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Hello it is January 11th and I am posting a Christmas comic.
Better late then never.

MERRY CHRISTMAS WITH THE TALON GANG! Thank you @canadalikesmaplesyrup for inspiring me to make this comic.

For reasons that are beyond me this comic took an insanely long time to make. However I am very proud of the final product and hope you all are too. And obviously it’s not Christmas anymore but….well…I hope this brought you all some cheer anyways.

Whelp, there goes my heart 💔

#rey wearing a dress

some lovin’ for your soul 💕

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All the money, the jewels, the odd and ends, the flying carpets and brooms, the enchanted weapons and armor, the bounties and titles, the keeps and manors, the hidden identities and implicating letters and evidence of betrayals, the god-guarded secrets and the bow of a fallen archfey - and still the most valuable thing Vex ever stole was a scruffy, underfed nerd she took from a prison cell.

*except perhaps the scruffy, underfed bear she stole from a pack of poachers

My Room is Flooded With Tears

I just realized “how the world might look from up so high ” basically means “ how would things look if I was dead ” and the tears just keep coming omg

Dear Evan Hansen is just so good on so many levels