is insane


Hey I like ur au a LOT

Caption in case it’s hard to read:

Taco: paintbrush is clearly looking for a reason to get fan out
Taco: and you’re going to use This, to do it!
[taco pulls out taser]
Lightbulb: you want me to zap him?
Lightbulb: I could’ve done that without the taser, silly!
Taco: wha?
Lightbulb: yeah! Look! I’ll show you!
Taco: no, no that’s okay lightbulb,

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!GJDFKG

When I created this blog in May, 2016 I never expected to have so many people following me. And now I just hit 5k followers!!! It’s insane!!! I can’t even imagine having 5k people in front of me. 5k people that for some reason found this blog and decided to follow. All I can say is thank you! Thank you so much for everything! Every reblog, every like, every message that was sent to me, to every person I met here… I love you guys so much and I appreciate every single one of you!

I wanted to make something special for this personal milestone of mine so here is a small follow forever with some of the most amazing people we have in this fandom. First, two special shout outs:

To the #posibanesquad:    @achilleanragnor ❉  @alecsagitta  ❉@bisexualbane-s  ❉  @chairman-meeow  ❉ @daddariossmile  ❉  @fluffyjimon  ❉  @isabellebiwoods  ❉  @lightwoodlesbians  ❉ @maghnvsbane  ❉  @magnuslights  ❉  @magnusragnor  ❉  @softmagnusbane  ❉  @softshumjr  ❉ @warlockprince. You’re all beautiful people and deserve all the love in the world. <3

And also to Emma aka @oneofmanyjonathans. You’re one of the sweetest people that I’ve met in the fandom! I adore you so much and I’m really glad to have met you! All the love for you too. <3

Now the rest of the people that I admire (absolute favs in bold): ❉  @alecsplushpillow  ❉  @alectightwood  ❉  @alexandargideonlightwood ❉  @archerwarlock ❉  @banelewis​  ❉ @blissfullybane ❉  @blushyalec  ❉ @boyfriendsmalec  ❉ @daddarios  ❉  @dailymalec​   ❉   @eternal-malec  ❉   @glitternsass  ❉ @harry-daddario ❉  @harry-shum​   ❉  @highkeybane ❉  @isabellelightboob​   ❉  @jaceherondalex​   ❉  @kklainesmalec  ❉  @lecrit  ❉  @lightbaene​   ❉  @magnusbaene ❉  @magnusbaneofbrooklyn​   ❉  @magnuslightswood ❉  @magnusmadecocktails​   ❉  @meliorn  ❉  @nephilimdaily   ❉  @nightfallgoddess​   ❉  @ofwarlocksandgayness  ❉  @otppurefuckingmagic ❉  @shadowhunterspocdaily   ❉  @shadowhuntershumor  ❉   @simonlewis   ❉  @su-pectrum  ❉ thank you so much for all your contribution to the fandom! You make all of this a lot more enjoyable!

Hey look at that it’s another trashy object oc of mine! Their name is Message Bottle.

Fun Facts:

  • They’re nonbinary
  • They love absolutely everything about the beach/ocean
  • They enjoy going on adventures, especially at sea
  • They own a lot of sea shells and such that they’ve collected from the beach. Sometimes you might catch them with some sand and sea shells inside their bottle!