is it a cape


The front and side of the Colonial Saltbox. I tried to get a better daylight shot of the front, but it’s always shaded on that side; those front rooms will  be nice and cool in the summertime. :-p I’m building this in Brindleton Bay - Sable Square, but it might end up in Windenburg instead, I’m not sure yet.

And yes, I’ve started decorating it for Christmas already. I figured by the time I get around to playing, it’ll be well into December. XD

Literally the only reason I don’t already own the Rogue One BluRay is because it doesn’t come with bloopers or deleted scenes.

madethesunandmoonfight  asked:

Marx snuck up behind Magolor as he worked, as he was prone to doing, and covered his eyes playfully. "Heeeeeeey, Maggie! Do you know what day it is? C'mon, guess what day it is!"

Shit. Shit. What day was it? He couldn’t remember, which meant it was either their anniversary, Marx’s birthday, or if his luck was particularly good, some Pop Star holiday he hadn’t heard of yet.

“Monday?” he guessed, trying to make it sound like a joke.

I’m finally finished with the four main girls wedding dresses! I really didn’t expect this to go anywhere when I first drew Ruby’s dress, but the response has been wonderful! So thank you! I’ve gotten some requests for some other characters (*wink-wonk* I wonder who) so I’m gonna keep it up as long people enjoy these!

Real talk though can you guys just imagine how much of a bridezilla Weiss would be?

“Where. are. my. DOILIES?!