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Two Wettings the Night Before Christmas

This happened to me Christmas of 2015. As I do every time I have some sort of incident, I documented it and posted it onto Here it is for your reading pleasure. =)


Hi everyone! Its been awhile since I’ve posted anything in this section, but today being Christmas you all deserve a gift, and it just so happens that Christmas Eve brought alcohol. I tend to drink far too much whenever there’s alcohol around, and I don’t exactly handle myself well when drunk, and that brought two interesting situations last night given alcohol is a diuretic and all.

So yeah, last night was Christmas Eve, and like most families, we had a get together here at home and partied a little. Gifts were exchanged, stories told, and many a drink consumed. In my case, throughout the course of the night I burned through an entire bottle of whiskey and almost a whole case of hard lemonade. Needless to say, I got pretty tipsy and stupid to the point that eventually I could barely walk and spent a lot of time laying on the floor laughing at stuff. Occasionally I managed to make it to my computer and rant in the IRC about god knows what, I can’t remember, and message pretty much everyone I know to tell them they’re awesome. But that’s not what you’re here for! I’m sure you can imagine that alcohol being a diuretic coupled with the fact that trying to walk from room to room felt like a level straight out of StarFox did not make for fun adventures to the bathroom…But yet again, my biggest enemy was once again my own terrible judgement.

So, obligatory description phase. You know the basics, I’m tiny, anywhere between 5'5 and 5'9. I haven’t been measured in years, but if I deliberately put it off I can give estimates like that, that make me sound taller than I actually am probably. Around 116 pounds, pale enough that I could probably blend in with the snow if we actually had any on the ground right now. Long black hair, and I’d like to think I look fairly decent when I put on my standard eyeliner and the like. This story will involve 2 outfits, but for most of the night I was wearing a black shirt that stops right above my belly button, a black and white striped buttonup overshirt (A favorite of mine) left unbuttoned, a pair of light gray jeans with a cute belt. I have a thing for cute and shiny belt buckles, in this case it was a heart. I also wore a santa hat, but that fell off at some point and went forgotten for the rest of the night.

Anywho yes, I socialized, drank, drank some more, eventually devolved into being a cavewoman slurring around on the ground. It happens to me a lot. Needless to say, I eventually developed a rather pressing need to pee, but as is usually the case when I am drunk, I ignored it entirely because almost everything else in the world seems like a far more pressing matter. I recall the first time I actually noticed it as an urgent thing was when I was sitting on the floor in the living room playing my PS4 while trying to sing opera for some reason. I twisted in a certain way, and a drop fell out into my purple panties. It took me completely by surprise. I actually had to meditate on it for a second and focus on my bodily functions and was like, WELL I am certainly very desperate to pee, how did I not notice this? I stared at the stairs. Well…Kind of. My vision was swimming all over the place, so it was more like looking in the general direction of the stairs and mulling over the concept of them. Then a zombie attacked me on the game I had neglected to even look at for the last 20 seconds without pausing, and like a true drunk I COMPLETELY forgot the need I had just realized I had for perhaps the next 25 minutes before it violently reminded me I was there again.

Midgame I shifted again and a dribble began. I didn’t even notice it, but I began to feel warm and shifted again because it felt nice. The movement, naturally, caused me to suddenly violently spurt into my pants, the area between my legs gathering a sizable wet patch. Upon the feeling of momentary loss of control, I felt multiple things. Surprise, given I had forgotten about this, and a very sudden awareness that I could burst literally any second. The desperation I had somehow managed to ignore hit like a freight train. In that moment, it was like I had never needed to pee more. The moment I spurted I moaned VERY loudly, prompting my mother to poke in the room and give me a weird eye. I crossed my legs to hide the patch, waved at the tv and said something resembling “Zombeesh”, to which she nodded in apparent understanding.

It was at this point I became determined. I got to my feet somehow, and made my way up the stairs in a weird walk/crawling way, the people socializing in the kitchen next to the living room barely noticing. I dribbled more when I was going up I think. I can’t say for sure, but I do remember the warmness being more apparent the more I moved. I made it to the top…

…And completely forgot why I was there and stumbled into my bedroom before sitting at the computer. I blinked a few times, typed some crap I don’t remember into the IRC, and pondered my presence on the second floor of the house. I spurted badly again and suddenly remembered why…And just took it in. Being an omo enthusiast, the situation struck me and I became somewhat entranced and aroused. I felt the wet spot with my hand, which had grown into a very noticeable size. I vaguely remember humming lightly, an almost “mmm” sound and intentionally letting a few dribbles out to keep the warm lingering. I got a little TOO into it, because my back arched…Which pushed my belt and button into my abdomen. A very violent leak happened, spraying into my jeans with a hiss and I could feel my ass become very wet almost instantly. I shot forward and buried my hands between my legs with a noise probably sounding like a “Gah!” before remembering to appreciate the predicament I was in. I very obviously had to change now, very bad damage having been done. Go to bathroom. Change into pj’s. Plans having been laid and focused on, I stood up…and fell right into my desk, bumping into my belly more. I propped myself up, slamming my hand on my desk and squealing as I felt my muscles start to fluctuate heavily, like my pelvic floor were teetering and about to drop any second. I kept my free hand buried between my legs as I tried to stand, tried to move, tried to hold, but it was too hard.

A spray shot out. And another. I gasped and squeaked more as my pee began to warm my hand in bursts, the bursts rapidly coming closer together. My pants became damper in a larger, and larger margin each time, I could feel streams beginning to flow down my inner thighs…That’s what caused the pelvic floor to quite literally drop. The moment I got my balance it just started coming off of me, and trying to clench it shut was like trying to lift a weight way too heavy for me. I yelled out a very loud cry as I felt my pee race down the insides of my legs, trailing behind me to soak my lower ass, and otherwise pour off of me to pitterpatter onto the floor. It just kept hissing, a prolonged pssssh as I constantly cried out, “AHH A-AH AAH” as if the yelling would help my now drenched hand stem the flow (It didn’t.)

I looked down and saw it spread across the front of my jeans, the sleeve of my overshirt also becoming warm and wet from its position between my legs. The insides and back of my legs finally became soaked to the bottom, getting eachother as well as the floor wet from my constant futile bouncing and rapidly shaking legs. A stream came off my ankle and made a small river. I bit down on my hand, realizing that all the yelling was probably a bad idea, and only let out muffled panicked mewls as I stood there unable to move, constantly gripping at my completely drenched hissing crotch and pressing my legs together, unable to keep myself from completely wetting my pants right down to the last drop.

I stood there for a minute or two. Maybe more. Just taking it all in. I had many an emotion running through me at the time: fear, panic, relief, arousal, quite a bit of dizziness from alcohol if you can call that an emotion. I think I actually slapped something nonsensical into the IRC immediately afterward, something like “I peed oops.” I pulled myself together enough to change into my pj’s, some nice pink pj pants and an equally pink tank top, with some lighter red panties to finish off the ensemble. I stashed my wet clothes away so I could wash them the moment I had so much as a few minutes alone to throw them in the wash without their initial condition being seen, and wiped up the lake on my floor with a dirty towel I had used to shower earlier, and threw it in with the clothes. I was able to plan this much while bombed out of my mind. But my strife didn’t end there!

I got downstairs, and people were starting to leave. I gave goodbyes to the best of my ability, and sat down to game more (I am bad at social activities, but I was more than happy to chat games with anyone who came into the living room to investigate the zombie killing sounds of Dying Light.) Of course this only lasted as long as I could sit up. Drowsiness began to accompany the dizziness, and eventually playing the game even drunkenly was basically impossible. Mom came in and smacked me with a dish towel when I fell asleep on the floor with the controller in my hand, and I began the ridiculous process of wobbling my way back to my room. I fell right onto my mattress and that was that.

Now we come into a dream. I was in some sort of place. A semi outdoor military base maybe? Something odd like that. I really needed to pee, so I looked around. Granted, I was basically alone, it seemed deserted so I could have just peed right there, but logic isn’t a thing in dreams. After much desperate hobbling I ran into my 7th grade math teacher, whom I told “Miss, I really have to pee, reaaaaally badly right now, do you know where the bathroom is? Please?” And she just nodded in a teacherly way and nudged her head in a direction. I bounded over there immediately, and came face to face with a row of shower stalls, each with curtains. Not another soul to be found. For some reason I thought this was the best place, so I went in one and yanked the curtain behind me.

At this point my desperation jumped to a ten, and I got that feeling like if you were sitting while desperate, and then stood up. You know, the gravity of everything in your abdomen dropping? But I was standing the whole time, which again I attribute to dream physics. Just know it made me leak. So I look down to undo the bluejeans I was wearing. It is then I discover I am wearing not one, not two, but three belts. They aren’t my usual belts either with the cute buckles. Each buckle is a puzzle straight from “Keep talking and nobody explodes”, if you know the game. Where my belt notches would normally be was an led timer literally built into the leather, counting down from a minute. Somehow I knew I had to get each belt undone before the timer was up. First I figured out a morse code one, the word was “pebble”. The moment I unhooked it, I uncontrollably spurted into my jeans, creating a wet patch. The second belt had wires. With the wirecutter that magically appeared in my hand, I read through the manual that was on the shower wall for no reason and cut the proper wires, unhooking the buckle. I leak again, much worse this time, and let out a shriek as my inner thigh darkens down to almost the knee. The final buckle, is a word jumble. With 24 seconds left on the clock, I cannot figure out the solution for the life of me. I try to think but its almost impossible, my desperation is sooo bad, I just try to mull over words with those letters, all the while just saying to myself over and over, “I’m going to piss my pants, I’m going to piss my pants, I’m going to piss my pants…”

I never did figure out the words. Right as the clock hit 1 second, the letters rearranged themselves into the words TIMES UP!

The clock hit zero. My dream bladder, right on cue, feels like its contorting. Like its squeezing itself. I immediately hunch over, my hands and nails dig into my kneecaps. I cry out, yelling “Nooo don’t make me pee my fucking pants please no!!” but there wasn’t anything I could do about it. My bladder basically wrings itself out, and I have NO control. Its like I suddenly have the muscles of a 5 year old. I strain so hard and clench but it makes no difference, as my crotch and legs darken and shine, pee flowing out of me like a river. A loud hissing can be heard as it just runs down the back of my legs, no stopping it. My dream jeans barely contain it, and I can see several streams falling off me where the fabric is too saturated. I stare into my puddle and see my eyes. And then I wake up.

The first thing I notice is that it’s 3 am according to my clock. The second thing I notice is that I’m still basically hammered, because I can hardly move and the entire room is spinning like I’m about to be in the movie “Cube”. The third thing I notice is that I am absolutely bursting. As in, I’m not about to burst, I already am bursting. My nether regions and ass are very warm and very damp, and I can feel the bed underneath me becoming warm. I realize that I’m wetting my cute pink pajama pants and panties, and my first reflex is to shoot right out of bed. Of course this is a terrible idea, as again, the room is spinning. I roll right out of bed and land on the floor, on my back, and for the life of me I CANNOT get up.

This leads to my second accident of the night. I formulate the plan in my head. Stop the flow, stand up, go to the bathroom like a big girl. But none of those things ever happened. I’m on my back there on the floor, and I shove both hands down my bottoms and grip the outside of my now very wet panties. I let out a very sleepy and frustrated moan as I realize the impact did me in, my fingers and hands getting wetter and wetter as I leak and leak and leak. I keep groggily groaning things like “No, stop, please stop, nooo, stop peeing, I’m not peeing my pants nooo.” In exactly the way you expect someone who’s too drunk to know their environment would say it. I was basically on my back, and rolling from side to side like a stuck turtle, criss crossing my legs back and forth as my jammies got wetter and wetter. I try to sit up and that alone puts pressure on my bladder just enough to turn the leaks into a stream. I fall back on my back and begin whining and moaning as I clutch at my crotch from inside my pants, soaking my hands and arms, as I feel my pee seep through and pool on the floor under me, drenching my ass and making my pajama pants absolutely sopping, from pink to a red. It pools under my legs, and up under my back getting my tank top all wet too. I arch my back, moaning anxiously, hating how much I was loving the relief.

Due to the arch I’m able to get a glance underneath me, and I can now hear the hissing coming from my pants, and it begins to stream straight from under my ass through the fabric onto the floor beneath it, and that sight just kills me in more ways than one. I lose ALL control and I become a human firehose, the hissing becoming so loud its almost deafening, and the sight of niagra falls and the feeling of sopping warmth when I plop back down into my puddle wakes me up and I become absolutely frantic, realizing fully that I am laying on my floor absolutely soaking myself. I start whining and panicking, my hands shooting everywhere they can grow, my eyes going wide as I keep muttering something along the lines of “no no no stop stop stop” but I just…can’t. I push my hands into my crotch from the outside of my pants this time and the heat from my pee is just hot, in multiple ways of the word. I couldn’t stop no matter how hard I clutched, pushed, wiggled my legs and soaking wet ass, it just poured out of me as I moaned and groaned like a panicked child.

Eventually it stopped and I just laid there, in a huge puddle, just staring at the ceiling not believing I just pissed in my bed and on my floor in what were some of my favorite jammies. I actually ended up passing out there, due to the alcohol I’m assuming. I woke up later, finding I had kicked my pants halfway off in my sleep. I was soaked from almost head to toe. I threw the pants with the other clothes…I was freezing now, as the puddle had grown cold. I was feeling less drunken and a little queasy. I walked downstairs in my wet panties and tank top, knowing everyone was sound asleep and ate some lasagna while pondering whether alcohol was worth it anymore. Yes, a wetting at 3 am made me consider quitting drinking. I got back upstairs, took off the rest of my garments, grabbed my second shower in the last 24 hours, before cleaning up (again), throwing on a nightie and going back to sleep again. I had to pee again kinda by the time I got in the shower, because a whole case of hard lemonade and a quart of whiskey is a lot of liquid I assume, and I had yet to empty any of it anywhere that wasn’t my clothes. So I peed in the shower to spite my dream. I peed in a shower successfully without a belt time bladder bomb. So ha.

I woke up, had Christmas morning, got some sweet loot, visited family, had dinner, and had a great day overall. And first thing tomorrow morning when everyone’s sleeping in, I’ve got a hefty, very damp load of laundry that I need to take care of. As per usual, I got away without being caught, and thinking back on it causes me to realize that it was all very hot in retrospect. Its hard to revel in it when you’re panicking and trying not to do it, but looking back on it later is always rather fun.

Anywho, I hope you all enjoy my latest mishap. I look forward to feedback! Feel free to leave a comment, shoot me a message, whatever <3

I hope everyone had a great day! Merry Christmas!

P.S No I’m not giving up alcohol I’m basically an alcoholic I ain’t kidding myself.

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Give us more of your happy headcanons please 😊

i hope this means like just like regular msr headcanons? right? if im wrong just give me another ask and ill do the something else :$) and like thank u for sending this :$)

btw happy headcanons: thats the cutest thing ive ever read by the way. happy headcanons. i dont know why i just

-mulder and scully had saw each other prior to the pilot meeting. i mean, one or both of them had probably attended a lecture that the other had done and were familiar with their face. i mean, given that neither passed out when they laid eyes on each other.

-after their first meeting, scully went home (btw why the fuck was she dismissed after like five minutes at work. ‘we leave for the very plausible state of oregon at 8 am see u tomorrow’ what the fuck) but after their first meeting, scully called ellen and told her she was working with that hot lecturer from last year and he was coincidentally spooky mulder, the most single man on the planet. help me ellen i dont know if ill make it.

-mulder called the gunmen because he needed advice about this adorable little redhead that had been assigned to him and oh god im screwed. i mean i hope one day i will be, but right now, im totally, metaphorically, screwed. she was sent to spy on me right???? what do i do now?????

-mulder’s fear of fire (i know but just wait) was cured after that case, one because scully was there and he knew nothing bad was gonna happen to him so he felt more comfortable facing said fear, and two, 'scully was there and she was really really cute and i was tryin to get with her all this first year and then that bitch phoebe showed up and fucked everything up and im not letting her have any power over me so there. fear cancelled. ’

-mulder slept with like a sheet as a blanket for years. he overheats. hes a walking furnace. but after the season 3 incident (or was there one before??) where mulder spends the night in scullys bed because he got poisoned, he noticed that she had a lot of covers on her bed. so eventually he went out and bought a ton of blankets just in case she ever spent the night at his place (purely platonically right???) and so she wouldnt get cold.

-not msr related but walter skinner knits. and is good at it. check out his etsy store. smoking man-voodoo dolls half off until forever.

-not happy, but the reason why mulder wears such hideous ties is because his father and his minions were government workers and always impeccably dressed, and when mulder became a federal agent, he hated the idea that he was growing up to be just like the man, so he embraced the 90’s style.

-scully could never tell you, but maggie could: mulder adn scully had worked together for three months. just three months. and by that time, scully had stashed a pack of sunflower seeds in her car, her apartment, mulder’s car (that man cannot think ahead), her mother’s house and the cushions of the mulder’s normal chair in walter skinner’s office.

-alternatively, mulder stashed scully’s favorite cassettes in his car, his apartment (hey, he could dance. maybe if the mood struck them they’d put something on and let some yayas out), the office (for when she was in a particularly awful mood because of some shit he pulled.)

-scully always gets mulder cryptid or alien gizmos when shes out of town. mulder always gets her science or medical related stuff. they once had to suffer through a budget meeting in 98 degree heat with their coats on because neither was willing to show off the “i’m feeling all science-y” (spelled with periodic letters), or the “aliens exist” temporary tattoos they were each sporting.

-at the end of every month, whoever has been to the hospital more takes the other out to dinner. it started out as a formal affair, going to a fancy restaurant and pretending that they were just friends not fbi partners. now the atmosphere is still the same, but they go to sandwich shops or burger places. scully just wanted to make sure mulder didn’t go broke since he was paying for dinner every time.

-the gunmen do regular bug sweeps of the office, their apartments, and maggie scully’s house. it was actually mulder who asked them to do hers because the adoption papers have almost gone through and his new mom needs protection. but once a month, the gunmen have a great time going over to maggies, they have lunch with her, and then in the afternoon right as they’re wrapping up, maggie’s friends come over to play cards adn invite melvin, richard and john to play with them.

-the gunmen are the #1 Caught in the Act witnesses because of the bug sweeps at the wrong times. maggie scully is #2. william scully was #3. an incident with the 3rd victim and Return of the Jedi movie night caused carrie fisher’s gold bikini to be forever tainted.

-maggie scully is very protective of fox. shes well aware that shes’ the only person who can call him fox without triggering him, and she loves this poor boy. she’s his second emergency contact, after scully of course, adn occasionally she’ll get a call saying fox is in the hospital only to show up and find her daughter straddling his hips with her tongue down his throat. “DANA KATHERINE SCULLY THIS MAN NEEDS HIS REST AND IF I FIND YOU DISTRACTING HIM FROM THAT ONE MORE TIME I’LL HAVE YOU THROWN OUT OF THE HOSPITAL UNTIL HES BETTER.” “maggie im really okay” “FOX YOU WOULDNT BE IN THE HOSPITAL IF YOU WERE OKAY.” and meanwhile scully’s hiding under mulder’s covers with a face to match her hair.

-walter skinner is genuinely terrified of maggie.

-totally not a headcanon yall probably know this from watching season seven right???? right????? but mulder agreed to go to oregon with skinner under one condition: scully goes to the hospital and gets checked out. i’m not leaving you until i know that you’re not going to pass out alone in the apartment and accidentally die.

-mulder never cried harder than when he found out scully was pregnant.

-“skinman i quit the bureau thank you and goodby-”“wait, sir, its me, agent scully, ill call you right back after mulder and i have a talk ok?”

-mulder’s allergic to pineapples. but it mysteriously went away a week after everyone found out about it.

-scully was forced by maggie to go to her high school reunion, and so she convinced mulder to come and put on the s'mulder (he trademarked that thats another story) and get back at those fucking bitches who bullied her for trying to start a biology club.

-actual dialogue from that night:
“Scully? You tried to start a biology club that’s so cute.”
“Emphasis on try.”
“What, no one wanted to compete with Dana Scully’s genius?”
“More like no one wanted to be around Dana Scully.”
“Awww, Scully, I would have been in the biology club with you.”
“Thanks, Mulder.”
“we can start our own biology club”
“mulder we’re not- whatever. oh wait check out my butt, stephanie baker is looking”

-scully and mulder both gave each other stars for christmas the same year, and they went stargazing to try and find them, only to discover that they were right next to each other in the sky.

-scully did in fact give mulder porn for christmas that one year. that seems really weird but you didn’t see the card.

“heres blank tape, video camera’s all set up. figured since those tapes aren’t yours, we could make one that was.”

-the gunmen can quote the lazarus bowl line for line. so can skinner. he plays it whenever hes sad.

-mulder makes a point of PDA towards scully whenever bill scully jrs in the room. not enough to be obviously trying to piss him off, but enough that he most certainly is.

-mulder changed his shampoo to make his hair especially fluffy circa season 2. do you miss me scully? do you miss petting my fluffy hair?

-anytime one of them asks the other for a drink, mulder will bring scully iced tea, and she’ll bring him root beer. everytime he’ll throw his head back in mock disappointment like that one stakeout.

-mulder is very aware of how much it turns scully on to see him with no jacket, dress shirt arms rolled up to his elbows. thank goodness he normally runs hot.

-they both secretly love when the other rests their head on their shoulder. but of course they never admit it.

-mulder always makes them run an office secret santa. just the two of them. because hes mulder.

-his fish have all been named after moby dick characters since he heard that that was a thing.

-they went on runs together during that second year just to be able to spend time together, but then stopped because how the fucking hell is scully faster than him, im sorry scully you’re ruining my rep, im gonna have to pretend i wasn’t just beaten in a 5k run by someone nine inches shorter than me.

-mulders mother bought him a polaroid camera when he went off to england for school, saying that he’d make so many memories adn all that crap. he never used it until he and scully were put on fertilizer background checking and he wanted to make the best of their roadtrips. she then bought one of her own and thus began the most intense contest of their lives to see who could take the most candid shots of the other. at this point in time, mulder’s closet has just of boxes of pictures of scully.

-their son would find all these thousands of pictures years later and wonder, for the thousandth time that day, what the fuck was wrong with his parents.

-they once had to take a ferry. dont ask me how or why, but it was just something they had to do. and mulder refused to stop just quoting lines from moby dick. the only way that scully could get him to stop was to pretend to see a nessie like creature.

-scully dominates at paintball, and when her son hit eleven years old, became the coolest person in the world hands down. mulder didnt stop trying to convince her that she was ALWAYS the coolest person in the world.

-they have a box of mulder’s clothes that scully simply labeled “the apocalypse could be upon us but so help me if these jeans go missing, i will hunt you down and end you.” nobody touches her man’s ass hugging jeans.

-scully + hoodie + overcaffinated mulder =

[this was the last thing i wrote last night before i passed out and i have no idea where i was trying to go with it but i think its hilarious so…]

-when mulder adn scully were first picking out things for their home together, mulder came home with a light blue-purple linen comforter. he liked the color and the texture and they loved it for exactly one year until william threw up on it and they couldnt get the stain out.

-mulder has been banned from the local florist because he loitered too long trying to pick out flowers for scully, they thought it was suspicious.

-mulder then got into gardening, and was taught by skinner how to not kill a plant.

-they have a sunflower patch right outside william’s bedroom window.

-maggie knit a blanket for william that he slept wrapped up in until he was in grad school adn the stitching finally gave out.

-if they were to have another kid, the siblings would have a rapport much like mulder and samantha’s or melissa adn scully’s. they called each other buttmunch adn teased and pulled each others hair, but let each other tag along on adventures and shit.

-mulder has a frequent customer card from LUSH because his lady loves baths and he loves excuses to follow her around smelling her hair all damn day.

-theres a fair in the tiny town they live in once a year in july. they have a family tradition of going to it, and watching fireworks and going on rides. by ten o'clock, every single time, both kids would crash from the funnel cake-induced sugar high.

-the first movie william scully ever attended was the incredibles. until the age of 9 he wanted to be a superhero and mulder 100% supported him and tried to get scully to do some science experiment that would make their son into a superhero.

-they live in a tiny town where the only entertainment is either a movie theater running very old movies or the local elementary school’s talent show. theres a farmers market on the main street every weekend in the summer and the mulder-scully clan often will bike down and hang out there for the day.

-mulder and scully chaperone school dances. every single dance. if there’s a photo booth, they’ll go make out in said photo booth and embarrass their kids only slightly more than if they were slow dancing in the middle of the vacant dance floor. “cant you just be normal???? i get you waited years to get together and are 'makin up for lost time’ but you dont have to take it out on me!!!!!”

-every year they host a “sci-fi july” for all of their friends and their families. they hang a sheet up outside every saturday night in july and watch a different sci fi movie out on the projector. scully and mulder can always be found in the back of the crowd, cuddling in a beanbag and arguing about inaccuracies.

-drive in movies. mulder adn scully cuddling in the back seat of the car while their offspring block their view on the hood of it, sharing a box of fries.

-maggie dominates the bake sale. neither mulder or scully can cook for shit and so they enlist maggie and she becomes famous.

-william has been banned from playing poker. after winning far too much off of uncle frohike, he’s been demoted to crazy 8s.

-mulder has half an alien face tattooed on his lower back. since scully has a tattoo he should too right? but he could only handle the tattoo needle for so long and afterwards scully assured him that half an alien head looked plenty cool and she loved it. he didn’t really care, she’d be the only one to get to see it, but he was more fascinated about why the hell the tattoo needle turned her on originally????? wh- how-??? scully????

-uncle skinner takes his godchildren’s halloween costumes to a new level.

-the bullpen bet as to who the father of scully’s kid was (please everyone knew it was mulder, but they were just bored) was called off when scully left early one day with the most intense craving for sunflower seeds.

-the only thing that mulder knows how to cook is grilled cheese and tomato soup. you’d think toast would be easier than grilled cheese, adn therefore something he could cook, but that is not the case.

-anytime one of the kids is sick, mulder or scully stays home with them and they spend the entire day playing scrabble and eating cinnamon toast.

-an older will is completely unable to walk anywhere near the hoover building without being yelled at as “HEY SPOOKY MU- oh sorry buddy. jeez you look like your dad”.

-as they grow older, mulder and scully decide to retire from the bureau. scully will occasionally do pathology consulting or lecture circuits, but for the most part, they simply stay around their home in virginia and have the peace that they always dreamed of.

-but that said, after their retirement, the x files, for the first time, remained open, and in years to come, many agents worked their way in and out of the office, none having as much a lasting devotion to it as mulder adn scully had. the few that did last fairly long had just as much trouble with the government conspiracies as their predecessors, despite the smoking man being long dead.

and when these agents had difficulty on cases, when they were clearly lacking in bits of information only people deeply involved with the conspiracy or long-time observants would know, all of these agents made their way out into the more rural parts of virginia, to an old but warm house, and they’d sit on the porch listening to mulder and scully bicker about what was true or not, now being the deep throat contact that the x files depends on. but for the first time, these deep throats weren’t at risk of murder because the head of the fbi was their children’s godfather and god help the poor bastard who disrupted their peaceful life.

-mulder always keeps the freezer stocked with chocolate ice cream. if its not, it is treated like a national emergency.

Caprice [Jungkook]

{{ noun // a sudden change, as of one’s mind or the weather ; a tendency to change one’s mind }}

Is he or is he not your boyfriend?

Fluff. College AU. 3,404 words.

➵ Joie De Vivre Series: a holiday collab with @dreamscript and @zephyoongist

Seokjin / Yoongi + Hoseok / Namjoon / Jimin / Taehyung / Jungkook


Chemistry is going to be your cause of demise.

It’s inevitable. You have a seventy-nine percent in the class, and the professor just announced that the class’s average score on the second midterm was a measly forty-five percent. You had been hoping that she’d curve the midterm, so your grade might reach a more stable percentage, but she refused on account of some overachiever earning a one hundred percent on the midterm. The look in everyone’s eyes when she said that— whoever received the perfect score better sleep with one eye open. College students, yourself included, are pretty volatile over grades.

Did you mention that the only four components making up your overall class grade were a compilation of quiz scores, two midterms, and the final?

So yeah, you’re screwed.

In more ways than one, actually, if you have to admit.

A certain cute boy named Jeon Jungkook sitting in front of you is awfully distracting.

You might be paying more attention to him than the lecture at times.


Maybe that’s why your lowest grade is in this class.

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5/3/17: FIRE WALK WITH ME vs PHENOMENA - The Comparative Analysis No One Asked For!

TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME (1992) and PHENOMENA (1985) might not occur to most people as a pair, but they have two obvious things in common: They are products of two of the world’s best loved genre filmmakers, and they were thought to represent the nadir of each director’s career at the time of release. Incidentally, they are also both predicated on a sort of Alice through the looking glass format, and as such, they may have more to offer as a duet than a cursory consideration would suggest. 

At the time of its release, after David Lynch’s groundbreaking television series was cancelled, the former suffered a lot from the preciousness with which audiences regarded Twin Peaks. A show fan (as opposed to a Lynch fan) might accept cutesy kookiness but not psychoanalytic abstraction; they might welcome a few good scares, but not being subject to constant terror and misery; and importantly, they might enjoy the idea of a cheerleader with a dark side, but sicken when the facts of Laura Palmer’s life are laid bare unromantically in all their R-rated glory.Topping all that off with the absence of most of the show’s beloved characters and/or actor (many of who expressed bitterness over Lynch more or less abandoning the program in its oft-maligned second season), it is unsurprising that the film met with boos, walkouts and scathing reviews upon release.

After a fashion, FIRE WALK WITH ME enjoyed a favorable reappraisal by its public, but no such forgiveness would come for Dario Argento’s PHENOMENA. This grisly fairy tale in which Jennifer Connelly uses her psychic connection with insects, and the aid of Donald Pleasance’s wayward helper monkey, to solve a series of murders, was understandably considered by many to be the beginning of the end of Argento’s already outrageous career. Up to that point, fans delighted in the logistical acrobatics of manic detective stories like PROFONDO ROSSO, and happily accepted the relatively anemic narrative of a fever dream like SUSPIRIA in light of its astonishing aesthetic powers. (Wiser sorts might even call this lack of “sense” a virtue) However, even these adventurous viewers had a hard time with PHENOMENA’s delirious dialog, its hysterical score that blends opera with heavy metal and surf rock, and its entirely preposterous premise. I have yet to come across a piece of critical writing that values this film as more than a collection of extreme examples of Argento’s defining characteristics as an artist. With that said, I have preemptively congratulated myself for attempting to say something about it as a story.

Both FWWM and PHENEMONA tell a little girl lost tale, in which the girls are specifically lost in a world of intimate violence and betrayal, with supernatural overtones. The mountain town of Twin Peaks, where prom queen Laura Palmer will live and die, is bathed in a searing white light by day as if to parody the pretended purity and simplicity of its people. A similarly blinding daylight bleaches the eerie environs of the Swiss Alps where a movie star has sent his beautiful daughter, Jennifer Corvino, to a fancy boarding school. By night, a cursed darkness seeps out of the pines surrounding both settings, laying cover for libidinous young men and bloodthirsty murderers. Our schoolgirl heroines have to battle both the mundane evils of ignorant adults and predatory peers, and real monsters disguised as loving fathers, upstanding school teachers, and even innocent children.

Although FIRE WALK WITH ME is a prequel to Twin Peaks, Laura Palmer is already in deep trouble at the beginning of the movie. Because she’s the most popular girl in the world, no one in a position to help thinks to wonder about her erratic behavior, nocturnal flights from her home, and often transparent misery. Laura’s fate is therefore determined by the remaining men in her life–her boyfriend Bobby, who is more a rabid dog than a person; her secret boyfriend James, who doesn’t have the humility to imagine that anything could be more powerful or important than his shallow teenage love for Laura; and Jacques, the owner of a bar on the wild Canadian border, who feeds Laura’s cocaine addiction and her compulsion to endanger and degrade herself. As in real life, Laura’s relationships are patterned after her relationship with her father, who in this case is essentially the devil.

Jennifer Corvino is also haunted by the specter of her father, which has a huge impact on her life, even though he never materializes. When she arrives at the elite Richard Wagner Academy for Girls, she is burdened with the stigma of having a rich, famous, and desirable daddy. Her social life basically has two facets, which her new roommate Sophie demonstrates efficiently: Jennifer is either subject to other people’s sexual obsession with her father, or subject to their sadism and jealousy. When Jennifer reveals that she knows movie star Paul Corvino, Sophie mindlessly assails her with a lustful rant about his body, and an invasive question about whether she has fucked him yet. Jennifer patiently explains that Paul Corvino is her father, but it’s hard to blame Sophie for her reaction, since Jennifer has brought armloads of pinups of her dad to decorate their dorm. The oedipal vibe of this scene (and the movie in general) is underlined by a weird comic touch in which Jennifer, hungry from her long journey, eats a jar of baby food left behind by Sophie’s family. Throughout the film, Jennifer will pine for the father who has abandoned her for a foreign film shoot, and have to fight alone against even less caring adults.

Of course, where Jennifer’s character is colored by this subtle form of romance with her father, Laura’s life is entirely ruined by the very real affair that her father carries on with her during the twilight fugue states shared by both of them. Her awareness of this ongoing trauma bubbles up to her consciousness in the form of hallucinatory visions of a demonic older man called Bob, who has been raping her since childhood. Laura sees him lurking behind her bedroom furniture, blames him for pages torn out of her secret diary, and believes he that he intends to fully possess her and thereby incarnate himself as her. Laura has only one real friend in the world, who she can’t possible tell about Bob: Donna Hayward (played here by Moira Kelly rather than Lara Flynn Boyle, to pretty much universal dismay). Donna loves Laura with the kind of unconditional love that most often occurs when a person doesn’t really know anything about their loved one. Donna’s innocence is so comically total that Laura must shield her not only from the story of Bob, but from her crippling drug addiction and frightening forays into prostitution. Inevitably, Donna martyrs herself on the cross of their friendship, attempting to prove her devotion by borrowing some of Laura’s sluttier clothes, getting wasted and almost screwing a young tough in the middle of Jacque’s bar. The harrowing sequence concludes with Laura, who has been perfectly evil to Donna all night in an attempt to ward her off, giving vent to a shattering scream at the sight of her friend being molested. Still, she is unable to experience or express actual love, screeching at her best friend, “DON’T YOU EVER WEAR MY STUFF!” 

Donna’s love for Laura is as deep as her maturity allows, as FIRE WALK WITH ME and Twin Peaks frequently touch on the way in which teenage relationships are, paradoxically, exactly as passionate as they are shallow. PHENOMENA takes this a step farther, describing the corrosive, sadistic social environment that tends to sprout up between girls. After Jennifer tells the heartbreaking story of her philandering mother walking out on the family on Christmas (which, apropos nothing, has a curious similarity to Phoebe Cates’ dead santa story from GREMLINS), Sophie says, as if she hadn’t heard a word, that she’s glad Jennifer has arrived because she gets so lonely at night. Throughout their entire conversation, in fact, Jennifer’s dialog and Sophie’s dialog never seem to quite match up, as if they were in two separate movies. This makes for an acute description of the way in which young women readily perform the drama of being best friends forever, while not really acknowledging each other as individuals, or even liking each other very much. Shortly hereafter, Sophie absconds with Jennifer’s black and gold Armani pullover (all of the apparel in this film is provided by Armani, which contributes excellently to the film’s slick, icy look) to rendezvous with her boyfriend along the treeline. First she brags about knowing the daughter of a celebrity and stealing her clothes, but when she realizes that her boyfriend is now interested in Jennifer, she changes her tune. “She wears her hair like mine,” Sophie boasts, as if she were the influencer, and then cattily divulges that Jennifer sleepwalks, and must be crazy. PHENOMENA being essentially a slasher movie, Sophie isn’t long for this world, but Jennifer responds to her gruesome murder with a spirit of vengeance for her supposed friend.

PHENOMENA also boasts the mother of all mean girl sequences, a psychotic update of CARRIE’s “plug it up” scene, in which Jennifer’s classmates have cottoned to the fact that she “thinks” she can speak to bugs. A fabulous swirling tracking shot gathers a growing gang of girls around Jennifer, as they taunt her with insect noises which transform into a chant: WE WORSHIP YOU! WE WORSHIP YOU! Naturally, Jennifer’s insect friends descend on the school, threatening to crash through the windows as she declares messianically, “I love you. I love you all.” Of course, the grownups at the academy are partially to blame for the atmosphere around Jennifer. This revelation about her powers came to light because, guided by the psychic voice of a firefly, Jennifer wandered into the night to retrieve from the trees one of Sophie’s gloves, which contains a helpful maggot. This is another one of the film’s great and powerful scenes: Jennifer, cherubic in a white nightgown and dwarfed by the cold luminous cube of her dorm, glides across the pitch-black lawn as if in slow motion–while, in stark contradiction to this dreamy image, the soundtrack blares with a massive, speedy metal anthem. It’s a fascinating aesthetic device that Argento will employ again later in the film, accompanying slow, quite action with crushing, thrashy music. In any case, when Jennifer naively surfaces the fact that a maggot told her about Sophie’s murder, the domineering headmistress (the astonishing-looking Dalila Di Lazzaro, who is no Alida Valli, but she gets the job done) calls the men in the white coats. Jennifer is subject to a number of humiliating experiments and tests to evaluate her mental health (“Do you take anything? Like, do you understand…DRUGS?”), on which she storms out. Where Laura Palmer is almost totally alone in the world due to her perceived perfection, Jennifer Corvino is isolated by constant scrutiny.

Laura has just one, tragically ineffectual source of aid–generically, forces from the Black Lodge. The backwards-speaking Man From Another World seems to try to warn her, and Agent Cooper, of her fate, but he speaks only in poetic code. Dale himself tries and fails to advise her through her dreams, and Laura also receives strange messages from one of her Meals On Wheels recipients. Mrs. Chalfont and her grandson, a mute junior magician who hides behind a disturbing pagan mask, try to intervene with Laura, but only manage to terrorize her further. A person’s ordinary sources of support are absent or utterly corrupt, including Laura’s mother (the always excellent Grace Zabriskie), a terminally nervous chainsmoker who exists in a state of fragile, attenuated silence, unable to confront what she seems to know is happening between her husband and her daughter. Although Sarah Palmer also receives visions from the Black Lodge, she retreats from them in terror and resigns herself to her circumstances. She even accepts, tremulously, an obviously drugged libation from her husband before bedtime, when the trouble begins.

The great power of FIRE WALK WITH ME, and also Twin Peaks, is that Laura’s father is not pure evil. Even if you were to start totally from scratch for the movie, you could never in a million years cast a more perfect individual than Ray Wise as Leland Palmer. Wise’s limitlessly expressive face, physical vitality, and unpredictable vacillation between warmth and violence lend the perfect depth to Leland, who simultaneously inspires pity and fear. He truly loves his daughter, frantically trying to console her when they are shockingly confronted by the One-Armed Man in traffic, and even appearing tearfully at her nightstand in a display of emotion that amounts to a tacit admission of guilt. He evinces a genuine desire to be close to his daughter, which is unfortunately inseparable from his desire to be with her as a man. Leland is much more than a good guy by day, and a bad guy when witlessly possessed by an evil spirit. Within David Lynch’s supernatural fable is a completely authentic story about mental illness and incest that strikes all the right psychological chords.

While Jennifer’s father never becomes more than an idea, she does attract a separate father figure in the course of mission to identify Sophie’s killer, who probably also murdered another schoolgirl in the recent past. Donald Pleasance plays a paraplegic forensic entomologist who happened to have been close friends with the original victim. Jennifer meets him after one of her somnambulistic excursions, during which she narrowly escapes being gang raped by some virile college men. She is surprised in the woods by a chimpanzee, who she trustingly follows to the safety of Dr. John McGregor’s eccentric home in the woods. McGregor, who apparently has a way with teenage girls, quickly determines that Jennifer has a special connection to insects–specifically, he notes that a certain beetle in his care is trying to get it on with her: “You’re arousing him, and he’s doing his best to arouse you.” While McGregor is meant to be charming, and never does anything explicitly inappropriate, his role in the story contributes to a feeling that Jennifer can never escape her freudian circumstances, whether she is being accused of having sex with her father, actually pining for her father, or being eroticized by the nearest father figure in her life.

Whatever it may lack in psychological realism compared with FWWM, PHENOMENA takes much stranger strides in examining the role of the mother in this sort of saga. Already we have been introduced to the idea of Jennifer’s deadbeat mom, and the angry, jealous-seeming headmistress who tries to have her committed, but there is a third figure in play who the audience may have counted out at the beginning of the movie. Dario Argento’s erstwhile creative and romantic partner Daria Nicolodi (from whom he separated the year of this film’s release–and whatever it means, Argento cast his daughter Fiore, from another partnership, as the first victim) plays Frau Bruckner, an employee at the school who seems pretty dismissible at first. She suddenly becomes relevant toward the last act when McGregor is murdered by the mysterious killer. Seemingly sympathetic, Bruckner invites Jennifer to spend the night at her home–but once they’re there, the older woman suddenly becomes strange and threatening. Noticing a profusion of shrouded mirrors in the house, Jennifer prompts her hostess to deliver a disturbing monologue about her “sick” son, who we find out is the product of a rape. Whatever is wrong with him, she considers him a burden and a constant torment. “These things can happen in a woman’s life,” Bruckner observes darkly. Indeed, even a normal pregnancy is something that happens to a woman, something she cannot share with her husband nor her children. The child is under no natural obligation to empathize with the trials of motherhood, and inevitably, the person that the child becomes is under no one’s control. This can be pretty bad news on the part of the mother, but from the child’s point of view, if you are primarily identified as something that has happened to your mother, then what can you possibly expect from her?

For Jennifer, this type of logic leads her in an unfortunate direction. Things escalate quickly with the obviously bad-news Bruckner, leading to a chase that includes one of the gnarliest images ever to grace a screen: Jennifer, clad in her white-on-white uniform, plunges into the basement dungeon, which is occupied mainly by a pit that is brimming with a stew composed of putrifying human remains. Jennifer struggles to tread water in this rancid soup as Bruckner taunts her; nearby, an interloping detective is chained to a wall, and uses Jennifer’s diversion to break his own thumb and slip out of his manacles, attacking Bruckner with the chain. Jennifer flees the scene, and finds herself in the room of Bruckner’s little boy. Foolishly, she identifies with him, perhaps from one abandoned and stigmatized child to another, and tells him that he is finally free of his evil mother. When she removes the shroud from a mirror, the child flies into a rage, revealing himself to be indescribably deformed and equally violent. He chases Jennifer out to a lake and onto a motorboat, in a scene curiously reminiscent of the end of FRIDAY THE 13TH. She summons a swarm of insects that skeletonize the boy, and makes her way to shore, only to be confronted by Bruckner. The madwoman confesses to murdering McGregor and others in order to hide her son’s taste for schoolgirl blood, and nearly decapitates Jennifer with a piece of sheet metal–before she is attacked by Inga, McGregor’s helper monkey. This is preceded by the most ludicrous segment of the entire film. It is comparatively acceptable when Detective Jennifer went out into the countryside with a stylized glass box containing a corpse-sniffing fly, but it is truly hard to excuse when vengeful Inga goes on the trail of her master’s killer, finding a discarded razor in a garbage can, and presumably, tracing it back to Bruckner. Here at the end of this wild ride, Jennifer watches Inga slash Bruckner to pieces. As Wikipedia eloquently puts it, “With the ordeal over, Jennifer and the chimp embrace.”

Even detractors of PHENOMENA will usually admit that its high camp is extremely entertaining. FIRE WALK WITH ME has hardly a shred of humor, unlike the frequently kitschy and nostalgic Twin Peaks, making it a constant stream of wrenching terror and sadness. Laura’s appalling fate is sealed by a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy: She is being raped by her father, which produces in her a suicidal self-loathing, which leads to her become a whore, and then when her father discovers this activity, he chooses to murder her. Although FWWM is much easier to identify as a work of art, its finale has problems that are not dissimilar to PHENOMENA, and I personally find it less easy to like. Half-possessed by Bob, Leland drags Laura and another young sex worker off to a disused train car. There, he savagely brutalizes both women in an aria of sadism that forms the peak of the film’s grueling progression. The sequence is punctuated by hysterical confessions from Leland and Bob about their collaborative, lifelong victimization of Leland’s child. It is hard to watch, and even harder to look away. This is all well and good, but then, as if Lynch had painted himself into a corner, something utterly untrue to the world of the film takes place. Referencing a corny religious painting in Laura’s bedroom, an actual angel appears to the dying girl. As her soul leaves her body and is relegated to the Black Lodge for eternity, this tacky, cliched angel figure appears to give Laura some solace. If it is meant to be a hallucination, this is a lousy place for it, since Twin Peaks literally features ethereal figures all the time. If it is meant to be taken literally, and I believe it is, an angel is a lousy choice, since the Black Lodge is mainly dominated by (pseudo-) Native American ideology. There is a single reference to a guardian angel in an especially terrible piece of the second season, but I would refuse to accept that as a reasonable excuse for this. Just to pour some salt in the wound, the angel is accompanied by opera music, making a jarring aesthetic departure from the entire rest of the film and the show, which is characterized as much by Angelo Badalamenti’s jazz score as anything else. Lynch could at least have cast Julee Cruise as the angel to help keep us in the mood, but no such luck. This interruption makes it hard to stay focused on the film’s concluding image of Laura weeping in terror and relief, under Dale Cooper’s benevolent gaze, in the Black Lodge.

By this late hour, the reader may be wondering how I came to the conclusion that FIRE WALK WITH ME and PHENOMENA should be paired. The truth is simply that I watched them together one night, with no particular intention, and was totally startled by the way that they mirror and compliment one another. The excoriating sunlight, the ominous winds, the lumber, the simple savagery of youth, the special brutality of women, the unavoidable victimizing effect of parenthood on both parties, it was all there. PHENOMENA may present a more abstract account, compared with FWWM’s confrontational emotional realism, but a special synergy exists between the two films, in their address of their shared subject matter. Each presents an individual lens on the material, but together, they form a kind of piercing microscope that reveals profound truths about lost girl fables. I strongly recommend this double bill for all serious students of these tales.

Before I cut myself off, I would just like to make one further remark about FIRE WALK WITH ME. It is a serious shame that people remember Laura Palmer better than they remember the actress Sheryl Lee. Even I sometimes have a hard time remembering her name, and I do find that fans who can easily name Lara Flynn Boyle and Sherilyn Fenn have a hard time calling Laura Palmer anything other than Laura Palmer. I’m not entirely sure what accounts for this, other than the possibility that the Laura Palmer character is so archetypally exciting to people that she’s more important as a symbol, than as a body of work executed by a skilled performer. It’s completely unfair to Sheryl Lee, who gives us a performance that I wouldn’t even want to live through myself. The woman has to cry throughout the entire film, which seems exhausting to say the least, but it’s not a simple matter of emoting; she makes it so raw that it’s terrifying to watch. Lee takes a simple line like “Who was that man? Do you know him?”, and delivers it with the blistering urgency of a woman mounting the gallows. There is a lot to love about the formal composition of FWWM, but the truth is that without this actress’s torturous commitment to making Laura Palmer psychologically correct, the whole structure might come crashing down. Everyone whose life has been touched by Twin Peaks, even those of us who relate to the more iconic Donna and Audrey, owe Sheryl Lee more thanks than we have given her.

Christmas in March

Rating: M

Because we had feet of snow last week and I don’t know if I trust in Spring.

For @lifeinahole27 and @phiralovesloki who have terrible, awful grading. May some terrible, awful Christmas smut on the first day of Spring make it better.

A close chuckle made her eyes snap back open, starting at the sight of her pirate suddenly feet from her with a wide smirk on his face.

“The Saviour gets defeated by some pretty lights and some string?” Killian asked, hook lightly tapping on the strand.

She was not amused. “Don’t you have some tinsel to maim or something?”

Seemingly unperturbed by her tone, he stepped closer, hook latching onto the lights.  “Here love, let me help.”

Emma scoffed. She had two hands and ended up in this mess. Clearly he was just going to make it worse–

Hand and hook moved methodically until Emma was freed, minutes later while he stood, holding two perfectly untangled strands of lights and a teasing grin on his face above the ridiculous red-and-green scarf Mary Margaret had tossed to him when he offered to brave the cold and assist David with the lights.

She was not a scrooge.

But this was all too much.

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Pidgance Cat Cafe AU

blame @gladelockwood for planting this little seed in my braid.
In this AU the cat’s are all adoptable and taken from kill shelters meaning they are given second chances, some have injuries, but the staff takes care of them very well and they also have experts come in when needed for the babs. Also on the summer basketball practice, that’s something my school used to do so I added it in for memories sake from when my brother had to go and do then came home like dead af from heat because we live in the kinda south.

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Mistletoe (Pietro x Reader)

Author’s Note: Hey guys! So I’ve gotten a burst of creativity and thanks to a prompt made by @witterprompts, and came up with this! I hope you guys enjoy!

Summary: At an Avengers holiday party, Wanda and Natasha try and convince you to fess up your feelings for Pietro.

Other Characters: Wanda, Natasha, and Clint (briefly mentioned)

Warnings: Fluff, mention of a nasty break up, implied smut

Word Count: 980

Originally posted by maybelline

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And a Sleepy Hollow fic I never finished but what the hell, have fun with it

Man, all kinds of crazy shit is in my Documents folder. This takes place in S1, obviously, after the episode Sanctuary, following the who-the-hell-knows-what-happened Thanksgiving dinner. Because why not. And why not share it now. It ain’t going anywhere.

“This is a terrible idea.”

“Has it become more of a terrible idea now than it was five minutes ago?”


“Too bad. We’re still going.”

Abbie Mills – whom no one ever listens to, least of all her sister – shakes her head and tightens her hands around the steering wheel. “Fine,” she says. “Fine. But this is a terrible idea.”

“Really? I hadn’t heard.” Jenny leans forward and peers through the cruiser’s windshield; drops runs from where the heater has melted away the morning frost. The outline of Corbin’s – Crane’s – cabin is just visible through the fog. “Think he’ll shoot me if I go in without knocking?”

“Probably. I would.”

“Well, that’ll make it more interesting, won’t it?” Jenny glances at Abbie sideways, a smirk playing around the edge of her severe mouth. “He might be undressed. Maybe you should do it.”

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Master list of Newsies fics written between August 2015 and July 2016

Here is a master list of all the newsies fics that I wrote between August 2015 and July 2016. There are 89 stories in total.

***Older Stories***

For stories written between February 2015 and August 2015 go here:

If you are looking to read stories written between February 2014 and early February 2015, go here:

if you want stuff written prior to February 2014, go here:

*** Emoji Key ***

❤️indicates a story with a romantic pairing.
💕indicates a story where romance may be present, but it’s not the main focus. Maybe I wrote about characters in a way where their relationship could be seen as romantic or platonic, or maybe there is a background romantic relationship in there somewhere.
😊 indicates a story that is completely and certifiably gen.
⭐️ Is for modern AU.
✨ Is for stories based on the stage musical.
Most of the stories are canon era and movie based, so there is no emoji for that.

The stories are under the cut. Feedback on any of them is always welcome, and so are new prompts.


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anonymous asked:

Headcannon of the RFA (+ V and Saeran if u want) not having anyone to spend Christmas with, and MC inviting them to stay with her and if they say no she's like "nope it's decided your spending Christmas with me!"


- he really doesn’t think it’s necessary

- if you want to spend Christmas together so badly why not stay at his place?

- plus Elizabeth 3rd would be left all alone

- “It’s a family holiday, Jumin.”

- since you’re so persistent he agrees

- considered inviting his father, but decided against it to avoid possible girlfriend drama

- did bring Elizabeth 3rd with a little Santa hat

- extremely polite

- like he pulls out all his smooth talking

- knows that you invited him so doesn’t want to be a bother

- even though he brought Elizabeth

- the amount of presents he got you

- he also got some for your family so he didn’t seem rude


- lowkey nervous

- he hasn’t had a family Christmas in so long

- doesn’t want your parents to disapprove of him too

- but okay, you really want him to so he’ll try to show he’s worthy

- and by try, he completely nails it

- he is so sweet to you, your family loves him

- he also knows how to smooth talk

- plus famous actor, can’t go too wrong with that

- they were slightly nervous about him cheating as that’s common with celebrities, but the way he looks at you is so loving they don’t worry about that at all

- he feels bad he doesn’t have a gift for everyone in your family, but since he hasn’t met them before he couldn’t really get them much

- he sings for everyone after Christmas dinner


- you weren’t certain about inviting him to your family Christmas

- he has his own family after all

- but you suggest it anyway and he is so excited

- totally wants to meet your family

- and it’s so sweet for you to invite him to your family holiday?

- and he’s also very scared

- what if your parents don’t like him?

- what if he messes up somehow?

- “Yoosung calm down, they’ll love you.”

- will they?

- they do

- he’s very sweet, even if he’s fidgety

- he’s not rude and genuinely treasures you, how could they not like him?

- he offers to help make Christmas dinner

- at one point, you two start talking about video games and can’t be talked to for another hour


- she was planning on just staying home for Christmas

- making some coffee, watching Zen’s DVDs, going to bed early for once

- she didn’t think you’d want her to come visit your family with you

- she can do all the things she wanted at your parents’ house though

- so, alright

- at first, she’s extremely formal

- this is not a business deal, Jaehee

- she does loosen up pretty quickly

- your family really likes her

- she’s respectful and has her life together

- and you two are just so cute together, they could never disapprove of your happiness

- you both make drinks for everyone


- he’s not super excited, to say the least

- he’s really weird, has bright red hair, and what can he tell your family his job is?

- but you won’t accept no for an answer

- he’s gonna come if you need to drag him by the feet kicking and screaming

- it doesn’t go that far

- but he’s very silent on the car ride

- every now and then he’ll ask questions about your family

- he keeps asking if you really think they’ll like him

- once you get there he puts on his cheerful face and jokes around

- at first it’s one of his masks, but you can see him relax and become comfortable as everyone accepts him quickly

- he’s a big dork and easy to get along with

- everyone loves him

- he fixes your families’ computers as a Christmas gift


- nope

- he doesn’t want to go

- he’s never had a good family holiday experience

- and he looks like a punk and doesn’t talk much

- he doesn’t want to freak your family out

- but dammit he’s going to come

- he tries to sneak away the night before you two leave

- but you suspected something like that might happen so catch him

- you tell him if he really doesn’t want to go, he doesn’t have to

- “… I’ll go.”

- he practically hides behind you

- he tries his best to be polite to your family

- at one point he does say something sarcastic and feels so bad, apologizes immediately

- no one has any idea why he’s apologizing

- immensely happy he went

- he felt so accepted and cared for by everyone there

- very grateful you brought him


- he smiles and says you don’t have to bring him

- he doesn’t want to intrude

- “We’re dating, it’s not an intrusion, everyone wants to meet you.”

- well, if you put it like that, he supposes he can come

- very polite and respectful

- offers to help whenever needed, or when no help is needed

- your parents like him, he’s really gentle with everyone, especially you

- they ask to look at the pictures he’s taken and spend a while going through them all

- you fall asleep against him by the tree and your parents are pretty surprised when he doesn’t move for two hours until you wake up and move to an actual bed

anonymous asked:

Peter Parker please the I'm your secret Santa and I bought you this expensive but sentimental gift but I don't want you to know it's from me, since I've been in love with you for a million years.

I LOVE PETER PARKER SO MUCH!! Thank you so much for this request, I’ve really enjoyed writing it, although it was a little bit of a struggle because it was super hard to come up with a sentimental gift. I hope it’s how you wanted it to be.
- K

Originally posted by ryan-potter

“You’re awfully quiet, (y/n),” your best friend of nearly a year says from next to you. “What’s wrong?”

You keep your eyes facing forward as you and Peter walk down the snowy, yet of course still busy, New York street. Both of your arms are filled with bags from Christmas shopping, and you find yourself slipping occasionally on the lack ice that decorates the sidewalk.

“Well … this will actually be my first time celebrating Christmas.” You glance over at Peter, who’s looking at you confusedly. “Ever.”

His eyes widen. “Wait, seriously?”

You nod and turn your eyes back to the sidewalk. “I guess you wouldn’t know, would you? Before I came to work at Stark Industries … I was homeless. I’ve spent my whole life bouncing from foster, to orphanage, and back to foster homes … you get the point.

“Anyway, Maria Hill found me when I was at the library on the computer. As you know, I’m really good with computers, and she had been tracking my activity so she could hire me.” You laugh nervously. “Let’s just say she was more than surprised when she found out I was only a fifteen year old girl.”

“I thought you were sixteen?”

“I turned sixteen before you came to intern here.”

“Oh.” After a brief pause so quiet, you could practically hear the snowflakes hitting the ground, Peter speaks again: “If you don’t mind me asking … what happened to your parents?”

You look down. “My dad left my mom after he found out she was pregnant, and my mom died of cancer when I was five.”

“I’m sorry.”

You laugh nervously. “It’s not a big deal. It was a long time ago. I’m just excited to actually celebrate Christmas!”

Out of everyone, Peter understands the most that it IS a big deal. He still thinks about his parents every day, but he knows you don’t want to talk about it. So he just smiles at your excitement. “We’ll celebrate it together.”

Smiling to yourself, you blush slightly and nod. 

Peter just vaults out the window and shuts it in time for you to come in through the front door of your apartment. Well, technically Stark’s apartment that he gave you to stay in, but your apartment. His fingertips and toes grip the cold brick on the building wall, and he peeks his head to the side just enough to see you set your bag down on the coffee table and walk to your bedroom.

The last week, Peter has been researching you. Definitely not in a weird way, in a normal way. With Tony’s help, Peter found your early childhood records and stuff. He wanted to get you the perfect Christmas gift, so he figured getting to know you better would help.

And he found the perfect thing.

When you were born, your mom had had a necklace made. It was silver, with a diamond (first letter of your name) hanging around it, and a pink heart to represent a baby girl. However, you had lost the necklace once between moves, so Tony helped Peter make a replica.

A replica that is sitting in a beautifully wrapped (f/c) box under your Christmas tree.

By the time you walk back into the living room, Peter is covered in a light dusting of snow. He smiles when he sees how beautiful you look: Pajamas, hair pulled back, and no make up. Most people would argue, but Peter thinks you’re the most gorgeous girl in the world no matter what you look like.

After sitting on the couch for a couple minutes, you finally notice the little box under the tree, and you frown. You don’t remember getting any presents, except for the invite to Christmas dinner with the Parker’s tomorrow night, which was a gift within itself. Where did that box come from?

Standing up off of the couch, you pad over to the lit tree, and reach under it to grasp the (f/c) box on top of its tree skirt. Opening the lid, you gasp and nearly drop the box when you see what’s inside. 

It’s your mother’s necklace, but cleaner. And newer. But it’s her necklace. After all these years, you had nearly forgotten what it looked like, but you would still recognize it anywhere. Tears well up in your eyes as you pull the thin chain out of the box, and soon they’re spilling freely down your cheeks. 

Who got you this? You never told anyone about this.

Smiling to himself, Peter jumps off of the wall and free-falls for a bit before shooting out a web and swinging away through the snow and towards home. Best. Christmas Eve. Ever.

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The Librarians sentence meme
  • "I was supposed to die."
  • "I don't believe in fate."
  • "She will die for you. No matter how much you don't want her to. Never forget that."
  • "I want that now!"
  • "I choose to save the world."
  • "If I met myself, would I explode?"
  • "I need a pen."
  • "Nope! No, no, no, no, no, no!"
  • "Mosquito tone. It's a high pitched sound that only young people can hear. No offense."
  • "You stayed to run the family company. That's a good reason."
  • "It's an excuse."
  • "Okay, I see enough psychedelic visions on my own. So, no thank you."
  • "UFOs do not exist."
  • "Says the guy with the teleporting door."
  • "You're planning on selling out the human race, aren't you?"
  • "This is exactly the point in the movie where the guy in the audience says, 'get the hell out!'"
  • "You're very weird librarians."
  • "It's a very weird library."
  • "This is me ignoring you. Get used to it."
  • "Who are you people?"
  • "Librarians. We're the Librarians."
  • "Do not fear the villain. Fear the hero."
  • "And trust me, if you don't learn how to win the war instead of just fighting the battles, none of us will survive."
  • "Magic's real?"
  • "Magic's real."
  • "Someone turned a magic spell into an app."
  • "Reality. It's the shared narrative we agree to believe."
  • "That is more than I ever wanted to see of any elected official."
  • "Okay. So we have to get a sample and a picture... and not die."
  • "Do not antagonize the local law enforcement."
  • "But it's so much fun!"
  • "Little criticism. Since I've been back, the librarians seem kind of evil."
  • "It's smarter to be lucky than lucky to be smart."
  • "Do you have any idea what's down there?"
  • "Nope. That's the best part."
  • "I love this job."
  • "A giant winged fire-breathing dragon is coming here?!"
  • "Somebody jacked Santa's ride."
  • "Architecture is just art we live in. Why doesn't anybody get that?"
  • "Mrs. Clause is real?!"
  • "Oh, shiny balls, yes!"
  • "Christmas is cancelled."
  • "Well maybe the term you're looking for, is 'partners.'"
  • "So, annoying or cryptic. Those are your two speeds, huh?"
  • "Good luck finding 14 virgins these days."
  • "We found something weird too."
  • "I found a room full of really old art."
  • "We found a room full of human skulls!"
  • "What do you mean, human skulls?"
  • "How many ways can I mean human skulls?!"
  • "Okay, new rule. How about we not refer to the tumor that will one day kill me as a 'brain-grape.'"
  • "I'm here to do science and math; and sometimes, hallucinate."
  • "I'm offering you a life of mystery, of misery, of loneliness, and adventure. More than that, I'm offering you the opportunity to make a difference and to save the world every week. Twice before Friday. Are you in?"
  • "Oh, impossible - pipsyposh, pipsyposh! People keep saying that as though we don't eat the impossible for breakfast every day."
  • "I was really expecting a better secret door."
  • "I'm gonna be dead tomorrow."
  • "So, how would they want you to spend your last day?"
  • "They'd want me to save the world one last time."
  • "Your brain is a weapon, and a tool, and a library all wrapped in one."
  • "Vampires are real. But Dracula is not. Because I killed him."
  • "There ain't nothin' amateur about my bar fighting, sweetheart."
  • "When I do math, I smell things. Mostly breakfast."
  • "You call Excalibur, 'Cal'?"
  • "We're friends. Best friends. Besties, really."
  • "How did you know all that?"
  • "I'm the Librarian."
Home for the Holidays

Hi @usukdorkfanfics,  I’m your secret santa !! admittedly, i was already kinda nervous to write something for you because I really like your fics! I was also a little worried with just the prompt of “human au”, but I ended up running away with it and got lost lmao ouo;; I hope your Christmas celebrations are going well and you enjoy! C: Merry Christmas!!

Title: Home for the Holidays

Summary: Alfred waits tables and sings on the sidewalks of New York City in his struggle to survive in the heart of such an active town. When he meets Arthur, a well-off lawyer with a bad taste in coffee and a love for restaurant pies, he doesn’t expect to have his most challenging Christmas wish granted, and the potential of something more.

Rating: G

Warnings: None


busk - verb

1. play music or otherwise perform for voluntary donations in the street or in subways.

“the boy made extra money by busking on the streets of New York”

Read it on, AO3, or below the cut !

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x-01-king  asked:

Here's a good scenario: it's Christmas time in the Commonwealth and Sole Survivor is dressing up like old st nick and handing out gifts. What're the companions reactions?

I’m writing this as if Christmas is relatively rare outside of Diamond City, since that’s the only place I’ve ever seen it referenced (on Dec 25th in-game there are lights, trees, etc). -Moss

CAIT- Growing up the way she did meant she didn’t get to celebrate a whole lot of holidays. Any gifts she might have gotten, her parents took. So Cait cackles when she sees Sole at first- they look ridiculous. But she gets flustered when Sole hands her a box with an old bow tied around it. People don’t just… give other people things for free. What kind of holiday is this, anyway? Cait wants to make fun of whatever’s inside at first- she doesn’t want to show how much it means to her. But later, in private, she promises to treasure it forever.

CODSWORTH- He never did get to celebrate Christmas pre-war. His first real holiday with Sole’s family would have been Halloween- and, well, we all know how that ended. Like Sole, he throws himself into the celebrations, insisting on preparing the meal and spiffing up the celebration area as best as he can. When he sees Sole’s attire, he comments wistfully that he wishes he could have seen a pre-war Christmas, and that its nice of Sole to try and give everybody one. He doesn’t expect that Sole has anything in that bag for him, though, so when Sole pulls out a present with his name on it, he’s flustered to the point of tears (well, his voice sounds teary, anyway).

CURIE- Curie remembers Christmas in the Vault, the one day out of the year when all the work stopped. It was quite inefficient, in her opinion, but now she understands that there are more benefits to this gift-giving than she thought. It’s an opportunity to show people that you know them and care about them. Apparently it’s also an opportunity for Sole to have some fun and dress up in crazy clothes, although when Curie first sees them, she questions their sanity. She’s taken aback when Sole gives them a gift- she hadn’t expected it and although she’s overjoyed, she laments that she’s unsure what the proper response is.

DANSE- Christmas in the Brotherhood isn’t the biggest holiday of the year, but the Knights usually gathered to have a drink or two on December 25th, so Danse has fond memories of it. He doesn’t quite understand why Sole is doing these things- that suit Sole is wearing is hardly Brotherhood material (although it’s got so much stuffing, it probably would protect them in a fall), and he’s skeptical about the idea of giving away the things Sole worked hard for. He changes his tune when Sole hands him his present- he didn’t expect one and feels a little unworthy. But he’s starting to gain a new appreciation for the meaning of Christmas.

DEACON- Dez and the gang celebrate Christmas with a bottle of wine and a couple of fondly-exchanged presents. Deacon somehow managed to never be around to give or receive, so he doesn’t have many recent fond memories of Christmas. He calls Sole out on their, “uhh, unique?” disguise, and finds the idea that people pre-war would tell their children that a cookie thief would be breaking into their homes every Dec. 25th a little weird. He hasn’t gotten a present in a long time, so when Sole hands him a wrapped box, he’s suspicious, though he hides the reaction. But he’s known Sole for a long time now and knows that they’re just this generous- there’s no secret code taped to the bottom of the box with the location of a package or anything. He knows. He checked everywhere.

DOGMEAT- He doesn’t recognise Sole at first and has to sniff them all over to make sure it’s really them and they haven’t been eaten by some guy in a beard and red suit. Once he gets used to it, he’s happily surprised to see everyone gathering and follows Sole around at the heel, not wanting to miss a moment. When the presents come out, Dogmeat wants to help with the packaging- mostly this means viciously tearing it apart, tail wagging the whole time. Sole makes sure to use extra paper/cardboard to wrap his present of a juicy bone or an old teddy bear.

HANCOCK- Diamond City is the hub of all things Christmas, so Hancock, who grew up there, has a lot of fond memories of it. Every year in Goodneighbor he has a holiday soirée where the whole town is invited. When Sole explains the story behind Santa to him, he has a lot of fun with the whole ‘sit on Santa’s lap’ thing, regardless of whether or not he’s romanced. He loves the whole idea and asks Sole if he can be Santa next year (“Absolutely not.” / “Aw, why?” / “You know only children are supposed to sit on Santa’s lap, right?” / “That’s no fun.”). When Sole gives him a present, he hides his surprise with a grin. It warms his heart that Sole even thought of him- he’s used to being the generous one, and it reminds him how good a simple gift can make people feel.

MACCREADY- Hang on, Christmas is about giving things away? What’s the point of that? MacCready is skeptical and on the defensive, even more so when he sees the way Sole is dressing and behaving. He asks if that super mutant they killed yesterday hit them in the head harder than they thought. When Sole says they have a gift for him, he thinks they’re being sarcastic, and responds in turn- more crap for him to lug around. But when he realises that Sole meant it seriously, he first turns defensive- “You’re giving me something? Why?”- and then reluctantly grateful. He’s not used to having a friend like Sole, and it still amazes them that they can do these generous things without expecting anything in return.

NICK- Even though Christmas is still celebrated in the Commonwealth, Nick knows all the old colored lights and plastic trees pale in comparison to what it was back in the day. He prefers to spend the day in quiet, peaceful contemplation. Sole, of course, is having none of that crap. They’re wearing a beard, damn it, and he’s going to enjoy himself if it makes him short circuit. Nick puts on a show of being a big grump, but he likes having someone to pull him out of a bad place and remind him that there are still good things out there in the world, even if those good things come bearing gifts of toasters. (Stuffed into the toaster are about a hundred pristine packs of cigarettes. Sole has a sense of humor, but they sure do know what he likes.)

PIPER- Piper both loves and hates Christmas. It’s important to her that she makes Christmas an enjoyable holiday for Nat, but sometimes she forgets about her own happiness. The second she sees Sole, she starts planning a historical piece on the meaning of Christmas, and wonders if she can make it an add on piece to how Sole sees Diamond City by comparing their idea of Christmas to the current one. She’s used to the act of gift-giving from growing up with Nat, so she probably has the most well-adjusted reaction to Sole giving her a gift, and tells them how much it means to her.

PRESTON- A holiday that’s about giving gifts and services to people you care about is right up Preston’s alley, and he loves to celebrate it. It’s his favourite holiday, even if not a lot of folks out there in the Commonwealth have time for it anymore. Even without gift-giving, it’s a time to let people know you appreciate them. Preston’s tickled pink when he sees Sole in their Santa costume, once more trying to make everyone’s day a little brighter. His eyes get wide when Sole pulls something out of that bag for him, of all people, and he’s not sure how to respond. (After his 12th thank you, Sole swears they’re never giving him another present again.)

STRONG- Strong doesn’t understand the merit to giving people knick knacks and baubles without asking for anything in return- and he hates the costume, although he respects Sole enough to give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they want people to see them as a target. Maybe all that padding is actually a form of armor. He can’t come up with an excuse for the beard, though. He keeps whatever Sole gives him close, though, even though he doesn’t see the point in it. If it’s important to Sole, it’s important to him. Maybe it’ll help him find the milk of human kindness.

X6- The Institute doesn’t celebrate Christmas. X6 respects Sole’s ability to make a fool of themselves, but he’s certainly not taking part in the celebration. When Sole gives him a gift, he misunderstands the intention, thinking that Sole is just outfitting him for another mission (if it’s something practical) or giving him something they need him to protect like a keepsake. Sole explains to him that it was a gift- it belongs to him. He reminds them that he is a synth, and that personal property means little to him. That doesn’t mean he’s going to give it back, though.

Secret Santa

This story started out as something else and then took an entirely different direction based on something I imagined happening to a friend of mine.  A very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you!

Secret Santa

The doorbell rang twice while Nick was in the shower. He heard it both times but given his current state of undress, didn’t attempt to answer.   Only a few days before Christmas, odds were in favor of a package being left on his front doorstep and Nick didn’t feel the need to rush to greet the UPS driver.  Several minutes later, after towel drying his hair and throwing on a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt, he ambled to the front door and opened it.  Sure enough, two brown packages sat on his doorstep, one small and another large.

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Merry Christmas Josh

 Samantha looked over at the twins tearing the paper off their presents and smiled at them, laughing as they jumped up and hugged her, thanking her for her presents. As she held them both close and smiled, she saw their older brother looking at them and how he smiled so softly. The way he was staring at her made her hot, Hannah startling her out of their weird trance. 

“Thank you Sam! You knew I wanted that top, who told you?!”

Beth looked back at her sister and hit her, both of them realizing that the other had told Sam what to buy for them.

“You sneaky tart, your the one that told her?”

The male Washington laughed and Sam noticed she had been staring at him as the twins talked. She reeled her back to him and tried smiling at the twins even though her inner awkwardness bubbled up in her chest. Her mind couldn’t stop going over how his laugh shook her core.

She wished though that one day, she could give him a gift he’d love like Hannah had hers, to jump in her arms and hug her.


Hospitals always made her queasy but her mind at the moment wasn’t focused on that, she was focused on finding the right room. A nurse came to her as she aimlessly wondered around and grabbed her arm, pointing to her with a smile where to go.

Blond hair bobbed up and down her back, not having thought to tie it as she walked hurriedly to his room. Nobody else had came to see him she noticed as she walked to his door, his back to her.  

She cursed under her breath as her sweaty hands made the wrapping paper  crunch under her hold and made him jump, turning himself over to see her.

“Sam! I er.. Sorry I didn’t hear you come in.”

She smiled and felt her cheeks go red as she watched him look her up and down, his eyes stopping to what she held.

“Merry Christmas Josh.”

Putting her gifts on the table, she smiled at him and handed him a first one as he just stared at her, his hands almost white.

“D-did you rush here… To give these to me?”

Samantha smiled wide and nodded.

“Come on Josh, open them!”

She smiled but in her mind, she was saddened that nobody had come to see him, even though they had all forgiven him.

His lips lightly lifted as he looked at the present and laughed.

“Look its not the BEST wrapping you’ve seen but its made from the heart okay?”

He nodded and unwrapped the gift, smiling at the ridiculous Santa Claus hat and fake white mustache. Taking them out and putting them on, he noticed Sam had put her own Santa hat and white mustache, handing him another present as she sat at the foot of his bed, watching not to pull any tubs from off him.

After 20 minutes, he was surrounded with nice new shirts, some jogging’s and a new beanie, including various little objects like cute key chains and Batman pins.

Josh’s smile never faded as they laughed, his face growing tired from all this laughing. It had been so long since he felt good like this since the incident…
He watched Sam take the last present and he couldn’t stop telling himself how tired she looked, but how oh so beautiful she smiled at him, like when they were young.

“Okay big boy, this is the last one, Santa’s done for the year!”

“Oh okay Mother Claus, no problem!” He laughed as she passed him the gift.

His hands ripped the paper open and he felt his heartbeat pick up, his eyes darting everywhere on the frame.

Hannah and Beth, smiling. Sam holding them and him holding the whole group from behind.

“Merry Christmas Josh, from me, Hannah and Beth.”

He pulled her into a hug in the bed and cried on her shoulder, her tears running down his hospital robe too. Sam held onto him as he sobbed, mumbling to her how beautiful she was, how he missed them, how he was sorry, how he loved them, how he loved her.

How he had missed his chance to save her from the pain, to let her save him, to allow her in.

“Shh shh Josh, I know, Im here now, for now and forever.”

Josh had to admit, that was his best gift ever. Sam’s eternal love and acceptance of him.

Snow: Overwatch x Reader pt. 1

Playing with a minor modern au here, split the cast into equal groups of two this time. I’ve got work in a few hours so part 2 will either be up when I get home or some time tomorrow because I’m off. Afterwards, I’ve got a request to do a date edition where I melt your hearts with fluffy stuff, I’m working on a Hanzo x Reader and a separate McCree x Reader, and then I might go and make some of the “readers” from my Thunderstorm fics into characters.

• He wakes you up in the morning by beatboxing in your ear, and once your eyes open he thrust the curtains apart and shows off the glittering landscape of white snow.
• His smile is so bright, you wonder if you’re still dreaming somehow but he pulls the window open and grabs a handful of snow, blowing it into the room with a whoop of laughter.
• He wants snowmen and snowwomen and whatever else, he wants snow angels and ice forts, the works. You have to show him the ropes, he says, you promised.
• With a groan and smile, you push him out the room to get dressed and as you’re not eager to get sick, you make sure to bundle up.
• Lucio has a good idea of what to wear but you grab a green toque and scarf just in case.
• Most of the morning is spent building a massive snow fort on the front lawn, one build enough to rival Reinhardt’s castle from across the street. Then you engage in snow warfare, enlisting Hana and Lena help when Reinhardt brings out Jack and Gabriel.
• The road between your two houses is white with snowball splatter. Lucio’s adorable nose is shiny and red. You all break for lunch, warming him up with soup before you spring the next surprise: sledding.

• Reinhardt loves snow, really. Before you even wake up, he’s already built a dozen or so snow people that are scattered all over the yard. But it’s so much more than that! Tiny snow dragons with fierce snarling mouths, grotesque trolls, and ornate castles, delicate figures carved from ice.
• He’s both proud and bashful at your admiration of his work, but now you want your own castle so you two spend the day crafting a formidable fortress of ice. Everyone in the neighbourhood is super jealous because Reinhardt is physically capable of lifting large blocks of ice.
• Afterwards you both take hot showers and pull together to bake cookies, cuddling under some blankets and watching passerby’s gape at your masterpiece.
• Play gets decorated for Christmas, he puts you on his shoulders so you can get the star on the huge ass tree he picked out.
• King of Christmas sweaters, dude.
• The ice castle gets bigger and bigger throughout the winter, the neighbour kids fight over it constantly so you and Reinhardt have to supervise. A lot.
• The Queen (Ana) knights you and Reinhardt as caretakers of the castle so there is no confusion. Fareeha is the princess, Reaper is the dragon, and 76 moonlights as a knight when he isn’t feeling cranky.

• Winter is hibernation for Reaper, but he’s also extra cuddly. You wake up with his beard rubbing up against your back and his arms snaking around your waist.
• Snowballs fights are intense though. While it takes you maybe ten seconds to form your snowball, he gets five done. He doesn’t completely go to town on you thought, but by the end of a fight your hair is dripping wet.
• He is totally that person that puts rocks in their snowballs when battling rivals. There is a reason Jack always wears a mask.
• Did I mention Reaper is super cuddly? Because that’s all he wants to do, seriously. Savour this moment.
• As much as he detests the cold, hearing you giggle and laugh while throwing snowballs at him is something he always remembers in tough times away from you.
• He makes a mean hot chocolate, there are tons of marshmallows.
• Really likes watching the stop-motion Christmas movies with Rudolph.

Soldier 76
• He is such a dad.
• Type of person to shovel everyone’s sidewalk, ready to break out the ice melt for the really icy bits, and he shovels the road when the snow crews are “too slow”.
• You help by sweeping up after him, you’re very proficient with a snow blower.
• You guys compete with Reaper in who has the best shovelled sidewalk.
• 76 is a Christmas freak, really. He has had your present picked out since July. He is literally so good at picking gifts people wonder if he’s physic.
• He knits ugly Christmas sweaters and sells them, donates the money to children’s charity. Reinhardt always gets copies. Reaper totally has some too, but don’t tell anyone.
• The cold helps Jack relax a bit more so the two of you tend to spend more time in time just staring into each others eyes.

• What a mom.
• She’s always making sure your bundled up well, and that you’ve got a thermos with soup of hot chocolate.
• You handle the brunt of yard work and Mercy encourages you with kisses.
• She has a collection of snow globes that she breaks out when winter hits, a lot are part musical box so you play them a lot.
• You too dance to a lot of Christmas songs, Mercy’s not the best dancer so she keeps her feet on top of yours.
• She was probably a field medic during the war, and what she’s seen has probably kept her up at night, so she works as a nurse at the children’s hospital. You bring in books for the two of you to read for the children. You make all the funny voices while she’s the narrator (You totally get Reinhardt to come in as Santa Claus if Torbjorn can’t make it).
• You guys do a lot of crafts as well when the weather gets really bad, your Christmas tree if full of homemade ornaments.

• Roadhog makes the best snow people, and he also takes great pleasure in destroying other peoples snow people.
• Has the cutest collection of Christmas sweaters, doesn’t care how embarrassing they look because you think he looks adorable.
• You guys go sledding a lot and he picks snowball fights with anyone willing to take him on. Mostly Junkrat though.
• Roadhog doesn’t necessarily enjoy winter, but he likes that you can throw what it produces.
• You catch him lying in the backyard when its snowing, mask off, and mouth wide open so he can eat the snow flakes. His face is speckled with snowflakes, his cheeks red, and you snap a picture only for him to drag you onto his stomach.
• It’s quiet and the two of you make the weirdest snow angel ever, but Roadhog loves it.
• You guys are the weird people that find theme parks and ride the Ferris wheel in the cold when no one else will, he sits you on his lap so your bum doesn’t freeze.

• When the snow falls, you and Winston gather the icy snow and pour maple syrup over it and then eat it. It’s a French thing Widowmaker let slip and Winston is all over it. Apparently its called maple taffy. Try it, it’s great. You have to heat up and syrup and drip it over the snow, let it freeze and then enjoy!
• Remember that one scene in Frosty the Snowman where the kid uses Winston as a sled? Yeah, Winston wants to try that. The snow gets in his shirt but he’s never moved that fast and listening to you scream and laugh makes his heart race.
• You guys have the best Christmas lights display because Athena is pretty much a huge leg up. You don’t know why your electricity bill isn’t higher, but you honestly don’t care.
• The amount of peanut butter related recipes Winston’s been hoarding is ludicrous and you two attempt making all of it for Christmas dinner for everyone else. Winston measures everything correctly, and everything turns out great even if you don’t bake often.
• Because everything is so quiet and still, it reminds Winston of the moon a lot so he gets a little melancholy but having you here with him makes everything better. When Christmas dinner comes around, you leave a plate setting open for Dr. Harold.
• When it’s really cold, you break out all the puzzle books and colouring books you can find and the two of you see if you can complete them all before spring.
• While Winston doesn’t have a crazy collection of Christmas sweaters, all of his are super warm and you totally just wear those when the to of you are home alone. He thinks you need to be some pants on.

• She likes throwing you into snowdrifts.
• She also enjoys wrapping you up in layers whenever you guys go on long walk in to snow. She thinks your red nose is just too cute.
• Having Zarya on your team in a snowball is great, the snowballs are the size of your head and she throws them like a shot put.
• If you’re walking home and notice large snowdrifts on either side of the walkway, she’s waiting to ambush you. She likes nothing more than to tackle you into the snow and nuzzle your face because you make each other warm.
• If there’s a lake nearby, she participates in that activity where you jump nearly naked into the freezing water.
• She’s probably wrestled a polar bear, and she’s totally owns an Alaskan Malamute or one of those big Norwegian breeds.
• Vodka tastes really good cold; she keeps bottles out in the snow. People have tried getting at them. They haven’t.

• He knows you can’t set snow on fire but he still tries.
• Roasting marshmallows in the backyard, in the fire pit, makes him super giddy. He has stockpiles wood all year for these moments.
• Because everything goes to sleep in the winter, he likes setting fireworks off to keep things interesting.
• He has shoved snow down your shirt just so you can retaliate by throwing snow in his face. You prank each other like this all the time until Roadhog squashes you into a snowdrift.
• You and him work as Christmas elves and give toys to the less fortunate – he and Roadhog may or may not have threatened large companies to be more giving.
• You guys get a team together to play against Lucio at the local hockey rink, if you can’t skate Junkrat loops an arm around one of your and pulls you along with him. He won’t body check people until you can skate on your own, that what he says but even when you get better, he sticks close to you.
• When winter winds down, he commemorates this occasion by building a snowman and blowing it up.

• She enjoys midnight walks through the city with you, her hand closed around yours and her face carefully hidden with a thick scarf. She gorgeous even when bundled up.
• Spending time indoors in small cafes with warm cups of hot chocolate and just shooting the breeze is enough for her.
• You can her skating on the small patch of ice in the backyard and you take her out to the local rink. She skates circles around you, but she’s so bloody graceful you don’t care. She could’ve been an Olympic figure skater, she blushes and calls you ridiculous.
• That maple taffy stuff? She’s all over it. But she totally doesn’t have a sweet tooth, nope, definitely not.
• You two watch all those terrible Christmas chick flicks and laugh the entire time at how convoluted and stupid they are.
• You take warm baths together in the tub after a long day.
• If you’re feeling especially down, Amelie knows a really nice French bakery in the area that bakes things fresh every morning.
• Genji loves a good snowball fight, but only after Mercy’s outfitted him in new armour that can withstand the freezing temperature.
• You talk him playing “Snowball Ninja” with you – you toss snowballs at him and he has to cut it with his sword or tanto. He cannot hit the icicles you throw at him or else he loses points. He accepts, its fun for you and extra training for him!
• You were worried Genji would have trouble dealing with the cold but he’s super warm! Nothing like spending an afternoon cuddling with the cyborg but mind how often he releases his shoulder vents
• Because of his new body, eating is…difficult, but he can do small amounts. You’ve got a few recipes to try and you make smaller portions so you don’t tax what remains of his digestive system.
• Watching all the Christmas classics with him is so fun, Christmas is a little different in Japan and because he was part of the yakuza, he’s never seen these movies before. He’s got one hell of a soft spot for Rudolph.
• He’s great at skating too, so you guys play hockey whenever you get the chance, and he teaches you how to skate if you can’t.
• You and Genji ambush Hanzo plenty of times over the winter by pelting him with snowballs. It’s the most fun you ever had because Genji can’t stop laughing at Hanzo’s anger, and then you two have to book to safety before the dragons come out. Which is cheating, Handsoap.

[Trans] 151220 SMROOKIES Show

151220 SMROOKIES Show - Ment 1

doyoung: sm’s predebut team who show’s their skill during training, smrookies, meet fans before debut to make good memories by smrookies show. in this year, this will be our last show to meet all of you. today we will greet you again who has come to see us.
rookies: hello. we’re smrookies
jaehyun: today is the day for the last rookies show, but not only that, we also prepared special christmas show

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