that’s long enough.” Tony interrupted the hug, you rolled your eyes and went inside.

“Did you seriously have to follow us?” You asked Tony, annoyance filling your voice.

“I was just looking out for you.” Tony started while looking down,

“Jeff is a good guy Tony! I really like him, please don’t ruin this for me!” You regretted the fact that you had just told Tony you had a crush on Jeff. He looked at you,

“He’s going to hurt you Y/N, all guys are the same!” You rolled your eyes,

“No he isn’t! He’s nice and caring and funny!” You argued back,

“That’s how they are in the beginning, they just want to get in your pants then let you go!” You scoffed,

“Jeff isn’t like that!” He just shook his head,

“Fine, he has to prove to me that he isn’t like that.” He walked away.

Free Crochet Pattern: chubby striped bear amigurumi (and bunny!)

Alright, time for a new crochet pattern! This time it’s for this cute little striped bear, which is actually a revamp of an old pattern from maybe 5 years ago.

Unfortunately I can’t find any pictures of it, but this new version is way cuter anyway!!

I made 2 different critters with this pattern & they’re identical except for color changes and the ears. Let’s get started!

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anonymous asked:

I was reading your rendition of Just Hold On, (which was simply marvelous), and I wondered. Sweet Creature was made shortly after Harry's birthday. And the letter of SOTT, also passes a message that is to hold. Do you think these songs have any relation? It's hard to think of coincidences when it comes to Harry and Louis.


I had some vague thoughts about the relationship between JHO and SOTT, and this question forced me to focus my thoughts. So here they are. 

Previously, I had talked about JHO as a song of affirmation and reassurance following Jay’s death. But JHO is also a love song, as the music video showed us. Not merely a love song, but a love song with pointed references to Harry and Louis (the jacket colors, the baseball cap/ fedora, the first meeting in a concert and then meeting later outside of the concert, the travel to multiple music venues around the world, the love that is not only intoxicating but domestic and ends in marriage).

SOTT also has pointed references to Jay. Harry says in his Rolling Stone interview, “The song is written from a point of view as if a mother was giving birth to a child and there’s a complication. The mother is told, ‘The child is fine, but you’re not going to make it.’ The mother has five minutes to tell the child, ‘Go forth and conquer.‘”

I had sort of dismissed this quote, but after reading this post, I could be convinced of the song as a description of Jay’s wish for her child’s career to blossom– as a way of saying good-bye, but also giving her blessing to her child. The child’s “birth” is the career coming to fruition.

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A Charles Xavier Soulmate AU

Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader

Summary: Everyone has a soulmate, and there is one color that they can’t see until they meet their soulmate, and that is the color of their soulmate’s eyes. For Charles Xavier, this is difficult, because his powers have filled in the blanks, and he can see all colors. He assumes that he’ll just know when he finds his soulmate. Should be easy for a telepath, right?

Warnings: Angst maybe? 

A/N: Let me know what you think and if I should continue this! Not so sure if I will or not. Definitely have some plans, so let me know if you’d like to see more!


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Spirit in the House - Chap 6/10

Modern!AU Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Reader is in a coma after a car accident. Bucky moves into your apartment and find your spirit still hanging around. (Based on Just like Heaven)

Word Count: 1,430

Warnings: Mention of Drinking, Mention of Cheating, Language, Violence

A/N: Good ol’ Peggy Carter throwing punches. Also lines taken from the movie, I obviously don’t own that. Hope you’ll all like this one :)

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10]

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“Stop laughing, this isn’t funny.” Bucky chastised.

You clutched your belly and doubled over. “I’m sorry, but it kind of is.”

You both walked towards Peggy’s house. Bucky was a nervous mess as he climbed the three steps to her front door.

“What am I going to tell her?”

“That you’re a cop and you’re investigating my case.”

“She just caught me talking to myself. I should tell her I can see your spirit.”

His words made you turn around.

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Langst Mini Fic #7: Who Am I?

(Alright Anon, I thought the first idea was hurtful enough. I didn’t think that there could be another route. I like it, so here it is!)

They were inseparable even though they were as opposite as day and night.

Lance was that hyperactive kid you need to chase around the park once you left your eyes off him while Leo was that kid who was just content to wait beside their caretaker until he was given the permission to wander around (although he always stay beside Lance). Being identical twins, no one was safe from the swapping pranks of the two. Despite Leo being the shy one he could mimic Lance’s attitude to the very last drop and the same could be said to the older twin. There came a point that their parents joked that they need to find a way to check the fingerprints of the twins just to see who was who.

Everything was fun and perfect…

Until the car accident robbed the light out of Lance’s eyes and left Leo alone to deal with the grief along with the rest of the family.

Their parents were so grief stricken especially their father since he was the one who was driving that time (even though the other driver was clearly at fault in the accident). Tears always find a way to fall down on ground.

And then things just went further down. It all started that one night when Leo found his father in the kitchen and holding a glass of something Leo was sure some form of liquor judging from the smell of it. When his father looked at him, Leo knew it was the start of the shattering of his own world…or what was left of it.

“Ah…Lance, I’m sorry I think I had enough drink for today. Oh my…I’m such a bad influence if I am letting you see drunk…”


It’s been a long time since Leo saw the smile on his father’s eyes and he didn’t want it to be taken down. He didn’t correct his father that night.

He should have.

Leo’s parents started calling him “Lance”. If he did something they were sure that Lance would never do then their eyes would start to dim and remember that he was Leo and not his older twin.

Leo hated the tears falling down from the rest of the family.

He started to change. No more tears, no more sadness. Lance would always find a way to make everyone happy. Leo removed all his dark colored clothes. Lance loved the color blue and also wearing jackets so Leo should replace all his clothing similar to his older twin’s tastes. Lance like the beauty products shared by their older sister so Leo made it his mission to asked tips from her. Lance loved anything related to outer space and Leo read every book that Lance owned about it and more about piloting so that he could reach the stars someday just like what Lance wanted to do once they were old enough.

Lance was back. Lance was here.

Goodbye Leo.



“Paladins! Shiro and I were talking about a new training program to be added from your usual ones.” Allura clasped her hands together and seemed proud for whatever she has to say next.

Of course like normal teenagers, they groaned in protest. Well, Keith tried to hide it but the slight twitch of his eyebrows was enough. Ever since Keith managed to find his spot with the rest of the team he found out that there were a lot of things that he could do aside from training whenever they had a downtime (blame the “Garrison Trio”).

“Now, now, this will be helpful for us so stop your complaining right now.”

“But Shiro!” Lance slumped his shoulders in defeat from where he was sitting, “The combat training, physical and with the lions, as well as the mind melding ones is enough to tire us to the bone!”

“I hate to say this but Lance is right.” Pidge moved her glasses up while Lance made a fake hurt noise in the background.

“Yeah, I think I just want to sleep or bake every time we finish our trainings. I mean, guys haven’t you get tired that while we are in the middle of something the Galra will suddenly appear then bam! Precious sleep is no more.”

“No worries! I’ll make sure you Paladins got the energy you need to stay healthy!”

“Thanks Coran, that is appreciated.” Hunk knew that arguing against Allura and Shiro was helpless but hey, there was nothing bad in hoping.

“Alright team, our added training will be about facing our fears so that the druids may never take advantage of that part of us.”

“Like a boggart?”

“Keith! You know Harry Potter!”

Lance thought it was not a big deal. Not a big deal at all since his fears was just all about his insecurities and his position in the team. He could do it. He could do this.


He could not do this.

He heard the screams of his teammates, their pleas to remove the headband specifically programmed for this occasion. But he couldn’t move, he couldn’t take off his eyes from the figure, the person wearing the same face as him, the one who was smiling sinisterly at him yet caressing his face with such twisted form of love.

“Poor, poor Leo. Forgotten and never had the chance to live.”


Leo…who was Leo? His…name…was…is…Lance…


“Made to be forgotten your own identity because big brother Lance was already dead.”





“Poor little brother.”

Leo…was he…Leo? Or…Lance?

“Do you know who you are?”


“Who am I?”

Ah, that’s right. Leo’s greatest fear.

Not knowing who he really was anymore.

“Are you the one who died that day or me?”


But who are you and who am I?

Leo (Lance?) didn’t felt the headband being removed forcefully from his head. Didn’t really registered that the illusion taunting him was no more. There were voices calling his attention. Were they calling for Lance? For Leo?

Who was the one who entered Garrison?

Who was the one that became Hunk’s best friend?

Who was the one that became an honorary brother for Pidge?

Who was it that became a self proclaimed rival of Keith?

Who was it that looks at Shiro like a hero?

Who was the Blue Paladin of Voltron?

When his eyes focused he met the worried gaze of their resident Red Paladin.

“Keith…Who am I?”

Langst Mini Fics:

#1 / #2 / #3 (Part 1) / #3 (Part 2) / #4 / #5 / #6 / #7 / #8

Who’s Your Daddy?

/ Part 1 / / Part 2 / / Part 3 / / Part 4 / / Part 5 /

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Who’s your Daddy is my religion.,  Who’s your daddy is so good! 😍,  I can’t wait for another part!,  Are you going to make another who your daddy?,  Please do a part six to who is your daddy! It was so great!!!!!!!,  I mean please do a part 6 to who is your daddy!!!!,  When r u going to update who’s your daddy. I love the series so much and your blog is amazing btw ❤️,  Who’s your daddy part 6

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Warnings: Swearing, pregnant!reader, daddy!gladers

Summary: The creators sent up a new greenie instead of supplies…they weren’t expecting a girl. And to put the icing on the cake, she’s pregnant with a note rested upon her bulging belly. Once the note is read, and the girl wakes up…all hell will break loose.  Who is she? Why is she there? Who is the father of her baby?

Everyone seemed to ask the same question when they all witnessed Gally running with a bucket of water that was spilling out after ever stride, and a sandwich with no plate in his other hand: What the hell is going on? 

The look on his face was a mixture between determination and straight horror as he raced toward the watchtower, trying with whatever strength he had left from running, to climb up carefully just by using his feet. Shouting up at the awaiting Brit, Gally practically threw the sandwich at him first, and climbed the rest of the way with the bucket wrapped in one arm.  

Still curious and somewhat worried, people continued to stare at the watchtower. That was until Alby’s booming voice scared them right back into working; but still kept a side eye to the tower. 

Once he frustratingly made up to where he left the two, Gally’s eyebrows raised up high to the top of his forehead at the sight that was before him. 

Newt. And his lips. On her shucking lips. 

“What the hell is this?” Gally growls, confused as to why he should feel angry, but goes with the emotion anyways. “You send me to fetch this klunk, just so you could-”

“I was giving her CPR, nothing more!” Newt pulls away with blush slightly tinting his cheeks. 

“CPR, my ass! She’s passed out, not drowning! You must take me for some kind of idiot.” 

“Everyday of my shucking life. We’re getting off topic, did you get the water?” Holding up the bucket, Newt nods in relief. “Fantastic, now just gently-”

Before Newt could even finish his instructions, Gally had thrown the remainder of water onto Y/n, in one thrust of his arms. Man, talk about a cruel yet effective wake up call. Not even missing a beat, Y/n’s eyes jolted open as a small scream escapes her mouth; a reaction to the cold liquid that now covers her like a blanket. Newt looks up at Gally slowly, not believing what just happened, and was now sitting in partically wet trousers. 

“What?” Gally shrugs. “It worked didn’t it?” 

“W-What worked? What’s going on-where am I?” Y/n tried sitting up, only for Newt to gently press down on her shoulders to keep her laying on her back. 

“Relax, love, it’s alright. Don’t overwork yourself, just eat this.” He held up the sandwich that thankfully didn’t get wet, directing it to her mouth for her to take a bite. Lifting her head up slightly, Y/n takes a large chomp out of one corner, chewing it with instant pleasure. How long has it been since she’s eaten? And for two, no less. “That’s it, love, good job. Chew slowly, don’t choke.”

“God, you sound like a mom.” 

“Make yourself useful and help me stand her up, would you?” Newt glares, letting Y/n hold the rest of the triangular sandwich. Making his way over to the two of them, as if she weighed nothing, Gally lifted her to her feet, no problem. Nearly dropping her afterwards at the state Newt was now in, but it quickly vanishing when he was given an…unpleasant surprised as well. 


Without warning, Y/n had threw up all over the front of Gally’s shirt. Newt covers his nose to block the smell of vomit that now swirled in the air, while trying to suppress a laugh. Y/n looks up at Gally timidly, now sick to her stomach thanks to the sudden movement of the baby flopping around trying to find a comfortable position. 

“I-I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s fine. It’s alright.” He clears his throat, not looking at her for more than a second. Slowly handing her over to Newt, he avoids looking down at the mess on his shirt, while heading to the exit of the watchtower. “I’ll uh..I’ll wait for you down there.” 

He looked as if he were about to throw up, himself. This only amused Newt even further as he snickered at Gally struggling to get back down, without smelling or touching the vomit. Y/n looks over at him, embarrassment coloring her face. 

“Don’t laugh, it’s not my fault. The sandwich was amazing, but I guess the baby didn’t think so…”

“It’s fine, he’ll get over it. Don’t worry about it, trust me, he’s been through worse. Come on, then, let’s get you back down there and walking around. You nearly gave us heart attacks, you know? You can’t just run off like that-I didn’t even know you could still R U N !” 

Y/n sighs, stopping him from guiding her any further. “Newt…I-I can’t go back down there. I just can’t…there’s too many of them, and I already feel alone being the only girl. It’s all too overwhelming.” 

Newt studied the distraught look upon her face. She looked so tired, so afraid…what could he do to show her that she was safe? 

“I know…this is a lot to take in, Y/n, believe me if I could make it less frightening, I would. But, for the sake of this little one,” He places a hand on her stomach for a second, before moving it back to her shoulder. “I will try my best to show you that you are in no harm here. I gave you my word, remember? You have to trust me, love.”  

He smiles softly at her for final reassurance, squeezing her shoulders gently. Smiling back, Y/n nods in understanding, placing her hands on top of his. “I trust you.” 

Once everything was calm once again, Newt made it perfectly clear to everyone that if Y/n were to feel even slight discomfort, it would be their ass in the slammer for a good week, with little food and water. If they didn’t know any better, it would seem as if Newt had already taken the role as the father…

“Alright, I’ve got to get to work.”

“Work?” Y/n tilts her head in confusion. 

“Yes. Here in the Glade, everyone does their part. I am the second in command of our little community, I’m the second person who gets to boss everyone around.” He winks. “Sometimes I work as a track-hoe, they tend to the gardens. That seems like a safe job for you.” 

He was about to take her toward the area he was meaning to show her earlier, only for her to not move from her spot. Looking back at her, he noticed her attention was set on something. And boy, did he pray Y/n wasn’t looking where he thought she was looking. 

“What’s that opening? Is that the way out of here?” 

Newt sighs, “Well…yes and no. It’s a way out, but it’s a maze. It’s also against the rules to go anywhere near it, unless you’re a runner. So stay away from it, good that?” 

“Why? What’s so intimidating about a maze? I mean, sure you can get lost if you’re not good with direction, but with as many guys that are here, I’d say you’d’ be out of here in no time-” 

“It’s not that simple, alright? Just drop it. Don’t go near the maze, don’t ask about the maze, don’t even look at the bloody opening, understand?” He snaps. Y/n blinks up at him in shock, that feeling of deja vu washing over her yet again, as she took a slight step backward. 

Newt sighed again, running his finger tips over his mouth. “I’m-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you. That bloody maze is no walk in the park, trust me on that. Just…please. Promise me you won’t go near it. Good that?” He repeated, this time receiving a nod in response. With a swift hand motion to his left, Chuck came trotting over to the two of them as quick as he could.

“Y/n, this is Chuck; the youngest glader. He’s going to keep an eye on you while I’m working.”

“But, Ably said she was your problem-” Newt slightly glares in his direction, shutting up his statement. “I-I mean, yeah, I am.” 

Y/n instantly felt calm when she looked over at Chuck. He was just a kid, not intimidating, adorably chubby, it was perfect. One smile in his direction made Chuck submissive to the thought of being able to watch Y/n. In the light she stood in, she looked like an angel to him. Newt patted his back with a slight nod. 

“Good that, Chuckie, take good care of her. If you need anything, just have Chuck come find me; Thomas and Minho should be back from their run any time soon. I guess you’ll have to get to know those shanks as well. Are you sure there’s nothing-” 

“I’m alright, I think I’ll be able to handle myself now that I’ve got Chuck.” She replies while placing a hand on the boy’s shoulder. Poor thing couldn’t help but stare at the huge bump that practically takes up her whole middle. 

Nodding curtly, Newt leans in as if to place a chaste kiss on her lips, but quickly stops himself once he was nearly centimeters from her face. Backing up quickly, Newt and Y/n stare at each other in confusion and utter shock. Chuck, on the other hand, looked completely lost at what was just about to happen. Licking his lips, Newt looks down to his feet while starting to back away from that awkward situation, now very embarrassed and bewildered. 

Y/n watched as the Brit limped away with his head lowered, her face burning at how close he was just mere seconds ago. Was he about to kiss me, she thought. 

With a slight tug on her arm, Chuck started to guide her toward the gardens, explaining what their job was and possibly how she could help them out without straining herself. But, Y/n wasn’t interested in what he was saying at all as she followed him. Newt was going to kiss her…

why was she disappointed that he didn’t? 

Colors Part 6

A Charles Xavier Soulmate AU

Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader

Read Part 1 here. Read Part 2 here. Read Part 3 here. Read Part 4 here. Read Part 5 here.

Summary: Everyone has a soulmate, and there is one color that they can’t see until they meet their soulmate, and that is the color of their soulmate’s eyes. For Charles Xavier, this is difficult, because his powers have filled in the blanks, and he can see all colors. He assumes that he’ll just know when he finds his soulmate. Should be easy for a telepath, right?

Warnings: Angst maybe? definitely, injuries, near death experience, violence

A/N: So, this won the contest! I knew I needed to post this soon, given the awful cliffhanger I left y’all with last time. Well….I’m not gonna say anything else really. Just….consider yourself warned. 


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Collab with @texts-from-bts (go follow her for the other chapters!)

Also, we’re basing their looks off the Save Me Era (bc have you seen their hair colors then wooh mama it was nice)

Summary: You’re friends with a group of trouble makers, ‘junkies’ as the town calls you. But one day… it all gets too much.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7,

“Hey wait you’re not allowed in here!” You heard your parents yell and footsteps coming up to your room. 

“Come on! Come on!” Jin repeated to you. He grabbed your hand but you winced away. When he finally looked down, he saw your hand was a shredded mess. “O-oh my god okay uhm Hoseok grab some of her things!” He grabbed a random shirt off the floor and ripped it apart, using a piece to wrap your hand up. 

“Whe-where’s Joon?” You asked lightly. 

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Haechan Does Your Makeup Vlog’s Voiceover

Author: Admin Kay 

Artist: Haechan (NCT)

Genre: fluff, humor 

Length: Long enough to call it long

Requested by @gingerbreadhyuckie / @gxddammit (aka the person who motivated me to start this blog bc we would just spill our feels about donghyuck and i needed to write that ish down)

Based off: My Boyfriend Does My Voiceover Challenge (Rap Monster of BTS) 

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A/N: i live for this look i’m crying

  • ok so no one one requested for donghyuck to do this
  • he asked to do it
  • you filmed a really versatile look so you could wear it on a normal day or a fancy day 
  • he cant fuck it up right???
  • you were so wrong
  • ‘ok guys its me haechan and im gonna be telling u how this cutie uses magic to somehow get cuter’
  • *mimicking your voice* ‘hi guys this is y/n and im gonna show u how to be as cute as me’
  • ‘ok we’re gonna start with whatever it is that im holding up to the camera’
  • *normal voiced* ‘ok shes spreading the clear stuff all around her face’
  • ‘her face is squishy’

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Finding Home - 5

Chapter 5


When two worlds collide and life is turned upside down, you’re faced with the reality that you may not be able to make it back home again to the one you love. But then a familiar face shows you that love can span more than just one universe; it can cross them all.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader, AU Cas x Reader

Warning: There will be some angst, but this is more of a love story told with the ups and downs of what two people have to go through to find each other again, and the love that could be lost along the way. There will also be some strong language and light sexual references. It’s a slow burn this time.

Word Count: 3,137

Some music for your imagination - (

Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4   Chapter 5  Chapter 6

Chapter 7   Chapter 8   Chapter 9  Chapter 10  Chapter 11  Epilogue


“Son of a bitch,” you grinned as you looked at the brothers. Sam’s eyes widened at the comment, and Dean smirked.

“I already like you,” Dean quipped, and offered his hand to you “Dean Winchester.” You shook his hand and tried your damnedest not to laugh at them.

Dean wasn’t dressed like the other teachers. He wore a white tshirt and a pair of well-worn jeans with workboots.

“Sorry about that,” you smiled.

“Not at all,” Dean replied “You might be just what Cas needs; get him to loosen up a bit.”

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Rise For Your King

TITLE: Rise For Your King
PAIRING: Reader/AU King!Castiel
SUMMARY:  The reader was betrothed to the Prince but when a neighboring King decides to dole out justice to your future father in law, he destroys the royal family, leaving you with the two youngest Princesses. The mage king takes an immediate liking to you, letting you live. What will you do with this opportunity?WORDS: 1,492


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anonymous asked:

I think my thing with age gap is that, if the two people had a close relationship when one of them was a kid and the other one wasn't....I struggle with that. Just the idea of Kakshi watching her slowly grow into a woman and then one day realizing he is attracted to her after a certain point, I cannot. I'm convinced a part of him would always see her as a child to him. If it's AU where they meet as adults I don't mind though. Their hair color compliments somehow...

You know, it’s totally ok that it squicks you! It’s completely alright if you want to say “I only like KakaSaku in AUs where they meet as adults” (or in AUs where they’re the same age).

Personally, I actually like the appeal of “whoa I thought our relationship was X but now suddenly I want it to be Y” in ships, that’s a major theme in my OTPs across many fandoms. For one thing, that’s built-in drama. Person A wants the relationship to change, but Person B isn’t sure, and then Person B suddenly realizes it but Person A has gone away, Person B you must chase Person A down! EXCITEMENT. Also: external opposition? Taboo?? I MUST HIDE MY FEELINGS AND PINE SECRETLY FOR LO, MY LOVE CAN NEVER BE??? 😍😍😍

Specifically with Kakashi and Sakura, a big reason why I ship them is that while genin Sakura certainly does intend to respect and obey him and view him as an authority figure (because she’s a Good Girl), right from the get-go she doesn’t really. Inner Sakura (her true feelings) laughs at Naruto’s prank, and she’s appalled at his lateness and trolling. The entire time she’s a genin, I’m convinced that Kakashi never truly registered her potential. The most frequently cited example of this, because it really is appalling, is when Sakura mastered tree walking the first try–#1, Kakashi merely uses her accomplishment to ridicule and shame the boys, turning them against Sakura (teamwork, Kakashi??? hello???); #2, her “reward” is to sit on the bridge with Tazuna while Kakashi trains the boys without her. Nice. And during the time skip, it’s fairly obvious that Kakashi and Sakura didn’t interact–otherwise Kakashi wouldn’t have been so completely gobsmacked at her unleashing the Fifth’s strength. He wasn’t merely surprised, he was stunned.

The inference that he thought Sakura completely incapable of learning Tsunade’s techniques so fast is inescapable. He knew she was training with Tsunade, so Sakura using Tsunade’s technique shouldn’t have shocked him so much, right? Yet it did. Because he completely discounted Sakura’s ability.

That’s slow to change as well. Even though Sakura’s fight against Sasori was far more successful than Kakashi and Naruto’s against Itachi and Deidara, even though Sakura is spending every moment of her free time researching and begs him in the hospital to help find a way to improve, does Kakashi bother to come up with a training regimen for Sakura? Nope. He and Yamato train Naruto alone, and they get Asuma involved as well.

Now, to a huge extent, to me, this is just a symptom of what should have been an overarching problem in the series: short-term thinking. It is completely natural that short-term thinking would be ubiquitous in a society undergoing constant warfare and violence. But short-term thinking causes problems, and when those problems are attacked with more short-term thinking, things can turn to shit so fucking quickly. Each of Kakashi’s decisions to prioritize Naruto and Sasuke so exclusively make sense through a short-term focus. His decision to teach Sasuke the chidori to fight Gaara makes sense through a short-term focus. It’s only when you step back and look at the pattern that you realize how fucked up these decisions are.

So when does Kakashi start to realize how wrong he’s been? In my opinion, it all comes home to him during the Five Kage Conference and his fight with Sasuke–a fight that prominently features the chidori that Kakashi is responsible for choosing to teach Sasuke. Kakashi says right out in this arc that he was a bad teacher. He is correct.

It’s the Fourth War when I see him really changing his view towards Sakura, and realizing just how much this wonderful, amazing, strong kunoichi isn’t the Sakura he thought he knew. But there’s a snag. She’s still all hung up on the guy  who literally everybody treated as more important than her safety from day one! Oops!

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And we haven’t even gotten into all the things that Sakura doesn’t know about Kakashi! So yeah the stage is set for amazing things, potentially, but this is Naruto so we don’t get nice things. But who cares, really? I mean, fuck, I ship all the canon ships except SS, so just take it from me: you do not want your Naruto ship to be canon. My God! You want Kishimoto writing your OTP?! You want Studio Pierrot writing it?!?! I ship NaruHina and I’ll never be the same. Don’t do that to them. Keep them in fandom, where they’re safe from the shitstorm that is the rest of post-699 Naruto.

*coughs* I seem to have run off the rails, anon, sorry about that. Onto your last point.

I am convinced that a not insignficant portion of Sakura’s shippability is her colour scheme. You wouldn’t think pink hair and green eyes would blend so well, but for some reason it really does? She just looks good with everyone!