is ignorance really bliss

I’m seeing a hell of a lot of negativity between the two fandoms of Supergirl so I decided to blurt out my opinion.

People have compared Lena to Mon El saying that they’re basically the same because of the Luthors and of Daxam. But they couldn’t be more different.

Lena’s realisation of how evil the Luthors were came when she was still a loved member of the Luthors whereas Mon El’s realisation of how bad things were on Daxam came when he landed on earth. If Daxam were to have never imploded, Mon El would still be in ignorant bliss of how abusive his culture really is. Lena came to her realisation on her own back and distanced herself from her family.

Mon El still doesn’t know how bad Daxam really was compared to Earth but Lena knows how truly evil her mother is.

When Kara rants about the prince of Daxam, Mon El grumbles “he isn’t that bad” and still didn’t acknowledge that his actions on the planet were disgusting. You also can’t excuse someone having and profiting richly off of slavery. Like no. Lena did not have slaves she would have had servants. Servants are a completely different kettle of fish. Servants are paid and are consensual workers. Slaves are forced to work against their will.

Think of it this way, you don’t know what Mon El did to his slaves. You don’t know how he treated them but if Kara’s explanation of the Prince Of Daxam is to be believed, he was a bellend to everyone he came across which would mean he was a twat to his slaves - they were beneath him, he would have treated them like shit.

I’m not gunna slag off Mon El fans. You like who you like and all. But Mon El is like Epps (Michael Fassbender) from 12 Years A Slave. That’s how I see him. Like, if you saw Epps (hopefully you have seen 12 Years A Slave) after everything he did to those poor people in the film trying to get it on with Kara, would you be okay with it? Just because the bloke playing Mon El is fit as fuck, doesn’t mean you can excuse his past. He could also be a sex pest in regards to the slaves. Would you forgive that too?

Also, Mon El has lied on multiple occasions to Kara. How many times has Lena lied to her? What you see is what you get with Lena, she’s the lonely kid on the playground that needs a friend whereas Mon El is the guy who knocks you over and intimidates you into believing it’s your fault why you fell.

In conclusion, Kara knew who Lena was and knows that Lena betrayed her family off of her own back for the greater good regardless of the consequences whereas Mon El hid who he was and still (hopefully I’ve not missed anything, I rolled my eyes constantly when he was on my TV) hasn’t fully disclosed things he did while on Daxam.

If I’ve gone off point or some doesn’t make sense, I apologise. I’m half watching the City Women game and half remembering how much of a knob Mon El is.

asoue fancasting: part two


for jerome, i wanted to find someone really funny, but mostly someone who could really pull off blissful ignorance. someone you kind of like as a person, but he’ll fit well into the crappy-adult-doesn’t-listen role - and be kind of even a bit worse than normal, seeing as he’s also deluding himself that he isn’t married to a vicious criminal. these options sprang to mind in relation to that spec:

timothy olyphant

look at that strained smile. now picture that double thumbs up in every slightly awkward or confrontational situation. “everything’s great!” his mouth says, but his eyes say “why aren’t i dead yet?” please see his recent role in santa clarita diet for more, ignoring the parts where he makes decisions or does anything remotely effective.

lee pace

a much less funny selection, but the face was too good to pass up. also, he’d definitely be able to fit into the tone of the asoue universe, seeing as he’s well known for pushing daisies, which is quite stylistically similar. i think he could definitely do the whole i’m really stupid but still quite a nice person vibe.

… the amount of people i’m seeing referring to So’s feelings as ‘man pain’

excuse me but, man pain is getting all upset and being all angsty sitting under a tree because you have feelings for your wife’s cousin

not having your heart ripped out by every single person around you. 

how is someone’s literal fight (not even a metaphoric fight about his feelings)  to survive being interpreted as man pain? 

Ignorance is Bliss
Halloween AU

Yoongi never really thought about it - about what exactly Hobi was. He’d learned, over the course of his life, that scarecrows were a sort of puppets. An artificial body the creator could bring to life with different rituals. He’d always thought Hobi was like a VooDoo Master’s straw puppets: alive through spells and incantations too hard for most to understand.

He was wrong.

He never really got along with his father, but his death still affected him. “Died of old age” he had been told. Bullshit.

Yoongi had always argued with his dad about the way he was handling the business. Shady paperwork, shadier people. He was sure the old man got on someone’s bad side. It definitely made more sense than “old age”. 1028 isn’t that old! Sure he had back problems, but that’s just because he would sit at his desk for hours on end.

With all the arguing the two of them had done in the past few hundred years, Yoongi didn’t expect to feel anything when the old man hit the bucket. But he did.

He still remembered it; sitting in the living room, enjoying time with Namjoon and making fun of whatever. They were interrupted when two maids came through the door, looking nervous and bowing slightly, Hobi right in between them.

Yoongi suspects Namjoon figured out what had happened before he ever did, because he quietly eyed the scene before him before placing a hand on his shoulder and squeezing slightly.

“Yoongi… I’m afraid your father has… Passed away. Just this morning.”

Maybe it was the shock, but Yoongi doesn’t remember what happened after that. He blanked out. The next memory he has is of himself screaming and trashing his room, because he didn’t understand why he was shedding tears for someone he detested.

“Maybe you cared about him more than you liked to admit. Maybe what you hated wasn’t him, but what he was doing.” Namjoon’s ever wise words rang through his head for years.

But after all that, it meant time had come for Yoongi to accept the fact that the family business was now his to take care of.

He’d spent the first month as Lord of the Min Mansion pulling out all the files his father had kept - regarding everything and anything. He wanted to know all the dirty secrets. He wanted to find all the underground businesses his father had gotten involved in and completely detach the Min name from them. If he was in charge now, he’d do everything his way.

It was during this month, between ripping papers apart and familiarizing himself with his new position that he ran into something…different. A box, not too big, not too small, filled with papers, jars and letters. A box labeled as “H.O.B.I.”

Curious, he emptied the box out on one of the tables in his new office room and looked through them. The letters were sent from a witch and seemed to be talking about the progress of a “body”. It was the seamstress that created Hobi’s body. The jars… Well, whatever had been inside of them was now dusty and gross and rotting at the bottom. The rest of the papers were full of strange symbols and numbers and images. He guessed they represented the entire ritual in which to bring a doll to life.

Shuffling through them, intrigued and fascinated, he almost missed it. Almost. Between the pages was a drawing of a woman: beautiful, elegant, radiant blue eyes that looked just like his own. He’d seen her before, all around the mansion: his mother. Even though he’d never met her, he couldn’t help but smile. But then again… Why was there a drawing of her in this box…?

Suddenly, Yoongi didn’t feel comfortable. Holding her picture in one hand and eyeing the pile of papers in his other, his heart began to beat faster.

“No…” It couldn’t…

Hesitantly, he picked up one particular paper, showing the doll next to a drawing of a heart.

He couldn’t remember the last time he felt so sick he had to vomit.

Hobi didn’t know. He asked him about it, after coming back to his senses. He asked if he knew how he “worked” and the scarecrow simply answered with a “No. Not really”

And he never will. No one will.

Yoongi couldn’t sleep, so, that night, he just sat in front of the fireplace in his office, watching the box and everything inside it burn to ashes.

Should I keep talking to this guy who wants to AirBnB his apartment?

I hung out with this dude last night – one of those vaguely sexual situations gay men find themselves in when they’re getting to know a new friend but mutual attraction has also been acknowledged – and I liked him.  Everything was cool, he was smart, we had chemistry…and then he said he was planning to offer one of his rooms on Air BnB to make some extra money.  In rapidly gentrifying Washington Heights.  Where the rent is going sky high and squeezing out the local population.

And now I don’t even know if I want to see him again.  This isn’t the first time being “woke” has thrown a wrench into a budding friendship or relationship, and I kinda just wanna throw this out there to see if other people run into this problem or if I’m overreacting.

Ignorance really is bliss, and I think we can all agree that life was easier and less stressful before we were old enough or cognizant enough to really pay attention to the world around us.

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It’s true what they say, ignorance is bliss. But that’s not really fair, nothing is. Why should they live in bliss while I suffer from tragedies that are not my own, tragedies of which they do not know? Optimism is a wonderful thing, but am I the only one who has noticed that it most always goes hand in hand with ignorance.
—  poems-of-the-soul, done the unexposed

tbt to when thursday still existed lol

Reblog if you remember discovering all moments that comprise the timeline of the universe are one 4 dimensional plane of existence in which we all float seeming to comprehend a linear progression but are really in blissful ignorance of the significance that everything that has ever happened or ever will happen exists with what is happening now in a single matrix about which we are unable to theorize

You know those girls who are actively supportive of anti feminism?

I honestly wonder what it’s like to be so lucky. I wish I could afford that perspective, afford that ignorance. To be so blinded to a phenomenon as global and as rampant as misogyny is truly a feat in itself.
I can’t even think of the disparities between their world and mine. They wake up everyday thinking that sexism is a relic of the past while I consider myself lucky if I don’t encounter misogyny on a particular day.
When people say ignorance is bliss they really aren’t saying it in vain