is it a truck


What a difference 100 years makes Alternating images of Chevrolet 1-Ton, 1918 and Chevrolet Colorado Centennial Edition, 2018.  Chevy is celebrating 100 years of truck production, their early models were inspired by factory workers who modified vehicles to run parts through the factory. The Centennial Edition Silverado and Colorado feature Centennial Blue paint, front and rear heritage bowties and 100 year door badges inspired by colors and design cues found on early Chevrolet Trucks. 

Service Station Willlys Tow Truck with snow plow, circa late 1950′s.

The 2 cars in front are a 1957 Ford Fairlane(left), and a 1956 Ford Crown Victoria Convertible(right). 

The car to the far left has a ‘53ish Studebaker look to it but I’m not 100% convinced that’s right, I’d need to see more of the grill or body. Feel free to shoot me your suggestions!