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Aesthetic Challenge

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RULES: make your aesthetic (based off of your personality and interests) with ONLY photos you’ve saved to your device! You cannot search and download any items until you are done!

(I’m gonna assume by device they don’t just mean phone but also computers?? Because these are from my computer but I limited it to two folders at least)

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I know this will sound dramatic as hell but I just have to express how I feel. I will probably delete this in a couple mins but.. I miss him. I miss his extra ass. I miss his hyena laugh. I miss the squirtle smile. I miss the wild & sexy. I miss the “JYP” whisper he does, I missed his thick thighs. I miss his confidence. I miss his organic tea. I fucking miss everything about him. I miss Jia Er Wang. To others he is just an idol, just a person. But to me, Jackson is so much more. I honestly hated my body image and hated my thick thighs and my chubby body growing up. But I fucking gain some sort of confidence because of Jackson. Everytime I felt down or sad, I would just listen to Jackson say anything funny or inspirational. Getting into Got7, Jackson was my bias and to this day he still is. There is something about him that fills my heart. He means the world to me. I honestly feel empty without him. I am worried sick thinking something horrible is going on with Jackson and not being able to know what is up. Like is Jackson’s health that bad that JYP can explain? Is Jackson just tired of the whole idol life? Is the whole China-Korea thing affecting this? Also I worry about how his parents feel about this. Like as everyone knows Jackson is quite close with his parents and calls them everyday. How do Mama Wang and Papa Wang feel about their son fainting for being overworked? As for me I feel as if I did something wrong. I know I can’t do much right now but wait for a statement of Jackson’s health and him coming back, but by what I mean I feel I did something wrong is that I wanted to have got7 to be well known because the boys deserve so much more than what they are getting credit for. I wanted Jackson to be in so much variety because he seems to enjoying doing them but I didn’t noticed is that he barely slept and barely ate because of the travel. Jackson to me is my world, I really love him so much. I know this seems like it’s just a crush but it doesn’t feel like it. It feel so much more powerful. I honestly fell in love with Jackson because he sticks to being himself and is not afraid of showing his true colors. I just want him to post anything, even the slightest “I love you” in his social media so it can reassure me that he is alive. I honestly go to bed everyday since the day he fainted crying myself to sleep because I worry so much for him. Please come back healthy and happy. Don’t overwork yourself so much to make us happy. Take care of yourself This is hella dramatic and I’m sorry.