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You’re the sun and I’m the moon / Stickin’ as one like glue
You’re in pink and I’m in blue / When you’re ‘round, go crazy with you

today was the solar eclipse so i made some sun and moon jaspearl!! 

(the song is Crazy Crazy by Yasutaka Nakata 💕)

Things I Overheard At Work Today

“Do you watch Ru’s Drag Race?”
“Um yeah, I’m not a Nazi.”

“No, no. Just the tip. The thrust is later. Coincidentally this is also a conversation I had last night.”

“WHERE’S MY BAEEEEEE? Oh there she is. She’s eating a chicken sandwich. Whatta queen.”

“That’s a weird dance, it looks like you’re trying to be the avatar. Like with the way you’re stepping and stuff.”
“Well I’m genderbending, does that count?”


“ I worked everywhere. From shops to restaurant hostessing to nightclub doors to modeling. On the doors, I was on from 6pm to 4am, then I’d go home, sleep, get up, and go straight into the studio. I guess that also helped me write a lot, because I had so many things happen and my mind was on the go constantly. The dramas every night, the dark side of nightlife, they became something I wanted to write about. Like they say, no good stories started with a salad.

You can feel the way your entire face transforms with distaste.

Separate from the other post, because the mood was so jarringly different LOL I love this scene, partially bc of witnessing the actual conversation that created it between @treeprince and @callmearcturus

Fiction imitating fiction imitating life.

✾✾ fic recs ✾✾

it’s fanfiction writer’s appreciation day so i wanted to make a super short fic recs list; hopefully of stories you haven’t been able to read yet !! ofc this list doesn’t encompass the entirety of the fics i’ve read or adored, but i wanted to spread some more love today :’’) 


:: plage - fluff, smut, swimmer!jin - @mint-tape

i really, really like elle’s stories bc she’s so creative with her plots and concepts. recently, i read plage and fell in love with seokjin all over again :’’) i really recommend you check out her other works as well !!

:: the discovery - smut, dom!jin - @noona-la-la-la

this is maybe the first story i’ve read from them, but it still remains one of my favorite jin fics ! what i like the most about all their stories i’ve been able to read is the realistic approach they take when describing a relationship’s progression :’)


:: better place - fluff, hogwarts!au - @workofteaguk

out of all of traci’s works i think i’ll always like this one the best. i loved the build up which made one of my favorite tropes  (friends to lovers trope) so believable :’’)

:: lost in paradise - fluff, smut, angst, summer faerie!au - @fireheart-namjoon

this is the first work of gi’s that i read, but i was instantly hooked and fell in love :’’) i love their writing style and the descriptions especially !! i recommend you read everything else on their masterlist too :D


:: costume - fluff, hybrid!au - @xhixtape

i remember reading this story before i had even joined tumblr. it’s still one of my favorite hoseok stories :’) i just found their relationship so cute.

:: kisses of carmine (ft. taehyung) - smut, angst, vampire!au - @cosykims

maybe one of my favorite series ? so much effort was put into the writing and the world building, it really sucks you in !! i can’t recommend this series enough tbh


:: and you as well must die - smut, murderer!namjoon - @pleaseseokjin

ah i really love this author. they’re one of the few authors i was familiar with before i joined tumblr, and i love their writing style and their plots. actually i love all of their stories, but i want to recommend this one specifically :’’)

:: passionfruit - smut, college!au - @rapmonluv

i’ve only started reading this series today, but i’m hooked :’D and i love everything i’ve read so far on her masterlist, and i can’t wait to get through the rest !!


:: metanoia - fluff, hogwarts!au - @taesthetes

i wasn’t sure which fic of cat’s i should pick bc i’m in love with everything she’s ever written, esp the universe of us ! but metanoia was the first fic i’ve ever read from her and the one that started our friendship, so it holds a special place in my heart 

:: the ocean - fluff, angst, mermaid!jimin - @chinnychimchim

i might have not told you, but this is actually my favorite story of yours i’ve read so far :’) i really recommend addie’s fics bc you get a little bit of everything. angst? dystopian? soulmate? fluff? gross amounts of sex? this is ur girl !!


:: salt and shadow (ft seokjin) - smut, incubus!tae - @floralseokjin

well you already know this one is my favorite :’’) jordan writes so many good fics, with original plotlines and relatable oc’s, so i recommend you read all her fics - if you haven’t already ! 

:: across the multiverse (4) - fcking angst, greek mythology!au - @gukvory

even though i’ve enjoyed every piece of yours i’ve been able to read, there are times when i think back to this fic and cry a little !! i’m really in awe at how you can convey so much through so little words;;

✾ JK

:: orange tulips - angst, fluff, soulmate!au, reincarnation!au - @kainks

i’ll always love this story so much :’’) i love reincarnation/soulmate fics so much, and this one will always have a soft spot in my heart !! ofc i rec all their other fics as well

:: love like you (ft seokjin) - angst, royalty!au, mxm - @wenotes

this story still breaks my heart dlfkjdfkj i’m still so emotional !! i know unrequited love fics always hurt but i’m always drawn to them for some reason ? 


i love every writer mentioned, as well as the amazing others i read from and follow !! i’m looking forward to discovering new fics as well :’’) you are the ones who inspire me and help me grow as a writer, so thank you everyone !!