is it a fanmix if it's for my own thing

a tale of two dogs tied together

one can’t howl before he bites

one was never taught to sit

{instrumental mix for “i” // them}

timber timbre: souvenirs ||  His face was pale, but his eyes were red, and his lips and chin were pink with washed away blood. His mouth was full of gauze, and he was looking at nothing.Until Flint walked in. Then he was looking at Flint.

zack hemsey: silver crimson black || He should have died a dozen times over with each raid, but somehow he always wound up alive, covered in blood, surrounded by more bodies than Flint himself, mouth opened in a black, soundless howl.

ludovico einaudi: twice || A couple months after Charles Town, Flint walks into his cabin to find Silver, staring out the window, with a gun pointed right at his heart.

alexandre desplat: Un Héros Très Discret: La Vérité Ou La Mort || With Flint’s attention finally on him, Silver takes the opportunity to mouth, loud and clear, “No.” And Flint hears him.

john murphy: in the house - in a heartbeat ||  Flint raises his hand, and Silver strikes. Flint speaks, and Silver is the echo, rumbling deep into the earth. 

nicholas britell: the spot || Dobbs is the first to take the vow of silence, after Silver had publicly beat him within an inch of his life.

trent reznor and atticus ross: it catches up with you || His men are mine, and mine are his. They follow my orders, and his. They fight for him, and for me.  Because I am his man, and he is mine.

zack hemsey: vengeance || Like walking beside a rabid, hungry wolf, and the only way she’d been safe was because he hadn’t seen her yet. 

angelo badalamenti: fire to the stars || The sleeves of Flint’s shirt are rolled up, and Silver’s fingers linger there on the soft, freckled inner part of his arm. It takes her a minute to realize he is tracing letters into Flint’s skin.

hans zimmer: the tide || They’re the haunting that clings to every abandoned ship, sunken ship, and ghost ship – dragged out onto land by storm and tide. 

john murphy: how to leave your body ||  But he also keeps watching, so he sees when Flint stands, hands dripping with blood. He walks to Silver, his Right Hand, dripping with blood. 



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For Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.

A journey through separation, heartbreak, uncertainty, and support, into the happiness, love, and life that they more than deserve.

8tracks:  Side A  |  Side B

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(am I another casualty?)

01. it’s like I can’t breathe, it’s like I can’t see, nothing but you, I’m addicted to you / 02. oh, I’m holding my breath, won’t see you again, something keeps me holding on to nothing / 03. you left a stain, and now I wear it like I’m wearing my own name, are we the same? / 04. maybe if the stars align, maybe if our worlds collide, maybe on the dark side we can be together / 05. the love that saves me kills me just like a weapon / 06. there’s a dark secret in me, don’t leave me locked in your heart, set me free / 07. I’ve been saving all my summers for you / 08. if I trust in you, oh, please don’t run and hide / 09. everywhere you go it seems lightning strikes but there’s no rain

listen | songs for alison and aria

anonymous asked:

out of curiosity what are your rules of thumb while making a playlist?

ive got a few, but also keep in mind that rules are made to be broken! when its appropriate. u gotta think about if its worth breaking first. but anyway:

-never use songs from a different popular fandom-y thing. disney songs, remixes of musical numbers from other shows (lookin’ at you, discord), anything that’s gonna remind the listener of something else instead. songs from steven universe or actual non-disney musicals dont usually bother me in other people’s fanmixes, but i wouldnt use them in my own.

-avoid using songs from the source material itself. no gravity falls theme in a gravity falls fanmix, even if its a remix.

-familiarize yourself with what’s overplayed in mixes of that subject already, and in general. keep in mind what your audience might already be tired of listening to, no matter how much you like the song. (examples: dollhouse, emperors new clothes, i cant decide, shut up and dance, control, stressed out)

-if its a playlist about a romantic relationship, put more thought into what makes that relationship work than just “they love each other”. try to pick songs that sound more specific to the personalities of the couple, otherwise it will end up just sounding like a random assortment of love songs.

-if its a playlist about a lesbian relationship, please, PLEASE dont use jenny by studio killers. its a great song, everyone loves that song, but everyone’s used it already and im getting really tired of hearing it on every single femslash playlist regardless of which fems are being slashed

-dont just use what you can find from your own library. thats a start, but you should also look in new places for songs you dont already know, and through the discographies of artists whose sound seems right for your mix.

ive probably got more personal rules that im forgetting about, but those are what come to mind first and i got homework to do, so i hope they help!


 The Price by therougesgambit : a fanmix


“Can you even picture that? Do you have any idea what it feels like to be so totally gone on someone you know is never gonna feel the same way?”

Derek’s voice drags out, raw and broken.

“….I do now.”

okay so halekingsourwolf ‘s fic literally changed my life, like, everyone go read it asap if you haven’t. here is a little fanmix to accompany you as the angst shatters your heart and you drown in your own tears :)