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The 10 Steps to Impeach a President

It won’t be easy to impeach Donald Trump. No president in American history has ever been convicted on articles of impeachment. 

Only two presidents so far have been impeached by the House and had that impeachment go to the Senate for trial. The first was Andrew Johnson, in 1868, when the Senate came one vote short of convicting him. The next was 131 years later, in 1999, when Bill Clinton’s impeachment went to the Senate. 50 Senators voted to convict Clinton, 17 votes short of what was needed.

What about Richard Nixon? He resigned early in this process, before the House had even voted on articles of impeachment. And then his successor, who had been his vice president, Gerald Ford, gave Nixon a full and unconditional pardon for any crimes he might have committed against the United States while president.

This isn’t to say Trump couldn’t or won’t be impeached. Only that it’s a long and drawn-out process. 

It all revolves around Article I Sections 2 and 3 of the Constitution, and rules in the House and the Senate implementing those provisions.

Step 1. It starts in the House Judiciary Committee, when a majority of the member vote in favor of what’s called an “inquiry of impeachment” resolution.

Step 2. That resolution goes to the full House of Representatives where a majority has to vote in favor. And then votes to authorize and fund a full investigation by the Judiciary Committee into whether sufficient grounds exist for impeachment.

Step 3. The House Judiciary Committee investigates. That investigation doesn’t have to be from scratch. It can rely on data and conclusions of other investigations undertaken by, say, the FBI.

Step 4: A majority of the Judiciary Committee members decides there are sufficient grounds for impeachment, and the Committee issues a “Resolution of Impeachment,” setting forth specific allegations of misconduct in one or more articles of impeachment.

Step 5: The full House then considers that Resolution and votes in favor of it – as a whole or on each article separately. The full House isn’t bound by the Committee’s work. The House may vote to impeach even if the Committee doesn’t recommend impeachment.

Step 6: The matter then goes to the Senate for a trial. The House’s Resolution of Impeachment becomes in effect the charges in this trial.

Step 7: The Senate issues a summons to the president, who is now effectively the defendant, informing him of the charges and the date by which he has to answer them. If the president chooses not to answer or appear, it’s as if he entered a “not guilty” plea.

Step 8 is the trial in the Senate. In that trial, those who are representing the House – that is, the prosecution – and counsel for the president, both make opening arguments. They then introduce evidence and put on witnesses as in any trial. Witnesses are subject to examination and cross-examination. The trial is presided over by the chief justice of the Supreme Court – who has the authority to rule on evidentiary questions or may put such questions to a vote of the Senate. The House managers and counsel for the president then make closing arguments.

Step 9: The Senate meets in closed session to deliberate.

Step 10: The Senate returns in open session to vote on whether to convict the president on the articles of impeachment. Conviction requires a two-thirds vote by the Senate. Conviction on one or more articles of impeachment results in removal from office. Such a conviction also disqualifies the now former president from holding any other public office. And it doesn’t bar additional legal proceedings against that former president, and punishment.

So there you have it–the 10 steps that must all take place to impeach the president. 

It may come in handy.


4 (And maybe 5) Grounds to Impeach Trump

By my count, there are now four grounds to impeach Donald Trump. The fifth appears to be on its way.

First, in taking the oath of office, a president promises to “faithfully execute the laws & the constitution.” That’s Article II Section 2. 

But Trump is unfaithfully executing his duties as president by accusing his predecessor, president Obama, of undertaking an illegal and impeachable act, with absolutely no evidence to support the accusation.

Second, Article I Section 9 of the Constitution forbids government officials from taking things of value from foreign governments. But Trump is making big money off his Trump International Hotel by steering foreign diplomatic delegations to it, and will make a bundle off China’s recent decision to grant his trademark applications for the Trump brand – decisions Chinese authorities arrived at directly because of decisions Trump has made as president.

Third: The 1st Amendment to the Constitution bars any law “respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” But Trump’s ban on travel into the United States from 6 muslim countries – which he initiated, advocated for, and oversees – violates that provision.

Fourth: The 1st Amendment also bars “abridging the freedom of the press.” But Trump’s labeling the press “the enemy of the people,” and choosing who he invites to news conferences based on whether they’ve given him favorable coverage, violates this provision.

A fifth possible ground if the evidence is there: Article II Section 3 of the Constitution defines “treason against the United States” as “adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.”

Evidence is mounting that Trump and his aides colluded with Russian operatives to win the 2016 presidential election.

Presidents can be impeached for what the Constitution calls “high crimes and misdemeanors.” The question is no longer whether there are grounds to impeach Trump. The practical question is whether there’s the political will.

As long as Republicans remain in the majority in the House, where a bill of impeachment originates, it’s unlikely. Another reason why it’s critically important to flip the House in 2018.

Today in Politics
March 7, 2017
  • Wikileaks released a new trove of thousands of documents today including a supposed arsenal of hacking tools the CIA has used to spy on espionage targets. This release was nicknamed “Vault 7”. In their press release, WikiLeaks said “The source wishes to initiate a public debate about the security, creation, use, proliferation and democratic control of cyberweapons.” (WikiLeaks)(NYT)(WP)
  • United States Congressman Jason Chaffetz said that rather than “getting that new iPhone that they just love,” low-income Americans should take they money they would have spent on it and “invest it in their own health care.” It should be noted that the typical annual cost of an individual market plan costs is about six times as costly as a “new iPhone.” (CNN)(HILL)(WP)
  • Jewish community centers and religious sites continue to receive more threats. All 100 United States Senators asked Trump’s administration for “swift action” regarding the hate crimes and threats. (WP)(CNN)(HILL)
  • This morning Trump tweeted: “122 vicious prisoners, released by the Obama Administration from Gitmo, have returned to the battlefield. Just another terrible decision!”. This was later found to be false. Only nine of those (6 per cent) were released under Barack Obama’s administration, with the vast majority freed before his inauguration on 22 January 2009, under George W Bush. (NYT)(IND)(HILL)
  • House Intelligence Committee has scheduled the first hearing on Russian election interference for March 20. A key subject will be Trump’s contact with Russian officials.(CNN)(HILL)(WP)
  • President Donald Trump announced his full endorsement of the GOP health care repeal and replace bill. He also warned legislators if they cannot pass the bill, it could be a “bloodbath” in the 2018 midterm elections. (CNN)(BBC)(ATL)

Above are images of the marks left on the building of the New Mexico State Penitentiary after a brutal 2 day riot that gutted the prison in 1980. The first image shows marks left by an axe after an inmate was decapitated, and the second image shows burns left on the floor where an inmate was allegedly burnt alive.

The riot was a result of the conditions the prisoners were living in at the time and would have easily been predicted, the tension building over time. The prison was designed to house 900 prisoners but there were 1,136 inmates. Many inmates were living in communal dormitories with unsanitary conditions. There were significant issues with staff as well, with policies being implemented inconsistently, poor communication and chronic staffing shortages. The riot was sparked when two prisoners took an officer hostage and used the officer’s keys to release the prisoners in the adjacent dormitory. Eventually, they broke into the central controls and opened the majority of the prison - with some cells in the northern block remaining locked due to an error in the central controls.

Violence erupted almost immediately within the cell blocks as inmates attacked each other, rival gangs targeting each other. The prisoners who had been housed in solitary confinement decided to break into the protective custody block. Here people branded as ‘snitches’ or people with sexual offences against children were being housed for their own safety. A self appointed ‘execution squad’ managed to break in, they hauled the prisoners from the cells and murdered them - dismembering, decapitating and burning some prisoners alive. One prisoner was held up to the window, in full view of police, and was tortured by another prisoner who was applying a blow torch to their face. After the police gained access to the prison after the riot they discovered one inmate - who was a shop lifter who had been placed in protective custody after being gang raped - had been hanged from the ceiling, his throat cut, castrated and his genitals inserted into his mouth.

Several officers were taken hostage throughout, and while some were released unharmed others had been brutally beaten and raped. 33 inmates were killed during the riot, the majority of them having been brutally murdered, and 23 of them had been housed in the protective custody unit.

DS9: Political Writings III: Worf

So, by the time Worf shows up in DS9 he is:

  • The lone known survivor of the Khitomer massacre, a colony which was the site of the first major peace-treaties between the Fed and Klingons.
  • The only known survivor of the mainline of the House of Mogh(one of the 24 Great Houses and an Ancient one, meaning it likely had a vast network of feudatories among the lesser Houses and feudal/lineal ties to the other Great Houses) for most of his life and then, after their exoneration and Kurn revealing his true identity, its Head as the eldest son.
  • The First Klingon to join Starfleet, and one of its most accomplished officers(Even to serve on the Enterprise he would have had to be highly regarded, and his time there was hardly uneventful).
  • Mate to K’Ehleyr. Given the Klingon obsession with the personal and heroic, there’s basically no way this wasn’t a big deal. Klingon-Human hybrids are rare, her father likely would have had to be in a high diplomatic position even to meet her mother, she flamboyantly rejected Klingon ways, she was a Federation ambassador to the Empire, her life was Metal as Hell which Klingons could not fail to appreciate, and Klingon’s make no gender distinctions when it comes to Heroism, judging only by deeds and Moxy.
  • Accepted Discommendation to protect The Empire from Civil War.
  • Killed Duras, possibly the most influential noble in the Empire, and head of one of its strongest Great Houses. And for a reason as Operatic and Epic as revenge for Duras’s killing of K’Ehleyr, his Mate, no less. Which: Metal as Hell.
  • Personally responsible for the election of Gowron as Chancellor.
  • Returns to defend the Empire when Civil War breaks out anyway, despite his Discommendation. Is basically Gowron’s only major, and certainly most effective, ally, frequently preventing Kurn and his followers from abandoning the Chancellor.
  • Brings down the House of Duras by revealing their collaboration with the Romulans, ends the Civil War, saves Gowron’s Chancellorship, reduces Lursa and B’Etor to intergalactic fugitives and, eventually, major crime-figures, THEN Refuses his Right of Vengeance to kill Toral on the basis that it would be dishonorable to kill a defenseless child for being a pawn in the plans of his caretakers, which is completely contrary, even offensive, to conventional Klingon morality.
  • Is Recommendated and Restores the House of Mogh(and its many feudatories, by necessity) to prominence by his deeds in the War, then reveals the truth of Khitomer, restoring its Honor and furthering the shame of those allied to the House of Duras.
  • Declaring that abandoning his vow to the Federation would damage his Honor, he chooses, even though he is now the head of one of the 24 Great Houses, to return to the Federation and allow his younger brother, who isn’t the rightful heir, to run the House of Mogh; again rejecting traditional ideas of Klingon behavior and Honor in favor of his own concept of these ideas, which is Metal as Hell and thus Super Klingon.
  • Ensures that the House of Mogh remains Gowron’s major ally and power-base on the High Council.
  • Brought Khaless back from the Dead.
  • Went on to slay many monstrous enemies in many epic battles, woo a beautiful Beta-Zed Princess, slap time and the multiverse back into shape a few times, spit in death’s face repeatedly, and struggle through single-parenthood more or less successfully. All of which is also Metal as Hell.

My point is this: there is basically No Way that Worf, by the time he shows up in DS9, isn’t a major cultural figure among Klingons. Hell, Klingon philosophy is about aphorisms(one-liners) and Deeds, and Worf is not only all about stoic one-liners, but he lives, completely, his concept of Honor and Duty, and is connected with the Klingon philosophical/spiritual community, and is a multiple-time Galactic Bat’leth Grand Master; so there’s good reason to think, given his very new, different, and Federation-influenced view of Honor and the success it has given him, that he’d be a major philosophical figure.

Having said all that, There is NO WAY AT ALL that his Discommendation, that of his brother Kurn, and the dissolution of the House of Mogh would not lead to monumental political and social dislocations in the Empire. I’m not even sure if Gowron, given the important of the House of Mogh in his rise and reign, COULD safely discommendate Worf and the House of Mogh for Worf’s refusal to betray the Federation to support the Klingon Invasion of Cardassia(such feudal conflicts would be common-place and understood in a feudal society, and so Gowron’s action would seem unreasonably harsh. Also a significant number of his ships would have been attached to Gowron only through their feudal ties to The House of Mogh and Kurn; by dissolving the House, he’d have made all those ships and crews his personal enemies); to many, it would look as a betrayal on his part of his oldest and most important allies, gravely weakening his power-base. Obvsl the writers can take it whichever way they want to, but treating it like a decision which would have no down-side to Gowron is infuriatingly simplistic and unserious.

Which, I guess, pretty much describes my problem with 90s Trek’s approach to politics in general.

Getting my inner @weavemama on to drag this boy on IG.

Me: “the last last time there was a Republican majority it was in 1928 and look how that turned out”
Him: “that was before integration, World War II, and the TV”
Me: ????? Literally what does that have to do with anything

Him: “if you think anti semites are running the country, you’re misinformed big time”
Me: “oh so the jump in Anti Semitic hate crimes is just a coincidence? While Steve Bannon, an editor for Breitbart, is now on Trumps cabinet and practically running the show? When Judaism was left out of the White House Holocaust Remembrance Statement?”

Hot Fuzz fic rec masterpost

Hello! As promised, here’s a list of my favourite Hot Fuzz fanfictions. About all of them can be found in AO3 and are mostly Angel/Danny centered. Note that the comments are my opinions on the fics more than actual fic info. I wasn’t sure how to categorize these but they’re now in general and nsfw sections for your preferences. Bolded ones are my personal favourites. Here’s also recs for aro/ace Angelbutter fics which can be found below here, too.

general content and teen audiences

First Date by KarlimeaghanThe cutest first date fic ever. Angel takes Danny on a proper date but not everything (nothing at all) goes according to his plan. English awkwardness and fluff. Rated T+. 4,371 words.

Reversed by sarahenany • What if Danny didn’t jump in front of Tom Weaver’s blunderbuss shot in time? Everything hurts. Safe from major character death, though, so not that bad. Rated G. 2,266 words.

Sunday In by anemptymargin • Domestic Angel/Danny and lazy Sundays. Life partners at their sweetest. Rated G. 727 words.

Christmas Number One by Phosfate • Nicholas’ and Danny’s first Christmas together. Domestic silliness and dreamy moments. Rated T+. 1,580 words.

Man of the House by mikes_grrl • Holiday ball at the stations wrecks havoc and Danny is the one to take the wheel next morning. I really love the badass and self confident mr. Butterman in this one. Rated T+. 1,157 words.

Partners, but not in crime by fizzyblogic • A bit uneven structure (the last 1/3 is just dialogue) but that doesn’t stop from this moving in together -fic from being cute as heck. Rated T+. 1,742 words.

A Boy’s Book of Practical Magic to Mystify, Baffle and Entertain by Phosfate • I love this fic so freaking much for several reasons: 1.the writing is super entertaining 2. it’s Danny’s pov 3. it follows a plot hole in the dvd extras (which I love) 4. the ending. is so lovely. rated G. 3,055 words.

Vodafone by majorenglishesquire • Angel tries to get over Janine. Luckily Danny is there, in everything. Cute ace stuff imo. Rated T+. 1,727 words.

Sandford: The Village that Cares! by mikes_grrl • I honestly don’t know why this fic is rated E because there’s nothing sexual or violent going on in it. Nicholas is just worried what everyone else thinks and Danny is delightfully caring. Rated E. 1,081 words. Part 2 of this (cute and rated G).

Staying here by sunnyrea • Janine wants Nicholas back and he’s got a lot to explain why exactly he doesn’t want to leave Sandford anymore. We all know the reason, though. Rated G. 1,356 words.

After The Explosion, the Days by Marie • Danny’s recovery from the explosion. Romantic but not too fluffy. Also note there’s scars involved (which I personally like), in case that’s triggering for you. Rated T+. 2,653 words.

Film Studies by Azarias • Incredibly adorable writing from Danny’s pov as he tries to figure out a way to ‘seduce’ Nicholas. It doesn’t go as planned but ends maybe even better. Also!! !!!Car chase!!! Love this fic a lot. Rated G. 3,947 words.

Preparation and Proposal by karlimeaghan • The one and only Angel/Danny proposal fic out there! This is so romantic and fluff-filled that it will melt your arteries. Rated G. 3,184 words.

Danny knows by anemptymargin • If hurt and comfort is your thing, this fic is too. Takes place after the explosion and Danny knowing what’s going on between the two of them. Nicholas is oblivious but the future and his heart are open. Rated T+, 2,006 words.

explicit content and mature audiences

What I See in You by irisbleufic • Study in the point of view of both Nicholas and Danny and how they see each other. Hint: it’s pure adoration. Rated E. 1,416 words.

Hot Chocolate by big_twinkie • This is personally my favourite read-smut-before-bedtime-with-a-cup-fo-tea-fic because even though there’s some clichéd tropes it works so well it can be read over and over again. Rated E. 3,736 words.

Handy Man by Random_Nexus • This fic struck (and Angel gets struck quite literally) with its hurt/comfort that leads to exactly what you expect. Rated E. 6,237 words.

Long Shot by Kass • Thinking some things are better untold is rarely a good idea. Luckily happily ever after isn’t that hard to obtain. Rated E. 3,272 words.

Words Unspoken by tawg • Such pretty writing but oh my poor heart watch out for the angst. Rated M. 1,729 words.

When to Stop by irisbleufic • It’s smut and it’s beautifully written. A short one but the same grand quality you can always expect from iris. Rated E. 720 words.

Danny’s Plan To Beat The Heat by Random_Nexus • Oh gosh I have such a weak spot for this fic. Danny and Nicholas spend a summer day alone together and get intimate when no one else is around. There’s also a lot of other sweet stuff but smut too. Rated E. 4,474 words.

Lie In by anemptymargin • It’s Sunday morning and these cute lazy bums can’t get out of bed. Might turn you into a marshmallow. Rated E. 1,803 words.

It’s in Your Jeans by tawg • Nicholas looks really hot in jeans. Maybe a bit too hot for his own good since he and Danny are basically in a public place. Only downside in this fic is the lack of appropriate use of lubrication. Rated E. 2,985 words.

At First Sight by irisbleufic • From the very start, Danny has his eyes on Nicholas – and the other way around too. Near perfect following of the film plot with the romance just waiting to raise its head. Rated E. 2,932 words.



Favorite Shandy Moment: Now I have a lot of those fave moments, I love the ship, can’t deny. I love it’s sweet and tender. I love they match color. I love he was so comfortable around her house, even before living together. I love that you wouldn’t expect to be her giving him a kiss but that is. I love S H A N D Y.
And because I had to pick a fave, I went for domestic Shandy! 

anonymous asked:

shandy prompt: All of their kids thought it would be a good idea making an engagement party and surprise Sharon and Andy. Everyone is in the condo and Shandy's kissing passionately while stepping inside

Rusty thought the worst thing about living with Sharon would be coming face-to-face with Andy Flynn in his t-shirt across the breakfast table, but he was wrong. Very, very wrong.

The worst thing about living with Sharon was dealing with Emily and Ricky Raydor, standing on either side of the chair on which he was currently perched, yelling at him in tandem that he was hanging the streamers for the engagement party wrong.

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Nice to Meet You -10-

The police hadn’t arrived until almost midnight. In their defense, you hadn’t called about Camille’s kidnapping until about hour after you got there and enough time for the masked man to catalogue whatever he needed to in order to help find Camille. Still, the man had left at around a quarter to eleven and it shouldn’t have taken the police more than a half an hour to get here, with traffic. If this was the response this city had, it was no wonder that they needed vigilantes to do the cops work for them.

Pulling the blanket tighter against your frame you stared out into the night air and looking at what should have been a beautiful night. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the stars sparkled like jewels. This place suited Camille, a city girl who still liked to enjoy the stars. Now you can’t help but wonder if she’ll be able to enjoy the sight again.

You turned your head to look back through the sliding glass doors of the porch watching the police work to find all the clues that had been left.

‘I’m glad I didn’t call them when I wanted to,’ you note with an exhausted roll of your eyes.

It seems that the red man had been right. From what you could see, there was a bevy of mistakes already being made. Officers touching various objects at the crime scene, with no gloves on. Picking up and placing objects in their incorrect places. The entire thing was irritating to watch, but you wanted to wait until they were done, in case they had more questions about Camille.

Turning your gaze to back to the view of the backyard you find yourself staring at an object. You can’t tell what it is, despite the lights from the inside, the inky black of night seemed to be wrapped around the figure. Taller than the hedges that surrounded it part of it seemed to sway in time with the leaves while the majority of it stood planted, rooted like a tree.

It only takes a second for your keen eyes to realize that the object is not an it but a whom as they decide to move toward you.

Your heart pounds slightly when their foot hits the first bit of light coming from inside of the house. Almost instantly the figure is completely illuminated and you understand instantly why Camille had been so fascinated when spoke about him. And seeing him now compared to the way he usually is when you meet him as Bruce Wayne is startling.

Stern blue eyes stare down at you examining your features as you rub at an itchy tear swollen eye. His lips pull down into a frown as his eyes flicker back to the living room watching as the officers repeatedly make routine mistake after mistake. He clenches his jaw in irritation that he hadn’t arrived before they did and the fact that Jason had deemed it fit enough to send him a taunting message about the crime but not to share the information. He also hadn’t mentioned that anyone, let alone you, were still here.

“They took Camille,” you say absently voice slightly hollow and hoarse from the crying you’d been doing while waiting for the police to arrive.

He doesn’t turn to look at you immediately and you can’t tell if he reacts. You’d noted earlier that Bruce was a stone and the cover of night seemed to do nothing but highlight this fact. The dark gray expanse of his suit heaved with him as he took a deep breath and let out an irritated huff through his nose. His cape flew back over his shoulders as he walked into the house.

You watch as majority of the officers in the room seem to be thankful for his presence. If not in some way reverent of him in general, more happy because it is one more crime they won’t have to worry about solving if he is the one in the case. The head officer seems to shoo away majority of the people, and like rats they scatter back out to their cars for a break.

He moves around the room in a practiced fashion, his step light for a man so large. Like the red masked man, he stops and cocks his head every so often, examining certain objects, almost like he is scanning them into his memory. What’s different is that he touches very little. Like he can see more than what’s there. A few touches to push something out of the way, but other than that he is almost completely hands off the situation.

He’s done examining the scene in about twenty minutes, but he doesn’t bother informing the officers that he’s done. He comes back outside to come and stand next to you. And from this position you’re left craning your neck up at him, admiring the jaw line that you’d found so handsome when the two of you first met.

You realize that this is a different person. From the way, cool blue eyes seemed to examine you as if you were an inanimate object.

“Who else was here?” his voice rumbles out. Stern and one note, you flush at the unfamiliarity with which he addresses you and how different he sounds from the Bruce Wayne you called for comfort the previous afternoon.

“There was a man with a red mask,” you say honestly and watch as he blinks absently at you. He clearly knew that already and wanted to know if you’d be truthful with him.

“Her husband?”

“She said something about him being out of town, so I’m not sure where Eric is.”

“You should have the officers take you home, it’s not safe.”

“Obviously,” you scoff wiping another fallen tear. “I don’t understand though, Camille isn’t like the others, she’s born and raised in Gotham.”

He watches as you with guarded eyes as your mind works through even the vaguest possibility why someone would kidnap a pregnant woman.

“And why would someone be tracking her?”

“What?” he asks.

“The red mask,” you say gesturing to your face as if he would have no idea what the mask is, when he is wearing a very elaborate one of his own. “When he broke the radio earlier he pulled something out of it, it was small.”

You make rectangular shape with your fingers showing him the approximate size of the object. Your eyes trace the portions of his face that aren’t covered by the mask and find his lips pulling down into and irritated frown and his eyes narrow in anger.

“Did I say something wrong?” You question swollen tired eyes blinking up at him slowly.


You pause and let the silence settle, “Do you think they are going to hurt her?”

Batman stops and watches you for a moment. Being honest and hurting your feelings for no reason would gain him very little. Even behind the mask, he can’t bring himself to tell you that if he doesn’t find her soon she and he unborn child might be sold off and beyond even his reach.

Larger tears well up in your eyes at his silence and Bruce has to keep his hand from moving to place his hand on your shoulder in some form of comfort.

“I’ll try my best to find her,” the Bat responds.

You nod and stand to your full height, still having to look up at the man, but not nearly at the angle that you’d been forced to before. However, even then he still feels bigger in a way that you cannot describe.

You turn to fold the blanket that you’d been wearing and you hear the rustle of a cape. When you’re finished, you’re unsurprised to find the Batman gone and make your way to the front of the building to ask one of the officers to take you home.


You stare blankly at the phone in front of you as Eric’s name flashes on the screen. The vibration of the phone causes it to slide gently around the table.

He’d been calling for the past half-hour and you couldn’t bear to pick up the phone. You didn’t know what to say to him. The impersonal text you’d sent about his wife being taken was bound to warrant this response, and you still remained unprepared.

Hesitantly you slide your finger across the lock screen and hit the speaker button. The phone picks up with heavy breathing coming from the receiver.

“WHAT HAPPENED!” Eric screams.

“I don’t know,” you gasp out clutching the phone to your chest feeling a sob wrack its way through your body. “I talked to her yesterday afternoon and then when I got to your house she was gone.”

“But why,” he moans and you can hear the mucus filling his knows as he starts to break down, trying to comprehend that both his wife and child were gone.

“I think-,” you stop yourself, Eric was never your friend, he was her husband. Dropping your conspiracy theories in a time of grief on him might make him angrier. “Maybe it was a robbery gone wrong.”

“They didn’t find any blood, right?” He begs.

“No, they didn’t. They said she probably isn’t hurt.”

“I fucking hate that town,” he says anger suddenly spewing through his tone. “I should have stayed in Seattle.”


“Everyday it’s something, you know? It’s not like most cities, Gotham is cursed. No place for a family. Look what they did,” he pauses as a whine forces its way out of his mouth, “They took my wife.”

“I’m sorry, Eric,” you say throat tightening, blinded by your own tears.

He pauses for a moment, enough to wipe the tears from his face, “You should go home, before someone takes you too.”

The beeping in your eye signifies that he’s hung up, leaving you to wallow in your sorrow alone.

Your eyes hit the late afternoon sky and you wonder how many days that your bosses will let you stay home.


“It’s not much to go one Bruce, you know he’s not easy to find if he doesn’t want to be,” Barbara mutters, her voice distorted by the speaker.

“Unfortunately, it’s going to have to do for now,” he says as his large arms across his chest. “He has something that could crack this case wide open, and I’m not going to let his tantrum let lives be put in danger.”

A sigh rolls through the speaker as Barbara relents, “All right, it’s no problem I’ve got this.”

“Thank you, Barbara,” Bruce says with a smile as the call ends.

The large tired man leans back in his chair and rubs the Bridge of his nose to relieve some of his stress.

“Pardon me Master Bruce, but wouldn’t be easier to simply call him?” Alfred comments as he enters the room with a glass a water.

Bruce takes it with a smile and takes a large gulp, “So he can spend time trying to taunt me and waste everyone’s time? No, he’s going to want a fight, it’s just going to be on my terms instead of his, this time.”

Alfred sighed and rocked himself back on his heels.

“Have you spoken to your lady friend?”

Bruce paused putting the glass down, “What about?”

“You said she knows, I’m surprised that you haven’t you gone out of your way to speak with her.”

“I don’t want to agitate the situation, Alfred. So far, she hasn’t said anything to anyone, and showing up could push her to reveal it. Plus, I’m not sure if I’m ready to answer any questions that she may have.”

Alfred pauses and shakes his head at the man that he’d raised, “An awfully cruel thing to do.”


“Imagine your best friend was kidnapped and the one person whom you know could help refuses to speak to you, despite the fact that you have a personal connection to him.”

Bruce pauses and leans back letting the older man’s words wash over him.

“Besides, I’m sure she would want to see Bruce Wayne, not Batman. Especially if her mental state is a fragile as you claim.”

Bruce pauses for a moment and mulls over the words. He certainty didn’t think that you’d have anything to do with the kidnappings now, especially after having watched you cry when you thought no one was looking. Perhaps Alfred was right, he usually is.

“Thank you, Alfred.”

“You’re Welcome, Master Wayne.”


It’d been a week since Camille had been taken, and you are going out of your mind. The city seemed bigger more dangerous. You’d been avoiding taking the train to and from work like you usually had and been paying the far more expensive fee of taking a yellow cab. However, it was worth it, it brought you some sense of comfort.

Some of your co-workers had stepped up to help you. They’d pick up some of the extra work that you’d either forget to do or choose not to do and it allowed you to leave a few minutes earlier and be home before the sun would be completely set, and you were more than grateful.

Luckily for them they wouldn’t have to put up with your slack for too much longer, you’d requested to take a leave of absence for your mental health and so that you could be ready at a moment’s notice whenever Camille was found.

A warm hand on your shoulder caused you to jump and you look up in expressive hazel eyes of Ana who’s smiling at you worriedly.

“Why don’t you head home for the day? I’ll pick up your things from the copy room.”

Your eyes flashover to the clock and saw that it’d just turned five and you smile gratefully and stand to pack your things.

“I really appreciate this,” you say.

“We understand,” she says with a smile and nodding over to your fellow co-workers who nod at you. “We’ve all had to deal with strange things in Gotham, but you get used to it. When you’re born here its either to deal with, but I can’t imagine what’s like for you.”

“Yeah,” you mumble. “I’ll see you later.”


You hurriedly make your down to the lobby of the building and make your way to the waiting area so you can call your usual cabby.

However, when you get the lobby you find your breath caught in your chest and the cause of it turns to meet your gaze.

He stands and smiles at you, the same heart stopping smile that you’re used to and he straightens out his suit.

“Bruce, what are you doing here?”

Also, wanted to post this since I just came across it on The Forums. I know it’s long, but I feel that it’s prob'ly important to read it and not put it under a read more:


On gerggles IRS audit, I took an uber pool yesterday and guess who was sharing/carpooling with me from the airport? AN IRS AUDITOR AGENT. I showed him the relevant info from the last thread, the house tour video, the items he was claiming for “business” on his taxes, and how much gerg made. The IRS agent laughed and said “he is so screwed”. He said:

-to claim something/a room for business (like a home office) to fully claim it as a business expense it can only and solely be used for business, if your child may use the home office let’s say to do homework (personal use), it can only partially be claimed (50%, 60%, etc) and you would have to document and show how much of a percentage it was used for business compared to personal use
-the only thing he could fully file as a business expense are the items necessary to film his YouTube videos (& related, merch,etc) so his cameras, mics, green screen, lights, editing software, etc. & computer (as long as said comp isn’t used for any personal use & just for vids)
-if his filming equipment is used for any personal (non YT business) related filming then it’s only partially covered
-the vast majority of the items gerg has filed as “business expenses” are not allowed and are not considered deductible (shit in the background of 1 or 2 vids, bathrooms, children’s beds/rooms/playroom, roof, shed, lawnmower, staircase, hallways, couches, bed, etc.)
-filing these items are common knowledge not business expenses and if onion intentionally did this to save money and avoid taxes he is commiting a crime
-bc onion & his family live in the main house (where about 50% of items are claimed for business) it is not considered a home office and absolutely cannot be 50% claimed for business, at the maximum maybe 20% but it would still be a red flag
-his personal wardrobe (regular clothes he wears for personal life that he sometimes wears in speaks) are not “business expenses”, his teslas (both of them) are 100% not covered as a business expense (even if he uses it to drive collaborators, it could only be for the exact amount of hours he used it to drive them), the back up battery and solar panels are never & will never be covered & are considered luxury & not necessity
-can only file a portion of the beds the collaborators sleep in for the exact amount of hours/days they sleep in them, must be documented, plus acknowledgment from collaborators w/ signature
-the IRS will 100% do a house visit & he will be forced to comply (and no, a video tour means nothing to them & will likely be used as evidence against him) you have to have an IRL house tour (anything over 20% of a house claimed is immediate cause for house visit)
-as they audit him, it will be concerning the past 3 years of his expenses/taxes, if they see red flags and a pattern of fraudulently filing personal items as business, which they will, they will go back even further to the past 5-10 years, basically anal raping him
-if he has not carefully and meticulously been documenting each items use (hours/days used for business) AS IT WAS HAPPENING (or in the time period) with evidence, logs, 3rd party statements then he is fucked, they’re not covered, and he has to pay up those back taxes
-he cannot rush right now to create or get the documentation/evidence of business use at the last 2nd after he was informed of his audit
-if they IRS concludes he knowingly/intentionally filed items that were not used SOLELY for business as a full business expense on his taxes (agent said ignorance doesn’t count) then he will be SEVERELY fined, forced to pay every/all back taxes from the items he fraudulently filed as “business expenses”, have his YT wages garnished (take $ out from his paycheck), and almost most likely if not surely will be charged criminally for tax fraud, tax evasion, etc. and depending on how many years he’s done this for will affect the amount of criminal charges (which will result in jail time or probation & hefty fines)
-even worse shit if he knowingly did this to be in a lower tax bracket (rich gets taxed more, poor gets taxed less) to pay less taxes
-he is an independent contractor not a business owner
-the IRS will factor in his 2nd house which is supposed to be for work/office/editing/filming and rip him to shreds over why then his family home is 50% “business expenses”
-5 editing stations? They may (but most likely, since he’s a solo channel, not buy that excuse) let him slide on that, but only partially on the comps bc they’re used for personal too
-IG selfies are not business related for gerg
-shit gerg filed as “business expenses” for lainybots channel will not be covered (he will have to pay back taxes on all items he claimed for business for Lainey’s channel, i.e. Her equipment, her comp, the fireplace?!) bc Lainy would have had to been documenting that for years herself and file it under her name as a “business expense” (not gerg) & prove her “business” is regular & turning regular income/profit & not just a hobby for a stay at home mom
-this will all result in the IRS audit ripping his asshole so deep that he has a serious chance of receiving jail time or porbation (criminal charges), backtaxes for everything he fraudulently filed as “business expenses”, massive fines for false filings, plus interest on all of it (which can add up based on how many years he’s been doing this), and if he can’t pay up (in the time or plan he has) they will start garnishing his YT paychecks, seizing his assets (such as his cars, expensive equipment, electronics, even his 2nd house, or any other properties in his name i.e. His mothers house/his old house-they go for the most expensive first) could all be FORCEFULLY seized to pay off his debt to the IRS, these seized assets will most likely occur since there’s no way on earth onion has enough money to pay off the massive debt he will soon owe
-he is without a doubt 100% “literally” committing a crime. being his 2nd audit regarding improper filings for “business expenses” (divorce from skye was 1st audit) they will show no mercy & not believe he was ignorant of the law, therefore showing intent to defraud, which is a crime of tax evasion, tax fraud which they will fully go after him for $$$ wise, possible court too since it’s not his first time & intention to commit fraud to benefit financially

Best case- they fuck him hard but don’t prosecute him for criminal charges but will still owe a massive amount of backtax, fines, interest, but give him a generous payment plan that he spends many years paying off, wages garnished, has to sell tons of shit, downsizing a lot
Worst case- goes to jail for a few months, probation, assets seized, broke, files for bankruptcy, has to move to a studio apt, is toast & spergs like we’ve never seen

Plus IRS agent said that any anons can go on the IRS website and speak to an agent on anon & ask them hypotheticals/questions

Saged for long ass post (rry sorry just tried to distinguish solid faxxx from an IRS agent from our educated guesses)

EDIT: for additional information

-Sarah is not considered an employee, not bc she’s underage, but bc of her age requiring paperwork, in accordance with their state law, she would require a form to be signed by her parents & school, the employer (grease) would require special permits, special insurance, as well as records proving age and documentations of work (along with not “working” between 7pm-7am)
-Sarah’s travel expenses, her “paycheck”, and bed, shower, & food, etc can not be considered business expenses (or included in partial business expense for an item i.e. “race car bed collaborators slept in!!1”
-Billie is not considered an employee, even though an adult can be in a romantic relationship with their employer(s) and still be legal employed, she & onion never filed any W2 forms & have no proper documentation of her hours/work/use of items being covered as business expenses
-Billie cannot have travel expenses covered bc the beginning travel and all the rest of the flights were due to personal reasons, she didn’t fly to them to be their employee
-Billies “paycheck” isn’t covered bc no proper documentation of hours/work/etc, no receipts, no contract (sex slave contract doesn’t count), no taxes taken out of her pay (under the table payment, these would be filed be filed under billies name), no statement by Billie stating it was in exchange for labor (w/ hours, job description)
-Billie can be considered an independent contractor to onision (an independent contractor himself), but without documentation of what exact hours she worked, etc then there’s no way to prove when, what, & if she worked for gerg, therefore not covered, leading to all her expenses and use of items filed as “business expenses” to not eligible to be covered as business as well.
-Since no documentation for Billies “work”, it could be seen as a luxury personal expense (such as sugar babies being paid by their sugar daddies)
-cannot have any collaborators (other big YTers) travel expenses covered unless he kept all the plane ticket receipts w/ proof that they were flown out for reasons directly related to his YT “business”
-a video of him and the collaborator(s) is not legitamite evidence enough, bc it does not prove they were not there (or flown out) as friends for personal reasons, such as a friend in vlogs (& YTers don’t deduct their expenses from their taxes) or hobby (such as Lainy is not paid a prectage of every vid of gregs shes in)
-could say maybe they’re (unpaid?) actors (depending on state, some sign up w/ actors guild is required, some not) but would still have to show evidence of receipts, documented AT THE TIME PERIOD (not years later) of exact days/hours worked (also with time items they used i.e. beds, 2nd house) but that’s really a big maybe
-this nigga can’t file shit for any of his fake employees (jailbait) & YT ex-friends as business expenses on his taxes bc he has no documentation & are illegitimate

shark-lesbian  asked:

So I'm *trying* to write a fantasy story and I have all these characters and stuff but the worldbuilding is kind of bad and I don't have any ideas for actual writing. The two characters I'm sort of focusing on are a half-selkie and a violent fairy, both girls, and also kind of pirates? But I have no ideas for trouble they might get into...

Sounds amazing! I had to search the meaning of selkie, so thanks for teaching me a new thing. Firstly, I was wondering if you’ve ever watched/read Paper Towns, because that was my first thought when I read the last sentence. Secondly, I think what we need to work on is the relationship between the half-selkie and fairy, what would you like their world to seem like? I’m going to drop you a series of questions that might help determine what dimension and world they might live in, just answer them as best as you can and it should help you decipher how your characters fit into this particular world:

  • Past, Present or Futuristic?
  • Is the air clean where they live?
  • How far do they have to travel to find someone of the same supernatural being (eg. Selkie, Fairy, etc)?
  • Is there availability for your characters to meet new people?
  • What is the theme colour(s)? Yellow like a desert or green like a forest, etc.
  • Roughly, what’s the population? Majority old or young people?
  • Any strange habits or traditions that the whole town celebrate?
  • Any neighbouring towns, cities, settlements, etc?
  • How long will it take to get to the closest gas station/eatery?
  • Currency?
  • Are people friendly where they live?
  • How many days does it rain in a week?
  • What’s the risk of crime? Often and how bad?
  • Any legends or fairy tales of the place they live?
  • Previous residents and backstories? 
  • What is the percentage of deaths per year? Any continuous illnesses?
  • What are the buildings like? Stone, wood, brick, no houses/underground?
  • What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened in their hometown?
  • Is the sky the same colour everyday or does it change depending on general mood, seasons or random?
  • Around what time does the sunset in Winter?

There’s millions of questions you can ask, but I’m hoping these might create an idea of scene and setting for you (I have tons more if not!). So I started thinking about what you meant with both girls making trouble and (sort of) breaking the rules. Now I don’t know anything about your characters or their personalities, so you may have to work those things out for yourself, but I’ll advise you to add more characters, it always helps! Maybe have the two girls’ actions be an act of rebellion or justification. Try writing a short backstory, it might come in handy! If you’d like to chat it through more in-depth, just DM me, good luck! Lots of love from Yasmine xox

Neverland (6/?)

Summary: The Fakes hate Gemini. They’re a vicious, cut-throat crew who go against everything the FAHC stand for. But when a bigger, badder threat comes along, Michael and Ryan are forced to team up with Gavin - Gemini’s mastermind thief - to take down a common enemy.

The two of them are determined not to get too close - but living together in a small safe house, it’s hard to hide all the ways that you’re broken.

all major content warnings at the start of part 1

Part 1  Part 5  AO3

ix. all grown up

They have a routine, before every dangerous job. They braid each other’s hair.

This is before the face paint, before the mask, before the Vagabond with his black skull.  Just two bounty hunters - partners in crime - Bonnie and Clyde. Wendy and Ryan.

When you’ve known someone since childhood you get used to them. Ryan’s memorised how her hair feels running through his fingers - her face as familiar in their bathroom mirror as his own. Two bodies, two shadows, always two of them, filling the same space, ready to have each other’s backs, just like they have since they were kids on a playground together.

They never kiss before a job. Not properly - but she’ll kiss her fingers, and press them to his lips, and say with a smile, “Save it for later.”

“Later,” he murmurs, because there always is later, when they come back buzzing with adrenaline and covered in blood and grime. Except, of course, for the one time that there isn’t-

“Give them two more minutes,” Gavin whispers. “Then we go in.”

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99thpercentile  asked:

If you had written it, where would the "don’t think for one second that I am one of them" line have led us?

When Sherlock says that line it wasn’t supposed to be treated like a shameful confession that needed to be disproved. It’s a very open and upfront disclosure of a perpetual truth that’s not going to change. He didn’t mean it in a “social outcast/doesn’t fit in” kind of way, but in a “I human differently than most people human” kind of way, which includes some terrifying traits he knows are simmering right under the surface.

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