is is just me or do merry go arounds creep me out at night

The Passive Observer

I am but a passive observer. I do not interfere, I find joy just from watching people.

You moved into this house I dwell in about over a year ago. You came in, professional movers following behind you, eyes bright and cheeks high in a smile. You seemed like you were ready to wrestle a bear and win. You started barking orders to the movers where to put your furniture and which decoration goes where. I watched from the shadows, despite having the ability to appear invisible to human eyes (hiding in the shadows uses less energy for me), and studied all the new stuff you brought in with you. What they were made of, estimating their age, and how much heart was put into making said object, I saw them all.

It would appear that you moved alone, for I saw no one else moving in with you. Your first house, congratulations. I am glad that you chose this old little house; I tried to keep it well-maintained while no one was living in it. You started your early days in this house with a lot of vigor and passion, you were so ready to make a future that you will be proud of, I heard you talk to yourself about your future plans and in silence, I wished you the best of luck.

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Someday Your Child May Cry

Previously: Question | Preparations | Irrational | Confession | Collateral | Thoughtless | Interrupted | Recovering | Irresponsible

10. Possibility

The second time around, Scully knows more about what’s in store, and so the side effects from the hormone shots don’t take her by surprise nearly as much. Her emotional reactions are, once again, drastically out of proportion, to be sure, but she’s expecting them to be, and somehow that makes it easier to handle.

Also making it easier on Scully is the fact that if Mulder and Diana Fowley are spending time together, they’re not doing it anywhere that Scully can see it happening. Which, since Mulder is suddenly determined to spend nearly all day every day in Scully’s presence, and calls her every evening that he’s not haunting her apartment (or keeping her at his with a very flimsy excuse of some file or other that he wants her opinion on), would have to be happening between the hours of two and five in the morning.

Mulder takes Scully out to lunch nearly every day of the week, ignoring her protests that she’s brought food to eat from home. Yogurt and bee pollen, he insists, do not constitute a fitting lunch for a potentially expectant mother. This time around, he seems to have decided to take personal charge of Scully’s nutrition and hydration. He’s forever brandishing granola bars and bottles of Gatorade in her face, and Scully might take offense at the implication that she can’t take care of herself… except that, somehow, Mulder’s sudden, constant attention to her needs is just so damn endearing.

“Do you have enough space?” he asks her in a double bed in Kroner, Kansas, after a freak tornado and a flying cow have rendered his own room uninhabitable. “I can sleep on the floor, if you need me to. Or out in the car, even.” He’s actually in the process of throwing back the blankets and climbing back out of bed, and Scully reaches out, seizing him by the wrist.

“Mulder, stay put,” she orders him sharply. “There’s plenty of room.” He hesitates briefly before sinking back onto his side of the bed with a deep sigh. She releases his wrist, but before she can withdraw her hand, Mulder captures it in his own, winding his fingers between hers. She glances over at him quizzically. “You okay, Mulder?” she asks. They’ve been forced by circumstances to share a bed while in the field on more than one occasion before, and he’s never been this jumpy.

“Yeah, fine,” he says, but he doesn’t let go of her hand. “I just… I keep thinking.” She stays silent, waiting, and after a moment, Mulder rolls to face her. “It just keeps hitting me that for all we know, you could be pregnant right at this moment.” It’s too dark for her to read his expression, but she thinks he’s smiling softly. “I know you’re trying not to think about it until you’re sure, Scully, but that’s proving just about impossible for me.”

“Really, Mulder? I couldn’t tell,” Scully says dryly. “Between your obsessive tracking of every bite of food that passes my lips and your constant questioning of whether or not I need to rest, I had no clue.”

“Sorry,” says Mulder, ducking his head sheepishly. “I just… I really want this for you, Scully.”

Her mind snags on his words like cloth on a stray nail. He wants it for her. Not for them. For a moment, she thinks that maybe this is the perfect opening for the conversation she knows they’ll have to have, if it turns out that she’s pregnant… but she’s hesitant to broach the topic before she knows for certain.

If it turns out that Mulder wants to be involved, even if it’s only partial involvement, she thinks they’ll be okay. But if he’s decided, as she fears, that he wants his donation to be the sum total of his part in this, Scully doesn’t quite trust herself to be able to hide her disappointment. Mulder will be able to tell, and with his overdeveloped sense of guilt, he will feel that he’s failed her for not being willing to provide something that she has absolutely no right to ask of him. And to be honest, Scully’s not sure their partnership could survive. 

Better to wait, she reminds herself, until either she knows for sure, or until she’s certain she’ll be able to accept any answer with a smile that’s at least genuine enough to fool Mulder. So instead of speaking, she gives his hand a gentle squeeze. He pulls their joined to his mouth and presses his lips to her knuckles tenderly, and instead of letting it go, he holds it close to his heart as his eyes close.

They fall asleep with their fingers intertwined on the mattress between them.


Mulder had planned to give Scully her Christmas gift sometime between Christmas and New Year’s- in fact, he had planned to take her out for a nice dinner (nice enough that she could interpret it as a date, if she wanted)- but after dragging her out to a haunted house on Christmas Eve, he feels like he owes her.

Not that he doesn’t always owe her, really.

So when she shows up at his apartment door, even though she’s only got about four hours to sleep, at this point, before she’s due at her mother’s house, he decides to go ahead and give her the gift now. And, as it turns out, she’s gotten him something, as well, so it all works out in the end.

Mulder goes first, tearing the paper off of a hardcover book- Contact, by Carl Sagan. He grins widely.

“I don’t need to ask why this made you think of me, Scully,” he chuckles. He’s got a copy already, of course, but this is much nicer than his beat-up paperback. “Have you read this?”

“No,” says Scully. “But I saw the movie with my mom.” She blushes. “It made me think of you.” Mulder grins, returning his attention to the book. He flips it over, examining the illustration on the dust jacket, which is immaculate, without a single crease or tear. 

“Hey, is this a first edition?”

“Yes, it is,” says Scully. “And, uh… also….” She reaches over and opens the cover to the title page, where several lines have been scrawled in thick, black marker: 

Keep believing.
-Carl Sagan

Mulder looks up at Scully, eyes wide.

“I found it at my mother’s church, of all places,” Scully says. “They had a rummage sale in November, and this was sitting in a box of beat-up books from someone’s basement. And I know we said we weren’t exchanging gifts this year, but it just seemed too perfect to pass up.”

“It is perfect, Scully,” he says, putting an arm around her shoulder and squeezing her. “Thank you.” He puts the book on the coffee table and nods at the package she’s still holding. “I didn’t find that at a rummage sale, but I had the same thought as you when I saw it. It was too perfect to pass up.” Scully begins peeling off the wrapping paper. She sits there, silent, staring down at the object in her hands, her face unreadable. “And technically,” continues Mulder, “I kept my word not to get you anything, because it’s not really for you.” Still, Scully says nothing, and Mulder begins to get nervous. “Scully?”

“Mulder,” she says, her voice amused and hoarse with emotion, all at the same time. She holds up her gift and turns to him, eyes wide. “Where did you find this?”

“On the internet,” he says. The handle of the rattle is made from sturdy plastic, while the top is coated in a softer layer, ideal for a baby to gnaw on without hurting himself. It’s in the shape of an alien- not the classic, creepy, oval-eyed version, but a friendly, smiling alien, sprouting trumpet-shaped antennae from its head. “I know you’re nervous about tempting fate, Scully, but I just feel like one of us should be open to extreme possibilities here. And I think it’s safe to say, from past experience, that that someone is gonna be me.” Still, silence. “Scully?” Nothing. “Scully, if I’ve done wrong, I’m sorry, I just-”

It’s as far as he gets before she turns and kisses him.

It’s quick and sweet, and before he even has a chance to respond, she’s already drawn back and is staring at him with wide eyes. He thinks she’s surprised herself almost as much as she’s surprised him.

This time, it’s unclear who makes the first move. All Mulder knows is that suddenly, he’s lost in the sweet taste of Scully’s mouth. She’s got one hand buried in his hair and the other is creeping up the back of his t-shirt. She feels so small in his arms, so perfect, like she was made to fit there, and he’s just beginning to lay her back on his couch when she jerks away.

“I should go,” she says, hastily gathering up her things, not looking at him. Mulder’s heart sinks.

“Scully, I’m sorry,” he says. “You don’t have to leave.”

“I know,” she says. “I just… it’s late, it’s been a long night, and tomorrow’s going to be crazy at Mom’s, and I…” She sighs and meets his gaze, finally, and Mulder can tell she’s conflicted. “I don’t want to tempt myself right now, because I can’t. Not tonight.” She swallows. “Not while….” Mulder nods, understanding: she’s not supposed to have sex for five weeks following the embryo transfer, and she’s currently on week two.

“It doesn’t have to go that far, Scully,” he says. “Not tonight.” Scully smiles slightly.

“Do you really think we’d be able to stop ourselves?” she asks him, and he knows she’s right. If she had allowed him to kiss her for much longer, no force on earth would have been strong enough to separate him from her.

“I guess you have a point,” he concedes. She stands, and he walks her to the door.

“I’ll see you back at work after New Year’s, okay?” she tells him, and his heart sinks.

“I thought maybe we could go to dinner, the night after Christmas?” he suggests hopefully, but she shakes her head.

“I need some time, Mulder,” she tells him. “Time to think.” She reaches up and gently touches her fingertips to his lips, and he presses a kiss to her hand. “Merry Christmas, Mulder.”

“Merry Christmas, Scully.”

I Got You a Little Something

by: mldrgrl
rating: PG
summary: post-ep for How the Ghosts Stole Christmas - a little something for my t-shirt anon, whose prompt I’m still not posting lest I spoil the story.

Christmas Eve didn’t really go as planned for Mulder, but they did get to see some ghosts, and that was pretty cool.  He never expected the ghosts to be such assholes, though.  Two people who died in the name of love should never be so rude.  Anyway, he thought he just might lure Scully out to the house, tell her a scary story and maybe creep her out a little before offering to take her out for hot cocoa or cider or something and give her a present he’d been harboring for awhile.

So, even though he met not one ghost, but two, he was still disappointed.  He kind of felt like a jerk about it, too.  Plenty of people would give their left arm to meet a ghost and he’d just wanted to take Scully out for a drink.  Maybe even some roasted chestnuts or something.

He was zoning out to A Christmas Carol when Scully knocked on his door.  He was surprised, but not surprised to see her.  Of course she’d want to come over at midnight and argue about what they saw that night.  Except, he remembered he had a present to give her and distracted her with that instead.

“Mulder,” she said, a bashful smile on her face.  She became positively giddy as she pulled her own present for him out of her pocket and they exchanged packages.

“This feels like a video tape,” he said, rattling his package by his ear as they sat next to each other on his couch.

Scully chuckled as she scratched at the wrapping paper on her gift.  Mulder hastily tore the paper off his in one long strip.  It wasn’t a VHS tape at all, it was a book of the best illustrations for science fiction novels of the 50s and 60s.  On the cover was a pair of astronauts in silver space suits standing outside of a rocket in a red desert he assumed was Mars.

“Cool,” he said, flipping through the first few pages.  “Hey, Attack of the 50Ft Woman!  I loved that movie.”

“Does not surprise me,” Scully answered, finally sliding the wrapping paper off the poster tube her gift was in.  She wiggled one of the plastic stoppers off from the top and shook out a rolled up t-shirt into her lap.

Mulder actually found the shirt that summer when they were in Arizona, not too long after the whole Antarctica expedition.  It had made him laugh and it felt like it had been a long time since he’d laughed.  He bought it for Scully on impulse, and then waited for an appropriate time to give it to her.  What better time than Christmas?

Scully unrolled the shirt and rolled her eyes, but laughed.  “Mulder,” she scolded.  “Really?”

“Oh, come on, Scully, it’s so you.”

“Me, Mulder?  You must have me mistaken for your other partner that is pro-existence of extraterrestrial life on other planets.”

He bumped her shoulder with his and then took the shirt from her hands and held it up.  It was a heather grey t-shirt, v-necked, made of some of the softest cotton Mulder had ever felt.  On the chest was an image of a tiny grey alien with a frown on its face and crossed arms.  Just below it was the phrase ‘You’re invading my space.’  So Scully.

Scully snatched the t-shirt back and folded it neatly in her lap.  She took a few glances at the TV and then out the window.  “It’s snowing,” she commented.

“Guess we’ll have a white Christmas this year after all.”

“Mulder, why do you have a stocking hanging your bookshelf?”

“It’s for the fish.  Santa brings them a new bottle of flakes every year, but they’re still surprised.”

Scully chuckled and stroked the collar of the t-shirt in her lap between two fingers.  “I should get going,” she said with a yawn.  “I’m due at my mom’s at 6am.”

“You can stay,” he said, quickly.  “Get a little more sleep.  I can set my alarm.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“Please, I insist.  No need to go all the way home and then have to turn around and drive out to your mom’s.  I’ve got a new bed and everything.”

Scully raised her brow.  

“For you,” he clarified.  “And you alone.  I’m quite satisfied with the couch.  Unless you insist,” he added, bumping his shoulder into hers again.

Scully yawned behind a fist and then sighed.  “I think I will stay,” she said.

“Great!”  Mulder hopped up to his feet and gathered the discarded wrapping paper while Scully pushed herself up from the couch.  He crushed it into a ball and then dropped it on the table before ushering Scully into his bedroom.

“You know where everything is,” he said.  “So, let me just grab a few things and I’ll get out of your way.”

Quickly, Mulder opened his drawer and grabbed a pair of sweats and a t-shirt.  He changed in the living room, closing the blinds first and draping his clothes wherever he found room on his desk.  He turned out the light and settled on the couch, the ghost of Christmas present just making his entrance on TV as he pulled his blanket up to his chin.  There was a knock on the other side of his bedroom door and he grinned.

“Come out!” he called.

Scully padded out into the living room and Mulder sat up, but she waved her hand at him to indicate it wasn’t necessary.  

“Find everything okay?” he asked.

“Fine,” she answered.  “I just wanted to say, Merry Christmas, Mulder.”

“Merry Christmas, Scully.”

She smiled shyly and tucked her hair back over her ears before she bent down and kissed him softly on the cheek.  She retreated to his bedroom and quietly closed the door behind her.  Mulder lay back down with a stupid grin on his face.  Not only was she wearing a pair of his running shorts, cinched to the maximum capability the drawstrings could offer, she was wearing her new t-shirt.  He knew she would like it.

The End

The Dances of Middle Earth

Legolas x Reader

You laugh as Pippin and Merry prance at the center of the dance floor, clapping and skipping in a dance you recognize from the Shire. With a second’s hesitation, you navigate the other, human dancers till you reach the two hobbits and began dancing along with them. They give you baffled looks before grinning and speeding up the dance. You speed up along with them, spinning and clapping to the beat. After many more twists and turns, the song ends and the hobbits stop their dance.

“I had no idea you knew the Bywater Jig!” Pippin exclaims as he and Merry accompany you to the edge of the dance floor.

You laugh, “I used to travel a lot before the shadow returned. I learned quite a few dances of the Shire among other things. Still, I believe the dance has changed a bit. An extra step has been added after the triple turn, if I’m correct.”

“What, this?” Pippin does a light kick with his heel.

“Yes. Though now that I know that, I’ll be prepared next time the Bywater Jig comes my way.”

“Do you also know the Hobbiton Festival Trot?” Merry cocks his head.

“Yes, I believe so.”

“Then we’ll have to dance that next!” Pippin grins heartily.

To the side, someone coughs, “Excuse me, but I was wondering if the elvish maiden would care for a dance?”

You turn in surprise to see one of the knights of Gondor looking down shyly. “I would be delighted. Sorry Pippin, I think the Hobbiton Festival Trot will have to wait.”

“Ah! It’s no matter at all! I was going to get another drink or two for myself anyway. Come on Merry!”

As the two hobbits dart off, you join the knight on the dance floor. You smile as the music begins and you begin the dance. Unlike the earlier hobbit dance, which carried a sense of wind through daisies, rushing water, and sweet meadow grass, this dance is more noble, carrying the regality of the white tree and power of the the Horn of Gondor. You spin and sidestep till the song ends. Then before you know it, you’re swept into another dance by one of the rohirrim. This dance is of a stronger beat and feels like the golden plains and the thunder of hoofbeats. The turns are the song and rhythm of war as well as the clash of swords. When it’s over, you join Merry and Pippin at one of the tables around the room. There they’re laughing and swapping stories with Gimli and Gandalf.

“Ay! (y/n)! Seems the dance floor’s been keeping you occupied enough.” Merry takes a swig from his cup.

“Yes, indeed. The shadow over middle earth has been lifted and we have much to celebrate. I’m glad my days of learning dance have finally come of use here. It’s dreadful not being able to partake in enjoyment,” you smile.

Across the table, Gimli puts down his mug, “You may know the dances of the Hobbits, Rohan, and Gondor, but what would be most impressive is if you knew the dances of the dwarves.”

Your eyes light mischievously, “Name one and see, Master Dwarf!”

Gimli ponders for a second, “The March of the Lonely Mountain?”

“Ah yes, always a pleasure to dance, though I personally prefer the Ered Luin variant. It’s a bit more lively.”

Gimli frowns, “You’re bluffing.”

“Would you like to put me to the test?” You laugh, standing up. “This song has the beat for it.”

Gimli laughs and drains the rest of his mug. Then he slams it down on the table and stands, “Aye it does.”

Merry and Pippin watch with wide eyes as you and the dwarf begin to dance. This dance is very different from the others. You stomp the floor and beat your hands together, sidestepping and swinging back and forth. As you dance, you feel a clear sense of the sturdiness of the mountain and the strikes of a smith’s hammer. The dance is rough like the untamed mountainside yet as clear cut as a polished adamant. You spin and weave, pounding the floor and raising your arms. Finally the dance subsides and you’re left flushed and breathless.

Gimli shakes his head in wonder as the pair of you walk back to the table, “As I said, I am truly impressed. Where, by chance, did you learn our dances?”

You breath deeply, “An expedition a few hundred years ago, where a band of my people and yours found they were traveling along the same road. Despite the usual animosity between us, our kin decided to reach out in friendship. My brothers conversed mostly of smithing, but I yearned knowledge of a different sort. I haven’t had a chance to practice since then, so I fear I lagged through some parts.”

“Nonsense! My people couldn’t have chosen a better recipient for that knowledge. Just don’t go spreading it too carelessly.”

“Not to fear, Master Dwarf, I made a promise not to do that long ago.”

Gimli nods in satisfaction before setting off to refill his mug.

Alone at the side of the dance floor, you look around. Pippin and Merry have run off to the other side of the room and are dancing the Bywater Jig again, this time joined by Frodo and Sam. Eowyn and Faramir dance nearby the halflings and Gandalf has disappeared. Finally your gaze rests on Legolas, sitting alone and watching the dance floor thoughtfully.

You walk lightly across the floor and slide into the seat next to him, placing your arm on the table, “Where wanders the Prince of Mirkwood? His physical presence is here, but his mind is not.”

Legolas shakes himself from his thoughts and turns toward you, “My thoughts are on the journey ahead. To Fangorn, the glittering caves, and eventually home.”

“I see, but those thoughts can be put for another time, can they not? Tonight is of celebration. I’ve yet to see you take the dance floor.”

Legolas smiles and his startling blue eyes look back at the dancers, “True, but the night is young yet.”

“Yes, though I’ve never known a Mirkwood elf to wait so long for a dance. Or do you mean to tell me you didn’t often enjoy dancing under the trees?”

“I did, but I’m afraid here I’d be put to shame after your fair dancing.”

You feel a slight blush creep to your cheeks as you realize he’d been watching you. Suddenly you feel glad for the dim lighting. “You flatter me, but come now. These halls have seen the dances of men, hobbits, and even of dwarves. Let us show them the dances of the elves. Or we can wait for Arwen and Aragorn to steal that thunder.” You nod toward the recently crowned king and queen at the head of the festivities. “Choose a dance, I know many of Mirkwood.”

Legolas shifts in surprise and looks thoughtful, “In contrary, the dances of Lothlorien fascinate me. Please tell me which dance you love the most and perhaps it will be my turn to amaze you.”

You blink in surprise and your eyes widen. Few have ever asked you to choose the dance before. “I- I enjoy the Dance of Falling Gold,” You said after a moment of silence.

“Really? That’s always been my favorite as well,” Legolas stands and offers you his arm.

You accept and he leads you onto the dance floor.

The dance begins immediately and you feel a thrill as your feet fly through the familiar steps. This dance is like falling water and autumn leaves. As you twirl, you see the wind playfully rustling the golden mallorn leaves before the leaves fall and new green ones take their place. When Legolas drops you into a dip, you see the leaves unfolding and the tiny golden flowers bursting forth. When he spins you, it’s the running of the Gladden River and the strength of the silver mallorn trunks. You feel your heart race with the beat and your eyes remain locked with his. When the dance ends, your breath is fast and shallow and your cheeks are once again flushed. Legolas bows deeply before offering his arm again and leading you from the dance floor.

You sit down feeling breathless, barely noticing Legolas still holding your hand, “Thank you. I forgot just how much I loved that dance.”

“It was my pleasure, my lady. And I believe I ought to be thanking you for getting me to dance in the first place.”

“Oy! (y/n)!” Pippin calls as he dodges toward the side of the room. “Are you ready for the Festival Trot yet? Sam doesn’t believe me that you said you can do it!”

Legolas quickly releases your hand as if he just barely noticed he’d been holding it. Sam blusters after Pippin, calling correction. “It appears our hobbit friends are wanting your attention.”

You laugh, “Seems they are. I’ll be right there Pippin!” You stand and take a step forward. “Don’t think you’ve gotten out of anything though,” you say, glancing over your shoulder to stare once more in Legolas’s peircing eyes. “I’ll be back for that dance from Mirkwood.”

With that you step through the crowd to join the hobbits, not waiting for a response. As you step away, the butterflies swarming your stomach finally settle down, though you hadn’t even realized they were there. The hobbits around you begin dancing and you fall in step with them, losing yourself to the music, though you still catch sight of Legolas through the crowd once or twice. Each time he is wearing a shy smile and looks away quickly when your eyes meet.

‘Twas the night before Christmas, at least in LA—
For Dan, Phil, Jack, and Pewds, ‘twas in fact Christmas Day.
But for Mark, the clock chimed out eleven at night,
And he scritched Chica’s ears as he reached for the light.

All his friends and his loved ones were likely asleep,
But Mark texted “goodnight” before counting his sheep.
His eyelids grew heavy, mind drifting toward dreams,
When the silence was shattered by thudding and screams.

“Oh, godDAMMIT!” A voice echoed out of the smog;
Mark jumped out of bed and tripped over his dog.
He recovered and made for the window with poise,
Which vanished when he spied the source of the noise:

‘Twas Arin, decked out in a red coat and hat,
With a sleigh full of gifts and an elf-costumed cat.
And pulling the sled as it hurled through the sky
Were the Game Grumps and Holly—turns out, they can fly!

They were dressed up as deer, with bright antlers and hooves,
And cute onesies to keep them all snug on the roofs.
Their noses were painted; t’were tails on their butts,
As they flew past the window (and Mark’s frantic “WHAT”s).

“Now, Suzy; now, Barry; now, Ross, Dan, and Brian!
On, Vernon; on, Holly; on, Jack, Matt, and Ryan!
To the top of the house, without hitting more walls!
And don’t challenge me, Ross; you don’t have the rein-balls!”

As Arin called out, the Grumps swooped in to land;
Mark wondered if he should go offer a hand.
The rooftop was angled, not built for a sleigh,
And a hospital’s no place to spend Christmas Day.

But before Mark could move, he did hear a soft sound—
‘Twas the thump of the sled as it safely touched down
And the shuffling of friends on his roof in hoofed feet,
So Mark whipped out his phone, and he tweeted a tweet.

“All the @GameGrumps in costumes came out of the sky.
They’re up on the housetop! I swear I’m not high.”
Then his phone gave a buzz in the palm of his hand,
For @bwecht had replied, “Mind your own business, man.”

Mark huffed but then straightened and made for the stair
After giving the screen one more halfhearted glare,
For he heard Arin’s boots on the living room floor,
And Mark had a few questions, and then several more.

Arin bustled about, a large sack near his feet
From which he took gifts and then stacked them up neat.
A smile lit his face with each present retrieval;
When he laughed, his form shook like a bowl full of evil.

“Dude, what the hell?” Mark demanded, perplexed,
“You broke into my house! Where’s the courtesy text?
And why didn’t you tell me our friends can all fly?
Are these presents a trap? Like a face full of pie?”

Arin’s eyes, they did twinkle; he spoke not a word,
Merely finished unpacking, Mark’s questions unheard,
For his headphones were hidden beneath his red cap.
Then he vanished, his ears full of jolly gift-rap.

Mark gaped like a fish, then he rushed out the door;
All the Grumps shot him hand-hearts and took off once more.
They explained not a thing; Arin yelled, merry-bright:
“Happy holidays, all, and to all, a good night!”

Mark facepalmed and dragged himself into the house;
Not a creature was stirring, neither Chica nor mouse.
All the gifts glimmered, innocent, under the tree;
They could wait til the morning, post-sleep and coffee.

And so if, in December, you hear a strange sound
While you’re sleeping with nary a witness around,
Just remember this tale, and do try not to jump
If you creep out of bed and discover a Grump. ;)

Alone, Until I Get Home (8/?)

Summary: In Boston, Henry Swan’s six-year-old brother Ian finds a book titled “Once Upon a Time” hidden beneath the seat in their mom’s old yellow bug. As soon as Henry touches it, he remembers.

Season 3 Canon Divergence-Emma finds out she’s pregnant a few weeks after she and Henry leave Storybrooke with new memories and new lives. Nearly seven years later, another Dark Curse puts her family in danger, and Emma must return to Storybrooke to help them.

Who’s powerful enough to cast the Dark Curse? And how the hell is she going to tell Hook they have a son together?

A/N:  Ah ha HAAA. Ok, so BIG THINGS were supposed to happen this chapter, but as I started writing I realized other, smaller things need to happen first. So here’s a a chapter lovingly titled Kilian’s Very Exciting Day (aka Captain Cobroctopus Goes to the Park).

Also on: AO3

Tagging: @el-kelpo @m98h @strawberrycupcakeprincess @crisanja @superchocovian @adeelam @mez86 @cinnamonduckling (let me know if you want on or off, or if you wanted on and I left you out on accident!!!)

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Reunion // Im Jaebum (AU)

Originally posted by itsjaebeom

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Oneshot, AU

Summary//Request: You’re at your high-school reunion where you see Jaebum again after 4 years - still as handsome as ever. Does he remember you too?

This scenario contains text message imagines ^^

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anonymous asked:

ahh your writing is amazing! could you please do RFA + V + Saeran's reactions to MC's sister having a crush on them and maybe coming on to them? Sorry my request is weird >///<

*blush* Thank you! And I don’t think this request is weird at all :) Although it did get long, so apologies.


  • So this boy is painfully unaware of when he’s being flirted with a lot of the time, and your sister is no exception. Especially because he has her categorized into a “not even remotely romantic” relationship in his mind, so he’s totally not looking for it.
  • It takes you getting mildly irritated and snapping at your sister to “stop it!” more than once for him to figure out something is wrong.
  • He just thought she was being friendly? He didn’t realize there was more to it until he asks and you point it out to him, although you’re just annoyed with it and believe she’s just playing around. Then it clicks that yes, that is flirting, and yes, she’s been doing it for quite a while now.
  • Suddenly he’s uncomfortable being alone with her, just because she starts to get bolder and bolder and it makes him nervous. She’s your sister, and he doesn’t want to say anything that will hurt her but he also doesn’t really know how to get her to back off?
  • One night after a dinner you’d invited her to, she tracks him down - while you’re cleaning up- where he’s doing homework in the spare bedroom-turned-study. He’s sitting on a chair reading a textbook, and she just plops herself down on his lap and places her arms around his neck.
  • “Wh-what are you doing?” He’s shocked and embarrassed, and his face is turning red. He glances at the door, worried that you’ll walk in and see this and get the wrong impression. “[name], get off me!”
  • She shoves the textbook out of the way and leans in, obviously intending to kiss him. He throws his hands up between them and looks away, shutting his eyes tightly.
  • “N-no! I don’t want to kiss you! P-please stop…”
  • You hear the commotion and come to see what’s happening, horrified to see your sister trying to kiss you obviously uncomfortable boyfriend.
  • You kick her out immediately, beyond upset. Yoosung is slumped over and quiet with an air of defeat to him - he’s resolved himself to getting into some sort of trouble.
  • But you’re not mad at him - why would you be? He was resisting, and you know he’s gentle enough to not fight back in a way that would harm her except as a last resort.
  • He keeps apologizing but you just gently shush him, thanking him for being who he is. He wraps his arms around you and just breathes in your scent, so happy that you understand.

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howl, part 1

Pairing: The Joker (Leto) x Reader
Rating: M
Warnings: Graphic violence, mild torture, eventual unhealthy relationship
Words: 1500
Requested by: Anonymous
Summary: The Joker doesn’t mind spilling a little blood to get back what’s been stolen from him. Usually, he wouldn’t think twice about torturing a pretty young woman for information. But this time? This time will be different.

The saints can’t help me now, the ropes have been unbound
I hunt for you with bloodied feet across the hallowed ground

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Twenty-second Christmas

the series is as follows so far:

FirstSecond ThirdFourthFifthFifth Christmas, Part 2SixthSeventhEighthNinthTenthEleventhTwelfthThirteenthFourteenthFifteenthSixteenthSeventeenthEighteenthNineteenthTwentiethTwenty-firstTwenty-secondTwenty-third


I have to mess with the timeline again but I need another Christmas in here before Maggie dies so I’m putting one in and shifting the rest of the timeline … sue me … 8^)


Maggie had lay down the law with his previous year’s Christmas gift. It was a smartphone, a simple one, one without a camera on it, one attached to her cell plan, one that she insisted he keep on now because she was getting old and if she fell, he would be the first one she’d call and he needed to be reachable at all times.

He tried to argue but she shut him down, good-naturedly and with mother’s love abounding but still, she told him to be quiet and do as he was told. He’d fought her but she was more stubborn than her daughter had ever been and much scarier so he relented, taking her at her word that she’d be calling him at random times just to check that it was on.

It didn’t annoy him.

It made his heart beat a little faster, however, at the prospect of something on in his house at all times that wasn’t ‘firewall-paranoid-Frohike would be proud, technologically protected from everyone in the world who was not him or Scully or Maggie’. He did, once he got home, stare at it for a long while, power it down, felt the crushing guilt of having turned it off, turned it back on, plugged it in in his office, shut the door, went to bed, returned five minutes later to retrieve it because he had sudden visions of Maggie falling down the stairs, Maggie burning the house down, Maggie getting in an accident, Maggie showing up to read him the riot act for having turned it off in the first place.

It took until the next morning for him to use it to call her with one simple response to the whole situation, “why wouldn’t you just call Scully? She’s closer and can sign forms and stuff and won’t need to wait for a cab to get to you.”

Maggie honestly had no idea it would take him this long to figure that out and she laughed, “just leave it on, Fox, for me.”

He did.

Now he called her like a normal human being, she called him and somehow, Scully began calling him … not often but at least once or twice a week, sometimes just to see if she had any mail there or if he was doing okay or if he needed anything …

Scully’s standard mode of caring when she wasn’t sure if she could handle admitting she cared.

He accepted the erratic thud of his heart when he saw her name flash on the caller ID and the second thud as he hit the accept button. It returned to its normal beat two minutes later when she deemed the conversation over, having satisfied some nameless need buried deep inside for another few days.

He accepted this, too.


They hadn’t eaten a meal together in nearly two years but Maggie had called about a dripping pipe and Mulder had come, even though it was a Wednesday and Scully had dropped by unannounced because it was Wednesday and not Tuesday and the moment she saw him, soaking shirt with a wrench in his hand and he saw her in a messy ponytail, keys dangling from the Apollo keychain held precariously in her teeth while she tried not to drop her purse and what looked like Maggie’s mail, her mother/his adopted mother felt a spark in the air, a flutter in the ozone, a blip on the radar and breathed a sigh of relief because, regardless of what may have happened between them in the last 24 months, the magic was still there, sleeping but stirring awake once again and palpable in her freezing living room.

“Dear, would you shut the door, please? Fox is going to freeze solid and I don’t think he’ll enjoy that.”

Scully quickly gathered her senses, dropping keys and mail, shutting door, opening door again to retrieve dropped keys before finally standing up, blowing stray hair from her eyes with a sudden puff upwards, “sorry. I just … wasn’t … sorry.”

Maggie nearly giggled but managed to contain her glee at her two people finally in a room once again, “it’s fine. Come on in. We were just about to have some dinner. Fox came over to fix a pipe that was dripping.” Twisting her hands gently, “old things don’t grip quite as well as they used to.”

Mulder scrambled out of the way, “yeah, sorry. Come on in. I’ll head out in a minute, just need to find a dry shirt.”

“Fox, I promised you dinner and you are staying. I’ve made your favorite so you don’t have much of a choice in the matter.”

Shrugging but smiling, he looked at Scully, “she really enjoys ordering me around.”

Returning the smile before quickly looking away, “she does it out of love.”

“She must adore me something fierce then.”

Tentatively touching his arm as she passed, “she does.”

Dinner itself wasn’t as awkward as it could have been but there were definitely moments, moments of dead air that pressed down, compressing the spine and shoulders, back hunching involuntarily under the weight of the silence. Scully excused herself to the bathroom in one moment … Mulder to blow his nose in another … both stood in unison for the third to bolt then both smiled shyly for a moment before turning their looks to a Maggie simply shaking her head, “we need some dessert and music. Dana, go find a decent station on the radio for me, please.”

All in all, it was a happy night, all three parties going to bed at ease with the world.


Maggie had her normal, raucous Christmas with the family, sans Charlie and Bill but with enough grandchildren and grand nieces and nephews to fill her house to cacophonous capacity. She had invited Mulder but he was nowhere near ready for that and politely declined, telling Maggie he’d be around on the 27th with her gift and to help her clean behind the oven and refrigerator. Instead, he settled with an orange cat on his lap, a bag of Cheezits so if some got on the animal, he’d never know and six bottles of ice tea and root beer.

Nearly asleep, with the cat ninja-like attempting to steal snacks from the open box, he startled awake at the sound of a quiet knock on the front door. Jerking upwards, the cat, the crackers and two empties clattered to the floor, the yowling cat jumping immediately to the coffee table to give Mulder a piece of her mind at the disturbance.

He ignored the cat, optioning to panic at the midnight rapping at his entryway. Peering cautiously through the front curtain, he saw Scully’s car and pulled the door open immediately, “what’s wrong? What happened? Is Maggie okay?”

His intruding presence, inches from her, panic look on his face made her smile, arms automatically going to his chest, pushing him back slightly into the house and out of the freezing wind, “we’re all fine, Mulder, I promise.”

Next he pulled her further in, shutting the door, softest touch of coiled steel to her forearms, “are you sure?”

“Yes, honest, I swear to you. She’s fine. I’m fine. Everyone’s fine. I left there about a half-hour ago and everybody was just going to bed.” Still bundled in her coat and knit rainbow stocking cap with the tassles on top, her pink cheeks peeking through her matching rainbow scarf, “I just wanted to come wish you a Merry Christmas.”

Studying her for another second, he deemed her honest and let out a sigh, “you scared me.”

“I’m sorry. Truly. I didn’t think. I should have called to warn you.” He saw the doubt at her side excursion creeping into her eyes, which began darting around the room, then angling towards her escape, “I can go though. Sorry … sorry again.”

Finally smiling in her direction, “get in here. I need help drinking my root beer.”

Raised eyebrow met crinkling forehead, “root beer?”

“No liquor for me anymore. Interferes with the meds.” Shoving his hands in his pockets, he nodded over his shoulder, “me and Flab share us some of that fine New England root beer every so often. Keeps us young.”

Hearing her name, the cat jumped from table to couch to end table to chair back to Mulder shoulder in silence, perching as if she were queen of the kingdom and Mulder was her throne. Scully laughed, “Flab?”

He scratched the cat’s chin, “Flab.” Finally remembering the rest of his manners, “shit, sorry. Would you like to stay?”

Great debates raced through her mind, even as she was shrugging out of her coat, stuffing scarf and hat into her sleeve, “for a little bit.”


Twenty minutes later, they were settled on the couch, Scully on one end, Mulder on the other, Flab stretched to maximum capacity in the middle, head pressed against his thigh and feet pushed against hers. The TV was on but mute and making the darkened room glow blue, “so, don’t hit me for this but I can’t ask your mom and I’ve been wondering for awhile now … what the hell happened with Charlie?”

Scully could only shrug, picking at the label of the bottle in her hand, “nobody really knows. Mom won’t tell me, Bill talks to him occasionally and can’t get anything out of him, Sarah, while she loves us and is around all the time, we’ve stopped asking because it just makes her cry and that bothers the kids and so … we just … ignore it, I guess. The kids bring him up sometimes and we all are fine with that but usually it’s just to say what they used to do with him or something he would have liked.” Turning her head and resting it on the couch, “I hate to say it but it’s like he’s died and we’ve moved on but he’s still alive and we don’t know how to move on.”

Moving his hand to touch her automatically, he discovered his reality a moment too late and instead of hanging there like an idiot, he nonchalantly dropped his hand to pet Flab instead.

Scully was not an idiot and knew what his hand movement had been about though she couldn’t fault him since her body anticipated the touch, craved it and standing up, she turned, then sat on the table, knees touching his, bottle still in hand, although not for long. Setting it down beside her, she let her fingers float over his denim, loose fitting cotton over hard thigh. She didn’t move any further up than just past his knee but it felt warm and comfortable and right.


“Nothing’s going to happen, Mulder. I know it can’t but I haven’t touched you in centuries.”

His hand drifted to cover hers, digits between digits slipping in divots and dips. Fingerprints circle knuckles, palms against backs as his thumbs finally settle softly against wrists, “I miss you everyday, Scully. Every hour, every minute, every second, every millisecond and whatever the hell comes after that.”

She couldn’t begin to echo the sentiment, even come close to how much she missed him. Needing to break eye contact with him before she came apart completely, she looked around the room, letting the emotions settle, “not decorating this year, I take it?”

Beginning small circles on the softest skin known to man, he felt the delicate tendons under her skin, the underside of her wrist his sole dream in that moment, “I haven’t decorated since you left. I didn’t see any point to it. Have you decorated?”

Truth bubbled up, threatened to pour forth in a torrent of painful, hurtful words but a quick intake of air shored up the dam, “no. Haven’t been in a Christmas mood the last few years. I do well at Mom’s but I go home and I don’t want that there.”

“You don’t want what there?”

Shit, she couldn’t stop it now, “I don’t want that sense of permanence, the notion that I’m going to be there long enough to have to go out and get more decorations, pack things up and put them within easy reach for the next year. I’m not ready for that. I want a place that is mine but I’m not ready to call it my home yet. Decorations are for a home, Mulder, not a stale apartment in the city.” Tears pricked her eyes but always the expert at pushing through them, she blinked rapidly, although not fast enough to hide them completely, “I will someday but not yet.”

Checking the clock and seeing they still had about a half-hour, he squeezed her wrists lightly, “what do you think about decorating now? We could put up all our regular stuff and make this place look like it used to.”

Suddenly, she missed him so much her chest ached, a stabbing pain across her breastbone reminding her she did indeed have a heart, still broken but very much there. Fighting the logic racing through her brain, she nodded, “I’d like that.”


Slipping into old habits instinctively, Scully set up the tree while Mulder hung stockings and garland. Both quietly placed ornaments until Scully came across the one her mother had made him. With a smile, “I knew she made you one, too! She didn’t answer me when I asked but she had that ‘I’ve got a secret’ look on her face.”

“What color is yours?”

“Red, white lettering.”

He scooted just a little closer, brushing shoulders with her, “you should have bought yours with you. We could have added it to the collection.”

“Maybe next time I come by.”

Mulder wanted to smile at the prospect of her coming by again but he couldn’t look forward to it, knowing disappointment would set him on edge so he chose to continue staring at the tree, feeling her warmth, her energy, the life he had once and would give almost anything to have again.

Scully felt it, too and nudging his hand with hers, no commitment, no expectation, just touch, “you got any hot chocolate around this place?”

“I think I got some on my last shopping trip. Flab likes to drink it with me on our Saturday dates.”

Following him to the kitchen, “you have a standing date with your cat on Saturday nights?”

He knew she wasn’t judging so he told her over his shoulder as he rummaged through cupboards, “yeah. We have tuna salad, carrots, biscuits and hot chocolate or steak, baked potatoes, spinach and hot chocolate. We eat on the couch and she gets to share and then she gets to lick my mug when I’m finished. After that comes brushing and then she falls asleep while I watch bad sci-fi.”

Deciding the past wasn’t as forbidden as she thought it was when she knocked on the door, “that sounds surprisingly like our Saturday date nights used to be as well.”

With a glance at her hair, “speaking of brushing, what happened to your hair? I mean, it looks good but it’s not the right color suddenly. I noticed earlier but forgot to ask.”

Self-consciously touching the strands against her shoulder, “yeah, so I was at the hospital and Methylene blue sprayed on me and dyed my hair a lovely shade of splatter-pattern Cobalt and it wouldn’t wash out so I had to bleach my whole head and then the woman who went to dye it back to my regular color did something and it came out like this. It’s paler than it used to be but I’m getting used to it.”

Reaching out to feel it, “are we mentioning the straw feeling?”

With a smile, she batted his hand away, “we are not and I was also informed that if I try to color it again in the next six months, it’ll all fall out of my head so I’m living uncomfortably with it until further notice.”

“Good to know.” As he pulled the hot mugs from the microwave, he handed her one, “I’m liking it, if that’s any consolation but I gotta say, I would have liked to have seen you as a blonde again. It’s been awhile.”

“Well, next time someone tries to turn me into a Smurf and I have to bleach, I’ll be sure to call you.”

Grinning, he nodded, “I’ll be waiting.”

Mugs in hand, they headed back to the couch, where they proceeded to sit until well after 3am, when half-asleep on his end of the couch, he suddenly remembered, “shit! Aren’t you due back at Maggie’s in two hours?”

Scully, more than half asleep on the other end, grunted quietly, “then I’ve got an hour and a half to sleep. Be quiet.”

Flab, happy to snuggle on the lap of the strange lady invading her home for the evening, stretched, kneaded, wiggled and purred her way to sleep, notifying the stranger, in no uncertain terms, she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“I don’t think the cat was going to let you leave anyways.”

“My kind of cat. G’night, Mulder.”

“G’night, Scully.”


Baffled as to how she got out of the house without disturbing him, he awoke to Flab on his lap, the Christmas tree lights still on and a new ornament on the tree.

Well, new to the tree but matching the one Maggie gave him the previous year. She’d smuggled hers over, sneaking it onto the tree before disappearing to her Christmas morning chaos. Picking up his puddle of cat, he held her, showing her Scully’s ornament, “that’s your mom’s. She’ll be back someday I hope but for now, I think we should decide to have truly enjoyed last night then move on to breakfast. What do you say … eggs? Pancakes? Tuna?”

The cat simply purred, licking his hand for a moment before going back to sleep.

He kissed the top of her head, “Merry Christmas, animal.”


Let Me Show You Off (Robb Stark)

Sentence Prompt: #10 - “Please Don’t Make Me Socialise.” - Anonymous.

Word Count: 2023

You drop down onto your couch with a huff, dropping your bag at your feet and laying your head back as you close your eyes. You had been extremely busy at work today and your boss had asked you to stay on for an extra two hours, you’d agreed as you needed the money, but now you were exhausted and all you could think about was going to bed.

You’d decided while you were doing your extra hours at work that once you got home you would take a long bath, order a take away, put on a movie and not move from the couch. You were thankful tomorrow was your day off or you knew you’d be asleep in bed already.

A groan escapes your lips as your phone starts to ring, your phone was buried at the bottom of your bag and you decided to just ignore it and let it go to answer phone. It rang for a long time and once it had finally cut off another sound came from your bag signalling you had a new text. You sighed and sat up, clearly someone wanted you for something and you were too nice just to ignore them.

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Two Weeks (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Could you please write something fluffy and Christmas-related with (Tom Holland’s) Peter Parker?

Requested By: Anonymous

Word Count: 1,729

Warnings: None

A/N: Wow! Longest imagine yet! I really loved this request, and when I started writing I just couldn’t stop. I just love Peter. Just look at that cutie! FYI, (Y/L/N) means “your last name,” (Y/F/M) means “your favorite movie,” and (E/C) means “eye color.” Anyways, I hope you enjoy it and Merry Christmas!

Originally posted by qothams

“You’re staring again, Peter,” Ned, his best friend, mumbles to Peter. 

“Wha-?” Peter asks, snapping out of his day dream. Coming back to reality, a soft blush now creeps up his neck. “Sorry, I was just-”

“Staring at (Y/N)?” Ned asks, smirking. “You know, if you wanted to talk to her, you could just go up and say ‘hi.’”

Shaking his head, Peter begins picking at the pizza on his plate. “No, she would never like me.” As lunch went on, Peter found himself staring at you once again. You were over at your table of friends, laughing along to whatever joke was just told. It was December 21st, the last day of school before Christmas break and you and your friends were exchanging gifts. Peter sees that your friend got you a (Y/F/C) scarf and he smiles to himself. Good, Peter thinks, watching you hug your friend, it’s her color. She always looks great in that color. Once again, Peter was snapped out of his daydream as the lunch bell rings, making him drag his feet towards History. 

“Aunt May, I’m home,” Peter calls out, turning the key in its lock. Stepping through the door, he sees his Aunt rounding the corner.

“Peter! You’re here!” She exclaims, pulling him into a bone-crunching hug. “Guess who’s christmas card we just got? The (Y/L/N)’s! And they’ve invited us to their annual Christmas Party on Friday. Isn’t that great?”

Peter, shocked, just stands there nodding his head. Once the words came out of Aunt May’s mouth, his mind was already in over-drive. What am I going to wear, Peter thought, still nodding his head. What am I going to do? I might make myself look like a fool in front of her! Who am I kidding, I always make myself look like a fool in front of her. Still vaguely nodding his head at his Aunt, a little light bulb lights up in his head. Mr. Stark!

“Uh, Aunt May, I have to, uh, go to my room. Lots of homework,” Peter mumbles, feet walking fast towards his room.

“But it’s break!” He hears his Aunt shout, but he doesn’t acknowledge her. All that he needs to do right now is get ahold of Mr. Stark and get girl advice from him.

“Please pick up, please pick up,” Peter chants to himself, waiting for his brand new computer screen (courtesy of Mr. Stark) to light up. Seeing the blue bubble next to Mr. Stark’s name turn green, Peter throws his hands up into the air in victory just as Mr. Stark’s face fills the screen.

“What’s up, boy-wonder?” Mr. Stark asks, briefly looking up at the screen as he continues to tinker with the gauntlet in his hand.

“I, uh,” Peter mumbles, feeling a blush start to creep up his neck once more. “I have a problem…”

“And that is?” 

“Well, there’s this girl…” Peter starts, but is soon interrupted.

“A girl? Boy-wonder likes someone? Tell me immediately.” Mr. Stark demands, now giving Peter his full attention. Peter, blushing even more now, starts to tell him all about you. About how your smile lights up the room, about how your (E/C) eyes are so deep that he could get lost in them forever. Wrapping up his little rant with the fact that he is going to your Christmas party that Friday, only two days away, Peter voices his concerns.

“Man, you got it bad,” Mr. Stark starts. “Okay, all you have to do is just try to start up a conversation with her. Find out what she likes, and then become the expert on that thing. When you go to talk to her, she will be so impressed. Then, all you have to do is turn on the charm. Flirt a little, gently touch her arm or whatever. You got this, so don’t worry.”

“Th-thanks Mr. Stark,” Peter breathes out. “I don’t really have anyone to help me out with this stuff, and I sure wasn’t going to ask Aunt May…”

“How is the lovely lady, anyways?” Mr. Stark asks, eyebrow raising.

“Nope. Not happening,” Peter says, putting his foot down. “Anyways, I have to go. Thanks for the help.”

“Anytime, boy-wonder.”

That Friday night, Peter stood in front of his bedroom mirror, making sure he looked alright. He wore dark jeans with a Christmas t-shirt and his black converse. Hoping that this was enough, Peter exited his room before he realized that he forgot something. Cologne! Running back to his room, he briefly sprayed himself with the cologne, and exited his room once more. Meeting Aunt May in the car, they begin their drive over to (Y/N)’s apartment in south Bronx. Right as they were pulling up to your complex, Peter felt the nerves kick in. Breathe, Pete. You can do this. You’re freaking Spider-Man, for crying out loud! Peter told himself. After all, he had spent the last two days prepping himself with information about (Y/F/M). He even watched it. As the car came to a stop on the street, Peter let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding in. Lets do this.

Walking up the stairs to your apartment, he felt his heart start to pound as Aunt May knocked on the door. Not even a few seconds later, the door opened to reveal you, smiling brightly with that new scarf hanging around your neck.

“Hi!” You greeted. “Come on in!” You called out, letting the both of them in. Heart still pounding, he felt like his heart was about to explode when you turned to him.

“Hey, Peter. Long time no see, huh?” You asked with a giggle, and Peter felt like he died and went to Heaven right there. Be cool, he reminded himself.

“Y-yeah,” Peter stuttered, before clearing his throat. Smiling once more, you took his hand, oh God, and led him through your apartment.

“I’m really glad you came, I thought I was going to be stuck here with my parent’s stuffy friends and work buddies. But thankfully, you showed up.” You say, stopping when you reach your bedroom door. “Do you want to just hide out in here while we let them do their thing?” You asked, still holding onto his hand.

Boy, would I, Peter thought. Nodding his head yes, he lets you pull him through your door. Entering into your room, you sit on the small couch next to your bed. 

“Wanna watch a movie?” You ask, kneeling down next to your movie collection. I prepared for this, Peter thought to himself.

“Uh, yeah. How about (Y/F/M)?” He asks, seeing you light up.

“You like that one too?” You ask, shocked. Nodding his head, he sees you smile at him. “I thought I was the only one. All my friends hate it. I always thought they were weird because of that.”

“I don’t see why they don’t like it,” Peter responds with a smile. “The plot is amazing.”

“I know, right?” You say, popping in the movie. “Let me go steal some Christmas cookies real quick for us. Be right back.”

And with that, you left. Peter automatically begins to adjust his clothes and hair, trying to make himself look better. He just finished when you returned and sat down next to him. Silently pressing play, you sank back into the couch next to him, right up against his arm. Feeling a bit brave, he draped his arm across your shoulders, and smiled when he felt you cuddle up closer to his side. This is going great, Peter thought, relaxing as he watched the movie.

Stretching, the both of you stood up as the end credits started to show up on the screen.

“That was great, Peter,” You say with a smile. “I really enjoyed watching a movie with you.”

Feeling that familiar heat start to creep up his neck once more, he smiled back at you. “M-me too.” Looking at his watch, he realized how late it had actually gotten. “Aw, crap, Aunt May has to work tomorrow. We have to leave now, I think.” Peter says, seeing your smile fall a bit.

“Okay,” You say a bit softer. “Lets go find her.” As the two of you began to walk through the house again, Peter felt like he never wanted to leave. Finding Aunt May, they start to walk to the door, with (Y/N) leading them out.

“It was nice having you guys here,” You start, mainly looking at Peter. “I’ll see you in two weeks, yeah?”

“Y-yeah. See you in two weeks.” Peter says a little sadly. Walking away from the door with Aunt May, Peter hears the door click shut. Well, Peter thought, it was great while it lasted. Walking back down to their parked car, Peter just exited the building as the snow drifted down. Right when he was about to step off the curb, he hears you yell.

“Peter, wait!” You shout, pushing the doors open. Stopping in his tracks, he turns around to see you running towards him. Just when you were about to stop, you slipped on a patch of ice, but luckily Peter caught you. Standing you back up, you push your hair out of your face. 

“Whoah, sorry ‘bout that,” You begin, fixing your hair as the snowflakes fell down on it. “Thanks for coming tonight, it meant a lot to me.” You confessed. Peter once more felt the heat rush through his body.

“N-no problem. It meant a lot to m-me too,” Peter mumbles out, seeing you smile once more. Looking up at your window, Peter sees your parents yelling down for you to come back upstairs into the warmth. Shaking your head at them, you turned back to Peter.

“I should probably go,” You start. “Anyways, I came down to give you something.” Peter, confused, raised his eyebrow. “Merry Christmas,” You say hurriedly. Just when Peter was about to respond, you place your lips onto his. Shocked, Peter just stands there for a second, too stunned to kiss back. Kiss back, you idiot! Your dream girl is kissing you! Peter shouts to himself. All too soon, you pull back before he could even kiss back. Looking a bit defeated, you start to back up. Peter then snapped back into reality, grabbing your arm quickly, before you walked away too far. Before you could even say a word, he crashes his lips onto yours, holding you close. Smiling into the kiss, you wrapped your arms around his neck as you feel the warmth spread throughout your body. Pulling back, you smile even brighter than all the times that you did that night.

“So,” You say, breathless. “See you in two weeks?”

Smirking, Peter pecks your lips. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to see you a lot sooner than two weeks.” Nodding your head, you pull back from him as you walk back up to your apartment.

Best day ever! Peter said to himself, walking back to the parked car.

“So,” Aunt May began, smiling at her nephew. “You and (Y/N)?”

“Yeah,” Peter said smiling to himself. “Me and (Y/N).”

Parties Can Hurt Sometimes Part10 (Dan Howell)

I’m so terrible with uploading lately and I know I said I would a long time ago so my apologies for that. Also I’d been thinking and this might be the second to last chapter for now or the last one, like I do want to continue it but I don’t know if to do like PCHS 1 and PCHS 2 or just continue in one. I know i’ts a little confusing but do let me know what you guys think of this, if you think my idea for this is good or if you want it to continue in just one “season” if you will. 

Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7 Part8 Part9

                                   Christmas Eve, Christmas Day

I was woken up by a sudden movement in bed startled I quickly got up only to have Colin licking my face a few seconds later. Laughing I pulled him away to my lap but having to hold him since he tried to lick my face again.

“Colin how did you get here?” I asked quietly petting him

“I must’ve left the door slightly opened earlier” Dan said startling me

Looking over at him I just stared in awe at his adorable face. Still not able to believe what had happened last night, just thinking about it made my lips tingle and a small smile to appear.

“You don’t look sleepy” Was the first thing I said and mentally face palm

“You forgot to close the dark curtains” He said sitting up as Colin hopped onto his lap

“Oh… sorry” I said nervous of what could happen today

“It’s fine” He said as Colin calmed down and laid between us “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you sleeping in the morning” He said making me blush

“You’re such a creep” I laughed looking down at Colin

“Hey” He said pulling me closer “You’ve done it too, don’t even try to deny it because I’ve woken up and seen you staring at me” He said with a smirk making me blush even deeper if that was even possible

Pulling my chin up we stared at each other for a few seconds before he leaned in and gave me a sweet kiss. Opening my eyes once the kiss was done we smiled at each other not really needing to say anything.

“I still can’t believe I’m able to do that” He said quietly

“Hopefully that’s a good thing” I said kissing his cheek before getting out of the bed “About last night, what exactly did you and Samantha talk about?” I asked going to suitcase in look for some clothes

“Well when I got in the room she was really quiet and nervous, she said we needed to talk and explained how she didn’t feel the same as before and knew I didn’t either. She told me about your conversation and how she thought I should talk to you and actually tell you how I feel.”

“What is it then?” I asked sitting on the bed with my clothes in hand “How do you truly feel about me?” I asked looking at him as he got closer to me

“I think you know how I feel” He said with a smile

“Maybe..” I said biting my lip “But I’ve waited so long… I just want to hear you say it”

Taking hold of my cheeks he stared directly into my eyes before lovingly saying “I love you” making me smile widely replying with an “I love you too” to which he smiled and embraced me in a tight hug.


The day had been a mixture of nice and semi awkward, after breakfast Dan had talked with his parents and it wasn’t hard to tell he’d told them what happened with Samantha and myself. Later on the day Mindy had come up to me and told me she was happy that we had finally confessed to each other. After lunch I headed to the backyard for some fresh air, looking around I spotted Samantha sitting on a bench looking down at the snow.

“You’re not gonna change the color by staring at the snow” I said with a smile once I got closer

“Sorry what?” She asked a little embarrassed looking up at me

“Are you okay?” I asked sitting next to her “You’ve seemed a little off all day also how the heck are you not cold?” I asked pulling my jacket closer

“Not really” She said pointing at her big jacket “I’m fine, I just feel a bit weird” She shrugged

“Why? Did something happen?” I asked confused

“Well now that Dan and I broke up and you guys are… something. I just feel like maybe I shouldn’t be here” I could tell the confusion and sadness in her face

“Dan and I aren’t together, not yet” I said to which we both chuckled “And you shouldn’t feel like that. Dan had invited you, so what if you guys broke up just don’t think about that and enjoy yourself. We sort of work things out, didn’t we?” I asked with a slight push to her shoulder

“I guess we did.” She said smiling “But maybe I should just go home. I mean it’s still early right?” She said looking at me

“Don’t be such a downer young lady.” Said Dan’s grandmother coming up to us, I stood up and let her sit down next to Samantha as I stayed in front of them

“I thought you weren’t coming until later today Mrs. Howell” I said with a warm smile

“Robert said he would but I’m sure he was just too lazy to go get me” She said to which I chuckled “And you young lady” She started looking back at Samantha “Just because you’re no longer with Dan doesn’t mean you have to go home. If my grandson invited you it’s because he cares about you maybe not like before but he sure enough must care about at least as a friend.” She said taking hold of Samantha’s hands

“Do you really think so?” Samantha asked looking from her to me as I nodded

“I know so. So why don’t you just shake all those thought out and enjoy the rest of your stay here” She said letting go of her hands

“I will, thank you Mrs. Howell” Samantha said getting up with a smile

“Are you coming back inside with us?” I asked her

“You guys go, I think I’ll stay here for a little while” She said looking up at the amazing color changing afternoon sky

“Well if you get cold or need anything don’t hesitate to tell me” I said with a smile

“I do have one thing” She started with a funny smile “You’ve known me for a while now (y/n), how many times have I told you to call me Judy not Mrs. Howell” She asked with raised eyebrows

Letting out a little laugh I nodded before grabbing Samantha’s upper arm and walking back to the house.

Christmas Day

The next morning I was woken up by small kisses all over my face, giggling I pushed the person away before fully opening my eyes.

“Merry Christmas love” Dan said in a sweet voice

“Merry Christmas Dan” I said with a blushing smile as I leaned forward and gave him a small kiss “Right I’ll freshen up a bit so we can head downstairs” I said getting off the bed and into the bathroom

After getting freshened up I went back into the room for a jumper and some fluffy socks since it was quite cold. Once downstairs I could hear Mindy and Robert talking in the kitchen going past the living room I saw Judy on a chair with a cup of what looked like coffee on her hands as she watched the morning news. Walking into the kitchen I was greeted with a unison Marry Christmas from them both. Helping Mindy out with breakfast we were joined midway by Samantha as she came to help us out as well. After we finished breakfast we all got ready before the rest of Dan’s family arrived, heading into the living room we started exchanging gifts. So far there was a good mixture of very nice ones and very funny and unpractical ones like the creepy face bank Phil had given us for Dan’s mom and dad. Loads of laughs and thanks later there were just a few gifts left.

“Hey (y/n) could you come with me for a second?” Dan asked catching my attention

“Sure. I’ll be right back” I said to his aunt as I got up the sofa walking behind him and out to the backyard “What’s up?” I said once we had reached the bench of the back

“I just wanted to give you your Christmas present” He shrugged

Giggling I slightly rolled my eyes “You could have done that back inside where it’s nice and warm”

“I know…” He said getting closer to me “But I wanted it to be somewhat special and I know you how much you like snow” He said a bit nervous

“You’re not going to propose are you?” I joked and we both laughed

“Of course not” He said shaking his head “But I didn’t want everyone around and butting in once I gave this to you” He said making me frown in confusion

Pulling out a small box from his jacket I raised my eyebrows in even more confusion and shock, looking at me he chuckled saying “It’s not that don’t worry” before taking one of my hands and putting the box in it.

“Open it” He said gesturing to the box

Taking my hand out of my pocket I carefully unwrapped the little bow and opened the box to reveal a lovely small gold heart shaped necklace, taking it out I could tell it was one of those necklaces that could open. Carefully opening it up I saw two little photos one of them was just the two of us, Dan hugging me from behind as we both had huge smiles. The other one was of myself with Dan and Phil on each side, all of us with Mickey ears as we stood in front of the princess castel, I instantly smiled remembering that day. It was a few years ago after Vidcon and as always us and a group of friends would head to Disney and just have a good time.

“You remember” I said looking back at him with a huge smile on my face

“You said it was the best day” He said taking the necklace from me and walking behind me to put it on my neck, once done he came back in front of me with the same smile on his face “Do you like it?”

“Of course I do. But you didn’t have to do this” I said hugging him

Hugging me back he kissed my forehead before pulling away. “I know but I wanted to. We have gone through a lot mostly recently and I just want you to know that no matter what happens no matter what comes in or way I will always be there for you, so will Phil. So this…” He started taking hold of the gold heart “This is to remind you that we will always be there for you and that we love you” He said letting go of it as we both smiled

“Thank you Dan” I said reaching up to kiss him “This is more than I could ever ask for and I love you both two, you can always count on me no matter what you know that”

“I know that” He said hugging me closer as we shared another kiss

Ikon x Mistletoe pt.1

(Hanbin, Jinhwan, Donghyuk)

Part 2: Bobby, Chanwoo, Yunhyeong, Junhoe

First time I’ve done anything like this so it kinda suck but I figure it’ll be fitting with Christmas in less than a week!!!


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  • Busy burying himself under a mountain of work.
  • Completely oblivious that you’ve been sitting there making faces at him for the last 10 minutes
    • Oh my God, you scared me!
    • Hanbin, you promised me ~
    • Yea. I promised to Christmas shop for our families on Tues— Oh shit! I’m so sorry, baby ~ *whine*
    • 5 more minutes. I swear *whine some more*
    • *10 minutes later* still working
    • 5 min! last time *whine to the max*
  • You’re vexed but it’s understandable he’s so distracted since Ikon had been given to green light for comeback
  • Pull you the mistletoe you were planning to use to decorate their dorm for their Christmas party.
    • Baby, why’d you bring me leaves and why are they bundle up in a bow? Don’t bring trash into my studio!!
    • Yah! it’s not trash, you freak.
  • Nervously text Jiwon a picture of said “trash” after you pout and huffed away grumpily
    • Hyung, she gave me a bunch of leaves then get mad. What do I do?
    • That’s mistletoe you big dummy!
    • What’s a mistletoe and how does that help me with the raging ball of fury sitting in the corner over there? *text Jiwon a picture of you glaring at him*
    • Google it, I’m busy *absolutely no help given*
  • Face palm hard after 5 minutes of Google-ing
  • Feel guilty AF then shy AF
    • Oh, she wanted to kiss me… hehe… *Giggle on his own like a creep*
  • Racking brain trying to figure out how to talk to you
    • Oh no, she’s looking at me. Quick, do something Hanbin before she looks away
    • *dance weird wiggle squid dance + shoulder dance combo* Great, smooth you dummy.
    • She’s laughing YESSS!
  • Hey little lady, so this little birdy just informed me what this is. Definitely not trash.
  • Go away!
  • Awe, It’s been really cold lately you know. It’s snowing and everything. I spent 2 months on tour alone, all by my lonesome, so lonely.
    • You got Jiwon and the boys
    • Damn it, stop ruining my moment.
    • Presses his finger onto your lips.
    • shhhhh! don’t speak!
  • Anyways, it’s so isolated and unwanted without your touch baby. *pull out the pout, the fake dismal cry, the dramatic heart clutching + ultimate whining combo*
  • *Grin smugly when you give in and hug him*
  • *Hold mistletoe above your head and wink seductively* I love you, baby. Merry Christmas!
  • You lean in for a soft kiss but got ambush with a fervid make out session instead
  • Throw the mistletoe away then pin you down on the couch
  • Totally late for Christmas shopping because he can’t let go of you.

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  • Heard about the Christmas village event the park nearby puts on for the holiday
    • Immediately buy two tickets.
  • Jinhwan ah, I have exams!! I can’t promise you I’ll even be awake after.
    • Come on, cutie. I don’t get break around the holiday often. We’ll just make sure you sleep a lot the day before
    • Breaks out every trick and cute faces he got in his arsenal
    • Resorts to aegyo because he knows it’s your weakness.
    • How are you the oldest in Ikon huh? Damn it, fine!
  • Kiss storm once you said yes.
  • Text you at 6 AM that day
    • Good luck on your exam. No matter what happen, I’ll be here for you!
    • Nervously pacing the dorm, not focusing on his task because he’s worry for you.
    • Want to text you but scare he’ll distract you.
    • Go shopping to buy you extra presents instead to distract himself.
  • Picking you up looking like Santa with all the presents he got.
    • No! you’re not opening them until Christmas
    • But you got so many…
    • NO! we’re dropping this off at your house.
    • You’re so smol but you’re such a big meanie.
    • What’re you talking about, I’m a manly cutie boyfriend.
    • That make no sense boy.
  • Confidently drag you toward the park like he knows where he’s going.
    • Crap.
    • We’re lost, aren’t we?
    • No… Yes…
    • You spent the next half hour trying to figure out where you’re going.
  • Finally made it inside the park.
    • See! I knew we’d make it.
    • Cue eye rolling from you.
  • Similar to Donghyuk. You’d be checking out all the decoration, giddy at how festive everything is but he’s only staring at you.
    • Loving how your eyes twinkle with excitement.
    • Secretly gloating to himself that he made the right choice.
    • Who knows her the best?
    • This guy right here!
  • Magically find a mistletoe.
    • Look, we have to kiss.
  • Buys you all the food you want because he knows you’re tired
    • Baby, you want a sandwich?
    • Spaghetti? No? What about hot cocoa?
    • Wait by the mistletoe, I’m gonna go get us coffee.
  • Take 10 million pictures of you doing stupidly mundane things
    • What? This is you festively drinking your coffee.
    • This is you under a mistletoe.
    • But you got one of us kissing under one earlier.
    • I know, but this is a different one.
    • Why can’t I take pictures of my cute girlfriend. I need it for tour purposes.
  • Nearly passed out going snow tubbing.
    • Let’s not do that again, that fake hill is scarier than I thought.
    • Oh my heart. Oh let’s go calm down by that mistletoe over there.
  • How are you finding so many mistletoe when you couldn’t even find the park?
    • nervously chuckle and drag you along
    • haha oh look what is this mistletoe doing here right above your head.
  • Both of you have a lot of fun regardless of the constant dragging you endure whenever he spots a mistletoe.
  • Ending the night with you in his arm, both of you resting on the couch chatting away.
    • How was your exam, baby?
    • I’m glad you had fun tonight.
    • I wish I can do this for you more often.
    • I just want to make you happy all the time. I’m so happy for once you’re not spending the holiday alone.
  • You totally picked this park because of all the mistletoe, didn’t you?
    • Finally confessing that the park’s map has all the points where mistletoe would be located.
    • I was going to do it at home but I’m not tall enough to hide the mistletoe.
    • The boys wouldn’t put it up for me
    • I’M SORRY.
  • You laugh at him before sealing the night with another kiss.

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  • Been planning your Christmas surprise for months now.
  • Complete nervous wreck since it’s your first Christmas together.
  • Rant and ramble to a point of driving everyone insane
    • What if she doesn’t like Christmas?
    • What if she doesn’t like cabin or snow?
    • What if I tripped and like i don’t know, push her off the cliff or something?
    • What if something tragic in her life happen around Christmas and I don’t know about and now she’ll hate me forever. I saw it in a drama once.
    • *Ikon collectively* Shut up Donghyuk. She’ll love you no matter what so stop bothering us.
  • 20 tabs open on his internet search engines at once because he takes his researching way too serious.
  • Worries about every little details.
    • Beach would be too cold now. She’ll get sick.
    • Camping wouldn’t be good. She complained her back hurt.
    • Ice skating is too cliche. Plus it’ll be so busy, she hates crowd.
    • Nervous wreck trying to find a way to ask you to go on a trip with him
  • Hey baby. Wanna go on a date with me?
    • What’s wrong, Donghyuk? you never ask to take me on a date, you just show up and whisk me away.
    • Laugh because he doesn’t know what else to do.
  • Showing up to the date looking like a total badass
    • Leather jacket, flannel, t-shirt, Jeans, boots (think badass Dumb and Dumber era)
    • Smiling sweetly holding a bouquet of flowers.
    • Swoon you with just a simple “hey babe”
  • I know we haven’t been together even a year but I was hoping you’ll go on a trip with me
    • So nervous he rapped the whole sentence. (Bobby and B.I would be proud)
    • Nearly fainted when you said yes
  • Practically pack for you since he worries too much about your health
    • Donggie~ I know how to pack
    • No but did you bring jackets? Thick ones.
  • Hold your hands the whole trip up to the mountain, let you sleep on his shoulder.
  • Relieves seeing your eyes light up when you guys arrived to the wooden cabin covers with snow in front of endless groves of trees.
    • You’re staring at the scenery, he’s staring at you
  • Spends most of the day playing in the snow
    • snow angel, snowman, snowball fight
    • managed to find a frozen lake to ice-skate on
      • You have to catch me if I fall okay? I don’t know how to skate
      • Somehow you don’t believe him…
      • Skate better than a freaking Olympian
      • pPut your ass to shame even though he said he doesn’t know how to skate
  • Watch sunset together
    • Whispering “I love you” for the first time
  • Fight you over how to light the fireplace.
  • Fight you over cooking dinner.
  • Fight you over who can make better hot chocolate.
  • Fight you over making a fort in front of the fireplace.
    • Sneakily put up mistletoe when you’re not paying attention
  • Finally calm down enough to relax, soaking in the warm fire and sweet hot chocolate.
    • Shyly smile
    • Baby, look up!
    • Timidly caressing your cheek
    • Cheeks red from the thought of what the small mistletoe implies
  • Promise me you’ll be here next Christmas and all the one after that.
  • Stares deep into your eyes before planting the sweetest kiss on your lips.
    • You grab his face in place when he pulls away, stealing another kiss from him
      • Wow, I should keep that thing around more often
      • You don’t need that to kiss me anytime, Donghyuk.

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Air For Free

JILY CHALLENGE | @prongsno​ vs @sclemnlyswear
relationship milestones + Lily realising she’s in love 

read on ao3

As cliché as it sounded, the day had whizzed by for Lily Evans. Although the November air had been bitterly cold and unforgiving, she had a smile on her face. Why? Well, when you’re in the company of James Potter you almost forget about the world around you. 

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The Kids Are Alright (Part 7)

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Summary: Stiles is a single dad just trying to raise his little girl right. You’re a single mom in a new town doing your best to stay up with a rambunctious toddler. When your kids become friends on the first day of kindergarten, where will it lead you and Stiles?

Author’s Note: Got this done a little sooner than planned and it’s a little short, but here you go! It is loaded down with fluff and cute parenting moments, so I really hope you like it. I’m honestly not so sure how I feel about this part, so PLEASE send me some feedback! Enjoy :)

Warnings: Language; some adult talk (if ya know what I mean *wink*); mega sappy fluff; feels

Tags: @peace-full-mind, @justdreamstars, @storytelling-reader, @echorhinozap, @emmiluisa, @batmanbreeann, @cluh22, @buckybarnesisalittleshit, @itsjoslyn, @missconverseshoes, @ktrivia, @mandylove1000, @cupcakeunderwear22, @otaku-fangirlse, @lady-thc-lovelies, @tmrhollandkay

@snipsnsnailsnwerewolftales you didn’t ask to be tagged but I’m gonna do it anyway ;)

So sorry if it isn’t letting me tag you!

Need to catch up? You can read all the previous parts here!


Christmas, One Year Later

“Momma, d’you think Stiles will like my present?” Henry asked, practically bouncing off the walls with excitement as he helped me gather up the gifts by the front door. I chuckled while nodding, ruffling his soft hair.

“I’m sure he’ll love it, kiddo,” I assured him. “Now, is your bag all packed?”


“Alright, why don’t you get your boots and coat on while I grab something to carry these in, hm?” Smiling down at my 6-year-old, I watched him nod definitively before marching to the shoe rack.

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Summery: based on the storyline of Peter, Juliet, and Mark in the film Love Actually.
Word Count: 1400+
Triggers: angst, unrequited love, Christmas, (my undying love for Love Actually)
A/N: I watched Love Actually 4 times in 2 weeks and I’m not even sorry. Also I wrote this v late on my phone coz I’m at my grandmothers so if there’s any grammar or spelling mistakes please let me know.
Key: italics is Bucky’s thoughts.
@helllaellla @bovaria@marvel-ash@marvelfanfichq@givebuckyhisplums2k16@starstar1012@fairy-frills@emilypkuzu@annadier@buckystories@shamvictoria11@feelmyroarrrr@totheendofthelinepal@thelazyorange@creatorofwritings@callingmrsbarnes@whotheeffisbucky@palaiasaurus64@likochkah@professional-fandoms@james-bionic-barnes

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When Steve first woke up you were the first person to explain to him what had happened. It wasn’t your job or anything, he just asked you to explain technology to him. Of course he had been given quick history lessons, main event he missed, but nothing about real life in the 21st century. That’s where you came in. You taught him how to live in the 21st century, about music and films and culture. It started with technology, since a black and white tv was rare when he was younger having a tiny computer fit in your pocket was understandably confusing.

‘Hey, Y/N?’, you were in the lab, working on your latest crazy task. Steve always said that your ambition was one of your best qualities.

‘Hey Steve’, you looked up briefly to acknowledge him. You wanted to drop everything and run over to him to give him a hug but your work contained you.

‘Remember that band you really liked from that list you gave me’ You hummed in reply, occupied by your work. ‘They’re playing in a concert and I was wondering if you wanted to come with me, there. Tonight?’

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Part 1: Just Go.

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Hanbin x Reader

Fluff, Angst

Part 2: Please Stay.

Based off of Ikon’s song Just Go

Idea sent by @7n13bang . I apologize for how late this is. I actually had ideas for this song awhile back but simply forgotten about it until you requested it. I’m so sorry if it doesn’t live up to your expectation. I know it’s probably wayyyyyyy too long but I really like this suggestion and the song so you could imagine the word vomit that happened when I wrote this. Again, I apologize for being so late and if it’s not to your liking. Hope you enjoy. P.S. I honestly couldn’t stand ending this in angst haha, I almost wrote a fluff ending to it. (I still could if anyone is interested.)

“Why are you so good to me?”

“Simple. Seeing your smile makes letting things go that much easier.”

The way he said it, with such ease and pure happiness made you ponder if it was always this easy to love someone. 

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