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BTS Reaction to you slapping them during an argument-

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Once your hand made intense contact with Jin’s face, he stepped back and held his cheek in shock. Your eyes widened at your horrid action before you turned and hurried away from him. Leaving behind a lost and hurt Jin.


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Your argument got too heated and proved too much for you. You slapped Yoongi hard in the face. Causing him to look at you with full on rage. “Are you FUCKING serious.” He turned to leave when you quickly grabbed his hand in apology. “Wait! Wait no Yoongi, i’m so sor-” Yoongi yanked his hand away and continued to leave. Needing time to cool down.


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You saw the reddening in his cheek begin to form. Your hand stung and for some reason was still in the air. Hoseok looked at you with nothing but pain before you saw tears form in his eyes. “Ho-Hoeseokie…i’m sorry baby, i’m so sorry…” You said stepping forward to hold him. But he stepped back and bit on his lip before turning away and darting towards the door. Leaving you feeling shameful and hate towards yourself.


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“Is that what you want? To leave? Then fucking go!” You screamed at Namjoon before walking off. He huffed and grabbed your forearm alittle too roughly for your liking so you turned to him and slapped him. Hard. Both of you stood in there in shock. You looked down at your hand then back up at Joon. You were unable to read his expression. “I am gonna leave.” Namjoon said coldly before walking away, holding his cheek.


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Jimin said noting went you slapped him. His fist flew besides your face and landed directly on the wall. You flinched and held your stinging hand, wanting to take back what you did. “Jimine i’m sorry, I didn’t mean to..” Jimin wasn’t listening though. He simply walked past you to gather some of his things to leave.


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“Why would you do that? Why would you hit me Y/N?…” Taehyung asked while holding his stinging cheek. “I-I don’t know, I was so mad…baby, i’m sorry please, I didn’t mean it..” You came forward to wrap your arms around his neck. He slowly and reluctantly held you back. You sobbed into his neck and begged for forgiveness pretty much the whole night.


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Before your hand could even come in contact with his face, Jungkook was quick and grabbed your wrist. “Don’t.” He said before releasing your wrist very gently and turning away from you. Ending the argument for good.

Sheith Secret Santa exchange gift for @snowfog!  They asked for Sheith in a Granblue Fantasy AU. :3c Hopefully I did ‘em justice!  Keith is based off of Eustace and Shiro is based off of Baotorda for that nice black and white contrast~

Also, I apologize for being so late with it. ;w; On top of being constantly on the road via job training and both my computer and laptop deciding to die within the same month, I opted to work on this piece via watercolors.

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What if there’s another plot twist and the whole thing is a giant test to see if they’re worthy of heaven or something

I can’t wait to watch the last ten or so minutes of the season finale like:

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Because they’re definitely going to pull something big on us


Animation is hard.