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have some sibling bonding between Hela and Loki


Mariya Andreyeva as Lyanna Stark

from HOLD ON TO YOUR HEART, asoiaf AU fic, by @lyannas

—her father’s words had rung in her head then: the lone wolf dies but the pack survives. Yet the pack had died together, and the lone wolf was made the lone survivor. A strange sort of guilt gnawed at her over this. You should have died with them


Ok i’ve been requested multiple times to post pictures of me kittens. What you people must know tho is that i don’t take photos at all. I just don’t. And i don’t have camera other than shitty camera on a phone.

They both girls, they don’t have names. Currently they go by “Hey, stop chewing curtains” and “Come ’ere you little shit!” Grey one does not stop for a second, so i couldn’t take a better photo. They are 2 month old and with worms out of a system, they will start grow like hell.

Don’t ask for more.

okay but why are sore throats the actual worst? I have tried ibuprofen, tylenol, salt water gargles, hot water with lemon, hot green tea with honey, hot green tea with ginger, seriously I am running out of natural remedies and my throat still hurts so much that I can barely swallow and all I’ve eaten today has been ice cream

also lemon cough drops taste exactly the way lemon-scented furniture polish smells and that is strangely impressive

When it comes to the debate about whether the ygo manga or anime makes more sense, I think maybe the answer is that they each have different priorities.

In the manga the story/concepts come first and the characters come second, while in the anime it’s the other way around. So the manga’s plot is fairly coherent, but it’s willing to throw out previously-established characterization at the drop of the hat if a cool new story idea comes along, and in the anime the plot’s a convoluted self-contradictory mess but the characters feel more like real people with natural development + arcs.

In the end, neither version makes total sense on its own. It comes down to what takes you, personally, out of the experience more: plot inconsistency or inconsistent characterization.