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So basically, I wanted to really surprise Seán with his gift, and hear him yell ‘Toriko’, so I was like ‘oh I’ll ask him to close his eyes, yell Trico, and then ask him to open his eyes, and like BOOM! Trico.’ As soon as I asked him the words ‘close your eyes’, I knew it sounded really creepy (fuck), but he humoured me, and it was lots of fun. I’m really happy he likes it! 

This is that moment:

I hope derka-derk is happy in Ireland with @therealjacksepticeye!

(also I’m almost 27 so it’s fine that he called me a girl, you think I’m an adult yet, hell no)

(and can I just say that I love that Seán’s voice for Trico in the unboxing video is the same voice Felix gives Edgar his pug, LOL)


RebelCaptain AU || Family

It had been years after Jyn and Cassian settled down on a mid-rim planet when the two conceived. After Jyn decided to go through with her pregnancy she and Cassian quickly decided this child would be their first and last. They would learn that the child would be a daughter and they briefly discussed both their mothers for names. But Jyn and Cassian decided that that no ghost should be carried onto a person they would bring together in the galaxy. Conversations of names were minimal after that decision. It wasn’t until a week after their little girl was brought into the universe that they finally knew what her name should be. A name that was simple yet its own; Nura.

Older Jyn-Karen Allen

Older Cassian-Edward James Olmos

Nura Erso Andor-Christian Serratos 

Also could be a bridge for this set and this set

a little bit of magic.

fandom: girl meets world
ship: riley matthews x lucas friar 
word count: 1,652
summary: riley matthews thinks that lucas friar’s lips are their own special kind of magic and she’s completely under their spell // or riley just really loves lucas’ lips 
notes: this is just a lil drabble that i was inspired to write, 99.9% of the inspiration came from this amazing drabble by my girl @friarlucas who also was the major encouragement for me in writing this. not much happens plot wise, but there are feelings. enjoy! 

At the tender age of twelve, Riley Matthews has yet to have her first kiss.

She knows that it isn’t that big of a deal, there are plenty of other girls her age that haven’t locked lips yet, but she’s waiting and the wants the moment to be perfect. Her only problem is that none of the boys in her class have lips that she wants to kiss. Dave’s are too chapped, constantly cracked and look unpleasant to touch. Wyatt’s are too wet, due to his constant lick lipping and smacking. Farkle’s are always moving too fast, she’s never able to get a good look at them as he’s always spewing words from them at a mile a minute, far too fast for her to keep up with it.

It isn’t until she meets Lucas Friar that she knows what perfect lips look like, and she wants nothing more than to kiss them.


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A sort-of sequel to this

“That character can’t be trans, because ____”

“They have a higher/lower pitched voice!”
Voice pitch doesn’t indicate gender. Some boys/men have higher pitched voices and some women have lower pitched voices, whether or not they’re trans. Trans people, usually adults, can also go through vocal training to make their voices higher/lower. Another thing to consider is that for younger characters, all voices are pretty high pitched. Young boys can often sing soprano in choirs and there’s a reason young cartoon boys are often voiced by teenage girls.

“We’ve seen them shirtless/in a bra!”
Shirtless trans boys: If they are younger, puberty might not have kicked in yet, so they have a flat chest. For older boys who would have gone through/are going through puberty, they could just have small breasts, took/are taking puberty blockers, or are taking T. Any boy who is 18+ may have gotten top surgery.
Trans girls with bras: This mostly applies to teenage/adult characters. They could be wearing a water bra/stuffed a bra/bra with padding. Again, they could also be taking hormones or have had top surgery done.

“They’re too young/too old to be trans!”
You are never the wrong age to realize you’re trans. Young kids can know as soon as they are developed enough to actually think/process things. For older people, they might have not realized what they were feeling was something significant/not just a random thought or that it is okay to be trans until recently. It could also be that they transitioned some time before, maybe when they were young, maybe not. This is a really weak argument.

“The creator said they weren’t trans!”
It really doesn’t matter. If the creator of a show says they’re not trans then they aren’t trans in canon, but that won’t stop us from imagining these characters as trans. Part of being in a fandom is recreating the characters and showing them to others in a new light, that might not be canon, but honestly who cares? A lot of artists and writers can show our favorite characters as trans in a good/cool way while not making that the whole idea of the work. As long as the original traits of the character aren’t lost, it’s fantastic. Getting upset for this reason is like getting upset because someone colored a person’s hair the wrong shade of brown.

“I don’t want my favorite characters to be trans!”
Congrats, you’re transphobic. 
I’d also like to point out that just because you don’t really agree with/can’t see a character being trans doesn’t really make you transphobic. In fact, I even have trouble seeing some characters as trans. But if it makes you cry cis tears/makes you mad to see trans people have fun/don’t like the idea of rubbing our little trans hands all over it, you are transphobic.

Any other bullshit reason
I don’t give a shit, any character can be trans and we don’t need reasoning to think that.

Also take into consideration characters who haven’t realized their trans/haven’t come out yet and don’t present as their actual gender 

Can I just call you something else?

What’s your real name?

You looked prettier as a girl.

I can’t love someone like you.

That’s just too hard for me.

You don’t know what you want.

I can’t accept this, I can’t accept this.

Have you had the surgery yet?

Do you really want this?

You can’t go in here, that’s the men’s bathroom.

But you’re not a boy.

What do you mean, you don’t want to be called that name anymore?

I miss my daughter.

—  Things People Will Tell You, When You Are Trans
I Don’t Want the World to See Me (Cause I Don’t Think that They’d Understand) #5

#5 - Here’s another little blurb from Bucky’s POV - It takes place during Part 18 of WEMtbB (masterlist here)

Word count - 1072

Warnings - I don’t really think there’s anything…

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This is not the cute girl in the book store who blushed after dropping her purchase
This is not the boy going on about how nervous he is for the upcoming test
This is not the girl who gets a little panicky before presenting in class
This is not the romanticized media frenzied personality quirk that society makes it out to be.
Anxiety is my humming bird heart.
The doctors say these are panic induced palpitations but I know better.
There is a bird inside of me beating it’s tiny wings against my flesh trying to fly out of the cavities in my chest and out into the open air.
Anxiety is how I know the world is ending.
I haven’t gotten it right yet but I know it’s happening because I can feel it in my quaking bones.
I can feel the terror of the end of time ebbing and flowing in my shattered veins.
Anxiety informs me that everyone dislikes me.
They claim they’re my friends,
She claims she loves me to no end,
He claims if I ever need someone to listen, an ear he’ll lend.
But anxiety tells me they’re all liars.
Watching and waiting for me to fall,
Laughing at my every move,
Wishing they didn’t need to see me.
Anxiety is my churning stomach.
Nurses say these are ulcers caused by the everlasting state of terror I’m trapped in.
My stomach is rejecting food and burning holes in itself because I am so afraid.
I am so fearful of life itself that my body is destroying itself.
Anxiety is not quirky
Anxiety is not cute
Anxiety is not romantic
Anxiety is my murderer.
—  I haven’t slept in 4 days because I am so afraid of losing control.

anonymous asked:

You should tell us more about Blue Moon boy because I love him

You need only ask, I say as I drop down from the ceiling in a long cape, Ready To Overshare~

So when I originally came up with Blue Moon boy, he was a side character in the story I’m musing on for Chess and Theo. The only problem with this is that the vague story world I’ve created for Chess and Theo doesn’t feel like the same story world that I’ve created for my Blue Moon boy. I don’t really know what to do about this yet but I’m working on it. -__-

Effectively spoiling the one plot point I’ve come up with for his story: once upon a time there’s this writer girl who has a cute black cat who she Loves and Adores, and through the entirety of the first book, this cat is mentioned and referenced in a completely normal cat-like way, as one does. At the very end of the first book, after Chess and Beatrice and Theo’s problems are resolved, Theo’s mom finally comes into contact with this cat, and she just glares at the Supposedly Very Clever Chess like he’s a moron (he is) because he just spent however many pages not noticing that it isn’t actually a cat at all; it’s someone under an enchantment. 
To save grace, Chess pretends like he knew that. He did not, because as I have mentioned previously, he is an idiot.

So Theo’s mom turns the cat back into a boy, and then the ex-cat-owner is now horrified to see that her beloved cat is actually now human and taller than her and is somehow responsible for the fact that she no longer has a pet.

The next book would be about the two of them trying to piece together what happened to him, because he has ~*amnesia*~ and can’t remember much. 

He wears his old cat collar like a bracelet, likes music and sleeping in warm sunny places, and has been known to sit in front of fishbowls staring eerily at the occupants for an uncomfortably long amount of time. He also has very little concept of personal space. It is unclear whether that’s an aftereffect of being a cat for a year or if he was just always like that.

Fully grown

Marking ceremonies are supposed to be just that: ceremonies. And in other parts of the world they are. Stiles has seen the pictures of little girls in white dresses, boys in their first ever suit and tie and the occasional other way round. He’s seen the video of the – actually pretty creepy – mass marking ceremonies with 500 children lining up to discover the name of their intended.

There are also more free-spirited ‘communing with nature’ ceremonies where you run in a circle and piss against a tree. Or possibly the other way round, Stiles had been distracted by the pictures of very naked bodies when he looked those up.

The latter is obviously belonging to the bunch of ceremonies catered towards adults, but most people get marked as children. The traditional age to perform the ceremony is five years, with an optional repeat every five years if no name appears. That might happen because your soulmate simply hasn’t been born yet – which is generally the case, but it might also be because you actually don’t have a soulmate. The system isn’t foolproof.

Scott’s mom is the perfect example for that. She didn’t get a full mark, just a last name – McCall. When she met Agent McCall – not that he was an agent yet then, patching him up in the ER, it all seemed to make sense. Well, Agent McCall, or, as Stiles likes to call him, Agent Dick, is no longer in the picture and Mrs McCall’s mark definitely wasn’t for him. Whenever talk turns towards soulmate marks, she always presses a kiss into Scott’s hair and says that he was the McCall her soul was waiting for the whole time. Scott always blushes but never fails to hug her back anyways. Though she seems to have made her peace with her mark, Melissa never took Scott to have his mark revealed. When he asked her about it one, she said that she wanted him to be free, in mind, heart, and body.

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The first boy who ever likes me wears too much cologne and slumps like every ounce of confidence has been drained from his body. He tells me that I’m not like his ex-girlfriend and that I have a pretty face, so even though he’s boring I let him ramble on while I nod and agree. His beliefs do not in the slightest align with my own, but it seems like such a moot point as I let him speak. I don’t know yet that there’s a difference between loving feeling loved and actually loving someone, so I let him hold my hand and take me on a date.

The second boy who likes me plays with my feelings, and I am too young to realize that that is all he will ever do. He calls me bro and tells me I’m funny and I think that means more than it does, so I put too much of my heart into empty text message conversations and laughing at jokes which hold no humor. I let him take me to Prom and when we slow dance I think I feel sparks. Later, I cuddle close to him and feel his heat, purposefully ignoring the texts he sends to another girl because I don’t know better.

One of my best friends finds the bottom of a bottle and tells me that I’m beautiful. I think it is as good as I deserve so I let him kiss me, let him touch me in places that, before this, only I had known about. Later he texts me and tells me that we were only meant to be friends anyways, that that’s simply the kind of girl I am, and I agree. It makes me think that maybe I will never be loved, that I was simply not made to be loved, but I repeat lonely promises in my head to keep the tears at bay.

The sting of unrequited love first hits me when I am probably too old for such a thing, but his smiles melt my heart and his laughs fill me with light. For a while I think he stares at me across the room in Literature, and I think that means that maybe he sees a light in me too, but then I discover that his eyes have always roamed over my shoulder at the bombshell behind me and the dreams melt into nothing. I wonder how I could have ever thought that I deserved someone as beautiful as him because he is the stars and I’m nothing but a bunch of darkness, empty and void and trying to let something fill me so that I can taste what happy feels like.

After a friend tells me that I’m a girl but not a real girl, I realize that maybe my love story will never come to fruition. If no one else loved me, who would? It had always seemed like such a ludicrous thought to love yourself, and how did one even begin? I look in the mirror one day and notice the extra love on my stomach and the too many moles around my neck and dead, thin hair. I do not like what I see. I don’t know how anyone ever does, and I decide that it is simply impossible to love me.

The boy with warm eyes who works in the bookstore walks in and out so fast he doesn’t really exist at all, not in the way I dreamed of him, but he hands me some books and makes me realize that maybe I could love me. It is hard, and horrible, and the act of it is so absolutely terrifying that I think it may be a cruel joke. I have been defined by boys who find me passable, and yet I am meant to find myself as something so much more extravagant than this diluted simplicity of the past.

No boy helps me realize that I am more, because I do that myself when I get the tattoo painted on my wrist. I am fire and ice and too many puns and not enough hair product. My nails are cracked but creativity flows through my fingers and the pages of books are written all over my arms; when I laugh the whole room stops, because it dances from my lips with such abandon they long for a similar sense of concentrated joy. The boys did not realize that they were touching a hurricane who happened to have a penchant for sundresses and combat boots, and must have never learned that if you touch the sun you’re supposed to hold on to it, but instead they just decide to burn themselves and walk away.

It is a struggle, loving myself every day, but I was made to be loved. I am the perfect end of the day. I am words that excite and hands that were made to be held and tears that may be shed, but I shine like a solar system exploding and roar like the Earth cracking in two. I do not need the boys, I never needed them.

—  not when I had myself all along
okay I wanna say something

I totally understand the outrage that is going on right now over bambam and what he said. I get it completely. He is an adult and he should know better than to say words like that. 

However, this does not give you a free pass to destroy bambam and his feelings. 

Does no one remember when he got a lot of hate for posting a photo with a girl and he tweeted “what if I was gone?”? We should know that bambam is not as tough as he tries to portrays himself. This is the boy who lost his father at a young age, came to Korea, trained for three plus years, and has been given shit for every little thing he does. Throughout it all, he hasn’t cried once. Yet on Real Men, he cried thinking about his parents and their hardships.

I’m not saying you have to forgive him. I’m not saying to give him a pass on saying offensive language. I’m not saying you have to love him after this or even stay an IGOT7. 

What I am saying is to not send him hate, to not say he’s “cancelled” or whatever lame fucking “roasting” you have in mind; tell him what he did wrong, and let him learn from it.

This boy probably picked up the word after being in the US for this long. He might not even completely understand the implications or the origins of the word. He’s probably scared out of his mind; please consider his emotions before you decide to say some dumb shit.

I don’t want that tweet to ever become a reality.

  • Bucky: remember when you spent our train money in hot dogs?
  • Steve: yeah... Remember when you spent our money to go on a date with a girl?
  • Bucky: not really
  • Steve: her name was Dolores
  • Bucky: sorry I don't remember
  • Steve: you called her Dot
  • Bucky: doesn't ring any bells
  • Steve: her hair was red
  • Bucky: I don't recall
  • Steve: and in that date you wanted specifically to buy her a stuffed bear
  • Bucky: I have no idea who you're talking about
  • Steve: you took hours to get ready, you were wearing that shirt that showed off your biceps
  • Bucky: how do you remember so much about that day?
  • Steve: *sweating and nervously laughing, thinking about the small notebook he had with all Bucky's dates described in deep detail and also a drawing of Bucky in the outfit he chose to wear that night so he could torture himself more properly*
  • Bucky: ??
  • Steve: oh, just things a dude would know about his bro

So I’ve had this idea of a bracelet girls magical girls AU idea for a while now… (which is basically serenadeshipping because… you know why not)

Basically the four girls are magical girls and their bracelets are their transformation jewels. Serena was the first to become a magical girl and she encounters Yuzu along the way. I’m not totally sure how Rin and Ruri are going to get their powers yet (I’m leaning on the idea that their bracelets were stolen but they’re still around, or someone is going around capturing the girls.. but I want to include them and I already have part of the outfits thought up so)

The yuu boys have a big role in this too, of course, but I have to flesh that idea out more I think ahhhhh

I’m not sure how I feel about Serena’s outfit thus far but… it’ll do for now :’)

200 of 365
I would consider myself as a very easy and simple person. If you wanted to talk about what dinner you had yesterday I would answer or if you started to talk about a freaking wall I would answer you and ask you question and probably give you my opinion on it. I would try to sound interested even if I’m not. I wouldn’t let you down and don’t answer because I know how it feels it fucking hurts. But yet all the boys out there always chooses the girls that turn around and don’t care at all what you think.
Helping hand

(This is the bad jeffclarence fanfic i was talking about. Prepare to cry about my shitty writting)

“You should try it once, you know, asking him out”

“I can’t…He’s obviously not interested in boys….or even girls..”

“That’s because he has never been with any of them, he has no opinion yet”

There was a short pause between both of them, the air was tense, so were the kids.

“He had a girlfriend like 5 years ago, Sumo…”

“We were 8y/o kids by then, he didn’t even know what to do..”

Jeff saddened a little bit, he really liked his friend Clarence. He had been liking him since the moment they met, it was a really deep feeling. He really wished that the other kid felt the same, but it was almost impossible.

“I don’t know…”

He softly replied, falling into his own thoughts and becoming silent for a while. Sumo looked at him and crossed his arms, he was really worried about both of them. He KNEW he had to do something, they were his friends after all. He stepped back, ruffled Jeff’s hair and waved goodbye.

“I gotta go now, Jeff, see you later at my house!”

He said then and ran away, he already had a plan.

“Um…okay, see you there…”

—- —- —- —-

“Hey! Clarence!”

“Sumo!! What a surprise–”

The smaller kid grabbed the other’s arm and pushed it with him. He had to do it because of the plan.

“What are you doin’..” He laughed.

“No time to explain, we gotta go to the shop and make you look cool after your date”

Clarence’s eyes widened. Did he hear date? Who was the one he was going to date?? He was really really confused by then, he started sweating a bit too.

The two kids arrived to the shop Sumo always went to buy cheap stuff, they came in and Clarence smiled, he liked that place tbh.The smaller gave the other lot’s of different options to try on, and they finally decided for one set; a greenish sweater, brown coat, dark pants and blueish shoes. It was really small for him but he still looked nice. After they bought the set, Sumo looked at Clarence.

“You’re ready. See you at my house at 6pm, i’ll be waiting for you!”

He ran away again, now going to Jeff’s house.

E.j Randell opened the door, smiling at the kid with her eyes and mouth. He did let him come in, so he went up to jeff’s room.

Knock knock

Jeff appeared throught the bedroom’s door, looking confused at his friend.

“What are you doing here, Sumo? Wasn’t the meeting at yOUR house?”

“It is at my house, i just wanted to tell you to dress up very nice, you’re gonna be surprised there…”

The square headed child looked even more confused now, crossing his arms as sumo talked.

“Okay…? I will, if that’s what you want somehow…”

“Great. See you there at 6pm!”

And sumo ran away again. He was already tired of hurring everything up, but he couldn’t stand to see his friends feeling bad. He went now to his house and prepared a tiny table with some flowers and two candles at each side of it.

The time passed and, exactly at 6pm, jeff arrived. He was wearing a light blue no-arm sweater and a white bluise, brownish pants and black shoes.

“Woah jeff, i thought i told you to dress nice.”

He said mainly to make him angry. Jeff instantly looked at him with a death glare.

“So, what are we going to d-”

The taller kid stopped talking as soon as he saw a person at the other side of the…garden. Could that be….Clarence?? He panicked. Why was clarence there, dressing THAT good?! He looked at Sumo and widened his eyes, again death glaring him.

“Oh! Hello guys!…haha jeff what’s that you’re wearing! You look like a gentleman!”

Jeff swallowed saliva and blushed. Sumo invited the two others to sit at the table he prepared before and as soon as they did, he left.

“S-sumo! Where are you going?!”

Jeff almost screamed.

“I have stuff to do so, you two stay there and eat that cheeto puffs next to the table! Don’t wait for me!”

He was gone now, and the other two kids stood silent. Jeff was feeling nervous, his hands and legs trembled as he tried not to look at clarence. They kept this silence for a while, until Clarence started talking.

“So Jeff, tell me, why are you dressed that way? You look cool!”

“UH, UM, i …i always dress up like this! Haven’t u noticed my fashion skills? ” he laughed.

“Haha, aw that’s great…”

Clarence grabbed the bowl of cheeto puffs and ate some of them, then looking at jeff and offering him some as well.

“Oh, no thanks… I’m okay”

He smiled then. This was weird and was making jeff more nervous than ever, you know, to be with your special someone all alone.

“S-so … Sumo told me you had something you wanted to confess to me”


“Yeah, is that true?”


The two of them stood silent again, now they were both nervous.

“I …also have something i’d like to tell you”

Jeff’s eyes opened like golf balls, he sweated and began talking again.

“What…is it?”

“You’d have to tell me first! Hehee”

Clarence giggled and eated another pile of cheetos. Then he looked at Jeff straight to the eye.

“Are you going to tell me, then?”


Jeff was really trying to do it, but the words couldn’t come out off his mouth. He panicked internally and began to tremble again. His cheeks turnt bright red, he was scared about saying it, but he also wanted to take that off his brain.


Clarence’s smile didn’t help at all, that made Jeff even more nervous and blushy. Why did he have to smile now! Now it would be even harder for him to tell him his feelings.


“Would you like me to say my secret first?”

“….would you?”

“Yeah, it’s okay!”

Jeff moved his arms to the bowl of cheetos and ate one out of nowhere. He chummed the orange puff and swallowed it. It wasn’t that bad, to be honest.

“The thing is……I like you, jeff”

The thin kid chocked. He was blushing harder that before and his heart began racing faster.


“I…think i …like-like you…”

Clarence smiled and blushed as he finished talking, he was free now, no more secrets.

At the other side, Jeff was red as a tomato, he had his whole body trembling. He couldn’t help but cry, after all, his emotions were flowing freely now.

“Oh my god, Are you okay Jeff?!”

Clarence stood up quickly and hugged Jeff. Caring his back.

“I’m sorry, i shouldn’t have said …that”

“N-no! It’s okay!”

They stared at each other for a while, eyes shining like stars.

“I… you too, Clarence..”

Jeff said, hugging the other harder and letting out a big sigh. The light haired one giggled happily.

After a moment, clarence sat in the other chair again, smiling at the other kid.

“I guess we…could start dating now…?”

“we’re 13…”

“I know, but i think it would be great!”

“Just if you want to….”

“Do YOU want to?”

he nodded.

“Then let’s do it”

The silent stare appeared again.

“…okay then”

Jeff blushed and hid his face between his hands. Clarence stood up and hugged him again, kissing his forehead softly.

“What do you wanna do now, b-o-y-f-r-i-e-n-d~?”

“AH! Stop it!!”

“Aw, so cute..”

They laughed and standed up, hugged and cuddled. They were happy after all !!

And there, Inside the house, Sumo was smiling, he really did a good job getting the two together.

The end.


so yesterday there was a free kittens box outside with no one taking care of them. it was cold and i don’t know who in their right mind will leave kittens outside. i grabbed one and other families grabbed the other two. i’ve never had a cat before, but i didn’t want little kitten to be outside so i’m taking care of it for now. 

little kitten’s soooo tiny i’m guessing it’s only a little over a month old. i’m really glad i saved it. i was on my way to starbucks but i came back with a kitten instead amazing.

i’m not sure i can keep it for long because we already have two dogs in our apartment and one of them is really fussy and jealous i’m afraid that she’ll hurt it or something…i really hope i find a home for it soon i mean it’s just too precious…

I’m just…really into the idea of a genderswapped Noragami AU. And now you get to hear my utterly disorganized thoughts about it.

  • Yato: the beautiful, yet hopelessly dorky delivery goddess whose questionable business practices involve scrawling her phone number on the walls of abandoned buildings, the inside of subway cars, inside the boys’ high school locker room…
  • Hiyori: the high school boy who starts falling out of his body after saving some idiot girl from getting hit by a bus.
  • Yukine: the bratty, 14-year-old dead girl who becomes Lady!Yato’s sole regalia.
  • Yato being a total Overbearing Mom™ to Female!Yukine, who tries to have None Of It but ultimately feels like she’s been adopted into the family she really wants (ouch)
  • Yukine still gets a huge crush on Hiyori because how could she not.
  • During the Rabo Arc:

Yato: “You really can’t remember me?! Well, maybe we should get into bed together; that might jog your memory.”
*Hiyori.exe has encountered a problem*
Yukine: “You broke him.”
Yato: ……………

  • Male!Bishamon. Just think about that for a few seconds. and also Lady!Kazuma
  • Male!Bishamon who dresses exactly like regular Bishamon. And Yato still calls him a tramp/prostitute, etc., omfg
  • Male!Hiyori being the same precious, sweet, innocent person, and also being blindsided that this lovably insane immortal girl is now basically stalking him.
  • Just…the potential for a female god of calamity. One with hair as dark as ink and eyes the color of ice, who leaves nothing but bloodstains and fearful whispers in her wake. People who utter harsh prayers for things that only a god of calamity can grant, expecting to see a terrifying, ancient warrior deity appear. Instead, in answer to their request, they see a slender teenage girl. At first, they laugh in disbelief. Then, she looks straight in their eyes and the laughter immediately stops. “Who?” she asks, hand resting against her weapon.
  • Finally, the possibility of this exchange:

Yato: “Ebisu, wtf, I thought you said Izanami was a woman.”
Ebisu: “She is…”
Yato: “Then why is there a high school boy standing here giving me bedroom eyes?!?!”