is it a virus or not



A project for Art class. The second one is the original colors on the schools Pro tablet while the first one was touched up on my PC.


honestly sans is probably just mad that he can’t draw with a sharpie on a man made of fire.

This isn’t exactly following your prompt (Sorry!) but the idea of Grillby in Sans’ hoodie was too cute to resist and I wanted to try a fake Snapchat screenshot. <3


ユーリ!!! on Ice - TV & BD/DVD Comparison | episode 8

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ograndsovereign  asked:


    You want me to put a number to what is essentially a god? A being who’s body hums with all the power that would destroy the entire central command like it was nothing? A perfect figure in balance between raw power and elegance. A perfectly sculpted face, eyes that belong in the sky as supernovas and the rest of you the colour of sophistication and teeth of a great that could rip the throat of death its self, of ages written in you and you in turn have carved into history. Your mere silhouette inspires awe, despair and valor.  I can only sing praise but even with all the languages and words at my disposable, but I’d still fall woefully short. No, they only ‘number’ I could assign to you is the symbol for infinity. 

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The number is obvious, though for different reasons than most. In a way you’ve rather established the ideal. Carved your own number so to speak. Solid 10. Handsome as hell with a well cared for pelt, damn good teeth and a build only second to Zarkon and all those scars speak of a rather attractive character that few are worthy of handling. 


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So... lemme try to explain what’s going on, here.

It seems to be taking it all very seriously, so here goes.

There’s a monster, with no nose, who’s allegedly a computer virus that’s escaped into the real world…

…who can literally suck the ones and zeroes out of monitors, not the computers themselves…

…and who – if you try to use a landline phone next to a coffee cup that’s plugged into a TV – will…

…possess the phone with its virus-ness, I guess, physically tearing it apart, and…

…um… and then ‘program’ the ten feet of wire inside the phone to leap out and attack you…

…because, uh… because it, um…

…because it can do that.

I mean, sure, not everyone had the best grasp of technology, science, and science fiction in 2001, but still, I can only assume the writer based this all on a 10-minute inebriated tech support call he had with his nephew last spring.

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💎Lion wants to be called a pretty kitty Noodle.

 I Love your pelt with a good mix of colours, soft yet powerful build and the wings alone should score you a 10 but I have to play fair with the others. Bright vibrant eyes and best smelling fur ever. Apex of your kind. 9.5, only because there’s no purple.