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Rainy’s Guide to Drying Rose Petals

Hello there, witchy community! I was using a few dried roses in a spell the other day, and thought I would share the secret to perfectly dried, extremely long-lasting rose petals ~ I dried the ones I have now about 7 months ago, and they continue to retained their faint smell and lovely color. So, here’s the guide to drying your rose petals in minutes using only:

  • A microwave
  • Two microwave-safe plates
  • Paper towels
  • And your roses!

1. Gathering 

After gathering or picking your roses, gently remove the petals, taking care not to tear or rip them. It’s alright if they do, but whole petals are easier to lay out 

2. Arranging 

Place a paper towel on your plate, and lay out the rose petals on it. Make sure they aren’t touching, and leave at least an inch or two of room around the edge. When this is done, put another paper towel on top ~Taking your second plate, which should be the same size as the first, place it upside down on top of the first plate. This should create a flat-dome shape with a chamber inside, containing your roses.

3. Microwaving

On a low setting, microwave the plates for 2 minutes. You want to reach a point where the roses are leathery to the touch, but not brittle; if they still have moisture, continue to microwave for 30 seconds at a time until this level is reached. Too little microwaving can cause molding in the leftover moisture of the petals after a mediate period of time, yet too much can make them crumble. This step takes a little experimentation ~Note: The plates will become hot to the touch after awhile, so you may want to have a towel or oven mitt nearby

4. Enjoy!

Collect your dried petals in a jar or bottle. I find that an open jar works better to keep away molding/brittling than a sealed one~ usually this would seem to be a cause of those things, although this is simply what I’ve experienced. I do live near a desert, though, so if you live somewhere with a large amount of moisture in the air, you may consider using a sealable jar.

These roses work excellently not only in spells and magickal workings, but as decoration as well, because of the retaining of vibrant color. When used in conjunction with water or moisture, just as spell jars or bath spells, the roses absorb the water and become “refreshed” almost as well as freshly-picked roses. I personally favor this method over conventional air-drying because it is quick and easy, they will keep longer, stay soft yet dry rather than brittle, retain color, and do not shrivel nearly as much. I doubt this method will work with an entire rose flower, but you can surely try!

Send a message to Rainy if you have any questions or comments ~

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