is it 2013 yet cause i need this

rhythm-alastair  asked:

They're rebranding threw me off, kinda lost why its coming out of the blue and feel it'll cause so me kind of confusion in the future. I dont hate, I dont love, but when I saw the new logo, I didnt know what I was looking at tbh, and I thought about EXO not really BTS. The reasoning behind all the sudden changes is pretty interesting, but I'm still not feeling it yet. What do you think??

Ah I understand! But I kinda felt it, they didnt use the logo as much as before. I remember they used it everywhere during 2013-2015, not so much now.
Tbh its also really weird for me. Like I said we all need time to get used to it, its so new. Soon they will put it everwhere and we will forget about the old logo.
Im telling you, next month there will be posts like “ONLY 90’S KIDS REMEMBER *old logo*