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  • Yuri Katsuki, the first half of this show: what did i do to deserve Viktor Nikiforov
  • Viktor Nikiforov, in his head, this entire time: I came to Japan for Yuuri Katsuki because he pole danced half naked, cha-cha-ed with me with a tie on his head, dry humped me while begging me to be his coach, probably saved me from oncoming desolation and depression, my life, my love, my-
  • Yuuri Katsuki, episode 10: i did wHAT
It’s hard to find hope in an episode like this. But it was there… in the form of a flashback. Now, the flashback to Felicity from Season 1 had little use to the greater story of the episode. But there was flirtiness. And banter about magic fingers. And, oh, did I mention the red pen? Yeah. Felicity dropped the pen, Oliver got down on one knee to retrieve it for her and presented it to her like it was a diamond ring. Obviously, these two didn’t have that relationship back in season 1. But we were told this flashback is good for Olicity. Which means that it means more than just what we’re seeing. It’s signifying something else and I choose to see it signifying hope. There’s a reason they put that red pen in there. And Oliver telling Felicity he believes in magic felt like the show telling us they believe in Olicity.

And Prometheus Is…: Arrow 5x09 Olicity Heart-to-Heart [x]

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(I don’t want to minimize anyone whom is upset by this episode, who is feeling bitter and discouraged this morning. If you are upset, I’m sorry to hear it and I hope you feel better soon. I’m choosing to see the hope that was laid out for us, that we were told to look for. It’s right there for us to enjoy, if we want to.)

A Trump world capitalizes on the gullible, irrational, indoctrinated, (religious institution/superstitious) fantasy-belief-fueled, verifiable-fact-free, conditioned, manipulated, immoral, greedy, self-serving, subservient herd-brain…

To counter this…we must set free the skeptical, rational, religious-institution-free, reasoning, fact-based, independent, moral, brave, secular-humanist brain…mouth…and knee…to stand up tall for the good of all humanity…and a healthy environment…

Annem sipariş ettiği masa sandalyeleri gösterirken konu evliliğe geldi. Evlenmeyeceğim diyorum. Bazen bu fikrimi destekliyor bazen de şimdiki gibi ılımlı yaklaşıyor. “Belki evlenince çok mutlu olursun, keşke önceden evlenseymişim dersin” dedi. Herkes instagramda mutlu anneciğim diyemedim. Genel olarak tanıştığım hemcinslerim bile bir tuhafken evlenmek bile bile lades bence. Etrafımızdaki eş, dost, akrabanın evliliklerinden bahsedince hak vermedi değil hani.

Herkes sen ben değil anam babam.