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Send him a message.”
No, you send him a message. I don’t want to spoil his night. It’s his and his wife’s wedding anniversary. I’m sure they are celebrating now.”
Who cares! We will die if we don’t get some help!”
“Well, I care! Have you seen Potter in a bad mood? We are going to die either way.”

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its about that tiiiiiiiiime ! i just reached my follower goal ! sorry for the gif but my gorls served looks 

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this wont be in alphabetical order cause im too lazy 

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anonymous asked:

Any anime you regret watching? If you say Kiss x Sis we will know you are lying.

Hmm, Rail Wars

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It was in fact offensively bad. Like so bad that it actually made me upset that I spent time watching it, and that I thought it was ever going to get better. That is time that I will never get back.