is it acceptable that i'm just really proud of this

The episode Page 23 beholds a beautiful message of self-acceptance and personal growth. Regina went from being the person she hated the most to being someone she actually truly loved. She has finally come to terms with her darkness, but she also realized it didn’t define who she was. Regina finally accepted her entire self: the good, the bad and the unclear areas, and that’s something she (and we) should be very proud about.

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I know it's been asked before but do you know any big ways to improve or feel satisfied with your own art? I've been drawing for over a decade of my life and feel like I'm still bad and can't finish a piece I'm proud of and it makes me feel so miserable. I don't want to give up, I see many artist like you that get me pumped to draw and aspire to get better, it's just not happening. I won't accept "drawing isn't for me". It's the only median like to do and I need a creative outlet. ahh I'm sorry!

hmmmm i think what really started me on my progress was taking a break and just going on an “art trip” to find the styles which i found myself drifting towards. which kind of art form do you identify with? what colour palettes make your eyes wanna do backflips?

moody art? action packed art? nature art? conceptual art? watercolour art?

import your external interests to make drawing feel more homely. you love plants? puppies? the colour red? big jackets? ripped jeans? jazz music? rainy weather? PUT. THEM. IN. draw what makes your brain buzz with excitement but also remember to start with what makes your heart comfortable as well.

the whole point of discovering these first are to help you find your identity before what you draw really becomes who you are, instead of just aimlessly working on the practical theories of art without knowing what you want to really achieve through it. most of us started on art for this reason - self expression. best of luck nonny!!

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New shawol, may I ask what happened in 2013 that was so important for shinee ??

hi there! welcome to the shinee world c: /cough cough/ 2013 wAS SO IMPORTANT let me just, let me just take a second to breathe-

okay so! in 2013 shinee didn’t just come out with the beautiful master piece that is the misconceptions of you album but they also came out with the misconceptions of me and the later repackage album, the misconceptions of us. these albums not only were gods work, but during the second one, jonghyun was in a car accident and couldn’t film the music video ;A;, butttt when he came back-he went on to promote and sang live, and omg we missed him so much ;;

and like alongside that tHEY ALSO came out with the Boys Met U album, in japan and that was a work of art on its own tbh. and they did a mv for the singles, fire, annnnd breaking news

plus they did a concert in japan, so our boys were hella super busy!

and with all this work they did, guess what? THEY COME OUT WITH YET ANOTHER ALBUM.

the everybody album is literally a gift from the lord above, god bless. and sm did a live stream on youtube, so international shawols can see shinee perform, and they performed symptoms and litERALLY SO MANY PEOPLE DIED. //they were all so perfect omg/// aaaaaand they came out with the colorful mv which was super duper cute

and then, the final thing that made 2013 so dang important.

shinee winning artist of the year at the melon music awards

tears were everywhere, jonghyun was loudly sobbing, kibum was crying while thanking everyone for the award, jinki was bowing the entire time so no one would see his tears, taemin /taemin/ was crying, the kid that never cries was crying. and lil baby minho, who doesn’t ever cry, had to stop mid-sentence because he was sobbing.

and they didn’t even expect to win the award, exo had to go up there and cheer them up because they were too busy crying and thanking everyone and saying that they’ll work harder to actually accept the award

everyone cried, shinee cried, shawols cried, and honestly, that just took the cake. it made 2013 the year of shinee, it really did. it made me super proud to be a shawol. 

2013 was something so amazing to experience, from the albums that kept on coming, to jonghyun getting into an accident and the joy of having him back safely with silver hair for the first time, then the japanese promotions, and another album, and then having them flat out sob onstage in front of thousands.

it was amazing man. freaking amazing.

I don’t understand all your words.
Sometimes it takes me six months to
figure out what an expression means,
and I often find myself in the middle
of my accent, with vocals and x’s
that make your language open up
and spread itself across the Americas.

Did you know my sister and I have
English as a habit we can’t break?
We use it as intermissions, the point
where the subject melts away and
begins anew; anyway, so, also, but.
It morphs into our tongue and we
forget that it doesn’t belong to us.

I walk into this house and I change
the cupboards, I paint the walls,
I fit my world inside its rooms, but
I am only renting for while I’m here.
No one wants me to buy the house,
no one wants me to say the language
is just as much mine as it is yours.

You think I stink up the neighborhood
and I think I don’t want that kind of
malice to make a jail out of these walls.
I don’t welcome pestilence into my
mouth, so I speak with the acceptance
that my foreign will sound through.
I’ll stay for as long as I want to.
—  My native tongue feel like homecoming (Larissa M.)

I did a sketch of @efgf cause he’s my fave. He’s like the only person who has made me feel normal in the past two years. It was like I wasn’t accepting myself for being trans and I guess I was trying to tell myself that I wasn’t, but look at me now! It’s my first year of being out and proud. People like him who share their story and just give advice are really helpful to people like me. I guess I made this sketch to say thank you!

to cassie, from jake

when everything’s meant to be broken, i just want you to know who i am

so contagious // acceptance, iris // goo-goo dolls, someone like you // boys like girls, i’ll believe in anything // wolf parade, flaws // bastille, something i need // onerepublic, shape of my heart // backstreet boys, ho hey // the lumineers

» listen here

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Hello sweet flower. I'm wondering how you managed to live in a van right now. I mean, did you guys buy it or are you hiring? Did you save up some money for gas and food etc? How long are you planning to do this, and what are you going to do after? I'm just really curious because I really want to drop out of college and start travelling with a van or something, but I'm kinda scared without much money it's not gonna work.

hi sweet faerie!!! well this is a journey me and my beloved angel embarked on together. he’s in the process of selling his permaculture farm thus how we got enough money to buy the van! he is endlessly generous and has provided everything we need selflessly and happily. i sometimes feel a bit too proud and resist to accept all that he gives me as i want to be independent and strong in myself but i’ve just learned to be grateful for his support until i get back on my own two feet. i also feel a deep longing to be simple and mindful and non-attached to money and he taught me to never allow money to stop you from following your truest dreams. he gathered the money while teaching english to children in china through music he wrote himself and now he takes care of an old man in england :) he says to think about the things you love doing and be creative about how you could receive money in return for doing something you love. he loves to write music and take care of others so he just followed his heart and endless possibilites manifested :) i personally love to create lil things with my hands so i’m beginning to dedicate myself fully to the arts of macrame and crochet. but im open to whatever may come! we are trying to just flow and not attach ourselves to the future and making plans but… we must confess that lots of possibilites have been going through our hearts! we’re travelling the uk from the beginning of april until the 7th april and then we take a ferry down to france so we’re going to roadtrip through france and spain down to portugal! we’re planning to go to a few festivals and also to travel within portugal as we’re looking into “buying” a lil piece of land somewhere near the ocean and the forest in portugal. the vision is to build a lil cob house, abundant food forests, lots of veggie and herbs gardens, and endlessly things more… we’ll do this with all our hearts but the idea is to not attach to our work and dedication and then sell this beautiful space to someone else and then find somewhere tropical (somewhere in south america is very much in our hearts right now) and build a healing earth-centered and heart-centered space there that will welcome anyone who would like to come and be in the tropical jungles or near the beautiful crystal blue oceans and endless beaches and in the healing arms of nature! we dont want money to stop anyone from living their dreams so we’ll try to be a first stepping stone for anyone who needs it. we are dreamers and all of us can manifest anything into reality if we truly believe in it! the van life is beautiful but cant personally say it’s the cheapest! but also depends on your preferences and vision :) if it were me on my own i would probably start by hitchhiking from community to community and permaculture farms, couchsurfing, dumpster diving, look for cheap flights in! also wwoof, helpx, workaway, be an aupair are also amazing ways to make money or just have a place to stay in exchange for work! anyways my love, my point is dont ever allow money to stand in the way of your dreams. follow your heart and go for it! i love you, you can do this xxxx

Jemma did a wonderful thing by going to Fitz first. She didn’t have to. She was the one who was tortured, who spent the harrowing time on the planet and now has to deal with the guilt of not being able to save the person who gave up his life for her. Obviously, I understand that Fitz is trying to give her space and be respectful and keep her at a distance because he feels responsible for Will, but it didn’t have to be her who tried to restart things.

But, she did, anyway. Jemma, who’s very reserved in her emotions and feelings, approached Fitz first to resolve their issues. This isn’t only important because it was such a brave thing to do, but also because it shows that she’s beginning to put her emotions first. She’s not swallowing them in fear, she’s taking risks and putting her feelings out there, and I’m just so proud of her.

And Fitz, who in the past has constantly doubted her intentions towards him because of his insecurity, accepts her words at face value and goes along with it. He doesn’t try to dodge the conversation or somehow find a way to still hold it against himself. He agrees with her and works with her to resolve the issues standing between them. 

This is a huge breakthrough not only in their communication, but for the both of them as characters, and I’m thrilled.

I just have one thing to say about the CS scene and Hook’s behavior this week. I’ve just been seeing a lot of misunderstanding about it and people wishing he wasn’t so blunt with his response to her question and I just have to say this.

For the entirety of Hook’s redemption arc people have said that he only changed for Emma. That if she left him, he’d go right back to being the selfish asshole pirate with vengeance in his heart. Nevermind that we saw during the year without Emma that he COULDN’T do that…but I digress. His actions with Dark Swan so far this season and especially in the last episode were so important for his growth arc b/c it shows us that he changed b/c he really wanted to, not just to be with Emma. It shows us that Emma may have given him the chance to change and be a part of something but that he did so b/c he truly wants to be a hero. He wants to make up for the awful things he did. He wants to be a good man. It keeps his growth sort of separate from his relationship with Emma and that’s why it also makes him such a wonderful match for her. She didn’t accept him until he proved himself. He resisted his darkness and found himself again b/c she put her foot down and wouldn’t accept anything less.

Emma needs tough love right now. Emma NEEDS someone who loves her enough to tell her NO. Him telling her that he loved her wasn’t saying that he doesn’t anymore, it was him saying that he will not be in a relationship with the Dark One…and my god, the real Emma would be horrified that she’s even putting him in a position to choose. The Dark One killed his first love, maimed him, almost killed him several times over and now that same spirit who did all of those awful things to him now inhabits the woman he loves and she’s asking him to accept that and love her anyway and you want him to go easy on her? 

The darkness inside of Emma is snuffing out the light, meaning…pretty soon the light side of Emma, which is the REAL emma, won’t be there anymore – so by breaking her heart and not giving her what she wants, he’s forcing real Emma’s feelings to the surface. If he just laid down and accepted her, the light side would have no reason to try…but now it does. It’s not about Killian accepting every part of her, because the darkness is NOT a part of the Emma we all know and love. It’s about him reminding her of who she is and what she’s losing by not fighting this and accepting this darkness into her heart. I expect Henry will do the same in the coming episodes.

Him saying he loved the old Emma, the REAL emma, is letting the darkness know it’s not going to be that easy. That he’s going to fight this. That he can’t be manipulated and it cannot use his love for Emma against him. This is why he is her perfect match and why he’s the perfect person to bring the real Emma to the surface…because there’s a man that she loves in the life that she lost and he’s only doing exactly what she asked of them before she took on the darkness. He’s not rolling over and accepting it, he’s hell bent on making it as hard as possible for the darkness to win and she will THANK him for it when it’s all said and done.

Kurosaki Rukia

I know a lot of people want Rukia to either keep her last name or have Ichigo be a Kuchiki or even a Shiba, but for me I think Kurosaki Rukia is the best and most meaningful outcome because Rukia never felt like she belonged anywhere.

She was abandoned by her sister and grew up without a name to really belong to.  She had Renji and her other friends until they passed away and when she entered the academy her relationship with Renji became strained to the point of being estranged from one another.  Then she was adopted by the Kuchiki clan and you’d think, finally, she has a home.

Except she didn’t.  She was looked down upon by the clan, alienated from her classmates and felt as if Renji had left her behind.  Byakuya protected her in his own way, but he was cold and unsupportive, putting her in an isolated bubble forcing her into a lifestyle she had no knowledge of and gave her no guidance.

The only ones who offered her any sort of companionship were her squad, but Ukitake was often sick and she probably felt she did not want to burden her captain.  Sentaro and Kiyone were too busy fussing over their captain to really help her settle in.  

And then there was Kaien.

Kaien opened the door and helped Rukia become more confident in herself.  She was content, almost happy with her life until–

She killed him.  Whatever piece of happiness she had was crushed in her own palms when she murdered the man she had most admired with her own sword.

At least, in her eyes, it was cold blooded murder to save an insignificant piece of trash such as herself rather than an act of self defense and mercy to help the person she looked up to most.

After finally finding a place to belong and destroying it with her own hands, it’s not hard to believe that Rukia would find herself back to closing herself off and merely existing rather than truly living her life, filled with barely concealed disgust and self-hatred, weighed down heavily by her own unrelenting guilt.

She seemed set upon continuing a gloomy, mundane, almost meaningless existence–until Rukia’s eyes are opened by such a bright color that lights up her entire world–

He was bright orange like the sun.

It isn’t until Kuchiki Rukia enters into the life of Kurosaki Ichigo that she is finally able to see the world for what it really can be and what she can make of it.

Ichigo has made it clear that Rukia is the only person who gave him what he needed most and changed his world completely.  She is his guiding light and the one who has dried his rain.

But Ichigo is also the one who irreversible changed Rukia’s world and colored it so vibrantly by offering his strength and support.  He went through hell and back just to see her smile, he challenged soul society’s laws, and endured harsh training to regain his powers, including his hollow abilities, and achieved Bankai in a short amount of time for her sake.

And most of all, he gave Rukia a place to belong.

He gave her a home.

His family welcomed her with open arms and showered her in love and affection.

He gave her a place full of safety and warmth.

Isshin calls Rukia his third daughter.

The Kurosaki family gave Rukia something she’s been searching for her entire life–a place to call home and sense of belonging.

Rukia’s relationships with Byakuya and Renji have indeed mended and have grown stronger, to the point where she can now feel comfortable to call Soul Society and her place with Byakuya in the Kuchiki clan her home, but none of this would have been possible without Ichigo.

Although Rukia does her best to uphold the family name Kuchiki striving to make her brother proud, there really isn’t any other family more suitable than Ichigo’s, the person who accepted her completely and gave her a home she could truly be herself in.

Kurosaki Rukia.

The fandom has come so far :) just two days ago I thought it’d take a while for things to go back to normal but most people are being so nice and supportive with all the boys and with each other. There’s so much love and acceptance going on, it was a hard blow for all of us but people stuck together and helped each other to move on. This fandom is capable of doing some pretty amazing things, we’re such tough cookies and I’m really proud of all us, good job everyone ❤

I know this has been spoken about before, but I feel like it’s sometimes good to talk about it again?! Sorry this is rambly as hell, but I needed to get it off my chest.

I think when it comes to Robron it is SO important to realise that these two individuals are still learning. They have each spent so much of their lives not really functioning correctly or healthily (due to their troubled pasts), and even though things are better now, and they’re healthier and much better versions of themselves than they used to be, they’re still learning.

Robert has screwed up so many times since he and Aaron got back together. The difference is, Robert hasn’t screwed up for selfish reasons, not like he used to; every time he’s messed up, it has been with someone else’s (mainly Aaron’s) best interests at heart. The Ryan stuff (where he literally risked going to prison to help Aaron??), hiding Gordon’s letter (to protect Aaron, based on what Aaron had said about never wanting to talk about Gordon again), the stuff with Ryan resurfacing again (to protect Liv/Aaron), the shit/kiss with Rebecca (to keep her on side to help Andy; which worked) - he hasn’t always gone about things in the right way, but Robert has also gained pretty much nothing but grief for literally all of those things - those things that were done with his heart in the right place (even if his head wasn’t).

Robert is an expert at lying and scheming. Only now he’s doing it for other people - his family - instead of his own personal gain. That is PROGRESS.

And Aaron….someone else pointed out how he doesn’t know how to be happy. And that is EXACTLY it (I feel this is true for Robert too, but it’s especially the case for Aaron). Robert may have done a lot of dumb things for the right reasons, but Aaron isn’t blameless, although he’s often been quick to blame Robert. (and Aaron has done his own fair share of dumb shit too; kidnapping Lachlan, breaking into HF etc. so…) This isn’t me having a dig at Aaron, not at ALL. But he’s always been quick to see the worst in Robert without hearing him out (which is understandable, given Rob’s past form). He’s always been quick to say quite cruel things to Robert in retaliation (“you don’t know what love is”) and either storm out or kick Robert out.

Their communication has definitely improved over the last few months, but like I said; they’re still learning.

Robert is learning how to handle situations like a normal human being, and Aaron is learning how to accept love and not always expect the worst from life (which is really hard for him, as “the worst” is pretty much all he’s gotten his entire life).

I know people are annoyed with Robert for this whole Aaron/birthday stuff, but I feel like Robert is still learning - for the most part - about the level of Aaron’s insecurities? People are saying Rob should be more sensitive, and maybe he should, but I think in his mind he doesn’t see how anyone can possibly question his motives or his feelings for Aaron? I feel like it’s literally all Robert can see; Aaron, Aaron, Aaron. Aaron is the centre of his universe and I don’t think it even crosses his mind that some people could find his behaviour suspicious?? (I’m pretty sure someone else made a post about this exact thing!)

Also…Aaron has made it clear that he’s fine with Robert associating with Bex (even though he secretly isn’t). That was made explicitly clear the other week when Aaron offered her champagne and literally encouraged Robert to go talk to her. Also in last nights ep it was made clear that Aaron and Robert had spoken about not doing a lot for Aaron’s birthday and that Aaron was cool with it. So in that respect, from what we’ve seen so far, Robert hasn’t done anything wrong (how it plays out over the next couple of eps remains to be seen).

But another thing Aaron needs to learn is to communicate his feelings better. I don’t think for a second Robert would be doing this birthday plan in this way if he knew the depths of Aaron’s insecurity. Because as I said; Aaron is his everything and hurting him is the last thing Robert would want to do. All Robert can see right now is Aaron’s happy/excited face when he reveals his birthday surprise. He clearly has no clue what problems this is going to cause in the meantime.

I just feel like their relationship has come on in leaps and bounds over the past year, and the past few months especially, but I also think it’s important for people not to expect miracles, because they’re still learning how to be better individuals and learning how to properly work as a solid couple. They’re still adjusting. Neither of them have been in this deep before. The amount of shit they have had to deal with over the past couple of years, matched with the shit they each had dealt with in their seperate lives long before they even got together, has fucked them up. Of course it has.

They’re both - both of them - really messed up people. BUT they’re getting better. They’re trying to get better. And they’re getting there, slowly but surely. Every hurdle that they face, they somehow manage to jump it and come out stronger.

These spoilers about Aaron spectacularly messing up, and it only makes Robert want to marry him all the more; that is so beautiful and important, because it’s just further proof that nothing can break them.

I don’t know…I find it sad when people are like “UGH Robert should be more sensitive!” or “UGH Aaron should communicate better!/should trust Robert!” because…both of these things are true, for the most part??? It’s not a case of one of them screwing up more than the other??? Neither of them are blameless for their issues, but what is also clear is that neither of them have any intention of hurting the other. It’s not a competition as to who is the best/worst fiance.

They are both messed up. They are both damaged. And they’re fixing themselves, and each other, slowly but surely. They still have a little ways to go, but my god…they have come so fucking far??!!! And I feel that the stuff that is ahead of them will only make them stronger, and hopefully some more of these issues will get addressed properly and dealt with.

I’m personally really proud of both of them for how far they’ve come, but I still accept and respect the fact that they’re still not always going to deal with things in the right way, and they’re still getting better.

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Hey ethan, i just needed to thank you and Mark for everything. The way you live, the values you carry, how proud you are and the fact that you share it with people like me who aren't confident enough yet to be like you, but because of the hope you've given me that it gets better it's okay to like whoever I want, I've been taking baby steps and it's been really amazing. I'm 20 from Ontario, Canada and because of you and Mark i'm finally happy and openly accept who i am. Thanks so much man! :)

No, thank YOU. Thank you for watching my boyfriend’s and my silly youtube videos and then taking it upon yourself to find your confidence. Redirect all that gratitude right into the mirror because the only one that did that for you is yourself. :)

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hey #1 internet dad!!! today, i got accepted into one of my top universities. i got really excited, happy-cried a lil bit, and went to tell my parents. but they weren't proud because i didn't get a full ride scholarship, and basically showed no emotion or anything and it sincerely broke my heart. my happy tears turned into sad sobs, and i feel like an utter failure. i hope you don't mind me venting to you, i'm just absolutely heartbroken and i feel horrible. i wish someone was proud of me :'(

uhm are you kidding me? that’s INCREDIBLE! getting into your top choice is hard enough I, for one am very very proud of you honestly it’s amazing and you’re going to have so much fun and learn so much I’m very happy for you. be proud of yourself bc you got here and you’re going places, celebrate it.

I'm so proud with my fellow SasuSaku fans!

SS fans are clearly the most determined, clever and strong-willed people just like Sakura and Sasuke. We neither back down nor accept defeat in the face of all the haters out there. We are one on defending our beloved OTP. And I strongly believed that we don’t have ships but we have an…

Thank you for defending SS all throughout. I’m so happy with all those people trying their very best for SS. This only shows how you really love our OTP. And you guys deserve all the hugs in the world for being wonderful like our OTP. You guys are the best!

Thank you again fellow SS fans. Our ship sailed successfully! Sasuke and Sakura are now happy!

Again, thank you also to Kishimoto-sensei for making SasuSaku happened. You are the greatest!

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(Not very urgent, so take your time) I asked this a few weeks ago, but I just read the new guidelines, so okay. There's going to be a Homestuck meetup in my state and I really wanted to go, but my parents (mainly my mom and stepdad) don't accept me for liking anime or Homestuck or anything of that like. They call me a freak when I cosplay and I get really brought down when they say that... I really wanna go to the meetup, but I'm scared of what my parents'll say. Equius, please?


D → I have been referred to as a freak for enjoying an art-form as ancient and proud as my musclebeast portraits, so I gather that one can be insulted for just about anything

D → A 100sus which does not support its charge is hardly a 100sus at all

D → This situation is abusive

D → Were I capable I would wrangle you up some sort of superior robotic human guardians

D → But as it so happens, you cannot program the human heart

D → Nor the musclebeast heart, which by all calc001ations should collapse in on itself

D → Such are the limitations of physi%

D → There are other options, though

D → You could possibly speak with these parents of yours

D → I do not know them very well, but perhaps if you e%plain your feelings and how hurtful they are being it could help them to realize what they have been doing to you

D → There are also human professionals who specialize in helping heal the wounds of the mind

D → Talking to someone like that could help in various ways and based upon my e%haustive research I highly recommend seeking out such a person

D → You might even ask one of your human friends to lend you their STRENGTH

D → Simply having someone on your side while talking to an authority figure can make a STRONG difference

D → But don’t let them stop you, regardless of anything else

D → Maybe you will be forced to weather unfair ridic001e, but it would be even more unfair for this to prevent you from meeting your true herd

D → I believe in your ability to stand STRONG against this adversity

D → I command you to not give up

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I just wanna say that watching your snapchats and being a follower (I mean a frIEND) for so long its really inspiring and good to see you going to college! I remember you stressed out of your mind about applications and then you were so happy when you got accepted and I'm just so proud of you! Keep on being a boss ass bitch and rule your life 💖

Thank you so much this is super sweet and im super emo. 🍑