is it a present

Wherever you are, be there totally. If you find your here and now intolerable and it makes you unhappy, you have three options: remove yourself from the situation, change it, or accept it totally. If you want to take responsibility for your life, you must choose one of those three options, and you must choose now. Then accept the consequences.
—  Eckhart Tolle

anonymous asked:

You know those moments in anime where one person accidentally falls on top of another in a suggestive position? Can I request a headcanon of how would Toshinori, Aizawa and Mic would react if that happened to them with their crush?

Yagi Toshinori 

  • Turns about 10 shades of red
  • He ends up apologizing? Even though it wasn’t his fault
  • Trying to look anywhere but above him because he is already trying to fight the possible boner
  • Picks them up off him and runs away, still saying sorry

Shouta Aizawa

  • Just kinda stares at them like wtf how could a cliche like this actually happen
  • His heart picks up in beats per minute, but whose counting?
  • Helps them up and asks if they are okay
  • Walks off mumbling that he needs to take care of something (I’ll let your mind wonder) 

Hizashi Yamada

  • Finds that this is the perfect time to make his move
  • “Nice of you to drop in and see me, but shouldn’t you take me to dinner first before we get frisky?” 
  • The crush is gonna leave the situation 10x more embarrassed than necessary 
  • Mic is gonna leave it very proud of himself

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Avatar the last airbender au

my fav american cartoon ever plus my fav anime ever = p e r f e c t i o n. i’ll do element assignments for 1A and a few adults because writing up a whole plot is a bit much.

  • Waterbenders
    • TSUYU (this is not a question)
    • Tokoyami (can prob bloodbend)
    • Shouji (is a healer)
    • Yaoyorozu (is also a healer)
  • Earthbenders
    • Jirou (can metalbend too)
    • Iida (can also metalbend)
    • Kouda (his overtly caring nature holds him back sometimes tho)
    • Satou (s t r o n g k)
    • Kirishima (can lavabend)
  • Firebenders
    • Bakugou (duh) (very talented)
    • Kaminari (can produce/redirect lightning)
    • Ashido (not as good as bakugou or anything but still good!)
    • Endeavor (duh) (gross)
  • Airbenders
    • Uraraka (duh) (can also fly)
    • Aoyama (not super talented but still good)
    • Hagakure (can do a unique thing where she bends the air around her to change the direction of light particles and make herself appear invisible)
    • Present Mic (can bend sound)
  • Nonbenders
    • Midoriya (has an intensely strong spiritual connection)
      • can even connect with All Might, a former avatar
    • Ojiro (lives in Earth Kingdom; super good at martial arts!)
    • Sero (also lives in Earth Kingdom; athletic)
    • Mineta (doesn’t do much)
    • Aizawa (uses his bandages to help him move about)
      •  seems like an airbender but he’s really just spiderman 
  • Avatar/???
    • All Might (previous)
    • Todoroki (current? bc he has both fire and ice ugh complicated child)
me at job interviews
  • them: how's your english?
  • me: it's fluent
  • them: do you still practice it daily?
  • me: of course!
  • them: how?
  • me: i write novel-length homoerotic law & order svu fanfiction
  • them: you're hired
Five Time Gold Medalist

Written for @rollertoasteroflife <3 I know it’s not your birthday where you live anymore, but I’m still counting it as such. Happy Birthday!!!

1. When Viktor turns six, everything changes.

He receives his first pair of skates, leather soft and blades slightly dull from their previous owner, but they are magical and lovely and unequivocally his

There, while sliding on the rink, fumbling for hand rails and tending to bruises, the ice seems to caress him like an old friend, welcoming him with each turn and and flick of his blades, simply overjoyed at his arrival.

Where have you been, it seems to say. I’ve been waiting for you for so long. Viktor breathes in the cool air and lets it’s icy presence settle deep into his lungs.

It spreads into his soul, settling a dissonance he wasn’t even aware of. 

The ice, his first and most formative friend, provides him a path to a new life.

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Sex Ed

This is a real thing I spent my time writing. Fuck.

Rating: T

Total crack about Class 1-A getting taught sex ed. Obvious dumb sex jokes. Everyone is embarrassed and dying (aka adolescence). A little bit of tododeku at the end.