is home is where the heart is

allybrookeofficial: HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS TO MY BEAUTIFUL QUEEN. MY MOM. You are the heart of the house. You are the heart of our family. You always stop to listen when I need you. I know I say it all the time, but really, thank you for believing in me. Thank you for pouring every ounce of faith into me. I would NOT be where I am today if it wasn’t for you. You are the strongest, most incredible woman that I know. There is nothing you can’t do ❤️ I am honored to be your daughter. You are the light in our lives. The foundation of our home. God made a beautiful mom. Both inside and out! (You don’t age. You are flawless!!)
I love you more than you know. I have so much respect and admiration for you. My beautiful mom. You deserve the world and so much more. Happy birthday. I hope it’s the most special one yet 🎈🎂💗

sugardaddy!shawn - fluffy bulletpoint

the result of midnight musing with my gal m @thesmutofthemendes

The little lion charm

  • while Shawn would get you expensive and glamorous gifts, he’d often get you little things that just reminded him of you when he saw them
  • like the newest book by your favourite author
  • or tickets to see your favourite play/artist/sportsteam
  • one day you’d see a little Tiffanys box sitting on his table
  • “you always wear those necklaces right? well heres a charm for one”
  • it would be a little lion charm and you’d raise your eyebrow
  • “my sign is leo. the symbol of which is a lion. i expect to see you wearing it when you stop by my office tomorrow”

The jacket

  • you’d be leaving one of the extravagant dinners he’d take you to and you’d shiver in the cold, looking at him expectantly
  • “what?” he’d ask and you’d tell him exactly how cold you are
  • “well thats a shame” he’d say, ignoring the look of shock on your face until he finally catches on that you’re after his jacket
  • “not happening. this is Armani, sweetheart” he’d tell you, gesturing to his suit jacket
  • you’d roll your eyes but still smile because this was so typical of him

The arrangement

  • you’d make plans to see your friends but quickly cancel when Shawn calls you up, demanding your presence at his apartment that night
  • when you’d arrive, he’d be cooking, his sleeves rolled up, an apron over his button up shirt
  • he’d hand you a thick book
  • “you owe me love. read to me while i cook for you.”
  • so you’d push yourself up on the counter and open the book to the marked page, beginning to read out loud to him
  • when the boiling water begins to spit he’d frown and pick you up from the counter, muttering about splatters and not wanting you to get burned
  • he’d place you on the table and you’d smirk up at him
  • “aw Mendes, you care about me?”
  • he’d freeze, his body immediately going tense, like someone had dropped a bucket of ice cold water on him
  • “dont get any big ideas. you’re just an arrangement. nothing more”
  • his voice would be harsh and cold
  • you’d feel your heart sink, remembering the conditions of your arrangement
  • when you dont respond, he’d say from the stove “dont move. i like table ornaments”

The key

  • after the incident in his apartment, Shawn would seem more distant than usual
  • he’d tell you one night that he’d be out of town for a few days and he would press a metal key into your palm
  • your heart would speed up because he was giving you a key. his key.
  • “you’re giving me a key to your apartment?” you’d ask, your eyes wide
  • this was a big deal, a step forward
  • “please water my plants daily” he’d tell you
  • you’d try not to let it show how disappointed you are as you nod
  • but when he comes back and doesnt ask for the key back, you’re left with a little hope
  • assuming he just forgot about it, you’d leave it on his counter
  • but then when you see him the next day, he’d hold the key up
  • “you forgot your key” he’d tell you and slip his hand into the back pocket of your jeans, leaving the key there when he pulls back

The heartbeat

  • usually you’d go home after sleeping with him until one night when he catches your arm as you’re about to climb out of his bed
  • he’d pull you back towards him
  • “stay” he’d tell you in his usual demanding tone
  • you wouldnt protest
  • after all, he did pay for the fancy underwear you’re wearing
  • you’d lay back down, his body pressed to yours
  • and maybe you were imagining how hard his heart was hammering against your back
  • but it definitely felt very real

The ‘i love you’

  • he’d take you out to fancy restaurants a lot but on this particular occasion, he’d let you choose where you want to go
  • he’d have one of those long necklace boxes with him
  • which wasnt out of place because he always bought you jewellery, it was part of your arrangement
  • after you’d ate, he would open the necklace box and hand it over to you
  • his hands would be shaking but he’d try to disguise it
  • because what if you were into Shawn Mendes, CEO and not Just Shawn
  • inside the box would be a breathtaking yet simply beautiful necklace
  • and he’d start telling you about it
  • how it was his grandmothers necklace and that his grandfather had given it to her when he realised he had fallen for her
  • you would be able to tell how important it was to him because it was like his usually hard exterior had crumbled before your eyes
  • he’d explain how before she passed, his grandmother had handed it to him and told him that when he falls for someone, he should give them the necklace as a token of his love, just like his grandfather did
  • so while the necklace was a lavish gift, like all the others, it was a lavish gift with real meaning
  • “does this mean that you’ve fallen for me then?”
  • “darling,” his eyes would be staring straight into yours “i fell for you a long time ago” he’d tell you, tracing the top of his wine glass with his pointer finger

“Home is where the heart is”.

 Owainigo Week Day 6: Home: 

Happy (late) birthday Owain/Odin!

EXO Mafia Reaction: Their S/O Waiting Up for Them after a Job Gone Wrong

Back again with another mash up request !

This one was really fun to do and I hope you guys enjoy !



It was supposed to be a regular meeting with opposing mafia in order to keep the shaky peace agreement between the two of them. To say the very least, Suho was coming home late, two of his men out of commission due to injury. When he came in to find you sitting anxiously on the couch, feet tapping nervously on the ground in front of you, he couldn’t help but grin. A flood of relief went through you at the sight of him, and before he got a word out, your arms were wrapped around his waist. For the first time in a long time, Suho felt safe in that moment. He was home with the love of his life, and most importantly, he survived to come home to you. With a small smile, he took your concerned scolding willingly, cutting you off midway with a quick kiss.


Sehun went out with the rest of the team on the pretense that there would be no actual fights, and that he would just be a peaceful mediator if anyone on the other side got too rowdy. The next thing he knew, guns were being drawn and his face was being shoved in the ground. The entire thing was a mess, resulting in several injuries. When he came inside of his shared home to find you completely disgruntled, it took Sehun a bit off guard. You knew he worked in a dangerous profession and when tears began streaming down your face at the sight of him, a feeling began to stir inside of his chest. Without question, as soon as you began to cry, Sehun pulled you tightly into his chest, promising quietly that he was alright. It meant something to him to have someone wait up for him, and hold him in such high regard. He made a vow to himself that day- to survive for you.


The entire job took a lot out of Kris, both emotionally and physically. Some of his best men were hurt during the brawl that ensued, and he had no way to protect them when they were injured. Luckily, he left practically unscathed, but he was exhausted. When he came home, he didn’t expect to find you waiting for him, an empty cup of coffee in front of you. Both of you were relieved to see each other. You knew Kris was upset and you did everything to make sure he was going to be ok. Small kisses in between sweet nothings, and long hugs that lasted for what felt like eternities. It meant everything to Kris that you were willing to be there for him when he needed it the most. He felt like the luckiest man in the world, knowing that you were going to be by his side. The two of you were there for each other when no one else was.


After any really bad job, D.O completely reverts back into himself. He does things he hates to admit, and after doing them, he needs a break from everything for a while. He expected for you to be asleep when he came home, giving him time to sit awake and simply mull over things for a while. Much to his surprise, there you were, a concerned look etched on your face. You instantly saw the off putting look on his face, and you tried to console him. Tears began to form at the corners of your eyes, the fear of what might be wrong coursing through you. D.O saw how you were just trying to make him feel better. For the first time in years, he didn’t just crawl into his shell for a few hours. He accepted you love with open arms, allowing you to take a peek inside of the mystery that surrounded him. With a small smile and a long night of talking, D.O felt like he was going to be alright. 


All that Luhan wanted while he was shakily reloading his gun was to be home with you. He wanted to see you, make sure that you were ok. After what felt like another lifetime of warfare, he was on his way home. Upon arrival at your shared home, he was openly relieved to see you still awake. Without a word passing his lips, you knew that he needed you. He was in nirvana as soon as your arms wrapped around him, giving him the comfort that he was craving. The two of you were in silence, simply enjoying having each other. He was twirling your hair around his fingers, trying to help calm himself down. He was grateful to you for knowing that all he needed was to be with you in that moment. You natural self was all he wanted and he loved having you by hide side, even if no words were being spoken.


The entire job was excruciating for Chanyeol. Watching people suffer was something that has never been easy for him, and this was no exception. With a heavy heart and a few injuries, he returned home, absolutely exhausted. Much to his bewilderment, you were waiting for him, very noticeable tears streaming down your face. It wasn’t often that you were the one being torn up over something but Chanyeol was instantly to your side, telling you things were ok. He took comfort in knowing that you were ok physically, but he was surprised to find that you were scared for his safety. He had never been that late before and you were terrified that something horrible had happened. His heart was warm, knowing that he had someone that worried for him even when he wasn’t worrying about himself.


The entire ordeal began when Chen made one too many snarky comments at a particularly annoying opposing gang member. He first shot was aimed at him, but fortunately, the guy had awful aim. Chen escaped with a bullet grazing his arm, but it still hurt like hell. When he came home to find you still awake, you were instantly treating the wound. Due to the amount of more intense injuries, he hadn’t been seen by medical personnel. He was appreciative of your first aid knowledge, cleaning him up to the best of your abilities. You were very concerned and a small smile was on Chen’s face. He felt so blessed to have someone as amazing as you in his life. You were willing to put up with things his snappy attitude got himself into, and you took them in stride. He knew that he never needed to hide anything behind trained front around you.


Similarly to Chen, Xiumin wasn’t helping the building tension between the two groups. He was also targeted, and escaped with a few cuts and a large tear in his shirt. A stress headache was in full force as he came home, and all he wanted to do was crawl in bed with you. Walking in, he was a little shocked to find you waiting up for him so late. You hadn’t heard from him in hours and you immediately noticed his roughed up state. Seeing you visibly upset over his disposition hurt Xiumin worse than the actual wounds themselves did. The last thing he wanted was for you to stress over him and his job. You both know that anything could happen at any moment, but he would do everything he could to ensure the safety of you, and himself. He pulled you close, his heart yearning for things to be normal.


Being a part of the brute force in the mafia, Lay was in charge of dealing a lot of damage as the whole debacle went down. He wished he could be anywhere else in the world in that moment, particularly in another universe where he didn’t work in the mafia. Upon returning home, he was a bit startled to find you awake. He was obviously upset, so you called him over, pulling him into a hug. He was so distraught after everything he had just witnessed that it was a blessing to be somewhere safe for once. He was absolutely honored to have someone hold him like this, despite knowing what actions he’d carried out over this career. You were his backbone in this moment, keeping him both sane and stable in this bleak moment. The two of you stayed like that for most of the night, simply enjoying each other’s warmth and company.


Much to his own distaste, Kai was a bit of a hard ass. He didn’t want anyone to know about how badly what he just witnessed affected him. It never became easier to see, no matter how many times he tried to tell himself that this was just a part of the job. Upon arriving home, all he wanted to do was lie in bed and forget about everything. He barely stopped on his trek to bed until he saw you, still waiting for him. You pleaded with him to stay and talk about what happened, and a war of emotions raged inside of Kai. He didn’t want to crumble in front of anyone, especially you. He was supposed to protect you, not crumble at the first sight of something bad. Yet, he so desperately wanted to scream out everything he has been harboring for months at this point. With a war of emotions going on inside of him, he sat down with you, unsure of what he was going to do next.


Baekhyun didn’t want to go to the meeting in the first place, but he was somehow dragged along anyway. When all hell broke loose, he took to the backlines, trying to escape danger and also make sure everyone was accounted for. He was so frustrated that when he returned home, he stormed in; almost forgetting you were supposed to be asleep. The moment he caught sight of your red rimmed eyes, he froze. It wasn’t often that Baekhyun was this aggressive, especially in front of you. Your concern for him and the fear of something bad happening made the tears threatening to spill over come down in full force. He hated making you scared of him. It was completely against he was normally like, and felt horrible for forcing his frustrations upon you. He would apologize repetitively, and would express to you how he was so upset, hoping for your forgiveness.


A stress headache was forming already at Tao’s temples as soon as he saw the other gang members round the corner. It was only continuing to get worse as gun shots rang out, sending shockwaves through his head. He took a bit of damage, pain ricocheting through the cut on his leg. He essentially crawled inside your home, and you were instantly on him to help. He looked at you in that moment he had never before. You were willing to stay awake for him, just to make sure he was alright. In his pain-killer laced state, you were his angel in this moment. You were the shining light at the end of his otherwise dark tunnel. Tao continued to stare at you as you made sure he was safe, simply muttering under his breath how beautiful you were. You simply wrote it off as his medicine, but the next morning, he was still talking about how you were his angel.

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My father has moved out of his body. 
His voice has folded its laughter into a suitcase,
plucked sweet words off the walls, and left.

The fog of death is in love with my family 
and I have come to know the way she sings.
Her hair is an auburn bracelet around my father’s neck
and together, they are a single mangled thing
and together, we are the nervous dancers.

In the heart of relapse, when the pills were hidden 
in the back of the cereal cupboard and we had aged,
caught in the tangled air of our home,
my father’s body became every hard thing he had swept aside
to be closer to himself.

His skin a thicket of branches,
his eyes untamable thorns,
his hands a gaggle of broken birds. 

I have dreams where my father owns his body again
and he holds it like almonds in his cupped palms
and we do not make room for death on the dance floor, 
only enough for our own limbs.

I have dreams where my father is driving down the coast
of an unnamed country, beneath a religious sky,
moving too fast towards the sun.

When I wake, the coast is lined with pill bottles.
The country is named and the name is poison in my father’s mouth.
The sky does not believe in praying. My father still
moves too fast towards the sun
and the sun shines a lot like giving up.

—  Fatherhood in July | Ramna Safeer

anonymous asked:

Hi! I think my ask got eaten away but do you have any fics that two members are the parents of the others? Thank you so much!

I do!! Idk if u mind just one being a parent but there’s more of those than there are for two so I’ll just link those too (this is the edited post btw, I added more)

Creating a Home by CheekyBrunette [Namjin, G, series]

to the night, will you follow me? by nonheather [yoonjin, G, 95k]

Crazy Is Most Definitely Genetic by CaliCocoa [Namjin, G, ongoing]

아침은 다시 올 거야 by fitzgarbage [vhope, T, 27k]

where the heart is by 10cm [yoonmin, M, 16k]

Another Time by jawsbar (GryfoTheGreat) [yoonseok, E, 41k]

-admin talia

if jess got the temptation wouldn’t it be a great scenario if she was almost 100% sure that she wouldn’t go home tonight, but saw the potential of what her and dom could do to the house since they’re basically the only ones who see what paul is doing (and especially since they’re both highly convinced of a battle back where cody returns) and saved her bc of it? imagine the newfound level of trust :”) plus paul would be fucking pissed so that’s a bonus 

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At times like this, I want to cuddle next to you. Can you recollect our ceremonial pre-sleep cuddle sessions? I crave the missed goodnight kisses that would be exchanged in the morning. Followed by our feet touching so effortlessly. Remember how my body was calculative with movements in searching for a comfortable position as to not disturb your slumber, but you always gripped me tighter. You wanted me closer, “to feel your heartbeat” you said. Our energy and Melanin synced, so much potential between us. At one point, I was your safe-haven; the keeper of your heart and soul. I loved that role; how could you fire me? Our magnetic sleep periods, where Heaven’s Angels envied. You stripped me of an abundance of happiness. What happened to you and I, my best friend, lover and homie. Your cuddles were always my home; how could you let someone trespass and take what was mine? I later discovered you gave her a key to OUR heart and home. How could you value her more? Now our beloved sessions are nonexistent, terminated, discontinued, over. I will never participate in them again. How could you?

The ‘q slur’ tag

Every time I see someone reblog my posts and tag them ‘q slur’ I feel pain. 

I get it: you wanna make your followers comfortable. But did you think about me? How do you think I feel about my identity being called a slur every single day? As if I am something dangerous, traumatic or nsfw just by existing as queer?

I know you don’t think you’re doing harm, but I can feel the hurt, they’re little needles in my queer heart every single day. I’m tired of it. 

I am QUEER. That is non-negotiable. That is where my strength comes from and my rage and my joy. No other term is ever going to describe who I am like ‘queer’. No other term is ever going to be my home like ‘queer’. 

And I refuse to let my home get called a slur every single day when I know the strongest voices behind the ‘queer is a slur’ campaign don’t give a shit about triggers. they’re transphobes and aphobes and biphobes trying to crush to spaces where people can exist without clear labels. They’re the people that want to make my queerness disappear. 

I am Queer. That is my soul. That is my rebellion. That is my solidarity. No ‘gay’ or ‘bi’ or ‘transgender’ label could set my heart aflame like that, could set me free like that, could give me the courage to walk through walls like that. Queer is why I am still here, alive.  Queer is my every breath.

If you don’t respect my identity, why reblog my posts? If you won’t let me be queer without putting ‘slur’ on who I am, just stop reblogging my posts, okay? 

So modern love is constant communication. your grandma looks at you from over the table where your phone is underneath and says “you’re always texting that boy” and you nod and say yes yes I’m sorry and you put away the phone but when you hear the text tone your heart beats with it. modern love is call me when you get home so I know you’re safe. it’s phone calls stretching hundreds of miles where it’s 2am in one place and 3 pm in the other but maybe it’s like you’re in the same room because his voice in your ear sends butterflies to your stomach and you’re so in this for the long run. modern love is instagram posts with the caption “found my happiness and it’s him” and everyone laughs at the corniness of it all but wishes for love that picture perfect. modern love is a dozen heart emojis and a “good morning beautiful” every day like clockwork. so modern love isn’t like old love. it doesn’t make it not love. it just makes it something new.