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Maile Flanagan (Naruto’s English voice actor) is literally the most amazing person ever. I can tell that she really enjoys and loves her job from the bottom of her heart and they couldn’t have picked a better person to do Naruto’s voice! (Oh, and not to mention..her sense of humor is to die for. She’s always joking about coffee filters xD) Maile really understands Naruto and what kind of character he is. On countless occasions when she has been asked questions about which character she likes, she’s always responding with “Sasuke”. She is the biggest SasuNaruSasu shipper ever and she even said that she hopes Sasuke and Naruto end up running away together to start a family in one of her interviews. I great is that?? Even Sasuke’s English voice actor, Yuri Lowenthal, admitted that there was “pent-up frustration between Sasuke and Naruto.” They both know there’s something special between these two! =) But anyway, I just wanted to give this woman more attention since she seriously deserves it. Here’s to Maile Flanagan!

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Could you please do an analysis of Steven's main character flaws?

I can try, I guess?

Steven’s hitting a point where he’s gotten… meddlesome. After a large portion of the show where his greatest feature is how he brings people together and helps everyone figure out their problems, he’s now having a little trouble with the realization that he doesn’t always know best, and his attempts to help are not always wanted. We see it in Sadie’s Song and The New Lars, where he assumes his standards and desires are the same as everyone else’s, and ends up making them stressed and miserable trying to deal with his imposed standard. We see its more malicious side in Bubbled, where his assumptions of what Eyeball needs to warm up to him results in nearly getting murdered.

I think a lot about Message Received, and how he almost learned the lesson that Not Everyone Wants To Be Saved. However, Peridot immediately overturned that lesson before it had the chance to sink in, and Steven went back to thinking everyone can be helped. Instead of that slow buildup and realization to a truth with Peridot, Steven now is learning through painful crash courses via Bismuth, Jasper, and Eyeball.

It all stems from a kind and caring place, of course. And when you have it in your head that you want so badly to fix everyone’s problems, it becomes harder to focus on your own. I don’t think I need to belabor the point with Mindful Education, since it’s pretty painfully clear: the kid puts everyone’s stress before his own, sees their struggles as more important and more worth worrying about, and as a result isn’t dealing with his very real and very frightening trauma. He’s becoming scared to rock the boat for his own sake, and puts others’ freedoms and revelations first.

It’s a distressing conflict: he assumes that what he likes and wants and sees as freedom is the same for everyone else, but at the same time he’s putting himself second. As he’s starting to learn the former better, it may lead to even bigger problems with the latter.

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I work in tech support and I had a guy tell me he was on Outlook 2013 when I asked him what browser he was using. How he mistook the explorer icon for outlook, I have no clue.

I do this often at work. I get in a hurry and just see the loop part of the letter and always end up on the damn browser instead of outlook. 🙈🙈

It should worry me how much I just want to know Koller’s history.

Like was Time Machine always a front or did he start the lab after all the aug hate began? Did he train to work on augs or was it all self taught by practicing on himself? How did he end up working for Radich? When did he become augmented? Has he always looked tweaked out of his mind? Does he know what sleep is?


This is the closest thing I have to a before and after(during). We all know that at our highest weights we avoided cameras like the plague. The first picture was taken 5 years ago when I was 18/19. Between then and now I’ve yo-yo’d quite a bit and battled with a very unhealthy mind set while I was trying to lose and always ended up failing and gaining back. Even with that in mind, that picture was only about 10 pounds lighter than my heaviest weight.

I took the second picture about a month ago because I was showing off to my husband and best friend how well the sweater that I just bought fit me and also to express my excitement on the fact I had dropped a shirt size and two pant sizes.

I’ve been kind of out of commission the last two days because I picked up a virus/cold from someone at work and haven’t been up and doing my workouts like I normally would because I’m trying to rest. I’ve felt super guilty about it but looking at these pictures reminds me that it’s okay to let my body rest for a few days because even though I’m not doing much now, I’ve already come so far. Also ignore the vaporizer in my hands, I’ve been trying to stop smoking as a part of my lifestyle change:).

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I've seen you mention that the producers knew Wentworth wasn't planning to stick around on Legends / that it was his decision to leave, but I've never been able to track down a source for that? Is it something you know through friends in the industry or something you've inferred? Just curious because I'm nosy (and b/c I've always wondered when/how that decision was made) :)

Woooooo this got so long because I ended up going through a bunch of my bookmarks and finding a bunch of interesting things about this!! At least, it’s interesting to me because I’m interested in the business side of the entertainment industry so much.

The first indication we got is when Greg Berlanti said it in the Deadline interview that got posted the same night “Destiny” aired:

“We always knew that [Wentworth] wouldn’t be a permanent member of The Waverider,” Legends of Tomorrow, Flash and Arrowco-creator/executive producer Greg Berlanti said in an interview with Deadline. “We also knew we loved him on the show and all the shows, Flash as well.”

So Berlanti and his team pitched Miller a new arrangement where he would have flexibility and recur on multiple shows simultaneously as Snart.

“We always knew” = he did not sign on longer than for the first season. That they pitched it to him means it was their idea, and that they wanted him to stay, and were trying to figure out a way to make that happen.

The rest can be somewhat inferred just by looking at how SAG actor contracts work. 

Some background: An actor can’t start any work in a union job (which, all network TV is) before a union-approved contract is in place between the two parties - not even costume fittings. They can’t even use your name as a confirmed part of the cast in press releases! 

For a new show on a network, because typically a network will want to see/focus-test the pilot before greenlighting the first season, traditionally you’ll sign a contract just to shoot the pilot episode, then if it goes to series, you negotiate a series principle or series regular contract. 

These are usually for 5 years, so you and your people have to negotiate as much money and benefits as possible for yourself while the network has to hedge its bets on how much money you’re worth and how much revenue the project is liable to generate against what you’re asking for. That’s where everything from your salary to the order you appear in the opening credits to how prominent your picture will be in the promo poster to how much press you’re required to do and how much time off and health insurance you get gets put into writing and solidified. And this can be a very long process: it can typically take months between shooting a pilot and starting work on the rest of the season.

The thing about Legends of Tomorrow’s production schedule is that it didn’t go quite like that. The network already had working relationships with most of the actors (no need for auditions!) and Berlanti (TV’s current Golden Boy) - and they wanted to strike while the superhero-TV-iron was hot, so their production timeline was very truncated and rushed. According to Wentworth back in July 2016, Greg Berlanti conceived of the show, pitched it to the network, talked all the actors into doing it and the network ordered it straight to series before they ever had a single script written:

“There was no script, it was just an idea and there’s the [executive producer] Greg Berlanti piece and he’s done good work on ‘Arrow’ and ‘Flash.’ So it was just a leap of faith and the hope that when the script arrived at my doorstep it’s worth shooting and of course it was.”

So Legends Of Tomorrow never shot a pilot because they didn’t need to. They just jumped right into shooting the show. 

Wentworth also said in an interview earlier this year that he signed onto the project sight unseen and that it was offered to him by the production team:

“There was no script, but I said, ‘I’m in, regardless’ and was committed to Legends before I saw a single page,” Miller admitted to IGN.

Victor Garber confirmed this in an interview from this year’s SDCC:

“I think that this show is going to be better this season,” said Garber, who plays the Martin Stein-half of Firestorm. “I mean, it was good, but it was weird not doing a pilot. Nobody knew what we were doing. We were just signing on to something, like catching a fast-moving train[.] 

We can infer by all of this that the production team initially offered WM the expanded role on LOT full time like they did for everyone else; he said no to 5 seasons but yes to one season, and they would have all known this before ever shooting a single frame of the show. 

We can also see that they wanted to keep him around so much that they literally invented a new kind of SAG contract just to do it. WM is in fact the first person in SAG history to have a series regular contract that spans multiple shows simultaneously. John Barrowman soon became the second, and Katie Cassidy the third. 

What this essentially means is that the network has first dibs on their time this season. Had they not done this, the network/production team would have been beholden to these actors’ other work schedules whenever they wanted them to pop up on the various show(s). I suspect, but cannot confirm, that these contracts did not come cheap for the network for this reason alone - because it means that the actors potentially have to turn down other work if it conflicts with the CW’s plans.

Anyway, I could seriously go on all day about this stuff, but those are the basics!

  • *me watching Thor*
  • Dad:So what were you watching last night? I heard you fangirling.
  • Me:Thor! I was so glad he didn't die.
  • Dad:Oh yes, he's a very likeable actor, isn't he?
  • Me:Yeah, totally! I was so happy when he showed up again at the very end of the movie!
  • Dad:Wait... are you talking about Loki?!?!?! You like HIM?!
  • Me:How does that honestly surprise you after all we've been through.

I think the ugliest part of The Scene is that Daisy is an abuse survivor, and she has many canonical behaviors conditioned by that fact (she already told us her past abuse impacts how she sees the world), so she just stood there and took it as her friends were being unfair and cruel about her trauma and her pain. She always does that. She doesn’t defend herself. She never asks for an apology (which makes me think this scene is it, we will not get any emotional resolution out of Fitz and Mack acting like that and Daisy just taking it). She doesn’t think she deserves to be treated with dignity. And it breaks my heart. The way she just stood there without defending herself just messes me up so badly.

And I know that the most likely scenario is that Daisy ends up apologizing to Fitz and Mack for how shittily they treated her. Because that’s waht she does.

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I want to become a better person. I am always thinking bad about others. Every time I talk I end up hurting people. I wouldn't be friends with myself. By the way I am quite an introvert and I can't even speak to people setting around me in class.

Allow yourself to be how you are now, allow all the thoughts and all the feelings that come to you. Don’t fight them. They are not bad. Having thoughts about someone that may seem bad, are just thoughts and are just the mind doing what it does. The mind isn’t you. The thoughts aren’t you. Those feelings aren’t you. Try to sense this. You are simply here and simply alive, try to sense this.

You don’t enjoy engaging with people and so you don’t, that’s truly ok. Don’t fight how you are. Try to simply take care of yourself. If there is something that’ll help you to enjoy your day, do that. Balance your time alone and with people, even if it is mostly alone time at first. Try to engage in tiny social interactions, even just a bit, smile or make eye contact at first, this may be hard, it may be easy, but just try this and see that you can engage with people and they aren’t hurt and you aren’t judged.

It’s ok to want to be alone, we can be how we are and want to be alone and be normal, just be you and if you don’t feel like taking to the person next to you, don’t, that’s ok. If it’s not comfortable that’s ok, social interaction is a part of life, just like something like math is, you may not like math, but from time to time it is useful to know how to do it, even just a bit. The same is true of social interactions, you may not like it, but it is pretty much unavoidable and at some point you have to, this is just life. You are fine not wanting to do it, but working at it to get a bit better can be helpful, just as the person who doesn’t like to do math because they find it frustrating can do their best and try,
You can do your best and try and leave it at that. You aren’t perfect, don’t expect yourself to be no one is perfect. That just how it is, try and work on it. Work on it a bit and try to not make a big deal of it, it is just taking and interaction, truly no big deal, be you and just push that envelope a bit and see.

I hope this is of some help


Translation of the shit men say:

“I’m a nice guy.”

(I have seen men act worse than I do, so this makes me nice in comparison, also anything I do and say is automatically nice because there are men who would do worse! it doesn’t matter how bad i get, there is always worse! you need to keep being grateful that I’m not worse, also if i end up doing something bad, it will be your fault, not mine, remember i’m nice)

“Not all men.”

(it literally doesn’t matter to me how much awful shit men do, or who gets hurt, what I care about is men maintaining a good reputation and high social influence, this cannot be taken away, don’t you fucking dare say anything that would imply that men aren’t to be trusted, respected, and privileged as a higher class based on the things they actually do, you need to think of men’s reputation first when you speak, everything else is secondary and unimportant)

“You’re generalizing men!”

(even tho men generalize women in every situation possible to the point where every thing one woman does is a proof of how all of them are ungrateful, shallow, hormonal, selfish and incapable of logical thinking, i resent the idea that women should have their own conclusions about men’s behaviour based on continuous pattern of actions both me and you know all men actually do, women should never point out men’s abusive behaviour nor hold men accountable for it, it’s not beneficial to men if they do that.)

“Men are oppressed too!”

(if you’re going to talk about oppression then you have to focus on men and oppression they experience, even if it’s just men oppressing other men, i don’t care, it’s your job to fix it, don’t you dare talk about women’s problems before you fix men’s.)

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How can you be so positive about Rumbelle and OUAT right now? And what lie do you think Morpheus was talking out that got Belle so angry?

Because I have to be positive. Honestly, if I’m not positive about how I look at this, I will get really negative. If I get really negative, I slowly stop caring. If I stop caring, well… that’s how I fall out of a fandom. And despite the fact that I will always love Rumbelle and parts of OUAT, it’s when I fall out of the fandom that I stop writing and making things, unfollow people, and just reblog things I see now and then.

But, more importantly, this is the first time Rumbelle have started a season separated. Every other time they start out together and happy, they end up separated and in a bad place. So I have to believe we’re bucking the trend here, that they are being separated for their own good, and that they will end in a much better place than they started. Also, they are having a baby and I don’t see the show having a central Disney couple* be apart for the birth of their child. The fact that we basically got a Rumbelle-centric episode right out of the gate (seriously that Dark Castle dreamscape was like half the episode!) is fantastic. There’s also Belle and Rumple in the next episode, and we know there’s another big focus on them coming up soon after and more Rumbelle, Rumple, and Belle-centric episodes coming. I cannot see any of this as bad. Does the angst suck? Yeah. What else is new? But let’s not act like Rumbelle fandom doesn’t thrive on angst, smut, and the combination of the two. ;)

As for the lie Morpheus referred to, I don’t think it was anything specific. I think it was part of a scene that was kinda long and got edited down (there were other lines that didn’t quite fit and some cuts that seemed like they weren’t “natural”). I think he was just referencing Rumple’s tendency to lie, scheme, make bad choices, etc. other naughty things. I still think Belle has every right to be pissed at him, and that it’s a continuation of where they were at in the Underworld when she went under the sleeping curse in the first place.

* BatB, not just a pairing put together only on the show like OQ or CS - this is a canon Disney pairing with a live action movie coming out next year and a big movie anniversary this year. I think the fact that we got another dance, a much longer one, with the iconic song playing, and some Dark Castle vibes, are all good things in the end. It’s giving the general audience a big reminder that this couple is an important couple, they are one of the big Disney pairings. And it gives us fic fodder and gifs for days. DAYS. *watches the dance again* I’m trash.

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Did someone say widowmaker? That's my jam! Could I please have one order of widowmaker teasing a very adorable and innocent s/o with a side of the other members either rolling their eyes at it or joining in on the teasing?

Requests are closed!

“You are adorable, chéri.

Her words always roll off her tongue easily, smooth and concise and with an infuriating lilt at the end. It doesn’t help that she holds herself so damn well, leaning back and alert at the same time; effortlessly confident. Amélie’s gaze is steady, her eyes hooded and teasing.

You can feel the burn rising to your cheeks already.

“I am not,” you insist, and cross your arms. How she always manages to get you so riled up, you have no idea. 

“Oh, but you are,” she purrs, and she finally pushes off the wall to stalk toward you. A small, infuriating smile is pulling at the corner of her lips. “Look at you, so small, and oh– you’re already blushing.” She accentuates this with an almost affectionate pinch on your cheek, which makes your face flame even more.

The eyes of your team feel hot on your back, and you hear a snicker from Hana behind you.

Indignantly, you swat at her hand. “Stop it, everyone’s watching.”

“Let them,” she says, accentuating each word, but she’s stopped by an uncomfortable cough from behind her. Suddenly annoyed at being interrupted, she turns her head just enough to catch the image of Jack behind her.

While he talks she smirks at you and leans against your shoulder, almost daring you to poke back at her.

I’m back! Well this started out as practice of poses and ended up being Link fighting Gerudo link. Any idea why this happen? (Because I have no earthly clue)
Well you will probably be seeing more fan art because 1. I understand how this works on tumblr and that’s about it 😅And 2. I’ve always like Gerudo Link AU (you guys being my favorite) soooo when I find something I like I draw A LOT of it.
So you will probably be seeing me around more, hope I don’t bug ya too much 😀.


!!!!!!!! Thank you again!! What a neat concept though! Canon Link vs. GUG! Link… I wonder who would win?

If you need pose/gesture practice, here’s a site I use for my warm-ups! You can also choose whether or not you want your models clothed also. :)

I know we’ve said this already, but thank you again! You’re so kind!

-Mod Junior and Mod Roy

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How do you feel about Logan lucky and about the we have always lived in a castle?

I’m excited for we have always lived in a castle because A) it sounds like it’ll be a pretty cool movie from what I’ve heard about the book and B) Seb + Alexandra Daddario in one movie. I’m kinda indifferent to logan lucky though, the little synopsis we have on imdb doesn’t really sound like it would interest me, but I’ll probably end up seeing it at some point because it also has Daniel Craig in and my mum’s a ho for him. 

Bedtime for me. Manager meeting tomorrow (on what would otherwise be a day off), but unless there is a change in schedule, I’ll actually have two days off without any meetings or training classes next week. That would be a first since I started this job back in July.

The past couple of weeks have been interesting (and not in altogether good ways – not that I’m in any hot water, just that I’m having to work harder to cover for the issues that have popped up), but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Granted, I’m sure there are more tunnels ahead because that’s just how life works (and also seems to be how this casino works), but at least I’m fairly confident that I can navigate those tunnels after the way things have been lately.

Nobody ever said managing a casino was easy. But hey, at least it’s almost always interesting.

We all know by Super, GT, and that 10 year? timeskip at the end of DBZ Gohan is living the normal family life. Who knows if he always wanted it or if it just hit him at one point. Obviously he did want to be a scholar. 

So my basis is honestly? That time after training and before the Cell Games (A week right I can’t remember?) Is probably the only time where they AS a family (and Krillin) got to just… enjoy each other’s presence so to speak? No training, no one was dead, they just got to… be happy.

Maybe this is what lit that fire in him. In the end that’s probably what he wanted most. Imagine how terrible it must have been when in the end his dad died and was gone for 7 years. He never gets to experience those moments again.

Fast travel to Super and he has a wife and kid. The events of RoF happen and the planet is blown and he loses them? Actually I don’t know where I’m going with that it’s not as important as this little bit.

He had a chance at a (was it higher paying? I assume?) job? Either way it meant he’d be spending less time with his family by consequence, and he denied it. Because of that. Because he wants to see his kid grow up. He wants to be there for her.

Maybe he wants to give his kid the life he NEVER got to experience. The one that was taken away by constant threats and constant warfare. 

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How do you think Harry and niall would be in a relationship??

ohhh this is cute! i always think about this cause i feel like they would be very different to date 

Niall- he would be the boyfriend that would never sit down. he would always be moving. always dragging you out to play golf or some other type of physical activity. he would have all the energy in the world which often tired you out and sometimes annoyed you. although he would be mr. energizer bunny during the day the second you two walked in the couch he would flop down. you would have to do all the cooking cause lets be honest, niall probably can’t even make a grilled cheese without burning it nor does he have the attention span. all of you sex would take place during the night because he is so active during the day. there would be the occasional morning sex but not too often. maybe if it’s a rainy day. even though all the sex would mostly be during the night it was still amazing. sex with niall was fun. and when i say fun i mean not too serious. there would even be a few laughs from both of you in between. of course there would be times when it would be passionate but most of the time it would be fun and you loved it. basically there would never be a dull moment dating niall. 

Harry- holy shit dating harry would be the life (am i being bias cause im a harrie? probably). anyway, he would be that boyfriend that you would consider your best friend too. he got along with all your friends, family, literally everyone you know would love him. your dad and mom would beg you two to come over just so they can see harry. you would even catch him texting your dad about football. sometimes you would feel self conscious that they liked him more than you. a typical day with harry would be sleeping in and waking up to a racket of pots and pans falling all over the floor. harry was a great cook but damn, he is clumsy. you always knew when he was cooking with the constant banging of pots coming from the kitchen. after a wonderful breakfast you two would go shopping at thrift stores and record shops ending with a nice country drive. dating harry would chill of course he would drag you to work out sometimes but always kept to easy and relaxing. you both would always go to yoga. now you sex life with him would be incredible. you two would always switch it up depending on your moods. sometimes it would be fluffy romantic but other times it would be kinky and rough. you really never know with him, that was his mysterious side and you loved it. basically, dating harry would be like dating your best friend, someone you would never get bored with.  

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So sorry about Tom not being in the Flashpoint ep! Mostly an Iris fan, but Tom elevates the show and it's always noticeable when he's not around. Despite the news I'm still not convinced he won't have anything to do with that possible game changing moment at the end of the ep. I hope he has lots of screentime this season to make up for it (and a love interest!). Sorry if I'm intruding

Not intruding at all!

I don’t get how the producers could’ve seen 2x01-4 and thought “yup, the quality of our episodes definitely goes up when Tom’s not around!” I’m still hoping against hope that he’s in there somewhere, but there’s been no hint of it beyond the fact it’s SO DAMN BIZARRE for him not to have a single line or appearance. He doesn’t have to have a huge plot. The team could just pass him working as a janitor in Ramon Industries or something. 

At least we know from S2 that he can essentially miss several episodes but still have a great, significant plot line, and the little bts we’ve seen suggests there’s some really awesome stuff coming down the pipe (Kevin Smith saying Tom’s “on fire”, Danielle saying he’s “inspiring”, Ben Raab saying he’s “hilarious”, etc. etc.). 

If he was missing, say, 3x06 it would be annoying, but not AS annoying as missing 3x01 - (a) because we’ve waited MONTHS, and (b) because it’s such an iconic story I’m sure everyone wants to be part of.

I did have the thought that maybe he’s missing 2 eps because they want him to be in the crossover eps without paying him extra. But I’m pretty sure that’s not how contracts work.

I know they’ll try to argue that it has nothing to do with p*dophilia but one of ddlgs main tags is literally “little girl”

It’s all so incesty and I think it’s fuckin dumb to argue this because daddy means father and little girl or little basically means daughter like wtf

They talk like what they THINK a toddler talks like (it ends up sounding so stupid lol have you ever met a kid in your life they’re not that submissive or like, sassy) and the father’s are always controlling and abusive how the fxukk can you be into this shit

And then theyll say something other dumb thing like “we like to be taken care of and treated nicely” so then what’s all that other shit for? You can have caring loving dom/sub relationship with sexualizing kids it’s not that hard jfc

And if they could stop reblogging stuff from people like selfies and art they know people don’t want on their blog that’d be superduper