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The Legend of Star Butterfly

“Why did Star Butterfly put in the song about losing Glossaryck and the Book of Spells? Why? Why? She was so against confessing to her parents a few episodes ago!” 

So yeah, I’ve finally watched the rest of Season 2 of SVTFOE, and I dare say that this is among the common reaction in the “Face the Music” episode. Some people think it’s pretty stupid (if not really bad) move on Star’s part because she just threw her parents under the bus and now the citizens of Mewni are angry at the Royal Family. Others look on the bright side because it’s due to that song that Moon got back-up when she raid the temple. Otherwise, she would have gone there alone (thinking that only Ludo and the other half of the wand is the only threat) and be totally screwed over.

However, Star’s “Princess Song” may actually have another significance more than revealing the whole “Ludo stole the Book of Spell and Glossaryck” secret, and that significance is connected to the title. But before that, let’s ask this question: What is the difference between confessing to her parents and putting her biggest fail into a song for the whole kingdom to hear, that made Star Butterfly much more willing to do the latter?

The answer to that question is another question.

“What does Ruberiot signify?”

Ruberiot is a songstrel. And in the Kingdom of Mewni, whose setting is on Medieval times, there are no TV and such to spread news for the whole kingdom. There may be newspaper, but we saw the state of Mewni with lots of poor people (how many are educated enough to read and be interested in Newspapers or historical books?). In this kind of setting, normal citizens can get news and stories about the achievements and events through story telling … and songs.

In other words, Ruberiot signifies the Media.

You can see that with how songstrel influences the citizens of Mewni. 

They can “report” goodly about a person to the point it’s just an empty and fake flattery (aka outright bull***t).

Like the traditional songs of Princesses before and Star’s intro song

… Or tell the accidents, facts and truth to the world  

Like the middle part of Star’s song where Ruberiot makes example of positive (Star’s awesomeness) and negative (Royal Family lying/omitting facts from the citizens) reporting.

… And it can even go so far as complete unwanted scandals

^Ruberiot being a complete paparazzi to Star Butterfly’s affairs.

Ruberiot, and all the other songstrel, is Mewni’s form of Media.

But here’s the thing, he’s not a simple reporter, he is also a historian.

He is not only responsible to relays news of the princess to the citizens, he is also responsible to writing history through songs. That is how important a “Princess Song” is. It’s a page in history (and something Star totally wants to skip over) to introduce Star Butterfly for the next generations of princesses and people of Mewni. 

That is why the words “real” song for a “real” princess is quite emphasized. They want to relay a proper news that tells “facts” instead of buttering up lies about a person to the point it’s not proper news anymore. The Royal family has complete control and authority over the media and what the citizens knows. And of course, there is no normal Queen/King that would want to have bad stuff written about them. This is why all princess songs up until now had been called “hacks”.  

But Star Butterfly is not your “normal” princess. She’s a “rebel” princess.

Which is why, when she heard she will have her “princess” song, her answer is a big fat NO.

Some of you may feel like Star’s Princess Song should have ended at it’s first half and not continued with the latter half which made a lot of us cringed because we knew the problems it will cause. After all, she already had the typical boring hack songs to change. It talks about  her “real” self like shown in the lines of “weaving magic like a born spell caster, and wreaking havoc like a natural disaster”. It’s not that bad, right? In fact, it’s a hit. Everybody loved it. So why must she add the “secret” about Ludo stealing the book and kidnapping Glossaryck?

It’s because not putting it will destroy the whole purpose of what she wanted to achieve by changing it. She wants to ruin the image of “Ideal”. She wants to show that princesses are not “perfect”. She wants to show what a “real” princess is like. She can only do this by revealing her big royal screw up (simple ones like her rebellious acts ain’t gonna cut it because everybody knows/expects that rebellious side of her’s). Why must she do this? To remove the pressure of needing to be “perfect” from “future” generations of princesses. And what surprised me is that not only does Star want to destroy the “perfect” image (that’s typical of Star), she was actually worrying about the future of the next generation of princesses. But this part just shows how much serious Star is from the thing she hated the most: Compromising one’s individuality.

On the other hand, we have “Ruberiot, the totally tortured artist”. Knowing what sonstrels represent in their country, we can see that what he wanted is a truer form of Media. Not complete hacks that was just there to suck up to the Royal family. 

I actually really appreciate the fact that he just really wanted to do his job properly because he wanted to be better and has no ulterior motive such as ruining the Royal family image etc. (because certain media can be pretty bias and can resort to making bashing click baits to get more views). Although he played a big part in causing a riot among the citizens (I guess he’s named Ruberiot for something), he didn’t really mean it. Still though, I think he has a little bit of favorable bias towards Star Butterfly. Not because of the obvious reason of her fully helping him out to doing what he wanted with his song, but because of how he wrote the song. All the words used upon Star are favorable (if not downright good), even when he told her biggest fail, it’s not in a way of shaming her in any way. The way he narrated her is really just a cool and adventurous rebel princess full of spirit and fun. If anything, the only one he “put down” is her parents for keeping secrets and that resulted in everyone getting angry at Queen Moon. Of course, it may be just the impression Star left on him in his song and saying “bias” is just exaggeration on my part. Moving on.

Star Butterfly must have thought that the citizens would only criticize her because she’s the one at fault. She never cared about other’s “perspective” of her or “keeping an image”. This is why she was labeled as “rebel princess” in the first place. The only reason why she is scared of admitting her royal screw up is because she’s afraid of her parent’s anger. But as seen on “Crystal Clear”, she is fine telling this secret to others (though she did say to keep it a secret to the other High Commission members).

Star’s impression of princess’ songs is that they are stupid puff pieces of fake descriptions about the future queens to make them look “perfect” to everyone. Ruberiot hates the old princess’ songs because they are complete hacks and really uncreative. Put these two together and we get something interesting.

Citizens rioting against the Royal Family?

Pfft, no. It’s…

Changing the media into a freer and truer form. To put it simply, this simple wanting of the “real” thing to be recorded in songs/history of Star Butterfly, the Underestimated, future queen of Mewni had unconsciously become about …

Revolutionizing the Media.

Which pretty much fits her overall agenda because Star Butterfly is about achieving freedom. I find this interesting because we are getting a “hint” on what kind of queen Star is going to be like.

Star Butterfly is already a “rebel” princess, and what’s the next step of “rebellion”? It’s “revolution”. The adventures of Star Butterfly looks like just the story of Star’s growth but subtly, she gets involve with big entities and causes changes (subtle as they may be). I think this little adventures of her will lead to become a Legend once she became Queen, and one hell of a Queen she will be. And so I hereby add a title to Star, the Underestimated, and future Queen of Mewni… 

Star, The Queen of Revolution.

She encourages freedom of speech for the citizens and the future generations. The changes she will make is something that can benefit the citizens (in the sense that they will have more freedom) and different departments like songstrels (as her regimen won’t hinder progress by bounding them on “tradition). However, this is not all sunshine and daisies because all actions has their own consequences. This step she done may benefit the media, the historians (ya know scholars always search for truth) and the future generations of princesses but it costs the Royal family greatly. We cannot deny that this disaster of a song causes trouble. Not only because it causes citizens to hate them, but if other songstrels take after Ruberiot (which is highly likely), then the Royal family will lose control of their Media and create a new entity that affects the government of Mewni and it’s citizens. As Queen Moon said, citizens just want to believe their princess/future queen as “perfect”. However, will it be really alright to let the citizens continue with ignorant bliss and has no clue on what their leaders are like? As Ruberiot said, doesn’t the citizens deserve to know their “real” future queen? There is no real “correct” answer on what Star should have done in this situation because both sides has their own consequences. If Star Butterfly manage to handle the case successfully, she may well become one of the legendary queens for creating a milestone in Mewni’s history (and she will be considering her power and potential).

Just thinking of the things she has done and going to do and her potential, I am very excited to see what is going to be her legend in the History of Mewni. No doubt it is going to be a big one, but how big will it be?


Edit: For further discussion and elaboration, click this link: (x)

Angel Eyes

Summary: An angel/demon AU featuring demon!Bucky and angel!Reader based on this request:

Pairings: Bucky x reader

Warnings: Religious imagery, probably some blasphemy, language, unprotected (graphic) sex

Word Count: 2,915

A/N: Ask and ye shall receive. I kinda got carried away with this one. I do hope it’s okay? (.gif has nothing to do with the story. I just like staring at it)

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What happens when an angel knocks up a demon? You get a devilishly handsome half-breed with angelic charm and passion like hellfire running through his veins—you get me. Maybe I’m not as impressive as Lucifer, I didn’t fall from grace, I didn’t cut off my wings to spite my father—I never had wings—but I am more impressive than other demons. I’m stronger, smarter…just overall, I’m better. My unique position comes with perks from Luci, but jeers from full-blood demons. They say I’m not pure, that I have a disgusting heavenly glow about me. They say I don’t belong in Hell.

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(Translation) Rouge et Noir 2 - Check in the Dark

(R18!! Please proceed only if you’re above 18!)

CV. Nakazawa Masatomo

T/N: Commissioned by kind soul @ryoutako - thanks for the commission! i’d like to issue a public apologize man, i should’ve read your message more thoroughly wow im an idiot sandwich

this dude’s technical terms tho… im sure mc is like ??? dude i only know mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

it’s tough to translate the jargon but it’s somehow endearing to see him talk about science, idk if it’s just the nerd in me, but he’s so elaborate on the terms it’s cute. trust me im a science i lov bio, physics, and especially [looks at smudged handwriting] cemetery

(yo special thanks for dauri, chi, mila, and mimi’s harem of bois for the matrix neck help lmfao, i’m 👌 this close to editing the cover title into rouge et noir: check in the matrix neck)

ok sorry for the sidetrack, without further ado, here goes it! *police sirens and gunshots*

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Keith x Reader - Violet

*Soulmate!AU where you can’t see the color of your soulmate’s eyes until your eyes meet*

        "What the hell does purple look like?!“  Everyone looked up at you.  You were at your cousin’s wedding reception, and everyone was talking about what a pretty purple the bridesmaid’s dresses were.  You had thought that, for some reason, they were all in gray, which was really weird for a wedding, but your cousin always had been excentric.

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Race Against Time (Part 1)

Title: Race Against Time, Part 1

Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: mention of blood, angst, mention of a car accident, character death.

A/N: Here’s part one guys. Sorry this one is a little bloody. Enjoy? Please send me an ask or a message if you would like to be tagged. Thank you. <3

Part 2

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Leaning your head against the backboard of your motel room bed, you gazed up at the ceiling, counting the small specks of mold as tears to rolled down your warm, reddened cheeks. Your bones shook as fear raced through you. Shit. You desperately avoided thinking about this day… but ignorance really isn’t bliss.

Your hands ached as you rested them on the off-white sheets. Blood from the road rash still oozed from some of the deeper cuts. Your maroon and gray flannel shirt was torn. Two large holes caused the fabric to ripple along your back. And, like an idiot, you had decided to wear shorts. You didn’t dare glance down at the damage on your burning, aching legs.

You always yelled at Dean for driving like a bat out of hell, but considering the circumstances, you didn’t blame him. Hellhounds were impossible to outrun forever, but he always accepted a challenge. Especially when it meant saving the love of his little brother’s life.

Sam, on the other hand, was… well you couldn’t actually tell how he was feeling. Mad? Scared? Confused? All of the above? Whatever it was, he wasn’t going to let anything happen to you.

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I’m seeing a hell of a lot of negativity between the two fandoms of Supergirl so I decided to blurt out my opinion.

People have compared Lena to Mon El saying that they’re basically the same because of the Luthors and of Daxam. But they couldn’t be more different.

Lena’s realisation of how evil the Luthors were came when she was still a loved member of the Luthors whereas Mon El’s realisation of how bad things were on Daxam came when he landed on earth. If Daxam were to have never imploded, Mon El would still be in ignorant bliss of how abusive his culture really is. Lena came to her realisation on her own back and distanced herself from her family.

Mon El still doesn’t know how bad Daxam really was compared to Earth but Lena knows how truly evil her mother is.

When Kara rants about the prince of Daxam, Mon El grumbles “he isn’t that bad” and still didn’t acknowledge that his actions on the planet were disgusting. You also can’t excuse someone having and profiting richly off of slavery. Like no. Lena did not have slaves she would have had servants. Servants are a completely different kettle of fish. Servants are paid and are consensual workers. Slaves are forced to work against their will.

Think of it this way, you don’t know what Mon El did to his slaves. You don’t know how he treated them but if Kara’s explanation of the Prince Of Daxam is to be believed, he was a bellend to everyone he came across which would mean he was a twat to his slaves - they were beneath him, he would have treated them like shit.

I’m not gunna slag off Mon El fans. You like who you like and all. But Mon El is like Epps (Michael Fassbender) from 12 Years A Slave. That’s how I see him. Like, if you saw Epps (hopefully you have seen 12 Years A Slave) after everything he did to those poor people in the film trying to get it on with Kara, would you be okay with it? Just because the bloke playing Mon El is fit as fuck, doesn’t mean you can excuse his past. He could also be a sex pest in regards to the slaves. Would you forgive that too?

Also, Mon El has lied on multiple occasions to Kara. How many times has Lena lied to her? What you see is what you get with Lena, she’s the lonely kid on the playground that needs a friend whereas Mon El is the guy who knocks you over and intimidates you into believing it’s your fault why you fell.

In conclusion, Kara knew who Lena was and knows that Lena betrayed her family off of her own back for the greater good regardless of the consequences whereas Mon El hid who he was and still (hopefully I’ve not missed anything, I rolled my eyes constantly when he was on my TV) hasn’t fully disclosed things he did while on Daxam.

If I’ve gone off point or some doesn’t make sense, I apologise. I’m half watching the City Women game and half remembering how much of a knob Mon El is.

anonymous asked:

Northern Ireland is a disputed territory. As is Israel. So yes very serious. Both have had wars and countess terrorism attacks over the land dispute. So I say back to you. Really? Ignorance is bliss.

Okay, here’s why Northern Ireland is a false equivalence.

Firstly, Britain is not extending settlements into the Republic of Ireland, they are not invading Donegal. Israel continues to make illegal settlements in the West Bank.

Secondly, Northern Ireland is not Gaza or the Westbank. Residents are entitled to british citizenship - dual citizenship in fact, both Irish and British. Palestinians on the other hand, while they technically have ‘passport citizenship’ with Israel, are denied almost every other rights as a citizen - including education, welfare, voting, access to land and water. So while they are ‘passport citizens’ they are not full ‘democratic citizens’. 

Palestine is also not granted statehood and Israel refuses to recognise the legitimacy of Palestine - something that is frequently projected back onto the Palestinians in spite of the PLO’s recognition of Israel since 1993 (formally, they actually recognised Israel’s right to exist before that).

Thirdly, Northern Irish citizens have a right to self determination. They have devolved powers and their own government - which has influence in westminster. Palestinians have repeatedly attempted to democratically elect governments that Israel refuses to acknowledge as valid and will not enter peace talks with. Palestinians in the occupied territories have absolutely no democratic rights within Israel.

Fourthly, Northern Irish citizens have free movement within Britain and Ireland. This is not the same for residents within the occupied territories, they do not have free movement within Israel. 

And, most importantly - the scale of the humanitarian disaster that is experienced by the Palestinians living in the occupied territories. Gaza is a prime example. Northern Ireland is - again - not Gaza. Northern Ireland is not being deprived of electricity and is at the point of becoming unlivable, it took 30 years for 3,600 people to be killed during the troubles - it took 50 days for 2,200 civilians to die in Gaza - only three years ago. 

Also - one of the biggest obstacles to peace in the middle east - People from Northern Ireland who left during the troubles have a right to return to Northern Ireland - Palestinian refugees do not

You are over-simplifying and looking at the most superficial of details to make this false equivalence. I’ve only very briefly touched on some of the more contemporary issues to highlight why this equivalence is so obviously false - but I suggest actually reading about the history of the middle eastern conflict to get a better understanding of the huge divide between these examples of colonialism. 

It’s also kind of cute that you think I’m ignorant about the Northern Ireland conflict…

lost and found

bughead fanfic - chapter 1


“and i’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds,
in any version of reality, i’d find you, and i’d choose you”
-the chaos of stars

Tulips are her favorite flowers, yet her home is filled with lilies.

There’s an abundance of the admittedly beautiful white-petalled flower covering every surface of her small two-bedroom apartment. A bundle of them sit in a half-filled vase beside a family portrait of a smiling wife and husband with their newborn baby boy. A deceiving photo of the perfect family.

She doesn’t think it’s appropriate to toss the frame away now that she’s just returned home from his second memorial service.

Barely twenty-five years old and with a six-month-old baby, Elizabeth “Betty” Cooper finds herself a single mother and a widow.

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asoue fancasting: part two


for jerome, i wanted to find someone really funny, but mostly someone who could really pull off blissful ignorance. someone you kind of like as a person, but he’ll fit well into the crappy-adult-doesn’t-listen role - and be kind of even a bit worse than normal, seeing as he’s also deluding himself that he isn’t married to a vicious criminal. these options sprang to mind in relation to that spec:

timothy olyphant

look at that strained smile. now picture that double thumbs up in every slightly awkward or confrontational situation. “everything’s great!” his mouth says, but his eyes say “why aren’t i dead yet?” please see his recent role in santa clarita diet for more, ignoring the parts where he makes decisions or does anything remotely effective.

lee pace

a much less funny selection, but the face was too good to pass up. also, he’d definitely be able to fit into the tone of the asoue universe, seeing as he’s well known for pushing daisies, which is quite stylistically similar. i think he could definitely do the whole i’m really stupid but still quite a nice person vibe.

Race Against Time (Teaser)

Sam Winchester x Reader

Warnings: mention of blood/injuries, angst.

A/N: This is a teaser for a mini (or longer) series I accidentally wrote. Ooops. Forever tags below the cut. Please send me an ask if you would like to be tagged. Part 1 will be up in the next few days. Pic below is not mine.

Leaning your head against the backboard of your motel room bed, you gazed up at the ceiling, counting the small specks of mold as tears to rolled down your warm, reddened cheeks. Your bones shook as fear raced through you. Shit. You desperately avoided thinking about this day… but ignorance really isn’t bliss.

Your hands ached as you rested them on the off-white sheets. Blood from the road rash still oozed from some of the deeper cuts. Your maroon and gray flannel shirt was torn. Two large holes caused the fabric to ripple along your back. And, like an idiot, you had decided to wear shorts. You didn’t dare glance down at the damage on your burning, aching legs.

You always yelled at Dean for driving like a bat out of hell, but considering the circumstances, you didn’t blame him. Hellhounds were impossible to outrun forever, but he always accepted a challenge. Especially when it meant saving the love of his little brother’s life.

Sam, on the other hand, was… well you couldn’t actually tell how he was feeling. Mad? Scared? Confused? All of the above? Whatever it was, he wasn’t going to let anything happen to you.

And you couldn’t let anything happen to him, or his brother. You loved him too much. Which is why you were now alone, struggling to catch your breath in a shaggy motel room.

Sam and you had talked about your future and having a family on many occasions, never finding the right moment to start trying. But, you always vowed to each other that it would happen. Someday. That seemed to be one of the thoughts that kept the younger Winchester going on some days.

You blinked more tears from your eyes as you held your lower stomach. You never got the chance to tell him that his dream—the dream you shared was already in the works. A large part of you hoped your little stunt didn’t do any damage. But, judging by the impact your hands and knees took, it was unlikely.

The cell phone on your bedside table buzzed. You reached for it. Sam Winchester. “Baby.” Your voice was shaky as you greeted your love.

“Y/N, you could have killed yourself jumping from a moving car like that! Where are you?” Sam’s tone was low and angry, causing your nausea to worsen.

“The Edgewood Inn—“ You gasped as a howl echoed in the distance. Shit, shit, shit. They found you. You squeezed your eyes shut. The only vision that came to mind was your older sister’s bloody body, mangled in the middle of the road. That was 10 years ago, today. Now, she was healthy and happy, living in Chicago with her husband and three-year-old daughter.

And today, you were paying the price.

“Baby, are you still there?” Sam’s voice lightened a little bit, concern now present in his gravelly tone. “Are you okay?”

Your jaw shook as you answered, “T-They’re here, Sam.”

Silence on the other line made your heart race. You both knew it. It was over.

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… the amount of people i’m seeing referring to So’s feelings as ‘man pain’

excuse me but, man pain is getting all upset and being all angsty sitting under a tree because you have feelings for your wife’s cousin

not having your heart ripped out by every single person around you. 

how is someone’s literal fight (not even a metaphoric fight about his feelings)  to survive being interpreted as man pain? 

If I Leave (1)

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

**credit to original owner of gif  ヽ(^◇^*)/

pairing: chanyeol x reader
word count: 6.1k
a/n: okay this is long oops but if you read it I promise it’s not boring like what’s better than a Chanyeol boxer au am I right?? also don’t try to predict what’s gonna happen with what I write because BOY do I find it hard to predict myself what’s going to happen next. you know you wanna read it now, go on

01 ~ 02 ~ 03

Your head was laid uncomfortably on the pillow, hand resting beneath it as you stared out into the dark sky, your eyes wandering over the various different stars that were set in the raven black sky. Chanyeol had left you, again. He had left you to wonder where he was at such a time of night. He had left you to wonder what time he would be home. He had left you to wonder what was left of the broken relationship you were questioning every single day he left you on your own.

There was a silent breeze that ran through the room from the open window, bringing a cold feeling to your skin’s surface when it ran over you. The slight patter of rain on the window filled your ears, allowing you to fall into a calm state of mind as it replaced your erratic thoughts for a short moment – yet you still couldn’t stop worry running through your mind. 

Of course you loved him, of course you wanted him to stay, but every night he had disappeared for hours upon end without even telling you where he was going and left with little less to do than ponder over whether he just wasn’t coming home the next day. You didn’t want to be one of those people who got overly paranoid about the one they love disappearing at night. 

You didn’t want to accuse Chanyeol of cheating. But what did you expect? What should you expect? What else could lead him to sneaking out of the house, coming home early in the morning and being secretive about every single thing he did in his life.

What else could you expect?

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Now, we live in a society where an indoctrinated mob will actively endeavor to slander you, with the intent of destroying your livelihood, and by extension your life, and where the justice system has been recorded being abused to that end.

Yes, in our society, you’re expected to kill yourself for wrongthink.

See how deep and true their so called beliefs really are when tested with repercussions that will leave long lasting scars on their day to day life …….respond with the tools that the modern world provides us with. A fight is a fight and you gotta know when your back is up against a wall and when to strike first rather than make excuses to prolong inaction. By the time this agenda slowly encroaches upon people’s comfy little lives it will be too far gone and the chance to defend our views will have disappeared, even the uninterested bystanders will realize the folly of their willingness to fester in blissful ignorance. Do we really still think that talking and debating is still a worthwhile practice in these times? That period of discussion has been and gone, we know just by looking at everyday occurrences that there was only ever one intended direction for us and we are already well underway on our journey to hell while Zamyatin, Huxley and Orwell mutter of how we had been warned.

Also a society where Tommy Robinson gets hounded out of a Cambridgeshire pub by the police for political reasons, having committed no crime.   Fucking disgusting.

Canadian Star Chamber Extra Judicial HRC used by Islamists to silence all criticism of Islam in Canada. They have more powers than ordinary courts and there virtually is no defense or rule of law for the accused. Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant WERE put on trial and after that ordinary Canadians dare not raise a peep in public. They haven’t come after the anonymous youtube commenters … YET.

Don’t you have an RFID injected into your arm. Huh. Don’t worry they will get round to you. You know that the FBI is reading people’s facebook pages and going to their homes and arresting them if they criticize Obama. (and off to either jail of the loony bin on trumped up charges). And that the Dems release names, addresses , businesses of those who join political movements that oppose their agendas. resulting in firings,  and SJW  harassments at home and/or businesses. ad the 3 AM kick in your door and shoot you is still going on in many cities, and in one State  they did Stalinist home raids on opposition party movements threatening everyone with incarceration if they told about it. (They wouldn’t even let one kid phone his parents and threatened him if he told anyone at school about  it).

I can list about four or five instances off the top of my head in which the SJW members went after anti-SJW people’s jobs, accused them of criminal activity and at least one case in which they tried sending someone to prison. If you can list similar examples from the other side, by all means: I’m all ears.

Saying “[Person] is a misogynist racist neonazi” is slander. Not only does it impune your character in an absolutely baseless manner that is meant not to address any argument you make, but to simply make one into persona non grata… But it is also an accusation of things that are CRIMINAL in many places. Actual racism, sexism, and nazi support are criminal offenses in many countries. And this is the methods and tactics that progressive/regressive leftist, feminists, lgbtq mafia, sjws, political correct enforcers, speech and thought police, extremists use to silence any and all counter opinions. Basically they are anti-diversity of opinions, anti-equality of different beliefs. And are blatantly and completely authoritarian.

When you have to watch what political speech you say because someone will contact your company, calling you a racist, bigot, sexist, or the like in order to get you fired, you are living in a culture where an indoctrinated mob will slander you.

More (John Murphy x Reader)

Request: So, I’m a Murphy fan. I’m thinking of a plot kinda like your story insecurities cause shes not super thin? But they’ve been friends forever and it’s her first time? Maybe like a pregnancy or something..idk

A\N: I like the idea for this story but I’m not going to put smut in it because I reckon since they’re best friends, she wouldn’t be ready for it yet (but don’t worry they still end up together hahah) xox

Originally posted by immortalmurphy

The yellow glow of the fire kept you warm but that didn’t stop Murphy from holding your hands in his like he always did. Though most people found the likes of John Murphy intimidating, growing up with him by your side let you see who he really is when he’s not bossing people around. Murphy’s kind. He’s honestly the kindest person you’ve ever known - at least he is to you.

“Remember that one time we got in trouble for skipping Mr. Carly’s class?” Murphy smiles widely, remembering one of the many memories you two have made over 17 happy years of friendship.

“Oh my god,” your eyes widen and you shake your head, “He was so mad!” You exclaim, smiling back at him.

“We weren’t allowed to see each other for a week after we pulled that shit.” He recalls, laughing at how young and stupid you both were. Resting your head against his shoulder, you look into the flickering flames of the warm fire.

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